13 Years Later – Everton Cumberbatch Vs Larry Tatem, Leroy Parris and Johnny Cheltenham

The blogmaster understands the matter Everton Cumberbatch versus Larry Tatem, Leroy Parris and Johnny Cheltenham is finally set down to be heard on January 26-27, 2022 in the Barbados Courts. For those who have not read the previous blogs – see links below – this matter was filed in May 2008. Let that sink in!

Although former President of the Senate Johnny Cheltenham whose brother is the Chief Justice was removed from the list of defendants, a matter is pending with the Disciplinary Committees to determine his involvement in the case and if it warrants him being sanctioned and handed to the Court of Appeal for review. The blogmaster understands Cheltenham’s lawyer, one Alrick Scott, attempted to broker a deal to have a document signed that would have shielded Cheltenham in the pending matter. O what a tangle web we weave when we practice to deceive.

One must ask why this matter was permitted to bounce around judges chambers with Justice Sonia Richards the only one to give attention to the matter. One presumes Justice Cornelius would not have had the appetite because it is known she and husband Ralph were privileged to have attended Cheltenham’s wedding in Miami a few years ago and presumed to be friends.

The blogmaster along with interested onlookers await the oral hearing come January next year AND the outcome of the Disciplinary Committee hearing. In Barbados it is known that justice is often delayed and delivered at the slowest pace BUT ultimately a judgement has to come if the persecuted perseveres.

Previous blogs on the matter of Everton Cumberbatch versus Larry Tatem, Leroy Parris and Johnny Cheltenham.

16 thoughts on “13 Years Later – Everton Cumberbatch Vs Larry Tatem, Leroy Parris and Johnny Cheltenham

  1. Yes indeed the proceedings are painful and slow
    There is no justice
    There is just us
    but always look on the bright side of life
    and sing a happy song

    In 19 days Barbados will be free of Babylon the Whore

    To celebrate this momentous occasion
    The Barbados Underground
    Bringing News and Opinion to the People
    will be awarding a free Mia Mottley T-Shirt
    to the composer of the best song or poem
    to get the ball rolling here is my entry

    O Barbados
    The land that slaved us
    Whipped us and raped us
    And, Brainwashed us
    Taught us to be fools
    And, used us as tools
    And, set us free
    To live in poverty
    We still love you
    What doesn’t kill us
    Will make us stronger
    And, live much longer
    Life can be funny
    When we got no money
    But at least it is sunny
    And, or noses may be runny
    From spread of a virus
    But in a white God we trust
    And pray to Jesus
    To bless us and protect us

  2. David
    We well know that yours is a preoccupation on things of local import.

    However, there are overarching issues of moment in our world. Indeed, issues which will make a nullity of localism.

    We refer to the CopOut for a Conference of the Parties 26 closing today in Scotland, we believe.

    We refer to the great man Jullian Assange who is currently immorally held in the dungeons of the criminal regime in Whitehall. He told us, with vast archives of documents, about the spying on the very parties to Cop26 during 2016 as conducted by Washington as they sought subterfuge instead of genuine negotiations. Its unlikely the same did not happen this time. Its bad faith!

    That evidence shows us the true intent of the Western powers inspite of their waxing lyrical in public. The world shall be in greater danger of enviromental collapse after Cop26 than before.

    We are surprised that this criminal colonial act currently taking place in Scotland has failed to attract your attention. For the world powers are merely trying to outsource all responsibility for their damage of Earth to the countries of the South. In this they are deploying jaded concepts like blue economy, carbon trading, blue bonds etc. But no harsh commitments are in the offing.

    On economy. The wheels are coming off the Biden train. And poor fella, he has not a clue what to do. And if he catches a cold or Alzheimer’s Barbados may contract a ……..

    In the meantime we’re marching steadily towards World War Three as the coalition of forced are at daggers drawn in the Black Sea, the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea, to name a few.

    And we can go on and on. Enough said.

  3. “In the meantime we’re marching steadily towards World War Three as the coalition of forced are at daggers drawn in the Black Sea, the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea, to name a few.”

    World War III started in 2000 in ME

    USA and UK military machines and spying war industries are working with allies mercenaries and new technologies

    it is now moving onto China and Africa

    and then next Space is the Place

  4. 555
    Agreed, it has already started. A way of speaking in imprecise terms as used by us to mean a full on hot war. Wars start long before bullets start to fly. Would not be sure of your date certain though. Some have argued it started at the collapse of the USSR. Others still, at the end of WW2. The dispensationalists may even go back to the beginning of time. LOL

  5. My gut feel / experiential / calculations / dates start in 1990 with GHW Bush (aka senior/41st PotUS) when USA military first got involved in Middle East with Iraq I war, when USA and Israel encouraged Kuwait to flood markets with cheap Oil stolen from Rumaila Oil Field 20 miles from Kuwait border. When they got their foot in the door they never left.

  6. I was in USA watching TV for Iraq 1 shenanigans witnessing their bulllshit and saw the real true nature of jingoistic yanks and politics

  7. @Republic,

    Here is my poem.

    Wuk up, wuk up, in the new Republic
    Its best what we do,
    Care not fuh wuk
    When that wuk can be juk

    Wave de flag, with de rag,
    Coz we ent cay bout a ting,
    All we is do is play mas
    And preoccupy with ding a ling

    Wine up, wine up,
    Is what we do, since Independence
    How far as a culture has fifty years been,
    Still corn beef, biscuits, flying fish an cou cou

    Wave de rag, we ent care
    Nuff litter, illegal dumps, bout de place
    Is wuh we do, as it doan belong tuh we
    All duz matter is biscuits and punanu

    Jump an wave, jump an wave
    Doan bodder me, dat document cuh wait
    Who cay if you want bizness move
    I got betta tings to do

    Jump an wave, de lotta long talk sweet
    We is Republic, we is we
    Wuh is culture, do we really know
    Man hush, I going get some fast food tuh eat
    An pun go slow

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