Return of the Old Guard

An interesting conversation point that will attract interest is the impact David Estwick, Michael Lashley, Denis Lowe and Richard Sealy will have on the 2022 general election. The four were members of the Freundel Stuart cabinet and the previous government soundly rejected by the electorate in 2018.

There is nothing unusual about defeated political candidates offering themselves to the public. To do so they must have successfully negotiated won the party requirements to win selection. Political parties are private entities after all and the membership free to select candidates of choice.

Notwithstanding the preamble a look at the four members of the old guard and what it means for the DLP’s chances on the 19 January 2022 AND beyond is a constructive discussion to have. Although decisions taken by political parties are private – obviously there is the national import.

The involvement of the four forces the ‘new’ DLP to defend old issues ventilated in the 2018 political campaign. Issues that arguably contributed to the DLP’s unprecedented defeat. Denis Lowe had the Cahill issue and the blogmaster expressed concerns about him being a Peter Allard stooge of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary fame, David Estwick’s public disagreements with former minister of finance Chris Sinckler, Michael Lashley’s questionable association with Trans-Tech etc. The big question for the political pundits – is the risk reward ratio calculated in favour of the Verla De Peiza led DLP?

Onlookers must surmise that the DLP conducted private polling to test the water in the four constituencies and the DLP executive was satisfied with the results. The unknown is whether the involvement of the four will negatively impact the national swing percentage. The size of the swing margins in the majority of constituencies the 2018 general election were large and the DLP will not want to make decisions to compromise the swing pendulum away from the BLP this time around. Another unknown is the extent the pandemic will have on voter turnout as it relates to the respective bases. Disillusioned DLP members opted out from voting in 2018, some may have voted BLP. Then there are the independents many who may decide to avoid the risk of standing in gatherings for reason of health safety. A cohobblopot of issues which the usual talking heads will try to make simple for a susceptible electorate.

The reality is that Barbadians are comfortable with the 2-party system that exists as it is in many countries. It should be obviously if we want the transformative changes in the economy, education, energy and water generation, waste management and others, like minded Barbadias will have to infiltrate the two main political parties to help with accelerating change in the national interest.

The blogmaster is of the opinion returning the four to the fold is a mistake not for the reasons mentioned but the threat to De Peiza’s fragile leadership hold on the ‘new’ DLP.

127 thoughts on “Return of the Old Guard

  1. @ac
    Tell muh what Sealy had to say about Clearwater Bay?
    He must have pissed on the B’s for writing off money they should not have?
    Did he give his long promised update?
    He told me in town one day he was no longer in power but would speak to CBL if he spoke publicly again
    Is an election platform public?

  2. I posted the for the Sealy meeting but for whatever reason BU blocked it
    I tried twice after not seeing but with no result
    I would envision that as the campagain gets closer things which were not transparent to the public would be told by the dlp candidates having an underlying preference to expose this govt untruthfulness
    Mottley body language sends out a message of not being as confident
    I guess she sees that the public views of her are low key as to those of 2018

  3. AC poor you the dems clearly are not ready and now scrambling about for a manifesto.Good luck with that.One of your candidates a political neophyte Ms Armstrong already mash the crease and had to apologise.Stick to issues.Your dems looking at a second heavy defeat in my view as your leader lacks any leadership quality.This is about running a country not a breadshop.As for Gazzerts you are real funny.According to you after screwing up for three years.Which three years you refering to maybe three between 2008 and 2018 when we had in my view the worzt PM and Finance Minister in the history of Barbados resulting in 23 downgrades to junk bond status not being able to orrow a cent overseas.This the period you referingto?It certainly cannot be aftre 2018.For the firzt 18 months pte covid everythimg started to look and feel better here.Then came covid and destroyed most of thst work and although some mistakes were made the go ernment handling of the pande.ic assisted by the health officials were and still is deserving of high praise.As a matter pf fact many wondered what would have happened had the dems led by Mr Stuart been still in office.Personally i shudder at that thought as we would have been in ducks guts in my view.This is the general consensus of most in Barbados.Therefore as a someone who don, t live about here most ain , t buying what you selling..I gone.

  4. Lorenzo all.u said in the above comment u have said before
    Mia Mottley zest and firebrand campagain speeches have diminished
    She no longer can get that traction which she used to beat up on the Dems prior to.last election
    It is a noticeable difference in her approach words and body language
    It is obvious from her struggling to sell the electorate her policies of buying buses and garbage trucks many yawns are seen and heard
    What she cannot defend or place in an astute and clear manner of understanding is the govt neglect of small business vs the way she has approached the financial responsibility of helping big business with their debts
    The latest being the govt providing millions of dollars for the uniform retail industry
    An industry who will get double servings from govt revenue in subsidies and tax breaks
    Then go on to selling the same product when school resumes

  5. AC i have not stated to you before your dems are facing another defeat in my view and you can talk chalk it will not help you.The dems do not appear to have many workable solutions.It is one thing to criticize it is another to lead a country.Just to remind you the last time in such a scenario of immenent defest your late leader Mr Tho.mpson ran away around 2003 against Mr Arthur do you recall? I gone.

  6. Lady don’t count yuh chickens this is not ten years ago
    Times have change
    Yuh might be surprised as many blp eggs would be addle come Jan 20th

  7. Last night meeting featuring Sealy Yearwood and young Dems
    Along with putting God first


  8. @ Lorenzo January 9, 2022 10:39 AM
    Which three years you refering to maybe three between 2008 and 2018 when we had in my view the worzt PM and Finance Minister in the history of Barbados resulting in 23 downgrades to junk bond status not being able to orrow a cent overseas.This the period you referingto?It certainly cannot be aftre 2018.For the firzt 18 months pte covid everythimg started to look and feel better here. (Unquote).

    Lorenzino de’ Medici, the totally blind red mutt, is that your same ‘disgraced’ manipulative minister of Fine Arts who told the same MAM (within the hallowed halls of the parliament) to take off her clothes and run down the Broad Street stark naked as ‘she born’?

    Is he the same Stinkliar who was appointed the main-man of economic advice to your red administration to lead the country out of the Covid-causing economic doldrums despite having appointed, just a few months back, a “bariffle” (Bajan for barrel full of monkeys) of consultants ‘trained’ in the discipline of Economics and clearly not arithmetically-challenged like an ex Dem called Mascoll the OSA mascot?

    Why not attack the well-known Stinkliar instead of the wet-behind-the-ears political novice called ‘Armstrong’?


    You must be careful, dear Lorenzo! For you might just get what you wish for: Another Red ‘sowing’ of 30-love of the poor blues!

    You mean not even SMNW you are prepared to concede!

    If then, would you be prepared to identify a sacrificial lamb out of the 29 remaining red sheep to keep the dying Constitution on life support?

    How about the A.G. Marshal (l) for the LoO (Leader of Her(r) President’s Imaginary Opposition)?

  9. Mia promised a housing stock of one hundred houses to built
    Good news for the Chinese since govt all but wrote of local builders
    Maybe all.them houses can be tied to the million dollar road works repair as a face value down-payment to the Chinese loan

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