Crypto Racism in Barbados EXPOSED

This video raised its ugly rh head in Barbados last evening.

The more discerning among us are aware racism and bigotry are unwelcome human characteristics present everywhere humans exist. We accept human beings are imperfect creatures. However, it does not mean when these unsavoury qualities show its ugly head that civil society should not promote relevant policies and other measures as requires to nurture tolerance and educate fellow citizens in the interest of growing a wholesome society.

The mouthings from the person in the video is the result of many things which Barbadians have known and been tardy to addressing over the years. Crypto racism has been discussed often enough in this forum- for years. It must be addressed in a structured way. Spouting balderdash is easy for some but it will take much more to excoriate the scourge of racism and bigotry that has metastasize over centuries.



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  1. Yes Donna but that is not what waru is talking about, she is in the now where on one hand you claim whites have all the money and she claims the govt and whites are taking all their money.You cant have it both ways either you have money or you dont,
    yes theo given, a unamed british MP allegedly said that the hardest part of breaking up the commonwealth and giving them independence was convincing people that this was good for them.
    Lets face it a lot of countries became a negative money wise and the UK had to stop the bleeding, very similar to what lloyds of london did with insuring the insurers …..when the asbestos claims shit hit the fan in the 90s

  2. The Miller

    You are one Bajan in right mind.
    The Druids of the Britain and the islands around knew the ancient truisms of Afrika and were so guided.

    The peoples of Ireland were once militarily destroyed by the catholic church’s Saint Patrick, a Black man, precisely because they deified the God consciousness from Kemet.

    That son of a bitch Patrick, the barbarian, is now venerated by the church.

    Everything we are taught is a lie. Indeed, we live within a tapestry of lies.

  3. When Donna talks about racism in History such Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Adolf Hittler, Jessie Owens, it is best to think in timelines for context of racism which changes but is the same (1976 + 1936) and still lingers in 2021. Blacks and Whites are deemed two polar opposites of human race but humanity is made of individuals where every one is different and the same. West Indians call Asian Indians East Indians and British and Europeans called Natives in North Middle and South Americas Indians, Americans call them Latinos or Hispanics. People of all races live together in same nations and share cultures which are just different ways of living. I like to absorb all cultures and feel enriched by multiculturalism. The sun come down and the earth get hot, the world is like a melting pot. 400 years of Babylonian rule, slavery colonialism capitalism is just a blip in time and is over like Elvis. Life is like a disco when the music changes you just keep dancing, even when you get old with less energy and can’t jump up like a kid in primary middle or high school.

  4. ““Almost Definitely” translates into Bajan “This is no swear country”
    ie, It is more than likely Trump will not be convicted ….. almost definitely … will not be convicted.”

    An impeachment conviction failure will be due to bent a Senate who vote politically to save their Republican ass, but evidence suggests that a conviction in criminal charges will be forthcoming such as home grown terrorism insurrection,
    Trump’s best defence is to plead insanity. Suck it up.

  5. “Everything we are taught is a lie. Indeed, we live within a tapestry of lies.” was all indoctrination..marinated in lies and if fools believe anything else coming from the same sources, their agents, slaves or sellout nigas…..they DESERVE TO BE INDOCTRINATED AGAIN…this time even worse…because there is no longer any excuse, no languague barriers…and we are supposed to know by now that we have A REAL AFRICAN CULTURE, the ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS….so indestructable….it still exists 400 years later.

    Pacha…Ase, Abibitumi.

  6. Waru does the light never dawn that you are not going to convert anybody by constantly insulting them.I know life can be frustrating , you forget to take your husband out and he pees on the floor, sometimes you forget which way the sun rises but it will eventually dawn on you.

  7. That’s the problem with you colonizers Lawson, it’s not about converting or indoctrinating anyone, or lying to them with soft sweet words that end up with their destruction even 400 years later…….sounds familiar right?…it’s about telling them the bare facts, especially when they were taught NOT TO LISTEN TO IT…..let them form their own opinions and don’t try to skirt around them to TIEF THEIR BIRTHRIGHT….😊

  8. Leave ya people alone, normal people dont need the drama, they see the problems most cant be bothered life aint so bad. So what you get is people at the two ends of the spectrum No work been screwed along the way……and the ones that have gotten everything and still it is not enough.. Take a step back put forward a thought out reasoning on your complaints or ideas and you will do far better than berating them.

  9. Something will definitely have to be done about yall on the Continent…every generation for the last 400 years it’s the same thing, rapists, thieves, liars, frauds, murderers….christ…start birthing humans for a change, ya only bringing forth a bunch of wild beasts….

  10. Lawson…the world is tired of all these racists and mutations of criminality….can’t continue loosing this on a population of 8 billion people.

  11. Waru if a white guy wants to screw black kids is he a racist??? There is sick puppys everywhere, I remember a guy I used to work with always going to haiti I wondered why…. but he was a bit of a toad and I guess could get hot women or maybe kids not a racist just opportunist. Or pedo. You seem to think priests didnt like young white or indian kids ….wrong they liked them all. Lol you think d black peoples dont fit into your list…come on man.

  12. @ WURA-War-on-UFebruary 11, 2021 4:42 PM

    WURA, you ought to ask that Lawson redneck why are those psychologically screwed serial killers and mass murderers in the USA nearly always of the small-dick Caucasian race.

    What have they, the Caucasian, done for the devil to be rewarded with such a screwed-up evil psyche?

  13. Yall are a curse and blight on the earth…gotta prepare a special place for yall when ya crawl into Africa looking to commit crimes against black children, girls, women and men…

    …UK had to bar the worst rapists and pedophiles from going into the South Pacific, Indonesia etc yall must be stopped….and even worse, there’s the disease factor.

  14. “What have they, the Caucasian, done for the devil to be rewarded with such a screwed-up evil psyche?”

    they are over compensating for something lacking while claiming to be superior.

