Racism or Anti-immigrant Sentiment, It Is All The Same!

A few weeks ago Sir Roy Trotman set off a wild debate in the country with his ‘Egyptian Jew’ comment directed at Jacob Hassid, the CEO of Diamond International (DI). The unnecessary taut served to bring to the fore the latent racial tension which continues to seethe below the surface of Barbados society. I

n response to the comment by Sir Roy the CEO of DI raised the ‘fearing for the limb of he and family’. Bear in mind Barbados has demonstrated that it is one of the most tolerant – some say docile – countries in the world.

After watching the following videos of Jews openly and vehemently demonstrating against immigrants, particularly African, one is left to wonder.

There is also the other concern conveyed in videos which leaves one to wonder if Israel will ever be able to tolerate an agreement with the Palestinians given the unyielding position of Israelis – some say Zionist – to those deem to be from the ‘outside’.

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  2. Dey gotta a lotta foolish people in this world dah is all. They are needed, and in large numbers so that big business and political parties can continue to be patronized. Makes no difference where the location is, this Governance model where Big Business and Politicos work hand in hand to ensure the large scale exploitation a population will always produce the kind of spin off that you are witnessing. Jackasses that believe that there is such a thing as a country and that they do in fact have power to do anything.

    My opinion is that Barbados has need for a LOT more people. A quarter million people is NOT a market that is large enough to create a true industrial base. However the Barbados population would to suddenly explode my preference would be a market that is made up of intelligent, discerning people, and NOT Jack asses that hide behind churches and political parties, and I most certainly would have NO liking for those who walk around in pajamas and keep their women at home and completely covered up.

  3. “My opinion is that Barbados has need for a LOT more people. A quarter million people is NOT a market that is large enough to create a true industrial base”

    Baffy Good morning to you my prickly pear. I totally agree with you on this one.

    Wunna Christians remember wunna does worship a JEW man God. So keep fanning the flames. But to tell de truth who really like black people? Even black people doan like wonna nother. We have to stop making our colour a hindrance and it is very hard for some to do that. I love muhself and wouldn’t change a thing (ok a few but not too much).

    • We can try to pack Barbados with as many people as we want, the more critical issue is that we have not demonstrated the leadership to show that there is a reason to do so.

  4. What are some of the few things you would change Islandgal? – 🙂 Bushie have some suggestions….

    You think population should be based on the need for an industrial base? Size, resources, water, climate,… are all unimportant right?!!
    No wonder you are disposed to sheep…
    …you like you got in some goat yuh…

  5. I found the Israeli clip rather frightening and thought the black fella was very brave. Most of it all is rooted in fear exacerbated when whole neighbourhoods become ‘different’ and pressure is seen to be put on social services. Exactly the same syndrome is to be found in the UK and hence the BNP and Britain First. Look what they did to Enoch Powell after the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in the 1960’s – which was a warning (like BB’s here) of the dangers attached to unlimited immigration.
    . The acceptance of ‘change’ takes time and in Israel, with its seige mentality, there is a rather different problem. Besides, as we know the Jews have always been obsessed with the purity of the race – which is what the ‘holiness’ code in Leviticus is all about – to preserve against the wonders of Babylonian life. Now, in UK, the complaint is against the free entry of EU nationals especially the Poles, who are perceived as depriving British workers of jobs and draining social service resources. as well as what it is to be ‘British’.
    That said, I’m not sure what the problem is here in Barbados – save that I totally agree with BAF’s concern about the pyjama brigade. If we want out of Caricom, so be it. For the rest of the world – I have never been under the apprehension that immigration is other than carefully controlled. And – at least for me, to sneer and smear a man because of his race or origin, as in the Trotman case, is very different from the kinds of concerns, justified or not, expressed in the clips and to be found, as I say, in the UK.

  6. …. plus no jobs!!

    Can’t just increase the population and expect it to contribute to economic growth through spending without an income form jobs.

  7. @ Islandgal

    ‘Black people don’t like black people’

    Actually, does anyone like anyone very much?

  8. The main problem with immigration in the Western World is the OVERLY LIBERAL SOCIALIST policy. Far too many peeps are given money to survive without a SUCCESS PLAN.ie Govt will give you WELFARE etc for 40yrs +. NO ONE should be permitted this mindset unless they have a serious mental or physical handicap. Local Peeps ( and some Pols) always will point to the immigrants, especially VISIBLE minorities, in order to blame somebody else for their probs.

    When people are encouraged by pols, at Taxpayers expense, to become derelict it eventually MUST FAIL because it raises the cost of living for everyone without commensurate productivity and growth. This silly game is rapidly drawing to a close for several reasons
    1 it never made economic sense
    2 Demographics… the Baby-Boomers are retiring, this started in Jan 2011 when the leading edge turned 65. the ratio of Gen X and Ys is far too low to continue paying out to Welfare Types and other economic bloodsuckers as well as RETIREES. Maybe this is why you see Conspiracy revelations in the media regarding millions of plastic coffins stored around the USA?

