Stephen Lashley, Gimme $10.00

Members of the BU household love sports. As we type this blog we are congregated in front of the TV watching the Grenada Invitational. Those who cannot access ESPN 2 here is the link to the online stream.

The image above shows an emotional coach of the St. Michael School athletic program being comforted by principal of the school Dr. Yvette Mayers after being regaled as the 2017 Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Champion.  Check the beaming facial expressions of the athletes in the background. Does anyone doubt the positive effect participation and success in sport can have on the youth of a country?

While Grenada  just next door opened the Kirani Stadium today and is currently hosting 126 athletes from 26 countries. Our Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley is begging each Barbadians for $10.00 to refurbish the National Stadium. There is little need to prolix on this issue to state how we feel about the state of sports in Barbados.

The millions collected by the lottery every year -what do we have to show for it besides the bevy of officials who get to travel the world and stay at four and five star hotels including Minister Lashley? The ramshackle space that is the National Stadium is a sad reflection on where Barbados now finds itself.

The dilapidated National Stadium


194 thoughts on “Stephen Lashley, Gimme $10.00

  1. Why barbadians still looking towards govt to fund every thing as of now the kitty pot is all but empty due to bulging and out of control debt
    Why would barbadians not follow the example of those citizens in international countries who make an all out effort by use of charitable drives and telethons helped by s by private business to help in areas that are beneficial to the well being of society.please do not say it cannot be done as most barbadians would rise to the occassion if there is a need to help the most needy
    As a matter of fact such an ocassion arose when people gave of themselves to help those in drought stricken areas
    It is about time barbadians see themselves as people driven by purpose and not by self hate and criticism solely relying on those other than themselves for help.

  2. Why would barbadians not follow the example of those citizens in international countries who ……………………………………………………………………..
    What exactly is an International Country?

  3. Seriously AC….
    Would you ‘follow the example’ of a short man who got on TV and asked 200,000 people to put up $10 each – expecting to raise $20M….?

    Shiite woman, wuh if he can’t do a simple multiplication …you feel he could build a stadium?

    We knew that we were dead when it became clear that Stinkliar could not differentiate between 0.7 and 0.07 …. but NOBODY understood how dead …until they fired the old relic from the Central Bank for finally talking sense.

    …now we find out that Short Lashes can’t multiply…. we knew all along that you cannot think…. Freundel can’t stay awake… Kellman can’t keep his nonsense inside ……
    Some SERIOUS shiite wrong with the DLP yuh…!!

    Wunna don’t try and dig up that shiite that wunna bury on the Garrison….
    Next thing we will find out is that the quisling is the demon…..
    and the only one of DEM who can figure…

  4. Bushie
    As Bajans say you does kill people wild laff.Gimmudollar Lashes doing the dollar wine!No wonder we can’t get the expenditure and the revenue to balance.These Dems can’t do maths.


    As’s….look, not a dime for “Ten Dollar” Lashley…yall looking for 20 million dollars…ya thieves….not a dime. Ya trying to raise campaign financjng, ya are liars, that money is not for any stadium refurbishment, ya had 9 years to do that…. yall are decetful, fraudulent and lying.

    Robbing bajans for decades to elevate minority thieves and crooks and now trying to rob them again for ya selves….thieves……thieves……the money would likely go into the minister’s bank accounts.

    “Thorne tears into Lashley over stadium
    Added by Sandy Deane on April 12, 2017.
    Saved under Local News, Politics
    Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for Christ Church South and attorney-at-law Ralph Thorne, QC, Wednesday urged Barbadians to dismiss as “ministerial frolic” recent calls by Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley for Barbadians to contribute $10 towards the renovation of the National Stadium.

    Appealing to Barbadians to demonstrate their nationalism, Lashley revealed earlier this month that a fundraising drive would soon be launched, and once citizens got on board the authorities could raise as much as $20 million to kick start the redevelopment process.

    Thorne has however poked holes in the idea, pointing out that the minister had erred by treating the decision as an issue of “personal morality”, since those who fail to contribute were being portrayed as unpatriotic.

    He stressed that “the morality of the citizenry was not on trial, but the trust of the Government will be on trial”.

    Thorne suggested Lashley first had to answer a number of questions before the public could buy into the idea.

    “Who will be the collector of these monies? Will the collection go into the Consolidated Fund into the mix of Government’s other funds? Will these monies go into a bank account owned by the National Sports Council? What is the legal authority for this collection of monies by Government?”

