New Research Suggest: Regular Smoking Of Cannabis Is Harmful To Young People

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Before the swords are drawn, sharpened and made ready for use, do remember Yardbroom is only commenting on NEW research carried out by well qualified scientists, in International renowned establishments which was subjected to peer review and published as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

May I quote a “report” on the findings:

“Adolescents who are regular users of cannabis are at risk of permanent damage to their intelligence, attention span and memory, according to the results of research covering nearly four decades.

The long – term study which followed a group of over 1,000 people from birth to the age of 38 has produced the first convincing evidence, say scientists, that cannabis has a different and more damaging effect on young brains than on those of adults”.

Of particular note in this new research is the number of people involved 1,000 and the time frame, almost 40 years.  One of the authors of the report is Professor Terrie Moffitt of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry.  The research on people in Dunedin in New Zealand was carried out by researchers from King’s College and Duke University North Carolina in the United States.

Of the group researched “5% used cannabis at least once a week in adolescence or were considered dependent on it.  Between the age of 13 and 18, when all members of the group were given a range of psychological tests, the IQ of those who had been habitual cannabis users in their youth had dropped by eight points on average.”

Madeline Meier from Duke one of the researchers, noted you may think ” eight IQ points on a scale where the mean is 100 may not sound a lot, she said a drop from 100 to 92 represents a move from the 50th to the 29th percentile.  Higher IQ’s relate with higher education and income, better health and longer life.”  Do note “somebody who loses eight IQ points as an adolescent may be disadvantaged compared to their same-age peers for years to come”.

The simple message is that” substance use is not healthy for kids, said Avshalom Caspi, of Duke and King’s one of the leaders of the study “That’s true for Tobacco, Alcohol and apparently Cannabis”.

The Dunedin sample is probably the most intensively studied cohort in the world and therefore the data is very good

Robin Murray, Professor Of Psychiatric research at King’s, who was not involved in the study, said “the paper was impressive and if the same results were found in other research, public education campaigns should be launched to warn of the dangers of cannabis to younger people”.

“There are a lot of clinical and educational anecdotal reports that cannabis users tend to be less successful in their educational achievement, marriages and occupations.  It is part of folklore among young people that some heavy users seem to gradually lose their abilities and end up achieving much less than anticipated.  This study provides one explanation as to why this might be the case.”

I have studiously avoided any personal major opinion in this article, as the research has given the pointers needed.  Parents will decide how to advice their children and adolescents will be aware of this New research and can make informed decisions.

With Acknowledgements to: Sarah Besley, Health Editor, The Guardian London & Manchester

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  1. So, this is interesting. Are those who use cannabis moderately or on the odd occasion at risk, or is this study geared towards frequent users? Can it be equated to those who drink moderately or occasionally versus those who drink heavily? Can this be clarified for us? And once that is clarified, may we know the degree of damage of cannabis in various amounts of usage versus that of alcohol?

    I ask this not to be difficult, but because I find “stand-alone” studies to be inefficient and I hope this is now one such. Alcohol is legal and (except in certain countries, including Holland) cannabis is not. There are many questions as to why cannabis is not legal while alcohol is. Therefore, a study on the effects of cannabis, absent a comparison study related to the effects of alcohol, is not persuasive at all.

    Anyway, I see this is aimed at the young and since I am not young, I shall continue to drink and toke in moderation, satisfying myself with the observation that I have not failed to achieve in my life AND I have only been married once and I am still married. Ditto for many of my contemporaries who also enjoy both substances in moderation.

  2. Yardie the medicinal-ist, and din know we were mix master of all trades?…..As the grans would say ..” Ya on n poppin ” lol

  3. The RBPF under their D. A. R. E. programme has assigned officers to schools who conduct sessions annually on the abuse of drugs. Hopefully they will get a copy of this research and use it to improve on their presentation as this research is current having observed participants over a 40-year span.

    I would not be able to comment on the abuse of alcohol which is illegal – for I witness many prominent men in our society ‘using’ alcohol and retaining positions until retirement. Moderation for me certainly is not moderation for the other.

    The Drug Education with Roger Husbands should be interested in this research as well to add to their presentation.

    With that said, are we aware that in Canada drinks are manufactured with hemp and marijuana and legally sold. A look like orange juice is not orange juice only but a brew containing hemp or marijuana.

    Regardless of how we try to curtail the abuse of drugs the restrictions here are legalized there.

  4. @ Yardbroom:

    We know you are the messenger and we have read the message.
    So there is a message we would like you to take back to the “experts”. Or you can open the envelope and attempt to answer on their behalf:
    Are there any known negative side effects if marijuana is used as Nature intended it to be used by man and other animals? That is, as an herb to eat and as a medicine. Are there any known health risks associated with the use of the herb as a tea (infusion) or in culinary dishes, especially as a seasoning with other herbs in meat dishes?
    Neither man nor the other animals with mammalian lungs for, example apes, were not designed or evolved to breathe in any substance than OXYGEN. Smoking and inhaling any other substance (tobacco included) is potentially harmful to the health of the human body with know long-term negative outcomes sometimes of a terminal kind. The tobacco plant was used by the traditional (indigenous) peoples of the Americas for medical and culinary purposes. It was also used in its “smoking” form to cure and preserve meats and fish instead of salt to tide them over the long harsh winters. Because of its importance to their sustenance and existence it was given special reverence in their religious rites and the dried leaves were smoked in pipes as recognition of its life saving power to offer praise and peace offerings to their gods.
    Ask “Sittin Bull” the blogger if what is said here is true or false!
    The white man as usual took something that was germane to other people’s culture (like the coca leaf) and modified for other uses for commercial gain and capitalistic exploitation to the detriment of vulnerable people especially those who are spiritually out to sea without a moral compass.

