Trading Black Africans

Submitted by The Peoples Democratic Congress

Beginning in the 15th Century and continuing right through until about the mid 19th Century, both the system of Europeans, on one hand, and Africans, on the other hand, so-called trading in Africans on African territories, and the system whereby thereafter these Africans were taken hold of by the Europeans and brutally inhumanly enslaved in various parts of this Western World,  were representative of the most sordid cruel mechanisms ever set in motion in the history of humankind.

But, notwithstanding, the false, crude, racist, inhuman, and violent bases upon which these systems were created and carried out, the fact is that they were bound to come to an end within some eons of their establishment; thankfully, as a result of the many respective (un)foreseen, unprofitable, destabilizing aspects involving them and that had been enveloping other extant systems too.

At the same time, they were bound to be replaced by other evil politically constraining, income generating social systems!!

What has therefore been significant in the PDC’s pointing to the inevitability of the collapse of those systems and their replacements with other evil systems has been that at the core of what had for a long time been operating the system of Europeans and Africans so-called trading in Africans, and that at the core of what had for a longer period been operating the system of Europeans enslaving Africans, were the constant and recurring patterns of landed, trade, material, political, social relationships – which surrounded the enslavers and enslaved at the time, but that which nevertheless were bound to in the long run lose momentum and direction, and which were also bound to reproduce, thankfully, less and less in material, financial and social terms, in so far as to have helped make those evil systems unsustainable – rather than viable – in the long term (See the late Dr. Eric William’s thesis in Capitalism and Slavery for supporting references).

So that, even though the European enslaving class was, in the epoch of European chattel enslavement, the prime beneficiaries of such a very wicked process of the extracting and the accumulating of  the greatest wealth/production/income possible from the harshest psycho-social enslaving techniques imposed on the largest possible numbers of Africans at the least overall money cost possible to the income and other relevant considerations of the said European enslaving class, and of the latter’s most unholy corporate connections (See the late Dr. Walter Rodney’s theses in How Europe Underdeveloped Africa for supporting references), it was ULTIMATELY the unbearable material and financial costs of running and maintaining those cruel systems and the possibilities of bringing about less inhuman but more effective but still dominant production systems in place that brought them to an end.

But, prior to the coming to an end of those two evil wicked systems, the fundamental question for the ruling classes in the metropoles and in those of the extant colonial  societies, would have been, at the time, what political material and financial systems would have been evolved to ensure the continuation of the extraction and the accumulation of the greatest wealth/production and income possible for they themselves, as so derived from less harsh but more effective psycho-socially exploitative techniques which, if they had not been imposed on, had, in almost all cases thereafter the fall of the apprenticeship systems, been still agreed to by most of those from the former enslaved classes –  the greatest possible number of  people who themselves would have been from then until now the descendants of the former enslaved Africans – and at the least money/cost possible to the incomes of the owners of the prevailing post-emancipation production distribution systems.

Well, ever since the collapse of the Euro-centric chattel enslavement system in the 19th Century, the politico-material production distribution financial systems that would have been, on one hand, ensuring the greatest extraction accumulation value for the owners of such production and distribution systems, and that would have been, on the other hand, ensuring the greatest exploitation of the labouring and business commercial masses and middle classes of African and even non-African descent in the former enslaved regions in these parts of the Western world, would have been the political economy systems, the work systems, the TAXATION systems, the INTEREST RATES systems, the Western financial systems, which themselves were transplanted by the said colonizers from the extant political economic capitalist financiaist systems of the metropoles then – where they really operated significantly – to the peripheries of those former plantation societies up to now –  and in conditions in which they themselves have been unwisely kept essentially intact by the post colonial state and private sector and trade union rulers in these mostly independent or republican political societies.

Also, whereas the sugar cane, tobacco and other relevant estates, factories, facilities, provided the main settings for the extraction and the production of commercial financial value  from our forbears during the chattel enslavement epoch, with the collapse of the latter and the apprenticeship systems in the regions that they  operated, those said estates, factories have not been the only places that have provided the bases for the ruling class’ the state’s political exploitation by ideological, violent, material, financial means of the descendants of Africans and others in these western regions, but also the schools, the workplaces, the nuclear extended family settings, the commercial markets – which have altogether within recent times been increasingly providing themselves as political social  bases for that dualism dialectic.

Too, whereas many of those once enslaved African peoples resisted (sometimes passively sometimes violently ) enslavement in the fields, the factories, in the plantation yards, etc. – by running away from them or from the wider enslaving societies; by burning down fields of crops; by taking their own lives; by absolutely rebelling – many of the descendants of the former enslaved have been resisting exploitation ( more passively than violently though) as much as possible on the estates and in the factories (increasingly less for obvious reasons), in the workplaces – hotels included, in the schools, in the commercial markets, on the streets  – by taking unforced sick leave from work; by stealing the properties of the workplaces; by being so-called voluntarily idle; by migrating from the particular societies to better ones.

With the exception of the home family settings, there have also been many other places whereby the latter have come to so symbolize and actualize themselves as substantially extensions of the ruling class’ the state’s exploitation accumulation of commercial financial value that it would be more than possible to find serious levels of resistance and frustration meted out at the particular symbols or actualities of human to human oppression and degradation and impoverishness.

