Post General Election Musings

Of concern to Barbadians everywhere is the ‘fatigue’ that has set in triggered by an economy stuck in the doldrums for  more than 10 years. Some Barbadians although tired of the persistent state of affairs seem to have expected Mia and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to flick a switch to quick fix the economic problems of the country.  Old news!

In the build to the 24 May 2018 there was chatter in the country about:

  • Austerity measures
  • Government printing 50 million dollars a month
  • Dwindling foreign reserves
  • A judiciary about to crash under its weight
  • Sewage spewing onto the street on the South Coast
  • Garbage pile up across Barbados and the under-resourced SSA
  • Poor public transportation and the under-resourced transport Board
  • Outstanding income tax rebates
  • Low domestic and international investment flows
  • Pothole ridden highways and byways
  • Poor maintenance (physical/environmental of buildings
  • Rapid fire borrowing from the NIS Fund by Central government and questionable lending to private entities
  • Unresolved CLICO mess
  • Twenty something credit rating downgrades
  • Public servants not having a wage hike since 2006
  • Poor financial state of SOEs (see Auditor General reports)
  • Dysfunctional working committees of parliament

The list is not meant to be exhaustive.

What the last decade should have taught us is that we have to find a way to build consensus to move the country to an improved footing. Persisting with the adversarial and fractious approach will not help. Unfortunately the last general election has left the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) a broken party and the so-called third parties have not stepped up to the task at hand (so far) as a credible alternative.

See blogmaster’s pulse chaeck notes in red to the above.

  • Austerity measures/no change
  • Government printing 50 million dollars a month/from all reports significantly reduced
  • Dwindling foreign reserves/stabilized as a result of default on loans and IMF and other injections
  • A judiciary about to crash under its weight/no change
  • Sewage spewing onto the street on the South Coast/immediate problem addressed until a permanent fix is implemented, so promised Abrahams
  • Garbage pile up across Barbados, landfills and the under-resourced SSA/moderate improvement
  • Poor public transportation and the under-resourced transport Board/no change
  • Outstanding income tax rebates/significant improvement
  • Low domestic and international investment flows/small improvement
  • Pothole ridden highways and byways/small improvement
  • Poor maintenance (physical/environmental of buildings)/no change
  • Rapid fire borrowing from the NIS Fund by Central government and questionable lending to private entities/significant improvement
  • Unresolved CLICO mess/no change
  • Twenty something credit rating downgrades/moderate improvement
  • Public servants not having a wage hike since 2006/small improvment
  • Poor financial state of SOEs (see Auditor General reports)/no change
  • Dysfunctional working committees of parliament/No change

The blogmaster shares his  musings based on rumshop talk and observation. The thing about debate in a rumshop is participants hold strong views and know they have the answers to everything. The libation does not help!

Postscript: we need to hear more about government’s plan to address concerns about the NIS. It is our lifeline.



158 thoughts on “Post General Election Musings

  1. Hal well said
    We gathering “A Romantic idea” emerging from smoke and mirror policy to hoodwinked the diaspora

  2. “Without addressing corruption we will not advance.”

    don’t know which part of that the corrupt don’t get.

    ….Mia thinks she can dance around the corruption topic…hoodwink everyone and continue with corruption…as usual.

    and actually introducing the Bitt scam, because that is all they got…..well..we shall see..

  3. “Did she say invest in what?”

    Indeed…what will bajan Canadians and bajan Americans etc be investing in on the island…ah hope she don’t think they are just going to pick up money by the thousands, millions and hundreds of millions and put in Mia’s hand…when all them lawyers and ministers got over 120,000 offshore accounts with hundreds of millions of stolen dollars and stolen land belonging to black bajans …..all sitting across the four corners of the earth…which Mia refuses to return to the island…

    so exactly what will diasporans be investing in Barbados in when they got DIAMOND MINES, GOLD MINES and all manner of investments…IN AFRICA TO ACCESS…for themselves….their ancestral wealth that belongs to THEM..

    If Mia gets her hands on their money…she will take it and invest for herself and black bajans will see nothing…as usual.

  4. Hants,

    I know that first hand. But I am talking about at another level this time and in another way. But I want them to keep on her about the corruption. That is the most important thing they can do for us. Keep it in the spotlight.

    • When this blogmaster posted to give Savid Thompson one year free of criticism many attacked that position.

      A similar courtesy has been extended to this government with the variant that the urgency of the predicament the country finds itself makes it a 9 month year read prison year.