  6. As’ s….”the kitty pot is all but empty”…because you idiots thief all the taxpayer’s and pensioner’s money and gave it away to people who dont even like you….you idiots, the little ya kept for yaselves through bribes and kickbacks cannot last……ya will go broke.

    ….yall stole from ya own people to enrich people who hate you…, you are DONKEYS.., beasts of burden, useless, uninformed house negros of parliament.


  7. Ah gotta ask though…who the hell told Fruendel and his ministers that they have a right to get 10 dollars from every citizen after overtaxing said citizens for years…the citizens do not owe the government anything, particularly money, and are not obligated to give more than have already been paid in taxes or have been stolen from them by this government and the previous government over the last 50 years.

    Yall got some nerve.

  8. But then again after years of free education and health care i guess barbadians can proudly say we have a right to be entitled and noto to bother asking us for any thing

  9. Bajans do not owe you anything, ya get the required taxes, you are the ones paid to collect them…..yall found a 2 billion surplus and a large, healthybNIS fund left by the previous government.

    ……Yall hungry, starving salmon tot retrievers, before 2008, mismanaged what ya did not manage to steal in 9 years….the treasury and pension fund are now nearly empty because of yall incompetence. …

    …..go beg Cow and Bizzy, Maloney et al for money, those are whom yall stole the taxpayers and pensioners money for. ..get it from them, thieves.

    The only reason Clare Cow-an of Cahill scam did not get any of the NIS pension money, she grew impatient and exposed yall as a corrupt government.

  10. Steupsss @ AC
    Oh shut up yuh idiot!!

    …after years of free education and health care Bajans have a right to expect that ministers can multiply …and figure out decimals….. and we get scared when it becomes obvious that they CANNOT…. and are spending our damn taxes…

    …as to health care…. does that include mental? …and if so, why are you not being served?

  11. Now go away…so that a group of people who really care about the majority black population who elect them and understand the meaning to governance, competence and creating jobs and wealth for the MAJORITY POPULATION……who knows what it means to do THEIR JOBS instead of kowtowing to a minority of crooks and scam artists…..go into the parliament…be gone.

  12. The As’s are too stupid to be alive though….bajans have been paying for their own healthcare and education…THROUGH PAYING TAXES….for decades, you stupid, backward yardfowl.

    The government is not entitled to iLLEGALLY ask the citizens for any money.

  13. Bush Tea April 13, 2017 at 8:30 AM #

    “..…after years of free education and health care Bajans have a right to expect that ministers can multiply …and figure out decimals….. and we get scared when it becomes obvious that they CANNOT…. and are spending our damn taxes…”

    @ Bushie

    Your above comments reminded of comments attributed to Ryan Straughn as reported in the March 2, 2017 edition of Loop News:

    “Quite frankly, if you were to bring Alan Greenspan, Joseph Stiglitz and put them next to Owen Arthur on this council it will not make a difference because these fellas [the DLP administration] are not capable of understanding the issues, number one; and number two, they don’t listen. The quality of the advice is not the issue at all.”

  14. The sentiment throughout the island by intelligent people is the same…For decades these 2 nuisamce governments have been taking and stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from their own people, to give to a few minorities in the island, who then create these mediocre, low paying jobs, hire a couple hundred blacks, treat them like slaves while pretending to be slave masters…….no blacks get these million dollar contracts to do any of the building or other work…and it’s their tax or pension money started the projects to begin with…..and both governments repeat this disenfranchisement of black people, the majority population every 5 years and have for decades.

    The people now see this clearly. ..these low class, no class government ministers are begging for millions from the black population to give away to minorities.

    The government cannot be trusted.

  15. Ok bozie keep destrying the country wid your negative shit one day there will be nothing to give or nothing to get

  16. The people do not need this governent, theynare better off without ya backwardness….yall are very destructive……the present governments of useless ministers destroyed the country with ya backward 16th century negative crap in yall heads, taking the country backward trying to impress , appease and enrich a gang of minority thieves…..when yall are gone, which cannot be soon enough, the new that will be elected will know that wicked slave minded shit cannot work anymore. …and is ugly when displayed by black governments.

    It’s a shame and disgrace that neither this government nor the previous one saw nothing wrong with their ignorant actions of stealing from and disenfranching their own people for decades to enrich minorities….in the 21st century..a blight and curse yall will carry to your graves, generations of future bajans will hear about the two, useless, trifling, petty governents who did not care about the present and future enrichment or developments of their own people and still carried the minds of slaves in the 21st century and expected their people to act as lowly paid slaves to a minority population of thieves who the goverments helped enrich, with the same disenfranchised people’s money……..a blighted legacy.

