Simulated Incompetence

Is Barbados trapped in a vortex of incompetence?

Chief Education Officer – Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw

In light of today’s fiasco which went horribly wrong at the Springer School earlier today the following comments posted by the blogmaster on the blog Education Transformation – Substance or Smoke? to which Bush Tea replied are instructive.

@Bush Tea

When a society and by extension people lack confidence in the leadership, there will be negative consequences. We can discuss, distill, slice and dice these proposals all we want but if people lack the confidence and complementary self esteem, it will be an academic exercise.

In the land of the blind, a one eye …

@ David
It is not that people ‘lack confidence in leadership’.
There is NOTHING that Bajans would like better than to have leaders in whom they can have confidence.

The problem is that the people lack COMPETENCE in leadership…. and even with the most expensive PR in the world, the most rancid of their yard poultry is being forced to lose confidence…

A bunch of emotion-driven ‘leaders’ appealing to party loyalty can only go so far…. Even Santia has now fallen into the trap (with that ill-advised speech a few days ago).
Clearly, these are TOUGH assignments – requiring WISE leadership….

…and Boss, ‘WISE’ has ONLY ONE origin…..

Education Transformation – Substance or Smoke?

Implementation of projects and activities will sometimes go wrong; milestones have to be changed because additional resources maybe required, events outside the control of project management may occur and so on. However, under successive governments and especially the incumbent, the label that Barbados suffers from implementation deficit has grown.

There is one example the blogmaster likes to use to define the ineptness of successive governments starting from the Tom Adams era in the mid-1980s. No it is not the government of the day ignoring Auditor General reports. It is how we have allowed the Zr/Minibus subculture to take root. To the extent it has compromised our once orderly society. An orderly society that differentiated Barbados from Jamaica, Trinidad and the others. In was a characteristic in the 80s which encouraged immigrants from other islands to flock to Barbados to enjoy our quality of life. This is no longer the case.

Here is the question.

If the government cannot bring order to the transportation sector that is responsible for a negative subculture- we see it on our roads daily- where are Barbadians to be infused with the confidence that the largest Cabinet in the history of Barbados can be a successful agent for transformational change?

It is no secret the blogmaster for years has always adopted a cup half full outlook. In recent years it has become difficult to maintain a positive outlook with the level of inertia and incompetence being visited on the people of Barbados by elected officials. The irony is if a general election were to be held next week a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) would probably be reelected.

Here is another question.

Is Barbados trapped in a vortex of incompetence?

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  1. I am seeing a number of fundraising events scheduled within the next few months.

    Is this money getting to those who in need or is this a new form of panhandling?

  2. “No one knows when the items went missing. It could be days; it could be months but when the alarm was raised the door was discovered unlocked,”
    He said fingers had been pointed at vagrants who frequent the surrounding areas.

    Who is responsible for security of the Parliamentary buildings?

    Vagrants: The usual suspects

  3. @not enuff
    It was my intention to respond to your long epistle and refute the ‘new’ points that you made. But now I see that he has repeated the same points but padded them with more words.

    On Digital IDs
    ‘Not enuff’ points out that $4M was wasted under the DLP administration, but fails to tell us that this exercise has already cost $10M. And I must add that is only for Phase I. We have double the price and we are almost at the same place. Does that make them twice as incompetent.

    Watch how cleverly the minister glosses over his failures by introducing the word Phases into the discussion. Now we can have a thousand Phases instead of 1,000 failures. They are incompetent but not stupid.

    Watch how ‘not enuff’ strips the Trident ID of its magical powers. His words: “Firstly, the Trident card which 230,000 people have signed up for (90,000 were awaiting collection back in January) and people are lining up to pin is not the same as a Digital ID card.”

    Don’t get caught by his/her the sleight of hand. Remember this phrase “If it walks like a duck and talk like a duck then it is a duck”. The Trident card with all its magical power would have the same function as a digital ID. Instead of delivering on their many promises, they have turned to wordsmithing to make their many failures disappear. I have often said that “we ar men of words and not men of action”. ‘Not enuff’ and the minister are proofs of how true those words are.

    On Justice
    Enuff again “Secondly, I said the Supreme Court building; nothing I said mentioned the Criminal Justice System (CJS), though when your SC building is leaking etc. and there’s no accommodation for the court to operate that will affect the CJS”.

    Sir/madam, I do not give a rat’s ass about how many new buildings they put up. As far as I am concerned, each new building is money in some friend’s pocket. My concern is the quality of justice delivered to a poor and rusty black man like myself. You can continue building monuments to put your names on and to fix your place in history and you can continue to run scams with your builder friends, but I am unimpressed. D

    Deliver justice; return truth and honesty to our courts; let there be justice for all. Politeness does not allow me to tell you where to shove your monuments.

  4. Are we going to do this?
    Number 2 stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
    Who me?
    Yes, you?
    Not me?
    Who then?
    Number 3!
    Number three stole the cookie from the cookie jar


    • Man U let go shot at the Bs and don’t know what u talking bout

      U unintentionally strengthening enuff point
      But u can’t see in.

      Yuh lost as in dint have a clue

    • U told enuff u would respond appropriately then took about two days to go off ratassing about New buildings etc (hitting at Mia )
      Enuff never mentioned anything about a new building.

      Now u said u care about just for the poor black man
      Do u care if the Supreme Court is functioning? Reason ?
      Do u care if more judges ar appointed? Reason
      Do u care about the efiling? Reason

      Now u don’t have to post ur answers as I don’t really care. Remove the jaundice from ur eyes and evict Mia from ur brain and u may be able to read, understand and respond (more) appropriately instead of irreverent ranting

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