    People around the World complain about immigrants even though they do work that the locals have no intention of undertaking eg crop picking in the US, domestic and agricultural work in Bim etc. Indeed, clever Govt Policy would encourage farm workers etc in order to keep prices low for everyone and to permit locals to become very educated and hold higher paying/ more productive jobs eg Singapore has a good system for hiring domestics from The Phillipines/ Indonesia so their peeps ie females, can work in much better paying/ productive careers.

    The problem occurs when the Govt has NOT properly focused on education but has permitted loose Welfare etc. Worse yet is that Govt policy encourages laziness eg Canadians from the Maritimes go to the Oilfields in Alberta and work for a few months and then take 4 months + off at Taxpayers expense …RIDICULOUS.

    The solutions are simple if your intent is to have an efficient and effective Nation. ONLY immigrants that can help the country should be permitted entry and for everyone else it should be by temporary permit only, based on current need.

  9. Watching the video it is very hard to understand why a people that have claimed over the ages to be victims of persecution, exploitation, discrimination and hatred because of their culture and religion and even allegedly subjected to bouts of genocide could turn around and be so obnoxiously vicious to poor people of a different skin tone who are keeping their society and economy going by doing all the ‘dirty’ jobs.

    Now here is a people who claim to God’s favourites- since he rescued them from bondage and exploitation in Egypt- and who also claim to receive the first Word of their god to set the tenets and standards by which all of mankind should live by and to worship this so-called almighty being.
    So if God’s favorite children can’t show love and compassion to those in need like the legendary good man from Sumeria (Samaritan) who then can love and look after the black descendants of Ham?
    Every thing said and played out by these so-called “indigenous’ Israelis offers a grim and frightening reminder of the Nazi party followers’ rabblerousing, public threats of a final solution to the Juden (Jewish) problem issued by Goebbels of the Third Reich from the late 1920’s culminating in ‘Kristallnacht’ or the night of broken glass and the subsequent death camps of Dachau and the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

    The more things change the more they remain the same!

  10. islandgal246 | July 8, 2012 at 9:09 AM |
    “My opinion is that Barbados has need for a LOT more people”

    My opinion is you are wrong. Barbados is a 166 sq. miles with 280,000 people. Unless you planning to build additional islands in the sea quality of life would deteriorate.

    • Here is what the Dalai Lama had to say in an interview with CNN Piers Morgan recently on the subject of chasing money as a beacon of success:

      MORGAN: Did too many Americans chase money as a beacon of success, do you think?

      DALAI LAMA: Hmm?

      MORGAN: Did too many Americans see money as a form of success? Is it a false dream, having a lot of money?

      DALAI LAMA: There is that, not only America, but also in Europe. And also now Asia also is in money, it’s the top most important for value of our life. This is, I think, wrong. This is wrong. The money or physical — the material facility can provide only physical comfort, too physical comforts, some kind of mental satisfaction is actually false. Delusion. So the real peace of mind must come through sort of inner mental state, not money, not physical sort of comfort.

      So that, I think, modern world, not only America, but modern world, even China and Russia. Now is it they much sort of talk. It was of money.

      Full Interview

  11. @Miller and David
    Animal Farm was the best literature book I ever read at school, RAW HUMAN NATURE exposed! Humans are just plain nasty as Mao said,
    “man in society is like a Pearl in a bowl of dirty water,
    take him out and buff him up and you get a beautiful, gleaming Pearl,
    But mixed in with a group…..”.

    Humans are screwed up and their own worst enemy! They always look for a common enemy to their faction/ grouping.

  12. @Hants
    I agree. Bim must focus on educating Bajans and encouraging clever work habits in order to attain an excellent mix between progress and preservation of the characteristics that differentiate the island from the outside world.

  13. maybe those in power think it is too late to play catch up and the quickest cheapest and easiest way is to bring in the skill and knoweldge for faster industrial growth and development. herby which could translate into more jobs and training for the people .the reality of the down turn in tourism and barbados dependency on that area over the years has rudely awaken the country to the fact that we have a bunch of educated professionals but no one to build other industry that can be a source of revenue trying to catch up in that area maybe indeed ‘too little too late’

  14. @ David & Moneybrain:
    “All men are created equal but some are more equal than others”.
    One of best English Language novels. Highly rated in the top 100. And in my possession!

    Orwell was a literary genius of modern times. He not only reflected Zeitgeist (the spirit of the times) in his work but also offered a magnificent insight into things to come as in his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.

