Interest in rate of interest is interesting

The launch of Sagicor Bank has been generating interest in the Bajan social media space. Besides the fact that it manages business electronically; a win for GenX and GenY, it has been paying significantly more interest for deposits than its more established counterparts.

Barbadians in recent years have been starved of a decent rate of interest on savings after the government through its agent the Central Bank of Barbados connived to eliminate the minimum savings interest rate requirement. Some suggest it was a not too obvious tactic by the government to attract borrowing through the popular short term government paper savings bonds

The graph of a simple interest rate calculation on three deposit amounts using three different interest rates based on what Sagicor Bank is offering illustrates the ‘tidy’ sums depositors will now benefit. It is better than its counterparts BUT a more sober blogmaster is aware the bank must be offering higher rates because it need to grow deposits to a level before it joins its competitors to lend for the usual consumer items. In other words, it is not offering higher interest rates out of kindness for Bajans. At some point interest rates will settle to what is being offered in the market.


The blog is not an attempt to criticize Sagicor Bank interest rate policy, it is about understanding what it takes to excite and energize key segments of the Barbados population, especially the youth. Why are Barbadians who may average $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 on bank accounts excited about earning $20.00, $100.00 and $200.00 respectively yet demonstrate an opposite feeling for the many issues confronting the country? The interest amounts mentioned exclude withholding tax deductions.

We- meaning civil society- continue to ignore rising cynicism and apathy in the country, especially as it pertains to citizen participation in government. Why are our best people refusing to raise hands to participate in the running of the government and non governmental organizations? If significant sums are allocated to the national budget and the result is a people disaffected, apathetic and cynical by ignoring civic responsibilities, what is the point? Barbados has reached a critical juncture in its history, our fields, hills and best local companies are mainly owned by non Barbadians. Gen X, Gen Y and other Barbadian segments seem to care less.

How can we increase the rate of interest to generate interest in matters of greater import?

…Selling off national assets that SHOULD be the heritage of future citizens to foreign vultures for a pittance, only to then have them rob us blind before our very eyes… while shipping our (now borrowed) resources back to their home countries as profits.
The only ‘growth’ has been the percentage of Bajan assets now under foreign ownership and control…

Please also explain to wunna new CBB governor, that it is NOT useful to measure national growth by comparing GDP from year to year, unless inflation is accounted for….

Bush Tea

The other learning from the interest being shown by many in higher interest rates offered by Sagicor Bank is the public’s reacting to what is savings and what is an investment. Recently the Governor of the Central Bank created a PR event around the decision by FCIB to purchase a significant amount of government securities. Some understand the urgency of government, post debt restructure in 2018, to try to restore investor confidence in the domestic market given the significant deficit in government′s finances. Unfortunately the blogmaster is not sensing a similar level of enthusiasm by individuals to invest in government security to match that of institutional investor FCIB. This government has failed to earn the trust back of the average Barbadian when it comes to buying government instruments. What will it take?

If the government is unable to coax individuals to invest in government paper, what will be the consequences? Do not say raise taxes!

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  1. The elephant in the room missed.


    Without recent investigation but knowing the anatomy of this animal we would conclude that Sagicor is doing this because it has not performed well enough to mobilize capital in the global space and has now fallen back on its captive brassbowls to do again what it did before.

    Give it to us in the ass!

    Even the Devil gets a choir to sing the hallelujah chorus.

    Be a fool if you want. But think! If the general welcome is so deserved why don’t they admit a gross mistake had been made and why not re-mutualize.

  2. After decades of a growth strategy based largely on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) we’re back to small deposit taking, again.

    And they were maybe a 100 mergers, acquisitions. This has clearly failed to generate a sufficiency of capital internally.

    Others may look at share price, we have not looked recently, but would bet a straight line or more likely a downward trajectory since going public over 20 years ago.

    Indeed, this interest rate regime may very well be not dissimilar to what Clico did on the road to calamity.

  3. The writer always is anxious to present good news.

    The good news of the system’s gospel.

    Even as all the internal and external forces, singly or collectively, vastly overwhelm perceived glimmers.

    Here we go again. With an ill-considered rush to judgement.