  15. Miller…these wild beasts can be found everywhere, no one is safe, look at what Crusoe posted. ..we only had to measure Lawson’s behavior on BU for all these years to understand.

    “CrusoeFebruary 11, 2021 5:40 PM

    PachamamaFebruary 11, 2021 5:31 PM

    I do not doubt you. I have seen what some corporate leaders are like. Would not turn my back on some of them.

    From the Telegraph ”An Australian study has found that about one in five corporate executives are psychopaths – roughly the same rate as among prisoners. The study of 261 senior professionals in the United States found that 21 per cent had clinically significant levels of psychopathic traits.”

  16. Miller its probably because most of your beach boys cant get the dosh together to get off the island
    I guess you dont read your own paper
    I am reminded each time I listen to you of one of my favorite movies the Marlon Brando version the island of Dr Moreau Oh Sayer of the Law.
    Dont take the serum

  17. Lawson….ya racist friend corbin has sunk right back into nobodyhood and trashhood after his 15 minutes of shame…at least he knows that’s as famous as he’ll ever get then everyone will eventually forget his name.

  18. Lawson….ya remember ya Gorilla Glue girlfriend, well an African plastic surgeon skilfuly broke down the solution in the glue and got it out of her hair after an anesthetic and 4 hours, she’s lucky to have hair left. Black women have to rid themselves of the notion that their hair must look straight to satisfy some warped and outdated colonial bullshit. Our African textured hair is our strength, trying to make it look straight and flat is a weakness…just as weak as flimsy, straight hair.

  19. accidents happen i remember when i was a child my father started to brush his teeth with a tube of ozonol ointment someone had left on the sink..Its sad young girls try and change to an ever changing style idea all the while knowing that eventually they will be the crazy cat lady on the corner, Stay who you are… people will like you, you dont have to change for someone else… thats the message these young persons need to have re-enforced not some gibberish from hollywood stars and athletes hawking the latest snake oil.

  20. @ Lawson February 11, 2021 7:49 PM
    “Miller its probably because most of your beach boys cant get the dosh together to get off the island
    I guess you dont read your own paper
    I am reminded each time I listen to you of one of my favorite movies the Marlon Brando version the island of Dr Moreau Oh Sayer of the Law.
    Dont take the serum..”

    Lawson formerly “harry kalihan”, are you referring to the same “beach boys” to whom your sexually-mesmerized daughters were magnetically drawn to because of what was dangling between their heavily hung long legs?

    Why should those beach boys leave their love(ly) island paradise where they are paid for their stud services in high demand by your womenfolk ?

    Why should they follow in the footsteps of your Bajan redneck clansmen who migrated after Independence to ex-British colonies like Canada (in your case), Australia and New Zealand only to find themselves at the bottom of the economic totem pole working as mere sheep minders and farmhands and socially subservient to the more recent descendants of the British penal system?

    Thanks, though, for your timely reminder of the “Island of Doctor Moreau” sci-fi story.

    It has provided more than just food for thought regarding the genetic engineering origin of your ‘European’ sub-species of the African ape man.

    And, as with the island experiments of Dr. Moreau, the pale-skin-man creation story has resulted in a really successful genetic modification project arising from the cross-breeding process between the African albino bonobo and the Eurasian wild boar as identifiably represented by the skin and hair texture of the modern European especially those damaged, like you, by too much exposure to the Sun’s UV rays.

    From reading between the lines you should be able to figure out if your beach boy miller is either fish and fowl or a heavily-hung serpent disguised as a three-foot god of Chaos and out to powder the faces of your pale-skin women folk.

    BTW, when are you going to provide the BU household with another rollicking good yarn to help while way the hours under the current lockdown by adapting the Robinson Crusoe story to your clansmen interpretation where his “My Man Friday” is more than just a beach boy of a manservant to the shipwrecked Scotsman.

  21. i have encountered in other forums for the last 10 months… it’s a “REAFRIKANIZATION” of the black mind that’s not irreversibly damaged will have to take place to counter this disaster…most are damaged beyond repaid, but am sure their masters will find use for them…no great loss.

  22. Miller…those over sexed nuisances are in some African countries turning young Africans into prostitues, some of the disgusting to look at women are clearly in their 70s and 80s but want a young African stud……they are mosty done pollutiing the Caribbean with their nasty selves and have moved their tourism trap to the continent….Lawson and the likes can’t service them…..police always have to be chasing and monitoring them so they dont rape small children…they are a disgrace and then got the nerve to slither into the Caribbean pretending to be superior…there are videos about this group of scum..

  23. Pacha..we know some of these vicious criminals for descendants of indentured servants can tell endless lies, people complain about them all the time, but this one took it to another level and am sure he’s long dead and gone….people never even knew this book existed, we now have to find out how many more they put out there.

  24. See now why they all deserve their own books, check out this wretch…and we have an even better story to tell about those liars, thieves, frauds and racists…SO STAY ON BU POSTING SHITE all day long…..and don’t write some books and papers about them TOO…at least the WORLD WILL KNOW that we aren’t lying like Singh……and whoever else wrote books on us and we don’t even know yet…cause there are sites that don’t miss these things..

    shocked to find it this morning on a platform i go on.

  25. Miller no my daughters have been told if you have to look twice to see if its moving its bajan steer clear, I bring them to places where they are more likely to meet other tourists, you know the type that want to have fun …can pay for their own drinks…if you go to the washroom your purse and phone have a chance of being there when you get back..
    Now you should explain to your studs they dont get paid by the pound. LOL

  26. 😀Now you should explain to your studs they dont get paid by the pound. LOL😃

    Worth a smile. Didn’t you say they were tracking your daughters? At a dollar a pound, school $300?

  27. @ Lawson February 12, 2021 1:42 PM

    So what’s so alluring about the atoll in the mid-western Atlantic to keep pulling your daughters and friends to its shores other than the searing heat from some native black “foul” cock which is ‘bought’ by the inch and not the pound?