  15. @David
    Dalai Lama is correct that MATERIALISM will not lead to happiness. The point of having money to me is more about SECURITY, INDEPENDENCE, doing what I want and when I want eg will be in Bim for second 2 wk stint soon within 3 months.

    People love to fool themselves that owning a Bimmer or Merc makes them better than others, when in many cases it makes them poorer both financially and emotionally.


  17. @ BAFBFP
    “My opinion is that Barbados has need for a LOT more people. A quarter million people is NOT a market that is large enough to create a true industrial base”

    UUhh, NO! instead of recklessly trying to do that, I think that if we want more people to come to BIM we should at least lay out incentives for our diaspora that lives abroad to return back to Bim FIRST! Bim’s population would double with the sheer size of the entire diaspora returning home, but we must first hold our politicians accountable in getting our POLITICAL SCOPE and ECONOMY as well as having our EDUCATION SYSTEM completely revamped and back on track.

    Engaging the diaspora should be our first priority, and we should should do so smartly with creating incentives through training and educating them when they arrive for the industry platforms the nation SHOULD be vying for. This would put less of a strain upon our society for they are BAJAN and there won’t be any distrust amongst the people for they look the same and speak the same language. It won’t cost NEARLY AS MUCH by continuing to accommodate these immigrants who come to Bim and don’t really contribute anything to our nation’s progression.

  18. bruddah bim your thoughts are well intended but let me let you in on a little secret bajans don’t think too much of the dispora bajns believe that they crazy and that they been away too long and in no position to tell or teach them nuttin.

  19. @ AC
    I am aware. Which is why I contend that the government should appoint the native born Bajans to educate members of the diaspora when they arrive. It lessens the likelihood of there being a power struggle between the native-born and the foreign-born Bajans. It will and SHOULD BE the the administrative duty of the native-born Bajans to integrate their foreign-born Brethren.

  20. @Brudah-Bim
    Bim is for ALL Bajans! The Pols would still break for themselves and keep other peeps DOWN! You are FOOLING yuself is you “think” otherwise.

    NOTHING would change if ALL the white peeps left BIM! How many whites are they in most African countries and the BLACK “leadership” there are lot LESS THAN KIND to their BLACK BROS! Racism would become shadism, religionism, lodgism, Cricket Clubism etc.

    Time to face reality, that is how HUMANS stand!

  21. A full check on this jew bajan has led me to believe he is not of true bajan ilk. We are running so much on him but he is not a true bajan. He knows and he has gone quiet, You think his children wil be able to look back at his contribution and have any thing to deduct other than he was a parasite in the Barbados economy

    • @Moneybrain

      What is happening in Barbados can be liken to what happened to the USA. It went after growth fueled by low labour/production costs in China and other Eastern markets only to find it screwed up their labour market and quality of life. Now they are scrabbling to reinvent its economy to sustain the way of life it knew. Barbados is no different. There is no vision. We are going with the flow.

  22. This is just a peep at what’s goning on accross the states, with Blacks attacking Whites.
    Should Israel just allow THOUSANDS of Africans to just flow in as they please, or for that matter any other ethic group, why does it have to be seen as ‘Racism’ just because they are Black?

    Black mobs terrorize 1 of ‘whitest big cities’
    Victims include pregnant woman, veterans, elderly, homosexuals, Asians
    Published: 9 hours ago

    by Colin FlahertyEmail | Archive
    Colin Flaherty is an award-winning reporter and author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.” Follow him on Twitter.More ↓Less ↑ Follow author
    Subscribe to author feed

    inShare.15 Text smaller Text biggerAds by GoogleTV Channels OnlineTurn Your Computer into a TV! Watch Full TV Episodes Online. http://www.TelevisionFanatic.comIt has been called one of America’s “whitest big cities” – with 66 percent of residents describing themselves as non-Hispanic white in the 2010 census – but it is not immune to black-mob attacks on a pregnant woman, veterans, the elderly, young people, homosexuals, Asians and others.

    Seattle has “fewer problems with racism than other cities,” said the blog So Seattle. “Ethnic tensions … seem less tangible.”

    While Seattle may not have the day-in, day-out racial violence of a Chicago, or the peculiar racial lawlessness of small-town Peoria, more and more, people are paying attention to the increasingly visible and brutish mayhem black mobs are visiting on their victims.

    In 2010, 17-year-old Jessica Redmon-Beckstead – who was pregnant at the time – was riding the bus with her boyfriend when five black women taunted, attacked, kicked, punched and robbed her.

    The assailants were laughing the whole time. One even complained about a broken fingernail.

    “My girlfriend’s pregnant!” shouted the boyfriend as they punched her and kicked him in the face.

    One woman yelled, “We didn’t hit her in the stomach!”

    Her retort got a few laughs – and then the violence resumed.

    The attack was caught on video and posted by the Seattle Times.