      Of one thing we are certain, unless we find common ground to rally the country there will be no improvement. The rabid political way we continue do business is doomed to fail. There are enough examples.

      The little this blog can do to support the transformation that must take place through discussion, we will.

    • What is happening in the region? The IMF is forecasting zero growth in 2019 for the great economy of Trinidad?

  5. Trinidad having oil can help to buffer what growth it will not produce
    What does barbados have. Zero productivity
    To make matters worse govt major concern on paying debt seems to have placed very little concern on forecasting or creating a path for growth.

  6. @ Hal Austin


    Sometimes you can be spot on.

    You alone noticed the Mugabe Regime insertion of the MyMoney scam in its diaspora trick.

    I mean to say, where are the reports from the Central Prank of Barbados that state thd rigourous testing that WeMoney was subjected to?

    Where are the independent reports that state it passed due diligence?

    They need money to Prime ghd pump an legitimately show the movement of the drug money to be investments from the Diaspora


  7. @ac
    Barbados awaits the payback from the $6 BILLION investment in the social economy, made from 2010-2018.

  8. @ Donna,

    Rich ? Bajans in the Diaspora will invest ( risk ) their spare change and will do so out of patriotism.

    However the LEGALISATION of all marijuana and Casino gambling could be a game changer.

  9. Like what you saying Donna and Hal Austin

    The biggest problem is the ease at which politicians help themselves to the Treasury via their various schemes. Up until now, the haste and speed at which Rogue- Works moved to sort out her personal interests in comparison to the tentative approach to putting measures in place that will assure Barbadians that we definitely seeing that Mia GOT THIS, is a perfect example of where her dedications lie. Corruption has robbed the island of billions, yet she handed the tax cheats an amnesty and further their stakes by giving their businesses a tax free ticket to operate, while the majority of depressed and deprived bajans have to feel the whip of her tax impositions.

  10. “….while the majority of depressed and deprived bajans have to feel the whip of her tax impositions.”

    What taxes have been imposed on the “majority of depressed and deprived bajans”?


    Representatives from the United Arab Emirates, France and the Barbados Water Authority toasted the official commissioning of major solar photovoltaic projects at the Bowmanston Pumping Station in St John and the pumping station at Lakes Folly, Bridgetown, at a cocktail reception recently.

    The signing of a US$3.5 million funding agreement between Barbados and the United Arab Emirates was completed in November 2017 and saw the project beginning in early 2018. Funded by a grant from the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund, the two systems will assist in reducing Barbados’ dependence on fossil fuel.

    The Bowmanston plant is a 500-kilowatt ground-mounted system while Lakes Folly is a 350-kilowatt solar carport.

  12. @ Hants at 4:41 PM

    There are no political party projects. A party that forms the GoB becomes the GoB and sign contracts as the GoB. So it is a GoB project.

  13. @ Mr. Vincent Codrington

    If one extrapolates on your statement regarding the non distinction between the GoB under either a BLP or DLP party, can we be so bold to believe that a sovereign contract that binds one former government to pay, say Cahill and its affiliates, of whom some are former DLP politicians, binds the BLP?

  14. @ PUDRYR

    You can, but you may not extrapolate.
    You will have to verify that there was a binding contract. Was there a contract? And was it signed? How come that information was not published? Are you an accessory to this (f)act?
    Wuh Loss, Piece.
    Do you see why you have to fight so hard to get piece of this rock? LoL!!! You better try to get some hard rock cement. Lime stone too good for you.

  15. @ Vincent,

    I doan have to read and spell for you.

    Just want to show that the DLP did something good……at least once. lol

    @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right you have not commented on the video I provided showing that

    Ghanians are talented and John King should invite them to visit for Crop Over.

  16. Did Mascoll boldy state that barbadians have more disposable income
    Has he ever heard of a word called Inflation and what it can do to a dollar in a day
    Btw has he gone to the supermarket recently.
    Or does his goodies become delivered in a barrell via the USA
    The man gotta be 😠

  17. @ Brother Hants I saw the Ghanaians and thought that both the rendition AND those rendering were to be commended.

    I note that you have not lost your talent for finding good links, virtual and visual.

    @ Mr. Vincent Codrington, yes the constitution of the Rock and the size of the valise under the table sometimes will determine if, in the absence of a contract, or for that matter, an Environmental Impact Assessment, whether a project will proceed, with the blessing of one party, or fail by completely dissimilar pronouncement by the very same person.

