The Phartford Files: Agenda for a Third Party Part 2

Submitted by Ironside

In part I of this discourse, I indicated that there is room for a third party in the psyche of the current Barbadian society. I also set forth the contours of a basic strategic communications approach that a “third party” can adopt.

May I digress here and rebut the commentators who say that we should not talk about a third party? That position is based on the notion that the DLP is dead, principally because of its 30-0 defeat at the polls.

Realistically, that idea, predicated as it is on the current state of the DLP, is at best sensationalist; at worst, dangerous to aspiring third parties. It is also foolhardy because in the FPPS (first-past-the-post system) system, technically all it takes to win is one more vote than the opponent. The implication is that analysis of the 2018 polling results will show that DLP still has strong residual support and therefore, will not die from its wounds.

Whether we want the party dead or not is irrelevant. That is just not how things of this nature work in Barbados. There is reason why we are often described as a nation of diehards! Moreover, we prune plants and they produce more, cut down trees and they grow back. So those who wish the DLP dead are engaging in wishful thinking. If you feel like calling me a DLP supporter for saying that, go right ahead…knock yourself out! Cold!

Not Without a Vision
So, a serious third party cannot take that foolhardy position. The strategic goal of a third party or coalition of such parties, as I envisage it, is to be in one of the following positions at the end of the 2023 election, in order of descending preference:

1. Have a majority of seats and therefore, form the government.
2. Have sufficient seats to make it infeasible for any other party to have a majority without the third party’s seats.
3. Have sufficient seats to form mathematically, at least, the official opposition

I leave my fellow hyper-nerdic bloggers to do the maths in their comments, as I am sure they will.

Whatever the statistical analysis, when (not “if”) either of these situations occurs, it will be an exciting time in Barbados; history will be made. It will bring out the best and the worst in Barbadians. There will be jumping and shouting, wining and dining, bitching and cursing, fuming and fretting, wailing and gnashing of teeth!

In many ways, it will be a Phartful Emancipation Day!

Then, as we always do, even if painfully slowly, we will settle down to a new reality and get on with the business of managing the country for the good of all Barbadians. That is the bottom line, pun intended.

So the 64 million dollar question is: how do we get from here to there?

Strategic Focus
The first and most critical thing is to challenge the incumbent party with proposals at which it will balk to implement but which will find great favour with the masses of Barbadians. There are two such proposals. I will disclose only one at this time. I am not trying to hide anything; I simply want to leave something in reserve for the third party when elections draw near.

My proposal is this: challenge the government to pass legislation NOW to initiate a proportional representation electoral system. I know, you heard me talk about PR before. True. But notice the approach…issuing it as a challenge to the incumbents.

Of course, the third party must make it a major plank of its campaign and convince the public, that if elected, it WILL pass such legislation. If they win and pass the legislation, they virtually guarantee themselves seats in the 2028 election, because of the proportional representation system in effect, ceteris paribus, of course. It would then be virtually impossible for there to be a repeat of the May 2018, 30-0 “bloodbath”.

Now, I can envisage how the BLP and a revived DLP will react to this proposal but in order to keep this article short I am going to leave room for my fellow commentators to help elicit some of these possible reactions.

‘Pieceful’ Concurrence
In the meantime, I wish to recognize some similar and collateral tactics put forward by fellow commentator “Piece the Legend”. His ideas are founded on the same strategic plank: challenge and pester the incumbents with proposals that are high value to the masses but which the incumbents will be hard pressed to implement. In strategic marketing, we call it a “harassment strategy”. Below is a relevant excerpt from Piece but you can read the original at the hyperlink that follows:
What the PdP has to do is reach out to these entities with invitations and then ask the government for assistance for example with leasing the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford venue for the function. The BLP will refuse it, IN WRITING, and the PdP will just announce this.

It’s important for the PdP to deliver things WHILE THEY ARE IN THE OPPOSITION, and for those things the need financial assistance with reach out to the BLP and if you get the resources ITS YOYR DELIVERABLES but if you dont, broadcast that too. It costs the PdP nothing to orchestrate these outreaches WHICH, IF THE BLP REFUSE TO PAY FOR, OVERTIME, SHOWN THEM TO BE PETTY AND FEARFUL.
Looking Forward
A break up of the two-party system looks more and more feasible but we have to stay on point. Whether it is one third party or a coalition of third parties fighting the 2023 election is irrelevant. The important thing is to break the two-party system domination. Therefore, there are three things we have to do from here on: 1. Focus! 2. Focus! 3.Focus!

127 thoughts on “The Phartford Files: Agenda for a Third Party Part 2

  1. @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    Have a Great Day as well in the Diaspora

    Your comments are ALWAYS NOTED!

    We few who speak up behind these feeble pseudonyms HAVE ALL REASON TO FEAR RETRIBUTION AT THE HANDS OF THE POWERS THAT BE.

