Return of the Old Guard

An interesting conversation point that will attract interest is the impact David Estwick, Michael Lashley, Denis Lowe and Richard Sealy will have on the 2022 general election. The four were members of the Freundel Stuart cabinet and the previous government soundly rejected by the electorate in 2018.

There is nothing unusual about defeated political candidates offering themselves to the public. To do so they must have successfully negotiated won the party requirements to win selection. Political parties are private entities after all and the membership free to select candidates of choice.

Notwithstanding the preamble a look at the four members of the old guard and what it means for the DLP’s chances on the 19 January 2022 AND beyond is a constructive discussion to have. Although decisions taken by political parties are private – obviously there is the national import.

The involvement of the four forces the ‘new’ DLP to defend old issues ventilated in the 2018 political campaign. Issues that arguably contributed to the DLP’s unprecedented defeat. Denis Lowe had the Cahill issue and the blogmaster expressed concerns about him being a Peter Allard stooge of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary fame, David Estwick’s public disagreements with former minister of finance Chris Sinckler, Michael Lashley’s questionable association with Trans-Tech etc. The big question for the political pundits – is the risk reward ratio calculated in favour of the Verla De Peiza led DLP?

Onlookers must surmise that the DLP conducted private polling to test the water in the four constituencies and the DLP executive was satisfied with the results. The unknown is whether the involvement of the four will negatively impact the national swing percentage. The size of the swing margins in the majority of constituencies the 2018 general election were large and the DLP will not want to make decisions to compromise the swing pendulum away from the BLP this time around. Another unknown is the extent the pandemic will have on voter turnout as it relates to the respective bases. Disillusioned DLP members opted out from voting in 2018, some may have voted BLP. Then there are the independents many who may decide to avoid the risk of standing in gatherings for reason of health safety. A cohobblopot of issues which the usual talking heads will try to make simple for a susceptible electorate.

The reality is that Barbadians are comfortable with the 2-party system that exists as it is in many countries. It should be obviously if we want the transformative changes in the economy, education, energy and water generation, waste management and others, like minded Barbadias will have to infiltrate the two main political parties to help with accelerating change in the national interest.

The blogmaster is of the opinion returning the four to the fold is a mistake not for the reasons mentioned but the threat to De Peiza’s fragile leadership hold on the ‘new’ DLP.

127 thoughts on “Return of the Old Guard

  1. It was, as I imagine was the intention of many, not to vote this time around. I gave the government a cheque for five years and if they chose to cash it after only three and one half years, well so be it. This development changes that completely. The four of these pretenders should not even be allowed into the precincts of Parliament and any lossibility that either one of them has a chance to cast a shadow in the hallowed halls of that esteemed building makes me shudder. I would vote for the late Fidel Castro before I would vote for any one of them and without a doubt, the government of the day will be granted a renewal of my vote. The DLP will never in my mind be an alternative government while they are forced to offer the likes of this scourge as candidates once again.

  2. But to be a ‘Fair’ player, wasn’t the same Sealy deemed a very successful minister of tourism?

    Didn’t Barbados record the highest number of tourist arrivals during his tenure with the construction of Sandals the crown of achievement?

    How about the number of ‘new-look’ hotels conceived during his tenure but are still in the delivery pipeline like the Hyatt erection?

    Sealy- although washed in the south cost sewage- could be the next leader of the Opposition in the new Parliament and the inevitable leader of the DLP (without the scars of debt default and devaluation) to take it into the subsequent general elections of 2023 or 2024 when Bajans can’t ‘ tek na more’ the effects of the coming Devaluation as played out in Jamaica in the 1980’s.

    During these general elections MAM needs to level with the people and warn them of the pending hardships and material sacrifices which must be made if her moral and political integrity is to be written ‘fairly’ on the new republic’s pages of history.

  3. Thankfully I not in any of their constituencies otherwise I would be forced to change my mind against voting and risk catching COVID to come out and vote against them.

    I personally like Estwick and Sealy style but as they sat idly by and went along with all the shenanigans during the DLP’s last term in office so they were just as responsible under the collectively responsible doctrine and must never again see the hallowed halls of parliament.

    The only DLP candidate I would like to see get a seat is Ryan Walters.

    • A few good candidates on the DLP slate albeit they are not household names. Hopefully they have put in the ground work and the shorter coat tail of Mottley combined with an adverse national swing this time around will wash DLP candidates into parliament.

  4. The timing, circumstances and covid concerns around the election makes it one of the most unpredictable in terms of turnout, voter apathy and real mood. People just ain’t checking!

    These four definitely share collective responsibility for 2018, but, are liked in their constituency as representatives (except Lowe) and were chosen. We shouldn’t crucify Verla for that. There are 26 other candidates with 21 completely new ones. That should count for some measure of change.

    I note your ending David about being concerned for “other reasons.” Might we have an Eager Three on our hands???

    • @Observing

      It is all speculative but politics can take a turn as you know. For the four or part there off to attempt a destabilizing of the DLP, it would not be viewed favourably by the general public. The key will be for De Peiza to win St. Lucy.

  5. Was DLP given adequate warning to get ready to put up their team. Foul or Fowl in a Lil Island?!
    Roots Music

    Back to my Roots
    The Rootsman way
    That’s where we play

  6. And that is the reason for the miraculous Big Works maneuvre with the Arawak Cement Plant.

    But what does Arawak have to gain now? That is the question!

  7. Miller,

    Country currency devaluation is not coming. That would be idiocy.

    Individual asset devaluation however….

    Dear Kaiso folk,

    Looking forward to yuh chune,

    J Bond ( I ain’t no James Bond).

    Its not what yuh country can do fuh you.

    Its what yuh can do fuh yuh country.

