No Man…Including Mia…Can Have TWO Masters

Submitted by PUDRYR
@ Talking Loud Saying Nothing
I noted your submission in another article here and it caused me to write this:
“…” No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon…”
In the link you provided it highlighted some remarks made during the reading of a Bill concerning new honours to be conferred on citizens being made by the leader of the Opposition Reverend Joseph Atherley
De ole man has a problem with these remarks by the Leader of the Opposition Reverend Atherley and de ole man will expand on that, if you permit me
(I trying on my “manners hat”, posturing in the shadows of men who I trying to copy here Mr. Austin, Mr. William Skinner, Mr Vincent Codrington and Artaxerxes to name a few of the gents here who don’t cuss like de ole boar)
Reverend Atherley said and I quote
“…Since 2008 that has been clear to me, that there are people involved in the practice of politics [at the] elective level in Barbados who are attaching themselves to persons involved in illegal drug activity in Barbados, to help their cause and I dare anybody in here to stand and say that is not true,” Atherley charged…”
Where the ole man has a problem with this matter TLSN, as championed by the Leader of the Party that represents the Third Party Movement, a party de ole man been talking bout for close to 2 years now, and a movement that the ole man is committed to, lies in this.
The goodly Reverend has no less that 10 examples of publicly documented instances where persons “at the elective level” are encouraging and empowering those in the criminal regime.
In fact, the most egregious of these being the invitation of 3 known drug dealers to the opening of Parliament by Mia Mottley!
An act which HE, NOR NONE OF THE ESTABLISHED MEDIA, have ever taken her to task about YET SHE UP AT THE UNITED NATIONS TALKING BOUT MADURO and sovereign state rights!
Why is the Reverend using this “soft soaping language” when we are discussing an issue of politicians societing with druglords, an issue of such Import & Impact?
This Reverend Atherley, is a case of either that YOU ARE TOTALLY IN, AND THAT BAJANS SEE THAT YOU ARE “ALL UP IN THERE” or you are out!
Half efforts ARE NOT GOING TO CUT IT! in this fight to win the next government, sir
Let me use the words of another leader who is a Bishop, just as you are, and a political leader,  to make this point
“… We don’t want apartheid liberalized. We want it dismantled.
You can’t improve something that is intrinsically evil.
Desmond Tutu”
And now let de ole man transpose this quote of Desmond Tutu for you Reverend Atherley
“We BAJANS don’t want the politics of inclusion as clearly shown by Mia Mottley reaching out to drug dealers and normalizing Criminal ACTIVITIES a la Mugabe.
We Bajans want it ERADICATED and these drug lords gone from our society.
You can’t encourage something that is intrinsically evil.”
This is the version Bajans want Bishop Joseph Atherley to start saying!
EVIL THAT IS EVIDENCED  BY 46 MURDERS TO DATE, directly attributed to the activities of Mugabe Mottley’s DRUG LORD invitees and their drug wars for turf

142 thoughts on “No Man…Including Mia…Can Have TWO Masters

  1. @ Hee Haw the 2nd of the Rented Jackasses

    Good Day to you.

    I will share this information with you because you asked politely.

    The fact is that IN SPITE OF ALL THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE GRANDSTANDING, there is a major set of dissatisfaction within the Barbados Labour Party

    And it has many causes that range from (1) the derogatory way Mugabe Mottley is treating her so called ministerial colleagues as children (2) a real paucity of talent among Mugabe’s ministers and (3) the challenges that the DLP left wunna with financially.


    Both you and I know that what has been happening daily has even MUGABE’s FAITHFUL POOCHLICKER CADRE, of which you are one of the leading ones, are “maximumly disappointed”.

    The thing that has many of the even more frightened BLP HORDE is that, like sheep at an abattoir, sheep which the butcher (euphemism for Mugabe) missed, if any of you “baaa” you will bring attention to yourselves EUPHEMISM FOR HIGHLIGHTING BLP PARTY PROBLEMS & FACTIONS.

