The Cheltenham Affair

The matter covered by Barbados Underground for more than a decade between Sir Richard ‘Johnny’ Cheltenham versus Everton Cumberbatch continues to play on the civic minded among us- see BU Archives. The blogmaster has a problem with a very senior lawyer AND elder of the governing Barbados Labour Party (BLP) continuing to be selected for important national appointments while a serious complaint is pending with the Disciplinary Committee (DC). It is instructive to note the DC is blocked from doing its work- if it had any intention of doing so- because Cheltenham has been granted an injunction pending the completion of an application of a judicial review as reported in the Nation as follows:

Sir Richard granted injunction 

THE DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE OF THE BAR Association has been slapped with an injunction sought by senior attorney Sir Richard Cheltenham pending the completion of an application for judicial review.

The injunction was granted in the matter between Sir Richard and the Disciplinary Committee, filed under the Administrative Justice Act, the Legal Profession Act and pending an application by Sir Richard for judicial review.

It was heard in chambers by Justice Olson Alleyne.

The draft order states that the Disciplinary Committee, its agents or servants are restrained from hearing Complaint 31 of 2020 pending the trial and final determination of the Sir Richard’s application for judicial review filed on March 10, 2023.

The hearing of the substantive claim has been referred to a judge of the civil court.


The blogmaster has no issue with Cheltenham having his ‘day in court’ BUT civic minded Barbadians everywhere must ask ‘how long is too long’ when a justice system is too slow to deliver justice. To reiterate a simple point – Richard ‘Johnny’ Cheltenham should not be appointed to national duty until the judicial review is discharged by the Barbados Courts. Even if our governance system that is gripped by process finds legal reason to repel the argument of a lowly blogmaster, there is a moral minimum Prime Minister Mia Mottley should observe if she professes to run a transparent government. The blogmaster’s position is the same as i was with Peter Odle when he was appointed Chair of the Board of the Barbados Port Inc – see relevant BU links.

Unlike the majority of Barbadians who have been labelled a people with short memories the same is not true for the blogmaster of Barbados Underground. The blogmaster is asking the Bajan blogosphere (social media space) to rally by keeping this matter on the front burner, do not allow the manipulators of the system to win this one. We know traditional media will NOT risk upsetting the establishment. There is too much at stake, we have to fight for our democracy where the interest of the people must be allowed to reign supreme

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    • @Hants

      The gender bathroom mentioned by the PM is an example of a lack of professionalism by our fourth estate. Additional investigation was required especially knowing it is a hot button issue. The flip side is that the MoE’s sleight of hand attempt to foist an IDB sponsored questionnaire on parents was equally as egregious.

  1. What democracy? Maybe readers should first understand so as to recognize it.

    What does that mean?

    No amount of the constant highlighting of this issue will change any of the formal, and more importantly, the informal workings of this system.

    Cumberbatch, unfortunately, maybe such a victim. How would any resolution of his complaint, even in his favor, serve to ripple the ocean of even more substantial complaints against nearly all the lawyers and lawyer-politicians in Barbados.

    A few of Cheltenham’s colleagues have even gone to jail, publicly embarrassed, etc. But yet, like old man river, this faux democracy keeps rolling on.

    Indeed, Barrow was right. Wanting either democracy or justice, one must stay out of Coleridge Street.

  2. @ David
    Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin….

    You can run around the upper deck shouting all the ‘murder’ you want to…

    The FACT of the matter is that the iceberg has ALREADY done its damage and, just like the Atlantic Ocean, the Devil is rushing in, taking full control -starting below deck…

    BBS Titanic is doomed….
    It is only a matter of how many we can squeeze onto the lifeboat now…

    • @Bush Tea

      Good citizens must do what we must until hopefully the tipping point is triggered. History is replete with examples of citizens tripping a trigger event unknowingly most times.

  3. “Indeed, Barrow was right. Wanting either democracy or justice, one must stay out of Coleridge Street.”

    Although being part of the problem, he knew exactly of what he spoke about…

    Instead of the sleight of hand pretend “education reform” ..why have they not in the last hundred years…particularly in the last 40 years, particularly in the last 5 years, on all these whirlwind trips up and down to Afrika…..instituted and INTRODUCED broadbased Afrikan history, real education, culture, tradiions, languages etc in the schools, instead of riff raff countries like Argentina and Venezuela etc foisting their culture and lauguages on an already deeply miseducated, highly indoctrinated, confused people……and given permission to do so by RATS..

