Submitted Observing

Things are so out of whack recently that I think we have gone haywire. Let me just toss a few random disjointed thoughts out there to get a real real feel for where we are right now.

  1. Persons on bail for vicious murders…BUT…end up committing others after
  2. Local parties and fetes are restricted…BUT…visitors can plan 2 months ahead of time and party soon with wild abandon
  3. Large outcry over the Trojan Riddim…BUT…and even larger outcry over the outcry over the Trojan Riddim
  4. MAM says take down the Riddim AND apologise…BUT…so far 166 thousand views, 3000 likes and Sunday School still wukking
  5. NUPW elected to represent workers…BUT….NUPW has to call in the police to save itself
  6. Minister boasts that cruise ships coming…BUT…positive cases still showing up on liners abroad
  7. We say the children under severe pressure…BUT…we force the same children to do Common Entrance
  8. Auditor General report speaks of problems…BUT…not a peep or pang from the GoB or BLP about it
  9. Cruise ships mashup Carlisle Bay coral…BUT…Minister says no problem he will plant it back
  10. Road tax removed to supposedly ease consumers….BUT……gas prices (and said tax) increasing every single month
  11. Hotel workers cannot be forced to take the vaccine…BUT…guests can demand that they do
  12. There is no price gouging they say…BUT…ask any supermarket buyer and you’ll hear different
  13. Four Seasons money written off by government…BUT…the main lawyer and main adviser running the same government coffers currently
  14. Verla’s ready to lead the DLP to next year’s election…BUT…she has to beat a certain Guy first.

See what I tell ya. We Gone Haywire.


  • The minister stated the exact dates the persons travelled to the island and the dates samples were sent to CARPHA as part of routine testing.


  • DavidJune 20, 2021 8:26 AM

    The minister stated the exact dates the persons travelled to the island and the dates samples were sent to CARPHA as part of routine testing


    June 19th he gives details after he knew and had the facts on hand of time periods long before knowing the results
    These PR conference are directed to a slow thinking audience who only sees and hear what govt want them to see and hear
    The minister steps out with talking points to address a serious issue knowing that there is no willingness of media to ask questions and a public that can be easily dumbed down
    A great question was one asked of uSA senator
    What did the president know and when did he know it
    A good guide to ethical journalism


  • He had the facts on hans Long before knowibg the resultat ?


  • Are tiu callung Bajan slow thinking people?


  • @John 2

    Time to move on from this matter. There is no issue here.


  • DavidJune 20, 2021 8:56 AM

    @John 2

    Time to move on from this matter. There is no issue here.
    U have been stumped
    Now u want to move on
    Carry on smartly keep drinking the kool-aid


  • Just came across this comment filled with great questions and well aced observations
    Read and digest not all bajans are asleep

    Something is wrong here. Couple days ago the covid dashboard had 0/0 as in no new reported cases no one in isolation. We now see 1/0 as in 1 new reported case. Now exactly when was this delta variant on the island, how many ppl had it, and how did it get into the island. I see wunna saying the person/s have now been released from isolation but saw nothing, as to when it was discovered.
    I also want to know is this a result of the cruise ship and the ppl who was found with the virus on the ship?
    Government needs to be more transparent and give information as it comes in and not after the fact. Wunna wait till the ppl leave to announce it, yet said nothing before?
    Wunna know covid is not over, wunna getting ready to open up fete, tourist looking for summer vacation and wunna not being open with the public.


  • Wanted to post this on the covid page, but links are not working.

    Greater freedom


  • And then most get mad at CDC for placing Barbados at a level red
    Barbados govt cannot fool all the people
    The eyes of the world are watching
    Get real


  • John 2
    Ok parrot
    I guess you missed the forest because of staring at the trees


  • Travel Weekly
    The CDC lowered its travel advisories for several Caribbean countries
    By Gay Nagle Myers |Jun 19, 2021
    T0628ANTIGUA_C_HR [Credit: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority]
    Antigua is classified as a Level 1 destination by the CDC, which is advising on Covid risk for travelers. Photo Credit: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority
    The CDC has moved several Caribbean countries’ Covid travel advisories to Level 1 classification, which signifies the lowest risk level for Covid.

    Level 1 countries include those like Australia and New Zealand, both having reported fewer than 50 Covid-19 cases in the 28 days ending June 14. The CDC had earlier this month removed several countries from its highest risk rating.

    Level 1 countries carry a recommendation from the CDC to “make sure you are fully vaccinated.”

    Newest Level 1, lowest-risk Caribbean destinations include Saba and the British Virgin Islands as of June 14; Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Barts and the Turks and Caicos as of June 7; St. Eustatius, Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis as of last month. Montserrat and the Cayman Islands are also at Level 1, although their borders are not yet open.

    The majority of the remaining Caribbean countries are classified as Level 2, moderate risk, and Level 3, high risk.

    In fact, unvaccinated travelers will not be allowed to enter Anguilla after July 1.

    The Anguilla Tourist Board has launched its official reopening campaign under the theme “Lose the Crowd, Find Yourself.”

    A tourism delegation led by Stacey Liburd, director of tourism, is visiting U.S. travel partners in key markets in the South, the Northeast and the West Coast over the next month.