    One particular person fearfully? said that ” your internal meetings are like Stalin Sensitization Encounters”

    That person said that “during sessions, like the Annual Conference, where people are asked to get up and speak, EVERYONE OF THOSE WHO ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT MUGABE POLICIES, questions with a “negative tilt”, HAS BEEN PUT ON A WATCHLIST!”

    He went on to say that “some of you are all now finally aware that such people now are having their phone lines, computers and cell phones monitored.”


    MUGABE IS NO SWEET BREAD! she wants to be Dictator for life!

    He shared that “every BLP supporter is on their email list AND THE REASON THAT NOYONE IS SEEING CHARLES JONG is because he is busy infiltrating the phones and computers of THE SO CALLED FAITHFUL!”

    Don’t quote de ole man though, ask Duguid, or Prescod or John King!


    I have 2 sources and the other fellow fellow asked if “bajans cant see the disappointment in many of the faces of the ministers, when they are on on the platforms, the TV, at the conferences, in the background?”

    He told me to watch Dale Marshall’s facial expressions and how he looks at Mia Mottley

    one thing that he said was “we are keeping up a good face but inside the party, many of us are complaining that it is only Mia’s friends, family, colleagues, relatives, social circle that are benefiting from her regime.”

    This is like David Thompson’s Fatted Calf all over again BUT ONLY THING ITS IS THE BOAR SOW MUGABE!!!

    He said that he, and many more, are really disappointed by Mugabe and feel really let down.

    The other issue that they both shared is that THEY DONT HAVE A WAY OUT!

    But you dun know that Hee Haw

    How do you ” express your concerns and personal disappointment with the party furthermore the public, complaint about the management style of MUGABE YOUR DICTATOR leader, without being seen as disloyal??

    Hee Haw, ” how can you expose how Mugabe is killing the BLP organization’s morale?”

    Hee Haw he said ” how can they speak out about how Mia has party members spying on other party members?”

    one fellow pleads” to whom can we faithful party hierarchy level this complaint about Mugabe, without our complaint being seen as disloyalty towards our party?”

    ***’s words left me speechless when he said

    “Mia is like Trump, she fears Reverend Atherley but you know what she has done Piece, she has over 80% of our members seeing him as a traitor and, IF ANY OF US COME OUT TO EXPOSE HER, it WILL NOT be seen as an action if PATRIOTS WHO CARE FOR BARBADOS, BUT ACTIONS OF TRAITORS!!

    When you write back to me Hee Haw please share with all bajans how “ALL IS NOT WELL IN THE MUGABE KINGDOM”

  2. “how can they speak out about how Mia has party members spying on other party members?”

    Do any of those yellow bellied cowards for ministers who are afraid to lose their monthly salary not aware that the CONSTITUTION does not provide for yardfowlism and ABUSE OF ITS TENETS, it DOES not provide for political parties and the nasty shite they have all being doing for over 50 years to model their backward brand of CONTROL………..if they did and were not so damn greedy…they woud know what to do instead of prolonging the inevitable and would immediately stop the BOYS in Khaki Pants abuse..

  3. Piece i see you echoing Mr Franklyn words about dissent etc.All you scraping the bottom of the barrel after Ms Mottley put some warm licks in Rev Atherley showing him to be the OPPORTUNIST he really is.Atheley ain,t get no ministry so he jump ship and form a party hoping to get his hands on the subvention only to be told he has to WIN SOME SEATS FIRST.That is his issue WHERE HE GOING WIN THESE SEATS FROM?As Bush Tea use to say oh ma shirt imagine eenie or meenie even winning his own seat again Therefore jackass wunna in ducks guts so you can spread all the propoganda you like it ain,t going to help eenie or you your ass is grass.

  4. @ Hee Haw the 2nd of the Rented Jackasses

    Why is it that Ralph Thorne has been sidelined?

    Or Eddie Hinkson?