    Bajans, for the most part, have no backbone!

    Let me explain that controversial statement BEFORE THE CUSSING BEGINS.

    we have had a parliament opening with 5 criminals being invited.

    Show me one Commissioner of Police, one Priest or Reverend Atherley, one Union Leader, including Caswell, one Educator, one Governor Beneral, one Political Party Leader WHO HAS GONE PUBLIC ON THIS WICKED ACTION BY MUGABE MOTTLEY!

    NOT ONE! in fact check out the jobby articles that Grenville Phillips writes BUT THEN AGAIN, he is not a politician leader!

    No citizen SHOULD HAVE TO FLEE THE PROTECTION OF THE CONSTITUTION OF BARBADOS and blog under a pseudonym using the shadow of IP address concealment while fighting for one’s country.

    But, Theophillus, that is incredulously the virtual and physical reality that we are fighting in!

    We have been acclimatised over all these years to accept that THE VERY PEOPLE WE VOTE INTO POWER, now are our masters AND WE CANNOT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THEM!


    In one single instant, the PdP levels the playing field!

    You and I dont need to tweak NO PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION MODELS if we can recall a dufus WHEN WE THE PEOPLE WANT!

    THIS IS ACCOUNTABILITY and this is what breeds True Transparency!!!

  2. @ nextparty246 November 9, 2019 10:17 PM

    (1) Excuse me, but what is the exact logical connection between the following:

    +++Again, it is an interesting idea, but it needs better definition.+++


    (2) I asked this question before, but the only response was pdp hate. So let me try again.
    We have not been well served by past politicians etc???????

    Every day, companies large and small have to communicate their offers to markets both domestic and foreign. Moreover, every day teachers have to break down complex topics to present to students. Hopefully you were a beneficiary of that same process at school, if you remember being there!

    If you do not understand that any idea, service, ideology no matter how complex, can be communicated to peoples, markets, whatever, please take up an appropriate course in communications. Make sure you pay attention to persuasion. For prep, go and study the case of Cambridge Analytica. Clearly you are lacking in domain knowledge here and nothing I say will change your understanding!

    For an intelligent person you are beginning to show early signs of MRM!

    I don’t give a rat’s claw whether “We have not been well served by past politicians etc”. You can get bogged down by hate and rumours of hate but I have no such time. I am a strategist who has leveraged my education by learning how translate theory into action a.k.a implementation, in order to excel. Analysis is necessary, but “paralysis by analysis” and over-intellectualization do not earn dollars or win elections! Stop asking empirical questions and ask the people themselves. It is called research! .

    Stop listening to some of the pharts on this blog who are just having fun because they need a past time or can’t get it up again or have lost the fire in the lower regions of their anatomy. This is, unless you fall into that category. They are playing with you, man. Figure it out!

    “Fear hath torment!”

  3. If there isn’t a single “opposition” party which seeks to call the BLP to account then my surmise is none of them are serious about representing a different view inside or outside Parliament.

    The PDP is of course the exception!!

    It is bound to observe the status quo by virtue of its origins.

    Of course, it is possible that none of them believe the Constitution has been breached by the BLP and GG and that it does not need to be defended!!

    They have thus reached a consensus with the PDP.

  4. John:

    Some articles are written weeks and months in advance for rigorous scrutiny. Our next one is is such an example, by pure coincidence.

    We gave Atherley our support because we believed him. He swore that he would not start a rival political party. We believed him, not because he is a politician, not because he is a Bishop, not because he made this promise with his wife, sister and family around him, but because we believed that he feared God.

    The Bible on which he just swore an oath to the Governor General was still warm from his hands. We expect witnesses would likely tell the truth by making them swear to tell the truth with God as their witness and judge.

    We were a resource to Atherley as long as he kept his promise – regardless of the invalidity of his appointment – wherever we can help, we will. However, something evil must have corrupted him to make him break his promise to God and the people of Barbados.

    Based on the typical responses of pdp candidates and supporters on social media, that evil has now been exposed.

  5. @John November 10, 2019 10:59 AM

    If there isn’t a single “opposition” party which seeks to call the BLP to account then my surmise is none of them are serious about representing a different view inside or outside Parliament.

    What do you believe the losing parties can do about the results of the May 24, 2018 election? A similar clean sweep was recorded in the last two elections in Grenada and there was nothing the oppositions parties could do.

    The best advice you can give Grenville is target marginal seats, select candidates and prepare as well as possible for the next election. Remember the the DLP only contested 16 of the 24 seats when it won the government with 14 seats in the 1961 general election.

  6. A similar clean sweep was recorded in the last two elections in Grenada and there was nothing the oppositions parties could do.


    Grenada is not Barbados!!

    … but what you mean is the opposition parties did nothing!!!

