Reform or Die

Submitted by Ziggy Greene


Voter annihilation
The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was wiped out in the 2018 general elections in Barbados. It lost all 30 seats that constitute the House of Assembly. So devastating was the defeat that the DLP won only one or two of individual constituency voting boxes. Previous strongholds of St John and St Lucy were swept away like coastal lands in a tsunami. Many pundits, political and otherwise, have prophesied, more in hope than serious thought, that the DLP is now dead and defunct. It is deceased they declare; it cannot rise again. Good riddance to bad rubbish was how one Barbados Labour Party supporter, a friend, framed it.

And so it seems after the election if one drove along George Street, Belleville, the headquarters of the DLP affected a forlorn and shabby appearance, a reflection of the state of the party. For weeks nothing was heard from former Cabinet Members. Not even from the former PM Freundel Stuart; he remained as silent after the loss as he had been during his leadership.

The show must go on
Nevertheless after sometime, an election for party leadership was held. It pitted Guy Hewitt, former UK High Commissioner from 2014-2018 against Verla De Peiza, a previous unsuccessful candidate for the party. Hewitt represented a break from the past and De Peiza a continuation thereof albeit one who was never in government. Without going into the reasons why, De Peiza won.

Can DePeiza make the DLP viable again?
That is question on the lips of party faithful and Barbadians who want to see a robust opposition. After two years in the leadership role it is difficult to tell if the question has been answered. What comes out of George Street is an amalgam of worn out political utterances and defensive statements that give no clue to the personal political underpinnings of Miss De Peiza or what a DLP Administration under her leadership would portend. There is no inkling on where she stands on the pressing issues that plagued Barbados, whether it is crime, social or economic concerns.

Every party suffers defeat
At some point a party will lose an election. At some point the political philosophies of a party will clash with the wishes of voters. Between 1932 and 1952 during and after the great depression, and the Second World War Americans favoured the Democratic Party for its social policies. Between 1980 and 1992 the Democratic Party was in opposition to the Republicans in presidential elections when Americans opted for the conservative policies of Ronald Reagan. At home, the DLP won 24-3 over the BLP in 1986. In 1999 the BLP defeated the DLP 26- 2 and in 2018 30-0.

It ought to be pointed that the Democratic Party in the US began life as a conservative party and the Republicans as more liberal per the America definitions of those terms. They flipped ideologies around the 1970s although it can be argued that the change started around 1932 when FDR instituted social and welfare reforms to combat the great depression. In Barbados, there is no defined political ideological demarcation between the DLP and the BLP. Demonstrably, political parties form and reform or reinvent themselves according to the philosophies of their leaders and members, and the voting tendencies of the public.

The DLP Party must reform
Without doubt it must. But how is that to be achieved? My advice would be to first apologise to the citizens of Barbados and to DLP members if there is a distinction or if such a specific apology is warranted. Sorry for not living up to expectations of those who voted for the DLP, Sorry for besmirching the values and name of Errol Walton Barrow and those who started the Party and carried its banner for many a year, Sorry for the failures of the past 8 or so years. Pledge that it would never be repeated. That would represent a break from the past and signal a new dispensation. One rightfully may argue that it may anger some members not least the old guard from the previous administration and that may be true. I say so what? But an apology is not the end all.

Political reform – a review
Jose Moroni in a 2009 paper about Brazilian politics considered the question of political reform and advanced seven basic but fundamental challenges, that any serious attempt at political reform must overcome.

There are to quote Maroni:-

  • Male dominance: Any system of political, economic, industrial, financial, religious or social organization in which the vast majority of the senior positions in the hierarchy are held by men.
  • Patrimonialism: Political conduct on the part of dominant elites in the exercise of public government functions whereby public resources (of the State and/or its institutions) are appropriated as if they belonged to these elites.
  • Oligarchy: A form of government in which power is concentrated in the hands of a small number of individuals who are in many cases united by family ties or political connections, and who belong to privileged social classes. Typically, oligarchies tend to be dominated by men and to function in a patrimonialist way.
  • Nepotism: The practice of individuals in positions of executive power in the State apparatus granting favours by awarding jobs to their relatives.
  • Cronyism: The exchange of favours and mutual preferential treatment by individuals in executive positions in State structures and public services.
  • Personality cults: Creating cult status for individuals in the political sphere, which leads to the devaluation of political debate and the de-politicizing of conflicts.
  • Corruption: When individuals appropriate or re-allocate public resources for private ends and are able to act with impunity and maintain themselves in power. Another aspect of corruption is that it is a way of usurping the power that rightly belongs to the people.

For ease of reference, Moroni succinctly explains those challenges. To varying degrees and deferring terms, these are comparable issues that plagued Barbados.. Nevertheless this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are other issues like encouraging a more broad-based economy, debt and debt financing, the welfare state, civil service reform, crime, targeted free university education, technical and vocational schools or studies, same sex marriage, school zoning, legal reform, and single sex schools. Coterminously, there is the matter of in- house DLP recalibration surrounding attracting new members, candidate selection restructuring, and maintenance of party headquarters.