    According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the suspects were all riding the bus with free passes from Seattle Public Schools. Within a few weeks, all five were arrested, charged and convicted.

    The baby was born healthy.

    The day after the attack, King County Sheriff Sue Rahr assured citizens of Seattle this hyper-violent episode was an “isolated incident and could have happened anywhere.”

    At least part of Rahr’s statement was correct: It could happen anywhere. And often does.

    But it is far from isolated, as even the local TV news reporters discovered. Bus rider Gil Costello told the local Fox affiliate, KCPQ, violence on the bus “happens all the time. They just never report it.”

    The Fox station reported a few months before that a disabled man was ”terrorized” on a bus then punched in the face and knocked out.

    Just months ago, an Iraq war veteran in a suburb of Seattle was riding a bus when he confronted several black passengers who were using foul language – including the “N” word.

    They attacked him. The Marine veteran fought back and drove them off the bus. The incident was captured on video. The shaken suspects were last seen quickly leaving the bus. No arrests were made.

    Last summer, aspiring rapper Ondrell Harding beat a man to death in the man’s home. At least five people saw it: the victim’s wife and preteen son and a few of Harding’s friends.

    The district attorney did not file charges because he was unable to determine who started the altercation.

    Four months later, Harding and five of his friends beat up another man at a bus stop. They told police the single victim attacked them. This time, the district attorney filed charges and convicted him. Harding received a three-month sentence.

  23. In 1960, an official delegation was sent to Dominica to explore the possibility or re-settling some Barbadians there as the island was considered over-crowded. The population at the time was 232327 – 105519 males and 126808 females.
    But Barbados was considered to be over-crowded since the mid-17th century. In 1924, due to two decades of emigration to Panama and Cuba, the population had fallen to 158000 and in his report to the Colonial Office, Acting Governor W.W. Jackson wrote: “Owing to emigration the population has declined steadily during the last two decades though its numbers are still considerable for so small an area.
    “Since the opening of the Panama Canal the habit of emigration has taken firm hold among the younger and more enterprising sections of the people, though it has never again reached the proportions of the Panama Canal construction period.
    “Emigration to the United States has in recent times been the most popular, and during 1923, showed a steadily increasing tendency, over 2000 persons having left for New York.
    “The effect of the constant withdrawal of so large a number of the younger and more vigorous members of the community, especially the younger men is beginning to make itself felt.” By 1956, the UK was the destination of choice, with over 5000 people leaving the island to settle in Britain. The rest, as they say, is history.
    More important, since the Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood speech in April 1968, Britain has been transformed with entire communities being changed unrecognisably.
    This incredible demographic change should be a warning to those romantics who believe that an island of 166 sq miles and a population already of about 300000 could take even more people – that is about 1800 people per sq miles – over-crowding in any language.
    On the other hand, Guyana is bigger than the IK with a population of about 750000 – the size of three average London boroughs, out of 32.
    London alone has a population of seven million and the UK of 63 million. This shows the capacity Guyana has to take in more people. In fact, very man, woman and child in Caricom could easily be housed in Greater Georgetown, farless Guyana.
    We are playing with fire in Barbados by opening our boundaries to even more people, of all kinds of ethnic, religious and racial groups, all with one thing in common, hostility and contempt for traditional Barbadians.
    We are sitting on a powder keg waiting to explode.

  24. @ZOE ya killing me dead those European Ashkenazim Jews that in de middle east them them int force out nobody they just happen to be there right?? and in the southern states whites did making blacks shite fa how long? capitalism and influence from de west is helping to force black from their homes.

  25. INVINCIBLE IGNORANCE, folly and self-refferential arrogant FOOLISHNESS, continues to FLOW here on BU, on issues that MOST know nothing about, yet, voice their vacumated brain, bildging pumping, HOT AIR!

  26. Hants | July 8, 2012 at 2:41 PM |
    islandgal246 | July 8, 2012 at 9:09 AM |
    “My opinion is that Barbados has need for a LOT more people”

    My opinion is you are wrong. Barbados is a 166 sq. miles with 280,000 people. Unless you planning to build additional islands in the sea quality of life would deteriorate.

    It isn’t only because of the surface area that you are right.

    There are far greater factors at play.

    Singapore with only 274 sq. mi has a population of 5,183,700 of which 3,257,000 are citizens!!


  27. If we could figure out those other factors and address them maybe we could have a bigger population

  28. @Equal Rights
    Capitalism forcing black peeps…..

    The genesis of this RE problem in the US was a SOCIALIST Policy initiated by Jimmy Carter and perpetrated to the MAX by ensuing Presidents especially Clinton and Bush. The concept was that everyone should OWN their Home. Absolutely great in concept BUT NOT REALISTIC. Some peeps of all ethnicities are too lazy or very poor with handling money etc. Govt encouraged the ruination of the Mortgage market by ARTIFICIALLY LOW interest rates and by encouraging the system via Fannimae and Freddiemac mortgage Insurance for poor credits. DESIGNED to FAIL.

