Crime and Violence Expose Leadership Vacuum

It has been a period of uncomfortable crime and violence that has engulfed Barbados. To be expected there is finger pointing, gnashing of teeth and frustration by the public directed at the authorities. There is resignation that lawlessness has become an entrenched behaviour and the relatively quiet and orderly society that characterised Barbados society in days of yore has gone the way of the dodo.

In 2009 the blogmaster posted a number of blogs around the theme weeds were starting to shoot up on our well manicured lawns. Many commenters suggested the blogmaster was being an alarmist. In fact the same observation was levelled when BU highlighted our dysfunctional court system in the series Tales from the Courts. Sadly our leaders with the citizenry complicit because of apathy and cynicism has led to the current state of things. 

…the deviance must be tackled in the homes but guess what, we have many children who don’t live in homes. This means the government by proxy must play the role as step-father, or stepmother for that matter…

Barbados Underground (2010)

The breakdown and decline in the social fabric of Barbados society did not start ‘yesterday’. The blogmaster again recalls the hullabaloo when a decision was taken to bring Vybz Kartel and Movado to Barbados by the Barbados Youth Action Program (an organisation affiliated to government) under the chairmanship of then Minister Hamilton Lashley. It bears reminding Lashley is known as a social practitioner par excellence. These were two dancehall artists known for smutty lyrics and behaviour. Minister Ronald Jones at the time to his credit expressed displeasure at the staging of the show. Then there was the public disagreement between then Commissioner Dottin and his deputy Bertie Hinds about staging the show. This is an example to illustrate how key leaders in our small society were unable to see the obvious, a government affiliate promoting a Vybz Kartel Movado show at a time when deviant behaviour, especially by our youth, was a concerned.

The other example of double standards fast tracking the decline of the society was the so called Trojan Riddim saga – How de Yutes Get so?, a group of artists known in the music underground for pushing smutty and anti social lyrics released a video to YouTube which provoked Prime Minister Mia Mottley to demand the artists remove it. The artists ignored Mottley, however, a few weeks many of the artists were included in Barbados Labour Party (BLP) sponsored activities. Soon after government continues to contract artists who were involved, Lil Rick, Peter Ram et al.

The examples cited are representative what will inevitably occur if there is a lack of leadership. It will be supplanted by the prevailing subculture. Is it too late to stem the anti social behaviour enveloping the global space? Probably yes although the blogmaster being the eternal optimist will never say never.

Who will show us the way to the truth and the light?


  • any opportunity to paint lawyers in their true light will be exploited by the bush man in the absence of the trusty whacker…!


  • Dr. Don Marshsall will be the guest speaker on Friday at the Astor B.Watts lunch time lecture at.dlp headquarters or see it on FB live stream
    All are welcome


  • William Skinner

    @ Artax @ David
    Whatever was said of Mr. Eric Sealy and I have heard many things said, all I am saying , and it is my personal opinion, is that politically, he was head and shoulders above the Kool-aid drinkers, who come here on BU ,with their one sided views on behalf of the DLP or BLP.
    I have formed this opinion having had the opportunity to hear and converse with Mr. Sealy and of reading the bias , kettle calling the pot black pilferage of the Kool-aid drinkers on BU, in their defense of the DLP and BLP.
    And that remains their democratic right.


  • William Skinner

    Kindly replace pilferage with piffle.
    Should read :piffle of the Kool- drinkers…….


  • This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed
    Funny how it has been shared on other social media platforms without any form of interception
    Anyhow that’s political gang bangers at work


  • Artax,

    By definition, TheO is more fittingly described as the Minister of Cherry Picking than you are.

    I gone again. It is not every day that one can stand the nonsensical positions on BU.


  • Minister of Cherry Picking seems to have a secretary to pick on every note and comment
    Since the Minister of Cherry Picking has an avaricious taste for criticism all back a secretary
    I thought it best to give the secretary the nice title of Minister of Pick uh Nose


  • The meaning of AVARICIOUS is greedy of gain; excessively acquisitive especially in seeking to hoard riches.
    An insatiable desire for wealth.

    Having or showing an extreme greed for wealth or material gain.
    ‘Avaricious corporate bosses looking to maximize profits.’

    “… avaricious taste for criticism….”

    So sayeth the ‘Minister of MISEDUCATION.’