  4. @ Pacha
    SAGICOR is merely trying what all the other parasites that our ‘leaders’ have joined with in bed (to screw Bajan brass bowls) are ROUTINELY doing.

    Ever since it was announced that, despite being robbed by CLICO, BOSS, NIS and the current foreign banks, Bajan Brass bowls STILL have some three billion dollars in assets holed up in the Credit Unions, every Tom, Dick and Harry has been scheming …

    The REAL joke is that not a BOY has been even charged for the lotta shiite that has been dumped into the Bajan brass bowls…. It is almost like a blood sport …of coming up with albino schemes to rob gullible bowls – whose only concern meanwhile, is that Kadooment returns to Bush Hall and that no other black bowl becomes too successful.

    As Bushie has said over and over, SAGICOR is the WORSE POSSIBLE TRAITOR to Barbados that there can be…
    After exploiting citizens by fronting as a ‘mutual’ for over a century, their albino instincts prevailed – with the notable support of Sir Cave Hilary – to BETRAY national interest, and convert what should have been a KEY NATIONAL asset into yet another albino-centric predator with OVERSEAS owners – who don’t give two shits about us…

    It is Bushie’s FERVENT prayer that EVERY brass bowl who put a single cent into THAT bank should lose it….

    There HAS to be a special place reserved in Hell for that organization …and particularly for its principals…. since they have no principles.

    Robbing Bajans is like taking candy from a sleeping baby…

  5. Bushie

    These Sagicor boys like Miller and Beckles are minded that we’re all fools. Theirs passes for sophistication. A perceived higher order of being unknown to brassbowls.

    One main reason which makes Sagicor a near leper is that over recent years the Americans, on whose financial markets they list, have printed trillions and given it to their largest financial institutions, free money!

    Sagicor, a pretender in a foreign country, has not a snowball chance in hell of getting any of that free money. This completely alters the competitive framework even more. Compromises Sagicor’s already tenuous position within the markets.

    Enter the Bajan, Caribbean, brassbowls to acts as puppets for Sagicor again.

    These sets of circumstances represent a failure of vision and can only be corrected with the ruthless application of the antiquarian device.

  6. A finance org like BlackRock controls or owns over 9 trillions USD in assets.

    Sagicor maybe what, 10 or 12 billion by now?

    And here these fools were, 20 years ago, under the misguidance of playing some role in global finance.

    Maybe our place down Black Rock is a good one for them. LOL

  7. “What is the key point of the blog?”

    This is hell in paradise
    We’re all asleep or paralyzed
    Why are we scared to verbalize
    Our multi-color dreams?
    When will we come to realize
    We’re all stoned or pacified
    While the boogeymen organize
    Their multilevel schemes?
    Under-qualified for love
    Overqualified for life
    Sticking our heads in slime
    Thinking we’re in our prime
    Mesmerized by mythology
    Hypnotized by ideology
    Antagonized by reality
    Vandalized by insanity
    Desensitized by fraternity
    Sanitized by policy
    Jeopardized by lunacy
    Penalized by apathy
    And living in the world of fantasy
    Dancing on hot coal, waiting for the last call
    It’s Adam’s ball, Eve’s call
    Wake up, shake up, check out, work out, speak out
    Reach out, it’s time to, time to, time to, to, to, to, to
    This is hell in paradise
    None of us wish to recognize
    But do we want them to materialize
    An endangered species?
    Exorcise institution
    Exercise intuition
    Mobilize transition
    With inspiration for life

  8. CXC Exam Question

    How much did GB pay in Reparations for the enslavement of Black Man Woman and Child?

    approximately £20 million (for slave owners)
    approximately sweet fuck all (for enslaved)

    With the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 (3 & 4 Will. IV c. 73), it authorized the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt to compensate slave owners in the British colonies in the amount of approximately £20 million for the freeing of slaves.

    They paid the criminals and not the victims for the biggest crime in history

    Which Was Clearly a Wrong Move

    What would an equal payment for the enslaved be worth today to right the wrong?

    Taking into account the following
    The British pound has lost 99.343% of its value since 1833
    Accumulative Interest of £20 million for 190 years plus inflation = ?
    Extra marks will be given for showing your calculation

  9. The Bajan animal is one which could never show contrition.

    Although, in this place, we’ve once seen a glimmer of such a contrite statement after the excesses of Covid by the number one man.

