Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Government Bungling Response to Coronavirus Crisis

At the outset of the Coronavirus crisis in this country, the Hon. Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, hosted a consultation with members of the Social Partnership and me at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, to plan strategy for fighting this threat. I was impressed and congratulated her on the approach. I then went on to say to her that this was not a time for political controversy and that all sides must come together to defeat this scourge.

Rather than busy itself with measures to protect the people of this country, some twelve days after the consultation, Government rushed to Parliament and passed legislation that was already on the books, to manage the ensuing crisis. In essence, that legislation amended the Emergency Management Act by re-enacting certain provisions that already existed at section 28 of the same act; also at sections 2 and 3 of the 1939 Emergency Powers Act; and at section 25 of the Constitution. The amendment also went on to give powers to the Chief Medical Officer that he already had since 1969.

Needless to say, those initial steps did not give me any confidence that Government was capable of handling the situation, however I remained quiet hoping that somehow that they would get it right. I’ve tried to hold my peace but the situation has now reached a stage that I am compelled to speak-up before these bunglers unintentionally kill us all.

The handling of this crisis has been plagued with the bungling that is now characteristic of anything that this administration touches. So far, were are told that there is no evidence of any community spread of the virus. But it would seem that the end result of the Government’s initiatives would lead to what we fear most. What did the Government think would happen when it gave one day’s notice of a 24-hour curfew? As was reasonably foreseeable, people rushed to supermarkets in their thousands, ignoring any suggestion of physical or social distancing. Take some sobering time to imagine what could have happened if there were any carriers of the Coronavirus in those lines?

As if Government fails to learn from its mistakes, post offices were opened for a limited period in order to allow pensioners to cash their National Insurance pension cheques. The foreseeable result happened: hundreds of vulnerable persons throng the post offices thereby creating an incubator for the spread of the Coronavirus.

This virus is deadly and Government must come up with a series of measures that would protect the people of this country. These hit or miss initiatives just will not do.


  • @ Miller

    These are clauses from the three separate emergency orders issued to date:

    A curfew is hereby imposed throughout Barbados from the 28th March, 2020 to the 14th April, 2020 between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m
    A curfew is hereby imposed throughout Barbados from the 3rd April, 2020 to midnight on 14th April, 2020 between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on the following day.
    A curfew is hereby imposed throughout Barbados from the 15th April, 2020 to midnight on 3rd May, 2020 between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. each day.






  • @ Baje

    The attorney general made that attack on the magistrate because there is no one in control. The government is drifting. I ask again, where is the president?
    If she went in to hospital for a ‘medical procedure’ and came out and was given six weeks to recuperate, it just cannot be a routine matter. Boris Johnson was on a life support machine and spent 11 days in total and will be back at work on Monday. Heart attack victims are in and out of hospital in a week and back at work after two weeks. Cancer victims are in and out within a week.
    I do not think we are being told the full truth.
    The president came off her sick be on April 11 to announce her new emergency economic committee, and only gave us two names. Where are the other names? Why did she do this? The nation is in crisis and the captain is in sick bay. Captain, the ship is sinking.


  • Here we go again, comparing a person recovering from an operation to someone who had a virus that has passed through the system l

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  • NorthernObserver

    “If she went in to hospital for a ‘medical procedure’ and came out and was given six weeks to recuperate, it just cannot be a routine matter.”
    I am a medical ignoramus. What I can tell you, is that between my wife, and one of her sisters, they had both had gynecological procedures in January. One an ovary removal, the other a hysterectomy. The former was due to genetic testing, which tested she possessed the gene which could lead to ovarian cancer of which there was a family history. The latter due to a non life threatening matter. in BOTH cases the recuperation period, as provided by the doctors, was 5-8 weeks!!!! (shorter if one procedure was done by laparoscopy) Not being a surgeon, though both seemed to be common, I cannot say they are routine. Surgery always has risks.
    I do not know the exact procedure on the PM, but you just might be continuing down the wrong path. I said from day one of your interrogation of the PM’s medical issues, it was disingenuous. I continue to wish her a speedy and full recovery.

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  • NorthernObserver

    I see Yugge is back atop the posts!!!


  • I am very pleased that the state of emergency has been extended until the end of June. However, we should make the state of emergency the normal state of affairs.

    No parliamentary elections before 2030.