    Maybe too busy holding on to the private history and information of the same Afrikan descents to see if thieving lawyers can cash in later without THEIR VICTIM’S knowledge…….as in my case, a BIG ONE….possibly the biggest land scam theft and heist they planned to pull off on the continent….. .that they just watched in complete HORROR as it slipped right out of their greasy thieving hands and fingers, and ENDED WITH THEIR full exposure..

    now every Afrikan descent has to find out WHO they really are and WATCH THEIR BACKS….

    ..politicians of all stripes, barring the very few, none of them found in Slave Society Barbados,……are notoriously evil and lack ethics and morals…you have no end of these crabs on the island, they are truly frightening and all the disgustingly vicious corrupt lawyers need full exposure…every day, everywhere.

  4. And yes, the Bantu nation will be informed as I asked The Kingdoms and others to do…..while i come to terms with the pure evil devised by generational parliament RATS. .

    They will not get away with what they set in motion..for decades…

    Bantu Empires..

  5. A pyrrhic victory!

    That money will never be paid.

    Indeed, if Duprey had 149 million USD or 49 million USD, as a time value calculus, these circumstances could have been delayed, at least.

    There are some mistakes in the life of a nation, a region, which can never be repaired.

    This is one!

    Currently, a bigger mistake more monumental in proportions is currently being made.

    • All you will see going into their far future are errors after errors…look at the difference a mere 6 months made…that’s when they came to an abrupt stop into a road block….and now crashed and burned.

      Historical crooks are at the end of their crook games……only thing headed their way is punishable laughter, karma and retribution….let’s see what their supporters do now there are no crumbs to receive from thefts…

  6. The blogmaster must be complimented on his efforts in following this matter.

    It is possible that such persistence may be irritating to some. Hopefully, the resident of BU will lend their voice to the effort and give him their support.

  7. Theo
    Why support an issue which was always destined for a culdesac, was never intended to uproot wrongdoing at source, was always designed to tinker on the fringes, was a labour in futility, is the fruit from a nonexistent democratic tree?

    In any event, there has never been any tradition here for consensus. That is something anathema to the Bajan mentality.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Pacha…check out the subject line of the communique to the continent.

      Immediate Arrest for Impostors and Interlopers

      They should be glad they are getting a headsup warning…i never got any, but tend to have more manners and decorum..dont need to sneak around and hide to do what must be done……was never big on cowardice

  8. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    “Cambridge Teaches Students That Anglo-Saxons… Never Existed

    Cambridge University has updated its curriculum on Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic history and now plans to teach that Anglo-Saxons did not exist as a distinct ethnic group. It says the change aims to combat ‘racism and nationalism.’

    I noticed these theories are springing up all over the place.

  9. Yolabde Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Yeah TLSN….the Marleys just had to leave the US and prompt a court action to stop these useless politicians from barring Jamaicans from the beaches, even the Bob Marley beach is at risk, all in the name of Slavery tourism.

    The scummy Caribbean traitor politicians have no sense of heritage when it comes to Afrikan populations, their very first thought is SELLOUT the people, just like in slave society Barbados, hence they must be kept exposed on the wordstage as corrupt Judases, every damn day..the no good beasts are only interested in TIEFING what is not theirs and taking bribes in return…if the estates are large enuff or they outright sell out birthrights…no middle ground in their dangerous, polluted 11 plus slave minds..

    Look what they tried with me and my family. The only thing i have for these backward politicians are arrest warrants, should they DARE send any demon Slaves on the continent with forged documents in hand, as they are known to do….with thieving lawyers in tow for fraudulent representation to tief from or fool my tribe. Dont know why small island idiots would think they could, but they can feel free to try…personally, i would not mess with the Bantu, given their millennia legacy, but thieves are kamikaze and always feel invincible. ..especially as the tribe is Afrikan for whom Slaves have no respect. ..they wont dare try that with European tribes..Messing with them is like messing with any other Empire, including their current EMPLOYERS…but let them carry on smartly.

    . ..i remember one clown on here telling me i was not Yolande Grant and could not put up MY name, all without ever meeting me, but knew whom i was not….a name i use on both my sites without fear, the jackass even dropped a birth year…..they already had plans in place to send in an impostor, but they will all BE ARRESTED including the thieves in the parliament…diplomatic shite passports will not help them escape fraud amd misrepresentation charges..

    ..all these years i connected to the RIGHT PEOPLE on the continentt, without realizing the danger i was in from thieving niggas on the islabd ….influential and powerful people in various countries, who know WHO I AM and what i look like…but will allow common class thieves in Barbados to attempt a land and birthright heist in my name..let them make that try now….. The fraud was so long in the planning, it EXPLODED in their evil faces..These are beyond criminal, dangerous and ignorant. They have no shame.