    🤣 🤣 🤣


  • My cherry picking days (if any) are done. Moved on to prunes😃


  • NorthernObserver

    Yah better be careful the prune action doesn’t lead to pooch picker.
    But after a 41 mile drive one way I thought maybe you picked a 🌶️ or two 😂


  • No crime no violence


  • Guyana: Two arrested after plane makes illegal landing
    GEORGETOWN, GUYANA – Police have detained two foreign nationals after a singleengine plane bearing what appeared to be United States registration markings, N5470Z, made an illegal landing at the Mahdia airstrip in Region 8 (Potaro-Siparuni) on Sunday.
    Police said that bags bearing the marking “King Coca 30” packed with what they believed to be cocaine, were found strapped inside the aircraft .
    Bags containing what the authorities say is cocaine being unloaded from plane that made an illegal landing in Guyana In a statement late Sunday, the police said the cocaine and some marijuana were being weighed by anti-narcotics police at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters in the presence of a Colombian pilot, 42-year-old Rodrigues Estiven and Brazilian co-pilot 24-year Mateus Vinicius Alberto.
    They said the marking, King Coca 30, on eight of the 10 bags of cocaine is similar to the King Coca-branded 973 blocks of cocaine that had been seized in South Africa last year from aboard a Panama-registered fishing vessel.
    The police were also trying to ascertain where was the intended destination of the plane that landed at the Mahdia airstrip at about 2:20 pm (local time) on Sunday.
    Police said they also found two Global Positioning Service (GPS) devices, one satellite phone, one radio set and two cellular phones.
    Media reports said that law enforcement authorities also found empty fuel drums on board the aircraft suggesting that a precautionary landing was made to secure additional supplies of fuel.
    In the past, several abandoned or crashed and burned illegal aircraft have been found in several parts of the interior of Guyana and Suriname. (Loop News)


  • DLP president again offers to work with Gov’t in crime fight
    For the second time in less than a week, Democratic Labour Party (DLP) President Dr Ronnie Yearwood has offered to work with Attorney General Dale Marshall on a bi-partisan response to the country’s troubling crime situation.
    In an interview with Barbados TODAY on Wednesday, Dr Yearwood said that after hearing the AG’s latest crime plan at a press conference over the weekend, it was evident that he could use some help.
    “Looking at what the AG said, I think that he is struggling. I think that he needs help, I think that he is not clear on what needs to happen given this excessive focus on policing,” said Yearwood.
    “I’ve extended a hand of bipartisanship to the Attorney General at his last press conference. I understand that he accepted it, but I think those may have been mere words because since then he has not reached out to my office or to me personally to set up our first meeting and see where we are and help us understand what the government’s plan is.
    “We want to know how, as the second largest vote-taking party, we can help to widen that net a little bit and bring in other social groups and NGOs and see how we can really do this together as a country,” he added.
    As Yearwood spoke with Barbados TODAY, news broke of a shooting at President Kennedy Drive St Michael, adding to a spate of gun play on the island that has left 12 dead in recent weeks.
    Over the weekend, the AG warned the country’s criminal elements that they would not be allowed to hold the people of Barbados for ransom.
    Backed by Police Commissioner Richard Boyce, Marshall announced plans to reduce the flow of guns from source market countries noting that hundreds of guns had been taken off the streets and intercepted at the ports of entry in recent years.
    But the DLP president is not convinced that the AG’s strategy addresses many of the social factors contributing to crime.
    “In order for that aspect to succeed and continue to succeed and be sustainable whether in the short, medium or long term, you actually need to address the reasons why someone would take up a gun in the first place,” said Yearwood.
    “The reality is that when you look at all the studies and the data, you are not just going to randomly run and take up a gun and go out there and shoot someone.
    There’s a whole set of push and pull factors often associated with deprivation, poverty, lack of opportunity, poor educational chances, broken families or families who are on the edge and feel shut out from mainstream society,” he added.
    According to Dr Yearwood, the AG’s approach need not include just DLP representation, but could also embrace many other well-placed civil society groups and organisations.
    “That is where I think the Attorney General is lacking perspective and lacking depth and that is why I propose the bipartisan approach, because I genuinely think that he needs help,” Dr Yearwood declared.
    “As a party, we will help and there are loads of other people out there; sociologists, psychologists, youth workers.
    There are lots of people that he can bring to bear on this situation.
    “This does not require some kind of cowboy, tough-man approach, where you say ‘I got this’, because we recognise you don’t have this,” said the DLP president.
    Yearwood spoke of growing levels of hopelessness throughout the country due to a lack of opportunity linked to the current economic climate.
    He said that the “bipartisan approach” would therefore need to look at providing better opportunities for young men, many of whom, he believes, are the main breadwinners in several households.
    Dr Yearwood maintained that his approach to issues like crime would be different from Marshall’s, who, when in Opposition in 2016 called for the resignation of then AG Adriel Brathwaite.
    “I don’t wish to perpetuate that kind of politics and that’s why I would hope that he has grown up to recognise that a bipartisan approach is probably the way forward. I can only wish that he has learnt from what he did when he was in opposition,” said the DLP President. (TD)


  • If Ronnie has suggestions to make to government about how crime can be better fought let him submit his ideas in writing, he can publish what he sent to cover off the political angle. The blogmaster will be surprised if Mottley were to him political oxygen by meeting with him (DLP).

