Another Heather Cole Column – Another Perspective Toni Moore

Unfolding in Barbados, is the by-election in St George North with Ms. Toni Moore as the candidate for the Barbados Labour Party. In her response at the public announcement, she stated that she is going to “help labour.” It makes absolutely no sense at all because her job description is to “help labour,” and in addition she also sits as a Senator and is a member of the Sub- Committee of the Social Partnership.

Has Ms. Moore forgotten what a labour union is? By definition, it is an organized association of workers, trades or professions, formed to protect and further their rights and interests.

In fact, if the union needed advancement or a political voice to protect them in today’s Barbados, my argument is that the General Secretary of the largest workers union in Barbados, the Barbados Workers Union should not have accepted an offer to be candidate of a political party when she has the capacity to form her own political party.

The trade union movement has been at the cross roads in Barbados for some time and perhaps forming a worker’s party is the requirement to inject new life into this entity.

We all know the old adage, if only the lion knew its strength, then it would rule the world. In 2020, why would the leader of the largest workers union in Barbados accept the candidacy to be a part of political party and not create their own? Is it that there is a lack of vision?

In my opinion, there being no real labour parties left in Barbados, the onus on her should have been to realize this and form a labour party. Sadly Ms. Moore did not see this opportunity.

What is a labour party? It is simply a political party formed to represent the interests of ordinary working people. Based on their performance, both the BLP and the DLP have long since departed the model.

There are tremendous benefits that can be derived for the ordinary workers of Barbados if a worker’s union formed its own political party. An increase in the minimum wage, redirecting the emphasis of government to the ordinary working class instead of big business, redirection of government contracts, the development of housing for the working class, the development of workers co-operatives and business development that serves as a platform for black economic enfranchisement and the list goes on.

If she wins the by-election, the conflict of interest that will arise for Ms. Moore goes far beyond which hat she wears to ultimately which voice takes precedence, that of the Prime Minister or that of the members of the Barbados Workers Union. Based on her recent acts of conceding to government demands, it is unlikely that this will change. Most likely members of the workers union will not be confident about an altered relationship which will be perceived as the union in bed with the government.

One can be of the opinion that Ms. Moore was quite shortsighted. It is hoped that she has not dropped her bone for a reflection. However, there is scope for someone to take the trade union movement to new and greater heights than it has previously achieved.


  • Well written, logical and clearly articulating the reason why a conflict of interest has arisen. The departure of the two main parties from the labour ethos is a major point, despite those who, in a prior blog, defended the appointment based on their history.

    Times have changed and so too their philosophy. Anyone disputing this is being disingenuous.

    However, I am not convinced that there should be a labour party at all, in this era. The nature of government is that it has to take a stance for the good of the country, in the long term and at times this may be at odds with the immediate requirements of the labour movement.

    If the labour movement / party is the government, then decisions may be taken and very likely will be, that run contrary to the best long term interests of the country.

    There needs to be a separation of the labour movement from the government executive. Some may assert that the government is of the people, the workers, so there should be no such separation.

    However, in administering the affairs of state, one has to take into account the business capital owners, the international relations and commitments etc. This in addition to the short term versus long term view.

    A government deriving from the labour view will therefore be conflicted on stances and decisions on critical matters, as their priority will be the immediate labour demands. Some may say that this will not be so, that a balanced approach will be taken. How exactly? There is a clear conflict of interest that cannot truly be resolved by insular discussion between members of a Cabinet. This is akin to Chinese Walls in professional organisations. We all hear the theory, but they are a nonsense in reality. And a cabinet does not even have a structure such as Chinese Walls.

    For a truly transparent and honest representation process and resolution, there needs to be separation between the executive government and labour.

    This is not an attack on any party, nor any candidate, it is a view of the approach to governance.


  • Have not heard her voice as Senator fighting on behalf of workers
    Far from it her opinion has so far sided with govt policies which has hurt the worker
    Furthermore did not muster opposition to govt policies or give alternatives solutions
    In my viewed she is being neutered
    As the old saying goes no man can serve two masters


  • @ Mariposa

    You were right in that the president is trying to suggest that to oppose Ms Moore is an issue of sexism. It is disingenuous and deliberately wrong. Nonsense.
    It is an issue of conflict of interest, of ethics in public life. But, I am still waiting for someone to convince me that the president understands what ethics in public life means and to the wider Barbadian public ethics in public life is a foreign language..