  • The lockdown lasts now far longer in Barbados than in China. Even the Chinese ambassador is looking jealously at our Prime Minister.

    I would not be surprised if a Chinese delegation were to come soon to learn from our emergency legislation.

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  • While the people sleep.govt continues its rampage of stepping on peoples rights

    Lawyers accuse Govt of sidestepping consultation on sweeping changes


  • After reading the article previously and now submitted by the above commenter i had imagined all those previously prattling on with their bull shit would take up this new revelation and, light up BU with their comments. Sadly this was not the case, I had half expect Mr Franklyn and Jeff Cumberbatch to weigh in on the matter, nary a peek outta dum. I therefore can only conclude that for the most part, the men in Barbados are all pussies who can only brag and boast about their Alma Mater, but for the most are spineless as yellow bananas.


  • Pilgrim also expressed fears that with Government’s overwhelming numbers in Parliament, Barbadians could wake up one morning and realize that trial by jury had been abolished.

    “I don’t know what’s next because Government can do whatever it likes…clearly…and they don’t feel the need to represent the people. And in this case I represent the people, so I am totally disappointed and disillusioned with that type of activity especially when everybody in this country is thinking about COVID-19,” Pilgrim complained.

    “So you bring out changes under the COVID-19, and then moments later, you are attempting to change the law on jury trials for murder in a country that has been criticized by the highest court in the land – that is the Caribbean Court of Justice – saying that we rely too heavily on confessions to get convictions for murder. Now we are now tilting the battlefield in favour of a prosecution that is relying on confessions 99.9 per cent of the time.”







  • De ole man is sure dat de Honourable Blogmaster real sorry he post dis article

    1,700 posts now appended by this serious addition by Andrew Pilgrim about the same issue of Mugabe changing rules and regulations

    and Franklyn’s article now followed by Andrew Pilgrim’s he got to be real vex1

    WHAT IS THE MAIN THING ABOUT THESE TWO MATTERS that needs to be mentioned?

    The fact that many of the Laws in the Barbados Constitution are being changed AS MUGABE FEELS.

    The fact that these changes are increasing in their regularity, now it’s down to every month and, as usual, people only find out about the changes, until after the changes have been made.

    So when you start to listen to Senator Franklyn and QC Pilgrim what are they both saying?

    They are saying this

    ALL dictators have the same characteristics like Mugabe.

    She is an autocratic ruler, wants to be the single Ruler of Barbados for LIFE.

    And, as these daily changes in the laws are showing there is no governing body, no parliament, no senate, no governor general to control her power

    Notice that, as will all dictators like her Hitlerian model, she is employing and deploying. the foundations of a totalitarian regime

    Even down to the detail of Mugabe using her secret police, Chief, Charles Me Love you Long Time (who Tron Ye Olde Sexton has taken to insulting)

    Long Time is now spying on Bajans daily as Mugabe puts her untimate plan in place FOR PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!!!


  • Sometimes one has to respond to lies and misinformation before it takes flight. This is unfortunate when all of us are busy with matters that should be given priority. This blogmaster extended an open invitation to Caswell Franklyn (Senator) to use BU as a medium to convey his message when he feels to many years ago and it has not been withdrawn.


  • But David what (are)or do u have any responses to give in reference to govt taking unusual liberties in dumbing down barbadians interest in govt pursuit of stomping against people civil rights as guaranteed in the Constitution
    The article in local media stating lawyers concerns should have been highlighted as a posted article on BU by which the eyes of the people


  • David why did u remove the Trinidadian posting from the list of topics
    This issue is not going away any time soon as repeated out burst and blame would be shouted across the waters
    I did say that by barbados sticking its nose in the Trinidad 33problem that the the ending would be ugly
    Now we have statements coming out of Trinidad by their Foreign Minister accusing Barbados govt of interfering in their internal problems to cause division


  • @ Mariposa

    The French philosopher Voltaire is reported as saying: I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it. This is the principle of free speech. Censorship is more anti-democratic than the dictator’s gun. So a blog that pretends to be democratising free speech while censoring contributors is in fact controlling the narrative.


  • Maybe some where deep in your heart you will find the decency to apologize for another lie told. The comment is directed at Spot on also.