    The exception which proves the rule!

    Weeeee, on the other hand could never understand this fetish about being right all the time.

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s a conservative construct, not unlike the galvanize palings built to conceal certain practices.

    That national predisposition infects all facet of culture.

    In the case of Sagicor, Barbados and the region were brought to circumstances closest to a revolutionary state, since the 1930s

    If mistakes were made by Sagicor then there should be an accounting.

    Certainly, no pass should be given them forgetful of all which has occurred for forty years. The same people are at its core now.

    There is no present. There is no future. Only the past repeating itself. Says one philosopher.

    We are about to so do, as reliable assholes.

  10. For those struggling to understand the mathematics, you do not need that precision.
    TheO’s maths: if you lose a big piece (20%) of a big thing, and add back a smaller piece (14%) to what remains, some still missing.

    Note that even if you made back the same percentage (20%) on the smaller thing, you are still down a bit from the original piece.

  11. | Get Strong & Integrated |
    Muscular Energy
    The Bajan animal is one with contracted memories of skin to muscle muscle to bone and is still suffering from the Barbados Slave Code of 1661, officially titled as An Act for the better ordering and governing of Negroes

  12. Past emotions running high?
    Whether the ‘newer’ digital bank is Sagicor, Orange or ABC, their history as minor disruptors is to offer marginally higher savings rates, AND similarly lower lending rates. In other words, they shave the Spread at both ends.
    Naturally, as savings rates rise from 0%, the difference between them and whatever rate GoB paper is offering decreases. Yet, as BOSS gave empirical evidence, the perceived RISK of GoB paper was high enough, that a 4% return was insufficient to attract takers.
    My experience, contrary to what @VC once said, is the GoB paper market is illiquid. Trading these instruments pre maturity is tough.
    I have long suggested a more compulsory form of buying GoB paper may occur. With FCIB making the unusual BOSS move, the Banks usually move in lock step unison, this delays any compulsory plan. Yet we haven’t heard of RBC, Scotia, Republic or the Credit Unions joining the BOSS party. Nor has the $7?M partial early bond redemption, seemed to have moved the Confidence needle.
    Nor should it. For the cloud of the NIS and other financial mismanagement looms boldly. All the sweet talk and ‘assurances’ cannot overcome the huge lack of transparency in how public monies are managed.
    The Bajan may #giveyuhdevoteandwatchyuh but they are not #trussinuwiththeirmoney beyond what they must already do.

    • @NO

      Walter Blackman flirted with this matter this morning. It must start with like minded citizens like yourself working to initiate change. It is a hard task given the prevailing mindset. We need our intelligent citizens to raise their hands.

    • SMH ,,,BT article:


      Estwick hits back at Minister Straughn
      Former Minister of Economic Affairs Dr David Estwick has hit back at Government Minister Ryan Straughn for questioning the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) moral authority to criticise the current administration’s management of the country’s debt.
      Estwick contends that the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office with responsibility for Finance is off target regarding the debt the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) inherited and where the country’s debt situation is now.
      Earlier this month, Straughn told the House of Assembly that the DLP could not come to the country with any credibility, neither could any representative of the party “masquerading as an economist…with smoke and mirrors”, on matters related to the management of public debt.
      He contended that the BLP inherited $18 billion in debt when it took over the government in 2018 and had restructured that debt – which represented 176 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, reducing it to about 119 per cent of GDP or $12.5 billion.
      Straughn at the time was responding to comments made at a DLP St Thomas branch meeting by Estwick who predicted that the country’s debt service and debt stock would continue to rise “dangerously” and could become an “albatross” around taxpayers’ necks.
      But at a DLP St Michael South East branch panel discussion on Sunday at the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School, Estwick dismissed Straughn’s figures, drawing from what he said was data from the reports of the International Monetary Fund Article IV Consultations, the Central Bank of Barbados, and Standard & Poors, as well as from Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure documents and the Barbados Economic and Social Reports.
      He claimed the total public debt when the BLP took over was approximately 157 per cent of GDP and not 176 per cent; and total debt stock was about $16 billion at the end of financial year 2018 and not over $18 billion.
      Estwick, who also headed the Infrastructure Committee of Cabinet under then Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, also contended that the debt which the Government found in 2018 could be traced back to previous BLP administrations.
      “What he [Straughn] apparently forgot was that the history of the buildup of debt in the Barbados economy did not start in the 2008-2018 period [when the DLP was in office] and that there was a period before that, that seriously affected and shaped the economic metrics he spoke about in 2018 when they went into office,” the ex-Cabinet Minister said, noting that when the DLP took office in January 2008, the economy was already unstable with a “very high” and “unsustainable” central government deficit and debt, a “huge” central government debt service, a high foreign debt, a “very high” external current account deficit, high inflation, high unemployment, borrowed net international reserves, and a sovereign international credit rating of BBB-.
      The former Minister of Economic Affairs explained that this meant debt repayment by Barbados was speculative – uncertain or carrying a high risk.
      “So, between 2008 and 2018, the DLP borrowed to keep the economy afloat and protect the people of this country. Our borrowing was mostly domestic in nature and, on leaving office, the central government debt was 70 per cent domestic debt and 30 per cent external,” Dr Estwick argued.
      He contended that since the BLP came to office, “every debt metric has worsened”.
      “But Barbadians are being told that the debt situation is not worsening, everything is under control and we are on target,” the former MP for St Philip West declared. (EJ)