    The population on the island do not need these types of useless governments and i dont know who told their backward yardfowls that the people need them.

  17. It is instructive that so many Barbadians would pledge $10 in response to Lashley’s kite flying BEFORE details about the initiative is made public. A read of several auditor general reports encourages a cautious view by the public.

  18. David

    If you are correct about so many Bimmers willing to pledge $10.00 without the facts,then Bim has a Trumpian problem…….ducks guts.

    • The question we need to ask is if Lashley and the government should wait until after the imminent general elections to pursue the rebuild of a new stadium.

  19. Wuh wait many are still waiting to hear from Mottley as to how much she collected and gave to the Dominician relief fund all that known is that there was money collected by her but no other details as to how much was given and how much was collected.
    So any blp operative who would now step up on the frontline to demean and crticize. Lashley suggestion need to have their mouths rinsed out with a heavy dose of antiseptic and also check your leadership of hiding behind closed doors

  20. The question that needs to be ask would be what avenues of financial source would the blp iniitate to rebuild a stadium that was in a deteriorated disarray under their watch and why did they refuse to do so when in office

  21. As’ s….none of ya business, the current government will be gone, from creating more destruction for the people and island…begging citizens for money after stealing from them and over taxing them is a new low.

  22. Chuckle…..5 years ago a promise of a new stadium funded by govt…… just before elections a desperate need for 2M from the public to build a 20M stadium.

    Trumpian maths and logic at its best without plans or budget…….Laff it off…will have dialogue for years to come.

    • @Vincent

      Correction, the cost of the stadium is estimated at 50 million, he plans to build it in phases. Not sure how that will work -like the rusty backside of the Sherbourne Conference centre?

  23. Lol…it would be hilarious if it was not such a disgrace, can you believe the nerve of this mediocre, fly by night, incompetent, deceitful government.

  24. @ David,

    Barbados governments do not properly manage and maintain infrastructure.

    Sherbourne Conference centre should have been expanded to become a profit making

    Exhibition / Conference centre.

  25. @ David,

    I wonder if allowing the Stadium to run to ruin was a “business plan” ?

    There is not a lot of ” PROFIT ” in maintenance but a NEW project……..

  26. Lashley and his government should demand a short pool from the commercial banks in Barbados, from the millions of dollars in profit which they amassed ,when the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank gave them the go ahead to slash the interest rates on Barbadian Deposit Savings accounts to almost 0%.
    This man has got some gall. On the eve of Good Friday, I would gladly supply him with the wine to go with the gall, and a cross and some nails, but not my Tendollar bill.

  27. David April 13, 2017 at 12:46 PM #
    The question we need to ask is if Lashley and the government should wait until after the imminent general elections to pursue the rebuild of a new stadium
    With Bizzy, COW ,Bjerkman and Maloney, most likely shying away from supporting these jokers at the next general election, funds, by any means would have to be obtained.

  28. Today’s Brasstacks with Corey and his guest Ronnie Yearwood was refreshing if only for the valued inputs made by Yearwood and his no nonsense approach to accountability where it should be directed without let up.I share that view.Secondly,the call by the DLP sycophant Arthur who miracle of miracles put some warm lashes in Minister Stephen Lashley’s ‘gimme $10.00’ gimmick.Arthur who claims to have been au fait with the law because he worked in the civil service,says that Lashley,a lawyer,doesn’t know his law because what he is suggesting is illegal.The moderators were so dumbfounded by Arthur’s trumpian 180 degree turn that they we’re speeechless at the end of his contribution.All we heard was “Brasstacks” a la Canon George Andrew Hatch style back in the day.

    • @Gabriel

      Yearwood echoed many views posted by the BU family. Let us wish him all the best in championing the cause. We need more to join the Comissiongs, Franklyns, Stephens et al.

  29. I keep saying ad nauseum that 98% ofthe lawyers in Barbados are mediocre and do not know the law…why am I not surprised to hear that “Ten Dollar” Lashley is a lawyer.

  30. @ Vincent
    Skippa, you are missing the REAL ‘laugh-it-off’ moment….
    De man obviously thought that if each Bajan handed in a tendollar, he would end up with $20M…. i.e. that 200,000X 10 = 20,000,000.00
    Does Bushie have to spell it out for yuh!!!???
    …his maths is much like yours was at school….. LOL
    ha ha ha
    He like he got the same decimal-point issue as Stinkliar…..
    We can’t even blame the Minister of Eddykashun…. poor fella…he probably cannot even pronounce the word ‘decimal’…

    @ WW&C
    “I keep saying ad nauseum that 98% of the lawyers in Barbados are mediocre”
    Bushie hereby challenges you to name the 2% who are not….

