Government failing the transparency test

Submitted by Kemar J.D Stuart, Director Business Development , Finance and Investment Stuart & Perkins Caribbean

In the name of transparency, integrity & accountability Minister Ryan Straughn should account to the public by answering the question as to where is the public register of all government issued contracts over $1M as mandated by the BERT since December 2021?

To quote from transparency international “Covid-19 was not only a health crisis but a corruption crisis”. I am calling for a full audit of the government of Barbados’ covid-19 expenses.

The issuing of government contracts to respective business players comes under the microscope and luckily the IMF in it’s Article IV consultation & Memorandum of Understanding of Economic & Financial Policies with Barbados, displayed vision in asking the Minister of Finance Ryan Straughn to table a Public procurement Act 2021 in order for crisis related expenditure to be tracked and traced.

The minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn explained that the new legislation was necessary as it was mandated by the BERT austerity programme. BERT was amended In May 2021 and a new line item was supposed to be listed in the 2021/22 budget which required all COVID-19 related government issued contracts in excess of $1M BDS be reported to the Barbadian parliament

According to the agreed IMF MOU of Economic & Financial Policies both the contract and the names of successful bidders of government contracts along with a public register of all government contractors were to be made available in the Barbados corporate registry by the end of 2021.

I personally paid a visit to the Barbados corporate registry May 23, 2023 and no worker in the registry has the slightest idea of such a policy being implemented by the Ministry of Finance. For clarity the Public Procurement Act was passed on December 14th 2021 tabled by Ryan Straughn and in line with the IMF stipulated time frame. This Act was later amended on March 22, 2023 however the workers at the Barbados corporate register remain uninformed & unaware about this new government policy

In February 2023, while speaking in parliament, Economist Marsha Caddle called on the Government to fulfill its promise to publish information on contracts awarded for public works projects. She made the call as she insisted that public procurement must be fully transparent, especially when it comes to the award of contracts for major government projects.

Caddle said” the details of awarded contracts should be made available to the public” and in keeping with transparency the government of Barbados made some serious promises they have not kept. According to Economist Caddle the publication of that information, whether in COVID or not, is critical to the trust and accountability of this Government and I see no reason why we should not publish contracts over $1 million as we said we would, whether in an emergency situation or not; why we should not publish contract awards of a certain size.”

In the name of emergency significant sums of tax dollars were spent on government issued contracts and to quote Dr Kevin Greenidge “ Government put in place measures where Government had to report to Parliament on all COVID-related procurements, contracts in excess of $1 million so that Parliament had to give approval on these and had knowledge of what those procurements were.”

Alternate views state that parliament had no real power during Covid as the Emergency Management Act 2020 was declared and an extended state of emergency gave the office of Prime Minister absolute power to make emergency financial decisions without parliamentary or cabinet level oversight. No verified check and balance can be made on government contracts during covid as a physical check at the Barbados corporate registry shows no results and registry workers are not informed about the change in government policy.

If the public procurement process was followed as stipulated by the IMF endorsed BERT MOU to publish all government contracts over 1M in the corporate registry, then a public trail to audit the ministry of health and wellness’ government issued contract to Radical Investments Ltd to procure Covid-19 vaccines on behalf of the government of Barbados could’ve been possible. A financial audit of the office of Prime Minister for the time Barbados spent under Emergency Management Act 2020 is required for full transparency & accountability of government funds during Covid.

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  1. The author’s usually partisan banter, is now focused on a legitimate point.
    Surely the IMF has been provided with such a contract list under the terms of BERT. Possibly a mere oversight, the GoB should have no delay in releasing it into the public domain.

    • The Blogmaster has been following the debate about loans contracted by the government under a variable rate arrangement. Question: aren’t loans always contracted under variable rate and or international credit rating arrangements? Why always allow ourselves to be sucked in to the rhetoric.

  2. 21st Century Slavery
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  3. We remain in wonderment as to when these misguided, ignorant, economic midgets will ever be able to centre the existential battle of today within its proper contexts.

    And stop regurgitating shiiite.