Back to Moroni
Addressing the political scene in Brazil, Moroni offers up more incisive guidance for reform, which on examination has exogenous appeal. He advises reformers to-

  1. Strengthen direct democracy;
  2. Strengthen participative democracy;
  3. Improve representative democracy (the electoral system and political parties);
  4. Democratize information and communications;
  5. Democratize the judicial system

How germane, given what has been trending in Barbados. The President of the Senate recently resigned and has been replaced by a party insider, with no reason given for the particular appointment. The Chief Justice has retired and advertisement for a replacement has been broadcasted. Despite that, critics are confident that a party affiliate is a surety for the post.

And with the recent Throne Speech and the intent of the Government to implement measures towards same sex civil unions and republicanism, there has been some furore over whether Government should proceed unilaterally in the case of becoming a Republic or by way of referendum, as it has for same sex marriage notwithstanding the civil union stop gap.

Such political angst is ubiquitous in democratic forms of government but there are lesson to be learnt here for the DLP. Changes are not easy. They are disruptive and divisive, but they are inevitable.

My Advice to DePeiza
Scrutinize these political reforms posited by Maroni. Juxtapose them against the political landscape of Barbados and your ideals for the DLP. In detail, pen how you would realign the political principles of the DLP taking into account this framework. Promulgate it to the public along with any other reforms that you deem necessary under the circumstances.

Above all, mean it, and demonstrate that you do. We must know where you stand. We must know where you intend to take us and above all we must believe you. You may not win the next election and you may not win any election but you would have propelled the DLP into the future and perhaps ensure its existence.


  • @Pacha
    You are missing the point. I never said you only bowl long hops; I merely said you are bowling @David long hops and giving him tutorials.
    Quite recently we at Mahogany Coconut, republished one of your several brilliant pieces from 2016. Certainly, we have utmost respect for your intellect and superb writing skills.


  • Lorenzo don’t worry about the mega watts which my bulb emits
    I have witnessed the blp crying in the wilderness for 10 ten years and yes i used that same dim bulb to put them there
    Just thinking that out of two years the present govt can inflict so much harm on the lives of people should be enough to ask of self how much more damage can the people endure under present govt
    As they say the tea leaves which once were green have already turned brown and dried
    The dlp will rise again and so far the present govt has given the dlp enough of an opportunity to do so
    Just check the social and economic environment if u doubt me


  • Skinner

    We therefore withdraw and humbly apologise.


  • let’s not forget there is no depth in the DLP. without MAM to run interference where would they stand?


  • Have any one noticed that with Covid using both knees pressed tightly on all countries
    That govt touting of garbage trucks and buses that the buses have been running on low capacity and the garbage trucks task might have been made a lot easier because of business slowing down having an impact of not having to dispose of more garbage
    What if that money was placed in rebuilding a new sewer plant


  • Sargeant at 11.41
    “BLP is led by a leader who is adept at garnering attention from the International media”
    Not all international journalist are asking easy questions. Saw a clip of an interview by BBC on Facebook with the PM. The Journalist posed a question asking the PM if persons in Barbados should be allowed to be gay. The PM felt he would not have asked that question about the United Kingdom. She handled herself well in the reply after. I would say it is going to become very risky doing all of those international interviews as these persons push Barbados to be fully compliant with same sex marriages.


  • Saw that interview
    Thought she was caught off guard and reply with disgust and annoyance to the interviewer
    Yes she also display a quality known as arrogance to simply say that If Uk can be tolerant of same sex unions so can barbados
    However if she continue on that path of engaging with international press she would be placed in the same category as Trump who the media has taken much delight in making Trump look like a buffoon
    If she wants international media on her side she must stick to the script which Jong has been writing


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    @ William Skinner

    Out of the despicable lot, who would be best suited to represent ‘a call to DLP stalwarts.’ If you have persons in mind, please do not mentioned those few I provided in the list. If you think that Barbadians will be comfortable with them again you better think twice. I vow never to vote DLP again if any of the former members from the last government are still in it. I can guarantee that many others are thinking along the same lines. You might be surprise by what 30 fresh faces might achieve. The only ones who would want a return of recycle waste will be takers and old fossils set in their ways. The DLP are not in any position of strength to reel, wheel, deal or even persuade. But, the pendulum always swing to two sides, and with know third party force arising, the DLP might just get back in, if Mottley continue to make it so obvious that she is feathering her nests and establishing her image..


  • @ Sunshine sunny shine
    It’s just my humble opinion. I would hope one of these days to wake up in a Barbados that has sent both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, into political oblivion.
    However current reality suggests that’s not going to happen any time soon; some say never.
    In the meantime I give support to policies from both as I see fit.
    For example: At this time I am fully in support of becoming Republic; same sex marriages and opening diplomatic presents in African countries.
    I have praised the government for its handling of COVID to date. However I oppose opening primary schools before the start of 2021. I just don’t think we are quite ready but I may be wrong.
    What I will not tolerate is one sided hypocrites who only see my country only through the DLP or BLP.
    The BLP and DLP can run whomever they like. At the end um is still six and half dozen.


