UWI Discrimination: Why no Hindu or Islamic BA Theology degree?

Submitted by By Dr. Kumar Mahabir

It sits innocently in the Undergraduate Humanities Programmes list, alphabetically bookended by Theatre Arts and Visual Arts. Yet the University of the West Indies (UWI) Bachelor of Arts BA Theology degree is a jarring testament to the religious and ethnic discrimination that still exists in the highest institution of education in our nation, paying lip service to diversity, equity and inclusion as core values.

Taught every year at the St Augustine (Trinidad) campus by members of the Seminary of St John Vianney and the Ugandan Martyrs since 1970, UWI’s Theology degree is unapologetically Christian and Catholic in content. The syllabus comprises courses in Biblical and Pastoral Studies, History of the Christian Church in the Caribbean, Perspectives in Christology, and Principles of Christian Ethics.

But Trinidad and Tobago is an ethnically diverse society. While the largest segment of the population is Christian, a significant portion – almost 20% – is Hindu, 5.7% is Spiritual Baptist /Shouter, 5% is Muslim, and a small proportion is Rastafarian, Orishan and other denominations. Moreover, a growing percentage considers itself non-religious (2.2%) or does not choose to state its religion (11.1%). Ideally, the theology programme at the nation’s prime tertiary institution should reflect this diversity. But this is not the case, despite it not even being the first time that this concern has been raised.

Almost 20 years ago, Parshuram Maharaj, an executive member of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, wrote a well-reasoned letter, published in the Newsday on October 7, 2003. He pointed out that while the meaning of theology has traditionally been restricted to a narrow understanding due to its Greek and Christian origin, in the broadest sense, it is widely accepted as meaning “the science of God or of religion; the science which teaches of the existence, character and attributes of God, his laws and government, the doctrines we are to believe, and the duties we are to practice; divinity”. He called on UWI to offer a Theology degree that reflected and represented the entire religious spectrum, as many of the leading universities of the world now do.

The University of Oxford, for example, which has a long history of preparing young men for the church, now offers Sanskrit, Pali and Qur’anic Arabic with New Testament Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Church Latin, and includes courses on Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Harvard University provides courses in African and Afro-Atlantic Religions, Ancient Near Eastern / Israelite religions, Buddhism, Christianity, East Asian religions, Greek-Hellenistic-Roman religions, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Religion in the Modern West / Religions of the Americas, and South Asian religions.

While no one is expecting UWI to provide so many alternatives, what it offers now fails the needs of this nation’s diverse population. There are private universities in Trinidad and Tobago that offer exclusively Christian theology programmes, as is their right to do so. But UWI is a not a private university. It is a public institution funded by taxpayers – Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Spiritual Baptist /Shouter, Orishan, Rastafarian, atheist, etc. – all taxpayers.

Since Maharaj’s impassioned plea 20 years ago, nothing has changed. Is it any wonder, though, for according to UWI’s most recent prospectus, the Theology Department comprises 2 bishops, 2 monseigneurs, 5 nuns and 16 reverends among its 27 academic staff? Not a lot of religious diversity there. In UWI’s Theology degree, Hinduism, Islam and “Afro-Caribbean Expressions” are mentioned in just one course – Comparative Religion – out of a total of 38.

But this must change, even it has to be taken to the Privy Council by my eminent attorney, Anand Ramlogan, SC.

In her induction speech on January 22, 2023, the new Principal of the St Augustine Campus of UWI, Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, spoke compellingly of the need for UWI to be more inclusive and to play a key role in healing wounds in our society. An excellent starting point for this, if such encouraging words are to be taken seriously. The new Principal should now remove religious bias from the Theology Department and provide complementary Hindu and Islamic programmes, while a certificate or diploma programme can be introduced for smaller religious groups.

Why not allow non-Christian religious denominations to design and deliver their own programmes with university funding, support, cooperation and supervision, as the Catholic seminary has been doing since 1970? There could at least be a Centre for Hindu Studies similar to the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Muslims and others could also create their own syllabi. The sooner this happens the better. In 2019, UWI registered only 11 new admissions to, and 4 graduates from, the Theology Department, suggesting that a serious overhaul is needed in order to create dynamic programmes relevant to our whole society. This will be a vital step on the path to making Trinidad and Tobago a nation where “every creed and race” can truly “find an equal place”.

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  1. Can you go into a Islamic county {like the middle East) and ask for any thing Christian, when you talk about Trinidad, that was a black island, Indians came in and it about 90% Muslims , I gone

  2. We are looking for discrimination everywhere. I am sure other religions have their own academies. Please set up your own and enquire how to get it accredited to UWI.

  3. People should study all religions in religious studies so they can see similarities and connections between all races faces places spaces
    The Human Race is not a race
    I see you

  4. Only today I read in one of the international papers how the Hindus in India burnt a church to the ground and have been harassing Christians.

    • dame Bajan, this is not the first time the Hindus burnt a church, they, dont even like Muslin in India,

  5. All these manmade religions are false, not only are they new to our earth but devised by evil, greedy criminals.

    If people were in tune with reality, they would know that none of it is true. It’s all historical lies weaponized for the earth’s population for the distraction value and leads to wars deaths and poverty, a setup.. None of which can be refuted.

    The spiritually connected know well to stay clear of manmade scams.

  6. Why not nah…!
    Every Tom Dick and Mahibir can smell a brass bowl from afar.
    They then attack the hapless prey like vultures, and pick the carcass to dry bones.
    …and since every other albino-centric, materialistic, demon has been having a feast on the brass bowl Bajan bones… why should Muslins be left out?

    SOL, SAGICOR Cave Shephard …all gone.
    BNB is now Republic, BS&T is now Massey
    even BICO looking for a MASSA.
    ….. so UWI can as well become the Mohammad Mosque of Brassbados.
    WUH! …um don’t serve any other useful purpose anyhow….

    Without ANY doubt, you can bet that some shiitehound in our government is currently exploring ways to facilitate this idiotic national suicidal tendency.

    What a cursed bunch of brass…
    “Whom the Gods will destroy, they first make mad as donkey….”

    • @Bush Tea

      UWI is a regional institution? It would take more than Barbados ‘brassbowls’ to make it happen.

    • Bush Tea, tell BU what the man asking UWI St. Augustine in Trinidad to teach Hindu & Islamic religion got to do with SOL, Sagicor, Cave Shepherd and BICO in Barbados?

    • I read the whole article and I ain’t see nothing bout UWI CAVE HILL, I see UWI St. Augustine, which is in Trinidad. So, I don’t know how Bush Tea and back to Africa fraud include Barbados.

  7. Republicans are trying to hoof Ilhan Omar from the foreign affairs committee as they don’t believe a Muslim, a refugee, an African should even be in Congress, let alone have the opportunity to serve on the foreign affairs committee

  8. Bushman…it’s obviously another evil attempt to push more false religion fraud on the people, create more confusion so that reality cannot seep in….and it’s being down in an Afrikan majority country….

