Prime Minister Skerrit’s Jeep Ordered off the Road

This is not the first time Prime Minister’s Roosevelt Skerrit’s name has been mentioned negatively on Barbados Underground. The BU family will recall his name was associated with a few prominent others as having an interest in the local Cost-U-Less. Here is the 2013 blog Who Are the Local Partners in Cost-U-Less?.

The blogmaster is encouraged to read that in some places, some citizens are not afraid to challenge the establishment. Unlike Barbados the Commonwealth of Dominica has enacted and operartionalized the Integrity in Public Office Act of Dominica. Since the 70s successive BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY (BLP) and DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) governments have been promising Barbadians to enact transparency laws.

Here is a story of interest posted in the Antigua News.

Source: Antigua News

31 thoughts on “Prime Minister Skerrit’s Jeep Ordered off the Road

  1. Sad really. Was reading up on Liberia’s vast resources last week when they were showing interest in the island. There is absolutely no need for corruption with what they got going for them. It only highlights the weaknesses and cowardly disposition of the wicked and corrupt. The damage already done is devastating.

    Hopefully the people work together to stamp it out permanently, lock them all up and dont be accepting and enabling. They got too much going for them to let that level of evil and greed succeed.

  2. So wait, is it being suggested that when a certain hotelier gifted a yacht to a certain ex minister from a previous administration, that upon acceptance of that gift, had integrity legislation been enacted as promised, an immediate investigation could have been carried out to uncover the underlying reason for such generosity? And further, depending of the outcome of the investigation, that ex minister would not have been appointed to high office in a subsequent administration?

    • Corrupt behaviour is a human condition as we observe every day from the world news. As a country and region we have to do better to improve the quality of governance to foster trust between actors in civil society.

  3. More than 15 years ago we had argued three main points in a place where it was supposed to matter.

    One, that the American regime is collapsing.

    Two, that socalled Western “democracies” where at their core formations of fascist regimes.

    Three, that White people have no antecedents of surrendering power in circumstances where the ultimate military response is available.

    With all this going on currently only trite can here pollute. At a time when serious discourses are going on within significant players within both major nuclear weapons states about their utility.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Rights Reserved. on said:

      Closer to home….dont see how those who are blinded by their own stupidity, dont see the massive potential emanating from Liberia, given the two country’s close unbroken connection to each from the 1800s and utilize it positively to benefit both countries.

      But that’s just me who tend to see the good in any situation….it’s noted Liberia is the first African Republic..

    • “Three, that White people have no antecedents of surrendering power in circumstances where the ultimate military response is available.”

      Given this knowledge, I find it difficult to understand why you think China’s rise to #1 will remain on track. Similarly predictions were made for Japan in 2000 and then it’s economy caught a bad cold.

      “One, that the American regime is collapsing.”

      This may be true, but I suspect competitors will also collapse. We have similar data, but see different outcomes

    • Theo

      You are absolutely correct about the trajectories of both Japan and China ……….. up to this point.

      But as the Hopi saw, similarly, the Chinese and their multipolarity cannot and has refused to be mind-bent like the Japanese were.

      These circumstances are markedly different in most other ways.

      Can’t you see the West, particularly the USA, continues to behave like a spoilt child unable to get its way?

      Can’t remember its name currently, but it was a conference organized by the USA which was used to tell the Japanese how they should jettison their own economic might, The Plaza Accords.

      The Chinese, the Russians, the Global South, the unipolar world order, shall not fall for this. In any case America and the West are as weak as a spider’s web. They are checkmated and have a single play.

      China is not alone!

  4. A journalist who was sentenced to 5,000 years in prison for failing to pay libel damages amounting to £1.2 million has reflected on the state of the profession in Africa. Rodney D Sieh, editor of Liberia’s FrontPageAfrica, had run a story that cast doubt on a government audit, finding $6m unaccounted for and was prosecuted as a result.