    A time when the connection between the aged old fight about what it means to have an economy dominated by oligarchs; as produced by getting everybody else into either debt pionage, serfdom or slavery.

    A tradition, the above, with the help of Roman Catholocism, overthrew debt forgiveness as integral to economy. When will it be recognized that the central crisis in our world is between these primordial forces.

    Not these arithmetic formulations constantly unearthed in ways to beguile by an 11-plus boy.

    That these meally-mouthed renderings which are the moral equivalent of picking peas out of shiiite are infantile. That the people on the Hill who so misled them with the inert are themselves ignorant, so were the ones coming before them.

    Indeed, none of this foolishness which passes as a profession will matter unless a jubilee is again centralized. In the absence of economic justice, across the board.

    Galvanized in Rome around 300BC, today it remains the central fight between the Eurasian Bloc and the Western countries. Truly existential!

    So when people here pretend to be part of the West and see Russia and China as autocratic, as told then by Biden, the real autocracy are the forces which have delivered Barbados and most of the world into a form of slavery which these real autocrats are currently moving heaven and earth to maintain.

    How ignorant can we be?

  4. David:
    Loans don’t have to be contracted at variable rate, but, it is usually the lowest at the moment of the loan.
    Doesn’t mean it will be lowest rate over the term of the loan.
    Governments are not known for being ‘astute’ and taking a higher rate, in exchange for cost certainty over a period of years.
    This most recent uptick in rates, has Govts calling for a rate cap. They are collectively incapable of managing their thirst for debt.
    Yet, who is going to buy a multilateral agency bond today yielding 2%? Even 3%.
    Govts are also notorious for basing their ‘projections’ on ‘best case scenarios’. When one Intl entity declared at the end of ’22, that rates would decline in the summer ’23, many jumped on that bandwagon. It was the news they wanted. But was it likely?
    Confident ‘your friend Avi’ is working feverishly on the Holetown Accord 😊😊

    • @NO

      What were the options available to government if not variable? Are you saying fix interest rates deals are available in the market? What is interesting is that these international lenders mandated to work with developing countries would support a variable interest rate arrangement.

    • Why interesting? Variable rate is the easiest method for lenders to operate with. And borrowers always want the current lowest rate. A match?
      Should these so called multilateral agencies be suggesting paying more because it could be ‘prudent’? Take on a fixed rate, then rebate the premium at end of term if the VR was lower?
      The world of finance is such, everything is about negotiation.
      You brag when you got the loan ‘inexpensively’, and complain when its cost increases sharply.
      The Holetown Accord awaits.

    • @NO

      Very funny you are, the bragging is politics or should it be gimmicks?

      We live in an environment of unstable equilibrium and it will require a heightened level of awareness from NGOs to create different narratives, behaviours and related on behalf of SIDs.

    • It isn’t THEIR money? A wonderful luxury.
      You love to make developmental distinctions. They all seeing Shiite.
      The USA currently is spending $100B/mth more than it collects. Its little neighbour to the North is close behind. Canada just decided to shell out $10B over a few years to attract a VW EV battery plant. Another EV plant currently under construction halted, they now want more free money based on what VW got. And daily we learn, what was suspected, the recipients of Covid ‘loans’ want those monies forgiven. And those in decision making roles still scratch their heads how ‘inflation occured’ beyond a few %pts.
      The pols are the cause? They keep signing us up for more. It isn’t their money?

    • @NO

      It is their money and geopolitical interests to pursue of course. The dichotomy here is that it betrays a mandate to support developing nations- whatever that means. The simplistic view.

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  6. “What is interesting is that these international lenders mandated to work with developing countries would support a variable interest rate arrangement.”

    Waste of time sending messages to Empire…they are MY cousins…remember…and i have some say on that…

  7. I already accepted their existence and always will…and THEY KNOW IT… not an EMPLOYEE of Empire who should know their place and boundaries……i know my limits…and know how to stick within it…

    .i will never deny, disown or not acknowledge my ancestors or related bloodlines no matter who….and can express my thoughts without fear DIRECTLY TO THEM…

    Pacha…the people on the island have a real problem on their hands…the good news, THEY KNOW IT…hardest thing is to know….and can always rejig, reupp and take it from there.