    Muslim population of Barbados is reportedly 3,000

    Hindi population of Barbados is reportedly …0.5%

    The Afrikan population….95% at least…or over 265 000 MELANATED AFRIKANS…

    So wuh dis idjit trying to prove..both religions hindi and muslim HATE EACH OTHER and are ALWAYS fighting and killing each other.

    Watch for the false politics fraud arrangers coming soon with their 2 cents worth of takataka, to keep people trapped in colonial shite politics that cannot move forward to anything positive or better…as Cummins said..

    .but those who have been long awake already moved away from all that..so they will only get a Slave audience who dont know if they are coming or going…lol

    …politics and religion manmade blights and curse on our earth.

    • Sargeant, it look like you ain’t read the article properly either. The directed his request to UWI St. Agustine.

  9. Forgot when the minority Muslim group tried to over throw the ELECTED majority Christian government back it the days?

    • Man Frank
      Your problem is that you know Bushie too damn well!
      You are right as shiite!

      …but yuh gotta admit that the bushman was legally on good footing (so as not to upset the blog master) ….until your investigative analysis –

      So Bushie could as well come straight…

      The fact that all these jokers can come bout here making their case for piece of we little shiite pie – is because CAVE HILL has been our biggest FAILURE by far.

      Imagine a dozen Muslins- (who would behead your donkey if you just look at a picture of the prophet Mohammad too hard) coming here and wanting ‘equal religious rights’….
      Just like Trinis – who feel entitled to come here and buy every shiite (because Bajan white people would GIVE their business to the devil before selling to the very black people that slaved for them for 50 years)
      Have YOU ever tried taking over a business in T&T…?
      Try um..!!!
      Ask Julie N about St Lucia’s welcome when they tried…..

      ONLY BB Bajans are willing to sell their BIRTHRIGHTS for a shiite meal (pot of soup)… and not KNOW how it must end.

      So YES Frank… Yuh catch Bushie off side…
      Cave Hill is a DAMN WASTE!!!
      Instead of creating Lions, Sir Cave Hillary has molded thousands of BRASS BOWL mendicants – walking bout talking shoiite about what is ‘owed’ to us …and how disadvantaged we are due to our fore parents’’s hardships; (when those like Barrow, Adams, Crawford and that ilk were GIANTS by global standards….

      UNTIL Cave Hill came along…with the lotta brass…

    • The Jamaat al Muslimeen coup d’etat attempt was an attempt to overthrow the government of Trinidad and Tobago, instigated on Friday, 27 July 1990, over the course of six days, Jamaat al Muslimeen, a radical extremist islamist group, held hostages (including Prime Minister A.N.R

  10. @ Frank
    1 – Where did Bushie mention Cave Hill? Is that even a ‘real real’ university?
    Where are its successful graduates in the economic landscape? Clerks at Massy?

    The new principal recently said on TV that ‘they are doing useful research’, and referenced the ‘Today in Bajan History‘ programs on VOB – where their ‘researchers’ read old newspaper stories. LOL ha ha ha

    2 – …and wait! Did the Bushman not SUPPORT the call by the paper? What did you understand by ‘Why not nah?’…. 🙂

    3 – If you do not understand the relationship with Sagicor and BNB, then you are qualified to be a high ranking member of our government (from either of the shiite parties) ….THEY don’t get it either!

    Those (few) people who ‘got it’ (like EWB and Tom Adams) tightened their belts and fought to accumulate PRODUCTIVE assets.
    ‘Brass bowls’ all have big-donkey bellies; want every shiite that they see others with; and always begging and borrowing….. the path to ‘Parro-hood’.
    We are almost there now…

    • Bush Tea, yuh ain’t say Cave Hill directly, but yuh imply it though. “….. so UWI can as well become the Mohammed Mosque of Brassbados.” “Without ANY doubt, you can bet that some shiitehound in our goverment is currently exploring ways to facilitate this idiotic national suicidal tendency.” BT, the man talking bout St. Augustine in Trinidad. How could anybody in Barbados government explore ways to facilitate anything in Trinidad’s UWI? Yuh right, I don’t get it, and uh bet Tom & Barrow would not have gotten it either. Good try though.

  11. Muslim

    There are 65.318 thousand muslims in Trinidad 6%…

    The muslim religion came out of Afrika with those who were kidnapped…then centuries later the second wave of muslims came out of india with indentured servants…


    As of 2011…240, 100 Hindis….that religion came out of india….

    These are new religions and should not be forced on any society….both are violent and create hatred and divisions…like ALL RELIGIONS…they serve absolutely no purpose in reality….other than clowns looking for entitlements…

  12. “The muslim religion came out of Afrika with those who were kidnapped…”

    Gotta reiterate this…our Afrikan ancestors CREATED the muslim islamic religion found across the earth in those times..

    That’s the problem in a nutshell…too many dangerous creators of politics and religion….creators of wars, strife, poverty and death…there will always be the evil around to twist things to suit their vile fantasies….and too many fools, sheep, willing to blindly follow.

  13. Says the clown who did not know that the Caribbean is in the Americas, or that Barbados is part of the Americas or that Afrikans are INDIGENOUS to the earth…yall dont know shit and love to jump out to advertise it. .

    The info you read online about the 7th century is total shite..the usual identity thieves claiming they created this and that.

  14. Fake egypt up to this day is lying their asses off and claiming what rightfully belongs to our very ancient Kemetic, Kushite, Ethiopian and Sudanese ancestors when they know none of it belongs to them because fake egypt is only 6- 7 thousand years old and Ancient Kemet was all melanated Afrikan…, but yet the lies and thefts continue..

    Similarly the parasitic squatters and identity thieves on our ancient north east Afrikan lands…are stretching their lies all the way out….until it boomerangs…like historical lies always do…

    Not a fella int taking dummies who know nothing about their own Afrikan history or have no clue about their own identities seriously. Yall should hide in shame…or beg to be chattel enslaved again because you serve no purpose as the clueless.

  15. I am sceptical that Yolande is a valid historian after writing one book…

    History is no mystery

    I have the master key

    The naming of the Americas, or America, occurred shortly after Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas in 1492. It is generally accepted that the name derives from Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer, who explored the new continents in the following years on behalf of Spain and Portugal.

    Waldseemüller named the new lands “America” on his 1507 map in the recognition of Vespucci’s understanding that a new continent had been uncovered following Columbus’ and subsequent voyages in the late 15th century.

  16. Just for the record, when i say these things it’s because i have been listening to Afrikan Scholars….REAL SCHOLARS,

    African Researchers, REAL RESEARCHERS,

    and African Historians, REAL HISTORIANS….

    so i would hardly listen to some fly by night anonymous nobody who has never once contributed anything worthwhile, educational or intelligent on the blog outside of malicious slaveminded shit…as they are known for and …his only claim to fame that cannot stand up to scrutiny. Even worse..they dont know who the hell they are, where they came from but alwsys ready to attack with historical lies they know nothing about and deserving of a SLAP DOWN.