  5. The late Albert Porte, Kenneth Best and Rodney Sieh, all family all trace their roots to Christ Church, Barbados.

    Descended from Barbadians who emigrated to Liberia in 1865, Porte was born on January 16, 1906, in Crozerville, Liberia.[1] The Porte family is from Barbados. He was educated at the Christ Church Parish Day School in Crozerville, the College of West Africa in Monrovia, and Cuttington University College.

    Before his political journalism career, Porte was a public school teacher. He later served as executive secretary of the National Teachers Association, and edited the NTA Bulletin.[

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  7. “Corrupt behaviour is a human condition as we observe every day from the world news. As a country and region we have to do better to improve the quality of governance to foster trust between actors in civil society. ”
    Yes indeed D of BU

    People are still asleep and literally need to be woke and step it in a militant style like the rasta steppers in Jah army
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  8. The corruption destroyed a country with the greatest of potentials.. …started when American Liberians and Caribbeans returned to Africa and the only thing they learned from their negative experience as the enslaved in the US/Americas region is how to exploit, oppress, disenfranchise and enslave the indigenous people they found in Liberia….using nepotism and thefts…sound familiar?..the ignorant slaveminded turned slave master….saw where the people have a track record of hanging the wicked publicly including government officials….a plus for them..send a message, send even more..

    It goes to show the mindsets of backward politicians, all they aspire to become are FAKE ELITES at the expense of Afrikans, even back then, no different to the corrupt wannabes in this region….who will pay for their covetous envious ways.

    The weak black mind, the weakest link…none of them can mislead me anywhere.

  9. “Given this knowledge, I find it difficult to understand why you think China’s rise to #1 will remain on track.”

    I am a world citizen
    I am exotic
    I am colourful

    in the fight of white versus people of colour
    whites usually win
    but sometimes the people of colour prevail

    Traditional Chinese culture is deep and has been prevalent for several thousands of years.
    European culture is shallow bland like or is no culture.

  10. This is how dangerously corrupt governments and lawyers are….why they can never be trusted, why they must be monitored, watched and exposed across the earth for this most evil and heinous behavior of stealing what is not theirs and going to any lengths to do so….this is why you make them worldwide famous as the thieving untouchables…get close and get RoB-bed…most times unknowingly. Dangerous criminals deserving of permanent world stage glare. These actually got impersonators to attempt this heist. No wonder countries are now demanding genetic proof re inheritance etc…they never saw that one coming. The advances sciences made in heritage/ancestry…is irrefutible.

    “Hungarian fraudsters with bonds stolen from murdered holocaust victims seek to redeem through bogus “royal” claimants in Indonesia and China. Corrupt government leaders in Budapest, working with attorneys closely linked to far- right political groups, are seeking to redeem century-old German External Loan Bonds looted from the assets of Hungarian Holocaust victims.

  11. Skerritt, like most politicians, presents the viscera of a criminal-idiot.

    The contradiction though is that he has a car licensing issue, it seems.

    But the head of the empire of which he’s either a citizen or permanent resident or factotum, Joseph Biden, on top of the evil spirit of a political devil, should require a mental license to go down the street for a loaf.

    Biden is now asking the devil to bless a dead queen of England, oblivious to a factoid which the whole world knows. This man had no license to shit himself in the presence of the pope.

    No license to be falling down everywhere. No license to being treated like a retard by his handlers. No license for attempting to walk off a stage to fall into thin air landing several feet below. No license for not recognizing his own wife.

    Need we go on?

    We wonder who are the unelected, unlicensed people in charge in Washington. What a democracy! A man clearly without a license to be anywhere near the nuclear codes pretends to be the driver of a militarized empire. A wicked man without a mind.

    The Guardian Council in Iran would have long removed the Supreme Leader even if one of these obvious mental failures was recorded. China, the same. Russia, the same. Venezuela, the same.

    What democracy what!