    • David
      It’s not about intelligence, for even the intelligent (whatever the measure) can be compromised.
      My fav Bajan line is “you Kan do dat”.
      It doesn’t mean something is difficult or impossible, or makes little sense; rather, it will crush toes. Particularly in an ‘off the record’ fashion.

  13. @ Pacha
    “These Sagicor boys like Miller and Beckles are minded that we’re all fools. Theirs passes for sophistication. A perceived higher order of being unknown to brassbowls.”
    This is 100% true, but it is just par for the course of albino-centric mentality.
    The SCARY part from Bushie’s perspective is the extent to which our highly educated and well spoken LEADERS have converted themselves to THAT line of thought.

    In EVERY damn case, our ‘esteemed’ leaders have aligned themselves with such Judas-type characters to betray Bajans.

    Barrow is known to have facilitated the emergence of the SOL empire which, having exploited local resources to the hilt, sold out ALL their local assets to some foreign Parkland, to become our new absentee plantation owners.
    Adams was somewhat of an anomaly, in that he exercised the his own inherent albino-centric inclinations to take local control of a number of key assets….but…
    Arthur quickly reversed all that with his idiotic economic theories that glorified ‘money’ rather than ‘ownership’. And who aligned with the likes of A Fields to dispose of Banks holdings etc to those foreign absentee owners that we now have to endure.
    Thompson sold his soul to the Devil called CLICO in his effort to become boss, and then Stuart acted the perfect clown with CAHILL when Thompson met his reward.
    We now have an unholy Radical Mal-money association between our current leaders and a particular group of companies, that is clearly set to repeat the SOL experience.

    ANYONE can make one foolish mistake…
    Some people may even repeat the mistake in their trusting of others..

    But shiite man!!!
    yuh mean ..over, and over, and over, and OVER..???!!!!

    Only brass bowls are able to continue taking the same damn shit day after day, and night after night.

    …Unless you understand that there is a CURSE associated with turning our backs on the GOD that has identified us as HIS SPECIAL people – while we CONTINUALLY opt to follow the ‘money’ and the ‘lure’ of the albino-centric demons of our world.
    What we SHOULD learn from our endemic brassbowlery is that…

    “Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”.

    Those with ‘ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’, will understand the FINALITY of such a warning condition.

    • Bushie
      While your patriotism is to be admired, your insularity is a risk.
      SOL may have started in B’dos with aid from EWB, yet, by the time it sold, its footprint was such, B’dos was barely the little toe. Ditto for InterAmericana.
      BHL in hindsight, made a financing deal years before it’s ultimate sale which was relevant. Yet, there was a bidding war, and anybody could bid? Even locals. Unlike C&W, the bid price actually rose substantially.
      I know you love Sir Cavehill, yet, 99% of people are primarily interested in taking care of ME. While his transition from agitant to Sagicor Board member, to conferring honorary degrees on half the Board, makes it legend, he is no different from many, as you point out.
      And whether it is Collins, WIRR, Apes Hill, ICBL, BS&T, SOL, BHL, MtGay, WIBISCO etc, the buyers ALL made their money elsewhere.
      And based on local savings, a group (co-op?) could bid on several. But weee only wuk so in a sou-sou.
      All these “southern” markets are too risky to sink too many eggs in any one basket.

