Dominica General Election 2019

A General Election is scheduled to be held December 6, 2019 in Dominica. As a fellow Caricom state Barbadians should be concerned about the political instability being stoked by provocative language being reported on the political trail by BOTH political parties contesting the election manifested in daily street violence.  The Caribbean in the main has been known as a zone of peace therefore Barbadians and others in the region should not feel detached from events currently unfolding next door in Dominica. A word to wise people should be enough.

Wishing the best for the people of Dominica on behalf of the BU household and family!

David, blogmaster (thanks to Tee White for the assist)




04 DECEMBER 2019

The Caribbean must demand a peaceful election in Dominica

An appeal to CARICOM, individual Caribbean governments, political parties, religious and social organisations and individuals.

The upcoming election in the Commonwealth of Dominica which is scheduled to take place on Friday 6 December has become a focus of both regional and international attention.

The ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) is locked in bitter disagreement with the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) over the conduct of the election. As a result, the UWP has launched so far unsuccessful legal attempts to postpone the election while at the same time fielding candidates in each constituency. In addition, it has launched protests against the decision to go ahead with the election as scheduled.

Speaking at a campaign rally recently, one of the leaders of the UWP declared that the organisation would not accept the results of the election if they lost and would oust Roosevelt Skerrit, the leader of the DLP, from power in the same way that Evo Morales was ousted in Bolivia. The spokesperson further added that the UWP would gladly get the help of the Organisation of American States (OAS) to achieve its goal.

This position represents a serious danger to peace in Dominica and to the safety and security of Dominicans. If those who have outlined these aims are allowed to continue on this road, there is a serious danger of bloodshed and loss of life in Dominica. This is an outcome that the Caribbean must raise its voice against. There is no justification for shedding blood in Dominica over an election.

It is essential that everyone make themselves heard and demand in no uncertain terms that the election in Dominica be carried out peacefully, according to the laws of that country and that those who take part in the election abide by these laws and the procedures for challenging any alleged violations.

In this regard, it is necessary to condemn in the strongest possible terms the destructive interference of the OAS in the situation in Dominica. This organisation which is notorious for undermining democratic governance in the region, organising coups, backing racist forces and acting as an instrument for Washington organised regime change has been brazenly making demands of Dominica with regard to its election. The OAS must end its colonial interference in Dominica.

Today, the times demand that all of us raise our voices in unity to demand that the elections in that country be held peacefully and that those who are pushing the situation towards bloodshed step back from that dangerous course of action.

Caribbean Anti-imperialist Network.

Contact list for further information.

  1. Shaun Hutchinson, Email Address: Tel: 18687073668

  1. David Denny, Email Address: Tel: 12462864052


  • There can’t be a Parliament without an Opposition!!

    Mr. Skerrit has taken wise counsel!!

    Left the two greedy dummies in Barbados and Grenada out in the open!!

    The wanted all without realizing they would get nothing!!


  • @ Mr Kammie Holder

    De ole man is back among various disciplines and people many of whom are people with degrees

    But, even though these people are “degreed persons” they DO NOT READ, AND SUCH READING INCLUDES WATCHING ACADEMIC VIDEOS!!!

    AlJazerra is an information source of some veracity

    And in the same vein 95% of the bajan population does not go to the sea that surrounds Barbados on average once in 5 years, so too de ole man will hazard to guess that Dominicans DID NOT SEE THAT VIDEO so even hoping that they were informed about Skerritt is wishful thinking.

    Do you remember this Stoopid Cartoon Mr. Holder.

    Up until a few moments ago, it had 25,000 views!

    So when I constantly agitate for the PDP here THE FACT IS THAT, unlike the antiquated methodologies that they employed DEM HAD TO GET BEAT cause dem was campaigning only at election time.


    You think de ole man gine ease up, this is why they lost!


  • letter to Mama Mia..someone is talking out things..wuhloss.


  • Piece..have you EVER seen this type of drama in ya!!!


  • These words of the Dominica Prime Minister, are words to be feared

    “…“Grenada and Barbados have taught us so, it is foolishness to talk about you need an opposition,” he stated.

    “We don’t need no opposition in Dominica…”

    And, what is more to be feared is when Mugabe Mottley implements a policy OF REFUSING TO GIVE A SUBVENTION TO THE OPPOSITION HERE IN BARBADOS

    If people cannot see that this is dictatorship BEING CREATED BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES, we have a serious problem.

    This continues to be why one has to be vigilant about data programs exceeding monthly limits and push notifications


    But de ole man digress.

    The reason the Opposition in Grenada and Dominica loss is because THEY GAVE THE PEOPLE NOTHING

    AND THE REASON THE PdP is going to lose, is because, IN ADDITION TO ATHERLEY PURPORTEDLY BEING A MIA MOTTLEY PLANT, the party has no alternative programming to give it any currency among the Bajan population

    Wunna notice the automatic screen shots with sound???



