Choking on Mutton

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II
Draft plan of new National Stadium

In 1966, the Government or Barbados wanted urgent temporary stands at the Garrison to accommodate spectators of our Independence ceremony. Barbadian Engineers designed the prefabricated reinforced concrete stands which were constructed just in time. After our independence, those stands were dismantled and became part of our National Stadium, where they have stood for the past 57 years.

It appears that China has offered to demolish our National Stadium and rebuild another – as a gift to Barbados. That would seem to be a good thing. In underdeveloped and desperate countries, anyone opposing such a gift would likely be publicly criticised, ridiculed and persecuted to appease their Chinese benefactors. But we are not an undeveloped country.


In a developed country like Barbados, the Government should consider whether such gifts are in the national interest before accepting them on our behalf. The question that the Government must ask before accepting any gift is: ‘Is this a Trojan Sheep?’ A Trojan Horse is designed to harm a nation militarily. A Trojan Sheep is designed to harm it economically.

Some Trojan Sheep are obvious. If China gifted any of the following services to Barbados, the Government would immediately find them offensive. Further, local professional associations would kick-up dust at the brazen attempt to trick us with such obvious Trojan Sheep that are clearly designed to starve local industries into bankruptcy.

a) Chinese lawyers must do all commercial law cases and leave the criminal law cases for Barbadian attorneys.

b) Chinese dentists must extract all molars and premolars and leave extractions of the remaining teeth for Barbadian dentists.

c) Chinese accountants must provide accounting services to all large and medium sized businesses and leave accounting services of small businesses for Barbadian accountants.

d) Chinese surgeons must do all major surgeries and leave minor surgeries and amputations for Barbadian doctors.

e) Chinese mechanics must service and repair all trucks and busses and leave car maintenance for Barbadian mechanics.


To understand the relevance of these examples to the National Stadium, two issues need to be understood about the construction industry. The first is that Engineers, Architects and Contractors normally need to work on a similar project within the last five to ten years to qualify to tender on that type of project.

The second is that many small Caribbean countries only have one national: airport, seaport, stadium, gymnasium, referral hospital and major highway. Therefore, opportunities to work on such projects are not common.


When the Grantley Adams International Airport’s terminals, which opened in 1979, were being constructed, the work was divided into over 30 separate construction contracts. This allowed Barbadian contractors to tender, and get the work-experience necessary to pre-qualify them to work on other airports in the Caribbean for the next ten years.

When I was a project manager of the Kensington Oval’s design, we divided the project into separate contracts to allow as many Barbadian Engineering and Architectural companies as possible to work on that project. That pre-qualified them to work on other stadiums in the Caribbean for the next five years.


If China really wanted to give us a gift, then they may give us the funds with specific conditions. They may specify that all imported materials must be sourced from China, and provide close oversight and approval of each design and construction stage before funds are disbursed. But they should not disqualify Barbadian Engineers, Architects and Contractors from designing and building Barbados’ National Stadium.

Currently, the Trojan Sheep appears to be designed to ensure that Chinese companies will have no competition from Barbadian or Caribbean companies in the design and construction of stadiums in the Caribbean. China has built stadiums in: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Dominica, Jamaica, St Lucia, Grenada, and Suriname. Our unsustainable debt seems to have made us the next ripe low hanging fruit.

If the Government’s deliberate aim is to secure the Caribbean construction market for China, by automatically disqualifying Barbadian Engineers, Architects and Contractors from tendering on projects, then they should accept, slaughter, cook – and choke on that mutton. If that is not their intent, then they must renegotiate the terms of that ‘gift’ so that it is not a Trojan Sheep – or say ‘No thanks’.

Grenville Phillips II is a Doctor of Engineering and a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at 

158 thoughts on “Choking on Mutton

  1. While our point of departure must be that the writer has a measure of expertise in this area and article, which vastly outstrips ours.

    And having previously urged that matters within the writer’s skills, competencies and capabilities should be the ones written about as is the central theme of George Lammings’ teachings, as a firm philosophical position, comveys an authenticity consistent with higher learning.

    It would be no less than hypocritical to not reckonize this factoid, like many here serially do. Notwithstanding, that even such a writer has been previously deemed to be a hypocrite.

    A hypocrite in a world where one cannot agree with Mia Mottley on the IMF business, early on, but disagree with her on almost everything else since. Until now it seems.

    Is this hypocrisy or is it about the war rhectoric about trojan horses or trojan sheep. Yes, the Chinese are not perfect. But they do what they promise and in a hard- nosed fashion expect their partners to do similarly, without lame excuses, which represent national ethos in Barbados.

    However, there has to be a universe where countries are free to have development models which suit them, derived from their own culture. Indeed, that’s the very nature of the projection of soft power. Beggars were never choosers.

    The Chinese built the gynasium a few decades ago and there was no need for this mealy-mouthed general operational structure a beggar nation would have sought to impose on them.

    As far as we are aware there were no issues of costs overruns, and the like, which bedeviled all mega-projects in Barbados and elsewhere. In any event, even if they were, they would have to be dealt with by the government of China. It may well represent a superior cost-benefit structure for Barbados to so guarantee the absence of costs overruns, internal political considerations, and the like.

    Indeed, that China wants to have its business people do the work is not at all unique. Almost every donor nation invariably insists that their corporates benefit from such projects. When Barbados gets money from the Americans or Europeans a similar structure is involved.

    As someone who knows, the Chinese have their system. They do not run down behind any country to deal with them. And are imbued with the national determination to take a pass if any country would want them to deviate from their development model to the extent where an unbalanced model is to be accepted.

    In total, this article, although within the wheelhouse of the writer, is predicated on a militarism hatched in the West and propagated by CNN which is designed to stop the rise of China, as irrational claims are made by minions.

    We suggest that the architects, engineers, and others imbued with the ideas of obeisance to the Western ways of being should seek the help of such masters. For with them there shall be no trojan horses or trojan sheep, in like minds, at least.

  2. Dont understand the narrative, ya TIEF the money over decades ALL AH DEM…, not you Grenville..

    .. then have to beg for a gift of a stadium….no reason for complaints or regrets, ya tief the money remember, tief not want/need not.

    See the problem i have with complainers…YOU SAT AND ENABLED IT, allowed it to happen all those decades, said NOT ONE WORD…did not EXPOSE the crooks and their human rights disabling corruption STILL WON’T …what good is saying anything passively now….

    I dont have Pacha’s skill of scholarly literary finesse..wont even try, this is what you will get.

  3. As a performance theatre, Team Barbados has been doing poorly in sports like they are trying to lose, like they really mean it. Lose like you live, with all your heart and soul.

    The draft stadium plan looks like an open field with a fancy stand and a roof on one side and a smaller open stand opposite for the poorer other half of spectator class.

    The best deal proposal (tender) to undertake, or manage the undertaking of a construction project on the table will be accepted and China’s funding and building project fits the bill. This should be balanced out with a cheaper local alternative such as a more natural open air field of sports dreams.

  4. @GPII
    The Chinese operate THEIR way. A project which may otherwise cost $100M, they can build for $50M.
    They are not about providing locals with employment or tolerating cost overruns or dealing with local unions or precedents. Or providing local contractors with a pre-qual resume.
    They will use their professionals, their workers, their equipment and their materials. If you don’t like it, say no thanks, and build it another way?
    China rose to Int’l prominence by building/manufacturing anything at a lower cost than others. Companies don’t locate there because it’s more expensive?
    When all is said and done, Bajans know China built the Gym. Do they know who paid for the airport or Spring Garden Hwy?
    There are some very logical reasons for how they operate.

    • The Chinese built Queen’s College also. We can’t debate these issues philosophically or academically given where we are today. We have the weight of heavy debt on our backs which the pandemic made heavier. While carrying the weight we have to find ways ti continue to engage in institutional strengthening. How can we do that given current conditions?

