Prime Minister Mia Mottley Appoints Cabinet

Prime Minister Mia Mottley has hit the ground running and less than 48 hours after receiving an overwhelming mandate to govern, she appointed her Cabinet. It is a large Cabinet but one can argue two points 1. the enormity of the task requires the resources to efficiently manage, AND, there is the politics, she has 30 members to manage! As she solidifies her powerbase one expects she will consolidate as required or face the political fallout. The blogmaster will be fair and allow a few weeks for the BLP action plan to emerge before critique.


Full list of Ministers:

  • Prime Minister Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment – Mia Mottley
  • Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs – Dale Marshall
  • Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training and Leader of Government Business – Santia Bradshaw
  • Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development – George Payne
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Leader of Government Business in the Senate – Senator Dr Jerome Walcott
  • Minister of International Business and Industry – Ronald Toppin
  • Minister of Environment and National Beautification – Trevor Prescod
  • Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs – Cynthia Forde
  • Minister of Tourism and International Transport – Kerrie Symmonds
  • Minister of Transport Works and Maintenance  – Dr William Duguid
  • Minister of Health and Wellness – Jeffrey Bostic
  • Minister of Home Affairs – Edmund Hinkson
  • Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce – Dwight Sutherland
  • Minister of Energy and Water Resources – Wilfred Abrahams
  • Minister in the Ministry of Finance – Ryan Straughn
  • Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment – Marsha Caddle
  • Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Trade – Sandra Husbands
  • Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations – Colin Jordan
  • Minister in the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development – Charles Griffith
  • Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment – Adrian Forde
  • Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy – Kirk Humphrey
  • Minister of Agriculture and Food Security – Indar Weir
  • Minister in the Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance – Peter Phillips
  • Minister of the Creative Economy, Culture and Sports – John King
  • Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology – Senator Kay McConney
  • Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs- Senator Lucille Moe


Full list of Senators:

  • Senator Sir Richard Cheltenham
  • Senator Rudolph ‘Cappy’ Greenidge
  • Senator Dr Jerome Walcott
  • Senator Kay McConney
  • Senator Lucille Moe
  • Senator Rawdon Adams
  • Senator Lisa Cummins
  • Senator Rudy Grant
  • Senator Dr Rommel Springer
  • Senator Lynette Holder
  • Senator Damien Sands
  • Senator Dr Chrystal Haynes

Related information:

  • Arthur Holder – Speaker of the House
  • Glyne Clarke – Deputy Speaker
  • Sonia Browne – Chairman of Committees
  • Ambassador at Large and Plenipotentiary – Dame Billie Miller
  • Ambassador/Chief Economic Counsellor in the ministry of finance – Clyde Mascoll
  • Jessica Odle-Baril – Prime Minister’s Personal Aide
  • Pat Parris – Director of Public Affairs (to replace traditional press secretary)
  • TBD – Director of Communications
  • TBD – Czars in critical areas


  • Whichever how you slice and dice it 30 ministers are overkill in an economy the said 30 and their despot on the campaign trail said was at death’s door. The 60% who voted in lowest turnout of the modern era and the 40% stay homies want the government to succeed. After all if they fail 100 percent of us will suck salt. Its unclear how 30 ministers including proven buffoons Indar Weir, Atherley, Payne, Sutherland et al will drag us out of the clutches of the a gloomy economy and the IMF.

    Yardfowl David BU deserves a cabinet post. He organized a brutal crusade against the DLP for a decade while sucking up to Mia’s happy and gay posse of rivals. An extra minister only adds thirty thousand monthly in poor taxpayers money to the trough at which the other 30 are feeding. The optics of 30 ministers is as bad as it gets. The toughest mission for Mottley is to remember all their names when signing their cheques.


  • @Dunks ripe aka waiting

    Not quite.

    You may recall BU was pro David Thompson and DLP, it was after he died and the government under a dithering Stuart took over the blogmaster et al started to share concerns, it turned out we were correct. It is generally accepted that deputy prime ministers are selected because they can be trusted not to move against the leader. The fact others (E11) in the Cabinet were unable to get him to step aside in the national interest will be recorded in our political history.


  • It is so amazing how the blp yardfowls are soo estatic with Mia bloated cabinet at the taxpayers expense of 8million yearly SMFH
    Question on the ministers 10% to charity wouldnt that be subjected to a tax exemption
    So far everything Mia has done are shades of Trumpism


  • Yes david you were not always as pro BLP as you are now.I can attest to the fact that you were supportive of certain stances of the dlp earlier on in their administration.

