President Robert Mugabe Speaks Out Against Homosexuality

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe - AFP/Getty

BU has reposted Ras Jahaziel’s comment,  He believes same sex unions must be repressed.

… I am talking about is the fact that THE SAME COLONIAL POWERS that invaded Africa and put Black people in slavery and took away their lands, and their language, and their names, and their culture and impoverished them are now trying  to go further in IMPOSING THEIR GRECO-ROMAN WORLD VIEW ON AFRICANS.

See what Mugabe is saying – Mugabe to Cameron on calls to respect gay rights: ‘To hell with you’. ALL AFRICAN COUNTRIES PLUS THE CARIBBEAN, that means Black people throughout the world are being PRESSURED to follow the MAN MARRYING MAN CULTURE. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN that we always talk like we are so concerned about?

This is a step by step thing. Your children will soon be taught that if boys feel like girls there is something normal with that, and if they feel that they should come to school in dresses, there is something  normal with that. Cant you all see how THE WHORE OF BABYLON is trying to make all nations drunk with her abominations?

I am thinking that none of us can afford to keep silent. The church and everybody should be speaking  out. But this is tied in to what we were talking  about earlier: CAPTIVE LABOR. All of those collared and tied men that laid out the red carpet are showing you how COLLARED AND TIED they are. They  have lost their manhood and cannot STAND UPRIGHT and let the Greco-Romans know that we as Africans have a different world view.

If there must be silence about this issue then forget about talking about HOW THE  YOUTHS GET SO. How come nobody is standing up and strengthening Hammy  on this issue?

Is it as he said because of being STUPID UNDER THE UNION JACK where the white man has to be your master continually?

So this should be the discussion. HAVE BAJAN SPINES TURNED TO JELLY, so that they can continue to bend you, shape you, and rearrange you in THEIR IMAGE?

Why is everybody loosing their voice and clearing their throats now that it is time to speak up?

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  1. We are being blackmailed by these “philanthropic” countries for the “gay act rights”. The following are Cameron’s own words.

    “British aid should have more strings attached”

  2. Robert Mugabe is clearly an intelligent and honest leader who we should all look up to.
    Any position he takes on a subject will be well thought through and one which we should support.
    Or perhaps not.

  3. @Ras Jahaziel:

    I think your excoriating attacks should also be aimed at the local political directorate. You want countries like Bim to dismiss any suggestions of changing our laws re gay rights that are coming from the Europeans with their “girlie-girlie” agenda. That’s fine and would attract wide support! But the right to self-determination should be buttressed with a sense of pride, industry and a large measure of self-reliance as expressed in our national motto and anthem. Therefore, you must let your political directorate know in no uncertain terms that we cannot “curse the devil and still eat at his table”. Here we have a Minister of Finance who is very proud to accept EU aid (no pun intended) of up to $200 million but with strings attached.

    So Ras, tell your local boys to stop “prostituting themselves if you want them to hold a “Mugabe like moral position. Taking people’s handouts and turning around and “cussing” them is equivalent to a prostitute taking a “new john’s” money but on seeing the other side of the transaction shouts for rape instead of politely returning the consideration given in advance.

    What we should be arguing for and strenuously advocating is that “touchy” subject of Reparations.
    We want our fore parents pay and back pay. Working for free at the cost of losing hundred and thousands of our own in the sugar cane killing fields or for starvation wages for almost 200 years is a crime against humanity and total exploitation of African people living in Barbados. That is the agenda we should be pushing against the European and especially the British in our case. They settled with the Jews why not us.

  4. FIRE GO BURN A BOTTY MAN……………….NUFF…. Barbados soon doomed like Sodom + Gamorrow. Did not know we had them so many til this CLICO..shit……
    Was it town today. (MIAction).if Fruendel thinks the populate taking this nonsense and go forget it by January HE LIE………..PEOPLE IN BARBADOS VEX VEX about being unfaired the supermarket, at the pump,bottle gas,every apologies… I quoting a lady in town now “this is REAL NONSENSE when people in HIGH PLACES, could be treating we poor people so and come elections, they coming wid smiles..WATCH dis time.WE NOT FORGETTING THIS GOVERNMENT.” “HE is not a leper friend,”being held up as a real role model for the youth don’t you think Mr. Lashley and Blackett. ……I shame I shame this STINKS……POOR policyholders….and not a word from Fruendel at a recent meeting…..LOOKING forward to seeing you weep on Bayville pasture Boss!

    • Isn’t it amazing that the world remains split on the issue of homosexuality?

      Don’t make this about Mugabe.

  5. But David homosexuality is not against the law in Barbados. Certainly there have never been and there are currently no laws, none at all prohibiting female homosexuality.

    There is a law against anal intercourse man/man or man/woman.

    But in more than 50 years I don’t recall anybody being prosecuted for anal intercourse, except from time to time an adult male who troubles a boy. But Barbados quite rightly prohibits all sexual contact between adults and childre.

    I don’t feel that the British were talking to us at all.

    And Ras why you quoting Mugabe, instead of burning fire on ‘e bald head?

  6. @ Ras Jahaziel

    ***It is not an Attack on Just Africans and Caribbeans People but also the Arabs and Asians as well***

    Little do you know that Europeans as well as Arab scholars reported on the prevalence of homosexuality practiced within the indigenous cultures. As a result, “Buggary Laws” were drafted in colonial times to impede such a trend. In many indigenous African Societies, Homosexuals were in fact seen as spiritual practitioners as opposed to “abominations” as Ras so eloquently put it.

    After the Europeans left however, much of their colonial statutes stuck, and are simply remnants of old European colonialism. So in fact, much of the laws many of these countries have inherited today in regards to homosexuality are nothing more than reminders of Barbados’ colonial past.

    Therefore to say homosexuality is “foreign” to the “African” is a GROSSLY inaccurate statement and in fact upholds the colonial mindset imposed on Africans by Europeans. There is a plethora of well documented histories on homosexuals in African Societies/Civilizations (From the Benin Empire to the Asante Empire) being revered as spiritual practitioners and even reincarnates. It is in fact the colonial laws influenced by the EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES which aimed to cut out homosexuality within such societies. Mind you that CHRISTIANITY IS A PRODUCT OF EUROPEAN PAGANISM!! So for those who claim to be devout Christians and observe the typical holidays associated with the religions are in fact practicing “Greco-Roman Paganism”. Mind You that Idolatry worship is prohibited in Christianity yet CATHOLICS still practice it (ie. the Saints).

    So if you REALLY WANNA GET TECHNICAL HERE, Africans & Caribbean people should in fact DECOLONIZE by REJECTING CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM and adopting truly AFRICAN RELIGIONS/FAITHS FROM AFRICA. Black People are essentially the fools of the world because we hold on to the religions and faiths of others EXCEPTING OUR OWN by scorning Afro-Religions as “VOO-DOO” and “Dark Magic” (Mind you that these were the TRUE faiths of the African Peoples). But that in itself is another topic for another day. NO, I am in NO way trying to imply that Africans should also allow for there to be “gay marriage” based on such a clause. To the contrary in fact!

    Be mindful that “gay rights” IS not, NOR should it be made synonymous with “gay marriage”. “Gay Rights” merely demands the legal protections of homosexuals as citizens and human beings that are entitled to equal rights such as to employment, education, state provisions, etc. as a citizen of that given state. “Gay Marriage”, as the U.S. is currently battling with is separate from gay rights in that the U.S. already has clauses that ensure the legal protections of homosexuals, but not to institutions such as marriage.

    Marriage is and should be RESPECTED as an institution between two families that are about to marry off their heterosexual children. Marriage is the CONTRACT binding two families together in solidarity, and the production of a child from such a union is the very living EMBODIMENT of that contract. By NATURE marriage should be upheld as an institution legally between a man & a woman as it is a notion accepted culturally in virutally ALL HUMAN CULTURES and SOCIETIES.

    It is to my belief that Homosexual citizens of BIM should be granted the equal access to the rights of protection of the state. This is due to the fact that they too have BAJAN Blood in them, and their sexual orientation should in no way disqualify them from being recieved as “Less-of-a-Bajan” in Bajan society. We have too many foreigners flooding our markets to be concerned with such folly notions, thus we must work together as a FAMILY to SAFEGUARD OUR ECONOMIC FUTURE!

    However, it is also my belief that Homosexuals SHOULD NOT be granted access to the civil liberty of MARRIAGE, due to the fact that it has always been used as an institution of BINDING FAMILIES. Where as in the AMERICAN context, it is about the BINDING of INDIVIDUALS. We are not American due to the fact that Bajan values are placed greatly on the family.