    Btw…Kiki that lying columbus story got a gigantic hole in it….it’s mostly a tissue and litany of outright lies…as any REAL AFRICAN HISTORIAN/SCHOLAR will tell you. But first, ya gotta listen to one or several of them teaching.

  17. Pacha, William, TLSN etc….hapifilm.com has an event this year in Queens, NY on Feb 4th…BLACK EXCELLENCE theme…..just got my ticket..

    ..the last one rocked, legendary, still spoken about. Real Scholars will be holding down the fort.

  18. Religion and faith is about the Spirit of God deep within the Soul the Creator and the Creation of everything in the Universe is all one. We are God manifesting

    I’m not convinced by these ignorant stereotypical tropes scapegoating Muslims and Hindus in the same way white bitches do.
    The propaganda by (white) Christians against (brown and black) Muslims and (brown) Hindus is just another flavour of white supremacy pollution. Copy cat black people are brainwashed too.

    There are positive Black Power Muslims in America and many Jazz musicians converted too.

    Hindu culture of Yoga Mediation Pranayama breathwork is a inner spiritual alcemy of mind, body and soul.

    Nationalist right wing Hindus in India protesting against or attacking Christians and Radical Muslims / Terrorist are not representative of billions of peace loving people around the world who follow their cultural faith.

    Likewise warmongering racist colonial imperial Christians are not Christ like in their heart

  19. @ Frank & Bim Lady

    I’ve read several historical perspectives relative to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and origins of Islam. Athough all sources agree Muhammad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, into the Quraysh tribe, some differ on his ethnicity….. whether or not he was of African descent.

    According to some historians, the Quraish/Quraysh were described a merchantile Arab tribe that originally came from Africa as a Black African Negro people.
    Mecca, during the time of Muhammad, was part of the Empire and cultural sphere of the Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum.

    If this and other information I’ve seen are true, then the lady’s statement, “……our Afrikan ancestors CREATED the muslim islamic religion……,” may be correct.

    Also, according to Arab oral tradition, “Islam first came to Africa with Muslim refugees fleeing persecution in the Arab peninsula. This was followed by a military invasion, some seven years after the death of the prophet Mohammed in 639, under the command of the Muslim Arab General, Amr ibn al-Asi. It quickly spread West from Alexandria in North Africa (the Maghreb), reducing the Christians to pockets in Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia.”

    Conversely, however, Islam’s ‘most trusted sources’ described Muhammad as “The White Prophet with Black Slaves.”
    He was involved in the slave trade and owned slaves who were either fully or partially of African descent. .

    Additionally, Frank, I remember following discussions on the “A Time for Choosing” blog, which I think was when the lady first presented excerpts from the “United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,”…… and continuing on “Phartford Files: Surrogate Racism” blog.

    If my memory ‘serves me correct,’ the argument being presented was Africans brought to the Caribbean as slaves were indigenous to the region, therefore those rights were applicable to their descendants. Someone disagreed.
    The lady intoduced the counter-argument, perhaps to ‘save face,’ that the particular individual “did not know that the Caribbean is in the Americas, or that Barbados is part of the Americas or that Afrikans are INDIGENOUS to the earth.”

    A perusal of the above mentioned blogs would clearly indicate the contributor…… or any other contributor…… did not mentioned anything that could be reasonably interpreted as what she claimed.

  20. First of all the ignorant dont know shit about what they are claiming his they read historians said…what prophet muhamid what….there is EVIDENCE proving it’s all a stinking lie…just like fake eqypt, just like the frauds squatting on our North East Afrikan lands…just like lying columbus…none of it is real or true..

    Bushman…ya got bigger problems than UWIs shitehounds..

    Ya got small island frauds in slave master parliaments covering up deaths..we now know how dangerous, evil and criminal they are to Afrikan people when they cover up their own relatives deaths just to run fraud and scams This reinforces the danger Afrikan people are trapped in generationally..it’s up to them to remain in it. Of course the Slaves wont mind. Btw..had the royal family not been impacted, the people would still be dropping dead and severely injured while the leaders pretend it’s not happening. Shows just how much none of them care about the masses.

    “(Natural News) A Thai government spokesperson told Professor Sucharit Bhakdi this week that his country could soon become the first in the world to nullify and make void its contracts with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

    According to Bhakdi, the spokesperson said, in reference to the company’s experimental covid “vaccines,” that “we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world to declare this contract (with Pfizer) null.”

    We are told that the Royal Family in Thailand was directly impacted by Pfizer’s covid injections, which reportedly harmed the king’s daughter, Princess Bajrakitiyabha. Because of this, Thai authorities are working towards ending the country’s relationship with Pfizer.

    (Related: Thailand was among the many countries that were bullied by Pfizer into pushing covid jabs so the company could rake in billions of dollars in profits.)

    Bhakdi says he met with top government advisors and explained to them how the entire premise behind the “vaccines” is built on a throne of lies. Pfizer fraud is the only thing backing the jabs as there is no safety data to show they work as claimed.

    Upon hearing this, Thai government advisors were shocked and assured Bhakdi that they are making preparations to sever Pfizer’s contracts with the country.

    Thailand seeks billions in retribution from Pfizer for fraudulent covid injections
    In addition to ending the Pfizer contracts, the Thai government also plans to seek retribution to the tune of billions of dollars in payback from the company. That money will then go towards compensating all Thai people who “lost their existence” as a result of the Pfizer covid jab rollout.”

  21. With what’s coming down the turnpike…the blog idiots might want to use the little time they got left to focus on themselves…am way ahead of that game…but doan mine me…i get to write about it, publish it to my sites and magazine, take world class photos and videos of the fallout, and laugh.

    Who laughs last…

  22. A matter of fact, when i was a teenager someone handed me a book..which highlighted how that fraud and lie came about and exactly WHO DID IT in the pile of Afrikan sand fraudulently called the middle east, when no such thing exists….naturally, i understood none of it back then, because of the brainwash shite education that fake leadership sign up for to ensure Aftikan descents know nothing and argue among themselves in that wretched state..but the information was very clear that no such thing existed…the book was very, very old.

    Fast forward DECADES later..where evidence is available and these weaponized fake religions are better understood..as a trap for weak minds that need a crutch.

    .but fools must jump out to PROVE how much they dont know and never will…not from me anyway, dont have that kind of time to waste. So with that said…enjoy ya lack of knowledge world. I love where i am at this time.

