The USA is Burning

As the blogmaster is typing he is witnessing a scene in the US Capitol akin to what is associated in countries often described as banana republics. It is impossible to find the words to accurately describe events which have caused the ceremonial event of the Electoral College to be suspended as members scatter to preserve life and limb.


  • @ Crusoe

    You are wrong in principle and in fact. Further, precedence has nothing to do with ideas. Every amendment of the legislation, every change in the case law changes the precedence. Precedence is fluid.
    To return to the substantive issue, we cannot have a private company censuring a politician, no matter what s/he says. If the politician breaks the law, we have the rule of law; if the politician says something ridiculous, then the voters make that decision. Not private companies.
    What next? So if you say you are not a multi-culturalist, or think the Mottley government is incompetent, you should be barred from Facebook, or BU, or Twitter or some other silly social media site?


  • Inciting mayhem and subliminal statements which undermines or create havoc and mayhem tilted towards destruction of democracy does not come under the Constitutional protection of free speech
    Such are the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theatre


  • Rightwing trash are regularly banned from Twitter
    Alt-Right are racists
    Rightwing speak lies
    leftwing speak truths
    People vote for liars


  • Is that the same position you take when the contributions from our own ‘enlightened’ Pachamama are seen as ‘heretical’ (in your eyes only) with you constantly asking for him, Pacha, to be treated as persona non grata on BU?….(Quote)

    I know you will tell any number of fabrications just to get a laugh and I will normally ignore you. But have you ever seen me call for ANYONE to be banned from BU? ANYONE. That is the problem with BU, most people cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction..
    Some issues are so serious that we should stick to the truth, even if we are not familiar with it.


  • Pacha..i have no clue what’s going on here i do know i want no part of it. Been hearing rumors but dismissed them.


  • Interesting to hear a couple US law makers have tested positive for Covid 19 after the invasion by the nut heads last week.


  • Private companies censor politicians every day.

    Have you been living under a rock.

    Currently, there is a private company refusing to meet with a president of a country despite many pleadings. This a form of censorship


  • Pachamama,

    These two men are simply attempting to make us feel that they belong to some exclusive club of deep thinkers.

    A “black power” man and a racist, strange blogfellows suffering from the same burning need to feel superior! See how they massage each other’s ego! It’s like mutual masturbation in plain cybersight! Now THAT is what I call OBSCENE!

    Freedom of speech rights have ALWAYS had limits. Besides, is it not universally accepted that with every right should come responsibility????

    Is it not universally accepted that, “To whom much is given, much is expected”?

    Trump’s position of power demands that he show more responsibility than the average man.

    When an insignificant Donna says, ” I wish Hal Austin would curl up and die,” NOBODY rushes out to make her dream come true! (tee hee)

    But this man Donald Trump has probably a hundred thousand who are willing to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    We all know that gangsters often speak in code. Michael Cohen told us that Trump knows how to speak that code.

    Would we fight for the right of an Al Capone to tweet his instructions in plain sight?

    Steupse man! Just steupse!

    “Their hignorance knows no bounds!”


  • All hell is breaking loose, am watching this Masters Martial Arts live with some Asians, Africans and Wesley Snipes doing their thing, someone sent me, nice and safe, these dudes and ladies are really skilled..

    .. ya see that shit that’s about to explode in US and maybe other places, am staying clear..


  • There was a report where as soon as Trump tweeted about Pence calling him out for lack of supporting his cause the rioters immediately started to chat negatively about him. This Turd is a …


  • Anglo American White Supremacy is a global culture. BU is probably the only site where you can say something like whites are racists without having your comments removed and/or being banned. White people may run the net but their spies turn a blind eye to the subtle and unsubtle layers of racism by white folks in political campaigns, which is why USA and America ended up with Racist Trash Governments for Racist White Countries.


  • Two things it seems like a lot of people don’t care about free speech unless its theirs,
    Dub street did someone die and leave you their crappy old record collection. See if you can find some current stuff.


  • In a democracy what should be the checks and balances?


  • Politics of Trump is Gangsterism. Will FBI be able to keep underlying simmering and brewing violence under wraps for next week and beyond.


  • Aha! Multiculturalism! Now we see the problem. Hal Austin shares that phobia with white nationalists. That is why he identifies with certain elements and argues thus.

    This is not simply an academic argument about free speech.

    But….here’s the difficulty with being against multiculturalism – when the “other” people have already become citizens of the country one cannot simply turn back the clock and seek to suppress their rights! In some parts of the world that leads to ethnic cleansing.

    I too feel more comfortable retreating to my own kind. I don’t mind flirting with other people and their cultures but I am married to mine. However, I recognise the difficulty with that in today’s world. Therefore I commit to find ways to deal with it. Life does not promise us ease and comfort.

