Douglas Trotman Died Owed Millions by Government

Douglas Trotman

The blogmaster extends sympathy to the family of Douglas “Slanty” Trotman who died today.

You know the poor and unconnected black man has to work 3 times as hard as the white man in the white man’s land but 6 times as hard as the white man in his own land. From March 3rd.. persistent delay in giving a date.Nov 18th .. will see the outcome”

(Douglas Trotman November 2021)

It is unfortunate Trotman died before securing legal fees earned from the compulsory Acquisition of property known as Sam Lords Castle. The blogmaster understands the transaction was frustrated by the Mottley government.

The documents filed with the Barbados detail the sorry tale.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, well I don’t have the contacts and trove of data that you do, now do I!

    But yep, it’s a thought that tickles often… I would dearly love to move it from that mental qymnastics spot.

    @Skinner, thanks. I am still in the dark on that episode as that name jogs no memories.

    But as you allude to, there are lots of ‘those kinda things’ about Bim.

    Our society is just too small and therefore we are too familiar and familial (incestuous one can say figuratively ) for these stories to be widely broadcast …. well, let me temper that because this social media ‘ting’ will upend that soon enough.

    As an aside that story of the Murtaugh family morass of murder, millions and mayhem out of South Carolina, US is a real doozy: generations of legal eagles and judges ruling their town with impunity almost and in bajan , bruggadung wife and son get killed; husband charged with fraud and hitman request for his own death; their housekeeper’s long ago death now considered a possible homicide and more and more !

    Now tell me, Bim got connections to S.C.; we got family groups who have ruled with impunity for years too; we got some unexplained deaths within some of them; we got fraud there too … only missing the hitman link!

    So we gotta expect there are some juicy stories waiting to be told like dat one.

    Just saying 🤣


  • @ WURA
    There are people who call me almost daily to discuss contributions written to BU. They will never write a word to this blog or anywhere. And quite frankly I never encourage them to do so.
    They know where the bodies are buried also. They have never gotten over the scars they got from speaking the truth to power and watched others defend all forms of corruption, poor governance and other societal maladies.
    They certainly love their country but…………..


  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    “They will never write a word to this blog or anywhere. And quite frankly I never encourage them to do so.”

    they shouldn’t, you see the lowclass trolls and cyberstalkers that haunt the blog for no good reason, why subject them to that…leave them right where they are, the tyrants have tormented them and am sure they still suffer flashbacks, they do not need to meet BUs nuisances too. You know just as i do that they will be attacked here. Many times over the last 9 years when the clown show jumped out, am like, these fools don’t know that if i unleashed my FULL rage on them, they will never recover, they just did not know what they were poking at.

    .the only reason I came on the blog to begin with is because they saw me as “another one” meaning another victim, and were not shy about it either…. they tell you to your face how they will terrorize and harass you so that you will abandon the case…..and they don’t care how injured you are or your age…..big mistake..

    never spoke about what i was subjected to, because it was just a matter of time before i showed my hand and knew they would not like it, they will like what am holding now even less, but no reason for me to do anything if they are behaving and the case was finally wrapped up completely a while back, so they are basically free of me unless they get any overly ambitious ideas in their heads that i forgot them or what i experienced. In great contrast to the previous era, this era gives us tons of information that can bring down governments..

    “@ WURA
    There are people who call me almost daily to discuss contributions written to BU.”

    but am glad they lived to see that not every Black person is a wimp, imp or pimp for corrupt governments, in these new beginnings. Some of us know our identities, culture, history and everything about our glorious ancestry so we do not need contrived hallucinations or manufactured politicians…we are THE CHOSEN, we KNOW WHO WE ARE.

    Don’t know if you have the link to my websites but you should let them take a look, a lot of what’s in the book, they can relate to, and would be pleased to see it in print, and the magazines are very popular and a powerful read as evidenced by the cross continental accessing.



  • Do you know that the word CLICO does not seem to appear anywhere in the blog?

    Why is that?


  • “THE CHOSEN”. Sounds like Donald Trump.

    Oh dear!


  • With respect to owing the late Douglas Trotman the government seems to be prioritizing its spend.


  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    For those who KNOW NOT THAT THEY KNOW NOT. Is it not sad that they taught small children the wrong things because they did not know and still dont.