  23. While clowns are focusing on the nonexistent profit moo-hamid,.no different to the nonexistent white god and white jesus..real shit is rolling down downhill…we will soon hear SPLAT…

    ..wunnah betta get pon wanna A-game…unless ya want to give me more to laugh at…….so please stay distracted…

    I already laughed myself dizzy with the fake fact checkers let loose on the people for the last 5 years…,but they are taking it to a whole nother level….and ya done know i int telling wunna nutten….i set aside time just for laughter….they say it’s very healthy…

  24. It’s a ‘good thing’ the lady CLAIMED she DOES NOT read my contributions. I anticipated her response because she is predictable.

    Here we have an individual who seems to believe she has been appointed BU’s new resident PANTOMATH and POLYMATH.
    Coincidentally,,there aren’t any significant characteristic differences between her and the individual who FORMERLY held that position. Yet, both of them ‘could not get along.

    That, with the exception of three particular individuals, she is the most intelligent, educated, read person in this forum and has access to countless sources of information written by “real Afrikan scholars, researchers and historians”……
    Information that is either unavailable to or beyond the understanding of us lessor BU mortals, who she often refers to as “ignorant, clowns and blog idiots.”

    So, according to her, the “muslim religion came out of Afrika,”…… “our Afrikan ancestors CREATED the FAKE muslim islamic religion found across the earth.”

    Therefore, she is essentially suggesting Africans are RESPONSIBLE for CREATING “that weaponized fake religion” and the “nonexistent profit moo-hamid,” as a trap for the WEAK MINDS of their OWN people.

    And, she was “handed a book as a teenager, which highlighted how that fraud and lie came about and exactly WHO DID IT……”

  25. Islam is based on Christianity and Judaism
    God revealed Himself to their prophets
    they must have been high or tripping

  26. University teaching religions is not about training or following religions,
    but more academic to understand what they are

    but as the God phenomena is all around
    then life is the teacher of Gods presence
    so study is redundant

  27. “University teaching religions is not about training or following religions, but more academic to understand what they are.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with the above comments, which, in my opinion, are the best posted to this discussion so far.

  28. “Islam is based on Christianity and Judaism.”

    Now ya getting somewhere….ancient christianty created in Ethiopia, Judaism is based on SCRIPT our ancient Afrikan ancestors wrote….

    New religions based entirely on ANCIENT AFRIKANS teachings…..real Afrikans will never take them seriously because it’s known that they twisted it into the poisons now killing everyone.

    If the Slave minded dont know that…their ignorance is on them and the parliament frauds who refused to educate the white world dummies.

  29. Pacha…it’s standing room only at the Hapi film event. Afrikan ladies rocking the dance floor.

  30. Funny enuff…Master Teacher Mfundishi Jhutyms,..is teaching the audience about the false religions stolen, twisted and fakeness of the fraud books aka bibles..

    Dude can quote chapter and verse about Ancient Kemet, the pharoah pyramids and valley of the Afrikan Kings and Queens..

  31. Okay!

    “New religions based entirely on ANCIENT AFRIKANS teachings…..REAL Afrikans will never take them seriously because it’s known that they twisted it into the poisons now killing everyone.”

    Recall Hinduism and Islam were described as “new religions.”

    [a]. “The muslim religion CAME OUT of Afrika with those who were kidnapped…”

    Were those kidnapped persons “Afrikans?”

    If they were…… and “the muslim religion came out of Afrika with” them, would it be reasonable to assume they ACTUALLY took islam seriously?

    (b). “Gotta reiterate this…our Afrikan ancestors CREATED the muslim islamic religion found across the earth in those times..”

    Since REAL Afrikans WILL NEVER take new religions (e.g. Islam) SERIOUSLY…… were “our Afrikan ancestors (who) CREATED the muslim islamic religion found across the earth in those times..”……

    …… REAL or ‘MOCK’ Afrikans?

    Or, were they “evil, greedy criminals?”

    (c). Could the above contradictions be an example of (1) how “fools must jump out to PROVE how much they dont know and never will…” and (2) “the ignorant dont know shit about what they are claiming they read what REAL scholars, researchers and historians said?”

    Let the cussing and insults begin.

  32. The original Africans who were carried away to the Caribbean in the infamous Atlantic Slave Trade on the Slave Ships by British were Muslims from East Africa, (these are Barbados’ ancestors).

    I was the original Bu DJ (like Grandmaster Flash and Africa Bambaataa of the Zulu Nation) spreading the word of conscious reggae and hip hop lyrics of Black African consciousness out of Jamaica and New York which turnt on Well Well back in the day

    But, when I left a message on Bu to Hilary Beckles to set up a reparation fund got offended

  33. They take I away
    I will wipe up my weeping eyes
    I will sing farewell to all Babylon work
    I will wipe up my weeping eyes
    I say dry up your eyes to praise Ras TafarI
    Dry up your eyes and come

  34. Nyabinghi
    Original Reggae
    Binghi man a come
    Sound of the Drum
    Bless up Rasta Sistren and brethren reasoning
    Count Ossie Pickney say so

  35. Narration, Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari
    Rastafari conception
    through the love and study of the bible
    the history of man on the earth
    and since there is no limitations on man’s faculties
    we derive the conception based on the divinity and character of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the first of Ethiopia
    King of Kings
    Lord of Lords
    Conquering Lion
    Of Judah
    we also hold fast the conception of repatriation to our mother home which is Africa
    The Revelation 5
    when John could count no one worthy to open the book
    to loosen the seven seals thereof
    he heard a voice say weep not
    the lion of the tribe of Judah
    the root and offspring of David
    has appeared to open the book
    and loosen the seven seals
    We the Rastafari brethren
    interpret the seven seals
    as our 2 eyes
    our 2 nostrils
    our 2 ears
    and our mouth
    these are our 7 burning candle sticks
    which cause any man to make any conception

  36. R.I.P. Black Skin the Prophet
    Today is another sad day because the great real jamaican singer legend, Sonny Washington, better known in the world like Black Skin The Prophet is passed away.

  37. Ignorance rules…white world dummy is a real thing. If the people know what’s good for them they would REMOVE THEMSELVES completely out of the reach of white world politicians in black face who kept them THOROUGHLY UNDEREDUCATED and about to take it to a whole new level…

    ..wuh i wont want my life or that of my current and future generations in dem dangerous evil hands, traitor hands….HERE IS THE EVIDENCE of all the damage they have done to black minds..on public forums for the world to view…in the last 100 years. A REAL REAL, HORROR SHOW. Their handiwork. So bad that the affected dont even try to properly educate themselves or critically analyze their history.

    I remember telling the fake scholar, fake bible scholar, fake doctor to do some research and he will find the information he needs outside of the lies, fantasies and fairytales he regurgitates and poison the forum with…Pacha warned him for years, well hopefully he dont try to carry that fake religion crime scene to the continent, those all out lies with the people waking rapidly, he might just find his slaveminded self thrown on a bonfire with his shite book filled with lies….and he would be so deserving. The white world indoctrinated dummy..too lazy to research the truth.

    Imagine that, they never want to research the truth. Wuh i doan even know wuh to call them. Too much twilight zone.