    Antigua and Barbuda’s entry protocols still include proof of a negative PCR test done seven days prior to travel. Visitors who complete a successful screening by health officials do not have to quarantine when booked at more than 160 certified villas and hotels.

    Related: Our guide to entry requirements throughout the Caribbean
    “We are delighted that Americans can have confidence in traveling to our shores,” said Charles Fernandez, minister of tourism & investment. “We have worked hard to ensure the safety of our people and our visitors and this has paid off in lower numbers of Covid infections and reduced impact on our economy.”

    More than 65% of the population of Turks and Caicos has received at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine and 55% of the adult population is fully vaccinated.

    The destination received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council, which denotes that the country’s existing health and safety protocols align with the organization’s standards.

    “We are grateful to our valued tourism industry partners for supporting our efforts by initiating property-specific campaigns and adhering to protocols,” said Josephine Connolly, the Turks and Caicos’ minister of tourism


  • Too bad that you can neither see the forest or the trees because of your blinkers

    WHO GET ANGRY about CDC ratings? It is the Barbados protocols that are keeping MORE people back from traveling there. CDC rating does not prevent anyone from travelling to or from Barbados.
    Only you care about that and we all know why


  • William Skinner

    ST JOHN’S – Antigua and Barbuda will enter into a project with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Development (DFATD) under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) project to improve street vending operations.

    The project is a key recommendation made by the Subcommittee for job creation and economic diversification. It includes creating new enterprises, new markets, and accelerating e-commerce to enhance street vending operations and increase innovative productization.

    The Government of Antigua and Barbuda observed that since COVID-19 there has been a proliferation of street vending with many persons selling fruits and vegetables, and other commodities.

    The practice has become a double edge sword, on one hand, the increase in vendors contributes to food security by ensuring adequate provision of fresh produce with high nutritional value, on the other hand, the method of a tray in the hot sun open to the elements leads to several issues including overcrowded streets of vendors, traffic congestion with patrons, phytosanitary concerns and expose venders to harmful health concerns.

    As a result, the Government sought the assistance of the international community and has secured a quarter-million-dollar project to begin addressing this situation. Using a phased approach, the initiative will take place in the following phases: Phase 1 will see a number of activities aimed at assessing the street vending operations in and around the city area of St. John’s, to determine the number of vendors plying their trade, the type of products being sold, the main areas utilized for vending activities, etc.

    Phase 2 will see 25 vendors identified for participation in an investment forum and exhibition.

    The vendors will get an opportunity to not only showcase their products but will also get exposure and opportunities for investment.

    Phase 3 will see the commencement of several capacity building and development sessions, starting with a two-day workshop for at least 25 vendors that will take the form of a soft introductory session, introducing key areas such as health and safety, costing and pricing, and customer service.

    Following the workshop, there will be at least three training sessions held on different topics to include packaging, presentation, and export.

    It is envisaged that at least 100 vendors will be fully trained on operational efficiency by the end of the project.

    (Antigua News Room)
    This was how Antigua approached the problem.


  • Travel Weekly
    The CDC lowered its travel advisories for several Caribbean countries
    By Gay Nagle Myers |Jun 19, 2021


  • Not here in Barbados govt commandeer some big belly contractors to build 2×4 stalls
    Tell the vendors to stay outdoors while fending off the natural elements like rain and mosquitoes
    Then few months later given them no other choice but to move onto an area where the stench of foul toxins fills the air


  • wHICH GOVERNMENT tell the vendors to stay outdoors in the elements and mosquito ???

    Since june 2012!!



  • @ William Skinner June 20, 2021 11:32 AM

    There was an article in the Tuesday, May 9, 1950 Advocate entitled, ‘Hawkers Take Over Bus Stand,’ in which it was reported that the number of vendors in the Probyn Street ‘bus stand’ was increasing daily……… “and a few bread vendors have now thought it wise to park their carts in front of the stand.”

    “The bus stand is gradually becoming a small wayside market and discarded coconut shells, paper and skins added to its untidiness.”

    I also read an article on page 5 of the Sunday, June 30, 1951 edition of the Barbados Advocate, in which some fruit vendors in Bridgetown were asking the government of the day to build a market for their selling comfort, while others feared congestion and competition.

    There was a situation ‘back then’ where vendors were plying their trade all over Bridgetown…… from Dromedary Lane to Lakes Alley………… and wanted a comfortable location to ply their trade.

    Nicey Forde, who was a vendor since 1917, said she would welcome a market, as long as ‘government’ did not charge them a fee for selling there.

    So, I’m sure you’ve realised there hasn’t been any significant changes in the circumstances of vendors between 1950 and 2021.

    The reason why I presented excerpts from those articles was to indicate that it seems as though governments of the pre independence era, as well as successive BLP and DLP administrations’ only solution to vending was either remodeling old markets or building new ones.

    I’ve not seen such well thought out, progressive policy initiatives for vendors, as those outlined by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda………. ever proposed in Barbados.


  • @ john@ June 20, 2021 1:11 PM

    Why continue engaging angela cox in a discussion about the market facilities, especially when the ‘political fodder’ she has been presenting on the issue as FACTS, have been RESOUNDINGLY REFUTED.