  • The stage has been set for dictatorship goverence in small islands states there is no turning back now outside from those having the will and power to fight against this evilness
    The people of Dominica who took to streets have seen the writing on the wall and said so having the will to fight back
    Now all with eyes wide open have seen the operative movement of small islands govts having made a commitment and a pact to seize power by the force of military action
    A word to the wise is sufficient



    Skerrit actualy thinks intelligent people will believe the shite he is talking, Caribbean governments are known for enriching themselves at the expense of and to keep their own BLACK PEOPLE IN POVERTY…while enriching others who looks nothing like them…

    Dominica is supposed to be a republic, there should be no colonial laws left on their statute books, so he may want to advise his good friend Mia to remove all those evil colonial slave laws that can still be found on Barbados’ statute books that they use to keep Black Bajans in modern day slavery and STOP TALKING SHITE…there are slave laws still active, still directed at black people by black leaders going all the way back to the 16th and 17th centuries that these dirty little politicians/ministers/lawyers and their nasty corrupt DPPs use to their own benefit, to the benefit of whites and other minorities who BRIBE THEM ALL and to the destruction of Black Bajans..

    we all already know what the outside influences are capable of…but they are not the ones keeping Black people in Barbados, in the Caribbean miseducated, backward and in continous poverty…but their Black leaders CERTAINLY ARE…yall FRAUDS…


  • The following is a press statement issued late yesterday by the Commonwealth Observer mission in Dominica.–y8ME40IY68tQiOxXh7tiJt-eF7La5dVVMCDVl3Ok0ZPu77YUlShamo8GAoaJcvlQh8oWc3WT1iEkZL0BZwlx0zbhE123HIvLEps_xaG1rIDmpOWw8dBM3INPnIAd3rzW2h5kEWcVbaj7efXzoN2BmfS5Qp26KtHen39CoqsXtjEW5RVslf46jRIXu5axrsa-pkke1mvdQ1pmraEajQU6


  • Mia Watch

    The gathering a back door entry to pad the voters list
    One cannot count out the possibility of emails being sent to collect or distribute information from the gathering that would increase the voters counts
    Power hungry politicians would do any thing to win
    Take a close read of the many illegal concoctions used by Skerritt to win
    I wonder where he was schooled in the art of political gymnastics
    A person is known by the company they keep


  • These political swine keep information from the public and of course the half-ass media in Barbados are complicit in keeping every crime lowlife, low class negro politicians commit COVERED UP.

    It took us weeks to hear about the palace negro being caught with money at Gatwick and i bet they all knew, but he is a fraternity member so they thought they could keep it from the people forever, that is all they all do, cover up their crimes, then got talk for the if it’s still the 1950’s..steuppss..


  • So what did the CEOM discuss at the meeting
    So did Skerritt adress with them the findings by the OAS Why did Skerritt not allow the OAS to be independent observers
    This so called report by the CEOM is another affront by caricom govts to enable Skerritt and to give him a pass for all that he has accused the OAS of saying against him
    Birds of like feathers folk together and that saying can easily be placed at the feet of Caricom govts as they quickly rose to a political game play of “me too” to secure a win for Skerritt


  • The report by the OAS Mission headed by former prime minister of Bahamas.

    The recommendations can apply to Barbados. We have similar concerns with the voters list. In our last election there was a eleventh hour court decision to permit residents to vote. There is the perennial call for electoral reform.


  • Soon the political swine will want to tell us that it’s US, UK, Canada and whomever they can assign blame to are the ones forcing them to keep 3 and 400 year old slave laws on their statute books or that is the reason that their education systems are so inadequate and at least 50 YEARS BEHIND…and some would be dumb Enuff to believe them…mass dumbing down, brain and mind washing still being perpetrated by Black governments against Black people in the Caribbean…in the 21st CENTURY…conveniently using slave laws left behind by European slave masters…

    now how dirty and low crawling is that..


  • Posted by political commentator on FB:

    The Dominica opposition leader, Lennox Linton, is rejecting the outcome of the December 6 general election which saw the fifth consecutive defeat of his United Workers Party by the Dominica Labour Party. The thrust of his argument is that the election cannot be considered free and fair because he claims thousands of overseas-based Dominicans were brought home to vote through sponsorship by the ruling party — an act he views as tantamount to bribery. There are two critical questions that must be asked here: do he laws of Dominica say that overseas-based nationals are ineligible to vote? As far as I am aware, they do not. The other question is this: is it illegal for a political party to bring home voters it considers to be its supporters to cast their ballot? As far as I am aware, the law does not speak directly to this issue. Dominica, like every country, subscribes to the fundamental principle of the rule of law. Seen from this perspective, it appears that the election was perfectly in conformity with the law. As a result, the government which has arisen therefrom, can only be considered legitimate. What is particularly interesting is Linton’s assessment that the three seats his party won were legitimate. He is contradicting himself. He cannot be arguing on one hand that the general election was not legitimate but that it was only in the 3 instances where his party won. The election in the 3 constituencies was part and parcel of the said general election. Further, can he verify 100% that no overseas-resident Dominicans voted in these 3 constituencies? Most likely he cannot. Foreign observers who have no axe to grind have basically approved the election result. Therefore, Linton is coming across as a sore loser. Looking on from afar, I think the UWP’s chances were severely hurt by the highly confrontational style of its campaign. Negative campaigning only works up to a point but can easily backfire because the tolerance level of the middle or floating voter who is generally determines the outcome of an election is easily exhausted. Just my frank opinion as a political strategist; I hold no brief for any party in Dominica. Now that he has led the UWP to two consecutive defeats, the real issue for Linton is the prospect of facing a “night of the long knives” inside the UWP. Questions will be asked about his leadership and some will start to see him more as a liability than an asset. A change of leadership for the UWP is a real possibility before the next general election.