    We inherited a continent, and with that gift comes great responsibility. Whether we were
    born in ancient Kush, Kemet, Timbuktu or elsewhere, Afrika is our ancestral land and
    therefore the melamine are entitled to claim that right, as we are Afrikan first, both
    legally and eternally. Everyone else are squatters.

    In tribute to our ancestors whose omnipresence and divine existence is worth
    celebrating, reinforcing throughout multiple epochs, and must never again face callous
    insult, disrespect, or written out and corroded by poseurs.

    The instinctual determination of our forebears to survive so that we could, must mean
    something to every descendant across each millennium. Their sacrosanct stories are
    worthy of retelling incessantly. Our superhuman mothers and forefathers deserve the
    utmost reverence and worship.

    As The Chosen of our native and indigenous lands, we must keep that flame burning for
    all eternity. Our descendants will want answers and expect us to provide them to
    enhance their chances for survival.

    Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved.


  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    try real hard and control yaself from TIEFING IT.


  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



    I do not wish to be “The Chosen”. People who believe themselves to be specially “chosen” are the cause of all the world’s problems.

    I am a human being of predominantly African descent. I am proud of my African ancestors. I don’t need to create any stories to elevate them above other humans just because those humans have created stories.

    You “know” what you want to “know” just as they do.


  • Do we know yet who EWBSB is? Maloney?


  • Who the hell asked you what you wished or wanted….you can only see you…others can see way beyond that and DO…no one asked you to read anything…..I didn’t. you were trolling…and that’s what happened…no one asked you your opinion.


  • @NO

    It appears to be the biggest secret. The government in waiting and noble fourth estate are unable to discover or make public.


  • The fourth estate was interviewing him lol….all they had to do was ask?
    Duguid…”we’ll be using the same people who made the foundations for us, together with other contractors to assemble the houses (prefab)”


  • This is an assignment for BU’s top investigator. I fear that others would not be as diligent in completing the task.

    Your mission should you decide to accept is to count the number of houses that we get from China. Arrived versus distributed.

    Do not be hasty. Visit the highlands of St Thomas, the lowlands of St Lucy, the plains of the Constitution river and the dry valleys of Barbados to do a full count.

    We expect the number that was distributed to be less than the number that arrived.


  • The extract was posted to BU. This is a public forum. The blogmaster has invited us to offer our opinions because we never know if it could make a difference.

    So… I troll thee not. I am expressing my opinion. And being very kind about it too, frankly.

    Now….if I wanted to be unkind….

    P.S. I did not teach small children the Bible. My class was made up of teenagers. They would already have been taught and entering the questioning stage. I allowed them to question without judgment. I never told them what they should believe nor did I tell them what the truth is. Mostly, we looked at principles in the Bible and examined how they are useful. Many principles in the Bible are useful. (And some not so much) Religious stories can be useful as a starter tool or a jump off point.

    So my class was one of enquiry and discussion, not indoctrination.

    Bible thumping never was my thing. Religious certainty was never my thing. One’s religion is largely a function of where one is born and into what culture and family. My logical brain does not allow me to ignore that fact.

    God-in-a-box (or book) is not my thing.


  • Oh hell! I am slooooow today! Tiefing wuh???

    Wuh all yuh seh is dat we is Afrikan and dat Afrika is we ancestral lands.

    And that we have a responsibility to tell the truly amazing stories of our ancestors and reclaim their status and ours – our rightful place in the world.

    And that our descendents need to know these stories since knowing the strengths of their ancestors would actually help them to survive.

    What idea is there that has not already been expressed over and over again?????

    Yuh just pretty up de language lil bit.

    Conclusion: No new ideas presented. No grounds for a lawsuit unless I literally lift your words- the exact words from the manuscript.

    So… I could easily reword it, if I had nothing better to do or say.

    In other words, that’s an ‘f’ for originality.

    Check out the Sunday Sun and you will find that my soul brother Adrian Green has published pretty much the same thing many many many times.


  • “Do we know yet who EWBSB is? Maloney?”

    BU need to send out investigators….the lies, deceit, sleight of hand and coverups will quadruple now. People have come to realize that they must be SUPER VIGILANT…don’t believe a word = LIE leaking out of these manufactured politicians..

    they will slightly change things to be even less transparent and believe they are being brilliant..


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    by Yolande Grant
    Identifying, Defining, and Defending Our Afrikan Space
    We are the survivors and custodians of the continent and are free to carve out vast
    areas that signify our return to the Motherland. As more information integral to stolen
    and hidden history become uncovered and available, it is incumbent upon us to make all
    of it accessible to current and future generations. There is an undeniable fitting end to
    what must be told ad infinitum.