    And, she has NEVER VISITED the site to witness the project’s progress or see the actual sizes of the stalls.

    However, when she thought BARVEN was a man…….. that was the end of it for me.


  • As long as the finger is pointed in the right direction that is all that matters
    angela coxJune 20, 2021 1:48 PM

    Some people got to move on because any criticism level at govt there intent is to shoot the messenger and disregard the message
    Well done govt of Antigua


  • Another HAYWIRE story

    Welcome stamped visitor feels unwelcomed after mugged by an unknown assailant


  • Disregard simply means ‘TO IGNORE.’

    One would have to FOCUS primarily on the “message,” so as to compile the relevant information that would either substantiate or refute it.

    In this instance, we’ve presented the necessary evidence to RESOUNDINGLY REFUTE the it……an objective that COULDN’T have been ACHIEVED if we had IGNORED it.

    So, we’ve essentially ‘SHOT the message,’ while ‘disregarding the messenger.’


  • “Another HAYWIRE story”……………. from a different perspective.

    Sunday Sun, June 20, 2021…..Page 13A:

    “US family gives Barbados stamp of approval……… So happy to be here.”

    “Becky Ballard has a coveted stamp in her passport – a “Welcome Stamp” – and she cannot stop singing the praises of Barbados’ programme, which offers visitors the opportunity to work here remotely on a long stay basis.”


  • William Skinner

    @ Artax
    I agree with your position on this ending issue.
    However on a related matter, I vividly recall when Vic Johnson (BLP) was
    Minister of Transport and works , a wonderful remodeling of the Fairchild Street market was done.
    Man, we the people , destroyed it in less than five years! In many instances , and we have to be fair, even when successive gives attempted or carried out improvements, we have often engaged in acts of vandalism.
    It is nonsense to blame the government for not completing the market renovations when we were grappling with COVID.


  • William….NATURAL AFRCAN CREATIVITY has been SUPPRESSED for so many decades in Barbados and the Caribbean….Barbados being among the worst culprits to push back and marginalize creatives…is it any wonder that they are still struglling with vendors and dependency tourism…because NOTHING ELSE natural WAS allowed to be INTRODUCED…without government trying to TIEF IT and disenfranchise the creators/inventors…now the best they can do is revive the poliical football that has always been vending…and still dependent on prostitution tourism…

    jokers…so many Black Caribbean people have MOVED ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL OF THAT even before Covid and particularly SINCE…..thankfully not all are slave minded and knew to keep far away from these pretend elites and their fellow thieves who continue to act as though Black people are CAPTIVES and only exist for them and the parasitic minorities to live off………nasty bunch..

    They are intellectually barren and if not for PTL…would be in even deeper shit…..FRAUDS…

    every dirty dog has their day, corrupt governments and thieving minorities WILL GET 2…


  • Firstly my bone of contention lies with a 2 million dollar spend on 2×4 stalls
    Yes Covid could have halted the movement of the project
    However looking at the project incomplete and 2 millions spent
    The question should be asked how was that much spent and not one stall complete
    Yuh know not all bajans are foolish
    2 millions already spent and not one stall completed begs to ask questions and get some answers


  • You believe that that are constructing one stall at a time ?


  • John2June 20, 2021 3:24 PM

    You believe that that are constructing one stall at a time?
    Trying to distract my attention from a 2million dollar spent on a project without showing a 2million dollar worth result of a completed stall
    Not going to work
    After all the stalls not a size of a one bedroom home but big enough to show a level of 2million dollar progress


  • It’s true “not ALL Bajans are foolish,”…… you’re among those who are. Because, other than from the dude with the mobile phone camera, where was it reported “$2M was spent on the project and not on stall completed?”

    Present the information to BU…… and not your usual generalized, metaphoric statements.

    And, remember, your arguments are based on ‘hear say’ comments from a dude whose credibility has proven to be questionable.

    At the beginning of his video he said, “Yeah, gentlemen. How long dis project hay did gine on fuh? More than a year? ‘Bout two years? The Auditor General say he wan know wuh gine on….. such and such amount uh money………. uh big lotta money gone in a project……….”

    You came to BU with the ‘Auditor General’ folly, when the AudG’s recent report was for the financial year ended March 31, 2020 and the market project began in September 2020.

    It’s also INDICATIVE of the FACT that neither you nor him ACTUALLY READ the AudG’s report.

    What about you endorsing the comments about the project has been going on for 2 or 3 years, when at today’s date, the project been actually going for NINE MONTHS, since it began in September 2020?

    He also said, “Dis is tax payers’ money and de gov’munt billing pig pens fuh people to sell outuh. Look at dese hay, look…. and cahn get dum finish. Look at de size uh dese tings hey, peoples and gov’munt cahn get dum finish……… and already up in the hundreds of millions uh-ready……… up in de millions yuh.”

    That was proven to be another misrepresentation of the truth. He also mentioned in the video about taking photos of the ‘2×4 stalls,’ which he NEVER DISPLAYED to the public.

    More to come.