  • WS,

    with all due respect, at times you take a 6 for a 9


  • I ain’t calling no names, but some people not only take a 6 for a 9, they take a d for a b.


  • So my question what value economically or morally can same sex unions add to Barbados
    The hoisting of same sex unions is an additional appendage to the welcome stamp all blown up as being tolerant of these Unions
    While all the hyped blows across the water the many concerns goes out the window
    One of joblessness and high taxes on the barbadian household


  • We are always surprised how issues are broached as though the internal dynamics are all that matter.

    We suggest that the dire circumstances, as mounting, within the USA, and elsewhere, are going to have a not insignificant impact on everything which may happen in Barbados. The UK is now looking at another Covid lockdown.

    We fail our country when we, like Mugabe, fail to estimate the wider environment. This requires a different kind of ‘party’ – if they remain necessary evils.

    People in the USA are more and more dependent on food banks and with joblessness much higher than officially stated.

    Last week China launch missiles near Taiwan in retaliation of American violation of the One China policy. These are nuclear weapons countries and Russia is likely to enter on the side of China.

    There is a burgeoning homeless crisis as tens of millions of people are being evicted. By winter homelessness, per population, could exceed depression levels, times.

    America is on the threshold of deep social unrest as people with high powered guns, and armed to the teeth, find themselves impoverished within a political environment where one actor sees civil war instigated by Euro-American terrorists as an anvil on which to hammer and forge a second term.

    Neither the DLP nor BLP has any internal structures to write about these things, to study them, to inform their policies by such findings, to tell Bajans how expectations are to be tapered based on exogenous circumstances. And we are talking about parties 50 to 70 years old.

    No wonder prime minister Mugabe was so susceptible to blindly going into an election upon an unsustainable premise. Thereby possibly heightening instability unnecessarily.

    The DLP has shown, that it too, has no internal capacities, as a party, to be a real institution worthy of its name. In fact, now in opposition, it will be facing extreme difficulty paying the light bill. How can such an organism could for 10 years, recently, be the instrument for the mobilization of billions of dollars for elite White interests, mainly, and then be cast into institutional poverty the day after.

    We have elsewhere given the death knell to them both.


  • @Pacha

    We hail you as BU’s great prognosticator. What other traits should we attribute to you?


  • David

    Thanks much, but we must be careful.

    For one Vincent Codrington may see prophesy, bible type, as your meanig

    And another may conjure long hops being ecchanged.



  • Or a frognosticator? We had a very colourful character in our village years ago who used to boast of the words she learnt from her dipthon. Frognosticator was one of them.


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  • @Pacha

    It is why the blogmaster resisted labeling you the great Oracle to prevent Vincent throwing a fit.

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  • “Neither the DLP nor BLP has any internal structures to write about these things, to study them, to inform their policies by such findings, to tell Bajans how expectations are to be tapered based on exogenous circumstances. And we are talking about parties 50 to 70 years old.”

    they have no clue what the hell ya talking about anyway, or Mia would never have interferred in Guyana….all of them are cluelss.

    that is why it’s incumbent upon us to free the people’s minds, just to save some….i have been working on that for about a year…long before we even knew it would unfold into catastrophe.

    when UK is like…ya on ya own…that means, we shall meet again, and that does not mean what Mia misinterpreted it to be…some things are not to be found in a book.

    “How can such an organism could for 10 years, recently, be the instrument for the mobilization of billions of dollars for elite White interests, mainly, and then be cast into institutional poverty the day after.

    We have elsewhere given the death knell to them both.”

    they need a special type of hell, dumb house negros. not sentimental ok.


  • @Pacha
    Your student seems to be catching on.
    There is hope yet.
    Exogenous actions have long defined us going back to the days of slavery.
    As you are quite aware, the mental capacity to interpret what are now being wrongfully called your prognostications, has plagued the entire region before and most embarrassingly since independence.
    The much decadent political class has been propped up by people like your student, who once suggested that Mottley’s begging trip to the IMF and the speed with which she was successful, could be tweaked and then sold/ exported to other countries. Such is the thinking of your student and others , who have no confidence in our ability to solve our own problems. You would note that we are now giving $300 million to the rich and infamous hoteliers because we have once more been ruthlessly blackmailed that if the government don’t take on their severance payments responsibilities, they would just shut down and destroy the economy that they have exploited in concert with foreigners for sixty years.
    So, believe it or not, the BLPDLP know full well all you have written or “prognosticated.“ The simple truth is that these political criminals just don’t frigging care.
    Keep up the good work with your student. Love blossoms in deserts. Some plants only strive there.
    It comes down


  • @William

    You have just delivered a roll. We do not live in a perfect system. The imperfections of man see to the fact that there is always room to improve. Barbados has done no worse than others . Relax yuhself in Trump country!