  • Heard Mia boisterous rants and raves spewing a litany of them do it so can she as if being a female gives her every conceivable right to be unethical
    Some one ought to remind her that the world has become much smaller than during that by gone political era when the rest of the world was shut out
    She ought to be more careful being cognizant of the fact that her every word can uplift or make further mess and cause confusion amongst the masses especially the youth


  • Heather

    Why would you expect someone who up to two week ago was not interested in elective politic and had to be convinced, not only by the PM but also Trotman, ( to accept) to form her own political party?

    The history of third party in Barbados is poor.

    The history of the unions attached to a political party is strong.
    Maybe you should have researched when the BWU and NUPW were formed. under which leaders and how those leaders were connected to which party/government.

    IMO part of reason Moore accepted the offer was not only she will be able to serve the union at a higher level but she saw it also as an opportunity to serve her home town. If the by election was in St Lucy i think she would have declined.

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  • Also

    BWU was involved in housing solutions for he workers under Trotman(i think). Seem mangrove around the labour college and in the turning off the ABC highway


  • John2

    You believe people on the blog stupid?


  • “Most likely members of the workers union will not be confident about an altered relationship which will be perceived as the union in bed with the government.”


    I have been informed a few days ago that that statement/opinion is wrong. “Generally” the workers are in support of Moore.
    Further evidence of this was member of BWU executive and BWA (bwu largest public membership) sitting on the stage behind her

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  • David

    NO! Well only one. i left you to guess at which one


  • When is the next meeting of the Senate?
    I expect one less Independent Senator and one more BLP Senator
    About the sexism didn’t Mia a woman drum Agard a woman out of the BLP?


  • in 2021 if the members of BWU think that Moore is not serving their interest then after the AGM she will be MP for SGN and fill another position in the union if she decide to stay.

    Check and balance are in place through the ballots.

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  • Crusoe

    You have your view. no one can take that away from you.

    Obviously Miss Moore and Trotman (who has been there) views are different to yours

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  • also the PM

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  • We have an aged old custom where the general secretary of the trade union is elevated to government. Mia Mottley has no problem continuing with the tradition. The question we must ask- how has it been working out for labour? Should the tripartite arrangement give pause to the practice? Looks like optics more than a substantive move.


  • john2September 29, 2020 8:35 AM.

    Remember that when we accept or create precedents, we have to live by them, even if someone else holds the scrolls. We should always try to improve the structure.

    But you are right. I am nobody and I may be talking rubbish.

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  • Precedent was set decades ago. In you mind you are seeing it one way. in the mind of the union leader they are seeing it a different way. As i keep saying – when all is said and done it is the constituents / union member who will determine which road they want to take.

    I never said you are nobody or talking rubbish. just pointing out that their are other view than yours. Obviously yours is different to Moore’S

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  • Did Dr. Leroy McClean just say that the matter of the GS of the BWU running in SGN is a matter for that constituency only? That it is a sterile topic with so many more relevant issues around? Things said that make you go hmmm.

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  • @HC
    Good observations. However, possibly the truest interpretation is labour (she?) have decided they cannot overcome the BDLP duopoly. Even though neither is a ‘labour’ party. Where it gets dicey, is personal ambition versus professional ambition? The sad thing is Ms.Moore has risen to the pinnacle of the Union movement, been a member of the ‘Social Partnership’, sat on significant Boards like the NIS, been a Senator, without really distinguishing herself. Maybe politics can provide the opportunity to show us some true substance. As a gambling person, I’m not betting on it. Which may be all you need to know.


  • But BU praises Senator Franklyn, an opposition senator. I am awaiting a logical argument as to why it is okay for Caswell to be a PdP senator. The problem with many on BU is the teaspoon level of depth in their arguments; therefore, a unionist in the lower or upper house is solely about advancing workers’ rights. 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Like most people on the blog, I am trying to understand how Moore’s being in the House on the government’s side will help workers.

    If there is a policy or law that is anti-worker, will she vote against it? If she does, will 1 – 28 matter? [I am setting the opposition factor to zero as we do in calculus].

    Would the workers not be better off with a leader who can take strike action without the encumbrance of party loyalty?

    Invoking the past behaviour of union leaders is irrelevant because: (1) none of them exercised this option with a government with a virtual monopoly of the house (2) 6workers have never been in such a perilous state as at the present moment.

    I think my taking up gymnastics may be easier… even at my age!


  • @Cursoe, Northern Observer,

    I am still pondering on this “help labour” remark. Henry VIII had a motivation of getting a divorce when he decided to break with the Catholic church and create the Church of England.
    Mr. Atherley saw an opportunity to become the leader of the opposition and he seized it.
    Ms. Moore does fit into any of these categories, no motive or opportunity that only she saw. She accepted an offer.
    I assumed that her “help labour” was in reference to the labour movement. Now I wonder if she actually meant the Barbados Labour Party. If so now it makes complete sense.