  • I am afraid she Think they are building one stall at a time

    She wont admit it

    Another 401k / barven moment


  • I would not be distracted
    This is what the Rupert Spencer said last year Sept 2020
    Even though I understand the COvid issues involved what i would not accept is this throw away hand attitude who thinks that this govt have a right to be right

    Rupert soencer

    Despite numerous setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, phase one of the $3.8 million project that will include the construction of 44 food and beverage stalls, will be completed in October while the remaining portions will be ready a month later.


    Yet after a 2 million dollar spend more excuses are coming from the mouths of blp operatives who have a hatred towards any one who speaks on issues relating to govt policies


  • John2June 20, 2021 4:00 PM

    I am afraid she Think they are building one stall at a time

    She wont admit it

    Another 401k / barven moment

    Good try would not be distracted


  • I’ll remind you of your comments about the AudG:

    (1): “Take note the actual or near timing of the video coincides with the Auditor general report. Hence the video was of recent.”

    (2): “The citizen reporter repeatedly says that his questions stem from what was written in the Auditor general report about the project.”

    ‘Up till now’ you have been UNABLE to explain to BU, how the Auditor General could mention anything in his report about a project that BEGAN in September 2020…….. SIX (6) MONTHS AFTER the END of the financial year for which the report covered?

    (3): “One cannot look at those 2×4 stalls and give them a passing grade when the design depicted by govt video shows stalls that are in total contrast to those which were video by a citizen reporter.”

    GIS produced a short documentary of the project, with officials from the Market, UDC and the construction team being interviewed. Some of the completed stalls were also shown in the video.
    What you have essentially suggested to BU is that GIS video taped the stalls in its video at a DIFFERENT location and falsely portrayed them to the public as the NEW Fairchild Street market stalls.

    The guy also said the AudG told him to “guh up dey and find out wuh gine on because duh cahning way my money.”

    Another blatant untruth. The Auditor General cannot advise an unauthorised individual to conduct an investigation into a government project. What would he be investigating or what would be the scope of his investigation?

    Yuh see, UNSUBSTANTIATED comments DO NOT automatically become FACTS, simply because you’re PERSISTENT in REPEATING THEM.


  • This is how ac tries to stay relevant on the blog. A pity some of you do not see it.


  • MARI

    my comment was about you but not directed at you. We all on here know who is doing the distractions

    2M from a 3.8M project would tell me it just passed the half way mark.. If it near completion then i would think it coming in below budget


  • angela cox June 20, 2021 4:02 PM #: ”

    This is what the Rupert Spencer said last year Sept 2020:

    Despite numerous setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, phase one of the $3.8 million project that will include the construction of 44 food and beverage stalls, will be completed in October while the remaining portions will be ready a month later.

    You could talk about “excuses are coming from the mouths of blp operatives who have a hatred towards any one who speaks on issues relating to govt policies” until the ‘cows come home,’………. I will LIKEWISE NOT BE DISTRACTED.

    What Rupert Spencer said is a KNOWN FACT…… that the project was estimated to cost $3.8M……. and Phase 1 is expected to be completed in OCTOBER 2021. The project is supposed to be completed in THREE (3) PHASES.
    You have FAILED to INDICATE to BU, WHERE in Mr. Spencer’s comments he MENTIONED ANYTHING that ‘REMOTELY SUGGESTED’ $2M was spent on the project.

    Let’s assume $2M was spent on the project to date……. your comments would ONLY be VALID if, come October 2021, Phase 1 was NOT completed and the food & beverage vendors UNABLE to OCCUPY them.

    We’re now in the MIDDLE of June, and October is approximately FOUR (4) MONTHS away.

    UNSUBSTANTIATED comments DO NOT automatically become FACTS, simply because you’re PERSISTENT in REPEATING THEM.


  • DavidJune 20, 2021 4:19 PM

    This is how ac tries to stay relevant on the blog. A pity some of you do not see i
    No No
    The operatives can help but respond that is there problem not mine


  • @ David

    Yes, we are AWARE, “This is how ac tries to stay relevant on the blog.”

    Actually, it’s the ONLY WAY she KNOWS HOW to stay relevant to BU.

    But, despite the ‘damage control’ and cheering from her fans on the sidelines, there are times when it good to highlight how her ‘ignorance knoweth no boundaries.’


  • The blp.operatives pounding the sidewalk with both fists
    Kick and screaming co.ing after me to tell me I am wrong
    I am not having what they say as truth
    So this is where the issue stands
    2X 4 unfinished stalls about 44 to be completed 2million dollars spent and not one finished


  • according to info that you provided, everything should have been completed 6/7 months ago. As of to day, with the money spent (according to you ) its under / would be a saving of about $1.8M,

    2M = to remove the old building and build foundation in that low water table area would be my estimation.
    to expect 1/44 stall to be completed in one month …………


  • Enjoyed myself today.

    Sometimes people go but they leave a little of themselves behind. Hal used to accuse me of sniping from the sidelines, of being passive aggressive and called me Mr Williams.

    I did not know who Mr Williams was, but I took it as some kind of British insult.

    I see, Hall is gone, but he is not forgotten.


  • I think those two guys are into details. If you are inaccurate, they will chew you to death.

