Integrity Strategy

Is there anything to learn from The Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago which continues to labour to deliver?

ic-logoThe Integrity Commission is continuing its efforts to revise the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA) to give greater effect to its anti-corruption work. I fully support those efforts.

LifeSport-logoThe key challenge is to discern how Public Officials commit the corrupt acts the Commission is meant to reduce. It is therefore necessary to conduct a scrupulous examination of Commissions of Enquiry and other Inquiry (eg LifeSport) Reports & evidence; Auditor General’s Annual Reports; as well as the leading international learning on these questions.

Once the main methods of corrupt agents are discerned, it will then be necessary to consider how the existing powers of the Commission might be deployed in tackling those and if there are new powers needed.

  1. Public Money

    ‘Public Money’ is the term used to describe money due to or payable by the State, including those sums for which the State would be ultimately liable in…

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  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    The Day that Barbados gets integrity , Is the Day Barbados will be Free of the DPL / BLP and the end to All Land and History Fraud in Barbados,


  • I was disheartened and disgusted, to read in yesterday’s Nation news, that there was a buyer for Four Seasons site, but allegedly, the buyer backed off due to irrational and strange requests made of them.

    This is horrific, playing with the future of our country, while citizens grapple under the burden of high taxes and losing jobs.

    I am astounded that anyone would take us down this road with such callous behavior.

    Let us hope no limits are put in the way of the new interested bidder.

    It seems some folks have their own welfare placed above that of our country.



  • One wonders why the local fourth estate does not see merit in holding the government accountable on the mater of implementing transparency legislation. But it is explained here on BU, who cares. All the majority ever wants to do is B & D bashing. What JAs.


  • @ Crusoe,
    There is extraordinary naivety amongst Barbadians with regards to foreigners and external investors.

    We seem to be, blissfully, unaware that these groups share a pathological hatred towards the black race. Inviting them into our country is just like a flock of hens welcoming a fox into their home. If you were to carry out some elementary research you would find that the flow of guns and drugs into Barbados can be linked directly to foreigners.

    With regard to Four Seasons you stated “Let us hope no limits are put in the way of the new interested bidder”. What was your reasoning behind this absurd remark? We should vet, with care, all foreigners who would like to carry out business activities in our beautiful country. I believe it is called carrying out due diligence.

    I would ask you to read the link below.


  • Barbados is a tourism and international dependent jurisdiction, The current model means searching out foreign investment is the only way to pay the bills. There is always a tradeoff.


  • @ Exclaimer
    Impostor! … way you can be a Bajan …and so clearly understand the situation as explained in your above post.
    Bajans just see someone “bringing money”….but It is not only like chickens inviting foxes to come and assist them….it is like Brass Bowls inviting strangers to use them as topsies.
    Well said…

    @ David
    Hopefully you are being provocative with the lotta shiite you posted about “searching for foreign investment” being the current model
    As Bushie explained before, it is called PROSTITUTION, and is a VERY DANGEROUS and low-class way of life.
    it won’t be long before some psychotic maniacal John comes along with his money……next thing you hear that “another woman get chop up” or some such shiite….


  • Doesn’t it appear all our leaders and the majority of the electorate are in agreement the current model is the way to go? We don’t have anyone communicating on what is an alternative pathway to success (used deliberately).


  • Wait boa…what get it Bushie this morning bosie….like ee puna rampage..he biting at evabody… sole….Bushie tone it boy!….Ya packing and ya wacking…. BWT,gasoline is still $3.40 this morning ( Bushie likes it so) so what is D problem? Who trouble you man?


  • Please Read this SLOWLY and think as you do..


    Do you EVEN know anymore;
    that is THINKING IT???

    Frightened?? YOU SHOULD BE.

    (Victims can experience hearing voices, mind reading, directed energy attacks and more)

    This site contains information relating to advanced satellite surveillance and “harassment” technologies which are made available to covert government agencies and organised crime syndicates.