  28. Got to visit family Miller, your just one of many trips we make each year, but dont think I didn’t see you and your woman at Oistins she has so many chins I thought she was looking at me over a stack of pancakes.
    Lets face it we all know and accept the island game , thats why we throw you guys a bone by only charging for one airline seat to the women going to barbados from canada. The poor fellas gotta eat lord knows you dont have jobs for them. Yeah on the way home last march I heard some guys bragging how many inches they bought, so I guess all that jail time comes in handy…

  29. Miller….situation is turning dire before it gets better, let’s hope that’s soon, and they still managed to do the same nonsense they did last year, because of the oppressed economy most of the communities can only afford to buy food every few days when they can find money….some have the luxury of bulk shopping for 2 months, most don’t.

    they are still mathematically deficient and will never be able to create a new economy so that the majority population can strive financially..

  30. @ LawsonFebruary 12, 2021 3:34 PM
    “Got to visit family Miller, your just one of many trips we make each year, but dont think I didn’t see you and your woman at Oistins she has so many chins I thought she was looking at me over a stack of pancakes.”

    You are a real ‘funny guy’, a lawless son of the Bajan red soil.

    That was the miller’s Auntie Jemima the pancake nanny that used to wipe and whop your poor white flappy pale bottom in order to introduce you early to the many stages of S&M and B&D which has turned you into a closet queen.

    One good thing you must say about your most ‘desired’ Bajan beach bums for rent boys (BBBRB) they certainly earn more forex from the servicing of your Canadian white whales and snowbirds than the local rednecks involved in importing and selling Chinese-made trinkets can ever earn for the Bajan forex monkey money jar.

    Next time you are in Bim with your show girls you must visit the organ grinder with the monkey on his back at the Oistins Bay Gardens to direct you to the miller’s glory hole hideout.

  31. Miller…the dirty little racists in Barbados ran away from BU so fast that i forgot to mention to them that ALL the bajan whites that I KNOW in Barbados…have DUAL UK, EUROPEAN OR TRINIDAD CITIZENSHIP….so let them come back talking shite about Africans in Barbados and where they should not go and what they should not have …and i will remind them of ALL THE OTHER THINGS I KNOW ABOUT THEM…..broke ass, poor ass parasitic scum…

  32. AND…many of them are CUSSING because they never knew they could be RENDERED HELPLESS TOO after their little outburst and 15 minutes of shamed fame…but they will come again..thieves and liars.

  33. Wuhloss. Leff here for a day, come back and Lawson and Miller pelting rocks at each other.

    But Lawson, your attitude to Bajans coming through loud and clear.

    You prefer to take your Daughters where other white people are.

    I guess they will get drinks bought for them at Mar-a-Lago.

    And your idol will do what he does best and grab their purse.

    Should not leave it lying around as you describe.

  34. Miller I knew you were an oistins guy I remember everyone running to the wall at butterfly beach because some guy was coming down the shore with a macy,s blimp but once you got closer I saw it wasnt a blimp but an old snowbird

  35. Cruso I normally dont like wack a mole but since you have raised your head, there are two types of bajans those that think tourists are sheep to be shorn and the ones that know we are there for fun and genuinely want to be part of the party . Bajans are a hard people to befriend like most tourist spots unless we become siamese twins joined at my wallet. So yes I seek tourists places everyone is the same mindset, and you know tourists come in every color and shade.
    I am very lucky with friends and family there so it is easier for me get invited to everything thats going on, but they all work and have normal lives so tourist pub crawls are the best thing for enjoyment.
    I am curious where you and miller take your daughters……..gentlemen please put your hands together and welcome……..

  36. Don’t make fun of beach guys though. I knew a few who got a better life in the US through their relationships.

    Good for them. There was nothing in Bimshire for them.

  37. “The poor fellas got to eat god knows there is no jobs for them” If that sounds like making fun of them your grasp of english is suspect. Yes some have done very well I was actually laughing with miller over his youth. Only a blind man can be forgiven for not knowing the bajan beach bum cock has no shame. Come on man.. .

  38. LawsonFebruary 13, 2021 10:00 AM

    You remind me of a quote from a friend. He saw a friend bathing in the sea, with a lady who had a very strong face so to speak.

    Later he asked what he was doing. The response was that ”ugly girls need love too”.

    Or a friend from my youth, who advised me regarding a girl in a bar ”any port home in a storm”.

    De fellas got slide rules fuh yardsticks.

  39. @Miller

    “Lawson” is no son of Bajan soil, I gather from his prior postings that the “family” in Bim are in laws and earlier he even a connection (friend or family?) with the captain of industry who was once found on a boat with a quantity of “tampee” from one of the low islands.

  40. Cruso its commodity trading at its best we have lonely well off large women, you have good looking unemployed men, So remember if it wasnt for tourism these guys would be holding you up for your groceries when you leave the 5 to 9 . Wait …they are doing that….oh well everyone cant be a beach bum.

  41. Sarge you must be some kind of barbados mensa champion, to deduce that I am not a son of the soil when I have told you I am from scotland on numerous occasions. Your so bright I bet your mother calls you son.. Like a tiny little dog nipping at the heels.

  42. @Lawson
    On the internet you could be anything, hope you enjoyed Robbie Burns Day and no one ate your portion of haggis.

    BTW I could have sworn you were Irish as you seemed to have swallowed the Blarney Stone.

  43. Do hold ups not happen in Canada or Scotland?????

    P.S. If Lawson is from Scotland what gave him the right to involve himself in our discussion on what to do with the Nelson???

  44. @ Sargeant February 13, 2021 11:14 AM
    “BTW I could have sworn you were Irish as you seemed to have swallowed the Blarney Stone.”

    Good one there, Sarge!

    If he were the law-full son of a fully-fledged Scot we wouldn’t be able to decipher a word from his lying mouth.