  38. So…let me give them a lead.

    Afrikans were enslaved by the criminal arab/fake muslim world for at least 2000 YEARS BEFORE the transatlantic slave trade…

    And just maybe they will stop posting SO MUCH SHITE.

    Didnt teach yall that one in the colonial fake schools of indoctrination of anti-Afrikan lies in Barbados, now did they..

    That fraud sucking up to the muslims never told yall that one did she…but sell yall out to them at every opportunity.

    • That fraud sucking up to the muslims never told yall that one did she, but sell yall out to them at every opportunity….TRUE my child

  39. How could anyone want to pass that LACK OF KNOWLEDGE confused state on to their current and future generations, a clear human rights travesty, abuse of family…seeing that all roads from that idiocy…LEADS TO SLAVERY…and will deserve to be HATED.

  40. The difference between Arab Slavery which was more like Servants who were rewarded for loyalty and the systemic brutality of Transatlantic Slave Trade where Black Africans were treated worse than animals at an industrial level is the clear distinction that the enlightened minds readily distinguish

    But you cannot reason with stupid

  41. “Afrikans were enslaved by the criminal arab/fake muslim world for at least 2000 YEARS BEFORE the transatlantic slave trade…”

    “The more the monkey climbs……”

    I’m sure EVERYONE who either READS or CONTRIBUTES to BU is AWARE of the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade.
    The topic has also been discussed in this forum on several occasions.

    Even ‘Quaker John,’ despite his usual underlying motives, also mentioned it, as evidenced by one of his following comments:

    John on July 30, 2020 at 6:32 AM #: “The Arab slave trade originated before Islam and lasted more than a millennium. Arab traders brought Africans across the Indian Ocean from present-day Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia and elsewhere in East Africa to present-day Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Somalia, Turkeyand other parts of the Middle East and South Asia (mainly Pakistan and India).”
    “Unlike the trans-Atlantic slave trade to the New World, Arabs supplied African slaves to the Muslim world, which at its peak stretched over three continents from the Atlantic to the Far East.”

  42. White world dummy still ended up losing the thread…still trying to one up.

    ““The Arab slave trade originated before Islam.”

    This tells the WHOLE STORY…Afrikans were practicing the muslim faith THOUSANDS OF YEARS before sand nigas, arab criminals decided they must have it.

    In this present day, i would more concerned about the parliament nigas selling the population back into slavery to them…seeing as they went into UAE sitting with known arab slavers and asking EU and UK for reparations..not for the Afrikan population but to TIEF IT FOR THEMSELVES.

    Some of you would definitely deserve a 3 round into slavery this time forever.

  43. “This tells the WHOLE STORY…Afrikans were practicing the muslim faith THOUSANDS OF YEARS before sand nigas, arab criminals decided they must have it.”

    you have been told before that Islam started in 7th Century 610 by the last Judeo-Christian prophet in modern-day Saudi Arabia, during the time of the prophet Muhammad’s life.
    it’s African roots that go back further that you allude to would have been called something else

  44. It doesnt matter..it was still the muslim faith practiced by the moors of North Africa and a few other tribes. ..that’s why i wont question the Central Afrika connection you mentioned until i hear otherwise from Afrikan scholars….REAL SCHOLARS..but the moors were all across Europe some had gotten poisoned by the fake roman christianity religion long after. Mali was muslim. Afrikan muslim faith just like Ethiopian christianity was stripped and turned into the the religious war machine of criminality forced on us…

    The demon romans were also around tiefing this and that in the same area at the time….in the North East Afrikan region where identity thieves now squat, calling it their own, .and soaking it in blood…..just like the long list of frauds who have done the same over millennia…with other groups 3,000 years ago.. ..who did not even know how to read and write until our Afrikan ancestors taught them, and was schooled by the universities of Mali/Timbuktu, Ancient Kemet/Kush…. they knew nothing, had nothing and were savages.

    Anymore information and yall need to speak to Afrikan scholars cause you keep muddling the facts only because you dont know. Afrikan history goes back MILLIONS OF YEARS..our very ancient Afrikan ancestors bones are available as proof. All other evidence is available and cannot be refuted by the white or arab worlds…..who made up a whole history of lies..for themselves and omitted Afrikan history in a bid to erase our ancestors and us from history.so they can have Slaves with their lazy, greedy covetous selves……those 3,000 year old lies has finally caught up with them.

  45. Btw..”you were told”,???? By whom….reduced to nothing black people who dont know their history…who have to google snippets here and there and dont know if it’s the truth or some fake fact checker feeding them a litany of lies…who dont want to hear about the truth or they would have seeked and found it by now, all these years. The nternet has been around for a whole generation.

    Yall need to find REAL SCHOLARS who have all the answers. That is where i throw up boundaries. You have to find them on your own.

  46. “It doesnt matter..it was still the muslim faith practiced by the moors of North Africa and a few other tribes. ..that’s why i wont question the Central Afrika connection you mentioned until i hear otherwise from Afrikan scholars….REAL SCHOLARS..but the moors were all across Europe some had gotten poisoned by the fake roman christianity religion long after. ”

    the moors is a name given by Christians to designate muslims after Islam was formed

  47. One more btw. I can only speak for myself here…but some of us STILL carry those ancient, ancient bloodlines, we can trace yourselves far back into that 3,000 year timeline…so your google dont mean shit…we know what we know…and that is outside of the best and most genius Afrikan historians, researchers and scholars found on the continent, some of whom were born in the US and other places….and they miss nothing.

    Cant beat bloodline knowledge with million back up. Defintely int explaining that one..lol

  48. Where was Adam first on earth?
    The site where Adam first touched the earth is known in English as Adam’s Peak, the summit of a towering mountain that is visible from a great distance and whose peak casts a remarkable shadow at sunrise.

    Which country did Prophet Adam live?
    Adam descended from Paradise into India, in a land called Sarandib (Syri Lanka, now-a-days).

    What is Adam’s footstep in Sri Lanka?
    Adam’s Peak or Śrī Pāda is a 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall conical sacred mountain located in central Sri Lanka. … it is well known for the Sri Pada (Sinhala for “Sacred Footprint”), a hollow that is 67 inches (170 cm) long and 18 inches (46 cm) wide and resembles the print of a human foot. The Sri Pada is venerated by Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and Muslims. Many pilgrims of all faiths visit the peak every year.

  49. Last/Last

    I’m sure poeple in this forum have experienced situations whereby someone would CONTINUALLY introduce a SPECIFIC subject to EVERY discussion and goes on to elaborate on it at length.
    Then boldly proclaims they are CORRECT and everyone else is uneducated ‘clowns, dummies or idiots,’ and their opinions are stupid, uninformed, and wrong.

    While it may become evident that particular individual does not have any idea what they are talking about, he/she continues, blithely oblivious to their ignorance.