    Isn’t it contradictory for a black Bajan from The Ivy, living in LONDON and married to a white Brit to be so leery of multiculturalism????

    Fish or fowl? I swear, he doesn’t know!

    The study of human beings is fascinating!


  • “Dub street did someone die and leave you their crappy old record collection. See if you can find some current stuff.”

    Didn’t know white boys like you were into music. I thought you were all about the snarks on the net.


  • @ Hal Austin January 12, 2021 8:35 AM
    But have you ever seen me call for ANYONE to be banned from BU? ANYONE. That is the problem with BU, most people cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction..(Unquote).

    What then do you want the much maligned blogmaster to do with Pacha?

    Ostracise the poor jihadist Pacha?

    Treat him the same way you want the government(s) to treat the Muslims?

    What about putting him, along with your “new Barbadians”, in your concentration camp called the ‘Hal Gulag for dissenters against the gospel according to the Asstin’?

    What about doing a Jamal Khashoggi job on him or even one from the template of ‘write-off’ of Qasem or that of Moshen with the backing of the same man whom you think is entitled to run his lying racist warmongering mouth ad nauseam?

    But we will leave you to your ‘friendly’ nemesis Artax who is well armed with the keen competence and sharp memory to prove you be a self-deluding contradicting hypocritical genius called the BU Polymath.


  • Inciting mayhem and subliminal statements which undermines or create havoc and mayhem tilted towards destruction of democracy does not come under the Constitutional protection of free speech
    Such are the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theatre….(Quote)

    @ Mariposa

    You are wrong. Wrong in terms of shouting fire in a crowed room, and wrong about constitutional protection of free speech (whose constitution?). What protects democracy is its own inherent principles, one of which is free speech. The parameters of free speech are spelt out in morals and law.
    All that is separate to the CEO of a private company, which has a near monopoly dominance of its market, to ban people because it does not like what they are saying. How did the CEO reach that decision?
    If we want a free market of ideas, then we must expect people to say things we do not agree with.


  • Donna do you have any concerns when multiculturalism turns into affirmative action.
    David put all the info out there let the reader decide what is the truth. History is written by the winners do really believe everything that is said about a vanquished foe.? People have to make up there own minds but I am tired of trying to make a decision without all the supposed facts. For instance I watched the OJ trial from start to finish and was sure that he did it . A friend of mine formerly married to one of his teammates was positive he was innocent because she said he rarely wore a glove.


  • “All that is separate to the CEO of a private company, which has a near monopoly dominance of its market, to ban people because it does not like what they are saying. How did the CEO reach that decision?”

    Your argument is reheated leftovers from Times News, who are racist in all they say. They have been fighting big tech for publishing views of people they don’t like for long time. Narrative about reparations for slavery and removing statues of racist icons in racist history has been doing rounds on the net but is stifled and ignored. When Times News grudgingly post about black rights and Black Livers Matter their ignorance is abundant and they always counter with white racists views for balance.
    Trevor Phillips is a sell out who sold is soul and is arguing against black movements just like you.


  • dub not me …I play it for my cat,….it likes nothing better that rolling in the catnip listening some tunes and laying down and sleeping all day. But I have noticed lately she has been putting on weight since covid lock down and the slow play of your tunes are not helping. Speed it up a bit or you will have a diabetic cat on your conscience.


  • Here is some white boy music for your kind of damaged mind


  • Oh dear, Lawson! When a particular race has had the labour of their ancestors stolen for hundreds of years and have been oppressed for a hundred more; when all laws and practises denied that race the ability to progress, when all the hard won progress of that race is repeatedly demolished in an orgy of violence and hatred; when after bleeding and dying for a country that country kicks those of that race back into the dustbin after the war is over, some affirmative action is in order for the descendants who have so suffered to give them a leg up!

    But as for those from another country and their descendants, that is debatable. For private universities, for instance, I think the argument is that a diverse student population enriches the learning experience and introduces fresh perspectives and ideas.


  • okay… so I will put you down as not sure

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  • Sure about affirmative action for black American descendants of slaves.

    Not sure about the rest.


  • Well now I am really confused! How is the blogmaster to deal with users of “obscenities” or as I like to call it – colourful language” if not by some form of censorship?

    What are his options? He can ban us or he can delete the post or simply put all the “colourful commenters in moderation and then refuse to post it. Or he can repeatedly call for English rather than French in the rumshop.

    And when we insist that “Sixty million Frenchmen (and women) cannot be wrong” what next???????

    One word for that denial from The Contrarian, “POPPYCOCK!”