    Let’s call him a northern Celtic ‘lying’ loud-mouth without a full kilt on.

    Now you who know where the Blarney stone-kissing Bajan ability to tell tall tales and to cuss like pirates originated; at the crosswords of Irish-Scottish-Welsh-English bullshittery and West African anansi story-telling.

  45. Your right theo you islanders are very inquisitive .people ….. , your always asking what I have got on under my kilt so I will tell you ……on a good day lipstick.
    Miller you do realize there is no accent when your writing right, now I am starting see why you were bragging about the size of your dick in the fourth grade, you wre 20 years old lol

  46. …. on a good day lipstick
    (Cheap joke)

    She: I can’t see or find it
    Lawson: You can’t see it? Look carefully at the lipstick?

  47. @ Lawson February 13, 2021 12:49 PM

    Your under-the-table type of dark jokes don’t go unnoticed as they invoke much laughter of the medicinal kind.

    But you do have enough memory in your 1K box for a cranium to recall the many times you offered to do the miller’s homework in return for a feel of the same stupid dick’s head in your red lipstick plastered mouth just to taste the milk of ambrosia squirting on your ‘queer’ palate.

    One will never forget the time when your mommy asked you why you were frothing from your ‘behind’ instead of your usual mouth as you lost your ‘rear’ innocence.

  48. lol miller you should ask yourself where did it all go wrong, your a homosexual unemployed walter mitty fantasizing about being with a rich foreigner. pretty sad really. First you have to change your nickname …Dockyard.. maybe sounds cool on the island but trust me to everyone else it sounds like some old torn down thing filled with semen. Quit holding out for reparations as part of your pension plan. get a real job ( pan handling ) is not a job . Buy some new clothes ,clothes make the man and if you are going to be impotent ya gotta look impotent right..

  49. Political winds of change
    By Ezra Alleyne During this Black History Month, the confluence of anniversary dates allows us to reflect on an interrelated black history political issue of much importance. I think it helped to bring us to where we are.
    Last week we met British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s views on “events” that could blow governments off course.
    On February 3, 1960, Macmillan delivered a speech that reverberated around the world.
    The place where he chose to make that speech was in the South African Parliament. His “truth-to power-message” was deliberately directed to the immediate audience, but its impact was meant to go way beyond the chamber. The delivery was elegant. The message was contextually radical – and direct.
    Here, for our purposes, is the key part of Macmillan’s speech to the segregationist apartheid South African government.
    “In the twentieth century, and especially since the end of the war, the processes which gave birth to the nation states of Europe have been repeated all over the world. We have seen the awakening of national consciousness in peoples who have for centuries lived in dependence upon some other power. Fifteen years ago, this movement spread through Asia. Many countries there, of different races and civilisations, pressed their claim to an independent national life.
    National consciousness
    “Today the same thing is happening in Africa and the most striking of all the impressions I have formed since I left London a month ago is of the strength of this African national consciousness. In different places it takes different forms, but it is happening everywhere”.
    Let me interject that the minority white South African government had passed the apartheid racist laws in 1948, and the majority Blacks were being brutally suppressed. Also in 1948, South Africa abolished legal appeals to the Privy Council. Decisions of the white-dominated South African Supreme Court were final.
    Against that oppressive background, Macmillan dropped specific political dynamite in these two seminal paragraphs: “The wind of change is blowing through this continent, and whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact. We must all accept it as a fact, and our national policies must take account of it. (Phew! Read that again!) The government’s aim, he said, was to “create a society which respects the rights of individuals – a society in which individual merit, and individual merit alone, is the criterion for a man’s advancement, whether political or economic”.
    The South African parliamentarians heard the speech in “stony silence” and refused to applaud at its end. The unlit stick of political dynamite had been dropped –right where it mattered.
    Macmillan’s voice was the first “big country” voice raised against the evil of apartheid, and he had chosen to “speak truth to power” in the very citadel of power where the evil of the apartheid doctrine had been legalised. His speech stunned the South African parliament.
    The enormous impact of this speech, now known as the “Winds of Change Speech”, cannot be overstated. Grants of independence accelerated. Barbados joined the club.
    But as Lord Acton said, “ . . . Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to . . .”. The South African government remained unmoved, and their courts jailed the national freedom fighter Nelson Mandela in 1963.
    In the face of sanctions, international isolation and trade and sports embargoes, the racist apartheid system, whose architect President Malan had branded black people as “hewers of wood and drawers of water” ground remorselessly on, and they kept Mandela locked up for 27 years.
    Sold out
    As Mandela’s 70th birthday approached in July 1988, a birthday tribute event at a sold out Wembley Stadium and viewed by some 600 million people worldwide sent this message to the South African authorities: free Mandela.
    Finally, powerful politics carefully wrapped in the global language of music worked.
    And so, on another February date, the 11th day of February 1990, the South African authorities took the first steps to accept Macmillan’s urgings to “create a society which respects the rights of individuals”. They released from prison the iconic symbol of black resistance and nationalism, Nelson Mandela.
    And so, 30 years ago last Thursday, a major chapter in our Black history was written.
    Oh, and for all those who doubt the power of music as a political scalpel, listen to Eddie Grant’s Gimme Hope Johanna or John King’s Family Ties. These two “antiapartheid pro-Mandela” tunes were fittingly released in 1988 . . . .I gone!
    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation

  50. Global economic system rigged
    African Heritage Month certainly started with a bang. A video of a white Bajan’s racially charged rant exploded and went viral on social media. In the viral video the ranting man asks, “Wuh de ‘so and so’ people bring y’all from Africa for?”
    Well, as the official story goes, we were brought here to work, as beasts of burden, for free. The rest, as they say, is history. And because Africans are constantly being encouraged to forget their history, the story must constantly be told.
    Human beings are set apart from other creatures by a mind and imagination which allow us to look beyond the immediate present and surroundings. We can use our minds to imagine a future and to recollect the past. The story we recount of the past has profound effects on how we see the present and what we imagine as possible for the future.
    In order to successfully use people from Africa as beasts of burden, a strategy was devised. Enslavers would try to erase the Africans’ memory of their past and where they came from, and replace their sense of history with a false story of the past, which was meant to justify African enslavement.
    Africans were taught that they had no history of any importance and that they made no contribution to the advancement of humankind and hence were no better than animals. The African’s only purpose was, therefore, to enrich white people and to build up white nations. And so, if you as an African are not serving that purpose, even today some will ask, “Wuh de ‘so and so’ people bring y’all from Africa for?”
    Africans can tend to see themselves this way as well. How easy it was for a politician to fantasise out loud about cracking heads and shooting people when black citizens expressed their displeasure with the Government.
    Why else would a politician feel proud to say that he was not interested in matters of history and heritage, and only interested in putting food in bellies.
    Because Africans are not human with an important
    place in history and higher aspirations like other humans? Because we only need to be fed so we can work? This attitude that you were brought here to work and enrich others persists even if subconsciously.
    This is why we do education the way we do. Schooling has nothing to do with building responsible citizens or great human beings. It is a decadeand- some-long recruitment drive and sifting out process, where the best receive prized jobs on the plantation and the others are discarded to find something else to do on the periphery.
    We were not brought from Africa to self-actualise, innovate or even to simply exist as valued citizens.
    Uplift themselves
    I know what you are thinking, “But Adrian, Barbados is an independent nation. The workforce is working to uplift themselves.” That is what we are led to believe and that may even be the honest intention. However, a growing wealth gap, widening for decades, even in times of relative prosperity, suggests that something is wrong.
    In all fairness to our politicians, it would be very difficult to achieve a different result under the current global economic order because, as the current administration has admitted, the global economic system is rigged.
    And even if it were not, centuries of trauma have rigged our psychology.
    Therefore, our strategy of focusing almost exclusively on building an economy within and in line with the global economic order is flawed. If we understand our history, we would understand that this economic order is built on a cultural and social order that sees Africa and Africans as an expendable resource, beasts of burden for exploitation.
    Therefore, despite what they brought us here for, we must decide for ourselves what we need to do.
    Whatever that is, it must start with a vision to transform ourselves, our culture and our social order so that the possibility of a new economic path may emerge. This is something white Barbadians should be a part of as well, if they can only deal honestly with their own
    history and heritage.
    Maybe we dive into that next week.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14

    Source: Nation

  51. ‘The African’s only purpose was, therefore, to enrich white people and to build up white nations.’

    that the more intelligent and desperate ones STOLE from indigenous African and other peoples across the earth….

    not the half-assed bajan whites, they wish they had that level of intelligence 400 years later….uneducated squatters and petty thieves are all they are… rejects and wannabes.

    ‘Why else would a politician feel proud to say that he was not interested in matters of history and heritage, and only interested in putting food in bellies.’

    that ignoramus am sure is already famous in someone’s manuscript..

    “Whatever that is, it must start with a vision to transform ourselves, our culture and our social order so that the possibility of a new economic path may emerge. This is something white Barbadians should be a part of as well, if they can only deal honestly with their own
    history and heritage.”

    and that’s where Adrian’s reasoning gets FLAWED…YOU INSIST on apologetically keeping RACIST and THIEVES in Black/African lives while knowing that IT WILL NEVER WORK….and that’s why others who can see clearer that…the “two wrongs don’t make a right” indoctriniation bullshit that always finds Black najans/people at the bottom of the economic and social disorder….CONTINUES….you transform yourself into being A BLACK/AFRICAN…without toxic opppresive racist groups who DON’T INVITE YOU OR ANOTHER BLACK PERSON TO THEIR TRANSFORMATIONS….which are happenng right now and you don’t know because you will NEVER BE INVITED…time to stop….starting off with intelligent reasoning and ending with devolving into self-destructive shite.

    keep white, indian, syrian RACISTS AND THIEVES…out of African business….you don’t know theirs and never will that’s why yall got surprised by racist corbin…they don’t socialize with or invite you to their round tables so ya will never know their plans AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE, stop inviting them into black lives…what’s wrong with yall…i swear too many black people have a death wish….a poverty wish….an oppression wish…..a discrimination wish generationally..

    there is a new BLACK WORLD ORDER…and most of you seem to know nothing about it..continue waiting for world criminals to change their evil ways…good luck.

  52. “Finally, powerful politics carefully wrapped in the global language of music worked.
    And so, on another February date, the 11th day of February 1990, the South African authorities took the first steps to accept Macmillan’s urgings to “create a society which respects the rights of individuals”. They released from prison the iconic symbol of black resistance and nationalism, Nelson Mandela.”

    with all the rhapsodizing…did Ezra bother to mention that racism, apartheid, oppression and all the evils that existed back then in South Africa, still exists there, just as it does in racist, apartheid, hypocrite Barbados..a black majority country….

    and instead of gushing shit…all of it is still to be DISMANTLED AND DESTROYED IN BOTH PLACES…so where are the solutions from the delusional.

  53. Good post TLSN..just didn’t have the time before to start watching.

    maybe the black apologists for the white criminals and their crimes against African people will learn something, especially when les voleurs like france decided that they’re holding an AFRICAN SUMMIT and claiming that no African leaders are invited….while fools in Barbados are pining to have white trash racists and thieves invited into black lives..

  54. We must also note that despite what the video is truthfully depicting, the black apologists and sellout limited intellect leaders will still accept white racism, miseducation, msinformation and indoctrination into black lives AND FIND AN EXCUSE TO CONTINUE…as long as it also benefits them and they can’t be held accountable….you just can’t get these brain dead negros to reject and eliminate that blight and curse they are PROUD to wallow in and drag every black person into with them, hence the reason for a RECKONING.