    As Gearbox would opine “Rahaaaaaaa”

  8. Anyway, my voting dilemma has been solved. The PM has promised to save me two hundred and fifty dollars a year in land tax.

    And my son is promised $3000 out of the people’s taxes to ensure that lawyers get paid fo petty paperwork done when he purchases his house and land.

    Low hanging fruit being picked. The latter offering is sour.

    Not much of a giveaway!

    No sign 0f the transformative agenda yet!

  9. Chris Sinckler was the face of the hardships during the last government. He was accused of being in bed with mark Maloney. The present Prime Minister rehabilitates him on some economic council to the displeasure of George Payne who asked her to apologize to Barbadians for that move. He was part of that collective cabinet but is now accepted, therefore all of the others have a right as Barbadians to stay involved in the short memory politics of Barbados.

  10. @ David January 5, 2022 8:36 AM

    He stinks of south coast feces made stinker by cabinet collective responsibility?

    He might have been washed in the political shit of the bull called the SC sewage but he also has been vindicated and forgiven by the same Damascene MAM whose Red Bag of evidence has turned out to be nothing more than a mirage of naked political opportunism.

    Even Malmoney, having taken his own home-made vaccine jab of a scam, might be prepared (again) to back Sealy.

    If not Sealy for the LoO, then who?

    Another ‘red’ Judas since Atherley has committed electoral hari-kari?

    How about making the ‘purer’ Stinkliar a senator (to replace Moe) to be appointed a minister (and not a mere advisor) in the pending season of far-reaching economic adjustment?

    After all, the man has the requisite credentials and experience to advise MAM on how to survive the coming storm.

    Karma is indeed a real bitch called the Vengeance of God of politics!

  11. I wrote on this blog less than 24 hours ago that we continue to make excuses for those lording over us who know better. For years the people in St.Lucy were suffering economic and health costs , associated with the cement plant. Lots of pretty talk but little or nothing was done.
    Now, on the eve of a snap election the plant will be closed and action taken.
    And we get here everyday protecting theses frauds and singing their praises. Shameless apologists, propagandists and obstructionists, professing our great love for the country while being complicit and duplicit with the shenanigans of the BLP and DLP.
    Why not have about a thousand or so snap elections and repair a problem each time.
    BS in BS out.

  12. I wrote on this blog less than 24 hours ago that we continue to make excuses for those lording over us who know better. For years the people in St.Lucy were suffering economic and health costs , associated with the cement plant. Lots of pretty talk but little or nothing was done.
    Now, on the eve of a snap election the plant will be closed and action taken.
    And we get here everyday protecting theses frauds and singing their praises. Shameless apologists, propagandists and obstructionists, professing our great love for the country while being complicit and duplicit with the shenanigans of the BLP and DLP.




  13. @WS, Would the closing of the cement plant have anything to do by chance, with repaying the millions lost by a scammer and lost through a vaccine purchase gone bad rather than because of the health of people? If the plant is closed, guess who will get to supply the tons and tons of cement required for building.

    • Upgrades won’t stop Arawak rolling

      There will be no stopping of cement production or supplying of it at the Arawak Cement Plant next month.
      In clarifying a report in which Attorney General Dale Marshall was quoted as stating the plant “is to be closed so that special filters to reduce the amount of dust affecting residents can be installed”, the St Lucy-based company stated yesterday that in February, upgrades and the annual major maintenance to the kiln will be carried out, but will not cause operations to stop.
      It was responding to the Midweek Nation’s Back Page story headlined Clearing The Air where Marshall was reporting on a meeting with company officials, and a representative of residents living near the plant affected by the dust.
      No stoppage
      The company stated: “It is confirmed that in February, upgrades and programmed major maintenance to our kiln will be carried out on the plant, as is done annually. Like in the past, this will not result in stoppage to the production of cement or our cement
      supply to our customers. During this time, we will continue to distribute our product and be available to customers on a regular basis.”
      For years, Checker Hall residents have complained about the dust particles that cover their homes, appliances, furniture and vehicles. People with respiratory issues have also made complaints. The issues resurfaced late last month when residents threatened to protest. (PR)

      Source: Nation

    • @FearPlay

      It is a temporary halt scheduled for February through August to replace filters and other repairs. It is not permanent.

      The question is why has it taken so long to respond? There is a BU blog highlighting this problem by Birchmoore Griffith in 2014.

  14. @ Fearplay
    I can’t answer that but when I sit here and read the pathetic excuses being made for these people who lord over us, I realise how close we are to some megalomaniac rising up from among us and turning our country into some playground for a few while the vast majority of people, who are black, become nothing more than modern day economic slaves.
    But, why the hell should we worry, they are megalomaniacs all over the world.

  15. @ Crusoe January 5, 2022 9:53 AM

    So what can be of such earth-shattering importance as to force a very popular (and parliamentary-safe PM) to call, during a serious public health pandemic, for such early elections not Constitutionally due for 18 months?

    Another debt default to pay White Oaks more money?

    Or the dismissal of 5,000 public sector workers along with the divestment of all commercially-run SOE’s like the BWA?

    How else can the IMF impose a massive curb on the propensity of Bajans to live
    in a cocoon of conspicuous consumption based not on measurable foreign currency earnings but on borrowing foreign money?

    How can Barbados, giving the hard economic times, continue to have its Mickey mouse dollar fixed at a peg of 2:1 vis-à-vis the Greenback while the currency exchange values of its major shareholder countries, T&T & Jca, are way lower than that?

  16. Use your breath and the vocabulary we have created thus far to fall into your flow state today.

    The more we are able to recognize and move in our flow state, the more capable we are of aligning our attention and energy with the best parts of ourselves, and the person that we aspire to be.