    What the Govt should have done is RENT TO OWN!

  29. @David | July 9, 2012 at 10:07 AM |
    “To begin to talk about Singapore we have to discuss high-rise housing i.e. efficient use of land resources.”

    What about the attitude of its majority population?
    Singapore has a ‘Disciplined’ society where the enforcement of laws is necessary for the orderly conduct of human activity and the facilitation of social interaction of varying ethnic and socio-economic groupings.
    Barbados can be described generally as ‘Undisciplined’ with scant respect for the laws on the land.
    Can you imagine a ZR culture and the Bajan garbage disposal habits existing in Singapore?
    Let anyone on this blog argue to the contrary!

  30. @John
    Singapore is a special situation, I know very well since i have been there on 9 visits over the last 29 yrs. My wife is Singaporean.
    Sing has a very good Benevolent Dictatorship that works. The Govt is brilliantly run with exceptional Education system, Business Development etc. Pols are paid $3mn/yr BUT NO CORRUPTION is permitted. The strategy is to operate at a very high level with a very hard working, very highly educated workforce. Sing was already ridiculouly over populated many years ago ie 40+

    Completely different situation to Bim, although we could adopt certain policies.

  31. @ Moneybrain what u said is true but what i really was talking about is the the effects of capitalism and at times induced tribal war on Africa that is causing some blacks to flee their homes and run to other country’s but what u said is true

  32. Bim should encourage immigration based on bringing in wealthy people who are JOB CREATORS. Naturally, policies must flow regarding Education/ training for said jobs and Tax Incentives to attract job creators. It goes without saying that Telecommunications and Infrastructure must work at a high level, which is not true today. I met an entrepreneur who left Bim because of poor phone service and my recent experience while in Bim were not good.

  33. @Miller
    Sorry to say BUT you hit the nail squarely on the head.
    Singapore is an extremely disciplined society, nothing like Bdos/ Cbean where most of today’s work could be done tomorrow. Their airport was converted to handle the a380 Super Jumbo Jets in record time at nights.
    They had to innovate using very fast drying Cements, paints etc so as to not interfere with a very busy airport. This would have taken 10 times longer in Bim.

    • Former member of the House of Representatives -LA, between 1989 and 1993, David Duke quotes Jewish historians who attested the dominant role of Jews in Slavery in the West ever since the Roman era.

  34. @ Zoe
    Even if you have wide and vast knowledge as you profess, and even if you understand most things… as you are wont to suggest… Your abusive attitude and offensive manner -which you tend to display when challenged, betrays your true state.
    Even if you have all the knowledge and the faith to match …and you have NOT LOVE, then you are but an empty vessel….

    @ Moneybrain
    You philosophy is identical to O$A’s.
    It is a short sighted, materialistic, backward stance which appears to be sound, but is a path to death and destruction.
    This is the way that prostitutes think. “let’s go after the rich ones”

    Have you any idea what comes along with the money…?
    Then they move on to their next victim.

    The CORRECT philosophy is to devise a plan to maximize the EXISTING human resources that we already have.
    …to build hope, strength, knowledge, togetherness and integrity so that TOGETHER as Bajans we can succeed against all odds.
    ….perhaps not as multi millionaires, but with more than enough for us all together.

    That is why you stick with your family through thick and thin, rather than dump them whenever an opportunity to run off with someone who is “better off” comes up…. At least the wise among us do…. 🙂

  35. @Bushie
    I certainly agree with the last half of what you wrote here BUT your accusations in the first half are NOT your finest observations. Indeed, what i say is entirely consistent with your position in the second half.

    It is upto the Govt leadership to devise the plan in such a way as not to expose Bim to the negatives you suggest. What I am saying is that we must CREATE JOBS! Now if we dont need outsiders that would be fantastic BUT if we do, then we want investors who can create JOBS a plenty. I never said anything about creating multi-millionaires, just JOBS for Bajans. Are you saying job creation is inherently evil?

    To conclude that my thoughts are identical to OSA from a few lines is a GIANT LEAP! Any potential negatives can be dealt with at the Plan Design Stage. eg in Canada we have a Rich Immigrant strategy where they must invest Bds$1.5mn for a minimum of 10yrs. The Plan would contain various provisions for minimum number of jobs created, another section for penalties ie if not 25 jobs in a year then…

  36. Besides the discipline order and lack of corruption there is also access to water from the Malayan Penisula.

    The Straits of Johore are very narrow.

    Maybe if Guyana was that close …..!!

    So it isn’t just a matter of disciplining our population or removing corruption.