  55. WURA-War-on-U,
    Sometimes words are not necessary.

    Barbadians are an extremely sensitive traumatised people.

    If they are happy with the status quo then who are we to judge them.

    Those who can – leave the island; those who can’t – remain on it.

  56. Sometimes I wonder if it is the people, the leaders or both that brought us to where we are.

    Covid-19 seem to suggest it is both. We hear of bus crawls, lack of social distancing and rules that seem to be waived for some.

    What we have are a people that would prefer ‘to party’ at the expense of taking the life of others and a government that though knowing the correct path, seems unable to dilligently follow it.

    We have solutions but lack the will to implement them. We are now in a different weight-class.

  57. “If they are happy with the status quo then who are we to judge them.”

    those are the ones who try to program other Black people into remaining or becoming the comfortably mentally enslaved too…and must BE EXPOSED…truthfully no one cares about them and their bajan conditioning if they kept it to themselves….there are Black/African people who have moved many levels above that…..because they’re willing to have a mental revolution for the survival of future Black generations..

    • A good start by a few academics but as Peter Thompson had to interject to say, we have to lay blame where is belongs and ask Whites to fix it!

  58. Apparently that brasstacks discussion on racism and discriination is the talk on everyone’s lips this morning….a mental revolution can only bring positive changes…the people have to get used to having a voice and using it at all times…and don’t allow the wicked to muzzle or deter them at any time..

  59. Wait until they get some REAL INFORMATION to work with later in the year…..🤣🤣

    if the inbred racists believe they got problems and are cussing now….just wait….their black enablers will have to get buckets and mops to dry the tears..

  60. Happy valentines hope your significant other digs you a hole or brings you a bone or something nice, i am just gonna sit around with a bunch of negroni,s , and enjoy nascar

  61. am so happy the conversation has finally started, the rest will follow in this cascading event…can’t let the inbred racists believe it will end anytime soon.

    “At the first glance Hedouville’s racism is not as abhorrent as that of the local whites who, when given the choice between mercy and vengeance, burnt or drowned alive their slaves who, in the early days of the revolution when it was nothing more than a slave uprising, had lacked the stomach for war and without coercion downed their arms and surrendered.

    No, Hedouville did not come guns blaring like Le Clerc. And therefore, he is the perfect example of the Asperger’s form of racism. He could function in a black society, consistently and persistently undermining black leadership at every step.”

  62. They can eat out all the generational wealth and only get more if Black people allow them, then they have no one else to blame but themselves…as for the power…that’s all in their minds..the only power they have is over the parliament rats.

    This is Bajans once a year lessons in African history..and some half-assed show on Emancipation day lacking substance….in the last 2 years alone i have learned more about our African ancestors than most people have in several hundred lifetimes, and i haven’t even started yet..

  63. Had to take a break from this shit but I simply cannot allow certain stupid statements to go unanswered.

    Many of us who choose to remain on this island are not rejects who could not leave. And many of us do not envy those of you who pretend to be living perfect lives among the white men who only tolerate you, SOME OF THEM AND SOMETIMES.

    I don’t know what it is that you people are trying to prove but you do not fool me at all.

    Barbados is not a hell hole. Some of us are happy here most of the time. Some of us are not fragile or mentally enslaved and are content to work towards a change in the status quo.

    Just so you know. Now it is back to enjoying my island life!: You guys are welcome to be miserable on BU.


  64. Informative race talk
    If you missed the Brass Tacks Sunday episode from February 14, on race and discrimination in Barbados, I highly recommend that you go to the and give it a listen. You will hear one of the highest level discussions on race in Barbados and race in general that you will get anywhere, albeit too short.
    I don’t know if it will interest those of you who don’t yet see how damaging our taboo against digging into the issue of race is. Nevertheless, the producers brought together a well versed and diverse panel. It was a calm discussion about a potentially explosive topic. Moderator Dr Kristina Hinds guided the conversation towards gaining clarity and understanding.
    The panel consisted of University of the West Indies Professor Aaron Kamugisha, historian, Dr Rodney Worrell, Dr Louise Roach, Ms Firhanna Bulbulia and Mr Java Sealy.
    Early o’clock the moderator received a query as to whether or not the panel included any white person. Dr Hinds didn’t immediately respond.
    She admitted feeling a little uncomfortable calling out the race of the panellists, preferring to let them do so if they wished. It was a good question though. Oftentimes discussions on race in Barbados are missing white Barbadians.
    The opening remarks from Dr Kamugisha may give us a hint as to why.
    Racist society
    Responding to the question of whether or not Barbados was a racist and discriminatory society, Dr Kamugisha didn’t hesitate.
    He was secure in his position that Barbados was an institutionally racist society due to a history of colonialism and “a project of white supremacy which has unfolded over the last 500 years”. He didn’t get a chance to go as deep into the issue as he may have liked, but, I encourage anyone interested in hearing more to check out his recently published book, Beyond Coloniality.
    The issue of white supremacy was taken up by the following panellist, Dr Worrell. The author of Pan Africanism In Barbados also highlighted the central role which Barbados
    has played in the development of racism and white supremacy globally. He was happy that the issue of racism was being discussed so openly, since the topic has been victim to what he calls a “conspiracy of silence”.
    All the participants acknowledged that race was a sensitive topic in Barbados.
    It is possible that the absence of white Barbadians from previous discussions of race may be due to that group’s heightened sensitivity to the subject. Dr Roach chose to open her comments by highlighting that there were other forms of discrimination in Barbados besides racial discrimination.
    Later in the programme she revealed to the listening audience that she, as she framed it, “happened to have white skin.”
    Moving forward
    Ms Bulbulia followed.
    Her contributions were particularly interesting to me. While Professor Kamugisha and Dr Worrell provided insight into the historical roots and development of racism in Barbados, Ms Bulbia’s contributions, while balanced and insightful as well, were deeply personal and focused on the difficulty and complexity of addressing the issue in a practical way moving forward.
    It is this kind of mature and nuanced personal perspective along with the enlightened historical awareness that the other panellists provided, that we need more of to transform Barbados.
    Mr Java Sealy’s contributions pointed towards how unconscious and unaware Barbadians can be when it comes to race and racism in Barbados. He was of the opinion that Barbadians of all races were guilty of racism.
    However, Dr Worrell entered a contrasting position. He gave a definition of racism from historian George Frederickson, which framed racism as not merely an attitude or set of beliefs but involving political and economic power, practices, institutions and structures, which set up a hierarchy of races. Under this understanding, it would be hard to claim that a black person is racist.
    The final caller, Mr Peter Lawrence, brought the
    conversation home by placing a large part of the responsibility for addressing racism/white supremacy on the shoulders of white Barbadians. This would require a far greater level of bravery, openness, honesty and comfort around the issue than is currently observed. Even among Barbadians of other races, the fundamental issue may hover around what Dr Kamugisha calls “change, consciousness and education” and the fact that “our educational systems do not prepare us to understand the society we live in”.
    This summary cannot do justice to the contributions of the panellists. Go to VOB929.
    com and listen for yourself.