  • David dont change the issue nothing in articles i referenced has Mariposa name
    However it is mindboggling that in the epicentre of a crisis when govt is using law to erode the rights of people your silence is dumfounding
    Wheel and come again
    Barbadians civil rights are under attack and you do not have the decency to voice an opinion by way of an article
    Btw i refuse to answer your nonsense about lie


  • Meanwhile Trinidad has unleashed a war of words against Barbados for meddling in their foreign affairs
    Where is Mottley to answer such a damming charge
    Her absence is notable across social media


  • @ Mariposa

    Maybe some where deep in your heart you will find the decency to apologize for another lie told. The comment is directed at Spot on also. (Quote)

    Don’t let the sharp shooters on BU get away with making serious allegations of lying. Get them to detail the time and place when you lied and what you said and the context. Let them prove it or shut up.
    It is cheap and nasty to accuse people of lying, but more difficult to prove it. I was once accused of claiming to be a landlord on BU. A total fabrication. But the lie was made to support a broader tissue of lies. They know what they are doing, but cannot help it. It is the Bajan Condition. Score points no matter the truth of what you are saying. Eric ‘Fly’ Sealy used to gamble in my mother’s shop and used to gossip a lot. I am familiar with the tactic.


  • Hal as my mother would say it takes one to know what
    What he is referring is beyond me accept to agree with your premise of using lowdown dirty shots to attack and disarm the opponent
    The blp footsoldiers can try with all might but i will not back down
    Any one with whom the foot soldiers concerns of lies should lie would be that of a govt who have mislead the people into a false sense of security with the half truths information via COVID daily updates which suggested that Barbados had no new Corona victims when now only that which is realized is that govt officials only tested those in isolation schedule for release
    The story is embarrassing and if such happened in international countries the press would have intervened asking questions of clarification and holding govt feet to fire


  • @ Piece the Legend April 25, 2020 9:32 PM

    How dare you, the crazy Greta Thunberg would say.

    You constantly confuse a totalitarian dictatorship, directed against the will of the people, with the one-party democracy desired by the people. There is a huge difference. The people are free to choose the distribution of seats in parliament, even 30-0.

    Those who attack the government for its omnipotence are thereby undermining the will of the people as the basis of democracy.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Tron ye older Sexton

    You are saying that these Constitutional changes by Mugabe that are removing the rights of the people, are indeed genuine democracy ar work?


  • Piece You Prophet!

    It is not a great challenge to criticize the government, but all the more so to justify all its moves. That’s why I’m taking the government’s side in this chess game. My job is to turn stones into gold, sh** into bread and p*ss into lemonade. But don’t think I see myself in the role of Jesus of Nazareth. Think of me more as the digital and intellectuall Phantom Squad.

    So let me explain my state theory on fundamental rights in a one-party democracy with unity of power. In the last election, the citizens did not want a competition of opinions, no bickering dissent, but harmony, concord and perfection. In other words, not the typical Caribbean chatter in parliament, but Chinese (mainland) principles. This prohibits any procedural involvement of trade unions, professional associations, affected parties in the legislation. All this would disturb the great harmony of leader, party and people.

    Similarly, in May 2018, the constitutional rights of the people were transformed. Constitutional rights are primarily rights of defence against the state. But since people and state, state and party are one in a one-party democracy, the people no longer need to be protected from the state by civil rights. For fundamental rights would, so to speak, only protect the people from themselves in a one-party democracy; in other words, human rights would incapacitate the people. Or in other words: you can’t be in a legal relationship at both ends at once.

    Conclusion: If the government protected human rights, it would incapacitate people. Conversely, the abolition of these rights is only an act of emacipatory liberation.


  • @ Tron

    If it were that you were not technically so right, one would call you wrong and then add on something to dilute or discredit what you have said.

    Please return to your jester self for your reasoned submission renders I, Piece the Prophet (Prophet in its secular definition only) speechless.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Whitehill

    You said and de ole man quotes

    “…After reading the article previously and now submitted by the above commenter i had imagined all those previously prattling on with their bull shit would take up this new revelation and, light up BU with their comments.

    Sadly this was not the case, I had half expect Mr Franklyn and Jeff Cumberbatch to weigh in on the matter, nary a peek outta dum.

    I therefore can only conclude that for the most part, the men in Barbados are all pussies who can only brag and boast about their Alma Mater, but for the most are spineless as yellow bananas.”