    We could possible compose a tune about it and agree to meet and Come Sing A Song but alas…

  18. must be nice knowning yuh have a job and dont have to wait hand in mout for a income tax check or govt sending a pension check or returning some of the savings they took from your account to pay govt debt
    Mascoll i bet you not having to wait for yuh monthly check in the mail to in order to buy groceries or pay bills
    You lucky Dog.

  19. Hmmmmm……

    I guess you now know how Sir Frank Alleyne, Hugh Foster, Guyson Mayers, Hammie Lah, Undene Whittaker and all the other known (and unknown) consultants felt, “not having to wait for duh monthly check in the mail to in order to buy groceries or pay bills.”

    They were lucky dogs too.

    Sorry, Donna…….. uh cun leh dis wun pass.

  20. But none uh dem ministers or consultants under a govt that have implemtened austerity measures so draconian that have people shitting bricks so hard that mek them afraid to flush toilet
    Man i tell yuh fuh anyone to come here and mek defense fuh Mascoll got nuh feeling at all .
    Boy go lie down and rest yuh self cause yuh sounding just as foolish as Mascoll wid he disposable income tripe

  21. Scotia Bank closed Ronald Toppin account
    Ronald Toppin excuse (is) the banks targeting politicians
    What a duffus
    But what he did not say is why would the banks target him
    Also what proof does he has that the banks targetting politicians
    The banks is in business to make money and only would close an account unless it has a very good reason to do so
    But being based on a politician is ludicrous
    Between Toppin Marshall and Mascoll this trio are showing signs of mental fatigue on the job and should to be fired
    Phew four more years of this babble and guess what only God knows

  22. I wonder if people do like I do.

    I mean I sometimes stop and wonder “what if…”

    How many of us men sat, and actually read the link to the Roy Morris rape blog posted here earlier?

    How many read that blog with the teenager who says she is the one who was raped?

    I read it and saw her pain and the emotional trauma, and the parents responses and her lifelong agony.

    And i also saw the responses of we men. And i recalled years ago in a similar matter how the lawyer if the defendant had asked the victim “if she had liked it?”

    I wonder how men like Ralph feel when they are in a court representing men like Roy, when they study their own underage daughters?

    I guess that men like Ralph Thorne are of the bajan mentality “if she old enough to bleed, she old enough to breed!”

    What if it was your daughter Ralph? Would you be defending him too?

    That is why I laugh when I see the rampant crime on the island now, the Hollywood style murders, the total confusion of the authorities and all this hanging conundrum that abounds in the media, and the paralysis that grips the nation.

    As long as it is someone’s daughter being raped or someone’s son/child being shot, these people, be it Mugabe, or Fumbles or Adriel Nitwit or Smiley Teets Dale, these people dont really give a fvuck

    Carry on smartly…

  23. That’s okay, Mariposa……. I’ll go and lie down and rest muh self.

    But yuh know, you should be laying down and resting yuh self permanently. Because with your silly incoherent sentences, generalized, political statements and a lack of knowledge or understanding of the issues on which you are so fond of commenting……

    ………. you duz “sound foolish” ALL the time.

    When you talking ’bout economic issues, you duz “sound just as foolish as” Jester Ince, when he was on the radio arguing about a “physical deficit.”

    And when you talking ’bout everyt’ng else, makes it difficult to convince me that you don’t “sound just as foolish as” Denis Kellman.

  24. Look old man that was brought up for discussion on another blog in reference to some lawyer denied entry to the bar because of past criminal behaviour
    In Roy Morris case he was forgiven by the powers that can bend laws rules and even the Constitution to serve their self and political interest

  25. Artax here is something to sink yuh teeth
    Scotia Bank closed Ronald Toppin account and he blames him being a politician for the reason
    Could it be that Scotia said more than what Roland Toppin is telling

    • In cases like Roy Morris it has nothing to do with bending laws. The victim for what ever reason will withdraw from the matter.

  26. Mariposa…..

    I don’t know…………could it be similar to the reasons why CIBC told your own Leroy Parris to take a hike with the $8M?

    Could it be, at that time, CIBC said more than what Leroy Parris was telling?

    You feel Toppin cud do like Leroy and deposit his money at the Central Bank?

    Now, dem is t’ings you should sink yuh gums into.

  27. Artax,

    It is your right to post what you wish. No need to apologize to me. I just wish you would ALSO give your input on the report card as presented by David. Note that I said YOUR INPUT. And so that means YOUR OPINION and not mine. That is all I’m asking for. I have an open mind.

    What do you think and based on what grounds?

