Down With Negativity!

One of the challenges of life is the constant battle to detach from an incessant stream of negativity about us. It is not uncommon for those who hold an optimistic outlook about life to be ridiculed by what seems to be a majority. This blogmaster lives it and knows it.

To avoid being suffocated by the constant tide of negative views, it is important to feed the mind with evidence based perspectives. It seems appropriate during the month of November when there will be a psychological need by many to romanticize the past that we remember to embrace an optimistic mindset that says problems are to be solved. We do not live on Utopia.

Based on the sources, Homo sapiens is reported as existing for greater than 300,000 years. We may quibble as usual about the number but the fact is, mankind has been walking the planet for an unimaginably long time. Through the ages mankind has demonstrated untold resilience by overcoming challenges whether man made or tossed up by nature.

It seems a simple task human beings having been given life and the resources of a bountiful planet to experience to enjoy the changing scenes of life in trouble and in joy, we make good use of it.

As is customary the blogmaster often entertains commentators away from the blog to assist with mental stimulation in pursuit of the elusive state of nirvana. One such commentator Steven Pinker, a psychologist presented on the topic – Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers. Some will question his yardstick about matters where quantitative and qualitative approaches get blurred. A reminder no man made constructs are perfect. Our mindset to solve issues presented must be never ending.

Steven Pinker is a professor of cognitive science.

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