    If anything they should only be limited to having “Civil Unions”, but I DO NOT EXPECT such talks to happen ANYTIME SOON in BIM. Our culture is fir to OUR needs and we NEED NO externalities to try to further impose their “values” upon us. However, Let this not be an excuse to hate our Brothers and Sisters who engage in what we may deem as “perversion”; for they too are real victims of the Colonialist past and present.

    @ David (B.U.) I have you know that homosexuality is not limited to anal sex. It has many different faces just as with heterosexuality (ie. Lesbianism, Transgendered, etc). It is used more so as an umbrella term in the U.S.

  7. @ Ras Jahziel
    “So in fact, much of the laws many of these countries have inherited today in regards to homosexuality are nothing more than reminders of Barbados’ colonial past. ”
    *Correction: I meant “BRITAIN’S COLONIAL PAST”

    “Therefore to say homosexuality is “foreign” to the “African” is a GROSSLY inaccurate statement and in fact upholds the colonial mindset imposed on Africans by Europeans”

    **Correction: I also meant to add on that such a notion also helps to reinforce the high levels of IGNORANCE being perpetuated in regard to the knowledge of PRECOLONIAL African civilizations and statehood. It is not a fault of you per se, but more so the “Black” Bajan Government and the greater world at large for failing to seek the proper re-education of African Civilization. To truly DECOLONIZE, we must first get in touch and intimate with our deep AFRICAN ROOTS with have been LOOOOOONNNNGGGG neglected by Bim’s tendency to align herself with Britain by dubbing herself “Little-England”.

    If I remember correctly, the vast majority of the people of Bim DO NOT look like Her Majesty Queen Liz II. We need to SERIOUSLY assess ourselves as a society IN WHOLE before we start flipping out highly charged accusations that only serves to further DIVIDE OUR BELOVED BIM AS OPPOSED TO UNITE IT. We are a sensible people and as such WE SHOULD THINK LIKE THE SENSIBLE PEOPLE WE ARE.

  8. @ Brudah-Bim

    How interesting your piece is and so much you have opened up. In the deep night one thing that occurs to me is this:-

    The reverence given to the saints in the Catholic tradition (which is not, in fact, idolatry) is very similar to so-called ‘ancestor worship’ isn’t it? And yes, very few here know anything very much about African traditional religion and its sophistications. People like Herod-Beckles of UWI infamy regard obeah as in some way a “world-view”..and thereby demonstrate their utter ignorance of what you speak of and understand. Meanwhile Jagun Jagun rides on.

  9. @Bim

    Interesting intervention and if you read the link above the argument is made more interesting by some who remove the Church from the argument. It should be all about what the people want.

  10. no way would i support the view that mr mugabe is an honest leader; in my view he is a despot who has been intelligent enough to champion causes to attract the imgination and psyche of the black person yearning for attention and stir the fire against years of oppression burning within.; but the repressive m3ethods used by mr mugabe aginst the same people for whom he agitates to achieve his own ends places him in the same oppressive dictator like category as those he rails against. however, i must say he has been consistent in his condemnation of unusual sexual behaviour even though again i am opposed oppession against persons so inclined as well.i have already stated my views on unusual sexual behaviour of homosexuality and lesbianism. i will condone because people should have a right to choose provided it does not infringe on the rights of othersand should not be judgmental of others people’s choices because it is not their business but i would not encourage the practice because what i do not like for myself i should not like or impose on me the man who could menstruate or the woman who could ejacluate.

  11. I would be the last person to agree with Mugabe. However, he does have a point when rejecting the idea that the former colonial power can force changes in local laws and mores. His reference to Cameron, “I can’t even call him a dog, because my dog would protest and ask what he has done to deserve it” or something similar, is highly amusing, when in all other respects, Mugabe is far from amusing.

  12. in the bible the various writers have expressed postions on several controversial issues to those who subscribe to its teachings but none more clearer and consistent than its teachings on homosexuality and man’s humanity/love to each other. the church does have a responsibilty to teach love and preach against discrimination but on the other hand should not encourage practices/behaviours which do not conform to the teachings of the bible. the church should not allow itself to be cowered into submission by public opinion or fashionable religious dogma but should be fortified in the belief that “The church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ the Lord’

  13. @ Brudah-Bim | February 28, 2012 at 3:00 AM &| Brudah-Bim | February 28, 2012 at 3:12 AM |

    What can I say? Heavy, Brudah, just heavy! But you aren’t overly heavy to carry, you are my brother in knowledge. Brudah-Bim, I did not realise that you were such an intellectual heavyweight? A much welcome quality on this blog and a rare find in Bim.
    Like you, I am all for the protection of the rights of people whatever their sexual orientation. But marriage, is another matter. Marriage, in my view and as you pointed, is the binding of two families -or as in our fast growing nuclear-type family society –two individuals through the sexual union and cohabitation of a heterosexual couple with the primary focus of raising children in a domestic setting that reflects the moral values of the general society and does not impose to much of a socio-economic burden on the State.

    Why would a same sex couple want to go to a church or mosque to get married? Why not settle for a civil partnership where similar contractual rights (property, etc) are protected.

    Why not show the Brits how much we imitate them and follow them into the 21st Century where our colonial archaic and stupidly irrelevant laws still prevail.
    You might be surprised how many rich and famous Brits would wish to come and settle here (Sir Elton included) to bring their much needed foreign money if we were to be a bit more progressive and morally enlightened about human sexuality and behaviour. But then we can always (like religiously hypocritical Bajans ostriches) tell them to keep their nasty bull(y)ing ways from us here in morally pure Bim. They can also keep their FDI and foreign money while the devils of starvation and aids circle the shores of the land of only sea water & sand.

  14. @peltdownman | February 28, 2012 at 7:14 AM |

    Your implied support for President Mugabe to show disrespect and insult the UK Prime Minister by finding his comments “amusing” is indicative of the ‘small island’ mentality prevailing here.

    Mr. Cameron might be the butt of your jokes but it does not help the millions of starving Zimbabweans riddled with AIDS and the fast disappearing social and educational achievements that were made when that country was the bread basket of Africa with enviable public infrastructural investments and the beacon of education standards even among blacks.

    Let us deal with the local AIDS situation and a “progressive” deterioration in living standards as reflected in the recent survey on poverty in Bim.
    Making sport at the British PM would not do it!

  15. @ David

    Don’t want to open a can of worms..BUT…be careful when you talk about the Rhodesia of Ian Smith That issue was about the politics and ethics of the concept of majority rule and perceptions of colonialism. It says nothing about the kind of man Mugabe was then – and is

  16. @David | February 27, 2012 at 6:48 PM |
    “oes not have the exclusive right to define who should be allowed to get married…

    it is not the church who dictates this, but God who from the beginning said a man should leave his mother and cleave to his wife

  17. @ Balance

    As you rightly say, the Bible has a number of scattered references to homosexual behaviour. As you also say, the Bible books were written by men. The problem arises when authorship is ultimately attributed to the ‘old man in the sky’ – so that we are then dealing with divine injunctions, divine ‘absolutes’.
    Oddly enough there is no condemnation of lesbianism until New Testament times in the letters of Paul. Paul refers to his “thorn in his flesh” which some biblical scholars have suggested means that Paul himself was gay. Certainly he had little time for women.
    The Old Testament references are either nasty in themselves – eg the ‘fags must die’ command in Leviticus – or are generally misunderstood. The story of the destruction of Sodom, eg, is at root about the condemnation of breaches of the (paramount) rules of hospitality. And if people ACTUALLY read it they will find all sorts of things that are more shocking than would ever have been supposed in relation to conventional understandings – eg, a God who has no idea what’s going on, a so-called ‘righteous’ man offering his daughters for gang rape, incest, a ‘tall pillar of salt story’ (moral: women should keep their noses out of everything).
    Even the Leviticus stuff needs to be understood contextually. Like the rules about unclean women at menstruation and, eg, the prohibition of mixed marriages it was mostly cooked up during the Babylon exile as a way to ensure the discrete and permanent identity of the exiles free from Babylonian influence. They weren’t all wailing at the river side you see.
    You rightly refer to Jesus too. He has NOTHING to say on the issue.
    One thing is clear in all this: gayness, however it is expressed, has been around for a very, very long time. Ask Socrates’ wife.

  18. @balance | February 28, 2012 at 6:35 AM |
    “…but the repressive m3ethods used by mr mugabe aginst the same people for whom he agitates to achieve his own ends places him in the same oppressive dictator like category”

    his character has NOTHING to do with the issue of homosexuality..are u and idiot?

  19. @ David

    Your question is doubtless tongue-in-cheek. It also side-steps what I actually said.

    But to answer you in terms of what I said: Mugabe’s philosophy is, well, MUGABE.