  • What is interesting if you evaluate the pre and post election activity in Dominica is that the issues raised are common to Barbados and other islands.


  • The question begs. Who is funding Caribbean elections? Is it the Taiwanese, Chinese, Nigerians or corporate giants seeking footholds in the Caribbean? I am convinced out election process is threatened by the all mighty dollar.

    Recently we had a clear show in Barbados that those with deep pockets can buy a way to parliament even if the have a donkey sheep brain.


  • What is written in that report is a generalized observation nothing in depth that is sufficient and enough to eliminate the troubling processes used by Skerrit which the OAS had brought to Skerritt attention
    Anyone standing on the side line at the polls could have come to a similar observation
    However the underlining proceeses of voters fraud would have been hard to detect by simple bird eye viewing
    The cause and effect would have been already taken place out of the probing eyes of independent observers


  • After four terms a party has to be unpopular!!!

    18-3 is a contrived result!!


  • Just not believable!!


  • @Kammie

    In the so-called great democracy of the USA we have the influence of money with their PACs and Super PACs. It is a failing of our democracy and will be with us until end times.


  • whoever that political commentator is, he is not familiar with internal UWP policies. any person contesting and losing 2 elections as UWP leader cannot contest for leadership of the UWP for a 3rd time. they will be no night of long knives unless there is a proposal to go against constitution of the UWP.

    the rest of the article is generally correct. the DLP is generally preferred in Dominica but Skerrit and the COP have lost the support of the rank and file for promoting his people and not the deserved and so he is getting passive resistance from the police- hence the RSS.


  • David
    December 8, 2019 8:35 AM

    In the so-called great democracy of the USA we have the influence of money with their PACs and Super PACs. It is a failing of our democracy and will be with us until end times.


    Hilary outspent Trump 2:1!!

    Trump was just two popular and Hilary two unpopular!!

    Hilary earned her unpopularity because she had been around two long and many got to know the baggage she carried.

    Skerrit has been around seemingly forever yet he was able to win 18-3!!

    Mitchell made a clean sweep after numerous terms.

    I suspect we will soon see Ralph waltz back in.

    The big difference between the Caribbean and US is that “Russia” can interfere in the vote count!!

    “Russia” = Outside influences!!



    When I look at this link provided above the picture swamps out the article.

    It is worth 10,000 words.

    The rest of the text is irrelevant!!


  • Watch the video in the link!!!!


  • Oh well..we all gotta, contrary to what some of this modeling fake slave stock titles believe.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Kammie Holder,
    You would like to know who is funding Caribbean elections? Go and do some research on the numerous Citizenship by Investment (CBI) schemes within the region. The monies received helps to pay for the ruling party campaign, bankrolls their constitutents at a basic level (material possessions in exchange for their voter’s loyalty) and helps to fatten the ruling elite bank balance.

    It is unbelievable that citizens of the Caribbean should allow such practices to take place without challenging the ruling elite. The evidence is in front of you.


  • All these small island elections are scams
    Makes for wonder what happen on Mayv24th maybe an optical illusion put in place for another outcome
    Any way my bags are packed and heading out of here
    My eyes are wide open
    Also too much African influence seeping through
    Going back home but the question which resonates is going back home to what


  • PM Mottley in Kenya and Nairobi governor arrested over Kenya corruption scandal.


  • The problem is money, not economic growth, not a plan … and these should be at the top of the agenda.

    How all of the islands exist is by providing a means for people/companies to launder money out of sight of the jurisdictions in which they live or exist.

    What physical products or services and how much of them do islands like Dominica, Grenada, St. Vincent, Antigua, St. Lucia or Barbados export?

    They all need money!!!

    What happened in the past to a larger or smaller extent, they all were poor but thrifty.

    No excessive borrowing.

    The borrowing means they have to pay back.

    But they borrowed over and above what they can payback because of the corruption.

    They default and their credit rating falls.

    They are no longer a good credit risk.

    So they find other means of getting the money they crave but do nothing with the corruption which exists.

    Eventually the corruption runs the country.

    What we forget is that these islands had numerous people who were able to leave and earn their way in bigger countries.

    They remitted cash.

    Now, a few generations later, this no longer works.

    The “gathering” perhaps is a way to get at the money of overseas Bajans but we all know, here and abroad, the intent is evil!!

    CARICOM sending a team to observe the Dominica elections is a waste of time …. a huge joke!!

    All of its members are hopelessly corrupt and will prop up each other in their corruption because if one falls, all fall.

    So, what is the basic plank of our economy that has always worked and why?


  • John

    All of its members are hopelessly corrupt and will prop up each other in their corruption because if one falls, all fall

    Well said


  • Yo BAF…oh you noticed colonial house negros from the Caribbean are going places, moving up in the

    the papyshow is finally ready for DEBATE…after a whole year..

    “The laying of the Bill in Parliament has been met with some skepticism from opposing political parties, who have on occasion queried why the process was taking so long. This afternoon Marshall explained that the task was not a simple one, as the fluidity of Government’s priorities meant that focus on the bill’s final draft shifted back and forth.

    “The bill has taken a little over a year to get to this point and in that year much work has gone on behind the scenes, although we had one or two administrative challenges. The Chief Parliamentary Council’s office has had a vast amount of work to do. In many cases, our priorities, based on our international commitment, shifted from time to time,” said Marshall noting that this was not necessarily a bad thing, as it ensured that all I’s were dotted, and T’s crossed.