  • Pacha, in case you dont visit the other thread…,check out Piece’s companero..


  • @ William

    Government has stealthily embedded itself as arbiter of which sector of the economy should survive and be supported by taxpayers’ money and which will live or die according to market forces.
    So it has decided that the privately owned hotel sector must survive, be funded by taxpayers’ money and which sectors should sink or swim on their own.
    That is not the role of government, but one for the very market forces they celebrated unconditionally. Even so, what metrics will government apply to these zombie hotels before deciding which to support? Will they audit the books of these hotels, going back one, two or three years?
    Why not compel these hotels to offer salaries for shares to their employees?


  • William Skinner
    I don’t even say much these days on BU and you got me in yuh craw. Show my hypocrisy or hush yuh RH, damn deposit loser.


  • WS

    sounds like the GEMS project all over again

    a leopard cant change its stripes lol


  • who knows? Clarke maybe announcing he will be joining Artherley in the opposition or retiring from politics altogether lol


  • why are Government ministers wearing party colours with their names emblazoned on the chest?


  • Its a Constituency meeting not an official Gov’t meeting the Ministers can wear anything


  • when is the BLP going to realise it is the Govt and not on the campaign trail?


  • @Sargeant

    Bollocks. Marshall is speaking about his function as AG and addressing the objectives of the Throne Speech. those are governmental issues


  • I want to hear Piece’s take on Comissiong pretending to stab the corrupt minority parasites on the island in their backs while throwing them under the bus…..can’t wait…popcaan.


  • Republic?

    So much talk about BDS becoming a Republic State, allover social media. It echoes to the furtherest corners of the universe. One would think BDS was preparing for a cat 6 typhoon.

    The starting point for this revolution must be learning from the highest impacted countries during this Covid era – those countries with the DNA – to reassess how to govern, deliver and organise in the public sector going forward.

    Progressive government for the modern era should therefore begin with the business of government itself.

    The key lesson is that as the world becomes more interconnected and interdependent and not allowing the IMF and WB to decentralized our economies and control our destiny. It’s a poor fit for delivering change. Instead, governments should see themselves as conductors and convenors of the wider economy and society. Setting the direction and creating the conditions for progressive change during these difficult times.

    Unfortunately BDS have no natural resources to make us less dependent on de oppressors.

    Our chartered course needs to be prudent. No deviations…


    Can you send the definition of a (Republic State) in its entirety across the bow…Some on social media needs clarity. Layman-terms please.

    I have Lotus 1 2 3 with wang as my operating systems. No can do for me.


  • @HA
    In Pacha style….audit my rassoul. They cannot even audit their own SOE’s and you expectin’ they are going to audit others. Didn’t the BRA try this stunt before and fail?
    There is zero effing accountability across public life in Barbados.
    On this, the Irishman is right.
    One can call it whatever you wish, it is a nightmare.
    Did you bother to read the Caves of Barbados financials recently laid. Most Bajans haven’t. The annual GoB grant is LARGER than their revenue!!! And they still lose money!!
    Even your sidekick Mariposa has suddenly understood the problem with Debt. She didn’t until May 2018, one good outcome of the election.


  • i cant listen anymore. this is pure self serving BS.


  • @ David
    Where have I ever said that Barbados is doing or has done worst than any other country? Where have I ever written that any system is perfect. You are an apologist and obstructionist. That is a very mild description. At least I have not called you or anybody on this blog a JA or RH.
    @ Enuff
    The guy named William Skinner does not have you in his craw or anywhere. The only time you have ever said anything remotely positive about him is when he said he would support your party, but his government, at the very beginning of the COVID. And you told him that you had found “respect” for him. He subsequently told you that he considered you a hypocrite because you only were complimentary because he supported your party. In other words he does not particularly accept and certainly does not need compliments from one sided kool aid drinkers of either the BLP or DLP.
    These days William Skinner is supporting: the abolition of the the eleven plus; going Republic; same sex marriages ; establishing embassies in African countries etc because he has been identifying with such beliefs for donkey years .
    Please don’t tell me you have once again found respect for me. You are a political hypocrite like all the others who can only appreciate people when they support your party. People like you only pretend to like Barbados..The only difference with you and those who Jim Jones poisoned is that to their eternal credit: The Adamses; Barrow, Sandiford, St. John, Stuart , Arthur ,Thompson and Mottley have not given wunnuh blasted poison in the Kool aid to drink.


  • Same sex ?

    Definition: It allows Sir Elton John, to come back to bim after 48 years to perform her his (I’m still standing) concert @ de Diamond ♦️ Sandy-lane Hotel Golf & Country Club and not afraid to kiss a caddie or waiter…choose one….