    Was trotti not a MP in the 90s when he marched against Sandi? i am not sure if he was an MP or not – he could have even be a cabinet member (i dont recall.
    The point is that went it came to siding with the workers against his party/Goverment he toed the line with the way the workers voted.

    What or why should it be different for Ms Moore?

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  • @John2

    We have traveled this road before, the unions have access to the social partnership. The landscape has changed. This is about political expediency.


  • if for some reason caswell had decide to run for his party you wouldnt be hearing this chatter from BU and especially from David. but because Caswell back down you will hear all the negative talk and especially from david

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  • I am embarassed that Ms Mottley chose to make this about sexism. I have seen many a sexist argument even against her lately but I have not seen it here. And if I haven’t seen it, you can be sure it ain’t there.

    I wish she had chosen to address the real and legitimate arguments, many of which have been raised here.

    Why do politicians insist on insulting our intelligence???? Don’t they yet see the changes occurring in the tolerance of the electorate??? The young people nowadays were not brought up on Kool Aid.

    I tend to agree with Crusoe’s approach of examining the changing environment and seeking to adjust according to the needs of the times. Crusoe should keep thinking and write a separate blog of his musings. We need a rethink of our system of government and its relationship to the people.

    If not now – WHEN?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Ms Cole, a few questions in line with those posed above.

    1.Why is it valid or important that Labour forms its own party to advance the need for 1) An increase in the minimum wage, 2) redirecting the emphasis of government to the ordinary working class instead of big business, 3) redirection of government contracts, 4) the development of housing for the working class, the development of workers co-operatives and business development that serves as a platform for black economic enfranchisement ???

    You are not naïve to perceive that a Labour party could ONLY concentrate on those objectives or that more importantly they an only be achieved under a government umbrella.

    I am lost frankly by your logical progression that taking “the trade union movement to new and greater heights” can only (or primarily) be achieved as a standalone party… that simply flies in the face of the historical successful achievements due to direct affiliation with political parties and the reality that modern day issues pushes concerns well beyond the base reality of simply an improved minimum wage!

    Everyone has to work and is thus a ‘worker’ but is everyone a union member or a member of the same union?… what will be the ideological philosophy of this party and will all workers adopt or believe in that ethos?

    About 154,000 people is report of voters in 2018 and union membership (all) is about 40,000 as a guess… so the presumption is that at least those members will support some new Labour Movement Party. At least that’s enough to win some seats, however… I presume!

    The concept sounds good but is practically implausible (irrational, even) in 2020 … the really interesting thing about the idea is that BOTH main parties adopted that EXACT thinking at formation (the BLPs as a remodeling somewhat) … so it seems you are saying that in this current, well-developed local Bim landscape these many, many years since those parties hefted their might and empowered workers’ voices that our workers’ rights are now so constrained, so under-whelming and so muted in the corridors of power that we need a brand new political Labour voice as a political party!… And that such a party will be the answer to our problems… SERIOUSLY!

    Ok, den!

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  • @John2

    You prefer to engage in hypotheticals?

    @Dee Word

    Why not establish a workers party is what is being asked.


  • The Moore things could change or remain the same.

    Will she become a Minister in the Ministry of Labour or will she be allowed to warm a seat on the back benches so she can pay attention to her regular job as head of the BWU ?


  • @ Hants good questions.


  • @ Dribbler,
    The benefits that I have stated are presently outstanding and are being ignored by the ruling Administration.
    Also I am not saying that a new labour party should forget all the other problems in Barbados.

    Leading up to the last General Election there were several new parties who entered the fray. The union was noticeably absent although they have a large voting block. It is a wonder that the union which was distraught with the DEMS did not conceive the idea of entering the race.
    Missing also from the landscape is a party that has an emphasis on environmental issues.
    If it is to be taken as a rebirth so to speak, it will be unadulterated. The union would not be seeking to sit in another Administration where many think that it will be compromised.


  • @ David
    I really see no problem with Ms. Moore joining the party of her choice, contesting an election and remaining GS of the BWU.
    However, what is the real role of the constituency in her selection? She was not a member of the party; had previously not expressed an interest in the constituency and was able to join a party; become it’s candidate all in the space of a week! Remarkable by any standards. Now in my limited mind , being a known rabble rouser, strife maker and all; I actually thought that the first consideration when interested in a constituency was to solve the problems and give the constituency proper representation .