  8. Waru

    Well, weeeee see no signs of life, currently.

    However, there maybe a last bus leaving the bus-stand, if it ain’t brek down!

    And knowing the Bajan, there shall be much fighting, pushing and forcing to get on.

    Even as toooo late being their cry, overnight a cottage industry of scribes, currently disinterested, will emerge out of nothingness to claim the new world others are currently fighting for, some here on BU.

    That! Is the rasssoul Bajan! The quintessential slave!

    • Pacha…dont know what to tell them, they have ALWAYS been unable to read the tea leaves…and remain misguided, misled under the tutelage and stench of generational misleadership….SLAVERY..

      weeee kept telling them over the years that there was MUCH MORE at play, we can feel the ancient happenings in our very bones, even i was SHOCKED at the magnitude of ANCIENT events in OURSTORY…that is irrevocably and permanently tied to other groups through bloodlines..a shared story……this is where UNDERSTANDING becomes very important for our existence moving forward….but the selfish know what they did and now cannot be undone….the bridge they built to their own demise.

      …this beginning does not call for desperate greed and conniving plots and plans.

      ..but if that is all they can see, they have a problem..not being able to see anything else…no one can save them..

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved.. on said:

      The sesh under guidance of the ntr, ntru will now rule..

      ..the days of slave leadership with mindless slaves for followers is entering a brand new dimension…not needed anymore..

  9. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved on said:

    Quite telling when slave minds are searching for others to fund their slavehood and have absolutely NOTHING to offer in return….very disturbing.

    While their handlers are desperately searching for money to launch enslavement terror…that’s the story not being told Pacha…

  10. If we are going to ridicule Mr.Stuart, we must first ridicule those who taught him.
    As a social scientist/ economist, he is only regurgitating what he was instructed.
    Garbage in; garbage out.
    We ask ourselves why leaders who look like us, tend to treat us with such contempt. The question should be : who taught them. When was this superior position placed in their minds.
    And then we should ask who taught those who taught them.
    Any educational system based on elitism and flavored with political malfeasance, will produce leaders who think and see themselves as elitists.
    Occasionally, we may find a small number that escapes but they are usually socially, economically and politically destroyed and eventually silenced.

  11. But Skinner

    Not even the consideration by them as elitist could be justified.

    For real elitist capitalists run all facets of the culture, they own it. These presumed elites don’t run shiiiite beyond being factotums.

  12. @ Pacha
    And that is exactly how we/ they are taught and we buy it hook , line and sinker. That in itself is the real tragedy of how we are educated. That’s why to this very day we talk about good schools and bad schools. We are now talking about changing the education system and already the elitism us being protected and projected.
    The question remains: where do we go from here ? The answer: we really don’t want to move.

    • Brilliantly put!!

      We could never understand why poor people, and 99% of the people are poor, are so conservative, what is there to lose.

      A pig going to market should not care who he bite, said an old man.

      At least a radically progressive faction should have been given space, encouraged. But instead it was systematically destroyed.Everybody shouldn’t have be like the proverbial widget.

      The same way, economically, we have the most radical shifts in 2500 years going on and there is no group willing to engage it. Machinations which hold the Keys to the country’s survival, or not.

      Sometimes in the life of nations there may never be a chance to correct past misdeeds, misdirections, lost opportunities.
      An accounting must come.

  13. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2923. All Rights Reserved.. on said:

    “Any educational system based on elitism and flavored with political malfeasance, will produce leaders who think and see themselves as elitists.”

    Biggest idiots in the world who only impress the likeminded. Am here watching a clip where the sea urchins in the Red Sea area are dying from disease, i dont see anyone locking up anyone else for the urchins dying, they sent marine biologists to test why.