    Name 1%……

  31. David
    I notice do that he offered himself to the St James South constituency branch of the Bees 🐝 however he was stung by Sandra.Hearing him for the first time today parliament can do with this no nonsense aggressive style.People like Lowe would leave the chamber when Yearwood has the eye of the chair.

  32. @ Vincent Haynes April 13, 2017 at 4:27 PM
    “Ah made the decimal point story long ago… obviously did not learn under Rubbernut.”

    That’s Master Thorn(e) for you, Vincent Garçon! Despite the comical distractions caused by the likes of Bushie under the ‘disruptive’ influence of that twin of teasers Husbands & Mayers Rubbernut would still have succeeded in his pedagogical endeauvour to ensure that even Stinkliar and the other arithmetically-challenged Lashley would have ‘graduated’ from Form 3 knowing the difference between $10.00 x 200,000 and $100.00 x 200,000 to arrive at $20 million for his dream-world stadium.

    Now look what the Barrow experiment has finally produced!

    Two dumb-ass donkeys that don’t know the difference between six (6) and half-dozen of pitching marbles but are responsible for the economic and cultural direction of a country cursed by an oversupply of brass-bowls à la Bushman design.

    Imagine you were an employer and having to find the monthly cash-flow to pay salaries for that twin of intellectual excreta! What would you do, Vincent?

    You mean that king clown of sport could not have tapped into his intellectually challenged bank of imagination and creativity- in which EWB and Wynter Crawford would have deposited in abundance- and come up with a more appealing (but more importantly, legal and administratively practical) set of proposals to finance the building of a sports and cultural complex?

    How would the $10.00 (or is it $100.00 per head including the 100,000 voluntarily idle) be collected and paid into the Consolidated Fund at the Treasury and not in the bottomless bank on George Street?

    Couldn’t he have thought about imposing a small levy on petrol and diesel to demonstrate further support for alternative energy and a healthy environment?

    What about introducing a special lottery for the stadium or even recommend a proposal to ring-fence the upcoming increase in the sweet drink tax to help build the stadium?

    Can’t the vertically challenged beggar get off his high horse of wishful thinking by approaching the country’s new loan-shark benefactor and ‘obsequiously’ demand that the millions of grant money- ‘given’ by the Chinese since 2012 to his brother of taller tales Stinkliar to construct the Performing Arts Centre at Brandons be diverted to build the Lashing sporting hall of failure and forget about the Empire Cinema beer hall and the Hyatt erection dedicated to the airy-fairy god of scam finance Priapus More Money Maloney the voyeuristic king of NIS funds?

  33. What you say makes sense so it will never happen Miller.

    “Ten Dollar” Lashley will continue to try collecting that money from the citizens illegally,

  34. Miller

    Chuckle……..I have fond memories of Mr Thorne….I recall his first day asking all of us where we came from and who our parents were……on my response,his reply was……yes,I taught your father….he was bright boy.

    Sadly my love of Maths did not materialise under him but in another island under another wizard of Maths and ever since have gloried in it.

    If you listened to Brasstacks yesterday you would have heard the foremost defender of this govt,Arthur castigating the MoS on his $10.00 scheme/scam and saying it was illegal,etc,etc.

    The two obvious ways of raising funds would be either the LOTTO(The same way Jaycees through their BINGO raised funds for the original one) or through Crowdfunding by an NGO with the Diaspora and friends of Bim worldwide as the target audience……none of this is rocket science but both tried and proven.

    We just have to ensure that no govt gets it hands on any of it.

  35. The man who was on brass stacks yesterday sounded like a political sniper wanting ti tell people how to think act or respond to Lashley suggestion
    His constant bombarding of callers with a differening point of view was pathetic and his ongoing tirade about Democratic rules and guidelines regarding the initiative was hideous.
    In a democracy all have a right to free speech and their is no one perspective which is deliberate in forming an opinion
    Yesterday most of his attempt was that of trying to dumbdown any caller who dare to disagree with his perspective using so called information which he perceives as relevant before a differing point of view should be heard.

  36. @ Bush Tea April 14, 2017 at 10:33 AM

    Glad you are having an eye out for a fellow “UP and On” gold-plated brass-bowl.

    Still above and not below and right in the heartland observing the behaviour of your albino-centric cousins.