    Things get curiouser and curiouser.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ dpD
    Thanks for exposing the under belly of this fictitious conflict of interest. I am still working at deciphering the real problem. Obviously what is sauce for the gander is not sauce for the goose. Or is there something more sinister?

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  • All distraction, keep your eyes on Mia, don’t blink.


  • You Tube

    Nation Update: BWU at Arawak Cement
    61 views•Sep 29, 2020

    Deputy General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Dwaine Paul, says they sanctioned the withdrawal of labour by members at the Arawak Cement Plant in Checker Hall, St Lucy, who have been trying unsuccessfully to meet with management. (Video by Reco Moore) #MeAndMyNation #YourNewsYourTimeYourWay #ILoveMyNation246 #NationBarbados #Nation246 #Barbados


  • How will the General Secretary handle this Labour unrest which is occurring as she begins her journey to Parliament ?

    St.George is a safe seat and she will win the by election.


  • @ William

    You are right. If Ms Moore wants to join a party and stand for parliament, that is her democratic right. But, if she is in the Senate as an independent senator, and, as far as we know, not a member of any political party, then joins the ruling party a week before she was selected, then this suggests deception. Was all this cooked up during the prorogation?
    The ethical thing to do is to resign as an ‘independent’ senator, which quite clearly she no longer is, and contest the seat for the BLP. So far she still remains an ‘independent’ senator.
    I also question her membership of the so-called Social Partnership. But, in the final analysis, Ms Moore, like the nation, is the victim of a politically devious and unethical prime minister.


  • NorthernObserver September 29, 2020 11:27 AM
    The sad thing is Ms.Moore has risen to the pinnacle of the Union movement, been a member of the ‘Social Partnership’, sat on significant Boards like the NIS, been a Senator, without really distinguishing herself.

    David September 29, 2020 12:17 PM

    There, right there in black white. That is all it is.
    Forget the lotta long talk.
    People biting their tongues, “intellectualizing” and trying to avoid calling a club a club.

    Who MAM likes get picks and who she don’t like get licks. Like it or lump it.
    Who’s gonna bell that cat?


  • @ Heather Cole
    The country is polarized and any workers party would be politically crushed by BLPDLP and it’s essentially politically blind membership. In other words if a BLP is at the head , the leadership could do no wrong and true representation will suffer; when a DLP is at the head vice versa.
    Ask Dr. George Bell why his Workers Party failed. I attended the very last Annual General meeting .


  • @William

    Yours is another valid perspective, there are a few.


  • Hants

    She already stated that she is willing to do it as a backbencher


  • Whatever happened to the Movement for National Liberation?


  • Labour unions and political parties in the English speaking wider Caribbean have always been Siamese twins, ALWAYS in bed together.

    If I count from Guyana in the south to Jamaica in the north, from Barbados in the east to Belize in the west, I can probably come up with at least 100 names.

    Nothing new here.

    Moving on.

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  • The D’s vex as hell because they feel that auntie has [politically] seduced Toni, whom we all thought was a Dem.

    But Toni has both the word “yes” and the word “no” in her mouth, doe she not?


  • “D’s” gettin’ on like a fella dat get a horn.

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  • MAM got wunna dizzy. Note the lady stated that it was not the first time she approached Toni Moore. Listen to Ryan Straughn, Marsha Caddle, Wilfred Abrahams and many of the current MPs about running. I repeat, a leader of a workers’ union is the leader of opposition business in the Senate. Leh dah sink in.

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  • @Enuff September 29, 2020 11:44 AM “But BU praises Senator Franklyn, an opposition senator. I am awaiting a logical argument as to why it is okay for Caswell to be a PdP senator.?”

    Because truly people love an underdog.

    Underdogs being less threatening than pit bulls.

    Apologies to all those who love their pit bulls.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, I am lost, confused and discombobulated… 🤣…I gave a simple but I thought precise commentary on the nonsense of a new Workers Labor Party and you still said: “Why not establish a workers party is what is being asked.” …EH ????

    You surely missed the point that such a party CANNOT stand on the simple platforms noted by Ms Cole or that workers are NOT monolithic in beliefs, ideologies or anything that drives political desires!

    Thanks @Skinner you were more emphatic than I was!

    @Ms.Cole, you are an intelligent lady with strong convictions but at times your commentaries appear untethered to historical and modern context. I repeat… I cannot conceive how ANY workers party today will distinguish itself as a powerful POLITICAL party!

    Workers have already successfully started and developed well financial vehicles providing housing and business loans; they gave started and then reconsidered retail coop businesses; they have had a voice at the powerful center of government for years now; they have developed and expanded housing accommodations for members; and they have offered excellent educational courses to increase their members working effectiveness/rights!