  17. @FearPlay that’s a serious allegation of corrupt action … sounds quite nice of a ‘nasty tricks’ political money scam but 1) even if it’s valid then 2) who benefits if not both main political groups … as the alleged beneficiary monetarily supports them both (when in power).

    This do you actually perceive that there would be ‘real’ hue and cry! 🙈🤦🏾‍♂️

    @David re “[t]he question is why has it taken so long to respond? There is a BU blog highlighting this problem by Birchmoore Griffith in 2014”

    You say 2014 but I had my sojourns to Maycock’s Bay eons before the 2000s and the plant was there then … and the dust issues were a problem then … so to your point this ‘fix’ must be part of their supposedly ‘regular’ cleaning process – just expedited by political whims- … because it certainly can’t be any definitive FIX re the cement residual dust that’s been a problem since the opening of that plant!

    And @Skinner, you are as funny as @Tron with his satirical rants … yours just strip the satire for a hard-core facetiouness 🤣

    Wha your mean “, I realise how close we are to some megalomaniac rising up from among us and turning our country into some playground for a few …”

    Hasn’t that been the case for many a year now … Fah damn sure the second part has been re “while the vast majority of people, who are black, become nothing more than modern day economic slaves.”

    When we read about working to get “our pensions” and when you endlessly write about the ‘efficacy’ of the duopoly on a seemingly pliant peeps is there ANY DOUBT that we are all just *”modern day slaves.” tied to our economic survival!

    Peace out.

  18. So last night Mia mounted her horse called A Promise is a Comfort to a fool
    Made a promised to the youth of land tax breaks and subsides when they buy their first home
    How many youth can afford to buy a home is these poor economic times when unemployment is high
    Mia teks bajans for fools

  19. @David, re “Is it too much to ask for opposition parties and incumbent to debate the 16th Actuarial report addressing the important NIS fund?”

    No it isn’t, but when u told me to get real some days ago when there was talk of merged parties being successful I accepted the slap down !

    You should here too 😇

    Which part of NIS and actuarial calculations seems ‘real sexy’ political debate to you in a 2 week campaign rush to voting day!!!!

    Of course it may be mentioned and exposed by a candidate or two but you REALLY expect that granny bloomer pants matter to be an attention grabber like all the g-string under yoga pants issues in full view!

    Time for you to get real, bro!

    • @Dee Word

      Why would the APP at minimum not have this as an issue? What can excuse the two main parties because they are complicit in the misuse and abuse of the NIS fund.

  20. @ Miller January 5, 2022 10:36 AM

    Of course, a currency devaluation would be a godsend and, economically speaking, absolutely necessary. Our Supreme Leader could sell this to the naive masses as the “New Republican Dollar” (NRD).

    Nevertheless, it won’t happen because it would open up an income gap between the lazy, fat civil servants and the industrious workers in the tourism sector. The former would get their salary in worthless NRD, the latter in USD.

    Or we introduce the USD as official currency. The civil servants would then have to prostitute themselves to buy basic goods. The changeover would not be great, since they sleep on the job anyway, i.e. work lying down in Caribbean style.

  21. Old politicians never die, they don’t even fade away in Barbados (with a nod to the folks behind the stanza and Gen D MacArthur). You can find them in the Senate on any quasi political/Gov’t run boards or the fringes of anything that reeks of politics.

    @David, I had you pegged as an honest broker but this column could have been written (with a few changes) on the eve of the last Election with the spotlight on the BLP. Speaking of “Old Guard” they even had a clique that voted out the then leader in favour of the former leader and one candidate called another a thief. Politicians are forgiven for the mistakes they make (at least by their Parties) how else can one comprehend that Marshall has held the AG job longer than any other person and still makes elementary mistakes? Didn’t Payne undertake a vow of silence after being fired by Arthur only to be revived by Mottley and fired again (BTW is that some sort of record a Minister being fired twice by different PM’s)

    Anyway, my point is that Parties choose their candidates, and it is up to the Electorate to accept or reject them, instead of the “Old Guard” above the DLP could have fielded some unknowns and the headline would be different, perhaps the “Old Guard” above would say that age and experience trumps youth and inexperience.

    BTW the last time the DLP changed a leader mid stream it led to Electoral success

    • @Sargeant

      How many blogs posted by the blogmaster about the issues you raised and others? Good that BU Archives is always present to dispel silly season dementia.

  22. I would have liked to see Donville Inniss run for office. Or better, he should run for the Democrats in the USA. Given the facts that a significant proportion of so-called minorities there have been in jail at least once in their lives, his biography would fit in well there.

  23. @ Donna
    Arawak cement plant have to get above board if not the supreme leader will order them to close. With the so called projects coming, all for mac money cement

  24. I Concur

    “But to be a ‘Fair’ player, wasn’t the same Sealy deemed a very successful minister of tourism?”


    Sealy did his job during his reign.

    2017 a Record Year for Barbados Tourism.

    Barbados Tourism: Air Arrivals Up 5%, Cruise Arrivals Up 12.9% For 2017

    International Transport has announced that Barbados enjoyed a record 5% increase in stay-over arrivals last year, an all-time high for the destination.

    Over the course of 2017, de Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) welcomed 663,441 visitor arrivals – 31,308 more than 2016. The Bridgetown Port Inc. (BPI) also observed tremendous growth, recording 818,752 cruise arrivals over the previous year’s 725,020, for a total increase of 12.9%. Of these 818,752 cruise arrivals, some 137,541 passengers stayed over in Barbados, above 2016’s total of 130,924.