  28. @ Mariposa,

    There are two answers to the awful decision from CIBC: first, if that decision was not cleared with the banking regulator then they should be asked to explain themselves, and if they fail their banking license should be withdrawn.
    Second, they should be compelled to pay a penalty for damage to reputation. This is naked arrogance, and has nothing to do with political parties. Afterall, these obnoxious Canadians have done this to the ruling party.

  29. Artax knows what I mean. He knows I just value his opinion. Don’t try to get in between here or you will get squeezed!

  30. Artax when are you going to adress the subject manner
    Mariposa is not the subject
    Guess yuh afraid to have to defend this govt decisions

  31. Any body going to Blp big Mout extravaganza on 28th on the East coast
    Free food and drinks
    Also free bus rides
    Mia cares

  32. Get ready folks for more burden as an IMF official sounds a warning bell to govt

    An International Monetary Fund (IMF) official is warning that Barbados’ ambitious target of a fiscal surplus of six per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) at the end of the current financial year will not be an easy goal to achieve.

    In fact, Assistant Director in the Fiscal Affairs Department of the IMF Cathy Pattillo said while the Mia Mottley-led Government has been implementing important measures to achieve this, it must be prepared to take even more steps if needed.

    “The overarching objective of the Barbados programme is obviously to restore debt sustainability and in our view, the proposed adjustment mix, which includes upfront fiscal consolidation, meaningful debt reduction, including a hurricane clause and structural reforms to boost growth, is appropriate,” Pattillo told Barbados TODAY on the sidelines of the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington on Wednesday.

    “Now, the budget for 2019/2020 does provide a solid basis for reaching the targeted primary surplus, but the Government will need to stand ready to take additional measures if needed,” she warned.

  33. Unconscionable

    Workers in Barbados cannot continue to bear the brunt of Government’s restructuring programme says president of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations (CTUSAB) Edwin O’Neale.

    And he has criticised the Mia Mottley-led administration for its recent decision to raise bus fares by 75 per cent, saying it would further add to the “labour pains” currently being experienced by workers.

    In a press conference at its Garrison, St Michael headquarters this afternoon, O’Neale contended that since the implementation of the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) Programme, workers had paid a heavy price.

    He said the programme had led to a loss of jobs, the lowering of disposable income and increased crime.

    O’Neale said the move to increase bus fares from $2 to $3.50, which is set to take effect on April 15, would be a huge burden on the island’s lower class.

    “Labour has, from the time this mission critical agenda has been embarked on, been the one facing and taking the brunt of the loads. So labour pains now in this economy are not just about the state of the delivery of the infant, but now has a real meaning on work and workers and disposable income.

    “If ever a time that labour pains are being experienced in the economy, it certainly is now,” O’Neale said.

    He said what further compounded the difficulties for low income earners was the increase in water bills as well as the sewage tax.

    O’Neale added while he understood there was a need to improve the efficiency of the Transport Board, workers were being asked to make all of the sacrifices.

    “Labour is concerned with the increase in bus fares. There are all kinds of statements about the need to retool, refurbish, increase and repair the rolling stock of the Transport Board, which in any developing society is the principle means by which the labour force is moved,” he acknowledged.

    “Any difficulties, any shortcomings in mass-based transport is going to impact on the profitability and earning capacity within the economy, so I don’t for one moment try to minimise the fact of the difficulties of the Transport Board.

    “ . . . Something has to be done, but when the cost of that falls on workers in the manner with the percentages in which it has done, there cannot be an easy way out. That translates into hardship, that translates into a reduction in disposable income…” O’Neale added.

    The union’s general secretary Dennis Depeiza described Government’s proposal to absorb retrenched workers as a “myth”.

    He accused Government of giving those workers false hope.

    “The suggestion that those workers will be re-absorbed is nothing short of a myth, because if there are other jobs that are being created in sectors . . . are we to understand that these administrators are now going to be turned into carpenters or artisans?

    “There is a sense that persons are being given hope in the economy when we can see that there is little opportunity which readily avails itself,” Depeiza said.

    He contended that at a time when thousands of workers were being retrenched, Government was continually hiring large numbers of consultants who were being paid millions of dollars. (RB)

  34. When is govt going to present a comprehensive growth plan significant and enough to help carry the fiscal burden of govt debt while relieving some of the tax burden off the peoples shoulders
    One day coming soon the people would say NO More
    The IMF offcial warning which sends a warning bell to govt is one which also sends a message to the people as one of preparedness for more bitter
    At this point and time one shudders to think what alternatives govt have planned for the people
    Coming April 28th would be a big Mout extravaganza by govt asking people to Stay the Course ( but at what price)

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