    This knowledge-based magazine was created for the benefit of all indigenous African
    descents worldwide and written from a Caribbean perspective with a view to bridge the
    gap linguistically. Our security from east to west is paramount, essential, and nonnegotiable. It is our birthright. The spiritual strength of our ancestors remains our guide,
    and all extreme levels of previously imposed uncertainty devoid of self-confidence has

    Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved.


  • To get this blog back on track – the blogmaster understands the payment to late Trotman was thwarted by ministers William Duguid and Ryan Straughn. These are the two ministers unwilling to tell Barbadians who are the principals behind EWBS. It is going to be a long general election campaign.


  • The elephant in the room is CLICO and still, no mention.


  • “the blogmaster understands the payment to late Trotman was thwarted by ministers William Duguid and Ryan Straughn.”

    so who is surprised that the FOREVER LOWCRAWLING niga mind would NEVER want to see another Black person with that much money even though IT’S RIGHTFULLY HIS…..they will see it as an affront to them, how dare this black person want to be financially free, and seek revenge one way or another…


  • That Mr. Douglas Trotman acted as attorney at law for Grant Hotels lnc. (ln lnsolvency) and negotiated the settlement for 58.1 acres of lands compulsorily acquired on 23’d February 2015 by the government of Barbados. The negotiated sum was Fifty-Two Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars ($52,400,000.00) Barbados currency on which interest accrued at the rate of 6% per annum.


    The GOB owes Mr. Trotman zilch.

    Grant Hotels hired him and owes him fees.

    The GOB apparently holds funds it owes Grant Hotels and Mr. Trotman was trying to get it to pay him from these funds.

    I would imagine all sorts of creditors are also after these funds.

    Why would Mr. Trotman’s claim rank superior to all?.


  • I see Republic Bank is a “Class I” Creditor.

    What exactly is a Class I Creditor and what are the origins of Republic Bank?


  • … oops, sorry, “Class I” Secured Creditor.


  • “When thieves fall out honest men come by their own”

    The end result of the mess is that the GOB owns Sam Lord’s Hotel without paying for it, typical outcome in a fascist regime where the means of production wind up under the control of a central Government.

    You will find CLICO and the GOB are birds of a feather, remember the GOB recommended its citizens invest.

    Well, here we see one of the myriad results of the unholy alliance.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the colour of Mr. Trotman’s skin.


  • John…you do know these monies are always PAID THROUGH the lawyers who represented, same with yall judgement in Florida…the money MUST go through the lawyers, then they either extract their fees or are PAID BY THE PLAINTIFF directly depending on the arrangement…….but knowing the nasty minded, covetous and jealous they will be looking at and dwelling on how much Douglas got for HIS SERVICES…..


  • So what you are saying is that the GOB needs to pay $56 million and change to the lawyers (Mr. Trotman originally) of Grant Hotels Incorporated from which the lawyers of Grant Hotels Inc will reduct $6 million and change for the fees Grant Hotels Inc. owes its lawyers!!

    So where is the GOB going to get $56 million dollars and change from after just having blown through a couple of hundred million dollars with COVID and paid an arm and a leg for the recent change to a republic.

    Question remains, why does Mr. Trotman rank above all the other creditors of Gran Hotels Inc. which I presume is in bankruptcy?


  • and yall can’t tell the lawyers in Florida about who owe and don’t owe them or yall will be PAYING OUT that 239 million dollars to ONLY LAWYERS in the future…if ya ever get it…given the criminal players involved in that theft…


  • Point remains, the colour of Mr. Trotman’s skin is irrelevant.


  • “So where is the GOB going to get $56 million dollars and change from after just having blown through a couple of hundred million dollars with COVID and paid an arm and a leg for the recent change to a republic.”

    who cares where they get it….at least 5-6 BILLION DOLLARS is confirmed as missing from the economy…it has to be somewhere, it did not disappear into thin air…let them draw down from that…


  • So, who owns Sam Lord’s Castle?

    Can a buyer be found by the GOB who will pay more than $56 million?

    Who jackass is going to buy it when the GOB has clearly exhibited its propensity for compulsory acquisitions?

    Why did the GOB compulsorily acquire Sam Lord’s Castle and having not paid for it, who owns it?


  • “who owns it?”