    That’s all Caribbean people have to look forward to and as i said for years…they need to move very far away from possessed colonial cadavers in black face…aka politicians.

  10. Don’t Play It No More
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    Oh No, Don’t Let It Play
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    I Remember Just-A What It Said
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    You Know That You Lied
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  11. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing. Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…sipendi panya…i always knew, from a teenager, and felt it in my bones that something was very, very wrong with and about parliament RATS..

    Hope the clown followers now see HOW they have been set up…and USED….and no one will EVER trust them….how does one trust slaves who are fighting tooth and nail to remain Slaves …who would attack each other and enable such publicly to sustain that unenviable status of being nobodies…to the amusement of many…but we can guarantee if the thieves had not CRASHED and BURNED…had their long con been a success…..they would be more than happy to see myself and my family robbed so crumbs could trickle down to them temporarily…

    ..that’s why the reparations scam will FAIL…thefts of birthrights WILL FAIL..they will never get such crimes against humanity to work in their favor again, not after a century of same..

    They have finally reached the end of their SCAMMING. . …

    I sincerely hope Piece is enjoying the show they scripted for themselves.

  12. “People are entitled to their views one is forced to philosophized.”

    “take it down a notch,” or “you don’t have to be so angry,”

  13. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Ghana now has that communique.

    Never thought i would have to send out such messages to have greedy common class thieves arrested if they try to put me in the same category as their VICTIMS in Barbados and across the diaspora….but am way ahead..ya evil criminal asses will be hauled off to prison…just try presenting any forged documents or false claims/misrepresentations in my family and my name as you have been doing to other unaware people for 100 years…just try it.

  14. Cheltenham certainly had nothing to do with the explosions on the Dnipro River and the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam.

    Of course, the Russians are said to be blamed in Western media. Even if the Sun was made to rise 10 minutes late in the morrow, it would have to be the Russians responsible.

    Notwithstanding that the Ukrainians have been for a year shelling this very dam and committing war crimes as outlined in the Geneva Conventions. In addition, the Zaphrorishia.nuclear power plant has many times been shelled by the Ukrainian Nazis as armed by the fascist powers in the West.


    Caribbean colonies will be going to Jamaica this week end to be empire’s face on their war march against Haiti. A war to be billed as against gangsterism.

    In Haiti they will have us believe that Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier – an Aristide with a gun, thrown up by Western intentions to suck Haiti’s blood dry forever, cannot represent the revolutionary fervor of the early 19th century. The conditions for which have been well laid by their, Caribbean leaders, masters in Western capitals.

    But there’s a hitch. With Washington’s woman in the region, Mottley, with Holness and others chomping at the bit to do their master’s bidding, prime minister Gonzales of SVG, forever a man with a sense of an eastern wind heading our way, is adamantly opposed to the intrigues of Washington with the face of their satraps in the region.

    War is everything! It gives up meaning. What would be the West without wars and rumours of wars. Skinner, where is your zone of piece again? Cheltenham is responsible fir all this.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Same criminal beast trying to trap Afrikan descended people forever in this region UNDER poverty, oppression, suppression, exploitation = SLAVERY by attempting to steal birthrights from the continent…so they and their minority criminal friends can parade oo the Afrikan population…and pretend they are slave masters……just plain ignorant, evil and wicked…that one might appeal to backward Slaves….but….everyone worldwide will know…

      And weee will make sure they are ALL WATCHED for the balance of their useless, begging, boring, dependant demon lives..

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Pacha…these are so repulsive people are stunned..but since we know the history of them stealing land, estates and bank accounts from the elderly, young, middle aged, unborn, just born, dead and dying…and in this case future born…for the last 4 generations…….it comes as no great surprise they will attempt to steal our Afrikan birthright that they KNEW about and NEVER told us existed…..right from under us and never planned to tell us but would parade around as kings and queens with stolen wealth had they not been EXPOSED…..THE FRAUDS..

      …they came SO CLOSE…… but still FAILED..because our ancestors are watching out for us…..protecting us from the Apep of the duat…we have a lot to be thankful for….

      . … that will remain their main fantasy and delusion while everyone in Afrika is told about them and their horrifying covetous ways… dangerous they are to ALL AFRIKANS…the continent will now have to safe guard itself against such colonial blight and curse from this region of crooks.

  15. Appears the people were handed a platform to resist.

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