  12. Three weather systems are approaching the region and expected to upgrade over the next few days, to tropical depressions, storms and hurricanes. Those persons monitoring the weather, are saying this activity is unusual at this time of the year.

    • Citizens prepared to take fight for unlimited parent guarantee to CCJ

       Jun 19, 2023  News

      Kaieteur News – After succeeding in their bid for ExxonMobil to provide Guyana with a signed parent company guarantee, taking full responsibility for the destruction caused by an oil spill in the lucrative Stabroek Block, the Government of Guyana (GoG) has teamed up with the oil company to appeal the ruling of the High Court.×300.jpg

      TIGI President, Frederick Collins

      This however has not shaken the grave need for proper protection in the event of a spill. President of the Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. (TIGI), Frederick Collins in an exclusive interview with this newspaper recently said the legal team is prepared to take the fight for full liability coverage to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), the Supreme Court in such legal matters.

      Collins and another citizen, Godfrey Whyte had filed an application in the High Court on September 13, 2022 through their Attorneys, Seenath Jairam, SC, Melinda Janki, and Abiola Wong-Inniss. In the case, Mr. Collins, a former insurance professional said, “An oil spill would be devastating for our country and Region as many Guyanese and Caribbean peoples depend on the ocean for their livelihoods. That is why we have decided that the time has come to take matters to the court for relief.”

      On May 3, 2023, Justice Sandil Kissoon ruled in favour of the applicants, ordering Exxon to provide the unlimited parent guarantee within 30 days. Failure by the company to comply would have resulted in the suspension of the Liza One Permit. The Liza One project is currently producing about 150,000 barrels of oil per day. An appeal of the ruling was filed shortly after the decision was handed down and is ongoing in the Court.

      Collins said that while he is confident in the outcome of the appeal, he is prepared to fight for the protection of Guyana and its Caribbean neighbours at the Trinidad-based CCJ. He told Kaieteur News that he does not believe the appeal by government and Exxon has potential for success.

      Nevertheless, he explained, “The CCJ should be very interested in the proceeding, because it is as they call it the apex court of the subscribing countries, including Guyana. It also has an interest from the standpoint of the nature of the ruling. It seems to be ground breaking in terms of the pronouncements on the duties of society and what the Judge saw was at stake and so I would expect that the CCJ would be very interested in the case.”

      Collins added that he believes the CCJ would be particularly interested in understanding why such an appeal would be struck down especially considering its worldwide importance. He pointed out that the case would be the first in which an oil company would be held to account up front for incidents from a country in which it is operating.

      The GoG has appealed the ruling by Justice Sandil Kissoon arguing that it would suffer grave losses if the company’s Permit is suspended.

      In its application to join the case as an interested party, attorney-at-law Laurel Dundas attached to the Attorney General Chambers, explained that the State stands to lose an immeasurable amount of revenue. The application noted, “if production ceases by the decision of the court, the Government of Guyana will be faced with huge revenue shortfalls, which would have disastrous consequences for the economy, the county’s developmental agenda, and private sector investments cumulating in immeasurable damage to the public good and the national interest.”

      The Government expressed concerns at what it said would be the crippling and far-reaching effects if the ruling which was handed down by Justice Kissoon is allowed to stand.

      Similarly, the oil company in its appeal of the ruling told the Appeal Court that it could suffer a massive financial loss if the Liza One Permit is suspended.

      In its attempt to have the decision overturned, the Country Manager for Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), Alistair Routledge in a document to support the appeal, carefully chronicled the grave financial loss in which the company will suffer as a result of having the permit suspended.

      It noted that the company has produced 151,000 barrels of crude petroleum per day for the year 2023 on average, through March 2023.

      It explained that, “This is approximately 4.5 million barrels per month…the most recent month’s average selling price for the Liza 1 petroleum was more than $US75 per barrel.”