    “I am delighted by this news and what it says about Barbados’ tourism product,” said Sealy. “It is never easy as a mature tourism destination to maintain growth at these levels in the competitive business landscape in which we operate, but I am pleased that through strategic marketing efforts we have once again proven Barbados’ value as shown by the record number of arrivals at both the air and sea ports throughout 2017.”

    The United Kingdom was once again the top producer of arrivals to Barbados with a 33.5% market share. Arrivals from this market were flat compared to 2016, totaling 222,322. The United States followed, contributing 28.4% of business with 188,970 arrivals for the year. Canada contributed 12.8% of the business, and recorded an increase of 7.9% or 85,209 arrivals.

    Sealy did an outstanding JOB during his Reign as Minister of Tourism. It’s also fair to say the world 🌎 weren’t at war with a Covid Pandemic either.

    SPADE ♠️

  25. @ Tron
    January 5, 2022 12:19 PM

    Devaluation ?

    Lordie lordie !!!

    That won’t be an easy Sell. Bajans like to walk around de world and tell people dem dollar is attached to de US 💴.

    Wee 2 Proud 🥲

  26. @Miller, Significant structural changes methinks.

    @Donna, Of course no sign of the transformative changes. Yuh want de peoples wid nuff money to run to certain oppositions with bags of election cream cash? And de rest tuh turn to White rum by the gallon.

    Mark my words…transformation is coming.

    How do I know? I dont. But as de Bajan Sherlockie Holmes, I does deduct it.

    And I agree wid Lord Miller. Sumting big on the way.

    Just be that he an I may have alternative views on content.

    Makes sense, Dear Watson?

    As the seer used to say…”Raaahhaaaaa”.

  27. Tuh be clear… I can see logical things, depending on your outlook.

    Significant things that could go a long way to push positive change.

    But there will be a price. And many will not be happy. But it may also make her very popular.

    But I wull not list them, because I could be wrong.

    And it would send too many a wunna to de rumshop, when yuh should be relaxing wunna self at home.

    And to reiterate, no way would I implenent without extending the parliamentary term either.

    Too significant.

  28. @ Dirt Farmer January 5, 2022 1:14 PM

    Of course, against all reason, our government will not devalue. Our masses are financially illiterate, just like megalomaniac Barrow. No wonder, the leap from plantation labour to a service society happened too fast. A plantation worker in a suit is not a financial manager, but still a plantation worker.

    That is why we will not achieve any economic growth in the long run, because we are no longer competitive.

  29. @ Crusoe January 5, 2022 1:22 PM

    “But I wull not list them, because I could be wrong.”


    List them. BU Community Ruffled .

  30. @David
    At least, kudos to the frequently hibernating Fourth Estate for raising the NIS in Silly Season.
    Not a topic which will get any traction. Your blogs confirm that.
    I propose the PM cease this cm by cm tinkering which has been ongoing for the last decade, pull the plug and begin again.
    I gone

  31. @Tron,

    Doan worry, we gine be real competitive, at least fuh food, soon enough.


    Sumbuddy buy Tron a flask or two of white rum and a pet bottle of coke.

    But when tings done and the four major changes are disclosed (Sherlockie guess at lease three, maybe four), he may drink de rum straight, not even pun de rocks.


    Read ePaper
    Home / Features / Speaking Out / #BTSpeakingOut – You the people are to blame

    by Hyacinth Greenidge

    Recently in North Korea, autocratic leader Kim Jong-Un, to mark the 10th anniversary of his father Kim Jong-il’s death, declared 10 days of events for the occasion.

    However, for those ten days he decreed that North Koreans could not laugh in public or shop. No, this is not fake news. No laughter in public.

    North Koreans have lived in an environment of suppression and oppression for so long that there is perhaps a young generation that is unaware of what oppression and suppression are.

    Thus, Kim’s edict is maybe being adhered to as though it is the most natural thing to do. The administrative Government is less than one per cent of the 26 million population.

    Yet, tyranny prevails. North Koreans have themselves – not their government – to blame for their situation. But who knows, they perhaps know nothing else.

    The Government knows the people it governs. It knows the lengths to which it can go and are confident that such is the state’s control that edicts such as not laughing in public is completely natural.

    In Barbados, politicians also know the people over whom they lord. They are quite aware of how far they can push the button. They act in a manner where irrespective of their deeds, well-placed allies will spread their narratives, make sense out of nonsense and even convince Barbadians that the island is favoured by God.

    In most democratic nations, take for example the USA, if the attempt to bring vaccines into Barbados through the backdoor as occurred recently had been unearthed, those complicit in the deed would have been held accountable. But in Barbados, such will not occur because Barbadians allow it and politicians know what they can get away with.

    While Government is docking the pay of hard-working, long-suffering nurses, it has agreed to pay thousands, perhaps millions, to more than a dozen policemen who lost a lawsuit against the state. And Government is making a political payment not even a court-ordered one.

    Government is doing this because it knows it can get away with it because it knows the people it is governing.

    Government sat with an organisation with whom it had no industrial relations dispute, made decisions with an association with whom it had not been at public loggerheads but failed to sit and come to an agreement with the union representing the nurses with whom there is an ongoing dispute. But Government did this because it knows the people it is ruling – not serving.

    It knew that it could get away with such a slap in the face of the Unity membership.
    One cannot blame the Barbados Nurses Association, the National Union of Public Workers or the Barbados Worker’s Union when they appear to sit on the fence or nestle in the arms of Government in labour disputes.

    The leaders of these organisations make up less than one per cent of the membership. Thus, if the membership of a labour union truly understood what trade unionism meant, members would be exiting these trade union shells with their emasculated leadership en masse.
    But leaders make these type of anti-labour decisions because they know the subjects they ‘represent’.