    You need to check some details before posting, as incorrect details will destroy your credibility and improve theirs.

    Still here.Got your back.


  • Another 4months forcompletion
    Ok wait and see
    Hope wunna right


  • 4 months for the completion of phase 1……another month for the rest (from info you provided)


  • Have any of you ever designed or built anything ?


  • I will say this that in two years ( not in Barbados) I have seen a multi million dollar project consisting of grocery stores gas station other dept stores and other offices finished and completed up and running ( Covid including lockdowns
    But this is Barbados where excuses got at a rate of a dime a dozen
    Hence my observation and concerns as to why a small project containing about 100 2×4 stalls with a four month break and a project starting in 2019 cannot produce one completed stall
    Now told that if the stalls not finished in 4mths that questions asked would be relevant
    Well I look at it this way if one couldn’t be completed in two years can’t see how 100 can be completed in four months

    Anyhow the above link exposes the nonsense which ministers feed to the public in the name of common sense


  • Chupesssssss

    He need to read and understand

    He must be ur twin brother


  • William Skinner

    @ WURA
    As @Artax has said the Duopoly has never given vendors a real break. Historically from the ending of slavery and up to the early seventies, vending was a very serious economic activity. Even in the Fairchild Street market vendors both inside and outside made a decent living. There were also some very successful butchers.
    I have argued the country has been going downhill since the mid seventies. All we have had since then is pure nonsense. Failure in all the vital areas: Agriculture, manufacturing, fishing. all have fallen by the wayside or gobbled up by a few players.
    The one foot economy has been knocked down by COVID and all of our hopes are now in iron birds and floating hotels..
    As you gave often stated billions have passed through the economy since the mid-seventies but successive governments have not used the money wisely. Politricks , corruption and skullduggery have been the culprits. There are thousands of poor black youth with ideas but there is no easy access to funds. In short I have seen no indication that the post COVID era will be any great departure from the pre COVID era.
    To put it bluntly , the poor black people will continue to suck salt unless we create a new economic order. Neither the Barbados Labour Party nor the Democratic Labour seems to have a clue. All they do is blame each other while the country deteriorates.


  • MARI

    You do not build a house one room at a time. All the plumbing and electrical wires have to be put in place and are usually connected. After that, then you will put up the walls and finally the fittings. In a construction like the market even if you have one stall that is completed it will not make sense putting a vendor in it when construction of the other stall are still on going and no customers are allowed in the building. Stop harping on the one stall not being finished – one stall is no help to anyone if they still cannot use it.


  • Oh what a tangled web of confusion
    One story with more legs than a centipede
    Nation news June 20

    ‘Worried’ vendors
    The vendors along this stretch have to clear their operating area by the end of the month. (Picture by Shanice King)
    Social Share
    Although some vendors who ply their trade at the old Fairchild Street Public Market are excited about Government’s plan to transform the space into a new state-of-the-art facility, they are concerned that the delayed ongoing work will affect their business.

    Last Sunday in a meeting between the vendors and those in charge of the construction, the vendors were instructed to start preparing to leave their workspaces as they have until month-end to clear their work stations.

    However, they are being assured by the management team that they will be kept abreast of developments and not disadvantaged in any way.

    Victor Symmonds, who has been vending in The City area since 1977, said they were awaiting word on the new space to which they will be relocated.

    “We were told the relocation would be at Independence Square, Marhill Street Market or the pasture in front Rediffusion [ Starcom Network] on River Road), but those places are not suitable for us at this time as there are no facilities for us to store our produce and stuff. So that will put us at a disadvantage.


  • @ John2

    Let’s join the ‘investigative journalist’ in politicizing the issue.

    ‘Up until NOW’ she CANNOT PROVIDE the forum with the necessary EVIDENCE that the project began in 2019, perhaps hoping by persistently repeating a LIE, it automatically becomes truth.

    The old Fairchild Street market fell into a state of disrepair and, in 2007, a decision was made to close it, relocate the vendors and redevelop the area.

    Remember, the former administration came to office on January 15, 2008.

    In 2012, then Health Minister Donville Inniss toured Fairchild Street and acknowledged the fact that the vendors plying their trade on the market’s compound and around the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal, were operating in unsanitary, rodent infested conditions, without bathroom facilities and water.

    Land was rented from the Bay Street Methodist Church upon which stalls were partially built in 2012 to accommodate those vendors that were not relocated to Golden Square Temporary Market. The stalls remained partially built for FOUR (4) YEARS………from 2012 until 2016, when people from the surrounding communities began to dismantle them and stole the building materials.

    This was the ‘journalist’s’ response:

    ac January 11, 2016 1:43 PM #: “Really don,t know why the blp foot soldiers try so hard to demonise present govt.”

    So, in 2016, highlighting the treatment of vendors, similar to WHAT she is CURRENTLY DOING, meant ‘demonising the then government?’

    It’s clear at that time, she PURPOSELY IGNORED the plight of the vendors and how ‘taxpayers’ money’ was being spent, in PREFERENCE of protecting the image of the DLP.

    The former DLP administration ABANDONED the vendors for NINE (9) YEARS……. and the ‘operative’ has NOW become concerned about stall sizes……. and spreading UNTRUTHS.