  14. @ Northern
    We know you to be an outlier whose albino-centric inclinations appear to be tempered with a sense of fairness.

    But when Bushie goes OUT OF HIS WAY to empower one of his damn children by forcing the others to ‘make do’, while this favorite gets to explore all the available opportunities….

    …an when the favored then goes on to make it BIG in the wider society and world… Are you saying that he don’t OWE a major DEBT of gratitude to his siblings and family who sacrificed for his donkey?

    Make his own money shiite!!
    Without the sacrifices of their siblings and the unfair advantages advanced, ALL these parasitic donkeys would be scrunting in the same brass bowls as the least of us their brothers.

    And this shiite about how the poor siblings should then take what little they were able to put together to survive in the credit unions, to now COMPETE with this favorite child and with those of his ilk, is the epiphany of shiite talk – and was a favorite bit of jobby coming from Owen and his ‘economist’ ilk…. (whatever the Hell that is)

    You miss the picture boss,
    You are a bit too albino-centrically biased.
    The way WE poor brass bowls DO IT, is to pool our meagre resources to create a champion to represent us…..BUT…
    When that ‘champion’ goes rogue and behaves even worse that the damn enemy, then you should EXPECT that the one and ONLY true God will take the final judgement.

    Bushie is only here to explain the logic behind the coming licks….

    • Bushie
      Possibly you need to examine the champion selection method?
      One reported genius, told us insanity was doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.
      Maybe the rogue is to be expected, if you don’t select carefully, for bias towards albino centricity seems to afflict the majority, regardless of skin tone, religion or eddykashin.

    • NO
      Your albino-centric grounding is again showing…
      ..cause Bushie’s reported genius told us that we should NEVER tire to do the RIGHT things…. no matter the price..

      You ALSO err in your assumption that the END in sight is the usual albino-centric accumulation of material wealth.
      It is NOT!

      […The ACTUAL (spiritual) objective is the pursuit of RIGHTEOUSNESS, (ie of doing what is right before God and the society – IN SPITE OF the shiite that may result in a warped world).

      Of course the ‘rogues’ are to be expected, and their donkeys will pay the appropriate prices at the appointed time…

      BUT occasionally, a DIAMOND will appear, an outlier of impeccable CHARACTER that reflects LOVE, unselfishness, wisdom and understanding….

      Shiite boss… even if this only happens once in every thousand years, it represents an addition to the bushman clan, that makes the project called ‘Life On Earth’ WELL worth all the necessary jobby involved….It often takes millions of sperm attempts before that special child finally joins the family – but what a day!!! ]

      The square bracketed section is for your eyes only NO, as most others will not get it…

  15. When Black people talk about their Ancestors one man here has called that being nostalgic.

    Now another, whose claim to fame is the defense of Whiteness, talks about past emotions running high.

    Have Black people being the overwhelming numerical majority, ever had a change to control or exercise ownership rights when it was The Mutual.

    Was demutualization not the very mechanism used by White people and their Black lackeys like Henry Forde, others, to forever separate Black people from this company and their ownership of it?

    Are these contradictions not worthy of reconciliation?

    And we could go on all day?

    Skip forward.

    Has the now Sagicor not abandoned the country in a moment of extreme difficulty, to serve its own credit rating interests?

    What are the circumstances leading this dog back to its vomit?

    To recap.

    An organization, racist to the bone to this very day, but most certainly until the early 1990, which denied the Black population whose money they continue to take but also wants to invite deposits in circumstances where other sources maybe uncertain and where Sagicor itself is following the path well laid by Clico.

    And now some simplistic interest rate calculus is supposed to impress.

    We never hear anybody here telling John Knox that his emotions run high when he fills the blog with his family’s travails. His feelings have legitimacy. He White!

    Nor do we ever hear him accused of being nostalgic when he talks ad infinitum about the lionization of his White people. Another racist!

