The Peter Principle – The Peter Odle Imbroglio

The William McIntosh Vs Peter Odle (second defendant) – Foreign Investor Unable to Have Case Heard Against Hotelier Peter Odle – raises the question who should be considered fit and proper to carry out duties of state. Peter Odle is a veteran hotelier who was recently appointed to the post of Chairman of the Barbados Port Authority to replace Senator Lisa Cummins. In light of the court matter lodged against him the question taxpayers must ask – is it unreasonable to ask Peter Odle to stand down as Chairman of BPI until the matter is resolved?

The blogmaster is of the view if good governance is to be seen to be practised by the government and other actors in civil society the answer is a resounding YES.

The BU blogmaster has been around long enough to understand how influence is exerted on the system by the prominent and powerful in Barbados. There is the old Bajan saying who the cow likes he licks, who he does not, he kicks. A big part of the reason Barbados and other countries are witnessing significant citizen apathy in the double standards as it pertains to how the directorate is seen to do business in the country. A robust democracy requires its citizenry to be vigilant. It is not nebulous, it required discrete behaviour from citizens.

The first blog referenced above poked at what Barbadians know, the local court system is groaning under its own weight. This is a paraphrase view shared in public by the incumbent Attorney General Dale Marshall. The McIntosh Vs Peter Odle also exposes other actors complicit in a weak governance model being practised in Barbados. Based on the documents related to the contentious matter under review this blogmaster, it is important we discover ways to examined these matters that have traditionally been swept under the carpet.

A few questions for the BU intelligentsia to discuss for 100 marks.

  1. Was Dan Rossen appointed director in Sandy Bay Holdings (2014) Inc without his knowledge? How is this possible under the Companies Act of Barbados?
  2. Did the Attorney General (AG) of Barbados reply to an email from a concerned member of the public on the 10 February 2020 citing Mr. Peter Odle allegedly making claims that the AG was advising him personally on a incident that occurred at The Sands Hotel on Saturday 8th February 2020? The incident is reported to have occurred in the presence of police officers.

The concerns and questions posed suggest our governance model is compromised. It means not only our court officers and political class are engaged in supine behaviour, it extends to other state actors. It is time the citizenry awake and accept its role of holding elected AND paid officials accountable.

The democracy we practice is described as fragile, a key check and balance must come from the citizenry cognizant of its civic responsibilities. A well worn quote from Abraham Lincoln “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”  was to recognized soldiers who sacrificed lives to give truth to the statement. In Barbados citizens are not required to fight wars to defend the cause of democracy – is it asking too much for Barbadians to adopt other forms of sacrifice for the greater good?

Food for thought.

364 thoughts on “The Peter Principle – The Peter Odle Imbroglio

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  2. @WURA-War-on-U September 10, 2020 6:23 AM “Heard there is an edict out in the public in UK not to resuscitate the elderly and disabled, all you old slaves from the Caribbean living in UK gotta watch ya asses….lol…it’s supposedly a royal edict, and most of you like Ha, Ha and Greene don’t mind taking one for the team anyway..”

    My sister who nursed for the British National Health Service for all but 13 years of her nursing career told me this months ago. She told me “I worked for the NHS for most of my life and because I am will be 70 next birthday they will not resuscitate me if I become seriously ill with COVID19”. But she voted for Brexit. I still love her. Blood is blood.

    I am surprised that you have now heard this, since you always seem to be in the know.

  3. Please not that the life expectancy in our family is 90, so if she dies before her 90th birthday I will know what happened.

  4. @Mango Truth September 9, 2020 7:43 AM “Thanks for feeding your 100 horses before paying your staff members, no wonder people don’t stay in your accounts department after they realize what you do.”

    My beloved mother, may she rest in peace used to work for a white man in the hotel sector. He loved to say that horses and horse racing is for rich MEN and fools.

    My take? Horses are a European animal, and not one of them should be in Barbados. If we can’t eat it, it has no business being here. This isn’t England where people have 12,000 acre estates and horses are actually useful.

    In Barbados horses are an invasive species, deeply harmful to our environment.

  5. @Cuhdear
    My take? Horses are a European animal, and not one of them should be in Barbados. If we can’t eat it, it has no business being here.
    Who says yuh can’t eat horse? Evah hear about Queens Palace? They say that Gwen Workman sell some horse cutters after that fateful day at the Garrison

  6. True Sarge.

    But we ive on the Atlantic, so we should get our protein from the sea.

    Leave the horses for the people of England the Caucasus and thereabouts.

    No point pretending that we are English. We are not. No point pretending that Barbados is England. It is not.

    An animal that large has no rightful place in an environment this small.

    What next?

    Elephants and giraffes? Lions and tigers too?

  7. @NO
    Can’t remember who owned Queen’s Palace

    Since you believe that horses are too large for our environment and you can’t eat them, how about la Grenouille? The animal is small and many people eat its legs and many tourists might even welcome them on hotel and restaurant menus.

  8. SargeantSeptember 10, 2020 8:07 PM @Cuhdear My take? Horses are a European animal, and not one of them should be in Barbados. If we can’t eat it, it has no business being here.
    Who says yuh can’t eat horse?


    Anything will eat, when yuh hungry enough. Good thing that BU is a virtual rumshop and not a real one. Otherwise, after listening to John rant on for two hours and yuh hungry, eyes glaze over and he will start tuh look a certain way, barbeque calling.

  9. “I am surprised that you have now heard this, since you always seem to be in the know.

    if you speak to certain honest doctors, they will tell you it never stopped..

    love them or hate them, some of the engineers were ancestors to many of us and so too are their descendants, so we are well aware that it’s their nature, which does not make it excusable, but it is what it is, who are awake will recognize it and know what they have to do.

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