  • @ David

    Your assistance with a contribution is required. Thanks.


  • Artax,

    Keep posting the facts! She can keep on posting the crap.

    She is not fooling anyone who is not a fool.


  • Keep looking back
    The present govt promised better
    That too is a fact
    Deal with it
    All the long talk about what happened during 2016 to 2018 not going to overshadow govt incompetence of promises made and yet to deliver
    Bringing old paper to underscore that this govt has to be given a pass not going to wash
    The reality is of now
    That which took place before relevance to what is taking place now bodes to ask
    Why change govt if country has to endure more or worst of the same
    I still not fully satisfied that 2×4 stalls should take such a long time period to finish at a cool price of 2million dollars spent


  • Will wait and see


  • “To put it bluntly , the poor black people will continue to suck salt unless we create a new economic order.”

    the Black/African population need to start LOOKING BEYOND…Slave society Barbados…. and the black face TRAITORS in the parliament…they will continue to GO NOWHERE for another 54 YEARS if they don’t…it’s already started.


  • angela cox June 21, 2021 8:32 AM #: “Keep looking back. The present govt promised better. That too is a fact. Deal with it.”

    You people are easily set up. You would’ve noticed I did not post your contribution in its entirety because I correctly anticipated your response.

    Prior to the 2008 general elections Thompson et al PROMISED BETTER as well……. I’m sure you remember legislating ITAL within 100 days of being elected to office.

    “That too, my friend, is a FACT. Deal with it.” And, here we are 2021, THIRTEEN (13) YEARS after, still discussing issues successive BLP and DLP administrations PROMISED eons ago to RESOLVE…… and FAILED to do so.

    For YOU, the rules of engagement CONVENIENTLY CHANGE according to which political party ‘is in power.’ During your administration’s tenure, “LOOKING BACK” was JUSTIFIED……… it was the strategy YOU used to criticize the BLP’s previous 14 year tenure.

    When I highlighted the issue about the partially constructed stalls and their subsequent theft, this is what YOU ‘had to say:’

    ac January 11, 2016 1:43 PM #: “Really don,t know why the blp foot soldiers try so hard to demonise present govt. Afterall the skeletons of overruns and mismanagement left behind by the fourteen year blp govt is enough to make a grown man cry much of what has been passed on to present govt and taxpayers.”

    I’ll invite the forum to OBSERVE how you’ve ‘LOOKED BACK. And, by your comments, it is reasonable to assume since the former BLP administration was accused of engaging in “cost over-runs,” it gives the DLP the right to waste taxes as well.

    In other words, ‘so wuh? You talking ’bout we, wuh the BEES do it too.’


  • “I still not fully satisfied that 2×4 stalls should take such a long time period to finish at a cool price of 2million dollars spent.”

    YOU COULD remain UNSATISFIED for as long as you want to.

    The FACT remains, you have been challenged to BRING the EVIDENCE to substantiate your claims that the market project was going on for 2 or 3 years………”$2M have been spent and not one stall completed,”…………

    ………… and you have FAILED to do so.

    Instead, you continue to post IRRELEVANT crap.


  • I have a right to post my concerns
    If u have a problem don’t read them
    I do not have to prove any thing to u
    Just scroll by
    U can have the last word


  • You’re NOT proving anything to me, but to the Barbados Underground forum.

    Instead, you prefer to ‘water down’ the blog with your dishonest, political crap.


  • A video of the uncompleted stalls was recently posted as of last week and yuh talking crap about showing u proof
    The proof is not for me to show but for govt to show that the stalls have been completed in a timely period
    After all 2 million dollars don’t grow on trees or drop out the sky
    Man just admit that govt drop the ball and leave well alone
    I already stated that I will wait four more months for one stall to be completed


  • There was a thriller down by the River
    Hewitt vs Ellis
    And the winner is
    I.ll leave that one alone


  • Dlp – put the vendors In the ekemebts and mosquitoes for 6 years

    In 3.5 yrs MIA CARES Will put them In stat of art 2x 4’s with better bathroom facilities

    Isnt that better ?


  • Elements


  • I thought you ‘said’ I should “have the last word?” I did, yet you responded.

    However, at the end of the same video you posted to BU, showed a section of stalls that are painted and fitted with windows and doors.
    Additionally, I posted a GIS documentary on the new market to BU, in which painted stalls, fitted with windows and doors were also displayed.

    But remember, ‘you said,’ “One cannot look at those 2×4 stalls and give them a passing grade when the design depicted by govt video shows stalls that are in total contrast to those which were video by a citizen reporter.”

    In other words, you’re essentially suggesting ‘government’ video taped stalls at another location and falsely presented to the public as the stalls in the new market.

    The thing is, YOU ARE the PERSON who came to BU with your unsubstantiated accusations and when asked for proof, you’re now saying, it “is not for you to show.”

    Surely, that is a ‘cop out.’ Because knowing you, if you ACTUALLY had information to substantiate your claims, you WOULD NOT have HESITATED to share it with the forum, especially if such information is unfavourable to the current administration.