    The AG further revealed that it was the Government’s intention to have the bill passed on December 9, to coincide with World Corruption Day on December 9, but that proved difficult. Marshall also noted that Government was also seeking to have the United Nation’s Convention on Corruption signed, providing further evidence of the country’s commitment to stamping out corruption. Currently, only Barbados and Syria have not signed on to agreement and Marshall made it clear today that he would like to see this changed.”


  • “The “gathering” perhaps is a way to get at the money of overseas Bajans but we all know, here and abroad, the intent is evil!!”

    “All of its members are hopelessly corrupt and will prop up each other in their corruption because if one falls, all fall”

    Bajans are going to have to make some very hard decisions, their very existence props up corrupt government ministers, lawyers and business people who are THIEVES…look how well they hid the corrupt Williams family involvement in the scam to build a new prison BOLDFACEDLY with black bajans money and with the intent to only lock up black bajans.

    Had not for Paradise Papers and ICIJ we would NEVER KNOW..what these evil bitches did …the lengths the then wicked BLP government went to commit these crimes against their own black people..defys logic and commonsense and can be ATTRIBUTED TO PURE GREED…and EVIL.

    yes…the populi will have to decide if they want more generations of their children to be mistreated and robbed by scum in the parliament, bar association and their bribers through the next 50 years…something has to some time the people will have to wake up and say NO MORE….or be systematically and methodically destroyed by these fithy criminals.


  • @ John December 8, 2019 11:48 AM
    “How all of the islands exist is by providing a means for people/companies to launder money out of sight of the jurisdictions in which they live or exist.
    What physical products or services and how much of them do islands like Dominica, Grenada, St. Vincent, Antigua, St. Lucia or Barbados export?”

    Nice piece of reflection there, John!

    It seems the Quakers have failed in their early experiments and it’s time to get back to basic reality. They have not succeeded in creating a new English-speaking Jerusalem in paradise called the Caribbean.

    The basic reason why the ancestors of the current numerically-significant group were brought to the Caribbean is no longer there.

    King Sugar is dead and servitude despite its modern incarnation in the form of some enlightened propaganda about the material virtues from beach-based tourism catering to pale-skin sun worshippers is no longer en vogue as an acceptable form of Biblical–type slavery.

    Maybe it’s time the remnants of the victims from that cursed trade go back where they really belong and let these small islands return to their original state and purpose as nature intended. It might just be the time to break free from the cycle of the Columbus curse.

    Maybe there is a more telling portent in Mottley’ ritual of returning the bones of an ‘unknown’ slave to Ghana than meets the eye of the uninitiated.

    Or should we wait on the gloomy looming spectre of Climate Change to reveal the future of these islands?

    According to the preacher: “There is nothing new under the Sun”; for what goes around must some day come around.

    “What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    Is there anything of which one can say,
    Look! This is something new”?
    It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time.

    No one remembers the former generations,
    and even those yet to come
    will not be remembered
    by those who follow them.”


  • @Miller

    Is this a barefaced suggestion we will return to modern version of the cork hat and donkey?


  • “Maybe it’s time the remnants of the victims from that cursed trade go back where they really belong and let these small islands return to their original state and purpose as nature intended. It might just be the time to break free from the cycle of the Columbus curse.

    Maybe there is a more telling portent in Mottley’ ritual of returning the bones of an ‘unknown’ slave to Ghana than meets the eye of the uninitiated.”

    the immediate cycle to be broken is that of a few descendants of barbadosed indentured servants and their colonial negros in the parliament, systematically and repeatedly STEALING FROM THE DESCENDANTS OF AFRICAN SLAVES…for well over 40 years…that cycle has to be broken ASAP and in any way they can..if the people all leave the island right now, all these criminals and thieves will have to run or starve..

    The sea will eventually take back the island anyway…at least the African descended have somewhere to go…outside of the metropolis.

    I don’t think Mia knows what she unleashed, but she will…YOU NEVER DISTURB CENTURIES OLD SPIRITS…without proper ceremony..and even then, it’s a huge risk…from she did that the whole atmosphere changed, only those sensitive enough can feel it…don’t expect colonial house negros to feel or see anything, they are empty inside..


  • @ David December 8, 2019 2:24 PM

    The ‘massa’ in cork hat (the modern foreign owners and controllers of the commercial life of Barbados) and the donkey (steel donkeys behaving like polluting gas guzzling SUVs which are totally unsuitable for the makeover donkey cart roads) are still with us except in a technologically different form.

    But Father Time and Mother Nature have a way of setting back the clock to 12.


  • If nothing changes in the near future…all we can ask is n’as-tu toujours pas retenu ta lecon???

    after that Miller…all we can say is that we tried, i know i have not wasted my 7 years on BU…and i also know that something HAS TO GIVE..


  • The use of police forces and armies to intimidate political opponents must not be allowed to raise its destructive head in the Caribbean. Corruption and those who take bribes, pay bribes in any form be it money in an offshore account or property ownership should be hanged.

    Corruption destroys the generations and Barbados is sliding and honest decent individuals are needed to sacrifice themselves to save country. Attend any embassy function and let drinks flow oh my you would be shocked at the information that is discussed while seeking your opinion.