    All three people referred to openly exhibit innate racist tendencies, even the Black one who is willing to forgive and forget all in order to be in a game of somebody else’s making, that somehow the doom which looms might be assuaged.

    After all the crimes perpetrated by Sagicor, the racist organization, against Black people of Barbados, only mindless slaves some here have always been, will now line up to save Sagicor again. For this writer never will!

    • Pacha you are free to place your dollars wherever you desire, and to encourage others to do likewise.

      I do not yet see the connection to Clico, but who knows what the future holds.

      Based on stated goals, I expect Sagicor to launch their digital bank in several markets and expect their operational policies to be similar.

      You are free to believe the reasons, beyond the typical albino centric reasons.

      Maybe I am racist. You can deal with JK yourself. In case you hadn’t noticed we are often on the opposite sides of discussions.

      Today I learned that Henry Forde is a lackey. But after your explanation of how the Ruskies are not white, little would surprise me. emotional references

      When one mixes the Pacha 🍸🍹, how many parts history, skin tone, ideology and other unique ingredients are included, leave the final taste test a surprise.

      At least I know now, you don’t like emotional or nostalgic references 😊😊


      This writer never tells lies. Has been trained to the highest level in your most prestigious institutions.

      Within the Ancient Mystery Systems toooo!

      When empty vessels like you write all you achieve is an expose your deep ignorance. You let the world know what you’ve never read.

      Your always desire to raise the issue of whether your Anglo-Saxons see Russians as White or not repletes the academic literature. Ask the anti-Russian racist Winston Churchill.

      We have stated and shall continue to assert beyond a shadow of doubt that the Anglo-Saxons never, never, never, considered Russians to be White.

      As always Whiteness, in academic terms, has long been a political construction. Not based on your man-in-the-street ignorance which only has to do with the absence of melanin. Mexicans were once White, so where the Arabs in Egypt, see youtube.

      That in the war in Ukraine your White supremacist fascist forces, like the Azov Battallion, in fact the whole army of Ukraine, historically, during and after WW2, after Maidan 2014, has always been deeply pro Anglo-Saxon and White supremacist. White supremacists since 1945, working with Hitler, afterwards were supported by the CIA.

      Their ire has always been aimed at Russia, for unlike you they’ve long known the ethnic makeup of the Russian populations. And it did not help the Russians, inferiors in their books, that they were almost singly-handly the reason for the defeat of their forebears, the Nazis. To both your Anglo-Saxons, who are fascists, and the Neo-Nazis today on the ground Russian populations are made up of Monogolian and other Asiatic genotypes.

      Look at Putin himself. Can’t you see the hint of a physiogamy of an Asiatic type.

      For the Neo-nazis in Ukraine these are disqualifiers, even as they themselves derive from a similar gene pool.

      Certainly, these are easily available factoids even you should be able to find.

      Putin, Lavrov and anybody who’s anybody within the Kremlin has been, since this war began, coutching this conflict within racism discourses. See what Lavrov has to say vía the above link. There are thousands of similar speeches all over the web.

      You are also grossly ignorant, like most in the West, about the deep and rich Russian academic works on the issue of anti-Russian racism.

      Why would you presume that Lavrov has been on Afrikan tours, four times within a year? Why do you presuppose that Afrikans are Russia’s strongest backers? Do you have any understanding about the geopolitical and the intersection with race?

      We have tried our best to present a concise renderering of hundreds of years of information which you obviously know nothing about at all. But festoned in a place of backwardness we would expect this canard of yours about the Whiteness of the Russian peoples as unrecjonized by Anglo-Saxons to forever raise it’s ignorant head.

      The last words are yours!

  16. Black man you come from Mount Zion

    Zion, the city of “Jah”. Many people ask, where is “Zion” and what is so special about it? Well fortunately, we have been blessed with the words of “Jah” inspired through “King David”. So today, we’ll take a look into one a the many “Psalms” in which “David” wrote.

    Psalms 87 says

    “His foundation is in the holy mountains.

    2 The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.

    3 Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God. Selah.

    Ethiopia, the birth place of “Rastafari” where the highest himself shall establish her. “Haile Selassie I” established Ethiopia in the hearts of “Africans” scattered abroad. It is because of the Emperor we remember the glory and truth of “Zion” which is Ethiopia.

    Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of “Jah”. There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the “Most High”. I will make mention of “Rahab” and “Babylon” to them that know me.

    Equality proceedings is painful and slow in Babylon
    1964 was a vintage year in Amerikkka

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964

    TITLE I: Voting Rights. Barred unequal application of state voter registration requirements for federal elections. …
    TITLE II: Public Accommodations. …
    TITLE IV: Desegregation of Public Education. …
    TITLE VII: Equal Employment Opportunity. …
    TITLE VIII: Registration and Voting Statistics.

  17. Pacha comes from the school of Black Radicalism

    Russians are not White Supremacists
    like UK USA and their axis axes allies
    in the ism schism of West versus East
    Capitalism versus Socialism
    Right versus Left

    Remember USA was and is a segregation apartheid state
    Like South Africa and Israel who UK supported

    In the fights for Civil Rights Equal Rights Decolonisation of Africa etc
    Russia was not on Anglo-American racists side

    Russians are a mixture of Asian and European and not pure white

  18. @ Pacha
    Hate is an endemic characteristic of the albino-centric mind. It is really the external reflection of selfishness.

    While it is easier to identify and target those with black skin for hatred, Selfish people tend to hate EVERYONE else who seem to be impeding their desires in ANY way.

    Those Europeans hate each other with a special passion that is characterized by the typical French / English relationships at very individual levels, where it appears that language is the only thing that separates them, yet
    many wars have been fought….and only the MAD effect of nuclear weapons prevents ongoing open war…

    Indeed, the original bushman clearly taught that the ONLY means of differentiating between the albino-centric and the ‘others’ (the God-centric) is via a unique characteristic… called LOVE.

    Love is unselfish, and therefore CANNOT reflect hatefulness, even when targeted with unwarranted hate…

    Of course Europeans hate Russians… and Blacks….and Indians…and Chinese…. and themselves.

    No surprise then, that the rest of the world that MODELS their lifestyle, values, characteristics and traits, have become so albino-centric in nature, and so filled with hate…

    • @Bush Tea

      Pardon the French but all hogwash. These are learned behaviours you are writing about supported by power structures that result. There is a reality that comes with manmade systems/constructs. The struggle is real and the disadvantaged will have to be strategic to finds ways to move the needle towards equity and inclusion. Now cuss!

    • What are the ‘learned behaviors’ to which you refer?
      Hate and Love?!!
      Surely you jest!!
      Nothing could be further from actual reality.

      Hate and selfishness are practically par for the course of this world. Capitalism is in fact, the institutionalization of greed and selfishness. This is the very BASIS of economic theory and is what we accept as normal inter human relationships. it is the SYSTEM that drives what is accepted as ‘normal’ in our world.

      Love on the other hand, is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.
      This is completely out of place in our world. So how is such LOVE ‘learned’?

      True Love is a REFLECTION of a TRANSFORMED human being – almost literally one that has been ‘born again’ of a different spiritual orientation….and how THAT can be achieved is another story altogether.

    • you lost way the Blogmaster with that one.
      Just like when the original bushman told a fella that he needed to be ‘re-born’ in order to be a part of the LOVE kingdom?

      Basically this was the same issue…
      Chap just wanted to know how he could be a part of this ‘love kingdom’.
      He probably expected that he would be told to make some sacrifices such as watching Kiki’s videos, giving to the poor, and joining a church….

      The ACTUAL answer was ‘you will need to be reborn – of a NEW SPIRIT’ in order to be part of this kingdom.

      You are probably still thinking that the physical things, to which our 5 senses limit us, are at the center of reality. But in fact we are nothing but a ‘temporary project’ within a spiritual reality that is way beyond our capability to comprehend.
      However if we are able to pass a kind of physical ’11-plus’ exam of righteousness, then we may get the opportunity to be born anew, graduate into that spiritual realm, and grow into full participants of THAT true reality.

    • Ok Bush Tea understand your position now. What will trigger the epiphany in global citizens happy to nurture a world addicted to secularism?

    • What will trigger the epiphany in global citizens happy to nurture a world addicted to secularism?
      LOL….’Global Warming’ will..

      That is the term which we have adopted as a euphemism to describe the fact that our world is TERMINALLY ill.
      This represents the end of the great spiritual project called ‘Life on Earth phase 1’ that was coordinated by the original bushman in his various roles.