    You of all people should know your extended family.

    After all, they are the favourite among all of your BBE humanoids. Just look at how easily you have been indoctrinated into believing that BBE is an albino in the sky with a blue-eye blond (h)air son who was crucified 2017 years minus 33 degress ago on a cross representing the four major points of the compass called Mother Earth.

    But we will not take the mickey out of you on your sacred day of albino-written fictitious play of astrological passion. Vincent~ the in-betweener~ from the Haynes plantation should understand.

    We would leave that up to your man Pachamama who made the most profound revelation only a few days ago.

    May Light perpetual smile on you and your sweet crucified Jesus who like his Father in the Sky would rise in glory come SUNday morn.

  37. Bushie and Miller

    I note none of the two of you have congratulated our fellow “up and on”er,former airline exec,former politician,former car salesman and now newly minted preacher…..

    The right Reverend… Joseph Onesimus Tudor aka Johny……

  38. Vincent
    You were going well until you got to former ‘motor car salesman’ …that sounds so ordinary.The man deserve more than that.Come again.

  39. In Barbados there is a very thin line between a Minister of Government and a Minister of Religion. Both wield, most successfully, very large collection plates.
    After the next general election, we can look forward to more ex politicians becoming members of the claut. One fellow has started to list DD on his résumé.


    Why does the government not look at earning revenue to support the rebuilding of the National Stadium by selling off some of the many redundant properties which are owned by the crown.
    These properties ,mostly ,have falling into disuse due to replacement,and are now lying there to rot away just like those at the Old General Hospital , Saint Joseph’s Hospital site, and the Official home of the first Prime Minister of Barbados at Culloden Farm
    Some of the properties which come to mind ,are the former BWA Headquarters in the Pine, the old St Joseph Post Office in Horse Hill,and Belleplaine Police Station.

  41. What happen As’s…the “Ten Dollar” Lashley’s scam aint going so well, what do yall expect…it’s not legal.

  42. @ Vincent Haynes April 14, 2017 at 4:27 PM #
    “I note none of the two of you have congratulated our fellow “up and on”er,former airline exec,former politician,former car salesman and now newly minted preacher…..
    The right Reverend… Joseph Onesimus Tudor aka Johny……”

    Vincent you know better than anyone else that this new found status for J.O.T is nothing more than a smooth transition from one incarnation to another.

    Colonel Buggy succinctly puts it @ April 14, 2017 at 10:47 PM:
    “In Barbados there is a very thin line between a Minister of Government and a Minister of Religion. Both wield, most successfully, very large collection plates.”

    The only difference between a politician and a priest is that (for votes or tithe) one promises a future heaven on earth while the other promises you a future life in heaven while you smell hell on earth.

    The car salesman (trained bull-shitter) is the ideal chauffeur to take you on the journey from one hellhole to purgatory.

    From his comedic origins Joseph junior would make the perfect jester to entertain the fallen angels at the court in Bushie’s BBE abode.

    Both callings seem to attract more than a fair share of liars and thieves like vultures to carrion. Some move from politics to priesthood while some do the reverse.

    Even the king of political liars the Stinkler has confessed to a burning desire to join the priesthood of con-artists for some needed purgation after his long lying stint in political sing sing.

    We can only guess you saw the light and had second thoughts about any transition to such lofty leanings in your career path.

  43. @ Colonel Buggy

    Or the government could embark on a general refurbishment program where all unoccupied or derelict buildings owned by the Crown could be repaired and used for government offices, in an effort to significantly reduce the cost of rent to tax payers.

    A separate entity could also be established, such as a “State Assets Management Department,” whose functions would be dedicated to the efficient management and maintenance of government assets, including vehicles.

    This department would also be responsible for inspecting and evaluating the status and maintenance conditions of all government facilities, developing maintenance plans, technical standards for maintenance and implementation systems,

    The department’s accounting/budget division would be responsible for preparing maintenance and repairs budgets, annual maintenance planning, and records management.

    This initiative would serve two main purposes:

    1) Savings on rent will reduce government expenditure
    2) Provide long term employment

    • @Artax

      The BU filter has a few cusswords in the filter and that is all. Sometimes the WordPress spam filter misbehaves and we have to ride it out.

  44. Artax April 15, 2017 at 8:12 AM #

    Great idea….which could be married to the Skill training programme and SJPP in order to do hands on teaching in woodwork,electrical,masonry and building refurbishment as a seperate discipline.

    Come to think of it….SJPP has a has automotive section…..again why not do hands on training with govt vehicles?