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  • Are there limits to freedom of speech?
    The First Amendment allows us to speak our mind and stand up for what we believe in. However, the limits on free speech are rooted in the principle that we’re not allowed to harm others to get what we want. That’s why we’re not allowed to use to speech for force, fraud, or defamation

    Does freedom of speech mean you can say anything?
    Many people seem to believe there is a law titled “Freedom of Speech” that allows you to say anything. … It’s there with the other big ones, such as freedom of religion, the press and the right to free assembly. In fact, the First Amendment does not actually promise you the right to say whatever you want.Jan 23, 2018

    Given two areas of examples where freedom of speech is not absolute


  • @ Mariposa

    To answer your question: yes. There are limits to free speech. But we already have controls of that from incitement to libel to threatening behaviour, etc. That is the route down which we should go.
    The second point you raise is about the First Amendment. That is American. We are not all Americans. It may seem as if American law and values have captured the world, but not yet.
    The issue remains: who gave a private company CEO the power to ban people for their views? This may be so on BU, banning someone for supporting the DLP, but in the wider scheme of things that is insignificant. We have seen people banned or having their views deleted on BU because the chairman simply dislikes the authors. But there are any number of alternatives. If I am banned from one pub I can go to the other.
    Let us look at politics; I am a Christian, should I ban Jews, and Muslims, and Buddhists, or even Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, etc?
    However, with social media and a near global dominance, a ban is the equivalence of being ostracised. How did the CEOs reach their decisions? What was the democratic input?


  • You are such a liar and hypocrite.

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  • what’s with these cardiovascular surgeons that they love to perform unnecessary surgeries so they can be seen as millionaires, no different from politicians, would rob the dead to look wealthy…these rob the healthy….from Barbados to here to there…the one in Barbados wanted to sue because he thinks he has a right to open someone’s heart who don’t need the procedure..and everywhere else these criminals believe they can perform unnecessary surgery on people to haul in multimillions and don’t go to prison.

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  • Hal Your question bearing on who gave Twitter or Fb a right to ban Trump
    From what i gather those two platforms have rules or guidelines which regulates community standards and individuals having to accept those rules or guidelines before having access to the platform
    Once individual agrees to the rules and guidelines and in the interim breaks them
    The platform makes decisions based upon the agreement as to whether the individual can further engaged on the platform
    Trump would not be the first to be banned
    I believe that Minister Louis Farrakhan was also banned and no one spoke up for his freedom of speech




  • The Turd speaks.






  • Something is happening!

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  • David,

    On the upside – at least I have managed to teach him the meaning of the word “ignore”. It was easy really. I’d mention the other lesson I have taught him but then he might regress just to prove me wrong.

    Who knows what else I may yet teach him?



  • “What next? So if you say you are not a multi-culturalist, or think the Mottley government is incompetent, you should be barred from Facebook, or BU, or Twitter or some other silly social media site?”

    You live in one of the biggest multicultural cities on planet Earth where every country in the world has up to 4 generations of foreigners settled here with children who were born and bred in London and gone to multicultural schools and have multicultural friends. If you don’t like multiculturalism move out of London like other racists have done.


  • @ Mariposa

    Of course Facebook and Twitter could ban who they like in normal circumstances, but given their powerful positions they cannot. I will give a similar example.
    In the UK it is not unusual for banks to ban people for all kinds of reasons. But a ban is not simply telling the would-be account holder to go elsewhere, it effectively shuts them out of all kinds of legitimate activities, such as receiving their wages by bank transfer, paying by standing orders or direct debit, etc. Apart from that it raises all kinds of suspicions.
    The regulator got round that by forcing banks to offer the public a basic current account. So banks can only ban people now if they have evidence of illegitimate activity. If you have a powerful or near-monopoly position, then your responsibilities are different to a cake shop in the high street.
    Same thing with Twitter. You may not like what people say on Twitter, but they have a right to express their views within the boundaries of the law.
    If Twitter bans Trump and QAnon and other rightwing groups, they will also ban Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other black-led groups.
    Similarly, there is a great debate about if criticising Israel is antisemitic; or to criticise Jihadists is the same as being anti-Muslim.
    Remember, Trump got 74m votes.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Mr Blogmaster, u must play by your old rule: play de ball NOT de man!

    @Austin, does stretch over the crease of hypocrisy here and yes does play this free speech ball in an ugly fashion …. but as inconceivable as it is that he harps against bloggers here andnuse of uncouth language yet champions a free pass for uncouth, foul and seditious language by a world leader … he is not wrong on that moor!

    And no Crusoe, you are wrong as Austin noted … the SCOTUS gave a ‘narrow’ judgement on that cake case … in fact it was so narrow that it drove to the heart of the cake maker being discriminated AGAINS for HIS RELIGIOUS beliefs.

    It DID NOT legislate on the border issue of ALL companies ability to deny services and thus currently gave no precedent for that.

    So how that will play in the future is unclear… again as you should have followed .. this admin (as most other Republican ones) fought against affirmative action in a Harvard case (re Asian students as I recall) and petitioned the courts to modify some aspects of that same Civil Rights Act.

    This is always a very contention conservative-liberal issue.