  • Caswell Franklyn is bowling some real bouncers.i dont agree with everything he has said but he is a better listen than that BLP nonsense in St George


  • @Greene

    Relax, it is a red meat affair.

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  • Did Gline have a few strong ones before that speech? Why the nervous laughter?


  • @David,

    mate, that may be true but i am just fed up with this type of nonsense from either side

    i prefer to listen to Caswell


  • @ Tony September 20, 2020 6:12 PM

    The term “republic” can be defined in various ways. Firstly, as a contrast to monarchy; secondly, as a state oriented toward the common good; and thirdly, as principle of popular sovereignty. The announcement that Barbados is to become a republic can thus also imply a non-democratic dictatorship or a democratic presidential republic with a strong president for life, depending on the definition of the republic.

    I personally prefer the latter way. We need a strong leader to steer our country through the Corona crisis and beyond.


  • Hahaa

    And poor richie never Even got to make a glass of cool Aid. But it still stick in someone throat

    How is that possible ?


  • Highly appropriate, but these are the types of punishments that are justifable for stealing taxpayers and pensioners funds as well…instant death….de “white,” minority people make we do it, will just not cut it, they should be put to death too..

    “Rapists will be castrated and child rapists put to death in harsh new laws being brought in by a regional governor in Nigeria. Any man who rapes a person aged over 14 will have their penis surgically castrated and be handed a life sentence, but they will be executed for raping a child under the age of 14..”


  • Caswell said that before he died, Arthur and him mended fences to the extent that Arthur told him some of the reasons he opposed MAM ascension to the leader of the BLP and PM. that is quiet interesting.

    he also said the DLP and Barrow are one and the same and after Barrow died not leaving a clear succession plan the party floundered and is still floundering. he said it was slow dying for a while and the last regime was vastly inept. i believe that is a correct reading of the DLP’s problem. the party must move beyond the Barrow shadow into the future if it is to remain viable. i thought Thompson would have been able to do just that but alas.

    Caswell is raw and unpolished but i give him a lot of props. he comes across as genuine and honest and straightforward. qualities that are missing in today’s politicians. wish we had more like him


  • @ Greene
    At this time Caswell is the only member of the Upper House or Lower House who we can trust. He has exposed the current and former administrations and their hocus pocus approach to governance.
    He reminds if people like @ Miller@ Artax and @ Northern Observer @ Donna on BU , who always shoot straight regardless of their party preference.


  • What is this nonsense about Caswell beimg “unpolished”,
    Sounds to us like misguided perceptions as to what we are to be


  • Greene
    he also said the DLP and Barrow are one and the same and after Barrow died not leaving a clear succession plan
    How is Arthur’s succession plan working out?

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  • Pacha…check out the parallels..


  • @Tron

    Well defined. De face of bajans on de book will have motivated direction.


  • @ William Skinner September 20, 2020 7:18 PM

    The outspoken senator shot down the anti-corruption law almost single-handedly. Integrity and honor look somewhat different to me. The outspoken senator only defends the interests of overpaid workers and civil servants instead of taking care of the national debt and employers as well. For me, our Leader Mia Mottley alone has the common good of all in mind.


  • Arthur did his damnedest to ensure that Mia wouldn’t ascend to the leadership of the BLP. After Mascoll had his falling out with the DLP Arthur brought him over and gave him a fancy title in addition to naming him an Associate Finance Minister (I think that is what it was). Arthur ganged up with some BLP members of the H of A to remove her as Leader of the Opposition when he thought that the BLP stood a chance of winning the 2013 Election.

    If Arthur had his druthers, Mia wouldn’t be leader of the BLP.


  • The PM is spending a lot of her time on Atherley. No mention of Verla and DLP.


  • William Skinner
    But you’re still a deposit loser and fossil posting shite from up in Georgia, a state that supports Trump overwhelming from the state legislature to Washington DC. But you ain’t leffin. A well entrenched duopoly political system; but you are not leffin. A whole black man got pursued and shot; but you ain’t leffin. Yet Bdos is everything that is wrong. Hypocrisy you say?


  • @ Enuff
    “ Yet Bdos is everything that is wrong. Hypocrisy you say?”
    You can search the whole of BU and you would never find that I have ever written and or implied that “everything is wrong in Barbados.”
    You are a political hypocrite and you are now a political liar as well. I don’t need the “respect” of political liars and hypocrites. Wherever I am , I am a proud Barbadian. You or nobody can’t change that. Anyway, you can rest assured that the Mia I know , would never poison the kool aid. So, drink up!!


  • Waittttttt
    When president made a speech tonight and the BU DEMS not picking it apart yet? not even talk bout her hands? WOW


  • SargeantSeptember 20, 2020 7:55 PM Arthur did his damnedest to ensure that Mia wouldn’t ascend to the leadership of the BLP. A…. Arthur ganged up with some BLP members of the H of A to remove her as Leader of the Opposition when he thought that the BLP stood a chance of winning the 2013 Election.