  20. Actually people marry themselves and then go to God the church or state for acknowledgement of tehe fact of their marriage. If you doubt me listen carefully the next time you go to a religious wedding, especially an Anglican one. The priest blesses the union and the state acknowledges teh union by issuing a marriage certificate. And people divorce themselves also and tehen go to the state for the piece of paper “degree absolute” which acknowledges that the marriage has ended.

  21. @ Random
    Actually it’s not a blessing of the union. It is the MAKING of the union which, as you say, the State then acknowledges. And herein arises the problem of the gay ‘wedding’. From what I read, most people have little problem with the blessing aspect of a gay partnership. It is the idea of a marriage which is problematic, not least because verbally it seems to break the rules of language. It’s a bit like the difference between the ‘common law union’ and marriage I suppose. And I suppose I should also say that it is a court which pronounces a couple divorced. We don’t (mercifully) live in a ‘talaq’ society.

  22. sorry – am at home this morning

    @ Miller

    Your penultimate paragraph says it all. And much the same can be said of Nigeria. And – to be tongue in cheek myself – why anyone would want to go ‘back to Africa’ now beats me.

  23. Well the first thing I must say here is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Good to hear some serious discussion on this issue, so thanks to David for bringing it forward.

    After reading all the above I see THREE trends in the discussion.
    One trend follows the traditional path of bringing the character of the witness into dispute before examining his testimony objectively.
    It is tempting to get distracted there, but history has shown that much of what is BELIEVED on the plantation originates in THE BIG HOUSE.

    Never forget that Mugabe was a good man until he started to address LAND REFORM. From that day on Mugabe became “a bad man”, and a whole campaign has been launched to discredit him and wreck the Zimbabwean economy.

    Has anybody ever heard such things about the man before he embarked on correcting the historical injustices? How come he suddenly turned bad? History should have taught us that whatever is considered bad by the slave master is always good for the slave.

    Now this is not meant to be personal, but whenever you (plural) and the slave-master start to share the same point of view it is always wise to check yourself. But this is something that the slave-master is very good at…implanting his mind in the brain of slaves, and today the implant process has become even more sophisticated.

    If we are to criticize Mugabe negatively I think it is best to wait until The Uropeans start to praise him. Otherwise we will be giving strength to those who oppose any attempt at correcting those historical injustices that spell misery for Africans today.

    Not all Africans share the same point of view as the robber-barons from U-rope. SEE:

    Another side-track in the discussion is the one that wants to switch homosexuality from its Greco-Roman origins to Africa or share it with Africa .

    Some writers have made arguments to show of its existence in Africa too. It might well be true that there is no place in the world where it has not been observed, but in Africa it has always been an aberration from the norm.

    Throughout the ages from ancient times as recorded in the Bible and down to the present, the larger African society has discouraged it. That is why today there is hardly anywhere in the world where Black people can be found where sodomy is admired and encouraged.

    The same cannot be said of Europe, for the records of Greece and Rome are replete with evidence to show how much it was encouraged and promoted as a part of their religion and culture.

    Europeans ought to be free to be Europeans, and Africans have to be free to be Africans without foreign impositions, and sexual choices that are practiced in private should not be policed.

    But to get back to THE MATRIX I have to repeat that IT IS ALL CONNECTED. When we talk about agriculture, criminalization of plants, and the issue of sodomy, the common denominator is FORCIBLE IMPOSITION OF THE U-ROCENTRICK POINT OF VIEW and FORCIBLE IMPOSITION OF ARRANGEMENTS THAT BENEFIT Uropeans while working to the disadvantage of Africans.

    Black people all over the world today are now being confronted with the necessity to address THE COLONIAL LEGACY which if left unchecked will lead to eventual GENOCIDE.

    Please remember that when you are talking about the relationship between Europeans and other peoples, genocide is not an unfamiliar occurrence.
    It should be remembered that genocide does not need ovens, and in the same way too, slavery does not need chains.

    BY manipulation of LAWS and the control of ECONOMICS you can create an inhospitable fish-bowl that will eventually suffocate and poison out those that live in it.

    Who can argue against the truth that the Black family has been living in a white fish-bowl for centuries, and that daily life for the African involves coping with circumstances that are STILL remotely maneuvered by THE INVADERS?

    On a global level Africans are living in this fish-bowl that was created by Europeans yesterday, and maintained by Europeans today via IMF, World Bank, and Black career politicians who know that a successful career hinges upon one’s ability to not offend the man in the embassy.

    But THE FORCES that exist in the fish-bowl result in hunger, malnutrition, poverty, lack of opportunity for progress, mass incarceration, and the twin to mass-incarceration….THE SINGLE-PARENTING OF THE BLACK FAMILY…..which results in whole communities that rely on fewer and fewer providers.

    The cumulative result of all these circumstances is a crisis generation, CRISIS-CHILDREN that are constantly exposed to grim realities from the day of their birth.

    In the US these circumstances also result in a statistic that shows that the majority of Black women cannot find a man, and that the rate of abortion is far greater than it is in any other racial group.

    So when you look across the planet you see that while abortion and sterilization is promoted throughout the Black world, Europeans are encouraging fertility boosts amongst themselves.

    From the US to Haiti and the rest of the Caribbean and Brazil, to the European capitals and then to Africa you will see THE SAME PROBLEMS of a people living in A WHITE FISHBOWL with survival chances growing slimmer by the day, and you have to ask HOW MUCH OF THIS IS COINCIDENCE and how much is PLANNED PROTRACTED GENOCIDE?

    So now you must ask yourself: is the institutionalizing of sodomy not a part of the genocidal plan? If men are being encouraged to lie with men and women with women, and babies are slaughtered in the womb, and those that are born are plagued by malnutrition, what will be the long-term outcome?

    Now after the crimes that Britain has committed against Black people, does their threat to withhold aid if their victims do not conform to European sexual standards not represent A CRIME THAT IS BEING STACKED ON TOP OF OTHER CRIMES?

    While some may choose to see only the consequences and blame only the victim, it is also necessary to see THE ORIGINAL DEVIL who stripped our people naked of every independent means of survival, and locked them in an economic fish-bowl where they are placed under tremendous daily pressure to think and act like devils in order to survive.

    If our minds have been freed from the colonial shackles we will see that instead of bending over for AID(S) we should be lifting up our voices for REPARATIONS.

    We should be standing up for the African’s right to SELF-DETERMINATION and rejecting U-ropean impositions.

    It all comes down to EMANCIPATING OUR MINDS FROM MENTAL SLAVERY, so that we can rise up from the fishbowl and revisit the vision of Marcus Garvey.
    Ras Jahaziel

  24. @ Ras Jahaziel
    “Throughout the ages from ancient times as recorded in the Bible and down to the present, the larger African society has discouraged it.”

    Firstly as previously stated, if you want Bajans to decolonize themselves then you must stop harping on that God Forsaken “Bible”. It is a product of European colonialism and was used to aggressively “wash out” the African Essence of OUR ANCESTORS. Christianity is nothing but a tool to DISENFRANCHISE BLACK PEOPLE (As well as Islam), so to keep on arguing “In the bible…” only reinforces the colonial paradigm to which you seem to be living in still.

    Secondly, a TRULY DECOLONIZED African would note that THERE IS NO such thing as a “larger African” society. You are referring to a continent that has THE MOST GENETIC VARIETY on the planet (Greater than that of ASIA in totality), and like the “White Man” You still homogenize our brethren into the single category of “Africans”. Mind you that this continent is home to Literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of NATIONS and Ethnic Groups; and have THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of years of civilization that Spans LONGER THAN that of the EUROPEAN. You are ignorant to the same peoples who had established empires that SPANNED GREATER DISTANCES THAN EUROPE!!

    TO say the “larger African Society” therefore is inaccurate (and shows your relative ignorance to Africa) due to the fact that Africans (Like the Asians and Europeans) do not see each other as one in the same. The ONLY similarity is the skin color we share as a race. Africa has hundreds of Ethnic group that even Europe cannot compare to. So in fact Brother Ras Jahaziel, you are PERPETUATING the EUROPEAN

    COLONIALIST MINDSET THAT PLAGUES AFRICA’S CHILDREN TODAY. If you TRULY knew ANYTHING of Pre-colonial African civilizations, You would see that Africans themselves were LONG aware (AND INDEED, TOLERANT!) to the presence of homosexuals.

    Mind you that the Europeans didn’t “Encourage” homosexuality in Ancient Rome and Greece, it was merely DEPICTED on a series of cultural relics, as was HETEROSEXUALITY. So if you really wanted to make an argument here, it is the PERVERTED EUROPEANS who wish to force down their grossly immoral indulgence in the flesh that should be criticized. Not HOMOSEXUALITY in itself.