    But back to your point Mr Blogmaster, the question is not whether POTUS was bombast and dangerous with his comments … but rather if he contravened any law (as the bogger said) … if he did then he needs to be sanctioned accordingly.

    DJT obviously incited a mob as your remarks and other evidence suggests but did the man have a just right to say what he said or did he BREAK the law doing so… if he did NOT then no private or public entity can curtail his speech simply because we dont like it.

    That is what we condemn in Russia when the Pussy Riot band members were arrested for merely singing a song that criticized Putin.

    We simply cant sooth the gander when we like and SHOOT the goose when we dont like him!

    We are all responsible for our own action, so does it make sense for grown men and women to breach the capital, try to kill Mike Pence and then simply say ‘the boss-man made me do it’ … if we are all somewhat ‘weak of mind’ and ready to commit that act and the man goads us on, then free speech falters (case of Michele Carter whose boyfriend of 18-years called her threatening to commit suicide and the dear lass actually strongly suggested that he get back into his parked truck and finish the act. He did.)

    Maybe POTUS has weakened many minds and they are ready to jump back into that truck … problem is social media CEOs aren’t the ones to diagnose that.

    That’s just the way the law cookie crumbles or fills our head with fumes, if u prefer!

    I gone.


  • @ David BU

    Whom have you banned for supporting the DLP or deleted the views of those people you dislike?


  • Remember Trump got 74million votes

    So was Hliter well accepted in Germany

    The crux of this issues stems from Trump wording of the language is
    and the power and powerful use of words that can incite anarchy as demonstrated by trump foot soldiers


  • @Dee Word

    Let Trump who is not shy about retreating to the Courts to do so by challenging the bans. The blogmaster would have done same. Imagine a president of the USA forcing social media to flag many of his comments with fact-check disclaimers. He incited violence that resulted in the deaths and injuries to human beings for crusades.

    Ban the turd!


  • @Artax

    It is why the blogmaster used the words liar and hypocrite.


  • According to the F.B.I. (Fuck Being Indicted) there are expected to be armed protests in 50 states across America due to Trump’s shit stirring conspiracy theories that he was set up in his election defeat by the deep state who thought he was a dangerous cunt and needed to be evicted from his seat.

    America should have their gun rights revoked as they are nut jobs with guns. There will be many dead, many arrests because the outgoing President was Un-presidential.

    Free Speech is called HIP HOP, which they tried to ban, but came back harder.


  • but as inconceivable as it is that he harps against bloggers here andnuse of uncouth language yet champions a free pass for uncouth, foul and seditious language by a world leader ….(Quote)

    Who is the uncouth, foul-mouthed world leader whose seditious language I am championing a free pass for? Plse give an example of where I once used the word seditious.


    So was Hliter well accepted in Germany…(Quote)

    What does this mean? The conversation was about free speech and the abuse of their power by Facebook and Twitter.


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler January 12, 2021 1:07 PM

    You’ve offered reasonable comments, which I’m in agreement with.

    I don’t believe the CEO of ‘Twitter’ would’ve made a unilateral decision to permanently suspend Trump’s account without legal consultation.

    Twitter permanently suspended his @realDonaldTrump account on Saturday, January 9, 2021, citing the “risk of further incitement of violence.”

    Some sources indicate the categories of speech that fall outside the US Constitution’s First Amendment protection, are child pornography, defamation, obscenity, incitement to violence and true threats of violence. However, there are tests that have to be met in order for those categories of speech to be deemed illegal.

    As it relates to incitement of violence, in the case Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444, 447-48 (1969), the Supreme Court held that the First Amendment protects advocating the use of force or lawbreaking “except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

    However, does Twitter, Facebook, etc, fall under the category of social media platforms, or are they publishers that could make editorial decisions?

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  • The morning after is the bit*h…🤣🤣


  • Hal u did say that Ttump received 74 million votes
    I took that to mean he was well accepted since that number was indicative to his popularity amongst his foot soldiers
    Hence my response as an indicator to Hilter being popular amongst the German population which turned out to be a grave which they had dug for themselves

    Btw this is not the first time Trump has used inciteful language based on what he think of himself and to lay a ground work of revenge amongst his foot soldiers
    His language has always been placed on flowery attacks against people he despise

    I clearly remember Trump saying That he can kill someone and the people would still vote for him
    Words to that effect speaks of a man who endorses violence and appreciates or believes he should be rewarded


  • They were looking for sedition charges since black John and GP posted over 2,000 dumbass comments on the Trump thread last year between the two of them, and i warned them somebody was going to get their balls caught in a vice…..turns out it will probably be hundreds of balls x2..

    apparently all the idiots have now gone to the dark web because they’re sporting encripted message.


  • Facebook and Twitter the administrators make rules people agreed to them
    There is no exception for Trump
    Obama used both social platforms
    He was not banned


  • How many of the 74 million voted Republican.