    This is why I am clinging to my hope that you will call out crap when you see it in this administration – honeymoon or no honeymoon.Use the same clean surgical skills and sharp tongue that you used on the last administration.

    We can not allow any rot to start and grow.


  • @T. Inniss

    You should read the blog below THURSDAY’S BLOG. Based on performance the DLP had to go. The BLP is the only reasonable option in the country. In is not about pro BLP.



    ““There is no time for pause…………

    and there is certainly no place for triumphalism and exhortation. We have serious work to do and serious problems to solve,” she declared yesterday.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @The Honourable Blogmaster

    In a really perverse way the response from T. Inniss is extremely enlightening

    Here we have a classic situation where a newcomer recently arrived from ??? Comes on your blog that has been operating for a decade ad accuses you of bring pro BLP

    It is like having your FM station hardcoded to 98.7 and never knowing any other station.

    It underscores what de ole man is saying that BU has outgrown its blog embodiment.

    If you stay here you will do the person that you are AND THE BEING BU CAN BECOME a serious disservice where Johnny come latelys will pigeonhole you to being some neophyte depending on when they get a chance and chime in

    As part of the due diligence for the e-participatory democracy thrust I have been reviewing best in class models and this one came to the fore

    Do be assured that as soon as you start thus exercise thst the many stragglers on and those who are challenged will seek to teif de concept

    But be assured none of them have your 10 year bonafides to back them

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  • The Nation reported another “first’ as in public swearing in, but I thought Thompson did the same in 2008. Interestingly there was a religious aspect to it as reported on BU, funny how some of the comments match the ones now being made.

    Hope springs eternal……





  • Pieceuh derock

    I read with amusement your post above.I well recall just a few years ago before it became so fashionable to piss pon the last government that you were on this very blog telling us what a scary prospect – a Mia as P.M. will be

    You reminded us of some of her past misdeeds including her threat to seek out and shut down the blogs.You told us that you were so scared to share certain things on the computer that you knew lest the unthinkable happened.Yet here you are now proclaiming how wonderful our new P.M. will be and all those great things she will do and she obviously SEEMS to be the best thing since slice bread.

    Pardon me if I am mistaken but is this a counterfeit PUDRYR?PUDRYR is that really you?


  • David/BU your comment at 7:38 a.m. is noted.


  • If the prime minister has a minister of the environment, why is she dominating the climate change meeting? This obsession with publicity is a bit concerning. And we know she is over-booking herself. At the launch of BERT, an event that she should have presented, she left it to her technocrats because she had a Cabinet meeting; at the launch of the Irishman Paul Doyle’s deal with Hilton, she said she had to attend a number of meetings. She must not only learn to delegate, but to have confidence in her ministers. Barbados is now an autocracy.


  • Why has prime minister Mia Mottley appointed a Cabinet when she continues to speak across government? This is the behaviour of a dictator, made worse by the constant illogical waffle – lots of noise about climate change, yet increasing the number of motor vehicles on the streets; nonsense about speaking Mandarin, yet doing nothing about an education policy; hysteria about alleged DLP malfeasance in office, yet five months later there is no prosecution, no charges, no arrests.
    Cabinet members must speak up; those who have independent means must give her an ultimatum, delegate responsibility or they will walk out – or better yet remove her from office.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hal Austin

    Hal, for cabinet Ministers to speak out two things have to happen.

    First of all they have to have balls which as you can well see they have none.

    And secondly, and more importantly, they have to have raped the country of their respective millions and they have not been there long enough for that to have happened

    And the sheeple gather around and say “baaaaa”


  • Is it a case if the traditional media giving FRONTPAGE coverage to Mia at the expense of her ministers? A scan of Facebook this morning shows several ministers in the news.


  • Prime minister Mia Amor Mottley will participate in two overseas engagements, including a high level conference on disasters and climate change, within the next few days.(Quote)

    Our publicity-conscious prime minister is at it again. Mr Jong is really working for his money. Our great prime minister is now an expert on climate change.
    One minute she is on about the economy, next she is on about education policy, next she is on about climate change, next she is on about the man of the moon. Even giving a speech to a cricket club. Does she ever decline an invitation? Who is paying for her trip to Trinidad?


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