    The secret technologies in question are covered by military/agency secrecy orders, mostly obtained under the US Inventions Secrecy Act, 1951. There are currently over 5,000 hidden devices, many computer – based and satellite facilitated, all with military / criminal applications. A list of known patents is available on the “Surveillance” page after the article on “Social Engineering”. Neurophones, brain scanners and brain wave vocabulary software, directed energy and E-M weapons are amongst these as are technologies to affect the weather, cause earthquakes etc etc. Undemocratically, and to protect powerful criminals from scrutiny,various other Secrecy, National Security and Defamation legislation has been enhanced in recent years.

    The US Patriot Act, for example, protects governments and connected criminals from criticism and/or detection and prosecution. Under this act anyone whistleblowing or fighting the system on a major concern is arbitrarily deemed to be unpatriotic (when it’s the criminals they criticise who betray us). They can then be listed (by a senior politician or at the request, through them, of a connected criminal) as a security risk and harassed covertly; using secret technologies. In fact a Dep’t Of Defense Directive, Directive 5240 1-R, 1994, gives open permission for those under surveillance to be used for remote experimentation. It’s no coincidence that this particularly undemocratic and evil move was followed in 1996 by a significant increase in the number of satellites deployed for the purpose of civilian surveillance and harassment. Over 20,000 satellites currently target and silence countless people worldwide (est. 500,000 plus) as a result of such bad laws. The victims are not openly confronted as that would remove any feigned excuses and leave the perpetrators open to all manner of accusation. Instead the methods used are covert; employing high tech’ to remotely torment and deceive victims without leaving evidence. Often targets are tricked into believing they are having psychic, medical, psychiatric, religious or even alien experiences (which they are not). This leaves them discredited as they vainly seek help from ignorant or complicit authorities (police, MPs, doctors, media etc). This leaves them neutralised and possibly even silenced on the issue they originally raised. This, along with various research aspects, is the purpose of the exercise.

    The situation is getting worse not better with more and more secretive, undemocratic legislation being sneaked past the unwary public all the time. State treachery and terrorism are behind it yet it is all hidden under the guise of “the war on terror”. For example, the US gov’t just passed the National Defense Authorisation Act, 2012, giving the President (and others) the power to target and silence anyone questioning State corruption. When this is done openly in other countries the US is the first to condemn such evil yet when they are guilty of the same they do it in secret and no-one dares to criticise lest they join the ranks of those they persecute. So much for gov’t of the people, for the people and by the people. The criminals who do such things abuse their authority, betray our trust and secretly mock the democratic ideals they publicly support. They don’t serve us, they simply help themselves and their criminal associates. By using stealth they can feign ignorance and hide their true nature from most.

    Eg. In the USA over 300,000 NSL’s (National Security Letters) have already been issued. These allow the agency targeting of innocent civilians whose objections to corruption / crime in high places have been deliberately skewed or misinterpreted as a threat to powerful people. Once placed in a program people can be abused and experimented on, from a distance (using satellites / high tech’). This effectively silences and discredits them while providing agency researchers with guinea pigs for experiments in control, brain function, dreams, health, robotics and much more. Post 9/11, $750 billion per year has been spent on satellite weapons used for human experimentation / targeting. Most of this has found it’s way from gov’t coffers to about 80 defense contractors who are also culpable for the crimes against humanity that are addressed on this site.

    There is a circular / Catch 22 type problem in that governments use “classified” covers to hide criminal activity (esp. if it is an unconstitutional act) but targets can’t prove any of that BECAUSE it has been classified…. Eg. NSA Whistleblower William Binney in an interview (see points out that Executive Order 13526 section 1.7 (covering classified status allocation) specifically says that “You cannot classify information merely to cover up a crime”. Even if devices or procedures are classified this also applies to them and information on them when they are being used for criminal purposes. So, in theory, by misusing devices, abusing authority and so on the administration not only commits crimes but should open up the information relating to that for public scrutiny…(Government of, by and for the people). Now Presidents Obama and Bush both signed this executive order 13526 so if any of these hidden crimes was to be presented to the US Supreme Court then any current US leader could be impeached as having breached their oath of office…which includes upholding the constitution. The ECHELON spying system, neurophone harassment, remote neural monitoring, the use of directed energy weapons and more are all clearly crimes against the people and humanity in general and so by classifying the devices the government and it’s leaders are breaching the constitution as well. As with any crime the break in the loop between the acts, investigation, trial and incarceration is the lack of proof. “Classifying” information and calling it a matter of National Security negates the need for the criminals involved to even create excuses for their conduct. The ability of government to classify crime is what must be fought.

