The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has reconsidered plans to host this year’s Pic-o-de-Crop Finals and Cohobblopot at Kensington Oval.

This decision has been taken in light of the circumstance in which covering available for the protection of the field from possible damage is deemed to be inadequate.

Covering such as would be adequate has to be sourced from overseas and time constraints do not allow for this. As a result, both events will now be held at the National Stadium.

The decision to return to the Stadium has the approval of -both the Ministry responsible for the NCF and that responsible for Kensington Oval.

Al Gilkes

National Cultural Foundation.

Looks like the new Barbados Cricket Association President Joel Garner has put his foot down. The NCF attempt to justify Kensington’s existence has been bowled for zero!


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  1. why did the government wait until so late to veto Kensington as a venue for the finals and cohoblopot? Why create so much confusion in the 11th hour?

    On the other note, didn’t the business plan of the Oval get the green light from the PM because it would be used as an entertainment centre.

  2. This decision does not make sense to me. From the information available in the press there is the issue of the unresolved ownership of Kensington Oval. Until it is resolved my common sense tells me that the decision to host events should be with the Barbados Cricket Association. I am surprise that according to the Friday paper the decision to cancel the Crop Over events at the Oval came from the highest people in the country i.e. Barbados Cabinet.

    What is happening here?

  3. Kensington oval was never intended for BARBADIANS, did’nt our present prime minister show us all that, with the exorbiant prices of the world cup tickets.
    He continues to raise the cost of living but not the salaries of civil servants. Hope he is voted back in this year.

  4. My sense tells me the event of Crop Over at Kensington Oval was cancelled because the Government et al were threatened with legal action and correctly so.

    And let me add these thoughts to those of David Thompson above.

    Were I the average and TRUE, loyal and patriotic Bajan regardless of my color, status in life, were I a man or woman the degrading position the BLP Government under King Arthur has put Kensington Oval in would be the one single event I would throw him and his party out on when an election is called.

    Kensingto Oval was the Temple of World Class Cricket for decades where proud Barbadian and West Indian Teams dominated the sport, conducted clinics of World Class and professional cricket. And brought ALL Barbadians and West Indians together as one peoples clapping, shouting and beating pan etc. When our West Indian heroes made us proud. It was the Temple that united us all regardless of color or class to come together for the common cause of winning cricket supremacy. This is the type of united and comradery attitudes we need to again call on to oust King Arthur and his tyrants when he calls an election. No longer should we tolerate the BLP being bought into power by the rich and famous who have only one mandate. Rape our land, get richer and then leave the island.

    Kensington Oval is the single most important entity of our rich culture and heritage and to reduce it to a stadium that hosts events other than cricket is sacrilegious and an insult to every Barbadian Citizen. Kensington Oval, Barbadians, is about the last bastion of our rich culture, heritage and history and it too is about to be reduced to nothin more than being a landmark serving only the corrupt political needs of the BLP.

    Long live Kensington Oval and raise your voices Barbadians that the tyranny of this out of touch, corrupt Government that cares less about the needs of Barbadians, while at the same time is giving away our land and resources to the highest bidder from overseas WILL AND MUST END!

    They have recruited an army of traitors very carefully and selectively, to advise them and assist them with the sell out of our Native Home and Land to some who do not even know or care about the rich history of Barbados or the respected and honest leaders of yesteryear who put our island nation and its peoples on the map of the world. None more so than the great and honorable Barbadian Prime Minister, Errol (the Dipper) Barrow.

  5. My sympathy to the family of those who have passed away at that tragic accident at Joes River,and a speedy recovery to the injured.

    May we all as a nation take time to reflect on this sad incident and our lives and where we as a nation are going.

    Sundays – traditionally set aside for rest,family time, and for worship and service to God – has now been relegated to a day of wuk – up,partying,shopping etc.

    No time for God anymore in our lives as we are busy getting rich and enjoying life.

    Is it worth it barbados to gain the whole world,yet lose our souls?

  6. Anonymous~BU wish to also express regret at the tragic event which occurred at a time of celebration. The issue of reveling on Sundays is one that will always spark debate because the religious society which Barbados has known has long gone. The horse has already bolted!