    Or ***?

    heheheheh I going keep dat name secret from you for de time being


    It’s because both of them opened their mouths early about their political ambitions in front of the wrong people.

    Edmund Hinkson opened his in the presence of Bourbon and Brandy, he will recall where he was at the time heheheheh

    And Ralph, well he jes do so with Oblong head who, turncoat DLP traitor that he is, sell out Ralph.

    Even though Eddie and Ralph both have their problems, one with hairy *****es and the othe with people’s *****es, why should Mugabe be punishing them for wanting to be Prime Minister?

    Whu, Dale and Pain want her seat as well, and she ent punishing them like Eddie and Ralph!

    Before you come back next time you need to speak with your boss Mugabe and get the correct script. Ok?

    I would tell you where he going get the $$ from but….heheheheh.

    By opening her mouth at your annual convention and being so articulate about this subvention, her childish picking at said subvention, FOLLOWED BY YOUR OWN EMPHASUS HERE, only shows how frightened wunna are of the People’s Party for Democracy and Development

    People also noticing that Grenville Phillips of No Solutions Barbados aka Bedroom Policeman AND THE OTHER HE BEATCHHHH, failed DLP attempter Walter Blackman THB have both been engaged to bad talk the PDP.

    Wunna tink people stupid AND CANT SEE WUNNA STRATEGY?

    Plus wunna issue the threat of a ban pun de ole man Stoopid Cartoons AS YOU ALL TRYING TO DESTROY ALL CONTRARY OPINION.


    And, by the way, senator Caswell Franklyn and I do not “echo” each other’s words


  6. @ Dr. GP

    But my fellow myope, I is stupid!

    De ole man gine show you how Stoopid I am with my education that ceased at 11 years old.

    All of the Mugabe Poochlickers are going to convene here soon.

    So far Hee Haw the 2nd of the Rented Jackasses came but Hee Hee has not come yet.

    We already have the Minister of Disinformation here but this 1/3 only knows monosyllabic pronunciations

    Bedroom Policeman, even though he is reading this article and all de ole man’s submissions BITING HIS BRIDLE HARD and the man who loves the jiggling BOTSIES of 12 year olds, Walter is here too, but he silent cause all I got to do is say botsie, and his paedophile history is brought to the fore.

    All who will come here will hold the Mugabe line that there is no disunity in the party and the factions of Eddie, Ralph and Dale (you forced me to say it Dr. GP) that they do not exist.

    I going leave the details until later but let me show you clear evidence of the disunity.


    Mugabe Amin Mottley is the embodiment of both of these and AS SHE CONTINUES TO ADVANCE HERSELF IN EVERY AREA OF THE COUNTRY ‘S GROWTH she has diminished every single one of her 30 seats!

    In simplest terms Mugabe has “bigged-up” herself for the last 18 months AND HER 29 OTHER REPRESENTATIVES, barring the 5 who are her personal lap dogs ARE ANGRY WITH HER.

    That is because, in their respective constituencies THEIR CURRENCY IS ZERO and bajans hurting AND DEM ONLY PROMISING

    Do you understand what that 30 to zero impotence is doing to the BLP image nationally?

    “We give dem we vote, ALL 30 OF DEM, and 18 months we in hell!”

    And that is going to be the state of affairs in 2020, people gone see a few bajans heah but, wid Brexit and US Elections round de corner (Boris and Trump going lose dem seat by the way) tings going be harder on de Barbados economy.

    De fellers are becoming aware of three things


    (2) They CANNOT DO THAT based on empty manifesto promises AND

    (3) People have started turning against their individual representation AND ARE COMPLAINING VOCALLY IN THEIR COMMUNITIES!

    For once they start seeing that every seat is a sole political battleground and WHEREAS MUGABE GOING KEEP HERS they will lose theirs

    Q8 of them to be precise.

    You see why I stupid AND taking Nonsense I Spreading Propaganda?

