BU’s inbox has been inundated in the last 24 hours with requests to sign a petition calling for justice in the matter involving Demarco Gibbs who was beaten by for minors. Unfortunately the injuries sustained by Demarco left him brain dead.

The following words contained in the petition reported to have secured 10,000 signatures at recent count caught the eye of the blogmaster.

The laws of Barbados need to be amended to charge children as adults when they commit heinous crimes. Their parents must also be held accountable. The time for change is now!

Increasingly our small society once characterized by personable citizens has morphed into something opposite- defined in this instant as Barbadians prepared to swing the sledge hammer to crush the symptom  and mostly ignore the causal factor(s) that created the outcome. What does it say about thousands of adults; elders in a society willing to relinquish causal responsibility?

The behaviour – good and bad – manifested by minors in our society; in our charge, in the homes, schools and everywhere reflects on us ADULTS. What moral authority do we have to propose to treat children as adults within the boundary of our laws designed to protect?  By all means let us how to treat with debate parental delinquency but charging children as adult does NOT Rh compute in the mind of this blogmaster.

Recently the blogmaster traversed the Bow Road heading North and his line of sight was assaulted by the dilapidated state of the National Stadium. The state of the stadium did not deteriorate to its current state in recent years, it has suffered steady decline even ‘in times of plenty’. In the mind of the blogmaster a national stadium is integral to a vibrant national youth program.

There is the oft repeated phrase a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.  The blogmaster is prepared to extend the adage that an engaged youth represent future leaders. What does a cursory assessment of the appearance of the National Stadium point to where youth affairs register on government’s list of priorities?

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 18.44.58

National Stadium

The blogmaster is tired, tired, tired of connecting dots for some of you.



  • Demarco Gibbs, the ten-year-old boy who was hospitalised for the past four weeks in a coma, passed away tonight.
    His tearful mother Tricia Gibbs, told Nation News that he died around 9 p.m.
    Demarco was reportedly struck in his head on June 14 with a piece of wood by playmates.
    He received treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with serious injuries to the brain but recovered four weeks later and was sent home.
    However, he was re-hospitalised on July 16 and remained a patient in the ICU.
    Gibbs, 40, a mother of six, who resides at Richmond Gap, St Michael, has repeatedly cried out for justice for her son. She said four children, ranging in ages seven to 11, were responsible for inflicting the injuries.
    Police have since launched an investigation. (MB)


  • Condolences to the family. This is an issue for social workers, not for the police.


  • It’s sad knowing Demarco Gibbs succumbed to his injuries.

    I offer my condolences to his parents, relatives and friends.


  • Let us hope this tragedy serves to bring greater attention to the issue of bullying. It coincides with the reprimand of two 13 year olds caught on social media slapping two senior citizens.


  • It saddens me that this young man lost his life, possibly as a result of this assault.

    I know that what I feel can in no way compare to that of his relatives and friends. They have my deepest sympathy.

    Any action that possibly result in the death of someone is a cause for police investigation and action. May his family get the justice they deserve.
    I have criticized our courts in the past. I have accused them of hammering the poor and unfortunate. Let’s hope that regardless of who knows who, they can find the hammer this time.


  • A society dying from social decay
    Lets hold those responsible for such injustices
    Injustices that now have chokeholds in the lives of children and pressed knees in the necks of every barbadian
    Have a great day and enjoy yuh puddin and souse and rum and coke


  • Can you imagine being an older person and a young man slapping you around the head and running away laughing.

    What would make a young man think he has the right to attack a next person?

    What makes a young man think that such a display of disrespect is acceptable/normal/funny?

    I hope the officers gave the youngsters a few slaps around their heads…. then the call for social workers can be made.


  • If the laws of the land are not applied or enforced, then the laws of the jungle will become the law of the land…
    (Angry 👿)


  • A stranger who will slap you around your head in public, will rob you when you are alone around the corner. Let’s nip it in the bud .

    Have a great day.


  • We’ve had several examples over the past few years that should have brought “greater attention to the issue of bullying.”

    Recall the recently ended case, on June 9, 2020, in which 3 former students of Princess Margaret Secondary School who were found guilty of manslaughter in connection with unlawful killing of fellow student 11 year old Ian Gibson, on September 20, 2009.

    During his submission to the Court, Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Alliston Seale suggested the case, which he described as “a simple, but alarming case of bullying,” should be made “prominent” in our schools and used by principals as an example to teach students about the possible consequences of bullying.

    It seems as though bullying in the society isn’t being taken seriously. I’m aware, for example, of situations where, after parents have made several complaints about their children being bullied, they usually end up having to transfer them to another school, while the bully remains to terrorize new victims.

    Unfortunately, what will follow Demarco’s death is the usual suspects will come out ‘all teary eyed,’ looking sad, sounding angry……… making the usual rhetorical speeches; the ‘talk shops’ on call-in-programs, ‘The People’s Business,’ etc……… for the days leading up to his burial. After which, the status quo remains the same…….as we wait until a similar situation occurs to repeat the process.


  • The very thought of returning to the Caribbean and having some youngster slap me around the head for amusement sickens me.

    Hell NO! I would pay someone to f them up.

    I am willing to bet that they dare not slap everyone. Willing to bet it is some old man who looks poor, down and out. How do they decide which person they will slap?

    I am pissed.


  • excited post.


  • Gone unnoticed disrespect of the officers and the court.
    This big child is worse than some adults.


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