    John Henry/Holy Cow~ whether we disagree or agree with the decision to host CWC2007 it required major upgrade to Kensington to met ICC standard. Again we think that you are operating in the past. Cricket does not represent the symbol or the bond which has held the West Indies together any longer. Its appeal is fading rapidly and from our perch the authorities are clueless.

    In our opinion the millions spent to host CWC 2007 was meant to guarantee Arthur an election victory. It must be said that even up to now we are not sure he needed to spend it. We await the DLP to awaken from its slumber, a vibrant democracy depends on it!

  7. David your comments are valid. But regardless of the millions wasted on Kensington Oval and regardless of whose standards dictated it, my point is this. Kensington Oval like Lords and other prestigious and historical cricket venues around the world to my knowledge have been maintained as a cultural and heritage site for cricket not multiple sports and events like crop over.

    There are plenty of other locations that can be used as is done in other countries to hold things like the various crop over festivities.

    Also think about this. What is the Government and you proposing be done with the Stadium? Is it going to be allowed to go to rack and ruin? I thought the stadium was built to accommodate things like events of crop over, sports events etc!

    Yes you are right about the DLP and I have said this to their faces. I would like to see a lot less talk in the press from their media sopkespersons every week and hear more from Mr. David Thompson, their leader and all of his candidates by way of Town Hall meetings.

    I would also like to see at these Town Hall meetings, issues that are of major concern to the majority of Bajans discussed and transparency shown in telling the people IF the DLP forms the next Government what and how do they plan to address these issues. I am not seeing enough of that! In some cases all of the issues cannot be clearly addressed but certainly many of them can.

    Bear in my mind Thompson cannot go out on a limb and say he will do this and do that just to make people happy nor do I suggest he do this. Because with the amount of money the BLP has spent over the past ten years I would say Thompson could well find the treasury cupboards bear and what then? You have to keep your eye on the ball.

    The DLP has to go on the offensive and keep it up until the last vote is counted. Having said that David I think you must also ask why is the BLP so quiet?

    I am told that the results of the election WILL BE CLOSE. Now if that is true the DLP has nothing to lose by going on the offensive no bars hold because if the election is going to be close I suggest the BLP has the best chance to win. Why?

    Most of the white population in Barbados wil come out to vote and most will vote BLP. And for the landed immigrant having the right to vote this is a big plus for the BLP. I say that because it was reported that within the last 5 to 10 years between 10 to 20,000 immigrants from the UK arrived in Barbados. If that is true it benefits the BLP more than it does the DLP.

    Topping this off and as you know as well as I do the wealthy will make sure there is no shortage of money in the war chest of the BLP to fund campaigning and they will also provide if required overseas expertise to put on a first rate Campaign as they alweays do.

    Therefore the hope for the DLP is in the masses and getting them to vote.

    David when I read the outpouring in the press about thew failure of the West Indian teams to win I dont think cricket is fading as fast as you might think. I would bet if the Windies ever got on a winning streak again look out!

  8. The quality and spectrum of Festival music in Barbados has now reached the point where the venue of the finals while somewhat important, should not be the defining boundary of an art form that was wisely positioned as more than carnival. The major events should now be produced for Caribbean and International audiences via the television and the Internet. This extension of focus and purpose will demand a change in mind-sets – Branding, Organizing, separation of writing, arranging and performing e.t.c – and provide a structure for performing and financial growth.
    In labor intensive productions- such as Crop Over- and if revenue from the venue is critical, it is almost impossible to make a profit without excluding price wise the very audience that we would want to be there, Now that we have the technological resources and the quality product, the choice of venue should be related to production, accessibility e.tc and not for revenue.
    We missed the boat three years ago when TUK was climbing all over the world without an owner. The question still remains,
    how long will It take Barbados to define, brand and package its Summer Festival? Or will we wait until a point of financial crisis and allow some outsider make millions. Of course we will then as usual cry wolf. We don’t need to look very far for an example, just remember Rhianna or 20/20 cricket

  9. Listening to radio now and hearing the utter disgust the band leaders at the Cropover Monday event they are ripping the the Police and total security the NCF it is a disaster area.
    Many band leaders are saying never again will they go thru this kind of bad behaviour and a lack of security with no cooperation from the police or army.
    Lots of violence on the day, the Minister of Culture needs to wakeup and get involved.

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