    As I mentioned previously, even if we assume “$2M was spent and not one stall completed,” Phase 1 of the project is scheduled to be completed by October 2021. Your accusations would only become valid if come November 1, 2021, “not one stall has been completed.”

    Everything you have posted to BU about the new market…….. from ‘saying’ the Auditor General queried it in his recent report, that construction of the project began in 2019…….. to $2M was spent…………..


    As such, it is YOU who should “just admit that (YOU) dropped the ball and leave well alone.”

    Keep pelting woman, eventually yuh might hit somet’ing.’


  • Already hit enough to have some pelt back
    Waiting to see them pailngs removed that hide the project from the glaring eyes of the public
    2 million dollars gone and nothing to show
    Hopefully yes hopefully when the final 1.. 8 million left to finished the project there will something to see of worthwhile
    But now looking at how 2 million was spent one wonders how much can the remaining balance do


  • The busstand and the markets should have been In the opposition lications


  • “Waiting to see them pailngs removed that hide the project from the glaring eyes of the public.”


    A wire fence surrounds the perimeter of the construction site.

    But, even if yuh waiting tuh see them pailings removed, uh know fuh sure yuh ain’t gine see this:

    What a ting.


  • NorthernObserver

    What’s happening at that corner in the mid-bottom of that photo? The front RH corner looking at it face on.


  • @ NorthernObserver

    I don’t understand what you mean.


  • AC i feel sorry for you.Artax and John 2 got you on the ropes ready to knock you out.Where is your comedian sidekick to help you.Wait i forgot he warned you those two guys into details and IF YOU ARE INACCURATE THEY WILL CHEW YOU UP.YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE POSTING.Well well here the joker conceding that you appear not to check your facts before posting. and that your credibility will go down.What a thing.What credibility does AC have on BU jackass?I guess her investigative skills aren, t that funny now..You should do her a favour as a wannabe Austin and suggest she take a break.


  • Lorenzo
    Check your facts have u found out who exposed your friend Lisa Marshall business on BU
    Go check your credibility instead of investigating others
    Speaking of ropes the rope of 2million spent on 2×4 stalls not finished is the rope I have used to keep u and other blp operatives frustrated
    Check the link I posted above tell if 2million worth of value is seen in them stalls
    Guh long doo


  • Waiting to hear Wickhams response toGuy Hewitt interview on brasstaks


  • I waiting to hear from the night watchman, the rev or the chihuahua to put up any period of the lost decade to mack those three years.

    Also waiting to hear about the redevelopment of the party and the naming of the 30 candidates . 3 years and DEM can not name a slate and some crying over a two years building of the markets that government cant control the pace of work plus the covid close down.

    Some people would do better to get their stall together before they seek to critisize other people’s 2x4s


  • NorthernObserver

    Artax it “looks” as though the wall missed the foundation blocks?


  • 1/1
    Gone are the good old days when we would ignore each other.

    I did not realize you were missing my comments. AC is doing a good job all by herself, but if she says something that catches my attention, I promise you that I will comment.

    Have a great night.


  • The above video shows the contempt and assault lashed upon one of Nature’s natural wonders
    The story is so sad it cries for heads to roll and where a need for commonsense was tossed out to sea
    What leaders


  • Theo don’t pay Lorenzo no mind the thought of me calling out her beloved govt on money spent but no deliverables of value worth 2 million dollars has sent Lorenzo and other operatives into a tail spin
    Nevertheless with all the might and power thrown in my direction I am still standing and frustrating the living daylights out of them
    2 million dollars over two years to build 44 2×4 stalls that when the project is completed will cost govt 3.8 or more million dollars
    Can’t wait to hear the financial cost of the project but knowing how govt hids detail might be better off to looking to find a needle in a haystack


  • Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has identified adequate fiscal space to plan for development; a meaningful overhaul of the international financial architecture to create that space, and concessional financing for middle and upper middle-income countries, as some of the measures needed for these unusual times.



  • Mari

    You posted the video
    Thats the best thing tou did.

    Now dont muck it up with ur political crap
    Cause the DEMs hands aint clean and there is info from the same video that Will tell You how many years DEM did pumping into the swamp


  • @ NorthernObserver

    That may have been as a result of people forcibly removing the boards, thereby pushing the structure off its foundation blocks.

    Those stalls were left uncompleted and abandoned by the wall behind the Bay Street Methodist Church in 2012, by the previous DLP administration. Vagrants began to occupy them. During December 2015 and into 2016, people from the Jordan’s Lane, Nelson Street and the surrounding communities began to dismantle them, stealing galvanised sheets, lumber and fittings.

    Personnel from the Ministry of Agriculture moved with haste to remove remnants of the stalls after the issue was highlighted on BU.


  • @ John2

    As I ‘said’ in previous contributions, angela cox REPEATING “2 million dollars over two years to build 44 2×4 stalls” similarly to a ‘stuck record,’ ‘until the cows come home,’ DOES NOT MAKE her accusations TRUE.

    It is an undisputed fact that I’ve been “doing an EXCEPTIONAL job all by myself” to “frustrate the living daylights out of the operative,” by PROVIDING the necessary INFORMATION to SUCCESSFULLY REFUTE EVERY MISREPRESENTATION OF THE TRUTH she has so far posted to BU about the project.