    The PDP is also starting to see what de ole man is saying too


  7. Yes Caswell and I may be doing so AT THIS TIME!

    Here is a direct copy from the internet.

    It deals with the topic of Dissent in Political Parties.

    De ole man trying to guide these fellers into the understanding dat I been shown.

    “…After a political party has suffered a major electoral defeat, there is often a politician from that party who complains about the party’s ideological position.

    “The party has drifted too much to the left or to the right”.

    Or “it has become too moderate.”

    Sometimes this criticism develops into legislative dissent, the emergence of a new party faction, a challenge to the leadership, and ultimately a shift in the party’s policy agenda…”

    This is what happened after Owen Arthur’s defeat that led to Mugabe’s emergence

    This is what happened after Fumbles ‘ defeat that was to lead to Pornville ‘s ascendancy BUT HE GET LICK UP.

    I was going do an article pun he, and why he going get lock up, but de Blogmaster may not want to print it.

    But I wandering…

    That article states

    “…Also politicians of government parties are surprisingly more likely to disagree than politicians of opposition parties…”

    I disagree with this statement and say that this might occur in developing countries BUT IN THE 13 CARICOM BANANA REPUBLI MEMBER STATES the converse is true.

    “…Also politicians of government parties are surprisingly LESS LIKELY to disagree WITH THEIR LEADER AND PARTY/GOVERNMENT POLICY than politicians of opposition parties.

    Because the small island mentality realises that the sheeple constitute their power base, and said sheeple cannot reasonable intellectualize on the nature of their intra party dissent, and such disagreement can lead to dismissal as in what happened with Maria Agard.

    Ironically, even though Agard might have been sick, like Santia is sick, Mugabe, had no sympathy for Maria.

    And this underpins the statement that, in the Caribbean, “…politicians of government parties are surprisingly LESS LIKELY to disagree WITH THEIR LEADER AND PARTY/GOVERNMENT POLICY than politicians of opposition parties…”

    Dem frighten dem lost dem pick!!!

    Submit to Mugabe OR DIE POLITICALLY!

    When the first of the BLP Mps leave wunna going see how people going shy$e bricks

  8. Piece poor fella you really struggling.You were on here since last year this same time talking shite about people crossing the floor, what happen jackass? Who stopped them?You are just grasping at straws like a drowning man since Rev Atherley get blown out the water.Tell him go win some seats including his in 2023.You got lucky in 2018 predicting an election any 12 year old child could have seen coming and it went to your head but old man you luck bust this time not a damn seat for the PDP WHO THE BEES FEAR oh ma shirt you should be in comedy fest ha , ha ,ha, led by eenie.

  9. Lorenzo yuh better take a back seat
    Mia attacking those parties in opposition to her policies in a year
    after her magnificent and magnanimous 30-0 victory speaks volumes of a woman who is insecure and smells a deep sense of fear within and without
    There are troubling signs coming from within her party that all is not well
    Only by observation her ministers are beginning to show signs of distance and detachment their body language that they cannot hide
    Mia is not a fool and her presentation in Queens Park highlited by a earnest desire to attack the opposing parties was worded in a manner to gain support from her supporters many of whom has already taken flight and her minsters who are like the rest of barbadians households suffering in silence and afraid to speak out all knowning what skillfull language to decapitate them awaits their fate by way of Mia utterances


  10. Mariposa the only troubling signs i see is for the Dems once the projects start coming on stream.Once the economy starts to rebound from the hell hole created by your try a thing government your Dems in real trouble.Tell me when the polictical nightwatchman going to select candidates to prepare themselves to work in their constituencies? What is the position with Dr Lowe is he a candidate for the next election?The Dems and you have a lot of fires to put out do not worry about the Bees if an election was to be called tommorrow who do you believe would win certainly not the Dems.As for attacking opposition parties you ever heard of Mr Barrow,Mr Adams Mr Arthur or Mr Stuart, maybe not , par for the course.Members in parties frequently have disagreements nothing new and anyone is free to leave look at Ms Agard where is she now?This childish strategy of Piece and yourself of divide and rule ain,t going to work and only come about because Ms Mottley blew Mr Atherley out of the water as an OPPORTUNIST and Ms Depeiza as a polictical lightweight and NIGHTWATCHMAN.Therefore Mariposa reel and come again.