    I would ask the Chinese, if i had cared…


  • The money that disappeared into thin air is gone!!

    Who jackass with part of the money that has disappeared is going to expose themselves and invest in Sam Lord’s Castle?

    Anyway, the predictions are cash will become worthless.


  • WURA-War-on-UDecember 8, 2021 5:59 AM

    “who owns it?”

    I would ask the Chinese, if i had cared…


    I see the Chinese are about to suffer a collapse in real estate.


  • Are you forgetting there is a thing called SILENT PARTNERS…so how are you going to know….ya getting slow..


  • but never mind all of that…yall got a Republic of Barbaods….RoB….

    right Millier…lol.


  • How many people are there involved in the CLICO debacle whose skin colour is different from Mr. Trotman?


  • David,

    So we should be talking about the Government owing Grants, not Trotman?

    In that case, we need to look at the looooooooong list of people who stand before them in line.

    They don’t seem too perturbed. Can’t hear a peep out of them.

    Wuh, I cyan mek noise fuh dem unless dem meking noise fuh demselves.


  • @Donna

    It is the same fight. It points to government and the court system being dysfunctional or open to manipulation. Perhaps all the above?


  • “Question remains, why does Mr. Trotman rank above all the other creditors of Gran Hotels Inc. which I presume is in bankruptcy?”

    John…i think ya getting this twisted…from what Douglas said HE REPRESENTED Grant…and of course is entitled to his FEES before anyone else….the first thing i did was to PAY the attorneys who represented my case, WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE TO WAIT…..behind 10 years worth of creditors…

    if the attorneys are NOT PAID who is going to represent you going forward when word spread that ya refuse to pay the lawyers, putting other creditors ahead of them..


  • AND…Douglas’ estate should NOT have to wait for payment either…it should be PAID BEFORE anyone else so his children can have a safety net, they are orphans and deserve WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS……end of..


  • @John
    The GoB is paying for the land acquired via a Series J (?) Bond. They don’t have the cash. So Grant will end up with a stack of bonds, just like the NIS. Possibly the late Mr Trotman’s estate will get a few of these bonds as payment?
    You can be 98% sure, the Chinese didn’t build the “improvements” WITHOUT having secured their loan with something tangible (land vs bonds). They don’t lend money like the stupid G7 or international agencies without security.


  • How many people in the GOB who are screwing Mr. Trotman et al who are of a different shin colour to his?


  • WTF does skin tone have to do with anything? This is about the colour of money 🤑🤑

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  • David,

    For the life of me, I do not understand how people could sit down and take that crap if it directly affects them.

    There are many individual battles to be fought in this war against bad governance.

    One has to pick one’s battles. One person or group of people cannot attack on all fronts.

    These people who have been deprived of their property should have formed a battalion for this particular fight.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, this info on Sam Lords Castle and Mr Trotman is really quite intriguing… and then to see a blogger who has actually completed years of difficult and very contentious litigation here in Bim ‘interrogate’ the lawyer’s bona fides as he does is quite ‘revelatory’!

    First up, lost in this ‘mundane’ debate of payment of fees are the atrocious ORIGINAL claims of alleged fraud, conflict of interest and possible criminality on 1)Why the NIS (govt) really brought the action against Grant Holdings which initiated the bankruptcy proceedings and essentially forced a sale; 2) the ‘pirate’ style ‘stealing treasure’ compadres consortium of a former PM, high court Judge, QC lawyer who represented the NIS and one other who were ALL partners of that holding company which owned the Harford Chambers property; and of course CLICO… which then purports involvement of ANOTHER PM or three and even more backroom nefariousness.

    So when the blogger who KNOWS well the arcane world of the legal mazes faced can so glibly opine that “[t]he end result of the mess is that the GOB owns Sam Lord’s Hotel without paying for it, typical outcome in a fascist regime where the means of production wind up under the control of a central Government” I can only laugh deeply and wonder what strange disinformation strategy is he pulling this time.

    So Mr. Blogmaster, THIS tale (as Trotman has noted previously) is really a thread that ravels (or could unravel) a quite horrendous ball of incestuous relationships that border on gross criminality. It is not a chapter but like that written by ‘Lumpy’ the once famed senior partner of cricket admin renown, could be an entire book of WTF!

    The bloggers who like to play around the edges are smart and obviously know a cesspool when it smells as badly as this does… so they play around the edges only.

    I gone.

    Peace. (And again wha become of Piece…?)