    ..but not Barbados, the ignorant in the parliament and legislature have been locking up Black men for the urchins dying of disease for a good decade or more now, based on the suggestions of a cokehead ..then these backward so and so call themselves elite , pedigree,…these days we hear they are calling themselves nobility…and still carry the long held delusion that they are the best educated found anywhere…a total disgrace…but that is what you get from impostors and interlopers…

    We can safely call them the begging, borrowing, dependant pon evabody elite…a new facade of fake elitism…no wonder the country cannot move forward….too much pretense and fakery…

    ” The question We ask ourselves why leaders who look like us, tend to treat us with such contempt. The question should be : who taught them. When was this superior position placed in their minds.”

    Very good question and it comes with a timeline….when wannabes realized they had information in their possession about our combined Afrikan/European heritage and ancestry ILLEGALLY, they set about their mission of trapping us and installing themselves as thieving elites…the rush to the front brigade of crooks…

    …many Afrikan descents across this region and entire diaspora carry powerful leadership, royal and other bloodlines millennia-old..

    ..never put it past the CORRUPT, greedy and criminal in parliaments to abuse knowledge they maliciously kept from us to exploit, oppress us and enrich their scummy selves…and now all is being revealed….hence the insulting disrespect and disdain vote beggars have for us, who look like them….but they will be STRIPPED DOWN and returned to their rightful place..

    they have no clue what WAR is until they have awakened it in certain bloodlines..

  14. mendacious
    not telling the truth; lying.
    “mendacious propaganda”

    Understanding the National Debt
    The federal government currently has $31.46 trillion in federal debt.
    2018 it was $22 trillion
    2011 it was $12 trillion

  15. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Btw…according to scientists, there is nothing that can be done to stop the disease killing sea urchins except to “take all actions to limit the impact the disease is having on the environment”..

    a disease causing parasite, that brings fast death” wiped out an entire population of sea urchin in that Gulf and across the entire Mediterranean and no one got locked up for it because they are nowhere as fool politicians in Barbados…

    So the ignorant in Barbados’ legislature can now stop locking up Black men because the sea urchin population is being wiped out by natural disease….get rid of ya slave law put in place for just that purpose…you EVIL criminals..

    And let real experts get the population of urchins to revive, cause they got the intelligence, hopefully in the future the island will get access to that knowledge too…not going to happen with these present fools though.

  16. @ King David,
    The western block over a period of 400 years have pulled out all their stops within their lockers to arrest the development of blacks and black nations. Why do we continue to accept so called “development” loans from these same players whose intentions, as always, remains to keep us enchained and permanently underdeveloped.

    There is a constant negativity expressed by a clique on BU who object to me including foreign links within my posts. Pachamama often rails against those so-called foreign entities who interfere in Barbados domestic policies. They have a major influence with how our government manages their economy. The link below highlights his concerns and begs the question why does Caricom remain tethered to a group of colonists whose interests remains in keeping us underdeveloped with their knees firmly embedded within our necks.

    Barbadian and Caricom black folks are a strange breed.

  17. Nkrumah’s demise was a Greek tragedy. However, he remained a man who started on the right foot. Here in Barbados, we have a leader who started on the wrong foot and continues to walk on the wrong foot.

    Kemar’s post should worry us all. The link below should give all Barbadians a cause for concern. Our maximum leader appears to be marching down the same cul-de-sac as Nkrumah.

  18. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright )c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Nkruhmah…an intellectual giant and not corrupt…there is no comparison whatsoever…he was GREAT, a genius and his legacy outlives him…Ghanas cry daily for his return he was a progressive, he genuinely cared about HIS AFRIKAN PEOPLE and developed Ghana for THEIR BENEFIT…

    He was not a dangerous regressive, not the same as those who live to be deceitful.

    “At least a radically progressive faction should have been given space, encouraged. But instead it was systematically destroyed.Everybody shouldn’t have be like the proverbial widget.”

    Instead they came up with the fraudulent Clement Payne Centre, in direct disrespect to Clement Payne, to retard and prevent any such real radical reforms that could lead to any real development within the majority population..40 years later the fraud show still only have 8 members……they are the worse thing that ever happened to the island…all to keep a slave system narrative in place..this is their reckoning…dont cry for them TLSN.