    Just a few highlights of their growth and power!… So can you please realistically tell me what special new awareness or power or control the formation of a Workers political entity will satisfy… the concept had it’s day but all parties formed based on the workers movement has HAD to grow beyond that if they wanted to reach the governance role and then grow further to continue as a viable party: Panday in T&T is the easy reference.

    The formula used by Sr Frank or O’Brian Trotman and now by Ms Moore to agitate from within the party is STILL viable … the workers are already at the head table with the pols and the corporate chieftains so you are effectively saying that the union officers there have NOT been effective (raising minimum wage, e.g.) and thus you want to start over again with a new party.

    That strategy seems counter-productive to me and although it would gets us a brash new awareness very little in real benefit would accrue!

    You can do just as well by putting more aggressive officers in place if you think the current group are Vichy collaborator types!

    I gone.

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  • Cuhdear Bajan
    He’s still a member of the “political class”.🤣🤣


  • Toni Moore will win and restore the 30 – 1 .

    Barbados is a de facto one party state until 2023 unless…..


  • @Dee Word

    No need to intellectualise. The state of mind of the electorate may have changed. There is growing apathy with the political system. To anchor your position in an aged old belief adds nothing to the cause.


  • Boy did Mia b..itch slap Caswell.over 400 hundred dollars
    Mia is a tyrant


  • Caswell debunks Mia account of the 400 hundred dollars
    Hope he sue her for slander


    The DAILY NATION contacted Franklyn, who denied Mottley’s account of things. According to the Opposition Senator, as a member of the BLP at the time, he received $400 from the party’s foundation, which was set up to help persons who had fallen on hard times. He made it clear that these funds had nothing to do with his Unity trade union, which was operating from a room in his house at the time.

    Membership dues

    “That is an absolute lie. I never came and asked for anything. Firstly, I was never given a cent to pay any rent.

    “I was a member of the Barbados Labour Party. I was out of work and I was talking to [someone in the party] one day and the issue of my finances came up and she told me about this foundation that helps people. I was offered some money and being broke at the time I took it. It was $400 and it had nothing to do with Unity trade union.

    “As a matter of fact, Unity Workers’ Union operated from my front-house for five years before we moved to St James,” said Franklyn, who added that the party should have a record of him signing for only that sum of money.

    Franklyn also disclosed that he has not paid membership dues at the BLP and therefore cannot be considered a member. He also said that he was not surprised that the Prime Minister chose to make that money matter public.

    “I am not offended by it, simply because I don’t expect any better behaviour. It is sad that they would help someone who is down on their luck and unemployed with $400 and then take ten years to walk about telling people about it,” he said.

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  • What a dam shame and she holds title of PM
    Also which brings to mind her legal background which would have provided her legal advice in avoiding her from walking so close to the danger zone


  • If anyone has any doubts about the kind of person Mia is
    They need to watch the SGN video and Mia presentation
    A witch a bitch and a tyrant all wrapped up in one
    Hope Caswell take a legal course against her damming and despicable utterances against him
    I would


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    That’s just disgustingly petty … re the PM and Sen Franklyn! The man should be applauded for rising from his state of job lost and starting his new union.

    @David, you have catspraddled me again with The state of mind of the electorate may have changed. There is growing apathy with the political system. To anchor your position in an aged old belief adds nothing to the cause.”

    The union boss drives a car that costs more than several beautiful wooden houses in Bim or as much as one lovely wall house in any Heights or Gardens neighborhood; she receives a likely whopping salary, expense account and other perks; sits on this Social Partnership Council and all in all moves at a very high level… but YOU are telling me that I am anchored in ‘age old beliefs’!

    All that seems quite ‘new age’ to me! … and starting another new party in at attempt to ‘fix’ that is what would be “aged old belief’ if you were to ask me! The union likely needs some ‘aged old beliefs’ and principles reinstated frankly, just not the new party one!

    But I am counterfactual in that way!😎🤣

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  • HantsSeptember 29, 2020 4:22 PM Toni Moore will win and restore the 30 – 1 .Barbados is a de facto one party state until 2023 unless…..

    You allude to a possible separation of a segment, even possibly driven by the newcomer moving ahead of existing MP’s. Crossed my mind too. Every action has a reaction.