    • David:

      Was QC a gift, or did the Chinese have to compete with Barbadian contractors? I think the latter. The Chinese were allowed to tender on several projects in Barbados – that we all had to pay for.

    • You are correct Grenville, if the blogmaster’s memory is correct, China State Construction was very active in Barbados at that time. There are s a reason why that company successfully outbid many at that time for major projects.

  5. So, why do we need a new stadium?

    Why did we spend multiple fortunes on Kensington for the World Cup?

    Why did we need a gymnasium?

    How many gymnasts have we produced since we got the gymnasium?

    How many athletes has the old stadium produced?

    … and what has happened to our cricketers? … any Garry Sobers of late?

    Look, the only athletes we produce practice, train and perform overseas.

    We don’t need an ffing stadium!!

    • Does one measure the usefulness in a stadium my your yardstick? What about the process/journey to achieve the best that one can be? When the young see the infrastructure does it help to energize them with a feeling the leadership of a country cares?

    • I agree. Its a white elephant. We have more important things to invest in…like education in programming, stem and promoting business opportunities for black bajans in the African continent.

  6. Grenville is casting pearls to swine here.

    Beggars who are cursed with inherently mendicant minds, are unable to appreciate the national human development aspect of the moot.

    The traditional Euro-centric albino-type colonizers subdued us vi et armis and turned us into chattel for 400 years… we are now barely seeing an out..

    True….China never set a military foot against God’s people or occupied a square mile of our land, HOWEVER, this oriental brand of colonizer uses an even more astute form of subjugation that is economic, and it has been particularly effective against materialistic mendicants – like we have become…

    China’s tactics are so effective, that they now outdo the original slave-masters at their OWN game. China practically OWNS the USA…and the other albino types… by employing this economic weapon…

    Grenville is calling for a level of maturity and SELF-RESPECT from Bajan leaders that is tantamount to asking the Devil to do good deeds….

    But we just wants MONEY… any kinda money, at any kinda cost.

    So rather than learn from our 400 years of suffering, that justice and FREEDOM is linked to dependence on GOD, and on our OWN self reliance, we run from one colonizer to an even more effective albino-centric operator.
    It is not that we don’t have the competence and resources, but that we have TOO many thieves and incompetents in authority.

    MUCH easier to get ‘gifts’ from China… more in the kitty to be stolen – perhaps ‘North West Construction’ will be revived to complete the steal buildings…
    Brass bowls will be brass bowls, and they seem to be well suited for use as ‘topsies’….

    • @Bush Tea

      Come down, a pragmatic approach is required at this time. This is not the time for nebulous stuff…lol.

    • Pragmatism is the main motivator for many people who become prostitutes…..
      Moral and self-respect issues often seem to lack a pragmatic approach.
      Bushie wonders how you advise those under your care to set their priorities?
      It is much easier for your daughter to accept a gift from a smiling, willing stranger than it is to sacrifice and scrunt for a year or two…. how do you advise her to go…?

    • @Bush Tea

      You viewed the video of teenagers scuffling with the police on Friday night because they were shutout from Teen Mass fete? There is a very pragmatic way to deal with it don’t you think?

    • David:

      It is not nebulous. You simply do not understand Construction. We will lose significantly much more than we will gain.

    • @Grenville

      You like the blogmaster are entitled to have different views. The question on the table is how do we find money to build a stadium given our current financial state. All agree a stadium is needed as part of a relevant youth development program, how do we finance it.

  7. NorthernObserver on July 18, 2023 at 7:07 AM said:
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    The Chinese operate THEIR way. A project which may otherwise cost $100M, they can build for $50M.


    The other 50 million is left over to grease palms and buy things like votes in the UN in support of China’s positions.

    Even the President of the United States of America has been bought by China, what you think will happen here?

    • Or build another elsewhere, a two for one?
      POTUS? You mean the entire country. And the USA, and others, are spending billions in subsidies to attract manufacturing, away from China because their input costs are too high.

  8. Mandarin has the most native speakers in the world. As China’s economy grows, the language is rising in popularity, so why not learn Chinese …

    learning Mandarin will give children ‘significant’ career boost …

    • Children should study as many foreign languages as capable. Particularly the Afrikan Kiswahili….mother tongue.

  9. @ David
    There IS a place for people in this world who are willing to sell themselves for the right price… after all it takes all kinds…


    • @Bush Tea

      The issue with your position is that you never anchor in the reality of what is before you. Trying to implement impractical solutions will never work so what is the point? Operating in a system of man made constructs (secular) necessitates the application of practical solutions at times. This is what being pragmatic is all about, human values is always a moving/soft target to be a sole measure of action taking:

    • Speak for yourself Boss….

      REALITY is a spiritual concept.
      Temporary, physical existence is but an illusion, designed a PROJECT with very specific, and temporary objectives.

      If you don’t get THAT, then no point in our arguing…

  10. Bushie

    You are quite right. There is no room within pragmatism for moral considerations.

    And those you consider themselves pragmatists, of any type, are basically saying that there is no ‘moral minimum’ for them.

    Of course, you are absolutely wrong about the Chinese. We urge you to dispense with misconceived notions and revisit these issues.

    We’re not asking you to become Chinese are blindly fall in love with them. Just to dispassionately revisit your understandings about China.

    • Pacha
      Bushie LOVES and highly admires the Chinese peoples.
      Even their economic and engineering global thrust has been nothing short of a joy to a bushman heart.

      Compared to the history of the Euro-albino-centric Empire’s selfish, greedy and materialistic approach to Jah’s peoples, China’s has been nothing short of honorable.

      BUT when you KNOW the actual POTENTIAL of Jah people, and you see instead, begging, poverty, subservience and NO self-esteem…

      How does a Bushman not get vexed as shiite??

      Anyway, Isaiah has explained the WHOLE sequence being unveiled…

      – God himself chooses a set of black brass bowls designed to shine like the sun.
      – Brass Bowls CHOOSE instead to wallow in the jobby of materialism and falls prey to the masters of materialism
      – These materialistic masters behave like they made themselves (when they are but tools being used to fix the chosen) for generations..
      – So a DIFFERENT set of materialistic masters (China /Russia) will be used to teach the albino-centric ‘bad-boys’ THEIR lesson in reparations (coming shortly to a news network near you)
      – Finally some of the brass bowls will AWAKEN (a precious few) and a NEW global dispensation will be built – upon the principles of LOVE and Righteousness

      No need to believe Bushie OR Isaiah…. just hang on a few more months / years…. eg avoid the covid ‘vaccine’ LOL..

      Behold THIS generation shall not pass before these are fulfilled…

  11. To say that we have done poorly in sports is quite distant from the truth.
    Under the most trying circumstances we have produced world class body builders and weight lifters, who trained in back yard gyms.
    We have jockeys all over the world. We cannot ignore our world draughts champion. Cricket speaks for itself. Many of our young footballers are securing overseas contracts. In women’s cricket we have produced leading players. We once dominated table tennis; we also did quite well in cycling. We have in recent times seen progress in badminton, car racing and surfing.
    Our athletes are gaining strength.
    It’s amazing that we have done so creditably without any truly cohesive sports program and an embarrassing lack of facilities. Boxing is a perfect example. We also had some success in lawn tennis. I remember a few years back one of our players qualified for the US open. A Barbadian is in very high office in international tennis.
    We once had a superb national football captain , who was a bell man at a hotel. An American tourist almost fainted when being introduced, on a social occasion, to the gentleman.
    It was asked: How can your National football captain be working lifting up bags.
    And it is known that our athletes who do well overseas always reflect and praise their local coaches who got them on the way.

