Reminder to the Bajan Lawyer Bernadette Callender from Aggrieved Client

Barbados Underground (BU) continues to feature the matter of Justin McIntosh, Brunetta McIntosh v First Caribbean Int’l Bank (B’dos) Ltd (Suit No: CV1339 of 2008) which details a sorry tale of how ordinary Barbadians have no recourse when the legal system fails to deliver justice. At the crux of the dispute is the recalcitrance AND unprofessionalism being demonstrated by lawyer Bernadette Callender.
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To support the matter BU now post additional documents:-
  • Callender’s letter dated May 8, 2014 dealt with retaining McIntosh’ files after her services were terminated. The McIntoshes continue to reiterate that the first paragraph is a blatant lie.
  • The McIntoshes were NOT contacted. March 13, 2014. On that date they were at attorney Deighton Rawlins office seeking consultation (see letter dated November 30, 2014) – Rawlins called her and she was raging that the McIntoshes were running from lawyer to lawyer.
  • The money purportedly owed was for the fictitious sale. She then sent the McIntoshes a Bill of Cost dated November 11, 2014 and via by email on November 25, 2014.
As explained in the previous writing on this matter:
  • An agreement was made through the intervention of Madam Smith Bovell to Bernadette Callender to continue the case.
  • The matter proceeded to the completion of the Registrar’s conveyance.
  • Post completion of the conveyancing the McIntoshes are being victimized by Bernadette Callender i.e. she will not complete sale of the property.

Additional documentation

Let to Mr&Mrs. Mcintosh dated 24th Nov 2014



Current Attorney for the McIntoshes has reopen contact with CIBC with the expectation the matter can be amicably concluded.

The blogmaster will hold true to promise made to choke the Barbados newsfeed with this item until it is resolved.


15 thoughts on “Reminder to the Bajan Lawyer Bernadette Callender from Aggrieved Client

  1. 99% of All lawyers in Barbados are crooks along with 99% of QC and Sirs , there is No legal or lawful system in Barbados, We have an Island Nations of Victims Acting as part of the Crown!

  2. Several debts were paid to Simpson Finance on their behalf!? Great, tell us about them M/s. Callender: Better yet can the receipts be seen please!? Maybe they can be added to your Bill of Cost?

  3. What frustration..

    Matters such as this one should no drag on for decades. How do we get to bite or sting some of the parties involved.

    To the more knowledgeable (in these matters)
    I would like to know if these matters can be handled by arbitration. Is that a solution, or is it a new game with the same marked deck of cards.

  4. Welcome to the TURD WORLD, free education with NO QUALITY LEGAL SYSTEM, Hummmmm. Cannot say that the free education has not provided a significant number of incompetent lawyers, judges, QC’s and is the underlying issue. Turd World operating a Social experiment that has been shown not to work in numerous independant previous colonial countries dominated with incompetent corrupt politicians.


  5. Bajanfreeparty

    And Piece and GP does talk about a semi-illiterate fella like me and mah grammar …but you ought to know that you never start a sentence with a numeral…

  6. Bajan lawyers and Judges are punching above their weight in criminality and collusion.

    First Caribbean Bank is a Bank everyone should run from and not do business with as they conspire with many in the local legal fraternity who do their bidding on their behalf.

    No Bajan living overseas should return to Barbados unless they want to be fleeced by the perpetrator and then by the legal system twice.

  7. i had my experience with said lawyer Ms Bernadette Callender …In 2004 i got into an accident me and Miss Bernadette good friend who also was a lawyer, and we were dating at the time.i went to the doctor and continue to pay him for a couple of years to the injury to my back where the person run in our backs at the stop lights.This matter drag on for close to 10 years.Miss Callender who already received settlement from the insurance company told me she has not settle with the company as yet, of which i called and I was told to check with her by the Insurance company.So in 2012 i was going to Canada for a couple of months to set up my future there and i indicated to Miss Callender that i was going to Canada and returning to Barbados but when i left again in a couple of months i would not be coming back to Barbados in any time in the near future.This said Ms Callender i had to be calling her office and trying to speak to her and fighting with her to get my money.So when i was soon ready to go back to Canada in 2013, i went to her office after she would not talk to me and release my money she then told her secretary to give me my cheque, and they took out the VAT and her fees.I know why she did it because her friend and i have broken up and she was trying to get back at me, but i must say she is the worst lawyer this Ms Callender.

  8. That is most of the practicing attorneys in Barbados for you…very corrupt, very dishonest, very dirty…there are no in betweens with that lot of criminals..

  9. Piece…ah don’t know what DYNAMITE information ya got on the demons, but someone is REAL SCARED…

    ….that should tell you all you need to know and DIRECT you on what NEEDS TO BE DONE.

  10. Please someone beg Teets of the firm Pain and Teets to have one of the new judges being recruited exclusively handle cases dealing with thieving crooked lawyers it will be a full time job.

  11. Now reading through these comments

    Could you please expand on the above?

    I wonder if this has something to do with the madman message being circulated ?

    I read some of that message last week then got busy and read a little more a few days ago.

    It is purposely written to confuse or else dere is a bigger madman on the loose than the two of we combined


    Which reminds me of that madman joke…

    The Piece in this madman story is, or has worked for, Pornville, Atherley, Lynette Eastmond, Caswell, two women, a snake, a serpent, a backstabber, a doctor, a lawyer, a priest who is a pastor a reverend and Bishop, a baker and a candlestick maker!

    Dat feller real versatile, he like dat Jamaican family pun In Living Colour “him got 12 jobs and him is a lazy feller”


    I had to read it nuff times to try to get it figured out AND I STILL CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT

    Is that what you are talking about?

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