  • @Hants
    Your call of MoL is not far fetched.
    If you watch, the NIS has been VERY closely guarded. We saw a former Board member (as a BEC nominee), turned elected politician, Mr Colin Jordan assume the Ministry. Another former Board member. Mr Gooding-Edghill (a BHTA nominee) turned elected politican, assumed the Board Chair. Ably aided by the former GM/CEO of the NIS, now the Director of Finance, and the BDLP’s clean-up hitter Mr.Persaud. Former Chair Dr JR, kept on as a Director of the Central Bank, while professionally being made a Full Professor at UWI and Dept head. Ms Moore the BWU rep, and the NUPW rep, continued on post May 2018.
    It would seem very plausible if not MoL, she is likely to assume the Chair, similarly to Mr. G-E, prior to be assigned Ministerial responsibilities.
    A good way to sink her, for sooner or later, somebody has to wear the NIS?


  • politics is a nasty business but that was beyond the pale by MAM. a leader to be admired, just wow… but such is life. that was designed to neuter Franklyn the only vocal opposition MAM and the BLP have at the moment. a party with a 29-1 majority is running against a senator who is not a declared candidate.

    knowing Caswell the fight is on


  • I’m wondering if this Mariposa who’s now reminding us about ‘prime ministerial ethics,’ is the same Mariposa who endorsed the behaviour of former PM Stuart, when he along with former parliamentarians lambasted Mottley at a campaign meeting in Waterford?

    “Legal background???” Lest I’m accused of criticising anything positive about the DLP…….. are you the same Mariposa who spent 2016, 2017 and part of 2018 pushing the LEC issue, trying to convince all and sundry Mottley was essentially practicing law illegally in Barbados?


  • @enuff

    To make that comparison is beyond the pale.


  • Mariposa Mr Franklyn admitted he received 400 dollars and also that he never officially resign from the BLP.Tell us what Mr Franklyn will sue about.Mr Franklyn likes sharing licks therefore he has to take licks as well and i do not believe Ms Mottley has any fear of Mr Franklyn.By the way Mr Franklyn is a senator and trade unionist .What is the difference between Mr Franklyn and Ms Moore?Or for that matter Sir Roy, Mr Morris or Mr Greaves ?The answer nothing.This is a lot of hot air over nothing and this too shall pass.The people of SGN and the union will determine Ms Moore, fate not the usual mainly overseas belly achers.Lastly tell us who of us know whether Ms Moore has resign or not at this point? ,


  • Franklyn said that the money had nothing to do with Unity
    Mia presented a case trying to prove that her govt was not anti Union
    In her own utterances Mia stated that the blp paid Unity rent
    Frankly says different that at the time he received any money from the blp his place of residence was the office for Unity
    Mia as usual tried to sell a bold faced embellished story to gain emotional support from the SGN gathering
    What a dam shame


  • @Lorenzo September 29, 2020 5:43 PM “Lastly tell us who of us know whether Ms Moore has resign or not at this point? ”

    If Ms.Moore has resigned from the Senate, then she should immediately inform us, because we the tax payers are her employer.

    So whether she is at work in the Senate or not should not be a secret from us.


  • So was it $100 per month for 4 moths to rent the front room being used as an office?

    Or was it a one-time $400 to help out a BLP member who was having a hard time?

    Or was/is somebody cooking the books on Roebuck Street?

    So many questions???


  • Glad enough that when i have been broke I could ask one of the siblings or one of the kids.


  • Mentioning the $400 is intended to politically emasculate Caswell. Knowing Caswell as we do, it will have the opposite effect. Is it not strange we have a by election in full gear and still no sighting of the DLP? If the blogmaster were the PM Election Day would be sooner rather than later.


  • Caswell need not feel emasculated.

    We are all broke at some point of our lives. Some people are saying that even Donald Trump may be broke at some time in the future.

    So no shame there. Accepting a small gift in difficult times from an organization of which you have been a long time member is NOT shameful.

    Taking a loan and making no effort to pay it back, that would be shameful.

    I am owed many tens of thousands by a certain person, but would never speak of it in public.

    But then again I am not a politician.

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  • David
    The argument is union leaders should be apolitical. Caswell is an Opposition Senator and therefore is involved with a political party. Have I not seen Senator Franklyn at PdP press conferences? It is only pale because you want to pick and choose. The argument that because Caswell is an Opposition senator makes his situation different is disingenuous and frankly nonsense. One can thwart government in the interest of party/self or thwart workers in the interest of party/self.