    It appears many well meaning seek political office only to get trapped in a system that promotes greed while loosing their balls. Many have not realized when we die our hands are empty and our legacy should not be one greed but how each of us HONESTLY & GENUINELY made the world a better place.

    Too many persons who should know better have allowed themselves to be compromised or just prefer to turn a blind eye.

    Political parties are self serving and in the absence of FOIA and ITAL we will be continually taken for a ride by self serving politicians who message your poor ego with food, drink and fairytales.

    Why continue to be a #DonkeySheepGoat, such a character exist.

    De Chinese just crossed a pig with a monkey.


  • The below is but another example of a highly intelligent donkey who it’s allegedly wanted a pair of shoes and a watch.

    ”In a phone call between billionaire Peter Virdee, who was being accused of bribing high-ranking members of government in the Caribbean, and his business partner Dieter Trutschler, Virdee claims that Timothy Harris demanded a watch and a pair of shoes.[10] The call was intercepted by German law enforcement and excerpts of the recording were submitted in a High Court judgement in the United States.


  • SirSimple SimonPresidentForLife “He was pulled up by Border Force and he declared he had a little bit of cash on him.”


    Clearly I went into the wrong profession, because here according to the man said he had “a little bit of cash” on him, and that “little bit of cash” turned out to be 70,000 pounds sterling. I wonder if like me he had $17.34 BDS what he would call that amount?


  • This is all Caribbean shite leaders both current and former are good for, more than one source had the story….they are known as Sue Happy…lol..ya know ya telling the truth when they shout lawsuit..


  • If a Caribbbean politicain tells you to walk…RUN, SPRINT FAST..

    Sue Happy will now want to sue the Mail for saying he was detained, when he was and then released, money seized…that would be part of the court record, but Sue Happy got his own version…

    “However, the MoS understands Dr Douglas is the subject of a probe by the National Crime Agency.

    Officers were granted the right to hold the cash for a further six months by Crawley Magistrates’ Court on November 19.

    Dr Douglas boarded a flight to Dubai empty handed.

    A law enforcement source said: ‘He told them it was for political campaigning but could not explain where it came from and where it was really going.’


  • De ole man always telling wunna people dat I lef school at 11 so I is not bright like wunna and reports of de OAS and CARICOM observers, who seem dressed up like effin dem was going to Kadooment, is too sophisticated for me.

    But where de ole man expertise heheheheh does come to bear IS WHERE UDDER PEOPLE & SHEEPLE does be permanently lost!

    De People’s Party for Democracy and Development should be watching this pattern!

    In fact de ole man looks at these specific words and had copied dem for the PdP.

    “…I think the UWP’s chances were severely hurt by the highly confrontational style of its campaign.

    Negative campaigning only works up to a point but can easily backfire because the tolerance level of the middle or floating voter who is generally determines the outcome of an election is easily exhausted…”

    The strategy of most parties in the Caribbean is to resort to negative campaigning

    De ole man, being de expert dat I am at dese tings, will say “there is a time and a place for everything” but one needs to understand what “negative” campaigning is in 2019!

    Here is a Stoopid Poster.

    Tell de ole man what category of Campaigning it is?

    Now let us look deeper into this strategists message.

    This man who wrote this IS A SEASINED CAMPAIGNER, unlike Ironside!

    He is however an older strategist and notwithstanding his age he has just TOLD THE PdP (and every party that is challenging regional incumbent governments) WHAT ATHERLEY AND HIS PEOPLE HAVE TO DO, TO DEFINITIVELY CHANGE BAJAN VOTERS’ MINDS

    Sensational news WILL ONLY GO SO FAR! People dont care whose pokey got bitten out, as long as it’s not theirs and who de doctor bvulling is not too important either

    Bajans want evidence that Senator Caswell Franklyn and his colleagues WILL DELIVER


  • This is the meaning of ramifications people standing

    ROSEAU – Dominicans are today fearful of more political strife and possible violence following the opposition United Workers’ Party’s (UWP) rejection of last Friday’s general election results and condemnation of the observer missions’ findings that the poll was free and fair.

    In a near 16-minute Facebook broadcast on Saturday night, UWP leader Lennox Linton said that “unfortunately, the people of Dominica had their hopes set aside, dashed, by yet another stolen election”.

    He called on his countrymen to “rise up and stand up to ensure that those who have done wrong to Dominica” pay for their deeds.

    “We need now to demand fresh elections because as far as we are concerned, this illegitimate result renders the election null and void, and it renders the government null and void. We will not recognise this government because it is as a result of a stolen election. That’s where we stand,” said Linton. (SP)


  • Spoken like a true dictator

    The leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), Roosevelt Skerrit, has said that the just-concluded general election which produced another win for his party, was free and fair, but he has also promised to set up a commission for electoral reform which was one of the most contentious issues of the election campaign.

    “The national general elections were conducted under laws that have governed elections in this country in the forty-one years since independence,” Skerrit stated in an address to the nation on Friday night. “The people of the Commonwealth of Dominica have spoken and I want to thank them for giving the Dominica Labour party a resounding victory and returning us to office for another term as the next government.”

    The preliminary results from the Electoral Office give the DLP an 18-3 victory in the December 6 elections. The final count was done on Saturday, December 7 and an Electoral Office official told Dominica News Online (DNO) that the final official results will be released on Monday.