    There is the fundamental and “natural” difference that gives Singapore access via agreements to Malayasian water which has fuelled its growth and development.

    As these agreements come to an end and Malaysia looks to be more highly compensated for its raw water and also to supply more costly treated water, Singapore has turned to recycling water and desalination as it recognises that its very existence depends on water, water for industry and water for life.

    It has a plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. @ Colonel Buggy | July 9, 2012 at 3:35 PM |

    Serves the black idiots right! Won’t be too surprised if there is a massive resurgence of white supremacist activities as the white man becomes economically disenfranchised resulting from America’s fall as an economic giant and the socio-economic rise of other ethnic groups like the Hispanics and Asian immigrants (blacks not included in the rise but would be used as scapegoats by the rednecks and angry whites).

    How can a people be that stupid and backward as to be so fervently involved in a religion or denominational offshoot that clearly has been used by their white oppressors to keep the blacks in subjugation and blissful milk and honey ignorance with a white Jesus on a cross as the emblem of white supremacy?

  38. @Bush Tea | July 9, 2012 at 3:56 PM |
    “It is a short sighted, materialistic, backward stance which appears to be sound, but is a path to death and destruction.
    This is the way that prostitutes think. “let’s go after the rich ones”.. ”

    Bushie, Barbados has been a prostitute for a longtime now.
    Bim has been selling its social soul to maintain its materialistic shortsighted lifestyle for many a night over the years. Like most whores, it has become so “hooked” on the ‘quickie’ buck that
    the thirst for the quick fix foreign exchange has turned Bim into an economic ‘paro’ to the sad state where it has to sell all its family silver and even basic household items to its oil baron neighbour.
    How can a country be so ‘drunk’ on fast fixes for its materialistic habits as to neglect the poor man’s bread and butter and means of survival in the form of agriculture?
    Bim has exchanged its agricultural acreage for a risky spot on the economic Bush Hill.
    All that is left now is for Bim to go a bit more up-market and work the condominium circuit with a four star season blow job thrown in now and then to keep up appearances.

  39. @ miller
    “all that is left now is for Bim to go upmarket….”
    This is what Moneybrain and O$A is calling for… But they want to have security at the gate with metal detectors…. 🙂

  40. @Bushie and Miller
    What specifically do you gents recommend to produce jobs in Bim?

    Naturally, you want to be careful NOT to produce any multi-millionaires in the process, nor exploit any black peeps, ONLY whites right?

    Owen was not perfect and had the White Idiots in the US and Europe creating tons of cheap money for financing BUT he was sure better than Sandie and Froon!

  41. @ Moneybrain | July 9, 2012 at 7:02 PM |
    “What specifically do you gents recommend to produce jobs in Bim?”

    Bim has no choice but to remain in the game in the land of Whoredom.
    What she needs to do is to be a bit more sophisticated at it like Bermuda.
    But it is very difficult to transition from a plantation bed wench to a hot diva on the hotel circuit pleasing the money-rollers in the international business called tax avoidance.
    Maybe you, Moneybrain, can proffer some tips as to how the black “belle de nuit” can be more imaginative in marketing her economic pleasures to the outside ‘johns’.

  42. Regarding agriculture

    I have always advocated proper Land Use Policy and the encouragement of Agriculture. The Govts of Bim have been unable to deal with predial larceny of crops, monkey destruction etc that prevents agriculturists from profitable operation and expansion. The people generally speaking have a negative predisposition towards agriculture and would much prefer a low paying job in other “fields” of endeavour rather than be socially tainted or be less dependent on imports.

    Social breakdown in the US and elsewhere is GUARANTEED. The second phase of the Greater Depression will be worst than 2008-09 and it will be upon us soon enough. We have an OVERCAPACITY of everything BUT especially people! China, India, Russia, Brasil etc( The BRICS) have turned seriously to business, NEVER has the world’s labour force DOUBLED in such a short period, never have we had ROBOTICS/ Computers/ Tech etc removing so many jobs so quickly and yet we still face NANOTECH and the Graphene chip in 5yrs which will be 10,000 times faster than silicon.

    The World is ripe for a massive WAR! The CULLING of the population will happen! Be VERY CAREFUL of VACCINES!

  43. Zoe you are one paranoid racist pig! You can only find articles about black on white crime and not any on white on black crime. You really seem to have a problem with black people. Stupse You are ONE BIG HYPOCRITE

  44. @Moneybrain | July 9, 2012 at 7:32 PM |
    “The World is ripe for a massive WAR! The CULLING of the population will happen! Be VERY CAREFUL of VACCINES!”

    Agree with that concern!
    Culling of the human population is the only way Nature can restore the balance. Seven billion and growing are too many for Mother Nature to care for. Too many human parasitic fleas on her back like too many piglets sucking away on the mother sow’s nipples making them dry, sore and painful. This imagery would find resonance with Freundel.