    Yup, a lot of people forget that his spitefulness to her (or opportunistic move for him) was the cause of the morons winning a second term. The second term is where is all went to hell in a handbasket (he was an advisor then too). Was running on idle, but then someone let go the handbrake, downhill.


  • William Skinner,

    I never had a party preference. I have a people who lead the party preference. I have no love for the institution past its usefulness.


  • Pacha…the narrative is changing..

    “Dear African governments
    It is not enough to call back home those Africans who were forcefully taken away from the Continent during the era slavery because of their dollar!
    You must give them lands and their share of the African resources instead of distributing those African value to the very people who enslaved and colonized us.
    These people were part of the African society, they had natural and legal rights to the ownership of the African good untill they were forcefully taken away leaving behind all that belong to them. Time does not erase Injustice nor does it expire crime done to our people.
    If you are calling them back home, then give them what belong to them! They dollar you think they have is no value nor an empowerment! The real value and empowerment is their share of African society which they have been deprived of for several centuries and you must give it to them.
    If we wish to bring back the golden days of African, then, this is the time to begin undoing the harms done to the African, restoring and empowering every African! Africa cannot be prosperous when the African everywhere is in systemic chains ⛓!
    Injustice there: Injustice here! Don’t just call them to come home because of their dollar, do the right thing!


  • A picture they say is worth a thousand words.

    Old DLP guard vying for posts

    THE OLD Democratic Labour Party guard is back out and ready for the upcoming annual general conference. Henderson WIlliams ( left), Ronald Jones (second left), Dr Dennis Lowe ( right), James Paul (second right) and Steve Blackett (third right)have all thrown their weight behind former general secretary George Pilgrim (third left) for party president. (Picture by Jameel Springer.)

    The announcement was made last night at a St Michael West branch meeting at St Leonard’s Boys’ School.

    Paul and Carrington join former Minister of Education Ronald Jones and former Minister of Environment Denis Lowe among those vying for the four vice-president positions.

    A well-placed source also told the DAILY NATION that former Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite, party treasurer Henderson Williams and president of the Young Democrats, Kemar Stuart, are contesting the position of general secretary.

    The highlight of the elections will be the battle for the presidency between incumbent Verla De Peiza and former general secretary George Pilgrim.

    Although the number of people contesting each post was unavailable, it is understood that at least four people are vying for general secretary.

    In providing an update on the conference ahead of last night’s meeting, general secretary Guyson Mayers said that all positions on the executive council were being contested. He also said that “workers have been selected and briefed”, they have “established protocols to ensure a fair process and set out how the COVID-19 protocols will be enforced”.

    The election of officers and members of the general council will take place on Friday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. and again on Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. according to the published agenda.

    Additionally, said Mayers, there is no quota related to the number of representatives per branch. As is customary, there will be a religious service on Sunday, the final day of the three-day conference, themedReimaging A New DLP.

    A press conference will be held later this week.

    It is understood that the change in the conference date from August to this month was due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic and the inability of the branches to hold meetings for their internal elections at their regular locations, namely schools. Meetings were therefore held at party headquarters and wrapped up last month. (RA/GBM)

    Source: Nation News


  • ^The chairman has an unhealthy obsession with the internal workings of the DLP. He needs counselling.


  • @Greene

    Interested in getting your view of what is conveyed in the above BT story.

    Also, having listened to Senator Caswell’s view about the DLP being Barrow’s party and it has never recovered. What next?


  • @Greene you said and de old man quotes

    “… Greene September 20, 2020 8:06 AM

    it is a well known secret that Gline Clarke will take up the post that Reg Farley relinquished recently and that the Min of Tourism is the preferred BLP candidate for St George North, which has become a BLP safe seat…”

    Is this seat “safe”?

    You are of this opinion why?

    I, Piece the Prophet, put it i you that THIS IS THE MOST UNSAFE SEAT that the BLP WILL EVER HAVE!

    And, further to that, should the PdP put Senator Caswell Franklyn to run for this seat, it will win this seat.

    I however fear that Reverend Atherley may not promote thus strategy AS HE SHOULD

    Barbadians have a major fear about this one party state and the Dictator Mugabe Mottley



  • All of them are a bunch of balless frauds…according to Comissiong…”de white people made them all do it” from 1966….people who number less than 8,000 while the Black majority number over 260,000 …sell out negros…from 1966..

    shame and disgrace…i won’t vote for not one of them, it’s an insult and very disrespectful to our ancestors..


  • Has Senator Caswell indicated that he will be offering himself as a candidate? If he is interested why would the PDP sacrifice him in a BLP stronghold? Gline Clarke et al boasted last night the SGN has never dropped out of the top five in BLP performance nationally.


  • Piece has a point. With such a majority, the electorate may only vote to strengthen the opposition, knowing that it will not change the government. Add, that many young people who have never voted, now can vote. Times change.