      “This means the monthly revenue loss for the Appellant Esso, the Co-venturers, and the State’s projected to be US$337.5m. This would amount to $US337.5m. per month or $US4b per annum that would be forfeit for each year while the appeal is pending,” the company stated.

  13. Wuhloss….chat going around states the alleged recent killing in St. Philip hits home in the parliament…as alleged as it is, a young man is dead.

    Parliament frauds should explain that…

    Pacha….and down everything sinks.

  14. @David

    The Guyana situation shows how these multinational corporations whose budgets far outstrips anything that these developing countries can dream about are able to get their tentacles into the seat of Government and get things their own way.

    The lawsuit pitted David against Goliath and David has won for now……….

    • @Sargeant

      It definitely exposes the political directorate in developing countries regarding how they believe they have to engage with the power elite.

  15. I dont know what gets into people. This money would have been better spent on programs for the young. But it’s their money. The way a marine engineer outlined it, with 40 hours of air left, it will be 2 special hells finding them and then rescuing them. If it resurfaced, they still cant make it out on their own because the little capsule coffin is sealed and has to be opened from the outside.

    “Missing Titanic Wreckage Sub Search Ongoing

    Ships and planes from the US and Canada are still searching for the submarine that went missing on Sunday while carrying tourists who paid $250K to see the Titanic wreckage.

    US Coast Guard officials claimed the vessel – carrying one pilot and four passengers – had the capacity to be underwater for up to 96 hours. Still, they added that it was unclear whether it had resurfaced without communication or remained below.

    The search area has been expanded to cover deeper underwater areas after sonar buoys were deployed Monday around 900 miles east of Cape Cod.”

  16. Caribbean 101
    This is a free course that I am offering. Rather than provide you with a treatise or several volumes, I give you straight talk.
    So far
    1 honest judge
    1 crooked government agency.
    The question to ask
    How long can this judge last before he is promoted or bought.
    Everything else is old talk.

  17. More info coming out. Real trouble and worldclass embarrassment and scandals in the wannabe nobility’s future.

    I much prefer be me bosie one can ask…how did they get here……everyone already knows the unplessant answer and cant pretend anymore.

  18. But isnt life sweet though. The theatre will become the stuff of legends. We wont ever be bored again for sure.

    “United States Faces Unchartered Territory If Trump Convicted — Explainer

    Although Donald Trump will be allowed by law to run for president if convicted, there are still unanswered questions regarding his run for the White House not fully covered by the Constitution.

    He could technically be elected while imprisoned but would not be allowed to vote himself while behind bars. In contrast, the 25th Amendment would allow him to be removed from office by his VP and cabinet, which is unlikely to happen given that Trump would appoint them.

    There is also no precedent for what would happen if he were elected with a case still in progress, with some analysts suggesting the Trump-appointed attorney general would withdraw charges.

    With no legal grounds to base the situation on, the Supreme Court’s reaction to the possible fallout is impossible to be sure of.”

  19. Seems like once vote begging governments are elected by the gullible, this is all they are committed to, selling out anyone for their cut…nothing is too low for them…that’s why everyone worldwide must now be alerted to their twisted and branded evil. Am sure there will be many more exposures of this type coming up. Not one of them deserve to be protected, they are all too repulsive…facilitators

    “Jeffrey Epstein Received $300 Million In US Virgin Islands Tax Incentives — JPMorgan

    In a court filing on Tuesday, JPMorgan Chase revealed that Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier, received over $300 million in tax incentives and had sex offender monitoring requirements waived by the US Virgin Islands government, providing him protection as he bestowed money and gifts upon high-ranking officials.

    The largest bank in the United States outlined in the filing how Epstein purportedly made payments to law enforcement agencies, including the Virgin Islands Police Department.

    Additionally, JPMorgan alleged that Epstein had connections with officials in the US Virgin Islands, including former first lady Cecile de Jongh, who, according to the bank, were aware of Epstein’s criminal activities.”

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