    I mentioned the Civilizations where homosexuality was recorded to be TOLERATED in pre-colonial Africa. Perhaps you need to do a little more research before you start spewing such hateful nonsense. KNOW WHO TO BE ANGRY AT AND KNOW HOW TO BE ANGRY!

  25. old onion bags | February 27, 2012 at 9:17 PM |
    FIRE GO BURN A BOTTY MAN……………….NUFF…. Barbados soon doomed like Sodom + Gamorrow. Did not know we had them so many til this CLICO..shit……
    Recently came across this interesting Letter from J.Walduck to J.Petner ,-British Library Sloane— dated Barbadoes November 12th 1710

    B- Barbados isle inhabited by slaves
    A- and for one honest man, ten thousand knaves
    R- Religion to thee’s a romantic story
    B- Barbarity and ill gott wealth they glory.
    A- All Sodoms ,Sins are centred in their heart
    D- Death is thy look and dearth in every part
    O- Oh glorious isle in vilany excell
    S- Sin to the height thy fate in hell

  26. @ Ras Jahaziel
    Other than that, your “fish-bowl” analogy is SPOT ON! And EXTREMELY TRUTHFUL to the plight that the Black Diaspora of the Americas and Caribbean (AND INDEED AFRICA) are suffering from today.

    We need to spread awareness on how the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and the IMF are nothing more than colonialist tools used by the Europeans to further SUBJUGATE the AFRICAN PEOPLES.

    We need to realize that so long as We Bajans DO NOT HOLD OUR POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE, And DEMAND the PROTECTION of BIM’S Industries, we are doomed to failure due to the fact that we have been short-sighted as a society. We need to rise up by BUILDING SOLIDARITY and by EDUCATING OUR Brethren about the dynamics that exist today.

    The British Colonists only left Bim’s Shores, however their Strings of influence have NEVER BEEN SEVERED. And as of 2012, more strings have been attached from America as well as Canada. The very fact that Barbados is still a COMMONWEALTH (WITH THE QUEEN ELIZABETH AS HEAD OF STATE) and not a REPUBLIC are a testament to such truths!!!!

  27. To Brudah-Bim
    “Throughout the ages from ancient times as recorded in the Bible and down to the present, the larger African society has discouraged it.”

    Anytime you are reasoning with a people it is good to make reference to something with which they are all familiar, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS SOMETHING THAT THEY HOLD SACRED. How many times have we heard “Your own Bible says it in such and such chapter and verse?”

    That does not mean that the person making a particular quote is a convert to that particular faith or believes that GOD wrote that particular book. For all you know I could perhaps be one who shares your point of view on The BIBLE.

    The point is that SODOMY is condemned in that book which most Barbadians and Africans who have been subjected to European colonialism hold sacred. Not to mention other Africans like the Ethiopians who hold it sacred without having been subjected to European colonialism.

    So the statement starts from a reference point of familiarity.

    Now concerning the issue of LARGER AFRICAN SOCIETY:
    Despite the diversity of cultures in Africa, OPPOSITION TO SODOMY is common right across the board.

    And another thing, PROGRESSIVE AFRICANS are not putting diversity before UNIFICATION. They do not make arguments to buttress their differences. They are making arguments that demonstrate their common ground. Every time we emphasize differences we inadvertently support the colonizing efffort. But that could be a separate topic for discussion.

    Normal man and woman instinctively reject that which goes against THE PROCREATIVE ACT AND AGAINST LIFE.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS (the devil) cause man and woman to go in that direction. IT IS NEVER A NORMAL URGE. The normal urge is for a man to be attracted to a woman and a woman to a man.

    In fact it is not something that one should have to prove and spend much time arguing about, because HETEROSEXUALITY IS THE NORM IN NATURE.

    The best way to sum it all up is to say that ANUSES ARE FOR SHITTING AND NOT FOR SEX.

    The discussion should end there. So please let us not divert from the point and get caught up in any little side-tracks.

  28. @ Ras Jahaziel;

    I think Brudah-Bim has dealt adequately with you especially regarding your confidence and belief in the Judeo-Christian scripture book of myths and legends doctored by the Europeans called the Bible to indoctrinate even so called enlightened people like you. But as Brudah-Bim pointed out you keep seeing this thing as a ‘white vs black’ issue. Don’t the other races that make up the vast majority of people living on this planet mean anything in your intellectual cauldron of racial conflict? Explain to us why the Chinese and Indians have taken control over the land, resources and commercial activities of these sub-Sahara African countries. Are you going to blame the European for this new form of exploitation and economic slavery as well? Most rich Black Africans don’t give a damn about their fellow black brothers and sisters. Even your much admired Mugabe lives like a European money baron: Saville Row tailored suits, European furnishings and wining and dining with a few blonde prostitutes flown in from Russia to boot. The other dictators of black sub-Sahara Africa (Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo–formerly, Zaire are examples of despotic states using Mugabe as a father figure). Don’t come with that tactic of European brainwashing. Intelligent independent thinking black people have visited these places and have critically observed and reported.

    Stop blaming the European for the current predicament of the black race.
    You can make reference to the book of genesis where it is argued by Judeo-Christian fundamentalists that black people were cursed by God at the request of Noah (according to the drunken naked Noah and his sons Ham, Shem & Japhet myth or “fairy” tale). Hence the perpetual subservience and control by other races.

    On the other hand you can direct your call for revolution and emancipation from mental slavery to the black political class who stupidly attempt to ape in parliament and society the said enslaving and colonizing British ways and traditions long ago left behind in Victorian & Edwardian times.

    Since you appreciate that the black man in the Diaspora has been emasculated and woefully marginalized either through a brainwashing and irrelevant educational system, poor job prospects or avenues for self-employment, pervasive drug dealing or lengthy incarceration, it is high time that the root of the problem- which is also the source of the solution-is dug out.

    Target the support and underpins of these matriarchal communities- Black Women. Get them to think along freedom lines. Mental enslavement and materialistic desires (trinkets for jewelry, expensive but productively under-utilised blackberry phones, mock hair of varying colours, skimpy clothes and tattoos) are rampant among young black women. Just look and see who are the ‘alpha males’, “sweet men” attractive don gorgons (with gold “teets” and chains displaying symbols that almost all of them don’t have the slightest clue as to their symbolism) and sex god idols that these females go after and reproduce for. Generally, these young women are not interested in or attracted to the quiet, law-abiding, intellectually oriented and family-focused “nerdy” black boys. Single black women who mentally conditioned by the sins and devils as outlined by you Ras, and still saddled with the responsibility of raising young black children, especially boys, in a society that has lost its previous communal and village outlook and “looking out for your neighbour” attitude is a recipe for further degradation and exploitation of the black race, especially in the Diaspora.

  29. Question……when a baby is born does its first cry proclaim ‘I am an African’, or ‘I am Barbadian’, or ‘I am a Christian’, or ‘I am Yoruba’?

  30. @ Ras

    In sexual terms, what is the criterion of normalcy in men and women? Please don’t just assert what you think as if it’s obvious and, forgive me, as you do above.

  31. TO robert ross

    NORMALCY is known by the fact that
    unless your psyche has been BULL-ied by the sodom-weak.

    IT IS INSTINCTIVE and NORMAL for a man to be attracted to a woman and a woman to a man.

    THE DAMAGED PSYCHE has a problem with that,
    and those that have been PENETRATED find it maddening,
    because they are caught in a pit and have no way of getting out.

  32. I just saw the picture that was posted above.
    From some of the points of view that I have seen here it seems
    many of you would not burn fire on it.

    But that is why some of you favor laws that persecute the Rastaman
    because the Rastaman will be forever burning fire on it.

  33. @ Ras Jahaziel
    “PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS (the devil) cause man and woman to go in that direction. IT IS NEVER A NORMAL URGE. The normal urge is for a man to be attracted to a woman and a woman to a man.”

    You’re ignorance is rapidly seeping out. I suggest that you stop while you’re ahead. The very fact that ANIMALS ALL OVER THE PLANET ENGAGE IN HOMOSEXUAL ACTS IN THE WILD IS PROOF THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT UNNATURAL. It is well documented, and there is a plethora of information on the vast amount of Species that are known to engage in homosexual activities.

    Thus deeming your comment as insufficient and purely hateful.
    “The point is that SODOMY is condemned in that book which most Barbadians and Africans who have been subjected to European colonialism hold sacred. ”

    And by that statement alone, this PROVES that you still think like a SLAVE. Pay attention to what Brother Miller is Saying if not me. You still hold on to that pathetic text called the Bible, as the majority of the Diaspora. THe very fact that no one in our community has avidly criticized the ‘CHURCH’ is a token to such a fact.