  • @Hal Austin “We are going down the wrong path when a private company such as Twitter can ban anyone from speaking out”

    Nobody is stopping Donald Trump from speaking out.

    He can always set up a soap box in front of the White Hose and speak out to his heart’s content.

    Twitter, Facebook, CNN, other media places do not own him a platform. In fact so far as I understand they do not owe him anything at all.


  • Twitter can ban who the hell they like! Trump is not silenced. Did Twitter get his tongue?

    I do not know what convoluted argument DPD is bringing.

    All the same it is his ass that is in immediate danger, not mine.


  • wuhloss the fallout……😂😂🤣🤣


  • We don’t even need Netflix anymore……🤣🤣.


  • @Donna January 12, 2021 9:10 AM “Isn’t it contradictory for a black Bajan from The Ivy, living in LONDON and married to a white Brit to be so leery of multiculturalism????”

    Probably afraid some of his own people from the Ivy will join him in London, perhaps some of his own children and grandchildren.


  • @ Mariposa

    You cannot disfranchise his 74m voters, if you do we will get the sort of mob behaviour we had last Wednesday. It is one reason why I said elsewhere that we should discuss Trumpism.
    This is one of the flaws in our democratic system. In little Barbados, people may support the DLP and others the BLP; although the BLP may get government by a statistically small number of votes, in a first past the post electoral system the DLP got none. It is a winner takes all system.
    However, to equate that with the disenfranchisement of DLP supporters will be a serious mistake since it will invite rebellion. In any case, that is a different matter to a private company cutting off the President of the US from communicating through a popular vehicle with his supporters.
    If Trump has committed a crime, then he should face the full power of the law. But in a democracy we do not want a billionaire businessman sitting in his mansion making decisions about who we should or should not read.
    It is like newspaper editors deciding that black people had nothing of interest to say and marginalising them or the boss of a website deciding that for posting a contribution under the wrong topic deserves a ban.
    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely – whether presidential or social media.


  • Freedom of speech[2] is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction. The term “freedom of expression” is sometimes used synonymously but includes any act of seeking, receiving, and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

    Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)—Article 19 states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.[1]

    Orator at Speakers’ Corner in London, 1974
    Freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the UDHR states that “everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference” and “everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice”. The version of Article 19 in the ICCPR later amends this by stating that the exercise of these rights carries “special duties and responsibilities” and may “therefore be subject to certain restrictions” when necessary “[f]or respect of the rights or reputation of others” or “[f]or the protection of national security or of public order (order public), or of public health or morals”.[3]

    Freedom of speech and expression, therefore, may not be recognized as being absolute, and common limitations or boundaries to freedom of speech relate to libel, slander, obscenity, pornography, sedition, incitement, fighting words, classified information, copyright violation, trade secrets, food labeling, non-disclosure agreements, the right to privacy, dignity, the right to be forgotten, public security, and perjury. Justifications for such include the harm principle, proposed by John Stuart Mill in On Liberty, which suggests that “the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.”[4]

    The idea of the “offense principle” is also used in the justification of speech limitations, describing the restriction on forms of expression deemed offensive to society, considering factors such as extent, duration, motives of the speaker, and ease with which it could be avoided.[4] With the evolution of the digital age, application of freedom of speech becomes more controversial as new means of communication and restrictions arise, for example the Golden Shield Project, an initiative by Chinese government’s Ministry of Public Security that filters potentially unfavourable data from foreign countries.

    Never mind the source is Wikipedia. Just read the law. Did harm come as a result of Donald Trump’s words? Is harm likely to occur again? Language is a form of communication. If you and I develop a secret code then the communication cannot be judged by normal interpretations but by what was meant. What did Donald Trump expect his crazed followers to glean from his words? What have some followers done in the past?

    Many reports state that he was watching the action and enjoying it thoroughly, to the disgust of some of his aides who had to warn him of the legal exposure he might face. They had to beg him to call off his mob. He refused to move to call in reinforcements. There is also video which reveals the celebratory atmosphere among his family members in the room during the riots. That was HIS room! HE set the atmosphere!

    All this is evidence that can be used to justify Twitter’s actions, not two isolated tweets.

    Steupse! Who has the better lawyers – Trump or Twitter? As some of you like to say, “If past is prologue……”


  • Oh dear! I see Artax had already covered most of that.


  • @555dubstreet January 12, 2021 1:24 PM “…who thought he was a dangerous cunt and needed to be evicted from his seat.”

    Correction: “…who thought he was a dangerous PRICK and needed to be evicted from his seat.”

    Please don’t insult the female slang name for female pudenda by calling him a cunt.


  • Also, if the FBI issued, as we are learning, a great national security threat at the Capitol, would not Trump have been notified?

    And what did he do? He gave them their “marching orders”.