    In psychology, this phenomenon is known as ‘the Dunning-Kruger effect,’ and described as a cognitive bias in which people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain, incorrectly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area.

    Essentially, people with low-ability do not possess the skills required to recognize their own incompetence.

    Not only does their incomplete and misguided knowledge lead them to make mistakes, but those same deficits also prevent them from RECOGNISING when the mistakes are being made.

    The Rollerick Hinds argument is a perfect example.

  50. Some are only now finding out what our collective ancestors did…but not even they know the magnitude or the full story…so i wont expect the white world dummy reduced to a yellow belly coward who only know how to stalk Afrikan women, and is not a black human person anymore to know anything about anything….probably got feminized too the reason he stalks Afrikan women…..

    Have you found out who owns AOP yet…since you know it’s not me but ya still cant say who…fraud..


    If these descents only knew the real truth..i really dont know what they would do. But what they are now doing is a start.

  51. For those who dont know. The TWA, from Central Africa and the Nile Valley, the Congo Basin our original ancestors who populated and civilized the world, and gave birth to tall people ALSO CREATED religion. They are the original creators…they also populated all of Europe, our ancient ancestral lands.

    These new groups, new arrivals to our earth pretending they are experts in religion and politics had to copy that because they knew nothing.

    Info on the TWA will be in my next issue of Kush Quarterly.

    So the googlers who can only hope the info they cut and paste is accurate…..and really dont know shit…the way false info is channeled.

  52. ‘Yolande Grant, Danielle Gomez, Wura-War-on-U, Well, Well & Consequences, Well, Well Hogging the Blog’ or what ever name you chose to call yourself, in 2023, I’m not going to engage in any meaningless tit for tat’ with you.

    ‘With that being said,’ I’ll leave the following final thoughts with you.

    What I do know is that you EXHIBIT a frightening level of IMMATURITY for a someone your age.
    And, you have an uncanny, compulsive, insatiable penchant for always attempting to make Barbados Underground all about YOU.

    Based on your behaviour in this forum…… how you would use a multiplicity of contributions in repsonse to people you perceive to be your enemies, simply because they may have opinions that differ from yours…… I’ve pictured you as a ‘miserable looking’ person.
    The photograph, if it is you, CONFIRMS my beliefs.

    Your contributions are usually completely LACKING in ORIGINALITY, simply because you do not have the ability to think rationally, IDEPENDENTLY and CREATIVELY.
    This is evidenced by the fact that your contributions are NOT your ORIGINAL THOUGHTS…… but based on copying to BU, other people’s opinions that confirm your particular biases and, without performing any ‘due dillegence,’ go on to argue about them as facts……

    …… or a MONOTONOUS REGURGITATION of the SAME rhetoric to EVERY discussion.

    Those individuals you often call upon are known for their ability to discuss a wide range of topics….. even conceeding when they’re proven wrong or politely disagreeing.
    You, on the other hand, ‘MUST ALWAYS BE RIGHT,’ and those persons who disagree with you are met with insults and personal abuse……which GOES ON for SEVERAL days AFTER the INITIAL disagreement……

    …… or fabricated stories to deceitfully and intentionally discredit them.

    Other contributors enter this forum QUIETLY and are IMMEDIATELY recognised, while you must be LOUD, AGGRESSIVE, ABUSIVE, INSULTING and DISRESPECTFUL so as to ALERT people of your presence.

    A pig in a ‘front house’ or wearing expensive attire, make-up and lipstick…… ‘is STILL a PIG.

    Additionally, I DO NOT CARE who owns AOP, whether it is you or the ‘man on the Cream of Wheat box.’

  53. You are still ignorant and a white world dummy…who believes stalking Afrikan women makes you a man and not the cowardly weasel ya are… love to jump out at other people comments instead of contributing with intelligence…

    all these years and you cant contribute anything worthwhile yet…still bottomfeeding on my comments…still trying to get fame by attacking or lying or googling shite that you dont even KNOW IS NOT TRUE…….and still dying slowly of jealousy….cause ya cant do shit to me……….and still cant win not one debate or argument YOU started….were i in that position would take a very long hard look at myself…but am not…

  54. When you go back far enough to the very beginning everyone is related
    and God created all people of all religions
    it’s mind blowing

    If I was a DJ
    I would spin all down to the south because
    even the KKK would dance to my sound

    If I was a DJ
    I would play in the middle east
    and stop all the bombs with the sounds of my beats

  55. A funny enuff moment…i didnt even know Phil put this video out there. Reminds me of a month ago when this racist was setting up attacks of African people on a white platform because he claims Afticans are the problem and need to be gotten rid of….and got pissed because I…..cant tell ya what i did but it was a good one..

    Anyhow, these minority racists got it in their heads that Afrikans are to be blamed for everything while they are STEALING FROM AFRIKA, STEALING FROM AFRIKANS amd trying to enslave us, even though we are THE MAJORITY POPULATION ON OUR EARTH….yes, you heard it right THEY LIE about our numbers two…there are give or take 2 BILLION AFRIKANS ON OUR EARTH….the shite minorities are the real problem on the earth…the racist got a history lesson and cussed like a pirate…


    • @TLSN

      Agree an interesting perspective that reinforced many of the issues raised in this space. A region threaded by some common history but polar differences as it pertains of the makeup of our small societies.

  56. Use subjective when you’re talking about an opinion or feeling that is based on an individual’s perspective or preferences. Use objective when you’re talking about something—like an assessment, decision, or report—that’s unbiased and based solely on the observable or verifiable facts.

    starting with false assumptions and working backwards can’t work

    2 billion out of 8 billion is not a majority

    some but not all
    videos of ignorance and hate should not be extrapolated to create more ignorance and hate

    stereotyping cyaan work

  57. Ya parading ya usual shite talk….

    For years ya heard china has 1.3 billion i think…and was the majority population on our earth

    Then ya heard india came in 2nd and the arab world 3rd in populatikn size

    …we came to find out that’s a lie that Afrikans are the MAJORITY..with give or take 2 BILLION people

    ..so you can take your bullshit narrative and shove it…no one has to follow it….you are not changing anything just because you now know Africans have the largest population..


  58. When they claim China has the largest population size, it’s by GROUPING of the Chinese people….

    to get half by majority of 8 billion ya will have to drop in indians, arabs and a billion others in that mix…then it wont be a chinese grouping anymore…

    Simple math..

    read slowly….the melanated grouping of Africans is 2 billion….the largest population of Afrikans….the largest grouping on our earth..

    By 2080…you will get over 4 BILLION indigenous Afrikans but by then the world’s population would have moved up to over 15 billion…a number expected in just over the next decade.

  59. I spent the last few years asking myself that question while seesawing and wavering between distress and admiration of handiworks..but i can actually see why globalists have been so successful for such a protracted period….yall make it so easy….and are just as culpable….i will be sure to write that into one of my books so your descents will know..