  45. Miller

    Chuckle…..I remember some years ago it was headlined in the press that he was the first airline union president……when in fact he was VP to me… I saw him a couple days after and asked him why he did not correct it…..his comment was “man it look better that way….it ain no big ting” with his trade mark smile/grin…..thats the measure of the man.

    I could not sell something I was not convinced off…….decades ago I left a lucrative job for that same reason…..have no fear you will never see me in a dog collar.

  46. Steupsss @ Miller
    The only difference between a politician and a priest is that (for votes or tithe) one promises a future heaven on earth while the other promises you a future life in heaven while you smell hell on earth.
    You missed the most lucrative difference boss…
    The DD minister don’t pay any damn TAXES…. while the political minister finds ways and means of diverting taxes to their mother’s accounts.

    After some preliminary calculations, Bushie was once tempted to start a ‘church’ for purely economic tax reasons, but Bushie knows the consequences of doing such shiite…. and paid the taxes to Caesar instead…. LOL – it was just a fleeting thought…
    Johnny will get a lotta people too – brass bowls like a lotta jokes…

    @ Artax
    Stop mekking sport do!!!
    Creating new government agencies under the current arrangement is just adding to the waste… Unless we can impose a system of MERITOCRACY…. where these agencies actually EARN their keep ….or lose their picks, we just spitting into the air.

    What you need to tell us (and you know what is needed) is how to impose a management methodology and culture based on quality and productivity …. and where top performers are rewarded and promoted ….and shirkers are demoted and fired.


  47. Vincent Haynes April 15, 2017 at 8:42 AM #

    “Come to think of it….SJPP has a automotive section…..again why not do hands on training with govt vehicles?”

    @ Vincent

    I agree with your suggestion.

    It also reminded me of a situation where some students from the SJPP’s mechanical engineering programs were given internships at the United Commercial Autoworks Ltd. (UCAL), where they gained knowledge and experience in repairing Transport Board buses.

    As you are aware, Transport Board has been experiencing difficulties in paying UCAL for services rendered. Unfortunately, this situation continues to affect UCAL’s operations, causing management to “layoff” these SJPP trainees.

    However, Transport Board and Trans-Tech Inc. took advantage of UCAL’s misfortune by immediately hiring the former employees.

    UCAL’s employees lamented the fact that after 2 years of training these guys, financial constraints caused them to lose those trained employees to their competitors.

  48. However, Transport Board and Trans-Tech Inc. took advantage of UCAL’s misfortune by immediately hiring the former employees.

    UCAL’s employees lamented the fact that after 2 years of training these guys, financial constraints caused them to lose those trained employees to their competitors.

    Only one interpretation can be made of the above……that is….. govts intention to shut it down.

    You make soundbites about entrepreneurship and establishing businesses in one breath and then hamper their ability to function by withholding payments owed…..hmmm

  49. A quote from a leading politician: “Some people ( ie Bajans) know the price of everything , but the value of nothing”
    After spending millions of taxpayers dollars on a lavish,year long + 50th Independence anniversary celebrations, Bajan are yet to realize, or recognise, the value of a multi-million dollar monstrosity on the Garrison,while waiting on Government, or the Auditor -General to tell us the true price of that piece of that piece of emperor bookassaism.
    Meanwhile ,less than 6 months later, we are begging, no demanding ,a tendollar hand out from the same taxpayers, most of whom were never considered to be eligible to have made the invitation list to the Prime Minister’s Balls,and other such affairs.

  50. Unlike the old 5-year Apprenticeship System, and employer under the new apprenticeship system is not obligated to hire students from the SJPP who have completed their 2-year attachment with them. The whole idea seems to be, take in students, give them some practical training, when that time is up, release them and take in a fresh set.

  51. Vincent Haynes April 15, 2017 at 9:27 AM #

    You make soundbites about entrepreneurship and establishing businesses in one breath and then hamper their ability to function by withholding payments owed…..hmmm
    This is nothing new, Vincent. Way back then we had the Technical Institute training Artisans up to the City and Guilds of London Institute intermediate level. Subsequent governments have refused to extend the training of these Artisan , another 18 months to 2 years, to the City and Guilds Part 3 level,a management qualification,still respected the world over . This Part 3 qualification would have later put these chaps, either in the Boardrooms , or management positions in industry in Barbados . And we know why.
    Those of us who were fortunate to have made it to the UK discovered that City and Guilds Part 3 was just a short distance away .