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  • Mottley has shown how brazen a politician she could be even at a point of being untrurhful
    Ok she picks Tony Moore but cannot says what good or provide examples of any thing of worth Moore has done to help struggling workers in the past two years as Senator
    However goes on a tirade about a measly 400 hundred dollars to Caswell
    Enough utterances from her mouth to mek dog stomach sick
    Only a low life would help a person in financial need and talk about it when there are personnel differences ten years later
    Her utterances speak to a mind set of a person whose only interest is self


  • If the money was because he was broke then she should not have mentioned it

    But Caswell threw the first stone and mam never mentioned that it was because he was broke. He revealed that himself

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  • Since we talking about digging up dirt, did you all see the 5 companies that get the Highway one $15 million project ?

    Any conflict of interest ?

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  • @enuff

    Caswell did not offer himself to the public. Caswell’s Union does not compete with the BWU.


  • What year is this?


  • Si Caswell is the trailblazer that Moore is to follow?


  • OSA if u only knew
    She call uh out of retirement mek uh wear too hats and tge rest is history
    Poor George Payne
    Now Mottley not so intrested in crime
    What a ting doah


  • Sarge:

    ONE: Wgy don’t you let Owen rest in peace.

    TWO: I don’t like duppy politics


  • @Cuhdear
    I will as soon as others stop mentioning Adams (both of them), Barrow, St. John and Thompson


  • @Lorenzo September 29, 2020 5:43 PM “Mr Franklyn admitted he received 400 dollars and also that he never officially resign from the BLP.”

    And your point is that once a member, always a member? He is also reported to have said that “he has not paid dues in over a decade and is therefore not in good standing”.

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    He did not resigned from the party is what she said.
    so technically he is still a member but not in good standing


  • Mentioning $400.00 is in poor taste in the context the money was given. Barbadian are not silly. By Senator Caswell’s body of work not resigning from the BLP is a matter of little consequence in the minds of the sensible average Bajan.


  • agreed about the poor taste if it was to help him when he was down.
    Sensible average Bajans know this shit is part of the political tit for tat especially at election times so agreed on that too

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  • werent we promised a DLP candidate by Tuesday? or was the tuesday next week?


  • Verla has a deliberate style way of doing things which contrast starkly with Mottley. She will have to work on getting her political tempo adjusted.


  • Mia needs to stop taking taxpayers money to create political posts to muzzle people at taxpayer’s expense, the money is not hers nor BLPs, that is an exceedingly nasty practice that both governments think makes them brilliant, instead the money could go toward the homeless to build shelters to prevent them DYING ON THE STREETS..

    they too love to waste taxpayer’s money for their lowcrawling nastiness.


  • Only the lower class would help someone with 4 hundred measly dollars and make it a political talking point in retaliation, says more about them than their target…then these nobodies run around on every media network pretending to be world class..


  • Nasty and Untrue!

    That is how Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn has described suggestions that his Unity Workers’ Union begged for financial assistance from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in its early stages of existence and that he is still a member of the party.

    In a stinging rebuttal to Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s claims at a political meeting on Sunday night, the outspoken union leader claimed that the current administration has been attempting to silence him with promises of high-level appointments and a seat in the Lower House of Parliament.

    He contends that after failing to buy him over, the administration is now “catching at straws” as members seek to defend the selection of Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) General Secretary, Independent Senator Toni Moore as their representative in the St George North by-election.

    On Sunday evening, Mottley hit out at the Opposition senator’s “hypocrisy”, claiming that he was the BLP’s only union leader currently sitting in Parliament.

    Mottley also declared that she was puzzled by Franklyn’s recent assertion that her government is the “most anti-worker administration in living memory” because at her request, Franklyn’s union received financial assistance in the form of rent money from the party.

    She also discouraged Barbadians from listening to his “misinformation” on industrial relations matters and criticized the media for providing him with “a level playing field as if he is telling the truth”.

    “I know that the only union that I have ever had to… take money from the Barbados Labor Party’s resources and to help, not because we wanted to be invidious, but because they needed it . . . and so committed are we to the workers’ rights that I [gave instructions] to pay the rent for the Unity Trade Union for the first few months of its existence.

    “I never gave the [Barbados] Workers’ Union any money or Toni Moore or Leroy Trotman. I have come to them to help us. [Franklyn] came to us for a handout and a help up” the Prime Minister declared.

    In response, however, Franklyn, who carries the banner of the opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) in the Upper Chamber, explained that he received $400 to assist with a number of personal bills when he was unemployed some years ago. But he was adamant that he received no money from the BLP to assist the UWU.

    “That wasn’t a rebuttal. That is being nasty, and it is untrue. Mia Mottley never gave the Unity Workers’ Union a cent.

    “As a matter of fact, Unity Workers’ Union operated from my living room for the first five years of its existence, so we didn’t need rent. I only started paying rent in 2015 when I got an office in Bridgetown,” the trade unionist contended.