    Last year, Jamaican investment firm Victoria Mutual Wealth Management which incurred losses in the Barbados Government’s debt restructuring programme, said that because of the pandemic our government would have difficulty paying bond holders.

    It advised that rather than buy high-risk bonds, investors should be looking to sell them.
    This came after Government’s 2018 decision not to honour payments due at that time, but to defer payment in many instances for another decade.

    This scuppered the immediate plans of thousands of bond holders, forcing some retirees back on the job market.

    Yet in 2021, Government is looking to legislate bond payments as a replacement for cash it might owe to Barbadian citizens.

    Again, if Government did not know the Bajans over whom it lords, it would not even think of enacting this legislation, notwithstanding any financial constraints it might have. But

    Government’s spending over the past two years suggests there are no constraints.
    These are but a few examples of what Barbadians allow less than one per cent of the population to inflict upon them.

    So, the next time you seek to blame the Government for any travails that you might be enduring, for any glaring missteps, for any anti-citizen policy, for any seemingly high-handed endeavour, for any egregious act, for any wastage or gifting of your tax dollars, please do not.

    Instead, look in the mirror, point at the person staring back at you – you are doing this. Not the Government. But at least you can laugh at yourself in public.


    Not when they imitate the White Man and adopt his racist propaganda and cut and paste nonsense from internet

    I Foo China (Alternative Dub)

  34. @Crusoe
    Sherlockie call them nuh?
    Remember….no amount of financial reforms….without accountability…will solve anything.
    While in a financial hole, that hole was dug and enabled by circumventing, avoiding or outright refusal to comply with the rules, regulations or laws.
    Hence I hope the 1-2-3-4-5 include some Parliamentary reforms. Ya think the omission of summuch from the Republic thingie was an oversight…..or a plan?

  35. Lol Frank October I booked may …now that you are a republic have you changed the holiday from the last cutting of the cane, to the first shearing of the winter tourist.

  36. Another member of the OLD GUARD spotted.

    Ince blasts Chinese housing deal
    GOVERNMENT’S DECISION to import houses from China to replace some of the housing stock destroyed by Hurricane Elsa last year has come in for heavy criticism by former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Senator Jepter Ince.
    The former economic advisor under the Freundel Stuart administration slammed the move as a snub to local artisans.
    Ince, who fired the opening salvo at a spot meeting held by DLP candidate for St Philip North, Michael Lashley, at Lynches on Tuesday night, charged that Barbados was essentially being caught up in an effort by the Chinese Government to bail out some manufacturers there.
    “William Duguid [Minister of Housing] had the nerve to tell Barbadians that the reason why we import the houses from China is because our artisans were building too slow. Now come on, people! A minister is going to stand up and tell the people of Barbados that the reason why we are importing houses is because we are building them too slow.
    “That is an insult to every artisan, every carpenter, every mason, every painter, every electrician in this country,” said Ince.
    “It is not because of a shortage of materials, not because of shortage of money, instead it is because you all are building too slow.
    “Let me tell you something about this project. China had a collapse of some of their major construction firms and as a result of that collapse, the government is exporting what you call a financial crisis.
    “So to bail out the companies in China, they are exporting the houses so that you would have to pay in US dollars and in so doing pay those companies to keep them afloat. They found Barbados that they could send 140 40-feet
    containers in housing.”
    He also queried the length of time that the houses were taking to be erected, given that Government promised that the process would begin two weeks after arrival. He also called on Duguid to state whether reports that some of the houses do not meet the ordered specification are true.
    “I want Duguid to come and tell me that I am a liar. Stand up, say: ‘Jepter you are a liar.’ “I said it at Lynches: the houses have wrong specifications. It means that they have to go and get the right specifications to start the foundation work; nothing can be started in Six Roads.
    “In addition to that, they have to be paying between $10 000 to $12 000 per month in security,” he said.

    Source: Nation

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    Most of y’all cats with deals, y’all ain’t hot man (But you don’t hear me)
    I’m ’bout to do it again, you ’bout to lose it again
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    If most producers want to charge too much
    But around my way that’s how
    You get fucked up (But you don’t hear me)
    You might think we all beats and rhymes
    But way before this rap shit, nigga
    The streets was mine (But you don’t hear me)
    I got that hot shit, that “Thug Life” ‘Pac shit
    That get hot shit, that B.I.G. “Ready to Die” shit

    Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip
    (Game over) Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip (now who they want?)

  38. Everybody knows that this govt has lied it’s way with fancy talk and hidden PR messages
    The Chinese and big business has been the biggest beneficiaries of this govt

  39. “The Chinese and big business has been the biggest beneficiaries of this govt”

    Americans and Brits (the slavers of black folks industry) (warmongers against Muslims for Israel and War Industries) are now against China as they are growing

    Stupid ugly fuckling negros follow white massas

  40. Dawn Armstrong speech hit the PM govt policies hard bulls eye statements which was needed and absolutely necessary to open the eyes of the kool-aid drinkers on govt incompetence and govt neglect for the most vulnerable
    On top.of all her statements was a crown studded sophisticated performance of confidence
    U go girl

  41. Wuhloss but ent it a ting neh, campaign now start and Mia Mockley get huff by both Verla and Afferly early a clock.

    She thought she coulda pull a fast one pon de Dems calling de snap election in the middle a de covid. Hear de lovely Verla in Sin Lucy last night:

    “I was receiving messages up to today saying sit out the election, don’t put de people in danger. That is what they wanted us to do. There will be no government by default once the Democratic Labour Party is alive and fighting and kicking on behalf of the people of Barbados. It is not going to happen.”