  60. The current population of Asia is 4,743,729,488
    Asia population is equivalent to 59.76% of the total world population.
    that was the quote that got you confused
    I was just clarifying your misunderstanding of the word ‘majority’ to pull your coat tail which means to emphasise something; to draw one’s attention to something.

  61. I would not be so foolish as to not recognize the calculations are by grouping….am in no way confused…

    Seeing how many areas of asia that there are….remember our ancestors built asia minor, south east asia, the mediterranean area….we are well aware of the vastness…and how new arrivals to our earth have populated it.. but with all the historical lies still being told…i would take that number with several spoons of salt…African Researchers…REAL RESEARCHERS..are the ones who found the truth…sorry to burst your bubble..


    Yall do not live as one population of group…with all the various religions ethnicities, hatred, civil wars and racist caste systems..you do not consider yourselves one population and never will.

  62. I did not say you were talking shite as that would be rude

    The Valeriepieris circle is a South China Sea-centered circular region on the world map that is about 4,000 kilometers (2,500 mi) in radius (roughly 6.7% of the Earth’s total surface area) and contains more than half the world’s population.

  63. Did i not say i know of the vastness..it’s our earth, we are INDIGENOUS to it…we know…

    And still you confuse yourself….there is no one grouping of people live there….21 nations inclusive of China, India etc..COMBINED population..


    Individual GROUPING….not one and the same…what are you trying to do, wear me out.

  64. Information once hidden now revealed….thanks to genetic DNA…since i did mine years ago, it”s not breaking news…we are the most powerfully diverse DNA grouped people on our earth.


  65. CoE has also created a 100 million endowment for paying reparations which should be 100 trillion to pay out, but are adamant they will not put the money into the hands of thieves, but instead funded projects to benefit the people…which they will be stupid not to oversee themselves…..although in my view that’s just prolonging the comonial system in Aftikan lives…..the tiefing brigade and their minority sidekicks fraud construction magnets would run scams enuff to benefit themselves only.

    I still have a problem seeing that CoE have every record and entry of their kidnapping, capture enslavement and trafficking of our ancestors and by extension us…so just find the descents INDIVIDUALLY and pay reparations directly to them seeing as they still carry and are BRANDED with slave master names 400 years later…

    the opportunity for small island politicians with delusions of grandeur fueled by greed, covetousness, envy, corruption and treachery is too great….along with their need to keep the people trapped in colonial politics indefinitely…so they can pretend dem is sumbody in the white world.

  66. Correction:
    although in my view that’s just DELIBERATELY prolonging the colonial system in Afrikan lives…

  67. Artax on February 5, 2023 at 3:29 PM
    It is the norm for that lady to talk crap, so you should feel no way, what I find disconcerting is when others agree with her.
    Below average intelligence white people cling onto the concept of race and the lady proves it is the same with some but not all blacks.
    Above average intelligence people with something to offer realise everyone is an individual and disregard notion of race.

    • Why not focus on making your contribution that is hopefully not crap and stop the incessant carping? You all don’t get tired for big men and women?

  68. In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”

    (Silver City Space Mix)

    • Another topic with comments which exposes a big problem of the human race. All humans are born into this world with a blank slate, the imperfections of manmade systems then lead to polarization because of religion, politics and other cultural factors.

      So it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end.

  69. Music is the solution in my humble opinion
    Music is the universal language that breaks down barriers and unites all
    it breaks down all the walls and builds some bridges instead
    from the alpha to the omega
    Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω
    α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω
    From the beginning to the end
    So it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end.

  70. @ Aftican Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on

    I see that your obeah is not working against your critics. The Great George Galloway would often use his own created pronoun “gutter snipes!” when referring to his critics.

    There are so many domestic, regional and international issues to discuss, yet some on here seem unable to cast aside their subjective, irrational, personal criticisms of certain individuals.

    And you wonder why Barbados is on a trajectory to the Abyss.


  71. I have got the master key 🔑
    which is indeed a very special key
    it is the key that unlocks all doors

    • I have got the master key which is indeed a very special key it is the key that unlock all doors….I wish it will unlock doors for black people.
      Can a ‘master key’ that unlock all key-lock based doors of similar size be made.. Yes and no All similar locks everywhere? No, unless that manufacture wants to build that feature in. All locks in a system? yes
      For a modern pin timber lock system with all of the same type of lock, yes most of those can be set up with master pinning which will allow a master key to open any lock in the system. That same master key from building XYZ will not necessarily open another one of the same type of lock that was not configured to work with it
      e.g your apartment maintenance man’s building master key will not work on my apartment door across town even though the locks are the same brand – it’s in a different master keyed system,

  72. Vibrate the Cosmos
    Where your mind goes…
    your energy flows…
    visual models are used
    until the subtler feelings
    become experiential
    to your mind-body
    practice this mantra meditation for 40 days
    to rewire your brain
    (the prince of peace is coming from the east
    but don’t tell anyone
    they* are after one man
    the son of man)
    (*) devil pickney

  73. Here is another spiritual practice to try on for size
    This is from the Buddhist school of Qigong
    (the one above was Kundalini from Tantra schools of Hinduism)
    Qigong means Energy Work
    Pranayama means breath work
    The Yamas, and their complement, the Niyamas, represent a series of “right living” or ethical rules within Yoga philosophy
    A yama is a duty or observance recommended by yogic philosophy and teaching as part of the eight-limbed path of yoga.
    qi gong is an internal process that has external movements. Qi means “life force,” the energy that powers our body and spirit. Gong is the term meaning work or gather. Qi Gong together means a form of movement and mind using intention and mindfulness to guide qi to make qi work.

  74. Here is a good DJ Tool to mix with your favourite instrumental beats

    You gotta believe in something

    Why not believe in me?


    believe in me

    you gotta believe

  75. The history & theology department at UWI & other academic institutions in Barbados/ Region are run by crack head professors & ventriloquist dummies who regurgitate all the lies created by albino Europeans since their rise to power.

  76. Albinos take control of religion in Europe & Asia.

    Historically camouflaged as Civil Wars in Britain, and the supposedly Religious “Thirty Years Wars” on the continent.