    More details about frantic calls from staff to Kushner and Kelly-Ann Conway to intercede to get him to call in the National Guard!



  • @Hal Austin January 12, 2021 2:51 PM “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely – whether presidential or social media.”

    But nobody has absolute power over the President of the United States. How can Twitter or Facebook be more powerful that the man who is commander in chief of the most powerful armed force in all of human history?

    Besides billionaire Trump has enough of his own personal funds to start his own media empire, should he choose to spend his OWN money that way.

    Or he can stand on an old soap box in front of the White House and talk his talk.


  • When the abnormal becomes normal.
    Prior to 2016, the most powerful man in the world would address and reassure the nation through a press conference.

    After 2016, we saw the president lying in press conferences and cowardly attacking people in the middle of the night by tweets.

    He can still hold press conferences, as many as he likes. Don’t confuse freedom of speech with freedom of tweets.

    I like that last phrase.

    😀Looks like trimp can win in SGN😀


  • CrusoeJanuary 12, 2021 2:43 AM

    JohnJanuary 11, 2021 8:50 PM

    You do know that no one here (or any rational people) take Limbaugh seriously?


    89 million follow him on Twitter!!

    What’s 5 or so on BU???!!


  • @cuhdear,
    I now see your comment. You are punching like a person who is 300 lbs. I hope that is not your weight.😀

    Translation: punching well above your weight.


  • @ Miller

    The guy is always writing about ‘truth,’ yet he does not adhere to its principles.

    I’ll give you an example. A few weeks ago he made a snide remark, in reference to me, about being challenged for ‘saying’ the FRC is the disciplinary body for accountants in the UK.

    On January 15, 2018 11:54 AM I wrote #: “The accounting profession has a Professional Code of Ethics or Code of Professional Conduct, which may have certain variations according to the accounting designation an individual pursues (e.g. the US CPA; Canada’s CGA or UK ACCA), but no significant differences. Included are guidelines on “Confidentiality” and disclosure of clients’ information to third parties.”

    He responded with:

    January 15, 2018 2:10 PM

    The accounting profession has a Professional Code of Ethics or Code of Professional Conduct, which may have certain variations according to the accounting designation an individual pursues (e.g. the US CPA; Canada’s CGA or UK ACCA)…..(Quote)

    “Wrong. In the UK ACCA is the qualifying body. The professional body is the Financial Reporting Council, I suggest you read its reports. I do not know anything about Canada. See the above quotes for the US oversight.
    By the way, to be a profession there must be a code of ethics.”

    Why would he state my comment was “WRONG,” but subsequently admitted, “……….to be a profession there must be a code of ethics,” and introduced the FRC, which was TOTALLY IRRELEVANT?

    After which, he continued to make snide remarks about “an accountant, with a UK qualification, who does not know the disciplinary body for your profession in the UK.”

    And, he displays blatant hypocrisy………..”That is the problem with BU, most people cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction..Some issues are so serious that we should stick to the truth, even if we are not familiar with it.”


  • … and 89 million for Rush means Trump got way more than 80 million votes!!


  • Thank you, Cuhdear Bajan. I do not use that word to describe male idiots. “Prick” is more appropriate.


  • Trump lives in an alternate reality in a parallel universe on the dark side of the moon where he calls media, fake news.

    In Planet Trump the Civil Rights fights of 60’s never happened and Whites rule supreme and blacks still know their place.

    Hal would be the first to be lynched for his chosen career in fake media.

    Just like good old days when villages had picnics and took photos of black bodies swinging and Police joined in on the fun.

    Killing was a buzz releasing souls into the universe.


  • Next Wednesday will be a blast when the Trumpers crash the inauguration party and march to Government offices with Guns to protest against 46th PotUS. Some are even saying it will be the bomb.

    The Confederates want to kick off a Civil War rematch against the Union.


  • John January 12, 2021 3:54 PM
    ” and 89 million for Rush means Trump got way more than 80 million votes!!”(quote)
    Bullshit….many people have SEVERAL accounts, as do various organizations and entities who cannot vote.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Dub you know the confederates were democrats right as were the kkk , Lincoln was republican


  • wuhloss..


  • Waru I will see your anderson cooper , don lemon and pete buttigug and raise you a jack nicholas, brett farvre and dana white


  • “… and 89 million for Rush means Trump got way more than 80 million votes!!”

    it means your logic is fucked up dumb ass
    twitter users around the world does not equal US voters does it think about it


  • Lawson…hope you are ok, you missed out tante Maxine….can’t leave out your femme preferee


  • @Rabbit
    They don’t understand your fuzzy mathematics/logic

    89M + 30M FB likes +3 Bajans=
    119,000,003 votes for trimp.

    Wait we did not add in parler, myspace aol, compuserve or prodigy…

    I think you are on to something


  • Now that the FBI haa its sedition, conspiracy mojo going they may consider those on BU giving aid and comfort to the insurrectionists.