    Next ting too, Afferly. All de big lotta money de Bees was spending dong in Sin Michael West to mek sure Afferly don’t get back in dong there, well now that Afferly switch to Central de Bees gotta go up in Central and spend big money again fresh. Joe gih Mia de cold sweats wid da big foot move man. She din see dah one coming.

    All de big political maguffy and guru that Mia Monkey is she get outfox early a clock by Verla and Afferly. Tek it light, dis whole election gine backfire pon she! Mark my words.

    This is Polling Pearlie reporting fa BU from wah part I is.

    Murda! Ah gone!

  42. MY GUESS to the general question of why these 4 are returning is that the DLP 1) could not find anybody else to run that 2) had a better hope of winning back their seats in the short term. The Freundal Stuart administration was so spectacularly bad it had a halo effect over all their individual candidates regardless of if those candidates were in the Cabinet. I suspect that just after 3 and a half years that halo effect hasn’t totally worn off. My prediction is that the even though (with the exception of Denis Lowe) these are the stronger DLP candidates the electorate in these constituencies will tell DEM to take a rest at least for the next 5 years. I think that these 3 are strong enough to withstand that halo effect and could win in future elections (as long as the DLP do not name Mr. Stuart as a possible future candidate anywhere!!!!)

  43. Watched the candidate from SGN and was very impressed. Was unpleasantly surprised at the number of BLP trolls making comments.

    BLP-ites on BU want to pick the DLP candidates and BLP trolls attending DLP meetings and making nasty comments.

  44. BC Before Christ
    AD After Christ
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  45. @DAvid
    The other reason DL&P is the four continue to command support in the respective constituencies.

    Three of them were some of the least margins of loss based on 2018. Lowe is the outlier. Lashley is respected and loved in SPN. Sealy did a decent job as Tourism Minister and Estwick has always spoken about economic matters and went against his party more than once. They stand a decent chance. The stink of 2018 hasn’t washed off completely but a day is a long time in politics.

    Just observing

  46. I hardly comment on the old guards
    However I always had my suspicions that the blp strategist would have preferred to see them gone
    Not because they had any great concern of reasoning or support for the dlp President
    But because they understood that the old guards still had plenty support in their constituencies which would make the winning
    Strategy a little harder for the blp to fight
    Not at all surprise on how the blp cackling geese are responding
    They see the dlp Strategy to bring home some of the old guard as being unexpected
    Hence they are running around like chickens with heads cut off squawking and trying to sh.iit on the dlp campagain platforms

  47. @ac
    The slates are now fixed. The D’s pun 🔥. At least Estwick en call the NIS name causing dey brek dem already.
    Gimme a seat prediction nuh?

  48. @David, whaloss LOLLLL re this Dawn Armstrong brouhaha….

    I tuned in after I saw her apology so had to go search for what was so offensive … thus the LOLL.

    But she called both women ‘dogs’ … that one was a more elegant breed than the other is a PROBLEM! 🤦🏾‍♂️🙉

    Looka, platforms bring out ‘de dog’ in politicians and as much as the language was a tad salty I really didn’t see it as gravely offensive …

    Geezus, do you recall when our very refined Dame Billie stood on a platform and allegedly ‘skin up she clothes’ with some salty verbiage to match.

    (I was NOT there that night so I can only say alleged … I didn’t see nutting)

    Anyhow, in the dawn of a new day the lovely fawn that is Ms Armstrong thought it prudent to apologize … although she had said she would be ‘unapologetic’ bout her Great Danes and Bulldogs.

    A smart move I presume .. but you do NOT attack a bulldog like dat so she better be ready for the big bites the PM gine put in she!

    Talk wha yah like but these platform performances are the folklore of local politics … to me this is quite mild as far as historical lore goes!

    • @Dee Word

      She is a rookie.

      Her behaviour was reminiscent of the DLP’s meeting at the Stadium last election. The party must have been advised it was the wrong tone for her to set if De Peiza wants to differentiate her women folk as less aggressive compared to the PM? What else might it be?

  49. Noticed the ‘UNDERCOVER DEMS,’ especially the one who often accuse others of leaning to one side, are SLOWLY ‘coming out of the closet,’ and CLEARLY DISPLAYING their POLITICAL BIAS in the process.

  50. @David, your suggestion re “… [maybe] De Peiza wants to differentiate her women folk as less aggressive compared to the PM” id as good as any I can offer.

    It’s a style option she could choose.

    But frankly not sure why tho … MAM has been a ‘strong’ woman for her entire political life and she has achieved the highest position … I am unfamiliar with any particularly very ‘femme’ female who has achieved any ascendent political roles locally… nor regionally.

    So just saying … that as much as that ‘bulldog’ imagery caused murmurs in the crowd and apparently flutter on social media … there is not one damn thing wrong with an aggressive female bulldog politician.

    We do (mostly) love our females soft and cuddly but that’s ‘after hours’ … I don’t want a cuddly female in my legal case nor in my politics.

    May the young lady retain her strong snarl throughout her political career … bite hard … bite without remorse and thus ensure she is biting effectively!

  51. @DPD
    No apology necessary! Differentiation between two breeds! Defense of her FEMALE party leader.

    The stink of 2018 is still alive and well. It is what it is.

  52. I wish she did not apologize. She will gain nothing from BLP-ites. Now that she apologized they will bring this up at every opportunity.

    Craft your script and stick to it.

    • She apologized because DLP management instructed her to do so. A check of Instagram and Twitter after she delivered was swamped with negative feedback, from young people!

      This is about winning votes, not alienating the party from voters. It already starts at a disadvantage.

  53. @David January 6, 2022 5:14 PM ” if De Peiza wants to differentiate her women folk as less aggressive compared to the PM.”

    What’s wrong with women being aggressive David?