    Skerrit congratulated all incoming parliamentary representatives, in particular, the newcomers and said he looked forward to working with them.

    Pointing to what he referred to as the “bruising nature” of the election campaign, the DLP leader thanked all those who voted and added that in so doing, demonstrated that democracy is alive and well.


  • I just watched part of the Aljezeera documentary on the issuing of Diplomatic Passports by the Dominica and I remember EW Barrow’s description of Eric Gairy as a “political bandit” sadly they are still amongst us.


  • The posion of self hatred, racism, destruction of the black mind and the hatred for black enpowerment that Barbados’ two bit lowlife colonial negro leaders kept until the 21st century..


  • Barrow the father of independence, the hero of the working people. @ William’s duopoly comes alive.
    I remember Barrow’s campaign against Leroy Harewood ant the PPM/Black Star. Evil man. I also remember his treatment of John Connell. Remember why he got rid of local government and disestablish the Anglican Church?
    But we love mythical history.


  • Skerritt might have won the battle but his job for the next five years is to win the war
    There is nothing worse than a govt having to look over its shoulder looking for the enemy
    Haiti is a text book case of too much too long


  • Hal A
    Remember why he got rid of local government and disestablish the Anglican Church?
    No, we don’t remember why, could you give us the history?

    BTW if those actions were so egregious, why haven’t successive Gov’ts reversed them?


  • @ Sargeant

    Both the Thompson/Stuart and now the Mottley governments have, or are planning, to replace local government. Is there any truth in the claim that he got rid of local government to spite ED Mottley? Is there any truth that he disestablished the Anglican church because his father was not appointed bishop?
    I am like Burton Hinds.


  • @ Hal,
    Recently, I have been championing the virtues of parishes becoming autonomous entities. This is perhaps the only way to nullify a corrupt government and to consolidate power to communities. Of cause the blog master ridiculed my suggestion without developing an alternative voice to this dead hand and near obsolete government.

    No surprise there when one considers the terrible legacy left by Barrow. It was a sin and a crime on the part of Barrow to have snuffed out the black nationalist voice. So much for pluralism. In its place we appear willing to accept totalitarism. Step forward Mia and the rest of our Caricom leaders.


  • @Hal A

    Burton Hinds? I thought you dealt in facts, not innuendo nor gossip but the fact remains neither Tom Adams; Bree St. John; Erskine Sandiford; Owen Arthur; David Thompson nor Freundel Stuart reversed those actions. I will wait and see what Mia does, however I don’t see/hear any groundswell for the return of local Gov’t and even Anglicans aren’t clamoring for the reestablishment of the Anglican Church.

    BTW didn’t Barrow’s election campaign call for the dissolution of local Gov’t?

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Sargeant

    Don’t be silly. Whether it is called parish councils or constituency councils ow whatever (there is now a commission taking place, the Thorne Commission) which is about local government.
    Re-establishing the church in a secular society is a no-no. But Barrow’s father, Reginald, applied for the position of Bishop of Barbados and was turned down. WHERE IS THE GOSSIP AND INNUENDO?
    By the way, the Burton Hinds reference was meant to be a joke. One reason why I prefer to be serious on BU. Someone always comes oust of the wood work.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @TLNS

    The real test will be what powers the new councils are given. In our micro political environment, can you imagine the government handing over power for social services, schools, street lighting and cleaning, neighbourhood policing, noise pollution and road repairs.
    In reality it will probability be a talking shop.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Hal A
    But Barrow’s father, Reginald, applied for the position of Bishop of Barbados and was turned down.
    Source? Still a leap to suggest that was the reason for the disestablishment of the Anglican Church and since no one has ever bothered to restore the Anglican Church to its former position history has shown that Barrow was correct.


  • Sargeant
    December 9, 2019 9:55 PM

    @Hal A
    But Barrow’s father, Reginald, applied for the position of Bishop of Barbados and was turned down.
    Source? Still a leap to suggest that was the reason for the disestablishment of the Anglican Church and since no one has ever bothered to restore the Anglican Church to its former position history has shown that Barrow was correct.


    Just curious but when and how did the Anglican Church become established?

    Was there actually an act of Parliament?

    Did it come from the K/Q of E was head of Church and State?


  • Sargeant
    December 9, 2019 11:00 AM

    I just watched part of the Aljezeera documentary on the issuing of Diplomatic Passports by the Dominica and I remember EW Barrow’s description of Eric Gairy as a “political bandit” sadly they are still amongst us.


    In their numbers!!

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  • @John

    Here is an excerpt from the link;

    On 1st April 1969, the Anglican Church was disestablished and dis-endowed. By an Act of parliament, known as the Anglican Church Act 1969 (Cap.375), the Anglican Church ceased to be established by law. This Act gave it the Church responsibility to manage its own affairs, pay its clergy and maintain its buildings. The government of Barbados reduced its contributions to the Diocese on a sliding scale, and these contributions ended many years ago. The Church is completely self-supporting at this time.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Sargeant

    The reason I asked is because Barbados was populated by Quakers who did not go to church except to put in an appearance and avoid persecution.

    They had their own Meeting Rooms.

    They were always being fined or worse for not paying their church dues which supported the priest because they believed they did not need an intermediary with God.

    Since they were in effect the congregation, what need for a priest!!