  • Per usual some of us squeeze issues inyo narroe agendas. There has always been a culture of government delaying payments especially those cooked in the politics of the day. This transaction is no different to Miss Ram if the blogmaster wishes to be provocative. It is all about fair settlement.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Northern, your old school ‘buddy’ is playing his ‘games’.

    There is a case that can be made that his intent is to sow discord and temper these debates with sensitive tropes to simply generate ‘tangents’ to hot air (or hot water, really)!

    Afterall, he is a scholarly mathematician cum scientist and can play game theory scenarios way above (my) most of our dicernment!

    Ah well.


  • Yes Dee Word that is the plan, a pity some of are lured by it. Any reason to degrade the discussion.


  • Sometimes we inadvertently blame slaves for being enslaved; we blame the wrong for being wronged.
    We sometimes act very strange: we give the slave masters our highest honor and call it Freedom.
    Nobody is perfect but……..,….,,


  • RE Afterall, he is a scholarly mathematician cum scientist and can play game theory scenarios way above (my) dicernment!

    RE his intent is to sow discord and temper these debates with sensitive tropes to simply generate ‘tangents’ to hot air
    HOW DOES ONE generate ‘tangents’ to hot air WHEN HOT AIR IS USUALLY ALREADY PRESENT?


  • de pedantic DribblerDecember 8, 2021 10:16 AM

    @David, this info on Sam Lords Castle and Mr Trotman is really quite intriguing… and then to see a blogger who has actually completed years of difficult and very contentious litigation here in Bim ‘interrogate’ the lawyer’s bona fides as he does is quite ‘revelatory’!


    Maybe CLICO and the GOB are involved in the KEL matter as well!!


  • … maybe also working together for some obscene purpose!!!.


  • … and don’t worry, there are indeed some folk who are not of the same skin colour as Mr. Trotman involved as well, just that your discernment is lacking as you have suddenly realised.




  • This information curculating may answer some questions for John and Northern who is apparently on the right track re payment in bonds.

    [“: I read the short bill and my comments are as follows. First, the use of bonds to settle financial obligations of the government has been a deliberate policy of the Mottley administration. After the legislated debt restructuring/exchange programme of the government in late 2018 Barbadians need to be very wary of accepting bonds from the Mottley administrstion. Second, this bill legalises the Mottley administration’s deliberate policy of not paying government debts when the obligations fall due, that is at the definite date or worst yet during the current time period. It is a very dangerous policy since some individuals (in the case of gratuities, income tax payments, compensation for unfair dismissal, injury claims) and businesses (in the case of VAT refunds, payment for goods and services) cannot afford for their payments to be deferred via the use of bonds by the government. Third, i note with serious concern that the proposed Series J bond has an interest rate of zero. This is a joke. Any individual or company accepting a bond with this feature will have to be mad, a beggar, a staunch supporter or yardfowl of the government, or have an incestuous relationship with the government which allows for the interest payment not included in the bond to be obtained otherwise. Fourth, it is interesting that the government is covering itself through the inclusion of the Natural Disaster clause. This has to be considered carefully since the triggering of this clause delays payment by the government further into the future. The mechanics of the Natural Disaster clause admit for payment of interest on deferred payments. Yet interest on the series J bond is zero. Thus, the mention of and determination of the interest rate in the Natural Disaster clause need to be explained. Finally, was this legislation discussed with any party, for example the NUPW or Social Partnership before being taken to Parliament. I suspect not.
    [12/8, 9:49 AM] Alex M2: Yet again this government is less than transparent with us. A few weeks ago government said that it was addressing the issue of outstanding payments for lands acquired via the issuance of bonds. On the face of it, very laudable measure. Imagine my surprise therefore on a quick reading of the ” Debt Settlement Arrears bill” to find that this bill can be applied to any debt owed by government including personal injuries. Indeed my friends if you are waiting for your gratuity or thinking of early retirement and have plans for your monies HOLD. Its quite possible that if this bill becomes law you will be given bonds.

    I known that I missed the bill in the lower house. Did we all miss this bill. Did Toni Moore not see it? Did our trade unionist and social activists not see this?

    Barbadians continue to be distracted by international beauty parades by the Prime Minister whilst Rome is burning.”


  • John….how does 239 million dollars in bonds sound…..if the government had to pay anything to that estate.