  12. There is a place in this world for Barbadians to feel at home
    It is called Alkebulan “mother of mankind”

    (Romans called it “Africa”)

  13. @ Bushie
    “ BUT when you KNOW the actual POTENTIAL of Jah people, and you see instead, begging, poverty, subservience and NO self-esteem…”
    Well put ! We cannot have any serious discussion without alluding to the above.

    • Knowing our history, our ancestry, the FULL STORY.. there was absolutely no reason for this in the last hundred years, but craven politicians with the stench of wannabeism caused it.

      Marcus Garvey tried to show them, and later Kwame Ture and others, all banned from the island while they cultivated and perfected the art of begging, borrowing and depending…

      ….comes the 21st century and that’s still all they do while KNOWING for decades now that it’s EVEN MORE UNNECESSARY today, given what I and others have found out…..and that’s why NONE of them or their supporters can be trusted.

      I would release them and put them out to sea, them and their dependants let them finally know what independence and standing on one’s own two feet and fending for themselves is, let’s see if they still run around in laziness shopping for slave masters…..begging/borrowing breeds too many scams.

      They were in the right environment for decades to figure certain things out and didnt…the plight of the 11plus mind.

  14. Bushman…despite the last few months of turbulence during transition, it took me all of a few days to realize what they missed in 30 years of being an employee of Empire..because that was not why they went there, or would have seen it clearly RIGHT AWAY…they better figure it out…that’s the bed they made.

    ..i dont do conflicts of interest…and they and i are not friends no connection and the two will never meet..

    The blame lies solely with them as we well know, others can fool them selves otherwise and keep on depending…that too is a choice.

  15. The existing national stadium is a disgrace. Now we have seen the design for the proposed new stadium designed and to be built by our Chinese friends. What do the BU family think?

    Which fool would propose in their brief that it was unnecessary to provide an adequate roof to protect all spectators from the elements: rain and sun.

    Which fool would propose a stadium with minimum seat coverage. What of the capacity of the stadium? I would be shocked if it could fit more than a few thousand spectators.

    The proposed NATIONAL STADIUM is the sort of thing one
    would see at a small provincial backwater location.

    Where is the ambition of our leaders? How in the name of the father do they expect to allow this design to become our national stadium. What a disgrace!

  16. The proposed stadium in the photo is already obsolete. This is how we operate in Barbados and explains why we will always remain an indebted people.

  17. More rubbish. Cricketers are some of the richest Bajans in Barbados. Leh dah sink in. No stadium? The government needs to build a stadium. Build a stadium, we don’t need one. John white right?

  18. TLSN

    Look up the word PHASES in the dictionary. As usual, nothing good to say. Some of the same structures exist in your perfect country.

    • Enuff
      Bloggers would RELISH the opportunity to say something POSITIVE about what your BLP people are doing…
      But, what good is there to be said – about shiite?

      At EVERY turn, you and yours seem to represent begging, pleading, groping and borrowing.

      Every National Asset has been pawned…

      The BEST you can promise the youth is a pick in a hotel as a waiter or accountant.

      You run to the Dutch to fix leaky pipes – while appointing incompetents to the BWA Boards..

      You run to China to design, finance and build Steal houses and now a Stadium –
      all this when we have architects, engineers, builders and millions in bank savings – looking for investment.

      Why don’t YOU lead us off with a ‘feel good’ story – other than some shiite about some idiot wukking up at crop-over…

    • @ David
      Thou should not tempt an adopted son of the Great Father…. LOL

      Free? THAT what you want…?
      “What sweeten goat mout..”

      Did you think that the Chinese ‘gifts’ are free..?

      …so did the USA and Europe back when they smiled at the cheap quality goods, and when all their manufacturing went East to ‘benefit’…
      Now their leaders are going East …to BEG for mercy…

      Latest was Mia’s pal Jan Yellen…. BEGGING in vain that the US dollar be spared…

      Don’t you get that Grenville is talking about DEVELOPING LOCAL TALENTS… perhaps so that a brilliant UNIQUE stadium design – BEST SUITED FOR SIDS could become a global niche market for a set of innovative local professionals

      ..for example?

      Yawn… Lord, give us strength!
      …and deliver Bushy from temptation….

  19. Living in a grey cold cloudy miserable Concrete Jungle,
    I can see the beauty and charm in underdevelopment

    Must be somewhere (sweet life) to be found (somewhere, somewhere for me)
    Instead of a concrete jungle
    Where the living is harder (in a concrete)
    Concrete jungle (jungle)
    Oh man, you’ve got to do your best, yeah
    No chains around my feet but I’m not free
    I know I am bound here in captivity
    And I’ve never known happiness
    And I’ve never known sweet caresses
    Still, I be always laughing like a clown

  20. Bushie 1:41

    As a general argument weee agree!

    For a free stadium is not going to make an iota of difference to the degenerate political culture in the country.

    Beyond bragging rights cum next silly season.

    It makes it worse!

    And this culture extends to business, all areas.

    That a woman who won an unprecedented 30 -0 twice can do no more that pander to the same people in the same ways certainly tells us that we’re again going nowhere fast.

    For until the country can find a way to make a living which does involved the unacceptable behaviors described by you ‘the eagle gone ….. all gone’.

  21. Bushie

    There is no correlation of local forces which could successfully build out such a project without cost overruns, political patronage, inordinate delays, quality issues, and the like. Not at this time. If you disagree, tell the blog the exception to this rule. Where has this been done?

    • Pacha..
      You are correct.
      ….unless this is changed URGENTLY, all hope is lost.

      For all his faults, Grenville is someone who has the balls needed to execute such a project in the face of the political skullduggery that PERMEATES our business landscape.

      …and who can break the back of this local ‘Steel Industry’ led by our politicians and lawyers.

      Certainly none of the regular suspects (such as Malmoney) would even consider such a mission…

    • Bushie
      I know you like GPII real bad. But, I don’t think this is one of his better observations.
      The precedent here, is not getting pre-qual resumes for local contractors. but the fact the Chinese have done this several times before.
      ac would tell ya the horse done bolt.
      The coffers empty, who else offering freenesses? [ok nothing is free, but]
      If MAM went and got another new loan from whomever to build a Stadium, you would be vex as shiite and complaining. Because you know it would be a corrupt parade. GPII isn’t in control. And he would eventually complain about the numerous no bid contracts let.
      Not that you care, or should, but your side of the aisle near empty.

  22. Just saw a comment stating:

    “Karma never forgets an address.”

    And with so much deserved retribution…it’s a foregone conclusion.

  23. “Too far gone.”

    That was the punchline of a joke that made the rounds in my salad years, it involved a man who went to a doctor looking for a remedy to a problem he had and when the physician recommended a drastic solution the man demurred, at which time the doctor proposed a seemingly easier fix but the result was the same as if he had taken the dire step. At which time the doctor said, “too far gone”.

    GP11 leans into the fable of “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” let me step into another one, GP11 is aspiring to be the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike trying to hold back the raging waters. I don’t see anyone else willing to step up to the plate with a matching gift thus the Gov’t no doubt would have been familiar with the phrase “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” and will jump in with both feet while shouting “how soon can you build it”? The “Flying fish stadium” has a nice ring to it, similar to the Birds” nest stadium” (another one of China’s creations) but while it wouldn’t host an Olympic event it could certainly host regional games and if you build it, they will come. Can’t see anyone having a fit about the name except maybe Trinidad which may be trying to soothe their Tobago brethren feelings (after all de flying fish belong to we)

    Back to the original point, China is so deeply immersed in Bajan affairs that any notion of refusing the gift is “too far gone”

    BTW when is the opening of Wyndham scheduled?

    • @Sargeant

      You mean Sam Lord’s Castle?

      Now publicized as 30 September 2023, another Chinese construction job.