    ..when Kwame Ture and a bunch of others tried to show them the way, including Marcus Garvey, as far back as the 1920s coming forward to the 60s and 70s, they banned them from the island, exiled others and destroyed the rest and their families generationally, out of SPITE.

    . .now all of a sudden they are running up and down Afrika like they just discovered it..but the reality is, they would love to enjoy all the benefits of the continent, tief too, if allowed, without actually being Afrikan …..these deserve everything AND MORE…headed their way…

    You dont plant yams and reap sweet potatoes.

  19. “The western block over a period of 400 years have pulled out all their stops within their lockers to arrest the development of blacks and black nations.”

    Look what happens when China is catching up with the US position and the reaction. Their worst nightmare is strong and powerful blacks and black nations. They are paranoid they will be treated even half as bad as they treated others. To be great you don’t have to be good you have to be bad.

  20. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Btw TLSN….

    they stole Marcus Garvey’s plans……not to benefit the African population , but used it to keep their little white world alive, to benefit themselves financially and socially..and those they wanted to be like….the wannabes…pretend elites…… it’s all documented. So desperate were they to fit in, they destroyed every Black person who tried to tell them they were wrong …

    This is KARMA and RETRIBUTION..

    This is the RECKONING…

    Speaking of Kwame Ture, he spent the balance of his life in Ghana.

  21. “There is a constant negativity expressed by a clique on BU who object to me including foreign links within my posts.”

    The problem with you is your comments are always slighting someone.
    So when you feel slighted back it is a result.

    Newton’s Third Law: Action & Reaction
    His third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  22. @NO
    Canada just decided to shell out $10B over a few years to attract a VW EV battery plant. Another EV plant currently under construction halted, they now want more free money based on what VW got.
    Surely you know that to play you must pay. Isn’t GM a shadow of itself in Oshawa? I have two neighbours who used to work at GM, one on the assembly line and the other in the corporate office, while the one in the corporate office was off on junkets in Europe with his white-collar buddies the other was home grumbling but still working. Guess what? they are both “retired” (plant closure) good neighbours.

    Have you seen the incentives that the US states offer to Auto companies to locate their operations there? Canada can’t match the tax incentives, and “right to work” laws that are death to unions. It had to fight tooth and nail to get the VW battery plant, now Stellantis has it by the short and curlies, hell Canada couldn’t even keep the remnants of Massey Fergusson in Canada.

    “Them that’s got are them that gets” (Ray Charles)

  23. But still disseminating rubbish!!

    The man claims the Procurement Bill 2023 was forced and debated in the Senate in response to him raising an issue. That bill was debated in the Lower House since 31 March 2023 after notice was given on 23 March 2023. In terms of the Senate, it was item number 1 on the Order Paper dated 24 May 2023:

    1.Senator the Hon. Ms. L. R. Cummins: To move the Second Reading
    of the Public Procurement (Amendment) Bill, 2023.

    Notice of this Bill was given on 1st April, 2023.
    The Bill was read a first time on 17th May, 2023.
    The Bill was published in the Official Gazette on the 3rd April, 2023.

    Note the date of notice, publication in the Official Gazette and first reading of the bill. So this alleged 12hr response to this gentleman was when again?

  24. @ Enuff
    Excuse Bushie PLEASE!! …
    You came out of hibernation to give us THIS response?!??

    “…that the “Procurement Bill 2023 was NOT forced and debated in the Senate in response to him raising an issue….”

    You SERIOUS??!!
    Steupsss … Bushie now has to deduct three points from your ‘A-Class’ rating.

    Publish the damn contracts nah!! ..including the RADICAL ones..

    That is…if you REALLY want to HUSH UP the DLP youth who is trying his best to do a needed MAN’s job.

    It is amazing how wunna have been able to shaft these lending agencies by making these false promises about ‘transparency and efficiency’… and then splurging the funds…

    Tek care that wunna ain’t fooling wunna selves hear?

    • LOL-AS!!!
      Enuff – you are THE best!!