    Also, the US military is supposed to be prohibited by law from targeting US citizens with PSYOPS within US borders under Executive Order S-1233, DOD directive S-3321.1 and National Security Directive 130. Of course there’s no-one to police that especially since Psyops, by their very nature, are difficult to prove. This is particularly so where the secret weapons discussed on this web site are employed. Also nothing stops agencies, US or allied, from doing that dirty work and hiding it under the National Security carpet. Nonetheless, public discussion of these Psyops crimes is beginning see Dr Keith Ablow, psychiatrist of Fox News. [ ]

    Also, previously The International Commitee of the Red Cross (ICRC) raised the issue of psychotronic weapons; firstly in 1994, then the 2002 Geneva Forum and then the 2009 5th Symposium on non-lethal weapons. The EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT passed a “Resolution on the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy” – A4-0005/99, January 28th, 1999 which called for “An international convention introducing a global ban on ALL development and deployment of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings”…”It is our conviction that this ban can not be implemented without the global pressure of the informed general public on governments. Our major objective is to get across to the general public the real threat which these weapons represent for human rights and democracy and to apply pressure on the governments and the parliaments around the world to enact legislation which would prohibit the use of these devices to both government AND private organisations as well as individuals”. (Plenary sessions / European Parliament, 1999). ]

    Through this site the author seeks to provide a community service; to inform the general public and encourage forthright but peaceful protest against the corporate/military/government crimes outlined herein.

    I should also add that whilst the topic of violence (as a sad reality) was addressed in my fictional novel, “In the year 2252”, at no stage and in no way was it my intention to encourage violent responses to the real life criminal conduct of corrupt members of corporate/government/military organisations. Passive resistance to oppression is the only acceptable method … but resist we must.

    Paul Baird
    Email: (please put ‘surveillance’ in the subject line)
    Guestbook: Leave a message


  • Barbadians need this type of leadership

    Christmas gift for civil servants


  • @ Anthony
    Far less from getting an extra salary pay pak…some Bajans ent go see a cent….some no income tax refund….most HIGH RIPOFF gasoline prices…and more taxes on the way thanks to Mr.Scruge himself on Tuesday 16th…..Oh I nearly forget.. the everlasting stench of uncollected garbage..


  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    Crusoe | December 12, 2014 at 3:10 AM
    David | December 12, 2014 at 7:06 AM |
    old onion bags | December 12, 2014 at 7:12 AM |
    Anthony | December 12, 2014 at 8:24 AM |

    When you all can focus ,

    All investments are in land , When investors google the internet and check and see the land fraud no one moves,

    Remember no one will invest in Barbados with out a CLEAR TITLE TO A DLP or BLP they are not connected to ,

    No investments can happen when and After a title search going back 70 years from December 1985 , 13th the Date of the Death Of Beatrice Henry , No one is a fool with their money out side of Barbados Bull shit business example, Apply the land of land and see the Massive Fraud,

    All of what is wrong with Barbados goes back to the land , Only the crook kneed deep in this She-it can know the drill ask MIA and Sir Henry Forde or the new Sir Crook Henry , The National Trust is your bed of Maggots .

    clear title , clear title clear title ,, study it ,DLP / BLP have to go
    Mia need to be in Jail for Britton’s Hill Cave in , 5 dead , no title, cover up , town and country , Mark Cummins , Owen,


  • @Deeds

    Land is sold in Barbados every weekday.

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  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    David | December 12, 2014 at 9:42 AM |


    Land is sold in Barbados every weekday.