  52. My thinking on using students of the Skills training program and the SJPP was to kill 2 birds with one stone i.e. provide valuable training and a stipend to students who involve themselves in the repair and maintenance of all govt equipment and properties which will seriously reduce govt downtime and its repair bills…..a win win situation.

    The Skills training scheme and SJPP must identify the needs of the society and offer training accordingly for the correct numbers required on a fluctuating annual basis.

  53. Colonel Buggy April 15, 2017 at 1:34 PM #

    You have hit the nail on the head……one cannot legislate or guard against pettiness,jealousy,vindictiveness,etc all part of our crab in the barrel mentality.

  54. Artax April 15, 2017 at 8:12 AM #
    @ Colonel Buggy

    You mean a similar body like that which we had back in those pre-independence days call the Public Works Department (PWD)?

  55. @Bush Tea April 15, 2017 at 8:57 AM “Bushie was once tempted to start a ‘church’ for purely economic tax reasons, but Bushie knows the consequences of doing such shiite…. and paid the taxes to Caesar instead…. LOL – it was just a fleeting thought…”

    Glad to hear that in the nick of time you remembered that you are the son of the King.

    Otherwise for sure you would have ended up in hell…because you know better.

  56. I hope that the use of the word stipend, is not interpreted here to mean Bus Fare and Lunch Money. Employees , government, or otherwise, cannot engage apprentices, unless they are registered with the Barbados Vocational Training Board, and if engaged, they must be paid a wage of 75% of the lowest graded artisan of that discipline , at that organisation, which is redeemable.
    With previous Technical Training , there was close co-operation between industry and the training establishment , and this ensured that the training establishment was provided with the latest technology, compliments of the local agencies. Also the needs of industry, in terms of manpower, was adequately catered for.

  57. Transport Board is currently advertising for the position of Chief Engineer. Lets wait and see if they will appoint someone with Bajan roots living overseas, who used to sell telephones or such like.

  58. @Bush Tea April 11, 2017 at 9:59 PM “If 200000 Bajans gave $10 each…”

    200,000 Bajans can’t give $10 each.

    Even though there are about 268,000 of us, only about 128,000 of us are employable, and of that number at least 12,800 are unemployed, so that leaves about 115,200 of us who are actually working. I am sure that the Minister knows, or he can ask his colleague in the Ministry of Labour how many of us work for the minimum wage, or just a tiny bit more, and so we are having difficulty meeting our very basic needs, food, rent, water, busfare, electricity. So we don’t have $10 to spare.

    So what about those 152,800 Bajans who are not working?

    Some of us were born only yesterday and we are free loading offa our mummies and daddies. We don’t wuk nowhere. So we don’t have $10 to give.

    Some of us work for 40+ years, ain’t able to wuk no more, and scrunting on our meagre pensions, and don’t have $10 to give.

    Unlike Cabinet Ministers most of us have never been anywhere near a salary of $18,000 per month. Most of us live very different lifestyles to Cabinet Ministers.

  59. Heard a story on the BBC yesterday about the Brazil Olympics. Heard that the building contractors and their politician friends made out like bandits from all the construction of all the stadiums/stadii in Brazil.

    And even though we know that all contractors and politicians in Barbados are like Ceasar’s wife beyond reproach.

    We still real, real nervous…becausin’ we know that people is people, and human nature is human nature wherever in the world we go.

  60. Colonel Buggy April 15, 2017 at 5:35 PM #

    “You mean a similar body like that which we had back in those pre-independence days call the Public Works Department (PWD)?”

    @ Colonel Buggy

    I am sorry, but this is the first time I’m “hearing” about the “Public Works Department (PWD),” since I was too young or was not yet born when that department was established.

    However, if the PWD is similar to what I’m suggesting, the use of modern information technology would such a department more efficient.

    @ Vincent

    Yes, the main objective of this administration seems to be the closure of UCAL. This is evidenced by the fact that:

    1) UCAL has to depend on money from the Ministry of Finance to pay its employees;

    2) Non payment by the TB has caused UCAL to become delinquent in meeting its statutory requirements (e.g. NIS and VAT) as well as other financial obligations. On one occasion UCAL’s management were perhaps a bit presumptuous in demanding payment from TB. Immediately after, the NIS wrote TB instructing them to pay any funds due to UCAL to NIS, since the company was in arrears with contributions;

    3) Majority of maintenance and repairs are given to “third party” establishments.

  61. If the Government is going to do away with UCAL, would it not be better off in re-establishing its own in-house mechanical workshop,which , until its dismantling, had done a sterling job in keeping Transport Board buses , literally Rolling Stock.