    Men are very, very aggressive and it has led them to the ownership of 90% of the world’s “marbles” that is stuff, land, property, company directorships, cabinet positions, Presidencies and Prime Ministerships. priesthoods, papacies etc.

    Women need a lot more aggression so that they can own 52% of the world’s marbles, stuff, land, property, company directorships, cabinet positions, Presidencies and Prime Ministerships, priesthoods, papacies etc.

    Not a thing wrong with female aggression.

  54. @NorthernObserver January 6, 2022 7:29 PM “@DIW. how you could mention the words MAM and biting (and nuff times) in the same post?”

    Likely because he is a very very naughty boy.

  55. The blp have nothing to talk about
    The last two nights after prays the campagain went down hill
    Dawn comments was a straw grabber for the blp
    Sinckler gone
    Stuart gone
    Now poor Armstrong is all they can pounce on
    The blp all long talk for three years has met its match that of themselves
    In three years their highlight was buses and garbage trucks
    Oh fixing roads that when the rain drizzle became sink holes
    Let that sink in

  56. After watching both that DLP Armstrong addressing the crowd and Sealy’s comment in his address, it confirms that the DLP deserve……a long term in purgatory.

    Armstrong was singularly unimpressive. Could only talk about being feminine and nothing constructive about policy and economic management.

    Sealy ruined any perception of being balanced when he said that the DLP had done a good job in running the country.

    Did he think that he was on Comedy Central?

    No. Just no. Do not vote just to make an opposition.

    Vote for people who actually can offer something.

    The DLP candidates continue to be unimpressive.

    Worrying that they actually think that their statements made sense.

    Keep them far, far away from the Treasury.

    You want opposition, vote for Grenville.

    At least he makes good points amid the head scratchers.

  57. No curfew election night

    There will be no curfew on election night.
    In a statement yesterday, Attorney General Dale Marshall explained that this was to accommodate the exigencies associated with Election Day, January 19.
    “At midnight tonight [Thursday] upon the expiration of the current COVID directive, a new . . . directive will be put in place and will last until January 31. This new directive will be very much the same as the previous recent directive, in that there will be a curfew from midnight each night until 5 a.m the following morning,” said Marshall in a statement.
    He added there will be one exception to that rule.
    “On election night there will be no curfew at all. The rationale behind it really draws from the history of our last experience on election night [in 2018] where voting was considerably delayed until well into the hours of
    the next morning. In addition to that, with our COVID numbers rising, it will be difficult to predict what will happen on election night, in relation to the slowing down of the various processes.
    “Therefore, we feel it best having considered all of the scenarios to leave the way clear for the Electoral and Boundaries Commission to do their work properly and unrushed, taking as much time as is necessary without running afoul of the directives,” Marshall said. (MB)

    Source: Nation

  58. This election is treading on slippery ice
    Constitutional lawyer Garth Patterson states that a challenged to halt the elections can be rightfully presented to the court for Covid patients to vote
    This would be indeed another black eye against a govt who has skillfully used the emergency powers acts in some cases to trampled on the Constitution to suppress the Constitutional rights of citizens during COVID

    • What prevents your party (DLP) taking up the challenge? There is Ronnie Yearwood, Verla De Peiza et al qualified to do so? Could it be you prefer Caswell to do it?

  59. @David, this AC consortium are simply jokers…

    As a voice of their party they offer nothing but slanderous gossip … your question shows just how ridiculous they are.

    Their party have representatives on the ECB where this policy was discussed and the party leaders did NOTHING about it … NOTHING.

    Yet this toady has the gall to come on a social media platform and pretend to be addressing a problem for Bajans .

    Steeupse. Pure cowdung….
    “This election is treading on slippery ice […] This would be indeed another black eye against a govt who has skillfully used the emergency powers acts in some cases to trampled on the Constitution …”

    It is impossible to take these jokers seriously….
    And that is really very, very painful for people like me who grew up with a strong admiration for the DLP as a party and its very smart representatives.

    The party needs to get this hack far, far away from its social media feeds. They make the once powerful Rottweiler DLP look like a rabid Chihuahua: small, noisily unhinged and quite insignificant.

    • @Dee Word

      You and others will note the blogmaster has not been as vocal in this forum and other platforms this time around. We are not learning from mistakes which is a sign of stupidity.

  60. So……business as usual, then?

    Pompesetting and pissparading on de political platform!

    Everybody talking loud and saying nothing.

    I heard the usual LOUD HOWLS OF APPROVAL from an enthusiastic crowd.

    And yes, Artax, I too see the BU “closet” Dems coming out of the woodwork. (The closet door was always ajar, doah)

    Also spotted, a few BU “closet” Bees who were better at hiding.

    And poor Donna here crying that a pastor (not an Anglican priest) has been offered as her third party option.

    Pastors are known for their stubbornly dogmatic religious positions designed to deprive a certain segment of Barbadians of their human rights as citizens of a NON-THEOCRACY!

    Haven’t heard him yet but I betcha that poor Donna will not be able to vote for that!

    But really, doah, wunnuh actually analysing and recommending campaign strategy???

    Wunnuh still caught up in de crap??????

  61. “This election is treading on slippery ice […] This would be indeed another black eye against a govt who has skillfully used the emergency powers acts in some cases to trampled on the Constitution …”

    Well put. The disenfranchising of a segment of the population is a serious concern. No amount of fine words can paper over the denial of the vote to some.

    This action more than any other has troubled me for days. We should not take actions at face value and should pry to see what motivates the action…
    Is it for public safety or is it politically motivated?
    Is this the only solution?
    Is it the best solution? – No
    Who is more likely to have covid? Could it be an older generation that favors one party?

    Members of the ECB have hinted that the decision was not a final one, but to the best of my knowledge not alternative has been provided.