  11. Lorenzo
    Talk all u might defend all u want
    There is 30-0 explosion about to occur within the blp party and it is not a dam thing u can do about it
    The seeds are already planted in the ground


  12. @ Mariposa

    While your party the DLP is anathema to de ole man WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS SINGULARLY TRUE.

    Let me paint you this scenario.

    What if Edmund Hinkson or Ralph Thorne or William Duguid or John King or Trevor Prescod were to leave Mugabe Mottley tomorrow and her imps?

    Just suppose any one of them left to go to the Democratic Labour Party?



    Do you comprehend what that would mean?

    If Verla and her people tactically made that person LEADER OF THE DLP?

    All uh wunna starting to get real frighten uh de ole man and my “childish” strategies


    As I predicted several years ago, that Donald’s mouth was going to destroy him, I TELL YOU NOW DAT MIA’S dictatorship style, coupled with her SPYING ON HER BLP MEMBERS, because of her ingrained distrust of people, is going to cause her BLP party to implode.

    Trevor Prescod was DLP before.

    And as leader of the DLP his monthly salary WOULD INCREASE WOULD IT NOT?



  13. Also Lorenzo remember the Unions ..blp cant depend on them any more for loyal support
    Their leadership has been tarred and feather by the mouthings of their members
    And the Unions are fighting in house battles of their own
    So who does the blp think they have in their corner
    I would bet no one who is seeing their household divide and cant buy food or pay bills would be sitting in the blp corner
    The 30-0 has become a hangmans noose around thirty ministers all now seeing red (as in blood in the eyes of the people)
    Rats i bet yuh didnt see this coming
    Now go back to yoyr corner and weep
    The end is near in sight

    Piece have no idea what happens in George street
    But this i know time longer than twine

  14. Piece and suppose pigs could fly and suppose they were 40 hrs in a day and 60 weeks in a year you reall struggling old man.Bottom line far from a patriot your leader eenie has been shown to be an opportunist who thought by getting together some political lightweights could be entitled to a subvention only to be told WIN SOME SEATS FIRST INCLUDING YOURS. The news got the feared eenie and you scrambling to come with fresh strategy poor fella.As for Mariposa stick to advising the nightwatchman get some candidates in place as you are in no position to speak about poor people as you care nothing about them. David BU you are on the right track ignoring the egotistical jackass Piece .

  15. Lorenzo not into advising left thatbgir gobt who has hired million dollar advisors to tell them how to piss straight
    My salvo is to warn the koolaid drinking brigade of which u sre a member that the 30-0 which they gave to govt means nothing to the poor and pay back waits them in fullness of time

  16. Not one iota of originality

    You mean dat wunna get baptised as Hee Hee and Hee Haw the pair of Rented Jackasses that will be beaten mercilessly as the Mules wunna is, AND NOW WUNNA IS USING THE EXACT JACKASS TERM?

    You is one woman who has no originality UNLIKE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS


  17. Barbados has a serious drought and maybe it is time to do a rain dance.

    How about building sea water desalination plants ?

    What if drought becomes a yearly occurrence and there is not enough brackish water for Ionics ?

    Buh doan mine me . I am distracted by GG and my new girl K L ( Diaspora corner )

  18. Piece the jackass you talking about originality coming on here everyday with your conspiracy shite talk mostly echoing everthing Mr Franklyn says.Tell me old man what is original about you.You should be a comedian.Seems to me you can dish it out but cannot take criticism too bad.You remember the Dems like you criticizing Ms Mottley at Waterford about her looks , dress etc where are they now?.In my view the same fate awaits you and the feared eenie as Ms Mottley told ya GO WIN SOME SEATS JACKASS.The late Dr Haynes who compared to eenie was a political heavyweight could not win any so tell me where the in my view lightweight eenie going to win any?Anyway i am going to ease off you because you seem to be scrambling and rambling.You gone from a pitbull to a poodle.