    In essence, YOU ARE A SLAVE for thinking and READILY ACCEPTING the doctrines of those WHO WISH TO OPPRESS YOU.

    And I find it ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS that Black people forgot that CHRISTIANITY WAS IN FACT USED TO JUSTIFY THE ENSLAVEMENT OF OUR ANCESTORS! If Bajans are SO CHRISTIAN, then they would KNOW that the “STORY/CURSE OF HAM” was used to rationalize our bondage.


    Do your homework before you try to argue otherwise. AND YOU WILL SEE HOW MUCH OF A TOOL YOU AS WELL AS THE GREATER DIASPORA HAVE BECOME!

  34. @ Ras Jahaziel
    So are the HOMOSEXUAL PRACTICING ANIMAL to be condemned to the fiery depths of hell as well?


    In lament’s terms: GROW THE F*CK UP!

  35. @ Ras

    The issue of normalcy was raised by you. However, I asked the question since I try not to allow my prejudices, assumptions, ignorance and, at times, total stupidity affect the cerebral function at its best. What about you?
    BUT…this post has been fun and informative hasn’t it.

  36. I believe the majority of homosexuals do not choose that lifestyle but are born like that.

    What CONSENTING ADULTS do in the privacy of their home should be their business.

    The problem I see is young children living with two same sex parents in this predominantly homophobic world and especially in a densely populated small island like Barbados.

    Bajans need to more tolerant of homosexuals. They cannot be “cured”
    but homosexuality is not contagious.

  37. david the question should be -What is Mr Mugabe trying to achieve and what did he achieve? not what are his challenges.Mr Mugabe like all those other revolutionaries in the vanguard against outside rule could be considered a Freedom Fighter then but on gaining power his treatment of his freedom fighter ally/rival by the name of i think Bishop Abel something and corruption of the system of government and obvious oppression of the people he pretends to love has accorded to him despot status.

  38. miss chocolate, my grandmother used to tell me that it takes a thief to know a thief. well, if i am an idiot , then it follows you are one as well. do not blame me for your lack of analytical and comprehension skills.take advantage of the many free educational opportunities which abound before you have to pay for them.

  39. @ David (B.U.)

    There are many studies that show that children living in Homosexual households do not inherit “homosexuality”, or “homosexual-traits” rather. This proves that homosexuality is not “nurtured” but is rather, NATURE. The high levels of homosexuality in the Animal Kingdom solidify such a fact.

    Gay Marriage and possession of Children is a different matter from Gay rights. Remember that well.

  40. Morality Within The Context Of Religion, Is A Vice To the Profane Mind Of The Believer

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Homosexuality is not an issue of morality or immorality, more so than it being an established fact of not being of Nature design, which has so plainly established the difference in the nature of your sexuality, which is in keeping with Natural Law based upon the Law of opposites, which is why there is in the sexual identity of being, there is the Beings with what is referred to a Womb, which is referred to as being the feminine sexual gender, and there is the being with a staff, which is a clear contrast to the womb gender, commonly identified as the Masculine sexual gender, as so designed by the Divine Essence, God, and revealed by the Nature of their Being, verifying the Divine Essence, God, gender design, and being an apparent sexual opposite between the two genders, with genital difference, designed to have what seem to be two, when joined together, there is only one Divine Being, verifying The Divine Essence, God, intelligent design of two sex genders opposites, intelligently Naturally designed to represent the oneness of the Sexual design of life living Beings.

    Therefore, Information that is not in a compromising stage to Human Beings teaching, is not readily accepted by Black Afrikan people, because such Divine information is not of the level of a profane mind, as black Afrikans have been conditioned to believe in, and it is the profane mind that have the Mind of Lucifer the Human Being, to be a mind that believe, and it is belief that serve as the mother to faith and hope, a mental exercise that reveal the insanity of a mind of such profane character that has the Black World endorsing Homosexual acts between the same sexual genders, as if to challenge the Divine Essence, God, Intelligent design, which is in compliance and is based upon the Natural Law of opposites..

    Belief is the anchor that hold religion in place, and Lucifer the Human Being, is religion creator, so there is no way that a low caliber Human Being mind can comprehend what only a Divine Mind is qualified to reveal to a life presented to be Divine, and the living of that life is based upon choice, and a choosing mind that is not Divine in its mental activity, is a mind captured you and place you under the spell of Lies and Deception, the tools of a Luciferian Mind that is locked within the moral vice of religion.

    Morality within the context of religion, is a vice that serve upon you to become as an addict to the doctrine and dogma of Lucifer religion, and a religious junkie is incapable of seeing the error of her/his ways, because Lucifer mind is a confused mind that can not distinguish between Divine Truth and Reality, a profane mind being a mind that honor and respect Lies and Deception, which serve as truth and reality to Lucifer the human Being, the black Afrikan once divine Being, now identifying ourselves as Human Beings, today.

    So no way will the Divine Truth be respected by a lying Luciferian profane mind, and it is the lying mind that is obedient to Lucifer the Human Being, created morality, which has the Black world in total submission to the way Lucifer teach about Life, and how it is to be lived, leaving the believer to believe the choice being made for your life, is your choice being made by you for your life, when it is not.

    What a sad and pitiful Black people we have been made to become, and it is the way that we are, while believing that is the way God intend for us to be, we not knowing that the Divine Essence, God, is not a God of intention, there is no predestined plan for your life, laid out by the Divine Essence, God, only the Luciferian created God, have intentions for the Human Being life.

    Divinity need not a moral compass to direct the life as has been presented by the Divine Essence, God, life being the Nature of all things in motion, and that which appear not to be in motion, but you see, only motion can produce motion, and all that is of the Divine Essence, God, is in motion, and life is motion and motion is Time, and time is Eternally Infinite.

    Let the wise Mind know what has just been shared with you.

    Morality prevents the enjoyment of Life, and life main purpose is to be in peace with living joy, yet the constraints of morality interfere with life meaning and purpose, all because Nature the prime attribute of the Divine Essence, God, deal not in morality, such is the weapon created for the living of life by Lucifer the human Being, and it is morality that condemn life, and a condemned life know not the nature of peace and joy, which life living has a Divine right to experience.

    So, there is no degree of respectability that morality or immorality, requires from life, only the living with a profane mind, fall prey to Lucifer the Human Being lies and deception, concerning life, as Lucifer have life to be guided by religion, and religion is the creation of a profane Mind, and it is profanity that beget profanity, Lucifer the Human Being, being the mother and father of all profanity in life living.

    Life living is based upon acceptance and nonacceptance, and when there are things being done to life that prevent life living from enjoying life, then such activity is not acceptable to life, but while living your life freely, and your life activity does not interfere with others life action, then there is no harm done to life and the way you have chose to live your life, it being without restraints.

    Morality is religious, and acceptance, is Divinely Spiritual.


    Chief Elder

  41. @ balance | February 28, 2012 at 9:37 PM |

    The political figure you are referring to was Bishop Abel Muzorewa – a type of Bishop Desmond Tutu.

  42. @ Ras Jahaziel
    “coming on the back of homosexual revelations
    the botty man is crowned King
    and thousands of Black folks hail him”

    And Bajans still refer to Queen Elizabeth II their “Queen”. Yet her it is HER BLOOD lineage that was responsible for the BONDAGE AND FORCED TOILS OF OUR ANCESTORS. YOU ARE NO INTELLECT. You let your hatred and biases cloud your capacity to reason and rationality. You’re fooling no one Ras, and you are quickly becoming the typical “Rasta” touting nothing but violence and ignorance.

    You have posed no real argument, face it. Your hatred and ignorance has no place here. If you cannot contribute any “ideas” or “knowledge” then I suggest you stop while you’re ahead because you’re coming off as nothing more than a PATHETIC TROLL!



    The story of “The Curse of Ham” is something you have yet to address. If you are so RIGHT and CONSCIOUS of the plight of Blacks, then tell me RAS JAHAZIEL; WHAT FUNCTION DOES THAT STORY HOLD FOR US?



    You have yet to answer those questions Ras. How about the fact that I mention the RASTAFARIANISM IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BASTARDIZATION OF JUDEO-CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES ADOPTED FROM EUROPE’S CHRISTIANITY. So answer me Ras.

    You have so much to say about your brothers and sisters, yet you hold on so dearly to the principles and values of the WHITE MAN as zealously as an IRISH MONK!

    What a shame Ras Jahaziel, for you have sooooo much potential. Until you address these truths brother, I am afraid that you are nothing more than a hapless Sheep; a hopeless Slave still stuck between and struggling to survive within the construct of the European. Why do you think that the Europeans and Americans do not take you Rastafarians seriously???