    Mind you, it may be a one term seat, very likely. When the vote counts, they likely will revert to the BLP, unless the then incumbent does a great job.

    Senator Franklyn would be a great choice, because people know that he is unafraid and willing to speak out.

    Piece…the political strategist.


  • @ my dearest SSS

    I pray you and baby are doing well.

    Must be 1 year old now and moving around fast and keeping you vigilant

    De ole man grans dies keep me busy too heheheheh

    You said and I quote

    “…What the DLP did while in power pushed Barbados to the brink [OF DUSASTER – my words] and made them infamous.

    To remove that dark stain, every single one of them, including Verla, must go.

    There can be nothing gained from going back to recycle waste or reusing garbage. That is how the SSS feels about a party she once supported.”

    Only a dog goes back to its vomit AND IF BAJANS GO BACK TO THE DLP, they deserve what they get!

    The issue is not so much what they go back to, but what they go forward to!

    This by-election will define the coming General Election because it will show how ready 3rd parties and independents are AND HOW FEARFUL THE BAJAN ELECTORATE IS of a one woman dictatorship!

    This election IS NOTHING ELSE but what bajans are afraid is happening!

    It will be the test if if people live Mugabe Mottley or if they frighten if she!

    Nothing else!

    The problem is that the PdP’s election machinery is obviously not optimalized up to now

    We will see how they ruse to the occasion

    Mugabe Mottley jes pretend to launch an ecinomic stimulus of $300 million of the people’s money to fund thus by election.

    But the PdP and others still grappling with their national distribution mechanisms


  • Morning peoples, how about some light hearted fun? Verla an dem getting sting. In de heart a de country, St.Garge Narf.


  • If the DP lose this seat, then carry close the doors at George Street. Tell Verla an dem guh long home.

    If dem cyan win dis, dey cyan win nuttin!


  • The DLP campaign for St.George North.


  • @ Crusoe

    As usual you can be relied in fir your clinicsl remarks.

    You saud and de ole msn quotes

    “…Mind you, it may be a one term seat, very likely. When the vote counts, they likely will revert to the BLP, unless the then incumbent does a great job…”

    De ole man would agree with you that it would be a one term seat, WERE IT NOT FOR COVID and the fact thst this BLP government has shown that, were it not for its public relations trickery, IT IS AS DEVOID OF IDEAS AS THE THOMPSON/STUART bunglers of the Lost Decade!

    Dem ent got a clue about how to run the country and that is why Mugabe Mottley change dem round in she cabinet reshuffle!

    Especially Oblong Head Kerrie Simmonds who was fvucking up tourism, the Covid Infected and Affected mainstay of the economy

    You continued

    “…Senator Franklyn would be a great choice, because people know that he is unafraid and willing to speak out…”

    That single characteristic is enough to overcome any campaign thst Mugabe runs SHIRT OF RIGGING THE BALLOT BOXES!

    A thing that she is getting ready to do anyways

    But a significant amount of Bajans are still of the type that want good honest politicians who will speak their minds IN THE FACE OF SUCH DESPOTISM!

    He can stay there because his currency would be secure if only for those reasons BACKBONE & BALLS!


  • So Mia was on stage last night telling to same ole lies about the last decade
    The dlp turn will come and proved her lies to be unfounded and simply based on political propaganda
    I think Mia served over 100 gallons of koolaid last night
    Early political campaign it certainly was


  • Waru



  • @Crusoe

    You have to spend money in a campaign, Caswell will not engage in the behaviour he is on record as criticizing. We know the young people on the bloc have to see blenzers passing. They will not vote against the government because of wanting to strengthen the opposition. This is SGN you are talking about.


  • as much as i like Caswell he could not beat a BLP candidate running in SGN. i reiterate, for the moment, it is a BLP stronghold. Gline Clarke made it so.

    the BLP is still v popular and its faults, such as they are, havent redounded to the general populace yet


  • The chairman has an unhealthy obsession with the internal workings of the DLP. He needs counselling.

    Hal Austin

    What happens in the DLP should interest everybody.

    But you know, um is funny you say that, because you got an unhealthy obsession with focusing all you attention pun what the chairman say and do. Now that is something you definitely need counseling for.

    Or maybe um is time you stop being on the down low and come out the closet.


  • The St. George seats are also bellwethers.


  • We are seeing superior political strategy being played by Mottley’s BLP. Switching out a candidate whose shelf life has expired wth a youthful candidate at midterm to ready for 2023. In the process she gets a chance to test the political climate based on the result. At the same time it creates a headache for the DLP leadership.


  • i will get back to you re George Pilgrim. i have to see and digest what he said.

    yes, back in the day St George were bellwether seats but no more. they are solidly Blp until…


  • On the eve of an AGM it was interesting to note the sparse audience.


  • Robert,

    So true. We should all be interested in the inner workings of political parties. The inner workings reveal the character of the politicians and the culture of the party.

    No serious journalist would be unaware of that. He is not unaware of that.