  7. The Bible on which he just swore an oath to the Governor General was still warm from his hands.


    Listen to Reverend Joe’s words at the Governor General’s House immediately after he swore his oath to her.

    Watch his eyes and his expressions.

    The GG was taken for a ride too even though she was a Justice of Appeal on the Court of Appeal.

    She has more for which to answer than you could ever have.

  8. John
    November 10, 2019 4:48 PM

    A similar clean sweep was recorded in the last two elections in Grenada and there was nothing the oppositions parties could do.
    Grenada is not Barbados!!
    … but what you mean is the opposition parties did nothing!!!


    It is extremely rare.

    Twice in the same country suggests something fishy!!

    Amazed no one has suggested that possibility here.

  9. @ Ironside

    I had earlier provided 4 main strategies for the PdP


    That task has 4 target audiences

    (1).the citizenry and voters – both local and overseas
    (2).the domestic business community – regarding their investor confidence AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT
    (3).the international community – development agencies, regional government confidences, bilateral aid providers and 1st world governments
    (4).Building Empathy among the BLP itself

    I had under Step 1 spoken of the Power of Recall and also mentioned ramping up some court cases against the BLP and DLP both in Parliament as well as in the Lawcourts of Barbados by leveraging the Auditor General’s report.

    Step 2 is building confidence in the PdP within the domestic business community

    The PdP has to understand the nature of an individual business vis a vis a collective of businesses.

    If the PdP approaches Brankers Hardware Store, Mr Branker might be hard pressed to support the PdP for fear of BLP reprisals!

    However, if the PdP was to pursue consortium funding where several companies were asked to support a Coalescence Project e.g. a project on *** where the beneficiaries numbered some 5,000 residents, then Brankers and the other 9 companies WILL NOT BE AFRAID TO PLEDGE THEIR SUPPORT.

    *** is a winning initiative and IN ADDITION TO THE OBVIOUS BENEFITS FOR 5,000 PEOPLE, if the BLP WERE TO STALL THE ***, that is 5,000 votes or thereabouts that will be affected by Mugabe’s spiteful mindedness!

    NOW IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ANY DENIAL OF ANY PdP project is directed to Mugabe Mottley because she must been seen as the person who is causing 5,000 or however many beneficiaries, to be suffering and losing out.

    THE **** TYPE PROJECTS must only be game changers because the business entities WILL NOT BECOME INVOLVED WITH ANYTHING LESS

    And, to sweeten the pie for these companies IT COULD BE A STRATEGY TO FLOAT “FUTURE CREDITS” TO THESE COMPANIES where $$$ spent at today in *** WILL TRANSLATE IN *** CREDITS under the new PdP administration that would be reliable in ***

    Obviously de ole man ent gine say what *** is but…

    Corporate Barbados is generally a cadre of parasites for whom “corporate responsibility ” is how much money is going in our pockets.

    I gine talk bout de rest soon

  10. @ Ironside


    De ole man gine go Tzun Tzu pun you here.

    “…the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field…”

    The PdP does not have the deep pockets OF THE INCUMBENT GOVERNMENT OF THE MUGABE REGIME!

    What it has to do is overcome Mugabe WITHOUT FIGHTING to use aidiko-like moves to nullify the Mugabe bluster.

    It must bring workable deliverables to its constituents where every person sees themselves as winners UNDER THE PDP!

    In fact what the PDP brings must be new, innovative and compelling.

    It must be brimming with HOPE! BUT DELIVERABLE HOPE!!!

    De ole man can craft those Deliverables for them.

    Bajans hate 30 to zero.

    And therefore, as a fellow above intoned, the PdP must target the marginal seats (ergo 24 seats maximum) AND DELIVER A SERIES OF MEASUREABLE PROGRAMS IN THOSE CONSTITUENCIES

  11. @Piece the Legend November 10, 2019 8:37 PM

    I think you fail to see the dilemma the PR challenge will present both the BLP and DLP. You need to think it through. I will NOT spell it out here.

    Neither will I spell out how “power to recall” might work under PR for exactly the same reason you gave!

    P.S. I will make myself available for pro bono consulting AT THE RIGHT TIME.

  12. @John November 10, 2019 4:54 PM

    Listen to Reverend Joe’s words at the Governor General’s House immediately after he swore his oath to her.

    Watch his eyes and his expressions.

    Should we be calling in Cambridge Analytica (or what is left of it) here ???

  13. @ Ironside

    It’s not that I contest the wisdom of PR in the grand scheme of Barbados politics

    What I am saying is that IT DOES NOT HAVE THE SEX APPEAL OF The Power of Recall for the Bajan Electorate.

    I am not seeking to make the policies of voting become an academic matter.

    I am making sure that the PdP wins.

    And we both want that dont we?

    Bajans are too slow to grasp PR in one year!

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