    Because You have yet to prove to them otherwise that YOU ARE NOT THE PRODUCT OF THEM! Rastafarian = Christian!

    Prove otherwise Ras Jahaziel, or you shall be as your name implies; a “RAAASSSS” Indeed!

  43. @ Ras Jahaziel




  44. @ Brudah-Bim | February 29, 2012 at 3:13 PM |

    The truth hurts but must be told.
    Brudah-Bim, don’t expect Ras to reply with any cogent argument. If he does, expect vicious invectives directed at you personally.
    Instead of focusing his criticisms at his own people he attacks the European man. The white man’s burden- that’s what the likes of Ras Jahaziel are portraying us to be. Blaming the white man for our sorry state but still aping the white man and swallowing their religion and other habits (including “unusual” sex, according to Jahaziel). A weak and vulnerable people we are indeed; but still blessed by the Light in some ways.

    That video is a good example of how easy it is to fool black people and rob them of their money and dignity. They owe their soul to both the white man (now fast growing Asian) company store and the white man money-making church. What a sad lot we are. Maybe there is some truth or lesson to be learnt from the Noah/Ham story.

  45. @ Brudah Miller

    I want him to respond to demonstrate how much of an “intellect” he is. I fear that you maybe right though, for the Black Bajan I fear is too far-gone in the notion of a “christian-western” world. Bajans believe that we cannot produce anything for ourselves and cannot be a produce a future for the next generations of Bajan children.

    Which is Why the Indians are FLOCKING TO WE SHORES IN ARMIES AND BANDS OF FAMILIES (as well as the Chinese, Europeans, and Americans) because they see that the Bajan people are a non-industrious lot. The country of Malta proves otherwise, and yet Barbados STILL doesn’t see the VAST POTENTIAL that lies unharnessed within our shores.

    Bajans are truly sad indeed brother Miller, but let not their ignorance translate to our melancholy. We must ACT to AVIDLY educate as much Bajans as possible about the ongoing trends.





    Until Bajans remain blind to these truths, we are JUST AS RESPONSIBLE for perpetuating this sickeningly degrading cycle. It is UP TO THOSE LIKE US BROTHER MILLER (those who truly see the NEED for a PROTECTED Barbados) to educate as much of our Brethren as possible.


    Because if we don’t, we will literally become A NATION that is RUN AND OWNED BY NOT JUST THE FOREIGN DOLLAR, BUT THE FOREIGNER HIMSELF!

  46. @ Brudah-Bim:

    We shall keep keeping on in the knowledge and faith that there will be a brighter and better day for our people, especially here in Bim where the brainwashing and religious indoctrination are most acute.

    But on a slightly different but boring note-the weather.
    I have a great admiration and healthy respect for your intellect so I don’t feel “weird” posing a query to you. I feel you are in tune with the “extraordinary” and sensitive to subtle but prolonged changes in the weather conditions which are like the circulatory system of the planet and the determinant of our very existence both in quality and physical location. But here in Bim we have been having some strange and unusual if not freaky weather. Very high winds, sudden and short bursts of rain and sometimes short periods of intense heat during the day. Maybe it’s all in my mind but that is where changes and odd things are first felt and observed. Scientists have already commented on the extremely cold conditions affecting Northern Europe.
    Are you experiencing or heard of any unusual weather occurrences your side of the planet? Just wondering!

  47. THIS IS THE OLD ROMAN SPIRIT THAT IS RAISING ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN and it is coming with the backing of governments,
    and soon from now it will be prevalent in school,
    and you will have to constantly hammer in your children’s head

    Livy, reporting the evidence given by a woman who had been involved in the rites to a Roman investigative consul, writes:

    there was no crime, no deed of shame, wanting. More uncleanness was committed by men with men than with women. Whoever would not submit to defilement, or shrank from violating others, was sacrificed as a victim. To regard nothing as impious or criminal was the sum total of their religion. The men, as though seized with madness and with frenzied distortions of their bodies, shrieked out prophecies; the matrons, dressed as Bacchae, their hair disheveled, rushed down to the Tiber River with burning torches, plunged them into the water, and drew them out again, the flame undiminished because they were made of sulfur mixed with lime. Men were fastened to a machine and hurried off to hidden caves, and they were said to have been taken away by the gods. These were the men who refused to join their conspiracy or take part in their crimes or submit to their pollution.[2]

  48. @ Brudah Bim and anyone else if the cap fits

    Frankly, I find you all as bigoted, intolerant, insensitive, insultng and, to a point, vicious as each other. Ras has his rastaF. Brudah Bim has his traditional religion. Doubtless there’s a Moslem reader. I have my own curious kind of Christianity.. Of course we have our theological problems with each other’s brand of whatever it is, as well as the historical ‘take’ on much of what has been said. I don’t actually buy into the chicken creation story; nor the garden of Eden story, nor the idea that the last prophet in the line is the end of it – which is why, for me, religiousness is more significant than religion. And that -religiousness – is what we should be searching for in each other. I am quite sure it’s there. But if the new creation depended on what has been spouted in this blogging then, sadly, we remain in the shadow
    of the idol of the cave.
    Now……on the question of the weather……

  49. @ robert ross

    “Brudah Bim has his traditional religion”
    You’re wrong, when did I ever say that I was a practitioner of traditional African Religions. Please don’t go about accusing people of being bigoted when you aren’t sure of what their standings are, especially when it comes to faiths.

    To correct you, I am in fact AGNOSTIC teetering closely to ATHEISM. I do not believe in an institutionalized version of “God”, and I even question “his” existence.

    To clarify my argument, I was only arguing that if Bajans TRULY wanted to decolonize, that they would adopt traditional African faiths to start with.

    In essence, just be mindful please to not speak on behalf of others before checking in with them.
    @ Brother Miller

    The weather here in the U.S. has been especially sporadic to say the least. We have increased rates of Hurricanes afflicting the southern regions, and further up North (where I’m located), there has been scant snowfall and longer periods of seasons that should actually be brief (ie. Autumn). Some areas in the North East are reporting especially heavy snows while in other parts, such as here in New York, we have been seeing little snow. Not to mention that we also get spontaneous bursts of snowfall and rain-pour and yet the sun will break out in the midday (only for brief periods though).

    I also realized that when the winds pick up during the day, it will prove to be especially bitterly cold at night. So to answer your question Brother Miller, yes, We too are being slammed with such drastic changes in our climate. Little do Bajans know that the U.S. government has responded by initiating alternative energy and fuel companies, however it is gradual.

    I believe that the Bajan government should follow suit by being more innovative. the country grows sugar en masse, yet there still isn’t any talks within parliament as to initiating a bio-diesel industry domestically to meet Bim’s needs. With all the sugar Bim produces, we should be producing Ethanol fuel by now!!

    Just thinking about it makes me frustrated at Bim!

  50. @ Brother Miller

    Oh My Goodness!! It was as you said it would be. Ras Jahaziel has yet to address my questions and all he can come up with are quotes from his beloved sacrilegious texts (IE. THE BIBLE).

    a truly pathetic comeback indeed, I should have known better to not start engaging in a debate with him. He cannot rebut anything I said because RAS JAHAZIEL Knows its the truth.

    Thus making anything he says in the future, IRRELEVANT. A sad case indeed, Maybe I was too nice (or stupid, rather) when I told Jahaziel that he has “sooooo much potential.”

    He poses no real argument, thus I shall discount him as you so wisely advised Brother Miller.

  51. @Brudah-Bim | February 29, 2012 at 9:35 PM |
    “With all the sugar Bim produces, we should be producing Ethanol fuel by now!! ”

    Seems Climate change is gradually creeping up on us. Fortunately for Bim the melting of the glaciers in the Arctic would put very cold water in the Atlantic for a few more years and thus slow down the heating of the surface water which provides fuel for hurricanes. But the downside is the rising sea levels and the destruction of the coastlines and infrastructure.

    But in regard to Bim producing sugar your mind is playing tricks and imagining the halcyon days of the Sugar King. Man, this country can’t even produce 20,000 tonnes of sugar. If we make that target this year we will be fortunate. A viable sugar industry in Bim requires no less than 50,000 tonnes of sugar production. Ethanol would require another 200,000 tonnes of cane to be planted and harvested for a viable ethanol investment. You feel that if the nincompoops “bout hey’ can’t even produce enough sugar to meet its export contracts, fulfil local requirements for industrial and domestic consumption and at least try to produce enough molasses to make our much valued rum we can produce ethanol.
    If drastic action is not taken now I believe the industry would close next year. Government has no money to keep subsidizing this industry in its present parlous state. And the IMF would not allow it either. One should not envy the political party which has to announce the obituary.