  62. @ Bushie

    Yes, you are indeed correct re: “Creating new government agencies UNDER the CURRENT ARRANGEMENT is just adding to the waste.”

    But you provided the solution re: “……we can impose a system of MERITOCRACY, where these agencies actually EARN their keep ….or lose their picks.”

    And this could be achieved by changing the “organizational culture” of the public sector and introducing, for example, performance management systems.

    This is basically a comprehensive approach to performance, whereby an emphasis is placed on utilizing all management tools to ensure achievement of organizational goals, through a continuous and integrated process of “identifying, measuring and developing the performance of individuals and aligning performance with the strategic goals of the organization.” (Aguinis, 2009).

    Unfortunately, there will be some difficulty in changing the “organizational culture” of politicians.

  63. The Transport Board was established in 1955,some 62 years ago. There is no way that they should be shelling out big, big bucks today to have Automatic Transmissions serviced and repaired by a second, or third party. They should have had their own staff specially trained in this field on an ongoing basis.
    In the early 1960’s when the Transport Board purchased Leyland Tiger Cubs with the unfamiliar semi automatic Pneumo Cyclic gearboxes, they did not turn to any outside entity to service and repair these transmissions. That impetus pertaining to the repairs and servicing of automatic transmissions should have been maintained throughout the years, saving the Transport Board from diverting big chunks of its revenue into this aspect of repairs.

  64. Do we really have enough money to stage Carifesta 2017? or are we going to ask the citizens of Caricom to contribute a Tendollar each.
    Carifesta 1981 was a right royal cockup, where the newly formed Barbados Defence Force had to step in and sort out the Logistics, to stop the show from imploding. I do hope that we have learned a few lessons since then.
    At least the proposed dates of August 17- August 27 , may not put too much of a strain on the Transport Board in providing buses .

  65. We must again conclude based on the above contributions that succesive govts have been promoting their own agendas without regard to the daily bread and butter needs of the country.

    Which begs the question when are we going to start lobby groups?

  66. Bushie

    My recollection tells me that you would use your cooperatives to spearhead the movement of creating many community based cooperatives that would also act as focus groups……I await your call as I have said before.

  67. Typical BBBBBBB!!…. (Black Bajan Brass Bowl Born in Britain … Brixton?…)

    YOU want to see pressure groups…
    YOU keep calling for them to start…
    YOU, on and on on BU on the issue…

    …but you waiting on Bushie (a BBE- adopted, EX-BBB, who ALREADY belongs to the ultimate pressure group) to ‘spearhead the movement….

    You wait….!!!

    Steupss …and If you want a name for it…
    How about “Barbados Underground People Pressure” ????


  68. Bushie

    Trust you to renege on commitments again I am not surprised……just a load of hot air pressured by BBEs whacker.

    P.S. Again you are dealing with fake news……I was not born in any part of the UK or its then colonies……capiche

  69. Vincent said on here a few times were he was born, I believe he is bi if not multilingual and if memory serves me it was one of the ABC islands or even possibly St Martin or Marteen….correct me if am wrong.

  70. @ WW&C
    Vincent said on here a few times were he was born,
    Who cares…?
    …and more importantly, ..why is he not back there….starting his pressure groups?

    ha ha ha

  71. Sigh!!!
    Vincent, can you read?

    Bushie said that your position (wanting to have pressure groups – but wanting SOMEONE ELSE to start, and run them) is TYPICAL of a BBBBBBB…
    What the hell has THAT got to do with where YOU were born?

    It seems that your brass bowlery may have developed naturally …rather than having been dispensed at birth like other Bajans….
    …in short, that makes you a NATURAL brass bowl…
    ha ha ha

  72. Bushie

    Wuhloss….from the sublime to the ridiculous….only a cawmerian knows the art of wrigglin….but I is one too……you reneged on your promise….missed a politician…..hahahaha

  73. How big is Minister Lashley’s entourage to the Carifta Games,in Curacao ,and probably to the Swimming events in the Bahamas.

  74. @ Colonel Buggy
    It is FAR more rewarding to fly off to OTHER countries to attend games, collecting per diems, travel grants, first class arrangements and White House treatment, ….rather than having to actually do some work in organising something in Barbados. Perhaps this is why they refuse to invest in a stadium here….??
    One wonders if we do not end up spending more money than the countries that host the games…. only that our money ends up in ‘special pockets’ rather than in a stadium or a national coaching program.

    But then we have no interest in knowing how it is spent do we?
    Not even the Auditor General bothers with that one…

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