    “This election is treading on slippery ice […] This would be indeed another black eye against a govt who has skillfully used the emergency powers acts in some cases to trampled on the Constitution …”

  62. I remember a saying.. dog bite man is not news, man bites dog is news.

    Rabid Chihuahua: small, noisily unhinged and quite insignificant chases crowd.

  63. @Donna
    “Also spotted, a few BU “closet” Bees who were better at hiding.”

    A fair comment.

    2 items
    My memory has faded a little but in a recent post you expressed a preference for the USA. It appears that you have moved from ‘not voting’ to voting.

    I wanted to comment back then but decided to ‘sit out’. Have a great day.

  64. TheO,

    My expressed preference for living in the USA was a tongue-in-cheek one wrt your easy choice at the polls.

    Your choice was not a head scratcher, I know. You HAD to vote and you HAD to vote Biden.

    A choice between the sane and insane, fallible humans and absolute demons would not be hard for you.

    I bet you could not wait to vote, convinced you were doing the right thing.

    Here though, I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. With a piece of straw being offered by an indeterminate being.

    Next, if I were a nurse right now, not being paid regularly, I would leave and take a five year contract overseas.

    It seems that it is more likely that such a nurse would continue to be paid irregularly than it is that she would meet a worse fate in even the USA.

    I am both a person of ideals AND a person of practicality. That much should be obvious by now.

  65. DavidJanuary 7, 2022 6:18 AM

    What prevents your party (DLP) taking up the challenge? There is Ronnie Yearwood, Verla De Peiza et al qualified to do so? Could it be you prefer Caswell to do it?

    Do I not have a Constitutional right to voice my concern
    What Verla and Yearwood chooses to do is entirely up to them
    BTW stick to the issue one of having a PM which would place self interest before the Constitutional rights of people
    A big hanging chad which needs clipping

  66. DavidJanuary 7, 2022 10:42 AM

    Chads is in your neck of the woods. In Barbados we use a pen
    Hip hip.hooray

  67. @TheOGazerts January 7, 2022 8:12 AM ” Could it be an older generation that favors one party?”

    Can you provide us with the source from which you drew the opinion that “an older generation that favors one party?”

  68. The younger generation will favour the BLP for two reasons.

    Policy is liberal, Mottley is progressive against the DLP old guard running theirs. The demographic of candidates.

  69. Do bloggers really see Verla DePeiza as the de facto DLP leader or is Stuart still the leader, running the old guard behind the scenes.

  70. Boys and Girls
    Compare and contrast the BLP of 1937 with that of 2022.
    The BLP was a “historic necessity.” The needs of the masses were great. In 1937 only 3.3 percent of the people had the right to vote—6,299 out of a population of 190,000. The extension of the franchise had to be a priority. The BLP became a voice for the voiceless. The party launched a campaign of political education in order to raise the political consciousness of the people and mobilize support.

    Compare and contrast the Republican of 1860 with that of 2022
    With the election of Abraham Lincoln (the first Republican president) in 1860, the Party’s success in guiding the Union to victory in the American Civil War, and the Party’s role in the abolition of slavery, the Republican Party largely dominated the national political scene until 1932.

    Lesson Summary: This is not your BLP

  71. Boys and girls
    Today’s lesson: When less is more

    When is 8 years in power better than ten years in power?
    Answer: When you screw up the first three years and can see the consequences coming down the road.

    When is 20-10 better than 30-0
    Answer: When you screw up the first three year and see 0-30 in 2023, you will take 20-10 in 2022

  72. This is as good a slogan as any
    If you can’t have an erection call an election
    I have put my slogan team on developing election slogan for the next few years (in case Mia want to pull this gimmick again).
    2022: In deep do-do, election in 2022
    2023 DooDoo and pee, no more for me in 23
    2024 Show her the door in 2024
    2005 if you are still alive, kick her out in 2025
    2026 Can you take more licks in 2026
    2027 It sure isn’t heaven, get her out in 27
    2028 No more mistakes, show her the gate in 28
    Can you believe these guys wanted to charge me $500,000
    They must have confused me with Barbados tourism officials

  73. 8 years in power is better than 5
    20-10 is better than 30-0 when the pain blame game needs to be spread equally
    Think about it

    Method Man – Bring The Pain

  74. @AC
    I see the poetrY
    “Do I not have a Constitutional right to voice my concern
    What Verla and Yearwood chooses to do is entirely up to them
    BTW stick to the issue one of having a PM which would place self interest before the Constitutional rights of people
    A big hanging chad which needs clipping”

    When will you learn
    I have the right to voice my concern
    Why should I speak on Verla and Yearwood
    Whether their actions are bad or good
    My friend, I leave that up to you
    To peck and scratch like you usually do
    How can you support an administration
    Whose only aim is self preservation
    Constitutional rights trample to the ground
    The people broken and pushed around
    You sitting there with your broken pen
    Developing laws that are badly written
    Ignoring three years of anguish and pain
    Wanting to elect this autocrat again

    AC! Girl, your writing is too sweet. Send me more

  75. Tonight’s dlp.presentation featuring Richard Sealy got off to a good start with putting God first
    Richard Sealy was his usual down to earth self laying the foundation very thick at a grass roots level giving a truthful and factual report on this administration performance or as he Sealy might say the lack of
    He pointed out vividly a PM who have lost a connection with barbadians mostly those who have been awaiting all those glorious promises she made ten years ago
    Hence is theme two Barbados was quick appropriate as one reflect on those who received the largesse while others struggle to make ends meet
    Ronnie Yearwood presentation was chock laden with excellent ideas
    Ideas that if implemented can revive much needed life into the economy and which can create a social economic environment for the youth

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