  24. @David
    My point exactly, the Chinese have been involved in construction in Barbados for years why balk now?

    • @Sargeant

      Grenville seems to be saying the country missing an opportunity to feed local talent with the project. How is this possible with a brokeass government?

    • Wrong David. I am saying that with Caribbean countries only having one national stadium, doing one would pre-qualify that nation’s professionals to do others around the Caribbean and farther afield. It is not like houses or commercial buildings where they are plenty of similar projects. We only have one national airport and one national stadium,

      Allowing the Chinese to do it automatically disqualifies all Barbadian Engineers, Architects and Contractors – so the country does not benefit from future earnings from such projects.

    • Hmmmm, that would only be true if the majority of other Caribbean countries built from their ‘pockets’?

  25. If you don’t set the parameters of any relationship early, then you must be prepared to live with the ensuing results.

    Too late (shall be your cry)

    • @ Enuff,
      You barely pass comment these days. May I presume that you found my words too close to comfort. This neanderthal way of the government tinkering and ruining the nation must be brought to an end.

      @ Bush Tea,
      Here is a very interesting movie that was shot in Grenada and Barbados. You will recognise parts of Barbados. The film also takes you into the master’s plantation house at what I assume can only be Farley Hill or Grenade Hall Plantation House. A house which was built by slave labour. Take a look at the mahogany antiques probably built by the same slave labour.

      Now we are dependent on the China man to build for us.

      Enjoy this film classic:

    • Bushie

      Yuh sent muh to thee devil to complaint bout Satan.

      Is he not the man talking about a project breakdown structure in bite-sized pieces just large enough for the local boys to digest?😇

      In these circumstances, how would you deal with the “ex gratia payments” central to the system?😜

  26. Mysterious mistrusting Bajan’s can be sceptical about “gifts”..

    it is probably the same logic that DLP used were they were offered a couple of seats in the senate and said they would take it court..

  27. Paaha…everyone…love to share GOOD NEWS!!!!! There is finally a filing in Florida for the entire gang of Thieves in Barbados….jammed packed with names…lawd…

    Check out 789 Whatsapp group for the names of defendants..rocking.

    • I know who have them, and will ask to view. The filing is real. Dont mind the top page of names, corrections have to be made and can be done after. I noticed some names were missing and asked a question. This is something should have been done years ago, as advised. Maybe this is the right time…..there is more..

      The filing number is on the dicument…easy to check.

      I suppose other plaintiffs will and should attach…John???

  28. Waru

    This has been long in coming. But amazing that citizens of a titularly sovereign country would have to go to the emperium to seek redress for systemic criminality at the centre of the lawfare and government. An empire itself far more corrupt.

    But weee need to see the court docs. For if it is real, this writer shall join the class action as an injured party.

    Such cases against governments are normally heard in the southern district of NYC. That court has an ability to seize national assets. Then again empire itself will not be long to fall.

  29. I will share your comment with the holder and get back to you.

    People were begging for DECADES for integrity legislation, seeing one of the fowls talking about it’s being looked at this week at or some rubbish like that. ..too late MF…they gloated, boasted and ignored the people…for way too long.

  30. There is now the seizure legislation passed by Prince Donald a few years ago…i believe all the courts are now so empowered under that new law…to seize.

    I have a copy of it somewhere about…when i come across it, will shoot it over to you.

  31. David
    on July 18, 2023 at 2:40 PM said:
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    You mean Sam Lord’s Castle?

    Now publicized as 30 September 2023, another Chinese construction job.


    Where is the water coming from to feed this monstrosity?

    Somebody or rather somebodies will have to suck salt.

  32. This is why it’s sometimes wise to lurk in the shadows. Mia and Barbados have for a number of years courted a high moral profile that has essentially chided the values of western countries. The Bridgetown Initiative has upset a number of powerful countries.

    We may now see the rug been pulled from under her carpet.

    Donville’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment was perhaps the canary in the mine that focused the cross hair on Barbados.

    Waru’s “incoherent” ramblings over the last week should have warned as that she was aware of some breaking news’s story. Good ole Uncle Sam!

    Have a great day Barbados.

  33. I saw Island in the Sun when I was a boy in the 60’s.

    I heard it was filmed in Barbados so used to think it was about Barbados even though much of it did not ring true to me.

    None of the characters really rung true to me and besides, in those days Westerns and War movies were what I liked and this film I found downright boring.

    I considered it boring as I considered musicals at the time.

    My family used to get together on Saturday nights at my grandfather’s house and one of the highlights was showing a film on a movie projector rented from Gittens and Company.

    Every now and then the film would break and had to be spliced.

    It is only now that TLSN has informed me about it being filmed in Grenada that I looked more closely at its origins.

    It is more about Grenada and the rise of Eric Gairy to prominence in the 50’s and 60’s.

    I remember at school in the 1970’s the troubles Grenada had with the Mongoose Gang culminating with the appearance of Maurice Bishop.

    Funny, in that period there was a parallel with Gairy and EWB in that EWB was being exposed for corruption culminating with him losing to Tom in 1976.

    The BLP has carried on the corruption.

    EWB was smarter than Gairy and was able to steer clear of censure from the British Government in the 60’s but it may have been more likely that sugar saved EWB’s ass since the Barbados economy was booming in the 60’s when EWB came to power and the UK had an insatiable appetite for the product after WWII and the rationing that followed.

    Gairy did not have the economy Barbados had back then.

    Long term EWB was more destructive to his country’s interests than was Gairy.

    If you watch these two West Indians you will see the same left wing ideology that was promoted in the film.

    Island in the Sun may have propelled the advance of Eric Gairy. It came out in 1957 so it may also have promoted Castro and Cuba.

    Hollywood was going left in these days as was evidenced in the McCathy era which begun in the late 1940’s after WWII.

    I skipped through the link TLSN provided and can see the left wing tendencies in the plot.

  34. It will be interesting to watch how the RICO case in Florida pans out.

    My bet is that Russian money coming through London in the early nineties has been the cause of the attraction of many of the attorneys at law to the dark side, Chinese money too.

    Money uses real estate to be laundered.

    It also seeks “stable” financial institutions regardless of whether it is clean or dirty.

    Money will corrupt regardless of country.

    It will be interesting to see if the racketeering case against this current lot will meet the requirements of Forum Conveniens and is heard in Florida.

    One thing is sure, if the plaintiffs are able to tie the defendants to Florida and criminal acts have been committed in Florida they should be toast.

    Seems like a long list of defendants.

    • I complained that names are missing, should be longer.

      John…there is evidence that these grevious incidences started as far back as the 1920s and evolved dangerously so over time, got even more sophisticated in the last 30-40 years….if everyone enjoins the suit, every descent over the last 50 years, it will be a long haul.

      This is long overdue. Many have passed on and their descents live in horrible poverty today….it’s now generational if their properties are not returned.

      Just imagine losing a sizeable inheritance and your family left to suffer because of the unscrupulous and greedy, who am i telling that to, right…

      then there is no recource because of evil enablers and facilitators..who laugh at victims, they dont think i saw them lsughing, but they are so wrong..

      while the supreme court is too corrupt with nepotism to function..any other place and they would all lose their lives or beaten senseless. …the anger would flow…

      TLSN…that was just frustration, but they have to allow me to tell it how it should be told….no matter how “rambling”….if they decide they are telling it and have no idea what they are telling concerned parties would want to know, WHO gave them permission…lawsuits are easily triggered….so they may as well sit this one out…they got bigger issues to deal with….a whole government compomised…and the information will be sent everywhere…..fame…that should concern them even more..

    • Do people understand that the entire legislature, prominent members of the bar association and the entire judiciary, not to mention the cabinet of ranking members are named in the filing, let that sink in…am sure they made history in punching above weight class…..someone should contact the guinness book of records to confirm..