    “It came from a foundation that [Parris] told me that she was responsible for, that helps people who are having difficulties. I had difficulties as a member of the Barbados Labour Party.

    “It didn’t have anything to do with Unity. That is a lie, and it was $400 only. That is the only money I have ever received from Pat Parris in my life and that was to help me with my bills when I was unemployed. That is the truth, and nothing but,” Franklyn added.

    Franklyn also claimed that like Moore, the party has been trying to “trap” him for some time with promises of the prospect of a parliamentary seat in St Thomas.

    In fact, he claimed that at a meeting of the National Security Council, and in the presence of MPs, senators, the Commissioner of Police, Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force, Mottley offered him a position that would give him responsibility for the public service and require all Permanent Secretaries
    to report to him.

    “She didn’t hide her mouth or call me to a side. She announced it at the meeting, so they can’t deny that,” Franklyn said.

    “I told her to her face ‘Prime Minister, if I take that job, there would be no good trade unionists left.

    “I don’t know if they would admit, because they were all there. The only person that I recall being absent was Toni Moore, who was away on union business.

    “I would have been chairman of a revamped public service full time. She was creating that job for me,” the union boss added.

    Efforts to get response on these claims from the office of the Prime Minister were unsuccessful up until the time of publication.

    In response to Mottley’s claims that he is still a member of the BLP, Franklyn declared that he has not paid dues in over a decade and is therefore not in good standing.

    “They are clutching at straws,” he said.


  • hard to match MAM. Verla shouldnot even try. Verla should just strengthen her positives and work on her weaknesses. it is difficult to change the way you talk, how you deliberate and how you deliver, at this stage.

    like Trump did to Biden and the Moderator i saw MAM did something comparable to the late Tyrone Estwick and Rogers in a debate. she talked over Estwick, would not let him get a word in when it was his turn to speak. Rogers did little but when he tried she talked over him too. she came over as a bully even then.

    were i Verla i would not debate MAM. instead i would buy 2 30 minutes block and speak directly to Bim with a moderator asking questions if she cares to.


  • @Greene

    The comment was about tempo and pace. She must project that she is on top of all the issues and disassociate with a froonlike approach that has been plaguing the party.



  • The PM comes across as very statesman like when she appears on the International stage, but in this local political contest that has been thrown out the window, and it’s so unnecessary, why single out Caswell for a paltry sum several years ago? But politicians like Elephants have long memories. Anyone with half a brain knows that the BLP could sleepwalk its way to a win in this constituency, perhaps the PM is feeling the heat about her decision to offer the seat to the leader of the main Trade Union in the land, not sure what a back bench MP could do to promote the interests of the Union but I don’t know much.


  • @Sargeant

    The blogmaster has a theory that hitches to the fact Caswell’s voice has been the loudest from the other side. It explains why he is a target. Caswell has accrued political stock because of his perceived barefaced honesty. She should tread carefully.


  • I am not surprised she has offered Caswell a job. It is her little political trick of compromising her opposition. She thinks everyone has a price; that is the basis of her public ethics.
    And, like a toddler throwing a tantrum, if she does not get her way she goes on a r ant. She is despicable and should not be the prime minister of a great nation.
    I have said before, by 2023, we will not recognise Barbados. She treats the entire nation with contempt.


  • @ Hal
    The BLPDLP practices political cannibalism. I wrote in BU a few months ago that Caswell was being enticed in order to silence him. But as you know , I don’t live there so I don’t know what’s going on.
    I know of a case where a party supporter was given a job and fired within a week just because somebody was told he drinks with a person from “the other side”.


  • Note the irony: in one breath you are all about women power and equality. In another you try to embarrass a wife and daughter on a public platform by exposing a husband and father who was going through a hard time. That’s who we are.


  • That low blow definitely did not land. Did Mia not know who she was dealing with? Caswell did exactly what I would have expected him to do – admit his dire circumstances at the time and his acceptance of the help through the correct channels.

    I am not sure of my position on union bosses and political parties but I am sure of these two things – that behaviour from Mia was disgraceful and of the two, Caswell is more believable.

    So… another attempt to silence a big mouth. Is he the last man standing?


  • Mia needs some time looking in the mirror. Old habits die hard but die they must or Barbados will die.


  • @David,

    Point taken re tempo and pace but i dont know what she can do about that. it simply is the way she talks and presents- her style perhaps suited to her personality. MAM is fast paced and likes to think that this is a sign of her intelligence. that too is her style.


  • @ Greene

    MAM intelligent?


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