On the whole, and in most of these very said Western-oriented over commercialized societies, the irony of it all, though, is that it is in the home family settings where the plantation enslavement era estates and factories have now been replaced as the primary social financial settings in which there is the greatest amount of extraction/accumulation of commercial value (enough to bring about substantial poverty) by the ruling classes by the states from the numerically dominant very productive peoples in the majority of the former enslaved mostly independent regions.

Needless to say it is the setting in which most personal property violence and abuse is learned psychically or physically, and among much poverty, and rather than used AGAINST the extractionist/ accumulatist/exploitation systems, is so learned and stored for great misuse towards or against mainly innocent mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and cousins and grand-relatives !!

And, this is so notwithstanding that more and more houses – not necessarily from there, better homes/families – have been and continue to be built in these parts to house their increasing populations, and to provide the said ruling classes and states with greater control over and ability to monitor the  movements, plans and such like of these numerically dominant peoples.

Hence, the growing level and severity of committed crime and violence in the Western societies ( not these alone though) have been proven to have strong correlationships with,1)  the types of violent crude racist foreign dominance and oppression we in these Western regions have had historically, politically, culturally, etc, (2), the types of vicious violent ruling classes’ states’ led extraction/accumulation/exploitative schemes we have been having in the production and distribution arenas , and, (3) the types of calculated vicious psycho-social political financial destabilizing poverty-creating Western oriented strategies we have been having on the home family settings in these regions.

Finally, any national crime and violence reduction strategies that do not take those three very important factors into consideration, and that therefore do not have any strategies to counter the worst effects of the above important considerations will be bound to fail.

25 thoughts on “Trading Black Africans

  1. This may not be in tune with your post’s intended target, however the truth is the truth.
    And before your excised account reinforces the meme, facts should be established.

    I agree with all the above, except the timescale, the dealing of Africans into bondage was well established in 2500BC and is still prevalent even today.

    Blaming our current predicament on a 400 year old crime against humanity
    is both facile and futile.
    Which bankrupted, previously slave owning nation is even going to consider this claim.

    In a word, none, never gonna happen, forget it.

    No western democracy would, or could, countenance reparations to a people who 150 years after emancipation, and 50 years of independence, are still demanding.

    Even the guilt-ridden preferential trade agreements to sweeten independence, are too expensive for the new paupers of the first world.

    Maybe we should look to the motherland, Africa, for repatriation or reparations for the subjugation of our forefathers.

    The offspring of the chiefs who sold our forebears into slavery still wield control. Can they be held to account?

    That, I also doubt.

    50+ years of independence have defined where as a nation we prefer to be.

    I will not carry on, as the truth hurts, but someday soon we will have to confront it.

    P.S. Posted in good faith, honesty and a good dash of Doorly’s

  2. Thank you Straight Talk, you have said what I have said myself many times already. Somehow we don’t want to cast the blame on the shoulders of those who “sold our fore-parents out”.

  3. Atrocities commited by Europeans:
    Transatlantic slavery.
    Partition of Africa and enslavement of African people.
    Apartheid System in southern Africa.
    King LEOPOLD II OF BELGIUM killed 10-15,000,000 Africans in the Congo.
    Herero and Namaqua Genocide – the Germans exterminated over 100, 000 Herero and Nama peoples of South-West Africa( Namibia) between 1904 -1907.
    Shark Island Death Camp in Namibia – the Germans killed thousands of Africans at this death camp and sold the skulls to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and other Universities in Germany .In 1904, Eugene Fischer ( head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics) came to Namibia, intent on proving that the black race was inferior to the Caucasian race, that Africans were animals. Fischer accumulated 778 skulls for illustration and “scientific” examination.

  4. Why are we so quick to write-off the effect slavery had on our psyche as a Black people?

    We live in a world which is greatly influenced by the White establishment, even our history, we must engage in conversation to help Blacks reconcile one of the most heinous crimes inflicted on a race.

    However one twist it the act of slavery occurred and it benefited White civilization enormously. The Black race cannot allow it to be filed away like if nothing happened. Why become crypto about it?

  5. @ DofBU
    Why are we so quick to write-off the effect slavery had on our psyche as a Black people?
    .. ..
    .. ..
    .. The Black race cannot allow it to be filed away like if nothing happened. Why become crypto about it?
    By the Rivers of Babylon
    Where we sat down
    and wept, when we remembered Zion

  6. when u have been rob of ur knowledge of self. U then take on the knowledge of ur masters and with every passing generation we move further away from our true self and take on that of those who own us. but when try to become who u really are it would seem to be an offence to the very system of things and nature as we see it .So they say that “we rebel”

  7. One sentence paragraphs, and run on sentences make for a painful and tedious read. It reeks of trying too hard to impress, and is rendered as a faux intelectual, stillborn production.

  8. White Europeans deserve reperations for evil africans selling people to their ancestors. Just look at the mess they made! These monies should then be plugged straight into the welfare system to help support the millions of fatherless babies. These babies can then grow up to hate all white men, and lust after all white women.

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