Smoke and Mirrors (part 3)

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The Honourable Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Lawyer

The deafening silence of a large segment of the public where national socio-political matters are concerned is concerning.

Politics aside, all uh we have some part to play in the growth of the country and the development of the generation that will pay our pensions. If we don’t well crappo smoke we pipe.

The recent signing of a “mission Barbados” agreement was the latest attempt at using smoke and mirrors to rub cliches and prescribed narratives in our faces at a time when robust national discourse and debate should be revealing true true ideas and real real solutions to our ever pressing and ever looming challenges.

How in heavens name can it be claimed that labour is fully on board with Government, when CTUSAB the umbrella body was not present (Caswell either).

What do these six points mean from a policy perspective, or are we still satisfied rhetoric is a good replacement for reality and good governance?

What about the manifesto “promises”? Have those “promises” been kept as yet??

The IMF advisor cum Central Bank Governor is clearly an eternal optimist since nothing pronounced so far indicates any concern about anything.

What about the variable interest rates on our low interest rate loans?? Are these the siblings of the Dodds Prison USD/BDS confusion?

The bank failures in the US are a sign of things to come but clearly we continue smartly with no foreign exchange earning capacity and increasing debt and debt service expenditure.

One again all the eggs are in the tourism basket while the other baskets are “prettied” up just for show. God help us.

Let’s not even get started on education non-reform. 5 years after the platform speech, hundreds of thousands spent and we are exactly where we were 5 years ago. No where.

Nutrtion policy, national assessment? Different day, same smoke.

Back in 2000 the then Minister pushed too hard too fast and without listening to those on the ground or taking advice. Sounds familiar?

By the way, where is the media????

Can they uncover the Dale Marshall and Joes River saga?

Will they touch the the extradited/kidnapped Trinidadian affair?

Will we ever see the terms of the loans that have not increased?

Will anyone ask what the hell Senior Ministers really do?

Will they uncover a full list of consultants? Especially those that recently retired from jobs and waltzed back into Government?

Are we to believe the recent unemployment figures?? Really??

In any case, it is always said that “we like it so.”

The absence of a serious opposition or loud civic voices allows it to continue.

Upward and onward we shall inspired exulting free.

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    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved on said:

      Comeuppance time, we wait to hear outcomes….

      …what a crowd, glad enuff it int me have to investigate ALL OF THEM.

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