  • WURA-War-on-UDecember 8, 2021 3:25 PM

    John….how does 239 million dollars in bonds sound…..if the government had to pay anything to that estate.


    First I am hearing of this!!

    Doesn’t the GOB get paid in US$$ for anything?


  • No one can pay debts in bonds, goes without saying…and there is not a lawyer alive who will take fees in bonds..

    talk about being BONDED..


  • How many times must NO et al explain the government has to manage cash flow in the same way it has to be done at the household level? This is during a time revenue is declining.


  • More than one way to skin a cat.


  • Meaning what in this case? You have money to settle payables or you do not.

    Why is government printing money again?



    Q. Why is government printing money again?


  • @WW&C
    I drinking a rum and feeling sweet. The guvment brek.
    So you owe a debt for umpteen years, but you en got nah cash. So you issue WARU Bonds to mature in 5 years and send them as payment. The debt has been paid? But the folks ain’t got a cent yet, just nuff fancy looking paper. In fact, you got 5 years to find the money.
    And if you cannot? Then roll this bond into another? Perpetual financing. For this you need a slew of experts. But doan mind me, I needs another rum.

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  • This payment in bonds is nothing more than an IOU.

    This is a very big deal and should not be allowed to be passed off as anything less.

    You cannot expect to do these things without a serious and frank conversation with the nation.

    Some people cannot afford to accept bonds. Some people cannot survive without their money.

    No government should attempt to slip this under the radar.


  • How is it different to the elders who have to wait 15 years to cash their bonds?


  • Not different at all!


  • @Donna,
    “This is a very big deal and should not be allowed to be passed off as anything less.

    You cannot expect to do these things without a serious and frank conversation with the nation.”

    Not your standard reply…


  • But honest.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “How is it different to the elders who have to wait 15 years to cash their bonds?”

    David u are being sarcastic I must presume.

    I have not followed this bond saga closely and thus refrained from comment on any details thereof as I did NOT know the facts.

    That Saud, however, simply at the level of basic ‘natural justice’ what u are suggesting is simply NOT acceptable nor could it be the same of elders awaiting a return of an INVESTMENT they made ‘eyes wide open’.

    As u know a bond is an investment or should I say a instrument used to finance ‘operations’. Govt bonds in particular are generally excellent instuments principally defray taxes, hedge inflation/economic risk. In sum they are bought by players to satisfy their financing objectives.

    As I read this unsavory tale it seems that a debtor’s is being ‘forced’ to accept govt paper in lieu of cash … govt paper from the SAME GOVT which just recently defaulted and gave other bond holders a major haircut on their payment expectations.

    Why on earth therefore would anyone want to readily accept this paper from this govt, NOW.

    Again I repeat that I have NOT studied this matter in detail but despite that the prima facie arguments above are just pure financial MADNESS!!

    I gotta be missing something.

    Ah well, my discernment has already been shown to be mightily deficient so you guys are way ahead on this too.

    I gone, hear.


  • de pedantic Dribbler


    Due to David’s stellar operational change there will be only several hours of more palaver on this … so no longterm side show with this response to the above. (Phew!)🙈😇🤣

    So let me say that if your right wing media starts running a legitimate ‘lie-o-meter’ and show Biden in blatant lies as WE all caught Mr Pathological, then I would post on this president as I did the other one.

    (10 months into his presidency, #45 had compiled about 6,000 fabrications)

    If China had been shown to help Biden win, or Biden had INVITED China to get involved in the presidential contest to help him, then had glad handed Xi at the recent UK conference and boasted that he believed the Chinese intel services propaganda (as told to him by Xi) … then definitely I would be here lambasting Biden.

    And the list goes on.

    So be my guest and continue with the petty insults to this president … your man is large and formidable so ‘your’ party will be better with him surely…. as you folks love that lying, egomaniac. Who am I to question that.



  • IT IS WRITTEN IN Numbers 32:23 THUS
    . But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.


  • The IMF and the consultants are coming up with all kinds of sophisticated methods to justify flawed economic policy.
    Now we are hearing the Governor of the Central bank saying that the economy will grow by nine per cent! In the meantime , Dr. Mascoll says that we are back to 1997.
    The government wants to pay its bills by giving citizens bonds. I read in the papers where a poor black man cannot get paid for land compulsorily acquired over thirty years ago. The land at that time was valued at $155 000. It is now valued in the millions.
    So, they would probably pay him in bonds.
    It’s robbery anyhow we look at it. Citizens being robbed in broad daylight by the Duopoly.
    And the apologists will find a way to justify it like they are justifying every thing daily on BU and elsewhere.