    And people are chopped and killed, drugs move also, War goes on , your government seem to be doing a lot you agree with ,

    Its dont make it right , They want new and stupid tourist and people returning home to rob them also , Everyone need to be warned ,

    By your words , its like slavery , been doing so long before 1834 so it must be right.?
    When right get to the all , then you can re- post , That the right government in place, and they people dont have to pay back the banks for not knowing the land had not clear title.



  • @Deeds

    Do you think when you ‘warn’ them they will stop buying land? And how are you warning Barbadians?


  • @ Bush Tea,
    Barbados is in a real mess. There appears to be no one at the helm! It perplexes me that we should place so much trust in foreigners. Why? We stubbornly refuse to delve back into our history; even though it may highlight where we are going wrong as a nation.

    Barbados should re-evaluate her place in the world. I believe that Barbados is a delusional nation. It seems to want to punch above her weight. The analogy that I will use will be the following. In your neighbourhood when you were growing up you mixed and socialised with the local boys. You all became adults and moved to other parishes; yet you remained close friends. All of your friends became lawyers and you went on to become a cleaner.

    Twice a year you would have a reunion. However instead of the group socialising and meeting in humble and affordable locations for the poorest individual – you; you would socialise in upmarket locations at prices which were beyond you. Your foolish pride prevented you from stating to the group that this lifestyle was beyond you.

    So there you have it. When Barbados should have been binging herself on tap water; it opted for champagne. This is why the political, social and economic life in Barbados is on a precipice. You can remember when Ethiopia would suffer from famine and you would see those terrible images of outstretched arms? Well my friend that is us now; those outstretched arms are the arms of our desperate politicians.

    Now we are looking for Russian “business men” to assist us; yesterday I believe that India was promising to give us some assistance. When will this nonsense stop?

    You may have read the link that I had sent earlier. I would urge you to read the latest link as it goes into more detail. We have much to fear as a nation if we continue to open our doors to foreigners.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    David | December 12, 2014 at 5:53 PM |


    Do you think when you ‘warn’ them they will stop buying land? And how are you warning Barbadians?

    If the people pay cash they will loose
    if they have bank payments the Banks Will loose and down payment ,
    Taxes the government will loose
    No Crime last for ever
    a real as long they dont use a lawyer here , they will no get in to trouble,

    These foools on their last legs , DLP and BLP , We will get them , the world is Watching. We already told the US Embassy ,

    So when they look in the eyes of this HNIC they know hes a lair , They can check our records better then we can , Archives is there and they can reach England by phone call for the truth


  • @ Anthony,
    Barbadians need this type of leadership

    Christmas gift for civil servants

    Don’t be fooled. Election are in the air in St. Kitts. Dr Douglas did this already just before election his last term. That is why he is in term no.4


  • @ Exclaimer
    Excellent analogy.

    Another way to look at it is the fact that practically every successful black Bajan family from the early days of independence experienced the situation where their spoiled children abandoned the family business and rushed after living the ‘big life’ – with wuffless women, fast cars and mind-bending drugs, and liming…
    Their talented children all rushed into the “parasite professions” such as law, medicine and such, … where easy money and the high life seemed to be the rage….while producing nothing.

    We can call names from Alleyne to Leacock, to Hinds, to Zepherin where potentially successful long term productive local businesses have died or stagnated with the old pioneers – while the children also fade into “parro-like” nothingness ….pursuing the fast life… and abandoning their birthrights…

    As a nation, we are doing the VERY SAME SHIITE.
    After an excellent start by the first generation of post independent Bajans, we have produced a bunch of young, spoilt brass bowls – (the products of a jackass-led education system,) who have abandoned the productive spirit and become “GIMME DAT” parasites.
    Gimme the bling
    Gimme the reggae music
    Gimme the freeness
    Gimme the latest shiite fashion
    Gimme the latest gadgets..
    Gimme the best cars
    gimme cheap gas…

    …while producing not-a-shiite, and lounging around the place in ear-rings, ass-out pants and animal-like hair.

    Where else could we be heading but down…?


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