      No wonder you are among the top legal ‘mines’ bout here…
      You are THE red herring BOSS of BU!
      Playing all your shots behind the stumps…. edges mostly…

      Three bush points…
      1 – ‘Desperate’ is the FURTHEREST thing from Bushie’s reality as we blog…. ‘BLESSED’ is by FAR more applicable…

      2 – (As you well know) Bushie was simply saying that IF WUNNA WANT THE ALBINO DOLLARS, then wunna would be well advised to play, and win by the albino rules and standards – else wunna will end up as SERFS on plantations with such names as SAGICOR, MASSY, and whatever Simpson Motors now call themselves….

      3 – Do you intend to publish the contract info AS WUNNA HAD PROMISED? … or was the message at the last election “Gimme de vote and watch much…. but not too close…”

      ha ha ha
      still laughing out loud – as shiite….

    • Call to curb borrowing
      By Shawn Cumberbatch
      A new study is warning of negative consequences for the country if heavy borrowing by Government and consumers persists.
      It is based on research by Central Bank of Barbados economist Jamila Beckles, and suggests that increased credit to the public sector and households has a negative short and longterm effect on Barbados’ foreign reserves in the context of its transactions with the world.
      Beckles, therefore, concluded that Government should not only be “cautious of accumulating increased domestic expenses and excessive levels of credit”, but also aim to limit any increases in its foreign debt “as more foreign currency is demanded to settle these external obligations”.
      She also recommended the consideration of policies “to curb or limit the level of household borrowing to avoid a worsening of the country’s balance of payment position”.
      Beckles, who works in the Central Bank’s Research and Economic Analysis Department, made the suggestions in her new working paper The Impact Of The Sectoral Distribution Of Credit On The External Current Account In Barbados.
      Her research “sought to analyse the relationship between the external current account and the sectoral distribution of credit in Barbados”, utilising quarterly data ranging from 1994 to 2017.
      The current account is a record of all transactions in the balance of payments (BOP) covering the exports and imports of goods and services, payments of income, and current transfers between residents of a country and non-residents.
      The BOP is a statement summarising the economic transactions between the residents of a country and non residents during a specific period, usually a year.
      Information from the Central Bank shows that Barbados had an estimated current account deficit of $1.3 billion at the end of 2022.
      However, the bank said in its first quarter economic review that the country’s external position “continues to strengthen in the postpandemic era”.
      “The current account deficit narrowed by approximately $137 million during the first quarter of 2023 relative to the deficit recorded in the corresponding quarter of 2022, and now stands at $71.8 million,” it outlined.
      “Inflows related to tourism activity, foreign tax receipts and gains from the decline in international food and fuel prices were the main drivers of the improvement in the current account.”
      Beckles concluded in her study that “the short-run and permanent deterioration of the current account as a result of credit to the public sector suggests that the government should be cautious of accumulating increased domestic expenses and excessive levels of credit”.
      “Similarly, authorities should aim to limit any increases in its external debt stock since the associated interest rates can compromise the country’s balance of payments position,” she said.
      Large debt overhang
      The economist explained that this “is important since a large debt overhang can cripple the economy and the current account, especially if these expenses are not significantly contributing to increased exports or the country’s economic growth”.
      “Additionally, if left unchecked, an increase in the spending power of households is likely to deplete the foreign reserves of the country through increased imports. As such, there should be policies set in place to curb or limit the level of household borrowing to avoid a worsening of the country’s balance of payment position,” she added.
      Against the backdrop of higher foreign borrowing by Government, and increased spending on imported goods by consumers, Beckles suggested a greater focus on foreign exchange earnings, including through more exports.
      “Despite loans to the secondary sector [public utilities, manufacturing and construction] displaying only a shortrun negative impact on the current account, there should be a concerted effort by firms to find innovative ways to boost production that can cater to external demands,” she said.
      “This will have the benefit of earning foreign exchange and by extension, improving the current account balance and economic growth within the country in the long-run.
      “Moreover, the positive and significant relationship between the current account and foreign incomes suggest that there should be an ongoing effort to diversify the foreign exchange earning products and services of the country,” she said.
      Beckles noted that “in doing so, the country can seek to target higher income or faster growing economies with its domestically produced goods and services”.
      She elaborated: “These can include tourism services, transportation services and the manufacturing of local goods. This will have the effect of boosting the competitiveness of the country by making it a more attractive destination or trading partner for doing business.
      “Additionally, as the country is a pricetaker this initiative can counteract the negative impact of increased international prices on the current account. In this instance, increasing the export base of the country will enable these goods and services to capture the higher international prices which will lead to long-term improvements in the current account,” she added.