      Maybe that’s why it all sounds so familiar to John, they are in his filings too…..with more added in each individual case. A real road show.

  35. National Front Nigel Farage is a Big Fat C to the U to the N to the T

    Looks like his Bum Chum the Twump Monster will get got shortly for his explicit Jan 6th 2020 shenanigans

    Oh what a shame

    Emperium is a term generally referring to a powerful form of iron used in metallurgy. It is also often associated with the highest level or rank of authority and power in a civilization, typically used when describing ancient empires and their ruling figures.

  36. Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Rerserved.
    on July 19, 2023 at 5:53 AM said:
    Rate This

    Do people understand that the entire legislature, prominent members of the bar association and the entire judiciary, not to mention the cabinet of ranking members are named in the filing, let that sink in…am sure they made history in punching above weight class…..someone should contact the guinness book of records to confirm..

    Maybe that’s why it all sounds so familiar to John, they are in his filings too…..with more added in each individual case. A real road show.


    The closest I have got to filing a case against officials was in 2011 and 2012 when my mother filed three Constitutional motions against the Attorney General. The DLP was in at the time. The complaint was that she was being deprived of a fair and speedy trial.

    The Constitutional Motions remain to be heard 12 years later and are part of the 22 delayed cases some dating back to 2002 and 2003.

    She also filed a Derivative Action against the AG in 2007 over the compensation the Government owed Kingsland Estates Limited regarding the land at Kendal Hill which was acquired by the GOB, where Kooyman is now located.

    GOB abandoned the acquisition in 2013 and Massy purportedly bought the 16 or so acres from Kingsland for 20 million.

    Funnily enough the court in 2001 and 2002 had determined that Kingsland was impecunious and that her approximately 1/7 share value of the 1041 acres was $857,100.00 insufficient to cover the $1 million the Court of Appeal ordered her to put down for it to even hear her appeal.

    Like her brother, Colin Deane described above, Kingsland had given her an undertaking and associated indemnification when she and her siblings and parents had conveyed 1,133 acres to Kingsland on a cashless basis.

    Guess the attorneys at law and the court were all concentrating on share ownership and did not remember the encumbrance the undertaking placed on the land of an impecunious company.

    Anyway, a bank, FCIB, lent $31 million on the land.

  37. National Hero and Bajan Treasure Rihanna should perform the inauguration ceremony with a free concert

  38. In passing we see one referring to clean and dirty money. There are no such things!

    This represents a way of seeing the world in Manichaean terms.

    The truth has long been that money is money. Neither clean or dirty.

    Examples, the Afghanistan poppy trade increased from near zero, with the UN giving the Talaban government a citation for poppy eradication, to a war in the country, to Afghanistan being the chief supplier of opium to the world with more than 100,000 US troops on the ground since 2003 circa.

    There are many stories.

    Florida itself was, and up to now, built on drug money. All of it! It’s remarkable that their courts are being called upon. A place where Bajans love to have their second homes.

    The CIA has serially used their favorite drugs barons in Central and South America to sell drugs, launder money, and the like. And everybody knows this.

    Need we go on!

  39. “There are many stories.”

    During prohibition alcohol was illegal
    Crime Syndicates provided the product
    Gangsters protected the product and money from robbery

    When alcohol was legalised after Prohibition
    Police and Courts protect the product and money from robbery

    Likewise Holy Herb was illegal
    now it is made legal the Police and Courts protect product and money

  40. The Russian Federation is again making mutton of NATO’s canon fodder in Ukraine.

    For in the last 24 hours another 800 Western-backed Nazis where destroyed.

    With the much vaunted counteroffensive in the dust, the Nazis, what is left of them for the RF has killed over 350,000 since the SMO started with another 1.2 million injured to varies degrees, the remaining Western sponsored fascists, Banderites, thankfully, are now singing to their supremacist lord ‘nearer thy god to be’.

    The RF has overnight devastated the Odessa Port, closed the Black Sea, and have formally withdrawn from the Grain Deal because of noncompliance by the West for this is what the White supremacists do. For them only others must comply with agreements they themselves signed.

    Along the front line, except up north by Liman etc where RF troops have made significant gains, the position ante holds. With Ukraine being severely beaten back and in 7 weeks are not even able to break though the ramparts ahead of the RF first line of defense, and there are four.

    Watch out for big arrow assaults. Watch out!!!

  41. Someone sent me this that was going around on Whatsapp.

    “A man walked into Dufry Bridgetown armed and greased up and robbed Sure pay. He also made an attempt at a Jewellery counter and couldn’t break it. On running out our main doors a patrolling cop on Broad Street shot him down. No staff were hurt, just shaken up by the incident.”

    • Allow the blogmaster to ask Andrew Bynoe the same question posed earlier. Has the private sector in Barbados demonstrated any initiative to assist with constructing a national stadium? Has Andrew Bynoe been part of any initiative to encourage fellow captains of industry to assist?

      We should be building National Stadium ourselves

      I HOPE THE Government of Barbados would rescind its decision to accept as a gift, the building of the National Stadium by the government of China. We are missing a fundamental aspect to our graduation to Independence 56 years ago, if we are happy with ourselves, begging our way through life. We would have had then, to believe in our capacity to earn our way.
      Emancipation Day celebrations, highlighted by beautiful speeches and ancestral gyrations, mean very little if we do not dedicate ourselves to carrying our own oats.
      I was ten years old when my grandfather said to me “a horse that will not carry his own oats will starve or beg”. We have no right begging. Fifty-six years later, we should be past that.
      The stadium donated by the Chinese will always be the Chinese Stadium. We will be forever paying homage to the Chinese whenever we pass Waterford. This will be the unintended consequence, jabbing at our psyche.
      We are better off finding the money to build our National Stadium ourselves.
      Where is our resolve? We are yet to emancipate ourselves.


      Source: Nation

      When former Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley floated the idea for all citizens to donate was it $10 to a national lottery was there support for the idea by the BCCI and others? Talk is very cheap.

  42. Yolande Grant. -- African Online Publishing Copyright. (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha….check your inbox…..for receipt. Will have a full read later. All i can say is they all look too sweet…damn.

  43. David
    on July 20, 2023 at 6:16 AM said:
    Rate This

    Allow the blogmaster to ask Andrew Bynoe the same question posed earlier. Has the private sector in Barbados demonstrated any initiative to assist with constructing a national stadium? Has Andrew Bynoe been part of any initiative to encourage fellow captains of industry to assist?


    Sports is no longer a Barbadian thing.

    Bajan youth don’t like the hot sun.

    Childhood obesity is the way forward!!

    Private sector would invest where the returns are, food.

    This sector is thriving I am sure no one can deny.

    What is the use of a new stadium?

    Why would anyone in Barbados with any sense invest in it?

    If it is ever built, we should build it because we want and need it.

  44. Talk is NOT cheap… PARROs are…

    Too many Bajans are past MENDICANT and lacking in self respect to appreciate the point that Mr Bynoe is making.
    Quite simply, you are EITHER man enuff to stand up on your own and meet your BASIC needs ….
    ….you are nothing but a brass bowl beggar, PRETENDING to be a man, while secretly being laid prostrate (like Petra) by the REAL albino who is running your affairs behind closed doors.

    Bynoe runs businesses that employ hundreds of Bajans. Why the hell should he build a stadium too?

    Why don’t you ask the BOA what they do with the millions in FREE lottery money that they have received EVERY year for eons now…

    What has the Sports Council done with theirs?

    The REAL problem with Barbados is not the shiite politicians and leaders making the shiite policies – which are mostly designed to produce kickbacks…
    It is the many, mendicant, shiite, citizens who have ZERO self esteem, and who can therefore demand no more from the lousy policy makers.