    De ole man is not went to school long so tings like alma mater I only hear from me grandson

    But de ole man wonders why would Jeff Cumberbatch come to Barbados Underground and speak to a sidebar?

    To be fair to the new judge can we not rely on some Rules of Judicial Behaviour related to Judges?

    It would really make the Judge Cumberbatch into a real “pussy” to rush to Barbados Underground and defend this matter.

    What makes you feel that you can come and taunt him, a man who we here know to be quite unshakeable, and get him to respond?

    Both men are operating under certain constraints but yet you call Senator Franklyn the same thing

    Why you dont do it yourself?

    Start the ball rolling and leh we see which Alma Mater you went to and if you got a spine yourself

    De ole man dont think that you will go into this area even though I goaded you like you seek to goad the gents though



  • your assistance please Honourable Blogmaster with a comment for Whitehill


  • Mr. Piece the legend, I thought by my submission I had gotten the ball rolling: what more do you want from me? What am I to do, read and spell for you lot. As for you defending a certain gentleman who once played with us here on BU, you can’t see sarcasm minus the Clorox. However, I still maintain there are too many pussies about not covered by skirts or panties.


  • @ Whitehill

    Notwithstanding the fact that you did not set the ball rolling yourself heheheheheheh de ole man also agrees with you about there being an abundance of pussies in Barbados.

    But definitely not the Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch and NOT Senator Caswell Franklyn


  • Piece, Oh You Prophet,

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the leader soon catapults you into a high advisory position so that you can finally find your inner peace, like Jeff, by looking at your account balance every month.

    Be careful, though, not everyone does so well in the consultancy position. I know a man called OSA who’s being burned at GECOM, LIAT and the COVID Council at the same time.


  • @ Piece the Legend, so we agree on some and disagree on others…what the hell,,,stay well.


  • Piece the Legend

    And you be safe out there in the fray Whitehill.

    And be watchful of these clowns in Barbados and elsewhere


  • @ Whitehill,

    Can you believe that an article with 1,733 entries get completely bounce off Barbados Underground’s Recent Posts and Top Posts?

    You see what the job of the Honourable Blogmaster is???

    Minister of Disinformation heheheheheheh


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Tron ye olde Sexton

    How can a 1,733 blog like thus record Caswell Franklyn article, be killed?

    Ask the True Owners of BU

    Tron you ever read any articles about South Korea under Park and his practices against dissenters?

    You should

    It shows you some imminent insights between this Mugabe regime constitution diluting action and where, IF SHE IS ALLOWED TO GO, people like you will be in 10 years

    “…Prisoners (like Tron) have come under extreme pressure to sign statements of “repentance.”

    The contents of the statements vary but they generally include an admission of wrongdoing, such as having criticized President Park (Mugabe Mottley), an expression of regret, a promise not to repeat the crime (of commenting on Barbados Underground and other social media sites) and to lead a “quiet life” (to include not even opening a BBC NEWS ARTICLE) and a recognition that the suspended prison sentence could be reimposed…”


  • @Piece the legend, that being the case I can see why you may arrive at your conclusions.


  • Piece You Prophet,

    Anyone who, like me, justifies the constitutional revolution is no dissenter. Rather, I provide our esteemed Prime Minister with the explosives to bring down the old state structures and consolidate her rule against impudent senators and notorious rebels like you.


  • Tron ye olde Sexton

    Here is an item for you to reflect on


  • Piece,

    No FIVE years. TWENTY years, please.

    Our leader must stay in office until 2038. Then a relative shall continue her leadership. We need a Mottley dynasty.


  • 1739 comments yet de Minister of Disinformation ent even got dis item in he lists


  • In the interest of debunking lies. The algorithm that determines the blogs in the Top Post is controlled by WordPress and NOT the blogmaster. It is based on comments, clickes and type of referrer.


  • @ Piece the Legend,


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your help here please with an item for Senator Franklyn


  • @ Piece the Legend,

    Sometime ( before covid ) David suggested that I should go to see a G G concert in Amsterdam.

    I should have taken his advice.

    That trip is atill on my bucket list but I willmhave to go to Barbados first.


  • My Brother Hants,

    I see that you have quadrupled your musical appreciation(s) and de ole man can see why you would have wanted to enjoy this foursome.

    She is a lovely young lady and she sings up a storm.

    I am prayerful that you will be able to make this journey and experience your digital musical love in all her vocal and physical splendour

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