      Source: Nation

    • @enuff

      Public sentiment is turning, the confusion is that there is nothing to turn to. What will be the fallout or consequences?

  25. @ Enuff
    What the bushman likes about you is not only that you really mean well, (except of course to your political foes) but that you are smart enuff to realize that the road to Hell passes through ‘Good Intent’.
    Your dilemma has therefore become one of public relations – or more specifically, public deception – in that you need to somehow keep the masses thinking that ‘wunna got dis’, when in fact, wunna in full panic mode.

    Here is Bushie’s foolish advice.
    Next time that you see the boss, tell she to do what the old time leaders used to down they found themselves up Jobby Street (located right down the hill from Good Intent).

    CALL IN A MAN OF GOD and seek some proper guidance…and PLEASE
    …not none of the ‘Reverend Doctor the Most Honorable ArchDeacon Dean Father….’ shiitehounds who are currently giving the Holy priesthood a false representation as THEY TOO march through Good Intent…

    Call in a Bushman!… look for an ordinary, everyday, brass-bowl Bajan who has, (in spite of his brassbowlery) been adopted as an advocate and messenger for EXACTLY this purpose.
    Here is how you can identify a convenient bushman, [ **&&^^%% ]… sent in square brackets for your eyes only. Artax cannot be trusted with such classified info…

    You may not like the message or the advice that you get, but you will KNOW exactly where you (we) stand and what the possible routing options are…

  26. BushTea
    With 10% growth in 2022, 4-5% projected for 2023, about 7months of forex, projects left, right and centre, and 4 years before an election is due, I doubt the government is panicking. Based on the mouthings of Ronnie(wh)O?, Estwick and Kemar et dem, I think it is clear who is panicking. Are you surprised the employees at Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property were clueless about Kemar’s request for public contracts? Here I was thinking public contracts would be laid in Parliament. But I ain’t no aspirant.🤣🤣🤣

  27. @ Enuff
    We had NEGATIVE 20% growth in 2020!!!
    You may ALSO recall that wunna shut down and bankrupted most small businesses during the COVID shitdemic – while forcing us to subsidize the Massy types – who now represent that 14% ‘growth’.
    So your 14% (PROJECTED) growth actually represents a NET LOSS of 6% on what you started out with… and even WORSE when we consider the impact on the POOR.

    Also, you are actually quite bright, so you HAVE to know that the METHODOLOGY being used by your CBB proxy is more reflective of INFLATIONARY trends than of actual growth in the economy.

    So while you are right that most of the brass bowls in government are NOT panicking, we KNOW that YOU know better, and got the panic button break off as we speak…
    What actually surprises the bushman is that you waste time bothering about the likes of Kemar and the other little upstart KK that wunna wanted to put in the Senate, when EVERYTHING that wunna touch have been turning into jobby…
    Did you listen to the discussion today on the child care fiasco? …shiite boss, it was embarrassing. Almost as bad as the education reform lark…
    Man wunna need to Panic yuh!!

    …and call in a bushman urgently….

  28. “We had NEGATIVE 20% growth in 2020
    So your 14% (PROJECTED) growth actually represents a NET LOSS of 6%”

    100 * 80% = 80
    80 * 114% = 91.2
    net loss = 8.8%

    • True Kiki,
      100 * 80% = 80.00
      80 * 110% = 88.00
      88 * 104% = 91.52
      Net loss = 9.48%

      Now if you really want to get technical we could employ integral calculus and use the actual regression curve… 🙂
      But Enuff is only lawyer, and we would not wish to confuse unduly and increase the panic. The original arithmetic makes the point thank you..