  52. @ac | February 29, 2012 at 10:15 PM |

    You are really a very gullible person. Anything coming from C S should be taken with “healthy” pinch of salt (pardon the oxymoron). This is the same man that promised to pay Barrack since last year October. But instead he spent time plotting to unseat your man FS. What do you call that? Dependability or treachery? Don’t you think that the bs artist would be more effective if he could get the Chinese to invest in the Four Seasons project? The Chinese would only be interested in a sugar industry in Bim if they can own the land, bring in their own management and labour and operate within a totally Union free, tax free and unregulated environment. Chinese are interested in the Jamaica sugar industry not Bim. Even Africa or South America would attract their attention more so before Bim. It is possible they might advance a loan which they know would be paid back via the one-way trading relationship that exists.

  53. @ B-Bim

    I am not going to play the game. Save to say this….you have the cheek to criticize those you repeatedly say are brainwashed by European faiths and refer them to African traditional religion – and you have done this from the post onwards. It is in that sense I wrote as I did – not to suggest you are a ‘practitioner’. I have no interest in what you actually believe. But IF you had no empathy with that and regard it all as hogwash why are you SO critical of us all?. You see, not all of us see religion in your terms, that is in terms of the religion of colonial masters however we actually conceive of the divine or of the Bible. We are entitled to say ‘Well, you were right on this one’ aren’t we – just as we might say (having left the bush) ‘I prefer Gucci shoes – or Clarke’s – or trainers – to bare feet’? I really don’t see how making decisions about faith, or shoes, compromises my ability to grow as a person, to express my own uniqueness, or that of other people of my race. But then, in personal terms, you will note that I spoke of religiousness rather than religion. In doing so, I don’t feel less – or more – colonized. I don’t even feel enlightened – perhaps simply more joyful.

  54. “I really don’t see how making decisions about faith, or shoes, compromises my ability to grow as a person, to express my own uniqueness, or that of other people of my race.”

    Never once did I even insinuate that, nor was I trying to convey such a notion. Your choice in your faith is your prerogative, I am in no position (nor was I attempting to adopt such a role) to dictate what faith one should follow.

    I am merely pointing out here that foreign bred religions is serving to divide the nation through issues such as the mentioned gay rights. It makes no sense to preach hate to your brothers and sisters when their ancestors are one in the same as ours.

    It makes no sense to discriminate against them because “the Bible” says so because people have used the story of Ham to justify the bondage of our ancestors.
    “But IF you had no empathy with that and regard it all as hogwash why are you SO critical of us all?”

    I am merely pointing out the facts as to how they are. You can choose to live in ignorance if that is what brings you bliss. However I am aware that my people’s future as a nation is at stake and the government is doing nothing to stop it because they are owned by foreign corporations and powers.

    So if you think that my motion to educate Bajans about this messed up paradigm is “criticism”, then so be it. And by the way, in every nation; THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR CRITICISM.

    Domestic criticism is what helps a nation move forward as the needs of the nation are pushed to the front on the government’s agenda of priorities. It is what ensures the SUSTAINABLE development of a nation. As a people who have been and are still made to live under a system of colonialism, Bajans HAVE THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE their government for failing to provide a solid stake in the nation’s economic and political future.


  55. Trying to save the industry should be a priority the sugar industry does have meaningful potential in other areas .

  56. @ ac | March 1, 2012 at 6:27 AM |
    “Trying to save the industry should be a priority the sugar industry does have meaningful potential in other areas.”

    This goal was clearly stated in the DLP manifesto on which they were elected. Five years in the making and what we have is an almost 50% drop in sugar production and many acres overrun by bush and inhabited by rats and other vermin.
    Now, ac, please no reference to the time of plenty under the OSA 14 years of your so-called mismanagement. That is why the people got rid of his administration and elected the DLP to make a difference. No blaming the “bogeyman international recession either. There is a contracted (guaranteed for the time being) export market to be met in order to earn much needed forex; and also a local market to save forex. Bajan-made sugar is a real locally made product with high local inputs (added value) of a much higher quality than that imported to meet our local requirements. But like everything thing else loads of promises but little action except in the building of ovens (concrete houses in theTropics) for people without jobs or disposable incomes.

  57. @ Bruda-B

    The nuances of the post are hilarious. We are carping and the rest are discussing the weather and sugar..don’t you see how funny this is.

    An accord: if you read what I wrote way, way above, you will see that I do not disagree with you at all about the homosexuality issue and comment on the abominable biblical texts. That’s actually where the discussion began – homosexuality and Mugabe – and where I will leave it – well unless it’s to talk about sugar about which I know absolutely nothing. Peace.

  58. Oh miller who else should i blame but your previous administration who had plenty of TIME and MONEY and RESOURCES to correct these glaring problems. Unfortunately a lack of VISION has proven to be their downfall and the results are obvious

  59. @ Miller
    “If drastic action is not taken now I believe the industry would close next year. Government has no money to keep subsidizing this industry in its present parlous state. And the IMF would not allow it either.”

    This is very distressing. But how are we going to gather up the citizens in order for them to place pressure on the government to allocate funds from the senseless big-budget construction plans underway to funding not only our Sugar Cane industry, but to revamp the WHOLE of our agriculture sector.

    After all, Agriculture is all that Barbados really has at this point in order to become competitive. Its best that they act now for the climate and the world economy will not wait for Barbados to get on board. Tourism has proven itself to be an unsustainable industry, hence the government SHOULD look towards different viable industries (as they SHOULD HAVE DONE SO SINCE THE EARLY 1990’s.)

    Shockingly, even the Nation Newspaper is talking about this. Have you HEARD? Britain is placing a “TOURISM TAX” for visitors venturing to Barbados. Clearly, We are at the mercy of these rottenly rich PIGS who wish to EAT UP the Island in TOTALITY!

    Here’s the Article: “What’s Trending:Tourism tax”

  60. To those who remain skeptical of Barbados’ ability to compete “due to her small size”, just take a Look at what Malta has done in order to establish herself as a SELF SUFFICIENT economy.

    For those of you who don’t know, Malta is an island nation that has a population that is 430,000+ strong and is considerably smaller than Bim (it is only 122 square miles where as Bim is 166!).

    Here’s an overview on what Malta has done in order to succeed in being self sufficient and COMPETITIVE! (Courtesy of the E.U):

  61. ^^ Perhaps if David (B.U.) were to make the above comment an article, it would DEFINITELY LEND INSIGHT as to how Barbados can achieve self sufficiency and even outpace Malta. We’re strategically located between three regions (four if you count Central America).

    I personally think it would SERIOUSLY open up the eyes of many Bajans!

  62. Brudah-Bim | March 1, 2012 at 2:57 PM |
    “We’re strategically located between three regions (four if you count Central America). ”

    This strategic and pivotal location is not a novel observation but still timely and most relevant for the times. It is because of its strategic location (and to a large extent Bermuda has that advantage too) that Bim was ‘aggressively’ colonised and kept (never ceded) by the British. A major link in the Atlantic Triangle Trade: England>Gold Coast of West Africa>Caribbean & Americas. Settlement of many British territories in the Caribbean & the Americas- including the Carolinas- was done using Bim as the launching pad. Bimshire’s economic development was, to a great extent, due to this geographical advantage especially in the late 1600’s and right through the 1700’s. A cooling Atlantic breeze, flat topography, very little surface water but with a natural underground water storage system encouraged the settlement of a relatively large white population.

    But as the saying goes: What goes around must come around. Bim is certainly in need of refreshing and could again capitalise on its strategic location using access to modern modes of transport and good ICT infrastructure as its calling card.

  63. @ Brother Miller
    And you hail me as a “genius”! CLEARLY YOU ARE HIGHLY COMPETENT!!!! Be sure to check out David (B.U.)’s piece on Malta. It can help to provide a likely map as to how Barbados can capitalize off of her location and even outpace Malta (through innovation of course).

  64. There was a time when you could
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  65. Men arrested aboard gay cruise in Dominica plead guilty to indecent exposure

    Published: Friday, March 23, 2011 ROSEAU, Dominica — Two Southern California men pleaded guilty on Thursday to indecent exposure in Dominica after they were arrested during a stop on a gay cruise of the Caribbean.

    John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 43, of Palm Springs, apologized in court and said they regretted their actions. Police said they were seen having sex in plain sight of people on land, prompting officers to board the ship and arrest them on Wednesday.

    The two initially were arrested on suspicion of the local equivalent of sodomy in the eastern Caribbean island, which prohibits sex between two men.

    The men’s attorney, Bernadette Lambert, said they were remorseful.

    “They were struck by the beautiful mountains, the clean and clear fresh air and were having a few cocktails, and so threw caution to the wind,” she told the court.