  45. Nature has already started the cull with the increase in disasters. It will get worse.

    Hence, why those of us who have been on the self reliance case for a few years now, were doing so.

    Cant eat concrete.

  46. “Bim has no choice but to remain in the game in the land of Whoredom.”

    Millar you have hit the nail on the head, many call it other things BUT it is still a form of prostitution. When a segment of a population that has been deprived for centuries, it is natural for most to attempt to acquire material wealth by any means possible. So we have been selling ourselves to whosoever has the money to buy. It is rampant today especially in the economic downturn. Yes we want to go after the wealthier segment of the market but can’t do it with the beach bum approach. A new Madame and Monsieur Oui? Pas encore les dames comme Rachel Pringle et les hommes comme gearbox . Ils sont trop ordinaire.

  47. @ islandgal246 | July 9, 2012 at 8:23 PM |
    “A new Madame and Monsieur Oui? Pas encore les dames comme Rachel Pringle et les hommes comme gearbox . Ils sont trop ordinaire.”

    Maybe un petit Moulin Rouge cabaret en Barbade or l’ expérience of “la petite mort” behind a tree on old fashioned Champs-Élysées pendant la nuit in lieu of Bush Hill, n’est-ce pas?

  48. millertheanunnaki | July 8, 2012 at 2:20 PM |
    Watching the video it is very hard to understand why a people that have claimed over the ages to be victims of persecution, exploitation, discrimination and hatred because of their culture and religion and even allegedly subjected to bouts of genocide could turn around and be so obnoxiously vicious to poor people of a different skin tone who are keeping their society and economy going by doing all the ‘dirty’ jobs.
    And the same very people who during the Apartheid years , were facilitating arms transfer to the South African Regime in spite of the embargo.

  49. On the Matter of jews/anti immigration about 94% ofbuilding permitsrequested by palestinians are denied by israeli authorities and the result being palestinans needing a homes to live sees no other option than to break the law and build out of neccesity leading up to action by authorities bulldozing the homes and imposing heavy fines on the owners human rights activist sees this as a blatant disregard for a people,s civil rights.WHAT do you THINK ZOE! NEVER MIND!

  50. http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/african-migrants-wounded-in-jerusalem-fire-in-suspected-hate-attack-1.450611

    African migrants wounded in Jerusalem fire, in suspected hate attack

    Eritrean man, pregnant woman suffer burn wounds to their legs after attempting to put out the spreading fire with their feet.

    By Oz Rosenberg | Jul.12, 2012 | 8:40 AM | 

    The Jerusalem apartment police believe was the target of an anti-migrant hate attack, July 12, 2012. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi

    Two African migrants were lightly to moderately wounded on Thursday, in what the police suspect was the intentional torching of their Jerusalem apartment.

    A preliminary investigation of the event revealed that the fire began spreading in the apartment of an Eritrean couple around 3 A.M., with the man and his pregnant wife attempting to put out the flames with their feet.

    The couple eventually managed to escape the apartment, and into the nearby Agrippas Street, suffering from burn wounds in their legs and from smoke inhalation. Emergency crews arriving at the scene evacuated the two to be treated in Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem.

    The incident represents one of several incidents suspected of targeting African migrants in recent months, as public debate increased over the presence of tens of thousands of migrants in Israel.

    Last month, a man was lightly wounded when a firecracker was thrown at a pub frequented by Eritrean citizens, situated in south Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood.

    As a result of the blast, various items in the pub were broken, the fragments of which apparently wounding the patron.

    Israel Police began scanning the area to track down the suspected perpetrators of the act, which took place on Ha’Etzel Street at around 11:30 P.M. The pub’s owner, Amina Takla – himself a migrant from Eritrea – saw two people on a motorcycle stop outside the pub’s entrance and throw the firecracker.

  51. Israel govt calls for mass deportation of African immigrants
    Published: 04 June, 2012, 19:00

    Israel’s government has announced its plans to speed up the deportation of at least 25,000 African immigrants living illegally in the country. Human rights supporters have decried the move and branded the mass expulsion of migrants as “immoral.”

    A law also came into effect on Sunday allowing Israeli authorities to detain illegal immigrants for up to three years without trial or deportation.

    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement to his ministers urging them to accelerate plans to expel immigrants from South Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Ethiopia.

    Human Rights organizations regard the new measure as a violation of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

    Plans are in place to deport over 700 immigrants in the coming days. Netanyahu’s government brands them as “infiltrators” and sees them as a threat to the Jewish demographic in the country.