    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14

  65. I wont say the guy is racist because he called someone a nigga. Most of the time black people are their worse enemies. Take a look at any small neighborhood and you will notice how black people sit around all day and spread rumors and lies on their own color. Who do they do these things too, they own color, so I am not offended by what this guy said. They hate to see their own kind progress.

  66. “Take a look at any small neighborhood and you will notice how black people sit around all day and spread rumors and lies on their own color. ”

    You lost me at that statement.

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  68. History of Barbados (hidden from public view)

    Barbados was the first super successful English economy based on Indenture and slavery in the new world. The settlement and development of Barbados, all happened at the same time that England was involved in many Race Wars including two civil wars, as it began to transition from Black to Albino rule. Perhaps it was at this time, with an eye toward Barbados, that the Albino people developed their systems of lies and subterfuge regarding issues of Race.

    The history of Barbados is the perfect example of Albinos exercising their power over media and information to disseminate as history, whatever they feel shows them as the important people of the world, the powerful people, the people at the center of everything. But even more importantly, to hide the existence of the Black original settlers of Europe: they who ruled the Albinos, and now are gone from Europe, victims of expulsions and Genocide.

  69. Europe was originally ruled by a black & brown royalty, but their portraits were falsified, whitened or restored.

    It was Thomas Cromwell who destroyed all evidences of Black Rule in Britain?

    Article from the Telegraph Media Group Limited 2015

    Thomas Cromwell was the Islamic State of his day: this pathologically ambitious “ruffian” sent hundreds to the chopping block and destroyed England’s religious and artistic heritage. By Dominic Selwood: 22 Jan 2015

    Main Quote: No one can be sure of the exact figure, but it is estimated that the destruction started and legalised by Cromwell amounted to 97% of the English art then in existence. Statues were hacked down. Frescoes were smashed to bits. Mosaics were pulverized. Illuminated manuscripts were shredded. Wooden carvings were burned. Precious metalwork was melted down. Shrines were reduced to rubble. This vandalism went way beyond a religious reform. It was a frenzy, obliterating the artistic patrimony of centuries of indigenous craftsmanship with an intensity of hatred for imagery and depicting the divine that has strong and resonant parallels today.

    Philippa of Hainault:

    King Edward II had decided that an alliance with Flanders would benefit England and sent Bishop Stapledon of Exeter on the Continent as an ambassador. On his journey, he crossed into the county of Hainaut to inspect the daughters of Count William of Hainaut, in order to determine which daughter would be the most suitable as an eventual bride for Prince Edward. The bishop’s report to the king as regards Philippa (who was about eight years old at that time) reads in part: “The lady ….. has not uncomely hair, betwixt blue-black and brown. Her head is clean-shaped; her forehead high and broad, and standing somewhat forward. Her face narrows between the eyes, and the lower part of her face is still more narrow and slender than the forehead. Her eyes are blackish-brown and deep. Her nose is fairly smooth and even, save that it is somewhat broad at the tip and flattened, yet it is no snub-nose. Her nostrils are also broad, her mouth fairly wide. Her lips somewhat full, and especially the lower lip. Her teeth which have fallen and grown again are white enough, but the rest are not so white. The lower teeth project a little beyond the upper; yet this is but little seen. Her ears and chin are comely enough. Her neck, shoulders, and all her body and lower limbs are reasonably well shapen; all her limbs are well set and unmaimed; and nought is amiss so far as a man may see. Moreover, she is of brown skin all over like her father; and in all things she is pleasant enough, as it seems to us.”

    Fake Portraits of Past Black Rulers

    The Albinos have created fake portraits and statues of their former Black Kings, depicting them falsely as Albinos. But sometimes, innocuous seeming remnants survived, and when they are discovered, and the Albinos cannot destroy them for one reason or another: the Albinos concoct outrageously stupid scenarios to explain their existence. Such is the case with the Barbados Penny: The Albinos want us to believe that the English would continually mint coins with the head of one of their chattel Slaves, in Kingly fashion, wearing the sacred symbol of the British People and Empire – a British crown – which one by the way, is still in the royal collection. Ridiculously they want us to believe that they would so honor their Slaves, the very same Slaves, who when they were not brutalizing or killing them, they worried that the Slaves would rise up and kill them.

    Here is an entry from the “Bolton museum and archive service” on the 1788 Barbados Penny which was minted during the rein of King George III, House of Hanover, Reign 25 October 1760 – 29 January 1820.