      The final wrap-up of this interesting experience will be such that your epiphany is triggered…

  19. “Guilty, as charged!”

    On a White Blog ‘Black Radicalism’ is a big big crime and you would be banned and your IP address blacklisted and spies would put you on a watchlist.

    But, on a Black Blog is just an expression of what black people might say to each other when discussing the white state of mind.

    Therefore you are found not guilty

  20. Combining financial wealth with authentic self expression. True Prosperity is an attitude that naturally puts you in the flow of money, creativity and abundance. It also brings in the flow love and connection, of whatever else you want to nurture in your life.
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  21. The Global South is in a rassssoul revolution, everywhere weeee look there is radical transformation.

    Nobody is afraid of the Devil.

    These events continue gaining pace and none of the normal shenanigans of empire are able to check them.

    White power in our world has met its end.

    The New Development Bank of BRICS Plus is ready to invest trillions in real development. The IMF, The WB, the White supremacist multilateral institutions shall be torn down, thrown asunder.

    For Pacha this is great news.

    Whether Eritrea in the North of Afrika along a strategic waterway or South Afrika in the South, unquestioned radical transformation descends on us all.

    Not the rasssoul lackeys in Barbados and the Caribbean though. These are the hold out slaves still complaining to massa “dey coming to get us”.

    The BRICS Plus has assembled 81 countries lining up to issue a gold-backed global reserved currency, soon.

    Whether Brazil or Mexico, under the nose of empire, a radical tsunami is gaining pace to wipe empire from the from the pages of history.

    All we could could talk here is about is the moral crime of an interest rate regime.

    Dear Ntr, permit us to destroy these lovers of White people and their oppressive systems, all!

  22. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved on said:

    “Not the rasssoul lackeys in Barbados and the Caribbean though. These are the hold out slaves still complaining to massa “dey coming to get us”.

    While robbing and selling out their masters. They escalated since 1937 when they convinced themselves they are the invincible, untouchable Slaves……they are the dangerous outliers everyone must now fear and be very aware….they got caught like RATS in their own trap, while sitting with legs straddling both fences…..their timing was off, now they will pay.

    Pacha…they never saw this one coming…too confident in their betrayals of both sides of the divide…the slick talking sellouts.

    If those who carry the nowhere titles attached to their names dont utilize them within the dying system to free themselves and everyone else…that is on them….they can remain blase and see what rolls out next.

  23. Yolande Grant - Aftican Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    True definition of playing the LONG CON and LOSING….

  24. We have generations of economists calling themselves “Keynesian”

    Indeed, it’s a fair comment to say the overwhelming number of graduates, courses offered are Keynesian.

    Very few Marxist, cooperative, economic discourses.

    Few will know however, that the most far reaching proposals from Keynes were ignored, sidelined.

    For his notoriety came at the fringes of his thinking.

    For one, Keynes had argued that international payments should balance. As in “balance of payments”.

    He advocated that there should have been the repricing of goods and services from the Global South to make sure international payments actually balance.

    Having not been done, accumulated deficits are the main cause for Global South indebtedness.

    Keynes also fought for “Bancor”. Bancor being the international reserve currency as proposed and run by the UN. It has now taken 80 years of USD debt slavery for BRICS to finally determine it’s an idea whose time has come.

    Of course, the head slave here and his baccra White apologists will see this as a direct threat to White hegemony by slanted-eyed people who happen to be communists, the much hated Russians who never did Black any ill and are currently challenging their White people, Indians and Afrikan who, in their minds, have no business putting the big, mushroom-headed, deckie in dey poooookerts.

  25. Not one local economist, people calling themselves Keynesian, or neoliberal, has ever raised these rassoul issues to the general slave population.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      The vote beggars were too busy convincing themselves over the last four life cycles, that they, NOT US, are entitled to OUR BIRTHRIGHT……

      Right up until their LONG CON revealed itself for the world to see and hear about.

      The continent is appalled…shame and disgrace being cried on them…..the Slaves not only believe they got influence, bit someone said they actually believe they are special..

      This has a very long way to go…as more and more of their arrogant behavior, and extremely wicked actions unfold.

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