    She even ‘said’ I “may have the last word”……. and I did……. yet, she CONTINUES to RESPOND. What more evidence of a ‘frustrated woman’ do you need?

    The BU household should then ask, if what she is INSISTING in her comments is ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,’ WHY has continuous DEMANDS for her to provide the forum with proof to substantiate her claims, have REMAINED UNANSWERED?

    Additionally, how does she know there were “no deliverables of value worth 2 million dollars?” Is she associated with the project as a quantity surveyor and calculated the $2M construction costs? Has she actually visited the site?

    We all know the answer is ‘NO,’ because ‘saying’ “pailing” surrounds the site, when it does not, is a CLEAR INDICATION she hasn’t been ANYWHERE NEAR the area.


  • Another broken promise
    Mottley promised to fix it the shit still goes into the swamp
    Lies lies and another bold faced lie heard on u tube
    This time the whole world gets to see how one of the worlds. Natural wonders in being treated by barbados govt


  • Truth, lies… what does it matter!

    You go, girl!

    This is how you run people ragged. And this, of course, is the objective!

    When you are finished, Barbados and Barbadians will be much better off. We ALL know that telling a thousand bold-faced lies a month and running people ragged like Donald Trump will Make Barbados Great Again.

    It’s all about “owning the libs” or in this case, Bees”!

    You go, girl!


  • Let me repeat this for the slow – there is plenty to criticise using the TRUTH. TRUTH is a far more lethal weapon than lies.

    It may seem to the simple of mind that incessant lies spewed with a “poetic” (lol) twist wins the day. Some of such simple mind might SIMPLY be enjoying the riposte. But some of us SIMPLY wish to change the way the average Bajan sees politics. We know that the only way off the not so merry-go-round is to hit politicians between the eyes with THE UNVARNISHED AND UNEMBELLISHED TRUTH!

    THAT would be something that they are not used to handling! They would be caught off guard.

    Political games played within regular rules and DISorder do not trigger the change we CLAIM to want.

    What it gets us is another turn on the not so merry-go-round.

    But…. you go, girl!


  • I shed tears for the swamp many many times speaking truth to the causes of its impending demise and the mistreatment and causes
    Now the video does the job of speaking a truth one which barbadians might not of known
    A truth which for years was missing amongst govt policies in a haste to make a wrong right but has ended up wrong
    Yes I will continue going till wrongs are right
    Taxpayers see their worth and value in govt spend


  • NorthernObserver

    Got it.


  • @ angela cox June 21, 2021 8:59 PM

    Good piece of ‘eco-friendly’ work there ,ac!

    The management of the Graeme Hall Swamp (GHS) and its eco-sanctuary reflects badly on the country especially in light of all the big commitments made on the international ‘SIDS’ stage to protect the natural environment.

    Barbados cannot boast about being any eco-tourism location when such stark environmental evil is committed against the land and sea with the disposal of its human and chemical waste and the wilful destruction of the coral reefs which are the ‘bedrock’ of sandy beaches and the tourism industry of Barbados.

    How can the country feel comfortable having such a big DUMP right in the middle of the tiny island overlooking its bread and butter tourism belt on the West Coast and posing a major threat to its vulnerable underground water sources and the coral reefs dying offshore?

    Bajans will soon pay a heavy price as Mother Nature seeks to repair the damage done.


  • Thank u Miller
    A sobering and sad reflection on govts and continuing with present govt who in an interview condemned and made a promise to make a wrong right
    Far from correction the filth from the plant is still being emptied into a swamp
    A national disgrace and one that reeks of incompetence and disregard for nature


  • Mari

    Where is ur evidence that sewage is still being pumped into the swamp?

    Even In the recommendations to give gov the present did ask government to stop dumping In the swamp.
    THiis would / should have been the #1 concern if it was so

    You need ti stop with ur lies


  • John2
    What u ought to do is stop making excuses for a wrong and insist govt make a right
    Go back an take a listen to the video as of three years later nothing was mention that the ongoing sewage onslaught on the swamp has been corrected


  • You go, girl!


    You go, girl! Get the swamp treated with the respect it deserves.

    Spot on!


  • All u guys asking for evidence should pursue that path by asking govt for up to date analysis of the condition of the swamp and its natural habitat
    Calling me a liar is an easy way to keep the problems from being looked into
    I was called a liar when I openly spoke to the negative concerns which the sick cruise liners impact would have on the environment a liar and a shade crew
    Anyhow slowly the truth is being exposed first the reefs now via tube the condition of the swamp from effluent dumped into the swamp
    Less u forget previous damage to the swamp cause by the sewage plant has not been a concern of govt for correction as Mottley stated in the video


  • we all know that sewage was DUMPED into the swamp

    Why would there be dumping into the swamp at this time when the plant is back to working normally?

    As for you cruse ship
    You were talking about the waste from the ships damaging the reefs. NEVER ONCE did you mention anything about anchors. As it turned out there is damage to the reefs that is attributed to the anchors but not than is linked to the waste from the ships. but keep taking you bow.


  • Seems like the 2007/8 Allowence is back.🤣🤣🤣


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