    Chief Magistrate Evaline Baptiste ordered the men to pay a nearly $900 fine after calling them “rogues and vagabonds.” They made no comment after the hearing and police drove the men to the airport after they were released.

    By The Associated Press .

  66. Jamaican Sex Perversion Blamed on Tourist
    Jet Magazine, March 11, 1954.

    ” European tourist were accused by Jamaicans of spreading sodomy and homosexuality throught the famed vaccation island. From St. James Parish in Montego Bay, Archdeacon Fox preached against the ” open practice of sodomy in the town .” The clergyman said that he had been visited by youth ” who complained that they have been introduced to this vice by unscrupulous visitors .” Other Jamaicans said local politicans were afraid to take action against sex preversion because of fear of curtailing the tourist industry.”

  67. Germany to ban bestiality under animal welfare lawNovember 27, 2012

    Germany is to introduce a ban on bestiality with a revision of animal welfare law that will reverse a decision in 1969 to legalise zoophilia.

    Animal rights groups have called for the practice to be recognised as animal defilement and rape, using dramatic photographs of animals being cruelly treated by humans for sexual purposes to put pressure on the German government.

    Zoophiles, or those who practise bestiality, argue that they treat animals as equals and never force them to do anything against their will.

    “We are going to take legal action to fight this,” said Michael Kiok, chairman of the pressure group Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information (Zeta), which has about 100 members. “Central to the beliefs of zoophiles is that we don’t do anything that the animal doesn’t want. We do not treat them cruelly. An animal is quite capable of showing precisely what it wants and does not want. When I look at my dog I know immediately what it wants. Animals are much easier to understand than women,” he said.

    The centre-right government of Angela Merkel, which has shaped the law change, said key to the new legislation was recognising that sex with humans was “inappropriate” for animals. According to Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the parliamentary agricultural committee which will discuss the law on Wednesday before a final vote in the Bundestag on 14 December, animals should not be used “for personal sexual activities or made available to third parties for sexual activities … thereby forcing them to behave in ways that are inappropriate to their species”.

    Animal rights’ campaigners welcomed the ban, but said it was being used to divert attention from more widespread and pressing animal rights issues. “We welcome the new amendment (to the law) to ban sodomy,” said Thomas Schröder, president of the German Animal Welfare Association (DTSB). “But this achievement in the animal welfare struggle cannot be used as an excuse to conceal other urgent animal rights questions”.

    Agriculture minister Ilse Aigner was said to have introduced the amendment to appease animal rights campaigners angry that more is not being done to tackle perceived animal rights abuses in the agricultural industry. Campaigners wants bans on cutting off piglets’ tails, and the castration of piglets and branding of horses without anaesthesia. In the end Aigner has affected a change only on the issue of castration, but not until 2018, when the practice will only be allowed to be carried out under local anaesthetic.

    Kiok, 52, a university librarian from Münster, southern Germany, who lives with his 8½-year-old Alsatian called Cessie in what he calls a relationship, said zoophiles had been “put on the sacrificial altar of a lazy compromise”. Estimating there are about 100,000 active zoophiles in Germany, he said the group remained deeply misunderstood. “We don’t have anything to do with people who abuse animals,” he said. “We only want what’s best for the animal. “It cannot be that the mutually gratifying sexual contact between human and animal is forbidden because it’s unfavourable to the species, but the abuse of animals in the agricultural industry continues.”

    He said he had received death threats from campaigners who were threatening to remove his dog. The protesters posted on Facebook that they had the addresses of 800 zoophiles and would campaign to have their pets taken from them.

    Koik said he had been through years of therapy and despair due to his zoophilia, only discovering on the internet the “huge number of zoophiles, especially in the US,” he said. “It was a relief to feel I wasn’t a monster as I’d heard for much of my life,” he said.

    Source: The Guardian

    Europeans want to convert us to homosexuality , pedophilia and beastiality . European are now comfortable to show the world the true nature of their culture .

  68. The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality :

    Homosexual activists attempt to portray their lifestyle as normal and healthy. Hollywood and the media relentlessly propagate the image of the fit, healthy, and well-adjusted homosexual ,however, the reality is quite the opposite.The homosexual newspaper, New York Blade News:

    Reports at a national conference about sexually transmitted diseases indicate that gay men are in the highest risk group for several of the most serious diseases. . . . Scientists believe that the increased number of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) cases is the result of an increase in risky sexual practices by a growing number of gay men who believe HIV is no longer a life-threatening illness.

    Human Papillomavirus (HPV) :
    HPV is “almost universal” among homosexuals. According to the homosexual newspaper The Washington Blade: “A San Francisco study of Gay and bisexual men revealed that HPV infection was almost universal among HIV-positive men, and that 60 percent of HIV-negative men carried HPV.”
    HPV can lead to anal cancer. At the recent Fourth International AIDS Malignancy Conference at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Andrew Grulich announced that “most instances of anal cancer are caused by a cancer-causing strain of HPV through receptive anal intercourse.

    Hepatitis: A potentially fatal liver disease that increases the risk of liver cancer.

    Hepatitis A: The Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report published by the CDC reports: “Outbreaks of hepatitis A among men who have sex with men are a recurring problem in many large cities in the industrialized world.”

    Hepatitis B: This is a serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the liver. The virus, which is called hepatitis B virus (HBV), can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and death. The CDC reports that MSM ( men having sex with men ) are at increased risk for hepatitis B.

    Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver that can cause cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. Although less so than with hepatitis A and B, MSM who engage in unsafe sexual practices remain at increased risk for contracting hepatitis C.

    In 1999 the CDC released data showing that male rectal gonorrhea is increasing among homosexuals amidst an overall decline in national gonorrhea rates. The report attributed the increase to a larger percentage of homosexuals engaging in unsafe sexual behavior.
    A study in the Journal of Clinical Pathology found that homosexual men had a much higher prevalence of pharyngeal (throat) gonorrhea–15.2 percent compared with 4.1 percent for heterosexual men.

    Gay Bowel Syndrome (GBS):
    The Journal of the American Medical Association refers to GBS problems such as proctitis, proctocolitis, and enteritis as “sexually transmitted gastrointestinal syndromes.”
    Proctitis and Proctocolitis are inflammations of the rectum and colon that cause pain, bloody rectal discharge and rectal spasms.
    Proctitis is associated with STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, and syphilis that are widespread among homosexuals. The Sexually Transmitted Disease Information Center of the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that ” proctitis occurs predominantly among persons who participate in anal intercourse.”

    Enteritis is inflammation of the small intestine. According to the Sexually Transmitted Disease Information Center of the Journal of the American Medical Association, “enteritis occurs among those whose sexual practices include oral-fecal contact.”

    HIV/AIDS Among Homosexuals:
    Homosexual men are the largest risk category.
    As of December 1999, “men who have sex with men” and “men who have sex with men and inject drugs” together accounted for 64 percent of the cumulative total of male AIDS cases.
    MSM spread HIV to women.

    A paper delivered at the Fourth International AIDS Malignancy Conference at the National Institutes of Health reported that homosexual men with HIV have “a 37-fold increase in anal cancer, and a 4-fold increase in Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymph nodes) .

    Anal Cancer:
    Homosexuals are at increased risk for this rare type of cancer, which is potentially fatal if the anal-rectal tumors metastasize to other bodily organs.
    At the Fourth International AIDS Malignancy Conference at the National Institutes of Health in May, 2000, Dr. Andrew Grulich announced that the incidence of anal cancer among homosexuals with HIV “was raised 37-fold compared with the general population.”


    The process of “breaking the buck” involves perhaps the most heinous and atrocious acts known to man.
    A strapping Negro slave, who was defiant, surly and may stir up trouble, was beaten with a whip till bloody in front of his entire slave congregation. The slave owner, deathly afraid of an uprising, would cut down a tree and, with the help of the overseer, would then pummel the deviant “buck” into submission. Once the slave was worn down, the white master had the other Negro slaves force him over the tree stump where his britches would be removed and he laid fully exposed and ripe for the taking.What came next caused fear and terror to ripple through every slave plantation across the South.

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    Buck Breaking was so successful that it was made into a “Sex Farm” where white men could travel from plantation to plantation feeding their sadistic, homosexual needs. If there was ever any doubt that the white race is our mortal enemy, please remove all doubt and see the truth for what it is.

    Those of us that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  70. This is a fun, action-packed, worthy challenge, earning four stars out of
    five. It is easy, especially for new DMs, to
    fall into a number of traps that suck the fun out of the game for all the players.
    In truth Objectivism preaches that everyone is the same, and
    anything you gain by your own effort is yours to keep.

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