  52. The European Jews that occupy Israel are not the indigenous / original people of this region.
    Israels Climate :
    The State of Israel is located between 29 degree and 33 degree north of the equator. It is considered as a sub-tropical region situated between the temperate zone and the tropical zone.
    In subtropical regions, the level of ultravoilet radiation reaching the earth is high. Israel has the second highest rate of skin cancer in the world , only Australia has a higher rate. Most Israelis are of european origin with low levels of melanin in the skin, eyes and hair ; they are not tropically adapted people . Similarly , Australians of european decent are not tropically adapted people , the indigenous people of Australia are tropically adapted and have jet black skin . Archeology also confirms that caucasians are not idigenous people of this region. See article below .

    Egyptian Tomb in Israel
    Archeology , publication of the Archelogical Institute of America
    Volume 50 Number 1, January/February 1997
    by Andrew Kasdan.

    The discovery of an Egyptian-style tomb at Tel Halif in the Negev Desert suggests an Egyptian colonial presence in southern Israel ca. 3000 B.C. ….

    That an Egyptian was buried at Tel Halif “gives us evidence of a full-blown Egyptian colony in Israel right after the crystallization of the first Egyptian state,” says Levy. “Egyptians were known to have very profound and elaborate belief systems about the afterlife and what was required to get there. One of these requirements was to die and be properly entombed on Egyptian soil. I think it’s very likely that this part of southern Israel was considered part of greater Egypt during this period.”

    Egyptian ceramics, seal impressions, and bread molds found at Tel Halif support an Egyptian occupation. Among these artifacts is a potsherd engraved with the serekh, or sign, of King Narmer, who is believed to have united Upper and Lower Egypt between 3050 and 3000 B.C.

  53. Mesopotamia – a tropic or arid tropic civilization linked to tropically adapted peoples.

    Greater Mesopotamia (Palestine, Iraq, Syria, southwestern Iran) falls within the Subtropic/Tropic Arid Zone, NOT the cold-climate zones of Europe or Asia. The subtropics are the geographical and climatic zone of the Earth immediately north and south of the tropical zone, at latitudes 23.5°N and 23.5°S. The Greater Mesopotamian area is assigned to the subtropics or the arid tropics by modern climatologists. (See: Troll and Pfaffen, 1964. ‘Seasonal patterns of the earth and Thompson, A. (1997) Applied climatology: pg 179.

    Peoples of the Palestine area, and the Sumerians did NOT look like cold-clime “white Nordics” or Asiatics. Modern data shows a wide range with more links to African sub-Saharan elements.

    The Sumerians called themselves “the black headed people.” They had nothing do do with any blond “Nordics”, as shown in their song: “Lament for Urim”.

    While they were their own variant and not absolutely 100% identical to other tropicals, several excavations and analyses link the Sumerians with tropical African types much more than Europeans in terms of (a) resemblance to Upper Egypt predynastic specimens, (b) dolichocephalic features, and (c) resemblance to tropical peoples of the Western Desert, and (4) similarities of the Mesopotamian U’baid specimens to other tropicals in terms of prognathism, wide noses and other features.

    The Penniman excavation of Sumerians found 8 out of 14, or 57% to be dolichocephalic, suggesting again the range of variation in the ancient Sumerians including tropical African features. Buxton and Rice found 17 out of 26 crania or 65% to be a similar tropical variant. This links again with the observations of Keith and the resemblance between Sumerian skulls and those of tropical Upper Egypt. Modern reanalyses of the data find both the Rice-Buxton and the Peniman data falling within the range for Saharao-tropical variant Africans (Van Sertima and Rashidi, 1987, p.23), confirming the Upper Egyptian matches with the Upper Egypt data of Fouquet reported by Keith (1934), and Penniman’s Egyptian linkage. Ricaut and Walekens show that data in the Western Desert points once again to linkages with an African tropical variant, and the Cambridge History shows the Mesopotamian U’baids, precurors of the Sumerians to have a similar tropical affinity.

  54. @ gullybore | August 28, 2012 at 7:09 AM |

    It would be interesting, even wonderful, to hear what Zoe would say about your contribution.
    One can just imagine Zoe saying: All you, “gullybore”, have written or reproduced is a bunch of lies, academic boring ‘bullshit’ and the writings of Satan and his followers”.
    According to the gospel of Zoe, Sumeria never existed. Mankind existence began in the Garden of Eden (aka Gobekli Tepe) and Adam & Eve were created as Nordic Europeans with blonde hair and blue eyes. Africans were just part of the menagerie of animals that his god created separately and instructed Adam to have dominion over them.
    How these wicked sinful African animal species (according to Zoe) got into Noah’s Ark is to mystery even to God himself.

    Zoe, is that a true representation of your beliefs? If not come forward and clear the air to set the biblical record straight about these Sumerian people of Genesis mythology.

    BTW, gullybore, you have anything to say about the Sumerians and the Anunnakis?

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