    These will no doubt include Johnny de Knox, Georgie Porgy, others.

    They may also consider deputizing a few to affect citizens arrests.

    In these circumstances, we would suggest the kind of arrests, a rough arrest, as suggested by Trump.

    Wherever ensconced, Johnny and GP should be expecting their brainless heads making a high-velocity contact with the door frame of a car quite soon. LOL.


  • Is the Johnny really that stupid??? Racist people all over the world follow Donald Trump on Twitter. And others do it for other reasons eg. just to know what he is saying.


  • “Now that the FBI haa its sedition, conspiracy mojo going they may consider those on BU giving aid and comfort to the insurrectionists.

    These will no doubt include Johnny de Knox, Georgie Porgy, others.”

    even better Prince Donald got clean away with 200 million of their dollars idiots that they are, i hoped John, GP and MoneyB sent him money too…all those fools he bilked are now looking at some good prison time and am sure he’ll tell them there are no bad prisons in the US…..🤣🤣 he don’t care if he gets impeached again and lose the 200K, he may still have the secret service to protect him from those…”white trash” who “look poor” and making him “look bad”..and get to keep the whole 200 million too……lol


  • @Pacha

    So funny LOL


    Looks like the blogmaster can vote in the US by his logic, BU follows @TheRealDonaldTrump before his ass was fired LOL


  • Donna
    Yes, they are!


    We know the American system Even McConnell is now supporting impeachment.

    And when empire comes down on you no amount of money will save yuh. 200MM could not even cover legal fees.


  • David

    What else is there if not a bit of levity.

    See us mekking these Trump arrests.


  • @Pacha

    Unbelievable that McConnell is supporting impeachment in order to purge the party of the turd LOL.


  • “We know the American system Even McConnell is now supporting impeachment/”

    he didn’t spend decades on top as senate leader because he’s a fool…,,he knows you dont buck the system that feeds you…

    Prince Donald is now a liability…everyone is running to get out of his orbit..only fools sticking around to go to prison are the equivalent to Barbados’ yardfowls…..🤣🤣


  • David

    There is an tectonic shift beginning on the R side.

    The full weight of the federal government is about the blow Trump and his acolytes away.

    And when the might of the feds comes knocking there can be little resistance by anyone.

    It’s becoming pellucid that political death cometh.


  • @TheOGazerts January 12, 2021 3:54 PM @cuhdear, I now see your comment. You are punching like a person who is 300 lbs. I hope that is not your weight.”

    More like 300 divided by 2

    But thanks.


  • Adelson, Trump’s zionist, mega-donor, is dead. Trump will soon follow.

    Good riddance.

    Pachamama is having Her say as well.


  • “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has cancelled a trip to Europe trip at the last minute.

    Mr Pompeo had been due to fly out on Tuesday but Reuters reports that Luxembourg’s foreign minister and several top European Union officials have declined to meet with him.

    Diplomats and people familiar with the matter confirmed the news to the wire service. The secretary was supposed to meet with his counterpart in Luxembourg before travelling on to Brussels.

    The extraordinary snub to Washington comes just days after the storming of the Capitol by thousands of supporters of Donald Trump, an unprecedented attack on American democracy that stunned many world leaders and US allies.

    Mr Pompeo, a close ally of the president, had sought to meet Jean Asselborn in Luxembourg, before meeting EU leaders and the bloc’s top diplomat in Brussels.”


  • Saw this on FB
    Hey Donnie,
    Obama won a second term,
    was never impeached,
    has a Nobel Peace Prize and
    also has a twitter account.


  • At the same time Trump is killing everybody on death row by cutting legal corners, even in the dying days of his regime. Since July, Trump has done a raft of executions, even sick people.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Donna, the convoluted argumentation you see is a speck in your eye …

    The moot is very simple: if the man didnt break the law with his BS rah rah speech on Jan 6th and the days prior then we CANNOT just deny his right to speak that BS simply because we dont like it!

    Whether or not any public business which offers its services freely to all who follow THEIR rules which in turn must follow constitutional and legislative regulations can ban the man is a legal battle he can initiate… basic understanding of the law suggests he has a winnable case.

    Cut out the likability stuff … one does not have to like the idiot to defend his rights…. God forbid we treat him in the same feral, lawless way he treats us!

    @Austin, I stand back from your response as I am confounded that you focus on the word “sedition” and not the complete idea of what was presented…. makes no sense to me so I dun wid u and dat.

    @John, as @Artax says you simply provoke bcz u really cant be THAT stupid to offer that 80 mil followers on social media = 84 mil US voters… good lord, your HC bros here should dismiss u from the alumni post haste … that’s just INSANELY NONSENSICAL … so u must be joking!