    • @Bush Tea

      He is a member of civil society, the same group he is asking to rise to the occasion. He can help to mobilize support, this does not mean he has to build anything. He is a retailer, buying and selling need you be reminded.

  45. A special tribute to Jamaica’s Pride
    The original “pocket rocket”
    Shelly – Ann Fraser – Pryce
    World and Olympic Female Sprint Champion

  46. @ David
    Perhaps you should consult with the ‘original David’ more. He got it!

    Bynoe is NOT ’of the same group’ he is addressing.
    He RUNS a successful business. He is not a servant of some albino or foreigner like most of us.
    His family invested HEAVILY in green industry – only to be huffed by government officials (most likely due to them being offered inadequate bribes). He is FEARLESS to speak his mind publicly – like only about ten other brass bowls bout here…

    No wonder he sees things differently!

    Look up the Stockholm syndrome…
    BB Victims get to the point where the world ONLY seems right to them, when their long time masters keep on calling the shots… and being their ‘benefactors’.
    Why the Hell should the Chinese determine what is an adequate stadium for Bushie? The Gymnasium has been mostly white elephant – too expensive for most sports needs…

    When a people reach such a point, DEATH is the only real solution.

    When Pacha keeps calling for the ‘mushroom penis’ to be unleashed, it is against the background where the people who REALLY matter are hopelessly “Stockholmed” …

    • @Bush Tea

      The blogmaster’s comment should not be taken as an attack of Bynoe. It is because he is a successful businessman because of superior leadership the weight of responsibility is greater. If you are broke and have to depend on others for assistance/support others will obviously have a say. Allow the blogmaster to repeat for you, BARBADOS IS A BROKE ASS COUNTRY.

      …and this is not for lack of resources, talents or opportunity, BUT BECAUSE OF A MENDICANT LACK OF SELF ESTEEM, and the absence of astute LEADERSHIP.

    • @Bush Tea

      Let us agree on your above.

      Let us accept this is the current state of affairs.


      How do you anticipate the above informs our decisions going forward as far as improving physical infrastructure as in this case building a stadium?

      No nebulous or amorphous stuff please, discrete solutions given current issues at play.

    • No nebulous or amorphous stuff please, discrete solutions given current issues at play.
      This is not even a worthwhile challenge, since so many rather obvious options immediately presents themselves…

      1 – Instead of idiotic political promises about ‘building multiple mini-stadia all over the place’ the Parliament should invite proposals to build out needed sports infrastructure for the country.

      2 – Interested bidders (including the Chinese, … and Martians if interested) then submit responses to the RFP, outlining their plans, and their bids to execute the projects.

      3 – After town planning review and public discussions, including brass tacks type sessions with the various proposers, a public vote is used to select the order of preference of the various proposals.

      4 – The winning bid is then awarded.

      5 – A condition of the contract from the very start should be for at least 50% of the cost to be raised by public shares to be raised on the local stock market.

      6 – As a PUBLIC project, Government should GUARANTEE an annual subvention (from tax payers) to make the facility available for Sports Authorities and athletes.

      7 – The ongoing operation to be managed by a voluntary Board which is configured for efficiency and professionalism, with appointees from Government (1), Sports Associations (3), Building Professionals (2), General Public (3), Audit Professional (1), Medical Professional (1).

      OF COURSE…
      Such an approach would NOT currently work, because of the challenges that would be faced in negotiating BRIBES during such a public process….
      However it is the simplest, and most practical approach possible.
      BTW, this is how it is generally done in mature countries where there is still a degree of self esteem…

    • @Bush Tea


      How does public voting assure the best option given the polarized swirling AND ignorance about technical aspects of such a project design?

    • @Bush Tea


      What would incent take up of shares by the public especially if in #6 there is meant to be a government subvention. The arrangement suggests there is no profit motive?

    • #7 appears to be a good idea in theory but aren’t many if not all of our sports associations manged by volunteers and last time checked all seem to be operating at varying degrees of chaos.

  47. “Allowing the Chinese to do it automatically disqualifies all Barbadian Engineers, Architects and Contractors – so the country does not benefit from future earnings from such projects.”

    In reality, if the Chinese did not offer to build it, these Barbadian Engineers, Architects and Contractors would still not be able to do anything apart from hypothesize and fantasize on the Barbadoes Underground, which is called a Stale Mate in the Game of Chess and the Barbadian Engineers, Architects and Contractors are just Pawns in the Game, so suck it up, son and get over it, move along, there is nothing to see here…

    • They are four stages of construction: design, build, maintain and demolish. If what is demolished is a singular national establishment, it will be rebuilt – and become an opportunity to prequalify the nation’s service providers.

      Did the Chinese offer to rebuilt it or did we ask them to rebuild? You may replace the word “rebuild” with the phrase “disqualify Barbadian construction service providers”. Then read your response and be better.

  48. KiKi
    You should stick with your dubs….

    Using your logic, we should invite China to send over 30 of their spare politicians to run our Parliament… since this is the source of all our policies and issues.
    We could ALSO invite about 10 honest Chinese Lawyers to displace the bunch of crooks currently in place, and to sort out our legal system in the next six months – and they would probably do it just for the challenge.
    Of course the crime shiite would quickly disappear too – after they execute about 20 brass bowls every day for a few weeks….

    If you can’t find and appropriate dub… just pass…

    • Bushie

      You seek to move the goal post with an irrational extension of a single project to several other segments of Bajan culture.

      Soon you shall be arguing that the Bajan built stadium in China was more impressive😅

      The truth is, and has been, that until we find a better system for international equity in terms of flows, the balancing of these by repricing, and providing Barbados is able to exit this culture of being net recipients.

      There will be the unavoidable gifting to help poor and medium income countries.

      So instead of this irrationality of carrying Bajans to China to teach them how to underdevelop a country.😄

      You, of all people, should be seeking the new world which is possible.

    • Pacha
      …obviously you have mis-read the relevant post on which you are making these comments…
      Happens to Bushie too…

  49. Who can remember when the führeress was first elected. She envisioned a new Barbados with an influx of migrants balanced with her ringing encouragement of Bajans of the soil to migrate to find opportunities abroad.

    Her vision was transparent; she wanted a wealthier more upwardly mobile foreign population to take possession of overpriced property built on questionable land.

    Waru stated this criminality in Barbados dates back from the roaring twenties when Alcapone ruled and set the template for organised crime.

    And some of us are still struggling to understand why the Chinese are taking over in Barbados.

    The duopoly have destroyed the country.

  50. “Using your logic..blah blah blah”

    No, that is you projecting you own twisted logic..

    listen to what I say,
    there would be no stadium built at all,

    (unless Grenville Addidas or Nike sponsored one)

    Perhaps Grenville can set up a Go Fund Me page to collect donations for his project proposal

  51. We have always found Andrew Bynoe to be an idiot.

    But since he’s acculmulated some money with the help of the White people a certain set of hardwired mental structures can be expected.

    In this case, Bynoe the quintessential reactionary seeks to parch the present state of international aide flows by citing s set of people whose goods he may be selling everyday but the gifting of a stadium to the country is allowed to be a cause celebre, as a signal to the White people at home and abroad that he wid them.

    This is how the current state of international relationtions are emerging from this backward mentality of a house nigger with a few dollars.

    Like most before him we are willing to bet that as soon as he closes his eyes everything he’s built, even the memory of him, will be forgotten, and rightly so. For this will be the ultimate judgement of anybody so disconnected from self that the ancestors of others take centre of mind, a lived reality. A reality Bynoe has always sought to project.

    Certainly if the Chinese and the government’s rightness in such a relationship with them are to be criticized on these grounds Bynoe should be honest enough to interrogate the aide, begging and other one-way transfers from all other countries.