    So the question is – why does he make such inane statements?

    The man is an enigma. Strangely contradictory in many ways.


  • BU too sweet. Caswell win what? You ever hear Caswell advance a policy yet?🤣🤣🤣


  • what is so exciting about a party which seems to think its future lie in the past? these blighted ex ministers need to move on. work behind the scenes if they wish but step out of the way. time for some newish faces and new ideals. reform or die


  • @David
    Re picture
    What is wrong with those folks taking an interest in the activities of the party? You encourage the elderly to come out and vote yet you want some people to stay at home, they have every right to support the candidate of their choice even if it is the wrong candidate.

    There are many people who just don’t know their history even if it is recent history e.g. I was hearing about Johnny Cheltenham when I was a schoolboy and yet he was/still active as a BLP member; Henry Forde was around until recently and if memory serves he was a member of the “Under Forties” group that had reservations about Barbados Independence yet not a peep about that segment of “old guard”.

    The DLP needs every member it can muster it can’t afford to jettison or sideline members because they are seen as members of an “old guard” whatever that means.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Sargeant

    The point being discussed is about presenting as candidates.


  • @David
    The point on many topics on the blog is whatever you make it….. and I defer to you
    REFORM 😊


  • @Sargeant September 20, 2020 7:55 PM “If Arthur had his druthers, Mia wouldn’t be leader of the BLP.”

    Wha’ you meaning?

    You din hear Mia say at Arthur funeral that “Owen is the best thing that ever happened to me”

    i am not sure if she meant the living Owen.

    Or the dead Owen.


  • @Greene September 20, 2020 7:08 PM “Caswell said that before he died, Arthur and him mended fences to the extent that Arthur told him some of the reasons he opposed MAM ascension to the leader of the BLP and PM. that is quiet interesting. he also said the DLP and Barrow are one and the same and after Barrow died ”

    Since Barrow died more that 100,000 Bajans of his and subsequent generations have followed him to the Great Beyond.

    Since Barrow died more than 100,000 new Bajans, mostly black have been born. Tens of thousands of these new black Bajans have no experience of Barrow.

    Time for the old guard to get out of the way and let the young people who never knew Barrow get on with things..

    As I said recently about Tom and Owen and David and now about the Dipper.

    Barrow d’ed. He int coming back. We can’t have government by duppy.

    My father died a generation after Barrow, and I have long got over his death.


    Lotta old people who want to live in the past.


  • @Simple Simon

    Is it about old people living in the past or those in positions too lazy to massage the philosophy and plans to make the party for purpose.



  • I say mostly old people living in the past.

    I the last election of the two DLP people who came to my door, one was well over 80. He was a married man when I was in class 3, I know because I used to buy lunches from his mummy’s shop. The other was like me a 60+ retiree.

    If the DLP is to revive, and I hope that it does revive, It has to get plenty of young people on board.

    As I said before, we can’t have government by duppy.


  • “You ever hear Caswell advance a policy yet?🤣🤣🤣”

    yeah…the whole world watched Caswell advance the policy that made all the lawyers in the parliament LOOK LIKE IDIOTS…cause they cannot adequately interpret law…and he ain’t even a lawyer….short memory already forgot the 2nd Assistant COP brouhaha.

    people Enuff want nothing to do with Bajan lawyers since then…


  • Salemite
    You proved my point Guh so👉🏽!!


  • @David, I know that you appreciate the implications of what you said.

    Money has to be spent, blenzers pass.

    Yet we wonder why things cannot improve morally and ethically?

    Didn’t Grynner say that ‘no corned beef an’ bicuits, cyan swell up my brain’?

    Yet here we are in 2020, vote buying a norm and yet we scratch our heads in despair, at a collapse in ethics?

    We do not need a bright light and a hallelulah moment to understand what the issue is, do we?


  • Fowl slave…it was not Caswell looking like the idiot…ya can’t change reality with slave philosophy…


  • @Crusoe

    The blogmaster is very aware of the current state of things. It is why we are manipulated as a people. How many blogs have been posted on cultural relativism?


  • The dlp cannot survive soley on the youth a mix blend is more appropriate
    People tend to ask for change but take plenty time to accept it
    It seems as if the party faithful has fallen into the trap of egos
    One should take note that the most noise being made about the old Guard is coming from the blp camp


  • Since fowl Enuff is starting to sound like Comissiong, it’s obvious the whole political system including the business model on the island needs to be overhauled, stripped bare and rebuilt, since the black leaders are so weak they could not jail those nasty minorities whom Comissiong claimed controls the economy, he should be ashamed to say that, he should have added that it could never have happened if the same black faces in the parliament did not allow it, if they had JAILED the tiefing, racist minorities for violating the Black population’s rights and stealing from the treasury and pension fund and fro the racism and apartheid, which are also crimes….but they could not do that could they, because they were all tiefing too.

    Black people in Barbados have to TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY…from all these frauds and crooks..


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