    But then again you also said that Limbaugh leaving Twitter was an entire additional value of incremental loss when added to Trump’s followers leaving… no reflection re the significant overlap of millions!

    Do folks just ‘talk’ pure cow dung when their fingers hit on BU!

    Oh and @David, @WARU said it perfectly: if McConnel does indeed vote to impeach it makes perfect sense to get rid of DJT.

    The senator rode that man perfectly and as sharp as he is it’s now time to put down the old useless horse … NB his wife was the first (or 2nd dont remember) cabinet member to resign … they all got what they wanted and now is time to move on purposefully.

    Only problem is : why signal that intention so early… THAT makes little sense currently… so there is something else bubbling nefariously.

    I gone


  • No one wants their name tied to that level of criminality, sensible people know it was unnecessary, there are more than enuff problems to fix in the US, without this, no one needed it..

    “Harvard University cut ties with a New York Republican congresswoman Tuesday over her comments supporting President Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud.

    The university removed U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik from a senior advisory committee at Harvard’s school of government after she refused to voluntarily resign, Douglas Elmendorf, dean of the Kennedy School, said in a statement.

    “Elise has made public assertions about voter fraud in November’s presidential election that have no basis in evidence, and she has made public statements about court actions related to the election that are incorrect,” Elmendorf said.”

    this is better than prime time:
    Dr. Simone Gold told the Washington Post she indeed was the woman pictured on the Rotunda floor after it was overrun by a pro-Trump mob seeking to disrupt the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

    “I do regret being there,” Gold told WAPO, saying she’s now worried her presence during the illegal riot will distract from her work with her Fox News-friendly advocacy group, America’s Frontline Doctors.

    Dr. Simone Gold
    Dr. Simone Gold (Facebook)
    Gold, 55, was one of the people pictured in an FBI bulletin issued Friday that sought to identify people who stormed the Capitol.

    She rose to national prominence in July after she organized a press conference on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court assailing pandemic lockdowns and claiming “hydroxychloroquine works” in the treatment of COVID-19.

    President Trump called hydroxychloroquine a possible “game changer” early in the pandemic, but evidence it’s a COVID cure never materialized.

    The FDA revoked its emergency authorization in June, saying the drug could actually do more harm than good due to its “ongoing serious cardiac adverse events and other potential serious side effects.”

    As recently as Oct. 21, Gold said on Twitter that Americans “do not need to wait for a vaccine to begin safely and effectively treating” COVID-19.

    “Hydroxychloroquine and other medications are cheap, safe and available NOW,” she wrote.

    Gold told the Washington Post she worked as an emergency room physician for two hospitals at the time of her Supreme Court press conference. She was “promptly fired” after the event and has not worked as a doctor since, she said.

    Speaking on Fox News over the summer, Gold said she had hired lawyer L. Lin Wood to defend her amid the backlash.

    Wood, a prominent voice in QAnon conspiracy circles, was permanently banned from Twitter last week after claiming the election was rigged, filing frivolous lawsuits on Trump’s behalf and even claiming the Capitol siege was staged.

    It wasn’t immediately clear Tuesday if Gold would ultimately face criminal charges.

    At least 20 people already have been charged for their roles in the riot. Some are accused of joining the mob armed with weapons and bombs.

    Pacha, this is the quiet riot, the take down:

    “NYC seeks to cut contracts with Trump Organization, says Mayor de Blasio
    JAN 12, 2021 AT 4:34 PM

    The city government is working to end contracts with Trump businesses, Mayor de Blasio said Tuesday, citing outrage over the commander-in-chief’s role sparking last week’s deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol.

    “The president incited a rebellion against the United States government, a clearly unconstitutional act, and people died. That’s unforgivable,” Hizzoner said when asked about the contracts at a press conference.”

    “FBI, DOJ promise 24/7 search for pro-Trump rioters at the Capitol, task force to focus on possible sedition
    JAN 12, 2021 AT 5:07 PM

    The federal probe of the unprecedented U.S. Capitol insurrection will include a strike force focused on whether pro-Trump rioters arrived in Washington intent on violent assault against the government, authorities said Tuesday.

    “Their only marching orders from me are to build seditious and conspiracy charges related to the most heinous acts that occurred in the Capitol,” said Acting District of Columbia U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin, who tasked a team of senior national security prosecutors and public corruption prosecutors with the probe.

    Sherwin said the nation will be “shocked by the egregious conduct” once all the facts emerge regarding the right-wing horde that descended on the building at the urging of President Trump. And he described the probe as the equivalent of a counterterrorism or counterintelligence investigation.

    Officials promised a “24/7, full-bore” hunt to identify and arrest everyone involved in the rioting that went on unabated for hours. They also confirmed two live pipe bombs were planted near the Capitol during last Wednesday’s assault, with a $50,000 reward posted for information about the people responsible.”


  • Where is GP?


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