39% Overall Voter Turnout a Concern

Voter turnout by constituency extracted from caribbeansignal.com compliments of blogmaster Amit. In the euphoria of a BLP victory the government should be concerned at the diminishing interest by Barbadians to vote in elections since the 70s when the turnout hovered at mid-70s.



134 thoughts on “39% Overall Voter Turnout a Concern

  1. One of my old friends told me this Eric Fly joke many years ago:

    In one election he received six votes, but his household consisted of seven people
    When he returned home he said “Some RH body in hay didn’t vote fuh me”

  2. @SS
    in a sporting mood…tumuuch snow and it is cold as rambam.
    since, unlike me, your spelling is usually impeccable, was “constitutes” meant to be constituents or prostitutes, or was that a Freudian slip…lol

  3. “The brother lives in a US state where he surely can search on his Govenor’s last election by county and down to the granular level by district of votes made – which would basically be our box- district detail.”

    Comparing apple and oranges.
    How do you compare looking at one of the two or three boxes in ST Lucy with a few hundred votes with looking at the numerous boxes . St Lucy has just about 8,00 votes

    Let us compare the great state of ST Lucy (8,000) votes with the great State of New Jersey
    New Jersey governor results
    Philip Murphy 1,339,471
    Jack Ciattarell 1,255,185

    ** Do we have the total B and total D votes yet. I want to use them.
    ** Also looking for the Wickham article on the election results.
    Think I might have to start making notes.

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