  • @William

    This government is broke. It is as simple as that.


  • How many more deserving of an apology?

    Govt needs to address land issue

    FOR MOST BARBADIANS that tomorrow is the 73rd anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights means absolutely nothing.
    The upholding of human rights is unfortunately only a lofty ideal rather than an everyday mainstay. The persistent violations and breaches that occur in every region of the world speak of systemic injustice.
    Last week the WEEKEND NATION highlighted a case of gross infringement of human rights in this country by the state against one of its ordinary citizens.
    The compulsory acquisition of ten acres of land over three decades ago and no compensation to this day rightly was front-page news.
    The victim, Charles Ellis despite seeking legal counsel to have the wrong done to him rectified must wonder why as a law-abiding citizen he has been so grossly ill-treated and left to suffer.
    It also shows both a lack of care and consideration for an individual’s personal property. The treatment meted out to Ellis is wrong and he deserves a public apology plus his compensation.
    From the newspaper’s account Ellis is a man who worked hard and by the sweat of his brow made sacrifices to buy the land and start his agricultural business only to end up a victim of state bullying and wrongdoing.
    This situation has highlighted a very serious problem that is public knowledge of Governments in this country over the years taking up people’s property and being extremely tardy in awarding compensation. For the incumbent Mia Amor Mottley administration it needs to address this very public issue. It must tell the public exactly how many people are owed for their property and in cases where they are being paid by bonds if these instruments will carry a fair interest rate so that they are not further disadvantaged.
    The Compulsory Land Acquisition
    legislation, and the much-touted Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act,
    are two pieces of legislation that the Law Reform Commission should urgently consider.
    While they were enacted to bring benefits to the wider community there needs to be careful evaluation as to whether these two bits of laws are not abrogating individuals’ rights.
    This is a cause that needs vocal public support which is why the silence of the political and social activists is most unfortunate as Ellis and perhaps others in a similar situation sit and suffer.
    This is why we hope the Member of Parliament for St Andrew, George Payne, a former Minister of Housing and an experienced attorney at law gives the legislature and the public his knowledge about the practical application of these laws and any weaknesses.
    Attorney General Dale Marshall also needs to address the matter since it is important for the country’s reputation.
    We cannot boast of being guided by the rule of law and fair play but plagued by such human rights violations.
    The treatment meted out to
    Charles Ellis is wrong and he deserves a public apology plus his compensation.

    Source: Nation


  • Greenidge: Pay in cash, not bonds

    BARBADIANS WHO HAD their lands acquired by the Government and have not been paid after a protracted waiting period should be paid in cash and not bonds, the Deputy President of the Senate advised yesterday.
    Former Government minister Rudolph “Cappy” Greenidge said too many Barbadians had been left without being compensated by different administrations over the past few decades and should not be subjected to such long waiting periods before getting what is legally due to them.
    He was speaking in the Upper House yesterday after Leader of Government Business in the Senate, The Most Honourable Jerome Walcott, had tabled the first reading of a resolution aimed at acquiring two parcels of land in Sergeant’s Village, Christ Church, for the Government to build two housing developments.
    Greenidge referred to a story in the last edition of the WEEKEND NATION,
    which reported that pensioner Charles Ellis had his land compulsorily acquired back in 1995, but had yet to receive compensation from the Government. He is due $155 000 for the acquisition, plus interest.
    “I hope people would be paid in a more timely manner,” Greenidge said while confirming he supported any acquisition of land that would see more Barbadians getting housing opportunities.
    But he added that individuals whose lands were acquired
    should not be made to suffer.
    “That is totally unacceptable,” he said about the years many people have been forced to wait for payment after their lands were acquired.
    “And I believe those people should be paid in cash. They should be paid if their land has been acquired. They shouldn’t be paid with bonds,” the former Minister of Sports suggested. (BA)

    Source; Nation


  • DPD,

    Ssssssh! Ain’t nobody bothering to respond to the Brandon shit.

    Not seriously anyway.


  • Before I go, let me add (tongue in cheek).

    Where these naysayers come from. I am quite certain that separating people from their properties happens elsewhere. It looks as if The Nation has hired disgruntled BU’s contributors from the Diaspora.

    Good morning to all. Have a great day.