    He should be honest enough to compare the aide given by China with that of America. He should ask himself what has America or England or his White corporates ancestors similarly gifted Barbados.

    The nature of things require us to deify his kind of thinking. Even this Mia Mottley government itself is generally imbued with a thinking that those with money are somehow special. A firm tendency of a viciously pragmatic disposition.

    All this, even as Bynoe is no more that a medium-sized fish in a small pond. People who really have wealth, or the sources of wealth, not money cause money is transient, are of a different, even higher, breed.

  52. “He should ask himself what has America or England or his White corporates ancestors similarly gifted Barbados.”

    Due to slave farm breeding and sexual perversion to maintain slave stock,
    Barbadian’s ancestors in the prototype Project Barbadoes are Black and White mix ups

  53. UK are truly the Bad Guys as per History you mark my words.

    They are still full on rotten to the core and well bang out of order.

    The head geezer of MI6 says China is complicit in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and amplified ‘Russian tropes’ such as Nato being to blame particularly in places like Africa and Latin America.

    Not in my Name
    A True Christian
    A Man of Peace
    Can you concieve how much tax payers money could be saved and spent on social welfare projects instead of these damn forkhead prejudiced pussyhole spies and Illuminati World War agendas for weapons of mass distraction.
    The War Industry makes billions whenever there is War.
    This is Racism V2.0 in 2023 the same old shit same as it ever was.

    A Social Version (aka This a the Best Version aka None Shall Escape Dub)

  54. There was a time when BU was an easy read. But these days, I come here and leave with my head spinning. The only good is that my memory is failing because old age is catching up with me. If I understand or don’t understand I will soon forget.

    The Lord is merciful, yet he punishes with music from 000.

  55. Pacha, TLSN….do you think there is any steal in it..

    We know never to listen to dizzy fowls….the furst deak fell througj…billionaire errand boy never mentioned that..

    “News of the comprehensive investment package for Barbados was revealed on Tuesday in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by GAIA Inc., the Office of Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook Al Maktoum of Dubai, and Chilean company Agencias Universales SA, towards a new Public Private Partnership (PPP).

    The PPP is for the investment, development and operation of the airport, a hemispheric hub for cargo, expanded airlift and additional luxury hotel capacity.

    “If we agree to a contract in 90 days, we will be going to an interim arrangement at that point, and we can expect the first of two phases of the $300 million to start in about two years once all the planning and engineering has been completed,” chairman of Barbados’ negotiating team Professor Avinash Persaud told Barbados TODAY.

    “I know that sounds like a long time to wait, but you need to start right to get it right. Getting here has been exhausting.”

  56. Correction:

    the first deal fell through..

  57. “Perhaps you should consult with the ‘original David’ more. He got it!”

    “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”
    You have made this comment before and you’ll probably make it again
    At the last count how many “David Kings” are there?
    Is “David King” any relation to “Martin Luther King”?

    Yesterday PM you spake about the potential of “Jah People”
    But, it is “Jah Jah Children” who have the Spirit of God’s energy
    For example in The Children’s March 1963

    • At the last count how many “David Kings” are there?
      Perhaps as many as there are Bushmen…

      The First ‘King David’ was a simple Shepherd who was not afraid to attack bears, and who went on to achieve the HIGHEST accolade that is achievable in human life…..
      To be classified as ‘a man after Gods own heart’.

      Our David King is a man of similar stature. He has made a DIFFERENCE in Barbados and BEYOND that even he has not yet been able to comprehend.

      The current DK’s main failing has been his weakness for your mysterious posts and the associated videos…

      Bushie, of course, would have banned your donkey ages ago….
      Both you AND Pacha … if P insists on being a Kiki advocate..
      ha ha ha
      Bushie woulda murda song-boy Kiki….
      …wid his Jam Pan sounds…

  58. Oh no, I am really quaking in my boots from the threat of that Bu badman // extreme elder who is losing his wits and sharpness daily as we speak

    I have just wet myself…
    I had better do some push ups and beginner kung fu training like a Chinaman

    Look, oh Lord, they brought us down here
    Have us in bondage, right through these years
    Fussing and fighting, among ourselves
    Nothing to achieve this way, it’s worser than hell, I say
    Get up and fight for your rights my brothers
    Get up and fight for your rights my sisters
    Took us away from civilization
    Brought us to slave in this big plantation
    Fussing and fighting, among ourselves
    Nothing to achieve this way, it’s worse here than hell, I say
    Get up and fight for your right, my brother
    Get up and fight for your right, my sister

  59. Bushman…they could pretend as much as they want, cant as long as they like though….it’s all coming together just as it should..

    Dem int got nuh last laugh to get.

  60. Ah take it there will be no more gloating, boasting and preening going forward, the shitshow is no longer anything to be proud about.

    Once people understand no credit can be stolen …cause we know those who are too cowardly to open their mouths or show their faces, dont want to get their hands dirty, more confortable hiding and pretending are the first to jump out and take credit while others waded through the stinking filth of corruption and evil to do the dirty work so there can be a cleanup…and got attacked for their troubles….just saying…cause weee know nuff got shameless and convenient short memory.

  61. @ David
    Bushie is not here to plant ground for BB monkeys to run bout on…
    You asked for a proposal that makes sense …and you got one (of the many possible options).

    To ‘expand on item 1’…
    Obviously any build-out of major sports infrastructure requires more than just building a ‘stadium like a flying fish’.
    – Supporting parking and road works, mass transportation access, training resources and hospitality facilities (visiting teams), medical resources, Press and media resources, vending, storage capacity, mass sanitation resources…etc are all needed as a part of a comprehensive sport facility development plan.

    2- Public voting makes it into a ‘PUBLIC owned’ project.
    More importantly, it takes the decision from the hands of some joke politician (who knows no more about it than John Doe, but who may want to leverage the decision making power for political reasons.)
    The public don’t know squat -yet they get to choose our leaders… so why not a shiite stadium?

    3 Why would Bushie buy shares in the project?
    You can keep your money with Republic at 0.2%, while it is making 15% for the Trickidadians….. but not stinking Bushie. The Bushman will invests in well conceived local development projects… and such a major one that supports our youth is a good investment.
    Well managed sport is one of THE major money earners globally…

    4 Why a government subvention?
    To ensure that the NON GOVERNMENT Board does not get carried away with profit making, to the exclusion of the athletes and sports peoples, this reserves reasonable access to all such bodies as a public right.
    You would be surprised how much non-sport organizations are willing to pay to redirect a stadium for a church / political convention, fete, conference, rally, etc – while poor athletes are left to scrunt (like happens with the Gym now)

    5 – Having volunteers will not guarantee successful performance. BUT, It REMOVES the appointments from the hands of lackie MINISTERS….

    If the volunteers fail, their donkeys are EASILY replaced by better performers. Unlike POLITICAL appointees who are put in position just to get the $150 to attend meetings.
    Also, when Professional Organisations are being represented on committees, we tend to get a level of professional peer oversight that can only be helpful.

    Any more questions can be directed to Grenville (who started this…)
    As previously indicated, Bushie is already contracted to deal with such matters in a higher place…

  62. Pacha…another crucial document. Check it out…will read and digest later for the fine points.

    Frauds dont know when to stop.

    Despite the FILED claim being PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, easy to check out for existence….they still got their ignorant slaveminded fools spreading misinformation and outright lies….hopefully the dummy supporters get dragged into the mix too…that would be a real coup…taking out all idiots…in one go..

  63. Since “Choking on Mutton” has embraced different perspectives, it seems as though Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis signed into law, new standards for African-American history, whereby middle school students will be taught that slavery personally benefited Black people because they ‘developed skills’ as a result of being enslaved. Perhaps this is ‘making America great again.’