    Thirty Years War” on the continent and the British “Civil Wars” of the 1600s. These were of course actually “Race Wars” with religion as the focal point. These wars pitted Europe’s ancient Black and Catholic Rulers against the rebellious Albinos who had “In-mass” been chased out of their Homelands in Asia by the Mongols and into the Black lands of Europe.
    Black Europe was never “Densely Populated”, so this massive influx of millions upon millions of Asian Albinos was sure to cause a “Seed Change” in Europe: and of course it did, it just took over two thousand years for it to happen.
    The original Black Europeans (Catholics) went to war with the Central Asian Albinos (Germanics & Slav’s) under the banner of their newly created “PROTEST” “Protestant” Religions. i.e. Anglican, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Amish, Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, Quakers, Seventh-Day Adventism, et al.
    After the conquest, the Catholic Church was also usurped, but the Slav’s in the East like the (Russians), chose not to completely overhaul the Eastern Orthodox branch that they took from the Byzantines. As a result, their Holy icons still have “Dark” Skin.
    Sometime after the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Church also fell under the control of Europe’s Albinos. For the western Catholic church, new statues and paintings of the Madonna and the Saints were created – they now depicted Albinos. The Albinos developed cottage industries devoted to creating new statues and paintings which looked like ancient artifacts. However for the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Black Madonna’s and Saints were mostly kept, though now with mostly Albino features.
    The Truth Hidden in Plain Sight: A Black Freising King is depicted on the Pope’s “Coat of Arms”.The Freising King (probably Otto I) is shown with a ring in his ear.
    Black Moors/ Black King/Queens/Generals/ Knights/Saints/ Bishops,etc are depicted on coats of arms/ manuscripts/ churches/ castles ,etc all over Europe.

    The later arriving Turks took over the Black Arabs newly created religion of Islam.
    After their conquest of Europe, the Albinos went on to conquer the entire WORLD, and each place they settled brought them the SAME problems: SUNBURN and SKIN CANCER. Because they don’t belong in those places, their one and ONLY home is Central Asia!

    Arabs & ISlAM:
    The Thawb (Arab Robes) Emblematic of Arab culture, is not Arab at all. The original Arabs, like the Egyptians, Berbers, Mesopotamian’s, Elamites/Persians: had Black skin, they did not need the Head to Toe protection from the Sun that the Thawb affords. It is not known who invented the Thawb.
    The original Turks were a very pale skinned Albino people who needed protection from the Sun, it is likely that they invented the Thawb.
    “The inhabitants of this part of Arabia nearly all belong to the race of Himyar. Their complexion is almost as black as the Abyssinians,”– Baron von Maltzan, ‘Geography of Southern Arabia’ (1872).
    “In Arabia the first inhabitants were probably a dark-skinned, shortish population intermediate, between the African Hamites and the Dravidians of India and forming a single African Asiatic belt with these.”– Handbook of the Territories which form the Theater of Operations of the Iraq Petroleum Company Limited and its Associated Companies.

    Who in the hell could possibly believe that Pale people could be native to a Hot land with burning Sunshine and a UV index guaranteed to fry all but the darkest people. It’s delusional, just delusional!
    The Turks first started usurping the Arabs in 1038.
    Turk chief Toghril entered Baghdad in December 1055.
    The Turks took direct control of Arabia under Turkic Albanian Muhammad Ali, who send an expedition to Arabia: which between 1811 and 1813 expelled the Arab Wahhabis from the Hejaz. In a further campaign (1816-18), Ibrahim Pasha, the viceroy’s eldest son, defeated the Wahhabis Arabs in their homeland of Najd, and brought central Arabia under Albanian control.
    In 1820-21 Muhammad Ali sent an expedition up the Nile and conquered much of what is now the northern Sudan.
    Blacks in the Turkish ruled lands, have their identities stolen by the Turks, and their Mulattoes, after the break-up of the Ottoman Empire.
    As with the Berbers, Egyptians, etc. After the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after WWI, and the granting of independence to those countries after WWII, The Arabs saw their identity stolen by Whites (mainly Turks and their mulattoes) and other mixed race people.
    From early on, after Black Arabs were introduced to Albino Turks sometime in the early centuries of the modern era, the Arabs showed a distinct liking for Albino Turk Women. We do not know exactly when the two groups came to know each other, but Turkish Slave Soldiers (Mamluks) were an ever present presence in Arab Armies, and Albino Turkish Women; according to Orientalist paintings, were the mainstays of Arab harems.This of course explains the very high incidence
    of Mulattoes in North Africa and the Middle East.
    The Turks were the last of Asia’s Albinos to be chased out of Asia by the Mongols, but the impact of their Empires and politics has been great and enduring. Over the centuries they gradually took over greater parts of the Arab World, until they had all of it, and had made the Arabs their Vassals and irrelevant. Even today, those non-Black people calling themselves “ARABS” are really Turks who migrated to the far reaches of the Turkic Ottoman Empire in search of better prospects. After the breakup of the Empire, these Turks became the inheritors of power, continuing the disenfranchisement of local Blacks.
    The Turks & their Mulattos overthrew the Black Arabs and took over their religion in 1055 AD.
    Black Arabs lost control of their look land in 1055 AD when the Arab caliph al-Qa’im was removed by the Turkic Seljug chieftain Toghril Beg.

    There is absolutely no real confusion or ambiguity about the race of the ancient Hebrews. That which does exist is the result of Albino lies and misinformation. Many Assyrian and other artifacts depict Hebrews as Black.
    In addition to the artifacts, there are written descriptions of the Black Hebrews.
    The Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus (56-118 A.D.) had these thoughts on the origins and customs of the Hebrews.
    “Many, again, say that they were a race of Ethiopian origin, who in the time of king Cepheus were driven by fear and hatred of their neighbours to seek a new dwelling-place…”
    Khazar Background:
    Like other White Europeans, White Jews are of course Asian Albinos who were chased into the West by Mongols. The first Albinos (of unknown tribe) arrived in Europe circa 1,200 B.C. Their presence precipitated the European “Dark Ages” because of their disruption of the Black Greek and Etrurian civilizations. More of them came at the beginning of the Modern era, when the Mongols chased ALL remaining non-Mongol Albinos (Whites) out of Asia: except those in present-day Xinjiang, China.
    These Asian Albino tribes are known today as the Germanic’s, who settled in Western Europe. The Slavs who settled in Eastern Europe, and the Turks who were chased into Western Asia and Asia Minor, eventually taking and renaming Anatolia as their namesake “Turkey”.

    Khazar, a member of a confederation of Turkic-speaking tribes that in the late 6th century A.D. established a major commercial empire covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia. The Khazars
    adopt/ convert to the religion of Judaism in about 740 AD.
    After the destruction of their new kingdom in the West called Khazaria, the Turkic Khazars immersed themselves in their new religion of Judaism and their new identity as Jews. Thereby facilitating trade and commerce with both the Catholics/Christians and Islamist’s/Muslims who because of War, refused to trade with each other. This also allowed them to maintain themselves as a distinct people, as they scattered across Europe in search of commerce.
    In 2000, Israel records second highest skin cancer rate in the world.
    ” Israel’s Skin Cancer Rate Second Highest in the World
    The skin cancer rate in Israel is among the highest in the world, the Israel Cancer Association reported yesterday.
    Dr. Micha Barhana, director of the Health Ministry’s cancer registration unit, says the high rate of skin cancer in Israel is because of the large number of people from Europe and North America, whose fair skin is vulnerable to the desert climate here. Risk is increased by the dress fashions that allow more of the body and skin to be exposed to the sun .”- Haaretz.

    Supporting evidence:


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