  5. @Miller. If you are going to push the no smoking thing, I am perfectly happy to have my cannabis baked in a lovely iced cake.

  6. @miller etc at 1:22 “The tobacco plant was used by the traditional (indigenous) peoples of the Americas for medical and culinary purposes. It was also used in its “smoking” form to cure and preserve meats and fish instead of salt to tide them over the long harsh winters.”

    What long harsh winters what? In the Caribbean ??????


    For me I don’tI use any substances except for good, good, food and a single shot of alcohol from time to time (to melt away the fat you understand, and sometimes the worries of the day)

  7. “What long harsh winters what? In the Caribbean ??????


    The “Americas” include more than just the Caribbean.

  8. @ Simple Simon | August 30, 2012 at 3:48 PM |
    “What long harsh winters what? In the Caribbean ??????”

    Simple Simon the tobacco plant is not indigenous to the Caribbean. Neither are sugar, banana, yam, sweet potatoes or even mango or breadfruit.
    The indigenous people aka Native Americans or to use your type of language “wild Indians” of the Eastern North America would not consider walking around naked from December to March tropical or even that life is a tropical beach to entertain the visiting Europeans who later settled on these sun-kissed shores.

  9. @ Amused | August 30, 2012 at 3:22 PM |
    “If you are going to push the no smoking thing, I am perfectly happy to have my cannabis baked in a lovely iced cake.”

    Can’t disagree with that! Variety is the spice of life. One man’s high is another man’s relaxation (LOL!!).

  10. Hi Millertheanunnaki, August 30, 2012 @ 1:22PM

    I am not a medical doctor and will not attempt in disguise to give medical advice. I will leave that in the “safe” hands of Dr. Georgie Porgie or others so qualified.
    The research did suggest that tobacco, alcohol and cannabis were harmful so there is no argument of tobacco vs cannabis. The legal aspect of both is another matter, we are where we are, until the Law is changed, most Law abiding citizens abide by the Law.

    I have visited Holland on several occasions and even had a look in on Kanal Stratt in Amsterdam, but contrary to popular belief people are not all over the country smoking cannabis. . . it is true there are coffee houses where small amounts can be smoked.

    I do not see the issue as White vs Black or perceive a racial dimension, my personal view is that we should try to protect our young children and give them the best advice we can. I make no comment on spirituality, belief or faith that is for individuals to determine as they see fit.

    I have seen the consequences of drugs on young people up close and I would rather my children be not drug users and I told them so, that is a personal view.

    When information is given to others, it is up to them to make decisions that will affect their lives. A History lesson though important in its place, will not solve the problems our youth have today.

    • The following article is relevant. We are losing the war against ‘drugs’. We have to implement bold new strategies to avoid a Mexico. Only last week lots of the white stuff was intercepted at the Bridgetown port, by accident!

      The U.S. government is in an untenable position; the war on marijuana has failed completely, but the U.S. government also holds the sole medical marijuana patent ever granted, which proves that cannabinoids from cannabis are powerful medicines that can save thousands of lives annually and save the government billions of dollars in health costs, treating everything from cancer to neurological diseases.  But after 75 years of misinformation and brainwashing the U.S. population, and the world, that marijuana is an evil drug that must be eliminated, how can it now do a 180 degree turn and sell marijuana as a medicine to the same population? The coming verbal somersaults will be amazing!
      Full Article

  11. Maybe drugs should be made legal here, why?

    The bureaucracy in filling out paperwork in quadriplicate, taxes and downright incompetence in general processing of transactions would kill the trade.

    ‘But sir, where is your licence 8962.?’

    ‘Can I get it here?

    No, yuh got tuh go to de ministry.

    And there I get it?

    Ys, thne yuh take it tuh the registry leave it an get it stamped.

    And come back later tuhday.

    Nah, de registry gine take two weks tuh stamp it.

    Then i get it back?

    Nah, then yuh got tuh tek it tuh de minstry again fuh dem tuh writee dowen it approved.

    Okay, den I come back here?

    Nah, back tuh de registry so dey see that de ministry see the stamp.’


  12. @ Yardbroom | August 30, 2012 at 5:32 PM |

    In your sweeping generalisations you have overlooked, purposely or otherwise, the nugget or kernel of my message contained in the envelope sealed in a Pandora’ box of herbs and spices.

    Maybe Amused can shine a light for you t o see the pearl in the intellectual oyster.
    This has nothing to do with your children or others’. The question you need to focus on is if the marijuana herb can be used like the other of God’s flora as a food and medicine for the healing of the nations. Or do you see it as the herb of Satan like the white powder to cover the children’s face to destroy the human race as Shorty so warned?

  13. Hi millertheanunnaki
    I focused on “reports” of the research which did not include the effects of cannabis in cooking etc, therefore I made no comment on it, as it would have been “dishonest” of me to do so under the guise of the report.
    Ultimately people will do as they please, as they have always done, others will give a word of caution to their children.

    To my mind this is no game, the DRUGS issue and its ramifications for a small island like Barbados could be very serious indeed. This is my last comment on the matter.

  14. new research ,this had been known for 20 years or more in the real world.
    it has about 100 more bad things in it than tobacco.
    wunna now realize and long term brain memory loss.
    hey may be that is why now you all just

  15. Greetings from Florida! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I love the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
    I’m shocked at how quick your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G
    .. Anyways, fantastic site!

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