  19. Heheheheh

    Hee Haw why you so vex doah?

    Somebody tek up you cane?

    Look woman, doan blow a fuse!

    I say wunna going get beat, you say dat Mugabe regime going be 30 Love Forever!

    Who is right and who is wrong?




    Show her who Stoopid!!!


    You arent grateful dat de jackass ole man has banned meself from posting me memes here BECAUSE THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER threaten me and othe meme posters?


  20. Piece the jackass i was going to ease off ya but then i see you post a blatant lie.Tell me anywhere i said that Ms Mottley will win 30 love .You are not only a shite talker but a blatant LIAR as well.As for getting me angry you do not have either the intelligence or importance to so do.I realize once attacked you cannot take the heat but very quick to attack poeple including the blogmaster once they disagree with your shite talk well too bad old man.Once more as Ms Mottley told the OPPORTUNIST EENIE GO WIN SOME SEATS INCLUDING YOURS.

  21. @leader
    I apply the rule- one exchanges, two exchanges, done.

    Anything more and that guy believes he has a brain.

    Looks like he has a new script. Will force him back to the old one

  22. Lorenzo Mottley and her oversize cabinet is done
    The people are vex .The ministers are frustrated abd over their head with the daiky economic questions beong asked of them from tgeir once loyal supporters
    It is just a matter of TIME before this govt explode
    Lorenzo would you vote for a govt that promised BETTER and delivered BITTER
    Btw a gallon of orange juice is 30.00 plus vat.
    Arent u ashamed
    Then u come here to piss on anyone who opposed this govt half meaures
    Between u and David both has taken the country into a deeper hell hole with yuh suggestion of voting for this horrible govt



    Bajans, show Mia who is Stoopid!!!”

    @ Hee Haw you like it?


    Where is your cane?

  24. @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    There is a book called “Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation,” by Andrew Marantz.

    It speaks to digital interactions and expands rather debunks the posit that the internet and social media spaces are like town squares.

    De ole man, EXPERT AS I AM IN THESE THINGS, agrees with much of what the writer suggests about the geometrical “flatness” of the internet rather that IT IS NOT FLAT.

    Earlier you spoke of your 2 response rule AND WERE I NOT SEIZED WITH THE URGENCY OF WHAT IS AT STAKE HERE, de ole man would agree, but there is a huge responsibility that we keyboard warriors have in this space, to keep agitating.

    The fact is the Barbados Underground HAS STARTED TO GROW IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS beyond the imaginations of even the Honourable Blogmaster BORG.

    Many are here in this space THOUGH FEW COMMENT, IN THIS SPACE, because they fear what doing so will do to them in their REAL REAL LIVES!

    But Commander, they are leaving here, AND IN THEIR SAFE SPACES, they are talking!

    From the House of Parliament to the block DEM IS TALKING.

    So when you see Hee Hee and Hee Haw the Rented Jackasses and Iso TALIBAN aka the Bedroom Policeman aka Grenville Phillips and his sidekick Sand Dollar combining and attacking we dissenters DO NOT BE AFRAID, we are just cannon fodder my man, to be chewed up while opening the eyes of Bajans who are searching for viable solutions which they now know Grenville is not.

    You goad him enough, and them enough, AND THEY EXPOSE THEMSELVES all you need to understand is that we are not important in this equation.

    For country!!!

  25. Theophilus i see you as expected come to your leader rescue what took you so long. The script is direct from the mouth of the duly elected PM to eenie GO WIN SOME SEATS in 2023 capiche.That is your task so get cracking.Personally cannot see eenie winning any poor fella.

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