    Quote: This penny coin was struck in 1788 for use in Barbados and was the first coin to be used on the island. It is thought to have been privately commissioned by Sir Philip Gibbs, a local plantation owner, and is therefore considered to be a token rather than legal tender. The reverse side features an image of a pineapple. As pictured, the obverse has the profile of a black African man or woman with a crown and three plumes with the text “I SERVE” below. The African head probably represents a slave. Slaves worked the sugar plantations of the island, and these predominantly originated from Africa by this time. The crown and plumes are harder to explain. The plumes are those usually associated with the Prince of Wales, and his motto is “I serve”. This double-entendre therefore suggests the design is intended to be humorous or satirical.
    Contrary to the purpose implied by the “Bolton museum and archive service”, and ignoring Major Fred Pridmore’s conjectured writing in his book ‘The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations – Part 3 West Indies: The Barbados penny was not meant as a frivolous curiosity. As indicated by research done by David Vice and Published in Spink’s Numismatic Circular, November 1977: The 1792 coin was minted in England in such numbers (second minting, 40,000 ordered) that it had to be intended as legal tender, not to mention that a third minting was planned.

    Both coins were struck in England from dies engraved by John Milton. This information is obtained from the writings of the Rev. Roger Ruding who himself is quoting an ‘Extract from the late Mr Milton’s MS List of his works… .

    At the time Benjamin Franklin wrote this essay the “Swarthy” Russians
    had just been usurped, and their Great Black Czar “Peter the Great” had died 26 years before.
    … quote from “The visit of Tsar Peter the Great in 1717 according to new documents by Count of Haussonville (French)”.

    Quote: “The Czar is taller, a little bent, and his head is bent over the ordinary. He is black and has something fierce in his face. He appears to be quick-witted and easy-going, with a kind of greatness in manners, but little sustained. He is melancholy and absent-minded, though approachable and often familiar. It is said that he is sturdy and capable of body and mind work.”

    Of course all the Worlds Rulers were originally Black, and it stayed that way until Albinos usurped power and took over the World. Not content with just the military power, out of pure evil, they decided to kill as many Blacks as they could, and then write Blacks Out-of-History.

    Jacobite Rebellions:

    The Jacobite Risings were a series of uprisings, rebellions, and wars in Great Britain and Ireland occurring between 1688 and 1746. The uprisings were aimed at returning James VII of Scotland and II of England (the second son of Charles I), and later his descendants of the Black House of Stuart, to the British throne after he was deposed by Parliament during the Revolution of 1688. The series of conflicts takes its name from Jacobitism, from Jacobus, the Latin form of James.

    Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild – Volume 1 – Jacobite Rebellion Ships
    Between 1650 and 1775, many thousands of Scots were banished to the American colonies for political, religious, or criminal offenses. Following the English Civil War, Cromwell transported thousands of Scots soldiers to Virginia, New England and the West Indies. An additional 1700 Scots were expelled as enemies of the state after the Covenanter Risings and 1600 men, women and children were banished as a result of the Jacobite Rebellions of 1715 and 1745. A directory of Scots banished to the American plantations is available at Genealogical Publishing Company. Mr. Dobson, author, provides a list of these banished Scots who are the ancestors of thousands of Americans living today. (These people were of course mostly Black Europeans rebelling against the Albinos usurpation of power.

    Black Britain:

    At the end of the “The Hundred Years” War (1337 to 1453), Black France, which had produced the Normans and the ancestors of Charlemagne, the First Holy Roman Emperor.

    The result: 50% of the population killed.

    At the end of the “Thirty Years Wars” (1618–1648), which involved The Emperor of the Black Holy Roman Empire and his allies: The Papal armies, Spain, Poland, Bavaria: Against the insurgent Albino forces from: France (now under Albino control), England, Russia, the Dutch, Sweden, Transylvania, Hesse-Kassel, and the Palatinate (Please remember this name). Saxony, Brandenburg, and Denmark – switched alliances.

    The result: 40% of the population killed.

    At the end of the “English Civil Wars” (1642–51) which pitted Black Britons against Albino Britons.

    The result: England suffered a 3.7% loss of population, Scotland a loss of 6%, Ireland loss 41% of its population.

    The “Glorious Revolution” (1688) which pitted Albino Dutch and British against Black British.

    The “Jacobite Wars” (1688 – 1746) which pitted Albino British against Black British who wanted the return of a Black monarchy (the House of stuart).

    The result: Unknown number killed.

    Note; Scotland had become a center of Black power – while the loss of 6% of it population is terrible, it pales when compared to what happened in Ireland (41%). That would soon be remedied.


    The Jacobite Risings brought repeated British government efforts to curb the Scottish clans, culminating after the 1746 Battle of Culloden with brutal repression. The Act of Proscription of 1746 incorporating the Dress Act required all swords to be surrendered to the government and prohibited the wearing of tartans or kilts. The Tenures Abolition Act 1660 ended the feudal bond of military service and the Heritable Jurisdictions Act removed the virtually sovereign power the chiefs held over their clan. The Disarming Act of 1746 and the Clan Act made ineffectual attempts to subdue the Scottish Highlands, and eventually troops were sent in. Government garrisons were built or extended in the Great Glen at Fort William, Kiliwhimin (later renamed Fort Augustus) and Fort George, Inverness, as well as barracks at Ruthven, Bernera and Inversnaid, linked to the south by the Wade roads (constructed for Major-General George Wade). These had the effect of limiting organizational travel and choking off news and further isolated the clans. Nevertheless, conditions remained unsettled for the whole decade.

    The Lowland Clearances in Scotland – Were forced displacements of the population of the Scottish Lowlands begun in the mid 1700s. As a result, between 1760 and 1830, many tens of thousands of Lowland Scots emigrated, taking advantage of the many new opportunities offered in Canada and the United States after 1776 to own and farm their own land. Others chose to remain, either by choice, out of an inability to secure transatlantic passage, or because of obligations in Scotland.

    The Highland Clearances were forced displacements of the population of the Scottish Highlands during the 1700s and 1800s. They led to mass emigration to the sea coast, the Scottish Lowlands, and the North American colonies.

The blogmaster dares you to join the discussion.