    If the internet in Barbados is as horrible as where I am, then PLT’s pet project will soon die. Offline, online …

    Sometimes I think that we overlap an alternate universe. Very much like ours, but where basic things fall apart.


  • @WURA-War-on-U December 6, 2021 3:24 AM

    Isn’t Winston Clarke the person with more than a dozen criminal convictions, including one for a capital offence?


  • Not my standard response because that is how I see it. This is not something that has been blown out of proportion.

    Persons have been deprived of their property. One can do everything right financially, work hard, invest smartly and have the rug pulled out from under one’s feet.

    How can this be acceptable?

    This is not a recently acquired habit and spans administrations.

    It is unconscionable.

    I don’t know why people have sat silent and still for this for so long. It allows the government to forget about it.

    “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

    There was absolutely NO GOOD REASON why these people were not paid before.

    Now we brek and issuing IOUs!


    They should pay the longest outstanding bill and move through the list systematically.



  • @Pachamama December 6, 2021 5:34 AM “David. We suspect that 57 year old man to be Douglas.”

    Not so according to local social media, which has said the the 50 something male was a port worker, not a lawyer.


  • Cuddear…been hearing things here and there, but don’t pay attention…i would be more concerned with the criminal fake elites, criminal minorities and all their criminal friends robbing the country, the people of their land and money, and every generation of children of their future, haven’t heard that he did any of that….he don’t have that type of power..


  • @David December 6, 2021 5:38 AM “There is a report in today’s press that many people are presenting too late, to be expected that the unvaccinated have a point to prove. TWENTY-EIGHT PEOPLE with COVID-19 have died in the Queen Elizabeth > Hospital’s (QEH) Accident & Emergency (A& E) Department in the past three > months.”

    David: This is the thing which I find most difficult to understand.
    Are these people who don’t believe Covid-19 is real?
    Are these people who don’t believe in the Covis-19 vaccination?
    Are these people who don’t believe in doctors, nurses, lab technicians?
    If so why do they present to the QEH at all?
    Do they believe that doctors can raise the dead?


  • @Simple Simon

    You are incorrect.


  • Those who were silent on the land issue for decades now see themselves as BEING NEXT…there is only so much land they can pick up/TIEF for decades, since the mid-60s that can be remembered, on a 2×3 island BEFORE they reach those who thought it could not happen to them…so now we will see a REAL PUSH BACK from the population..because everything has just gotten TOO real for those with much to lose in these very difficult times, before, and for years, it was just bloggers exposing but now it’s HELL NO THAT AIN’T HAPPENING TO ME….without a fight back.


  • David,

    Do you know for what purpose Mr. Ellis’ land was acquired?

    I don’t just want a list with dates acquired and amount due. I want to know the circumstances of the acquisition and who actually received some benefit besides the general public.


  • @Donna,
    It is quite possible that things are seen in a similar light.

    However, adding a ‘proportion’ scale to what a comment should be, often gave rise to a completely different response to the same event.

    Oh, no! I see some capitalization in your text …


  • And no, the internet is not that bad in Barbados.


  • @Donna

    His story was featured in the Nation of 3rd December. His land was acquired by government to build the Courtney Browne pavilion.


  • “My experience at Grantley Adams International Airport on Saturday 23, 2021 by Douglas Trotman “Landed in Barbados around 9:30 am from St.Kitts and Nevis…Today Sunday 24th I will address the issue of discrimination against the unvaccinated travellers as reflected in the new travel protocol. I am unvaccinated.”

    According to Barbados Today Douglas Trotman died on December 5, 2021.


  • John…just got hold of the full 7 page scoop. This cannot be allowed to continue or restart.

    “Barbados is a small island nation that has a population of less than 300,000 but has the 15th
    highest population density in the world. With such a small island and high population density,
    land is particularly valuable. The subject of the Miami trial, Kingsland Estates, is comprised
    of over 1,000 acres of prime Barbados lands, including ultra-valuable beachfront properties.”


  • @Simple Simon

    Trotman died as a result of covid complications. The end.


  • @WURA-War-on-U December 8, 2021 9:04 AM “…they are orphans…”

    Adults cannot properly be described as orphans, otherwise 70 year old me can call myself an orphan. I am NOT an orphan.


  • @David December 9, 2021 6:25 AM

    Sorry to hear of his passing. Condolences to his family.


  • Cuddear…Douglas’ oldest child is around 21 years old, the last is around 8 years old, these are children.


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