James O’Rourke: A Slap on the Ass – A Slap on the Wrist

The question many continue to ask – why did a British man James O’Rourke receive a reprimand and discharge from a Barbados court for slapping a woman on the ass.

The second question – why the obvious biase coverage by the Nation newspaper declaring the headline Visitor: I was saved by CCTV.

632 thoughts on “James O’Rourke: A Slap on the Ass – A Slap on the Wrist

  1. https://barbadostoday.bb/2019/06/19/you-dont-own-her-magistrate/
    “He was warned to stay away from the woman and placed on a bond for 12 months. If breached he will have to pay a forthwith fine of $1,500 or spend eight weeks in prison.”

    If you read the story, you would see that the magistrate had tough talk but delivered a gentle pat on the back.

    I believe that in the O;Rourke case the the tough talking but lenient magistrate was a woman. In the case above, the tough talking and lenient magistrate is also a woman.

    Perhaps, it is not about race or tourism but is a matter of class. It is clear that some op the educated class have little or no empathy for their abuse sisters.

    I call upon Donna, to lead the march to Parliament.

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