      @ David
      When you going ban this Kiki character dough boss..?
      You see what Bushie mean…?

  29. Reality Check

    100 – 91.52 = 8.48

    You should go to Specsavers
    The chain offers optometry and optician services for eyesight testing and sells glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

  30. Debating on this forum is like a battle of the mind and ego
    People hate being proven wrong when talking shit
    No names shall be mentioned
    *cough* *cough* Bushie GP Pachamama
    Listen to Mr Know It All by Gregory Isaacs

  31. Growth shiite!!
    The economy is in shambles.
    The problems are MUCH deeper than rate of ‘growth’ or ‘decline’, they are STRUCTURAL.

    We are being drained by the parasites that wunna have been welcoming with open arms under the guise of FDI.
    Selling off national assets that SHOULD be the heritage of future citizens to foreign vultures for a pittance, only to then have them rob us blind before our very eyes… while shipping our (now borrowed) resources back to their home countries as profits.
    The only ‘growth’ has been the percentage of Bajan assets now under foreign ownership and control…

    Please also explain to wunna new CBB governor, that it is NOT useful to measure national growth by comparing GDP from year to year, unless inflation is accounted for.

    …and drop that CAIPO straw man do!! A man is ONLY as good as his word, and wunna PROMISED transparency…. not so?

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  33. Bushie
    Stupse! Gymnastics as usual. The economy grew….period! You can obfuscate and goal shift as much as you want. The point about CAIPO you wouldn’t get because you exhibit similar traits in your arguments.

  34. Wading in “the debate”
    Negative growth to positive growth
    [has nothing to do with DLP vs BLP]
    When economies go down there can be insolvencies
    so a turnaround is good and not bad

    Stop sobbing now
    Definitions of complainer. a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining. synonyms: bellyacher, crybaby, grumbler, moaner, sniveller, squawker, whiner.


    • Definitions of complainer. a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining. synonyms: bellyacher, crybaby, grumbler, moaner, sniveller, squawker, whiner.
      What is the definition of someone posting shiite videos on every damn blog along with mysterious and exotic jobby?

      Kikerts? or Kooky? or ‘un-ban-able’?
      If Bushie EVER get hold of Admin status, your donkey will be permanently harnessed….

      …although you did have a good post recently… (last year – Bushie seems to recall..)
      ha ha ha

  35. The economy grew….period!
    True, there WAS growth! – in foreign ownership.

    And this ‘growth’ will increase when wunna announce the upcoming fire-sales of the last remaining assets still in government hands…

    But we DO NOT just take your word, and that of the IMF plant at CBB, that there was ‘growth’ – just because wunna say so…

    …do you have ANY IDEA – how long Bushie went to school? …and to how many schools? and how many teachers were tormented..?

    Even where economies GREW on average, we ALL know that the growth was among the WEALTHY … while the poor got POORER.
    If you call THAT growth (even if it was our situation), then you don’t care one shiite about the poor brass bowls who wunna ask fuh de vote .. and den tuh watch wunna wuk up

    As to CAIPO….looka..
    Wunna publishing the information of the radical contracts….OR NOT?
    dat is a brass bowl ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ question… Caipo shiite!!!

    You are too damn smart for poor Bajan brass bowls….
    …but not for stinking Bushie… LOL 🙂

  36. “What is the definition of someone posting shiite videos on every damn blog along with mysterious and exotic jobby?”

    A Spiritual leader. Spiritual leadership is a type of leadership characterized by defending integrity, goodness, teamwork, knowing, wholeness, and interconnectedness. So don’t be a cunt all your life. You old goat.

    Beware God is Watching You

  37. @ Kiki
    Do you know there is ONLY ONE thing that looks worse than beating up on an old man….?
    Obviously you don’t – else you would not test Bushie….
    THAT thing is getting your donkey whooped by de old goat….

  38. [Intro]
    Beware, God is watching you
    Beware, God is watching you


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