    By 1824 the Anglican church had space for about 5000 or about 1/3 of the free population!!

    It could hardly be described as established prior to 1824, the arrival of the first Bishop!!

    My guess is it was after 1824.


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Reverend Joseph Atherley


  • RE But Barrow’s father, Reginald, applied for the position of Bishop of Barbados and was turned down.
    I DID NOT KNOW THAT ONE SOUGHT the position of Bishop of Barbados BY APPLICATION

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  • Piece there is no free lunch if u want to campaign on behalf of Atherley
    You have to buy time on space on BU
    Lest i remind u that i have been used and discarded like an ole shoe by David
    You did your jib well to oust the last lot
    Your services are no more important and u are no longer relevant
    Hee heee heee


  • Heheheheh

    @ ManyPussy

    You are again speaking a truth


    De ole man getting de Blogmaster BORG vexed and “flamed” cause I promoting the People’s Party for Democracy and Development and this IS NOT HIS BOSS

    But is not this topic about government and good governance AND DICTATORSHIPS BEING PERPETUATED?

    I guess dat it going take some sort of personal loss to one of the BORG for it to become something more that a game hosting BU

    Until then it is purely an exercise in periodic commentary AND GEORGE LINNAEUS BANKS quotations!


  • Dominica’s Prime Minister Skerritt was effusive in his praise for Hartley Henry and Peter Wickham for helping him and party to be successful in multiple General Elections. Nation journalist Sanka Price felt the pressing need to highlight Skerritt’s disclosure in a full page spread.

    Liked by 1 person

  • What a dam shame that those two names would be mentioned in history as helping to elect a dictator


  • Ahhhh now de ole man understands who the writer of the previous article on this blog is!

    Did not realise that Mr Henry was/is still in the political strategist field!

    I now “see” the style of authorship AND DE OLE MAN WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE AGE OF THE COMMENTATOR and his predisposition towards old time engagement strategies.

    Now, do not get me wrong, Mr Henry is good at his craft and so is Wickham (some of the time) but UNLESS YOU UPGRADE YOUR STRATEGIES TO MEET THE TIMES, you will be pushed into the political strategist wilderness.

    Mr. Hartley Henry intimates TOO MUCH OF THE PERSONAL ACRIMONY MESSAGE and it alienates the people.

    But de ole man will say THIS DEPENDS!

    Look at the Mugabe Mottley Message.

    Were it a single attack on the Dictator it might be said that people will get tired BUT OBSERVE THE DIVERSITY IN THE MESSAGE that is constantly being fueled by Mugabe every week.

    Mugabe brings the ammunition to the battle and she fans the fire!

    All de ole man does is point people heads in the right direction and the rest of the play unfolds by itself



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for the people




  • @ Dr. GP my fellow myope and apostate.

    At least in Dominica the medical students had 365 rivers to bathe in.

    Ronda here in Barbados dem only got de nasty Constitution River.


  • This is an irresponsible comment. All are aware ROSS had moved from Dominica and operated in other sites before the decision was taken by them to relocate operations to Barbados.




  • This is what a Christian minded person is minded to so, tell untruths about the land of their birth.





  • The majority of Ross students live at Coverley, no water woes. They go to school at a facility located next to Llaro Court, no water woes. They hang out at Sky Mall, no water woes.







  • David truth unlike milk does not spoil
    Mia teif Ross from Dominica
    No way can agreement for Ross to relocate could have been done so quickly
    Worst yet debate of concerns for or against Ross was nit even debated in Parliament
    All barbadians know is that Ross was relocating to Barbados
    Measly mout political poochlickers like Hartly and de udder one after being abandoned by the DLP had to make a living and no other choice but to cuddle up wid Mia
    Birds of feathers flock together


  • The thing which Dr. GP ‘s comment underscores is THE FACTS OF THIS MATTER!

    And while the Honourable Blogmaster as part of the BORG rushes in to defend the indefensible the ole man will provide a different perspective on this matter.

    Any prospective party seeking to become the new administration HAS TO FIND ISSUES THAT RESONATE WITH THE PEOPLE

    The issue of electricity being off for two days!

    With the Mugabe administration selling out Bridgetown and BTIi officials, OF WHOM THE RENTED JACKASS ***, becoming millionaires overnight, YOU UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF ELECTRICITY, WATER, GAS, TRANSPORTATION AND HEALTH!

    Just to name a few!

    When a man cannot bade his doggie, AS PER USUAL, he does put on cologne or as we call it Prefume AND CARRY HE NASTY ASS ALL BOUT DE PLACE!

    Not so with a woman!

    If you want to lose the RH votes of your women constituents quick, give the poor water services.

    When she cant bade she pokerts for 2 days AND YOU LOST SHE VOTE!

    The issue here AS POSITED BY DR. GP on a blog who subject is Politics IS A VALID POINT AND REASONABLE AS A POLITICAL STRATEGY but for the Minister of Disinformation one would expect their serious blowback BECAUSE IT IS HITTING AT THEIR BELOVED MUGABE!

    Ironically it is the same David King who does say politics is a blood sport but, more and more, he showing that he does only see de BLP red blood.