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    LOL … right on @David. Respectfully to the new DLP president I would say to him: where were your plans 8 years ago when your party was similarly struggling with crime !

    But just as respectfully, clearly the goodly doc is hitting all the awesome political themes with his “bipartisanship” approach. He sound too sweet and playing real smart.😎

    But yeah …zero political oxygen he would get from the Mottley admin … political gamesmanship is HER forte! 🤣

    Oh the other thing of course is either her or the AG could reach for their phones and speed dial any of those dons who attended the opening of that first 30 – 0 parliament and immediately address this spate of criminal activity … afterall, that’s the entire reason for having connections in the right places isn’t it!!

    Peace out.


  • William Skinner

    “As citizens of an island we claim to love and are committed to, we should be prepared to share the joys and sorrows of the society. It is not good enough that one race experiences all the pain while others who are in the minority enjoy the privileges of being Bajan.

    There is much work to be done to build a just and fair society. Maybe hope lies with this present generation of black, brown and white Barbadians.”

    John Goddard, retired but always an educator.
    Barbados Today 7/14/22

    Shows that there are citizens outside of those on BU, who speak the truth.


  • (Quote)
    Marshall announced plans to reduce the flow of guns from source market countries noting that hundreds of guns had been taken off the streets and intercepted at the ports of entry in recent years.
    But the DLP president is not convinced that the AG’s strategy addresses many of the social factors contributing to crime.

    @ David [BU]

    Blogmaster, the Referee, what do you think of the above claim?

    Where is the evidence to substantiate such?

    Shouldn’t the same importers of illicit firearms, by now, have been charged and hauled before the courts with the requisite publicity (exposure) as given to the poor and politically unconnected for stealing and other minor criminal offences?

    Maybe the opportunity has arisen for MAM to draw her long-concealed dagger of revenge by reshuffling her cabinet of incompetents less one smiley face as the political sacrificial lamb to appease the budding Sri Lanka-type masses.


  • @Dee Word

    For the record Ronnie was not a DEM eight years ago.

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  • @Miller

    This is fluff until we can see visible evidence the plan touted is penetrating.


  • de pedantic Dribbler July 14, 2022 7:38 AM#: “Respectfully to the new DLP president I would say to him: where were your plans 8 years ago when your party was similarly struggling with crime!”


    Remember, in 2016, Dr. Ronnie Yearwood was seeking to be nominated as the BLP’s candidate for St. James South, to ‘run’ against Donville Inniss in the 2018 general elections.

    So, one could reasonably assume, eight (8) years ago, he was a member of the BLP.

    He lost the nomination to Sandra Husbands and, ‘the rest is history.’

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  • Have to agree with Dribbles…
    One of our REALLY big problems is this tendency of NOVICES who get elected because of the PAUCITY of any creditable opponents to suddenly ascribe to themselves ‘GOD-LIKE’ rights, wisdom and knowledge.
    They ALL do it….

    Little shitehounds who were previously unemployed and largely unemployable, (Owen was a classic example) and who had LITTLE to show by way of personal accomplishments, SUDDENLY become global authorities.

    Yearwood should spend some time trying to master such skills as group dynamics, problem solving and public communication skills BEFORE jumping around talking shiite about solving complex issues that even elude COMPETENT practitioners.

    Same shiite with Mia.
    …Have NEVER succeeded with a SINGLE major initiative after DECADES in parliament, most notable making total messes of EDUTECH, Dodds, and Four Seasons, but now running around talking shiite about solving GLOBAL problems….

    the Bible says, He that is faithful in small things, BEHOLD, he shall be given authority over BIG challenges…
    BASIC COMMON SENSE… learn to crawl before trying to run at olympics.

    Let Yearwood work on the damn DLP mess first, ..and show that he can do that successfully….
    THEN we will listen to his BIG solutions…
    Tired of the lotta shiite talk now….


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    “Little shitehounds who were previously unemployed and largely unemployable, (Owen was a classic example) and who had LITTLE to show by way of personal accomplishments, SUDDENLY become global authorities.”

    and world advisors, when no one asked them, and they are clueless anyway…steupppsss

    should stick to what they are good at, though it’s difficult to define..


  • Don’t even know why Dr. Yearwood would get himself caught up with a govt of clueless incompetents
    The PM told all and sundry that this govt can be an opposition unto itself
    Big works must come by her
    Those comments came out of a mouth obsessed with 60-0 arrogance
    Short and sweet telling the people their is nothing here fuh wunna to do
    Mind wunna own business













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