Barbados Today Online Newspaper Ordered to PAY Mia Mottley

Barbados Today Online newspaper was today [30.10.2017] ordered by the Barbados Court to pay Leader of the Opposition an undisclosed settlement resulting from an article it posted that questioned her qualification to practice law in Barbados.


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  • I would like persons to understand that being called to the bar in the UK is not the same thing as being called to the bar in Barbados. Once a person has completed the first year’s studies of law school in the UK the student is eligible to apply to be called to the bar. However that person is not qualified to practise law because he is not a barrister/ attorney-at-law. The person is referred to as an unregistered barrister. The individual cannot perform any of the duties assign to a qualify barrister such as representing a person in court or providing legal advise. He is not entitled to wear the gown or wig or sit in the area specified for barristers. While in Barbados a person is called to the bar after he has completed law school and has acquired his practising certificate. So when you hear that someone was called to the bar in the UK don’t get tie up the person is in the same position as a par-legal here in Barbados.

    I wonder how many unregistered barristers are practising law in Barbados. I don’t care how many statuary instruments were prepared to rectify this anomalous situation for a privilege few, it is wrong and nothing short of a national disgrace! The ordinary person has to go to law school after completing his LLB. or equivalent and would only be accepted to the bar here in Barbados if he has attained his practising certificate. While a privilege few just has to complete a certain amount of courses in England so that they can be called to the bar and waltz back here and practise law in the same manner as a qualified barrister/attorney-at-law just because their parents have money. What an utter disgrace,
    they make me sick!!


  • So true , Ann


  • @Ann

    The point here is that Mia completed her degree.



    If ever one was in doubt , the above story is a good example of the meaning of the word – BACKFIRED !!!

    Imagine on the floor of Parliament in 2015 MAM demanded that Dr. Lowe produce his academic qualifications .

    Dr. Lowe answered the call and produced his academic qualifications .

    He challenged MAM to do so , as well.

    Now two (2) years on….. MAM has not done so – except producing her GCE O& A levels certificates .

    But not her qualifications to practise Law !!

    Since 2015 she has sent out her SURROGATES in Edmund Hinkson, Liz Thompson & her dad Elliott Mottley………to intercede on her behalf !!!

    Now Maureen Holder has produced her academic qualifications… and challenges MAM to do so as well.

    Note very well – Maureen’s Holder challenge to MAM to produce her academic qualifications to practise Law …… carried by the BARBADOS TODAY ( BT ) news paper !

    The very newspaper MAM took to ‘ COURT ‘ a few weeks ago when BT carried another article about MAM not having her academic qualifications to practise Law .

    That original article MAM legal team complained about is still up on the BT website !!!!

    What does tell the average reader ???

    That MAM is in hot …….PAMPALAM !!!!

    That suits her right !!!

    Her slime ………BACKFIRED !!!!!

    She threw a PEBBLE at Dr. Lowe ………but a BOULDER is heading her way …..!

    Stay tuned……!!!!!


  • Lorenzo

    I realised you getting jittery

    Listen to the link above and rest assured the Pegasus Hotel tapes are coming !


  • Ann November 11, 2017 at 8:32 PM #

    Do youu know what you are talking about?


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