    Every body else blood is shy$e coloured brown AND DONT COUNT!





    consistent OR

    contain substance NOR ARE THEY
    sequential OR



  • De ole man expect dat dem going falsify Gathering 2020 information which is consistent with building the myth TO APPEASE THE IMF



  • Good for him
    Although the courts might be corrupt as well

    UWP leader, Lennox Linton

    Loop News
    Lennox Linton and the Opposition United Workers Party, are heading to court to challenge what they say, are irregularities during Dominica’s general election.

    Mr Linton said after deliberating over the results, the UWP has concluded that the December 6 election was not free and fair.

    They have since renewed their calls for election reform.

    The opposition leader said had the government heeded their cries for reform, the Dominica Labour Party would not have been able to steal the election.

    He accused Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and the DLP, of bribing Dominicans who live abroad, to return to the country to vote. He said this was done at the expense of the UWP, who only won three of the islands 21 seats. The DLP copped a landslide victory, winning the other 18.

    In his address to supporters at a meeting on Thursday night, the opposition leader said “We are going to court with this matter. We have not had much success in the court over the years but that is neither here nor there. It is a tool that we have that we will continue to use.”

    He contends, that all that went wrong during the election process, must be set right.

    Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit could not be reached for comm


  • All these concerns cannot be swept away as sour grapes but should be an eye opener to a serious undertow of iron hand leadership that is sweeping across small island nation

    Dominician news on line

    General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), Thomas Letang, has responded to statements made by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit as it relates to systems his government plans to put in place for public officers to express their concerns.

    The prime minister said recently, at his swearing-in ceremony, that there are too many complaints by public officers going around, some of which are legitimate and this system needs to be put in place so persons who were aggrieved by the actions of the administration of the public service have an opportunity for their cases to be heard.

    He also expressed concerns about public officer acting in a position for several years, and others who have not been appointed for 15 years and said this has to be addressed.

    However, Letang, who spoke to Dominica News Online (DNO) on Thursday said he does not support this proposal which makes no sense to him and labelled it an attempt by the government to control the public service.

    “Cabinet at no time should have anything to do with the people’s employment unless it is a contract worker and Cabinet is giving you a contract for a period of time and even that has to go to the Public Service Commission for its endorsement,” he said. “It is an attempt to control the Public Service and we will not fall for that and any attempt to do so will be met by serious objection and protest by the union.”

    Letang contends that this move by Skerrit is morally wrong, unacceptable in any democratic society and is meant to weaken the public service.

    Before the general elections, numerous protests and meetings were conducted by the PSU for salary negotiations with the government – but according to Letang, all of that seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as their complaints were never answered.

    Elections have now passed and the same government (Dominica Labour Party- DLP) is now back in office.

    Letang is calling on public officers to “open their eyes” and recognize that they are “treading on a slippery road” and nobody in their right senses should support what the prime minister has suggested.

    “The union has to be much more militant than it has been and we have to go all out to talk to the members, to educate our members, in other words our education drive must be enhanced because this is dangerous where the public officers have been calling and the people have been expressing their concerns,” he stated.

    Skerrit has also said that he believes it is the cabinet’s job to take a keener interest in the welfare of public officers and to provide them with an avenue where they can express their concerns if they feel that they are being unfairly treated.

    Letang noted that this statement is illogical as Dominica is under a Westminster Government and that the prime minister has to understand that this is not the role and responsibility of the cabinet.

    He stated that the country has three branches of government which consists of the legislature, the administrative branch and the judiciary.

    “The legislature, which is where the politicians come in, they are not responsible for the day to day administration of the public service. Senior public officers are charged with that responsibility and to come up with any system where complaints by public officers can be made to Cabinet is a dictatorial approach,” Letang stated.

    He said the prime minister’s statement is a clear departure from what Dominica has been accustomed to and what actually exists, adding that this gives way to more victimization and favouritism among citizens.

    He said the union has also investigated the matter involving public workers who have not been appointed and found that some of the recommendations from the union are awaiting clearance from the prime minister.

    He pointed out that since workers have raised the issue of salary increase “over and over and over again”, Skerrit needs to provide the clearance; if that is where the matter is, so persons can be permanently appointed after being employed for over 10 years.

    Letang suggested that there is a need for greater mobilization of union members, greater enhancement of their educational programs and communication with their members in a more effective way because he recognizes that there is a battle ahead of them


  • Ramifications are real coming from Dominica election
    Skerrit vows to stand up against his opponents and ‘deal with all of them’

    Sounds familiar..hmmmm


  • Yes, a reminder of Jones shooting some people and cracking some heads.


  • Parliamentary Representative for the Vieille Case constituency, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has sent a warning to his political opponents that he is prepared to stand up against them and “deal with all of them.”

    Skerrit told his supporters at a thankyou meeting in the Vieille Case constituency over the weekend, “So, they can’t test me; I ain’t fraid dem. You know I will stand up against them and I can deal with all of them…because I know, I have the army, my supporters, behind me from this constituency in particular


  • David u are an idiot


  • David. Correct..
    I agree! two thumbs up dummy


  • Here she goes Mia sticking her big a.sss in a bad situation in Dominica
    What is her problem


  • Earlier there was a statement that Barrow disestablished the Anglican Church because his father wasn’t appointed Bishop of Barbados. I just read the attached article and based on the timeline of incidents Barrow’s father had left the Anglican/Episcopalian Church and was a member of another denomination long before Barrow was PM and long before he could be considered for the job of Bishop of Barbados unless the Anglicans were in the habit of appointing outsiders to the position of Bishop.


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