    • Waru

      This is tooooo lightweight we fear.

      “Pro se” in American legal terms mean a non-lawyer representing self, not a class.

      There are no set of universes that such a case against a nation of criminals, lawyers, as paraded, could have the foggiest chance of getting through the system successfully.

      Far less bringing these gangsters to heel. Somebody has to be willing to engage a heavy hitting law firm in America and be prepared to pay tens of millions to give this
      the expected profile.

      No half measures will do, we are afraid.

    • Who is Tyrone Eswith, Veria De Peliza and Altair Shepherd that on that list?

  64. I spoke about that and was assured there will be legal representation…there is a timeline to meet. I made sure to impress certain realities…will update you going forward..

    Pro se can onky go as far as filing…then “heavy weights” must rule roost. It is understood at the other end..

  65. When Obama was pres, Eddy Griffen wanted to do something to Michelle Obama.

    Now that Kamela Harris is VP nuhbody aint want umm.

    Certainly, neoliberalism capitalism and wokeism have given us the emptiest suit in Kamela Harris we’ve seen.

    And empire has had many, many , empty suits before. But Kamela is par excellence as an empty suit.

    This is the inevitable result of an extended rule of criminals. Biden, a man with cognitive issues, cannot even hide behind her, with her own mental issues, herself.

    So we have an Alzheimer’s patient running for a second term, while provably not in charge of shit, with a titular deputy who checkmates the ticket into a catastrophic lost as it cannot drop either her or Biden. In fact they’ve been hiding Kamela from the public. Such is the miasma empire faces.

    Let here our man Eddy Griffin again.

  66. We had warned this blog that Paul Kegame was a Western stooge like Mia Mottley.

    Indeed, one stoogie brought another to Barbados.

    Now it turns out that the United States has finally succeeded in getting a Black face to front an intervention in our beloved Haiti.

    Mia Mottley is a fooker.

    As Caricom is now, aided by Uganda and Rwanda leading an intervention force into Haiti. Uganda and Rwanda providing the muscle while Caricom leaders will provide background.

    It is Kegame and Ugandan president Museveni who are the Western sponsored criminals using their countries to serve as frontline states for Western corporations to loot the resources of The Congo.

    We warned the pragmatists that Mottley was dealing with Afrikan criminals but the spectre of receiving a pittance from Kegame, who is a CIA trained agent and is now personally worth 500 million was too good to refuse. That was deemed to be nostalgic. When the big deckie is unsheathed nostalgia will end.

    • Making yuhself high profile to appear all powerful, invincible and untouchable comes with high risks….and high profile scandals… yuh new partners KNOW they CANNOT TRUST YOU after all those SKELETONS started marching out yoh closets by the thousands recently…famous enuff.

  67. It’s only now some are starting to feel the embarrassment, and only because they cant TIEF from anyone else without getting EXPOSED EVERYWHERE…..they can kiss future thefts goodbye..

    What a Karma to manifest, all at the same time….and at the right time…..the best laid plans went SPLAT.

    They should hear what people are saying. ..

  68. Sometimes it is better to represent yourself and not have lawyers as you can say whatever you want, beyond what lawyers would say, and whatever you write and submit to court has to be heard and considered.

    But, the problem with Judges is they hold absolute power and are not held to account by anyone in authority and can get away with any conduct they want.

  69. “The First ‘King David’ was a simple Shepherd who was not afraid to attack bears, and who went on to achieve the HIGHEST accolade that is achievable in human life…..
    To be classified as ‘a man after Gods own heart’.

    Our David King is a man of similar stature. He has made a DIFFERENCE in Barbados and BEYOND that even he has not yet been able to comprehend.

    The current DK’s main failing has been his weakness for your mysterious posts and the associated videos…”


    OK so you are saying there is only one budavid after all and not a team of them and you are referring to another david who played the harp

    Now I’ve heard there was a secret chord
    That David played, and it pleased the Lord
    But you dont really care for music, do you?
    It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
    The minor falls, the major lifts
    The baffled king composing Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Your faith was strong but you needed proof
    You saw her bathing on the roof
    Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew her
    She tied you to a kitchen chair
    She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
    And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Well, maybe there’s a God above
    As for me all I’ve ever learned from love
    Is how to shoot somebody who outdrew you
    But it’s not a crime that you’re hear tonight
    It’s not some pilgrim who claims to have seen the Light
    No, it’s a cold and it’s a very broken Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah

  70. Pacha, William Bushman TLSN etc…audio has been posted to 789 whatsapp group about the lawsuit in Miamii Dade County re Barbados’ very fanous, notorious even, lawyers.

    ..i was hearing that the number of attorneys listed in the suit was now in the region of 100 and growing…famous enuff..more of the arrogant and uppity who believe themselves big bout dere on an islet to face some music….lol

  71. The women’s world cup has commenced. Yesterday, I watched the mother country who are currently the champions of Europe humbled by Haiti. They won on a penalty, however they were given an almighty scare.

    The match between France and Jamaica has just started. Jamaica look a decent team. Does Barbados have a woman’s national team?

  72. Did you tek a good look at de draft plan of de national stadium? Now I aint no arketek, but I could draw dat. What would gi me trouble is de hump in de middle, but I got a man dat can fix dat.

    Now I lookin at de size of dis ting and I asking myself “who builds a stadium that can only fit two people?”. And de answer hit me with de force of a 2×2 across me bak – “de same people that want nuff nu babies and 70,000 immigrants and don’t have watuh, land or food fuh who dey already”; Dese people don’t calculate dey estimate wid “Wha do ya think?”. Dey think de late in calculate mean getting de answer late (after dey dun mess up).

    But wait a minute, I looking at de far end of de draft and seeing some cheap seats? I hope dis thing aint cost millions because I know a man dat kin get we some iron seats cheap cheap.

    Dey call did thing a draft, but de fella in de cheap seats getting de full force of winds of de hurrican. He aint getting no draft.

    Well, if dey put this ding out for tender again, I gun submit a bid. Wunna gun get two humps, two sets of cheap seats all for de low price of $500K; You know wha, I gun throw in two walls to block de wind- no draft.

    Wunna aint gonna hear a word from GPII about my bid. Grenville! You out dey? You are on my dream team. Can you handle two humps?

    • “Now I lookin at de size of dis ting and I asking myself “who builds a stadium that can only fit two people?”. And de answer hit me with de force of a 2×2 across me bak – “de same people that want nuff nu babies and 70,000 immigrants and don’t have watuh, land or food fuh who dey already”; Dese people don’t calculate dey estimate wid “Wha do ya think?”. Dey think de late in calculate mean getting de answer late (after dey dun mess up).”

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good one.

  73. Bad news
    As expected, The Barbados Women’s team is not accepting trans women.
    Perhaps, in the not distant future …

  74. Whether or not Barbados has a female football team is a decision to be made by the Barbados Football Association (BFA), which is a private organisation.

  75. Defender of Little England on July 24, 2023 at 1:14 PM said:
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    Bad news
    As expected, The Barbados Women’s team is not accepting trans women.
    Perhaps, in the not distant future …


    They got Bajan women with more hair on their chest than most men … or at least they used to!!!

  76. West Indies bowled out India for 181, no Rohit or Kohli.

    Cricinfo’s assessment is as follows:

    “Well, the Broad news is quite the shocker, but there is still very much a game on here at Bridgetown. West Indies have a target of 182 in front of them, and they are up against an attack that knocked them over for 114 in the last game. The pitch has plenty the quicks and spinners alike, especially with a few back of length deliveries kicking up more than expected. Should be an exciting second innings.

    Huge piece of news coming in from across the pond at The Ashes: Stuart Broad will retire from cricket after the Ashes Test. We’ll take a collective gasp and be back for the chase. Stay tuned.”

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