The Stephen Archer Petition: Hunt for Crooked Lawyers

The following petition was started to assist the family of the departed Stephen Archer. This matter has figured prominently in the media because it offends all sense of decency. Please add your support by signing the petition. Share this link via Whatsapp

The blogmaster takes the opportunity to remind anybody having issues with lawyers in Barbados to log it at this LINK.

Petition update

Justice For Stephen Archer and His Estate

Heather Cole

New York, NY, United States

Oct 11, 2019 — 

My fellow supporters.  Here is another cause that needs your support. Not another person in Barbados should die without receiving the funds that they have been awarded.  To date 202 Persons have signed the petition seeking justice for Stephen Archer and his estate. I have relied on your support in the past, can I rely on you now?  Please sign this petition.


42 thoughts on “The Stephen Archer Petition: Hunt for Crooked Lawyers

  1. Ma girl Heather, I bow and salute you. Already done forward it to all my peeps, signed it too. Let us try hard to keep this alive for a time. We should also pressure the BA to tell us what was reported about Ernest Jackman in the form of complaints against his name. The BA association should also tell us why the system is designed to place lawyers in wrong-doing before a court of their peers in the form of a disciplinary committee and not a court of law. We must press to get all citizens regardless of status or title, and who commit acts that are illegitimate and criminal, to be tried before a court of law and not a fraternity bullshit set up of their own peers. You feeling me, sis?

  2. The hunt for crooked lawyers could get wider based on the horde summoned to the bar yesterday.

    Government is obligated to channel a larger amount of young school leavers into nation building professions other than the career of attorney.

    Law is important that cant be denied but the droves entering the field yearly is over saturation and poor use of billions spent in free education. The CJ opined many will struggle to get work. Therein lies the conundrum.

    Even so many will become millionaires a key reason they chose the profession but what of the Archer’s and the Jackie Stewart’s and the old guy in the wheelchair who were robbed blind.

    Lawyers charged as thieves or accused of malfeasance are rising and the profession’s reputation is in tatters.

    Its government’s duty to protect the society from vultures never mind the form in which they appear.

  3. @ Donks

    A low barrier to enter. Not an intellectual or academic challenge. Even more, is their detachment from ordinary people. As a profession it is the great failure of post-independent Barbados.

  4. @ Hal Austin October 12, 2019 11:46 AM

    As I have said before, one of the easiest courses at university. Sixty-one of them were admitted to the Bar yesterday. Is this country serious about developing? Lawyers are talkers, you only have listen to Mia. She is in love with her voice. I sincerely hope she doesn’t believe half of what she is saying. The world is technologically driven and here we are putting out lawyers left ,right and center for them to do more stealing. What about the hard courses (like physics. mathematics, chemistry, engineering, microbiology and cellular and molecular biology)? Courses that create things and grow the economy of a country.. Instead we have a group of pompous crooks walking around in black suits (seem to have ignored Max Planck law about black bodies being the most efficient absorbers of heat energy) and wigs looking totally stupid in their outfits.

  5. The most idiotic thing i have ever seen, lawyers depend on the population to hire them just to survive, just so they can eat, of course they are so pompous they will try to pretend this is not true, the ones in Barbados most of them are too toxic to interact with the public. And of course given the current economic down turn, who is going to hire any of them, particularly when most have such bad reputations and these are the same crooks whose firms will recruit these new lawyers, look how most of them have turned out over the years after being mentored by the top lawyers accused of land theft, theft of money, theft of estates on the island, same wicked system these new lawyers will be assimulated into..

    They should limit the amount of people who take this course, what are they bringing to the table except more theft and arrogance and a backlogged court sytem filled with corruption, they will have to play along to get along or starve…

    They are not too intelligent to begin with and regurgitate all the shite they were fed at UWI which was written by other people while making up more shite to do their criminal deeds, a total waste of time. The island needs LESS lawyers, not MORE.

  6. This is a fraud probate, look at the names involved, even a recently promoted judge or 2…are involved, the daughter and beneficiary to the estate claimed the well known crooks from the bar and supreme court are stealing her father’s estate for some muslim crook……they are so criminal and organized, their well placed fellow thieves in UK tried to clean out this deceased man’s bank account without the knowledge of his family but the bank was on top of it and called in CFO, it is now an investigation….they should all be in prison for this clear theft from an elderly, sick, dying and now deceased man……stinking thieves posing as lawyers, judges etc in Barbados. Everyone is at risk from the vipers.

    https://m.facebook.can's bank account but the bom/story.php?story_fbid=1137190156490522&id=100005986451739

  7. It is time for these evil criminals from the bar association be locked up for colluding to rob estates of black bajans who return from UK, US etc…let’s see how far they are willing to go just to be common class thieves.

    Let’s see how far they go before someone physically destroys one or 2 of them…for being the thieves that they are.

    that is the same lady stood up at Mia’s joke conference in UK and asked about elder fraud and abuse in Barbados, everyone heard Mia tell her to go to the Barbados police, she took a flight from UK to do just that, the police told her point blank the only one who cares about her father in Barbados is her and her family is fcked up..,that is the sickness they all seem to be afflicted with…all of them.

  8. As I have said before, one of the easiest courses at university. Sixty-one of them were admitted to the Bar yesterday. Is this country serious about developing? (Quote)

    It is country that forced those 61 people to be lawyers or did they make a personal decision to qualify for the profession?

    How does their personal choice equate with is this country serious about developing?

  9. FYI…the above probate document advertised in the newspapers, was NEVER filed at the court, that is FRAUD, it was posted just to steal the property and money of the deceased, but it is PROOF OF MASSIVE FRAUD….that is how brazen and evil they are..

  10. A country loaded with lawyers having no one to.pick up garbage
    What am i missing here
    The hypocrisy of this country stinks to high heaven

  11. @WURA-WAR-on-UOctober 13, 2019 3:46 AM “They are not too intelligent to begin with…”

    And how do you know this?

    I am fairly certain that these young people are no more nor no less intelligent than you or your children.

    I really can’t let you get away with insulting people none, or few of whom you have ever met.

  12. Simple…you call it insulting …as usual i call it reality..

    who do you think is going to mentor these young lawyers and in whose ALREADY ESTABLISHED OFFICE, they will intern for a time…if they do not leave the country and spread their wings out of that rat trap…well let me tell you who will be their mentors, the same THIEVES AND CROOKS WHO all now have the court system so corrupt, the same thieves and crooks who CONTROL every aspect of the judiciary…the same thieves and crooks without whom, they will not be allowed to practice law if they show themselves to be TOO HONEST…so put that in ya pipe and smoke it..

  13. @Donks Gripe and JoshOctober 12, 2019 11:33 AM “Even so many will become millionaires.”

    If some or many become millionaires it can only be because Bajans too love runnning to lawyers with every damn little thing. Some us can’t even settle who should wash the dishes or sweep the yard in our own families. Imagine going to court and each parent hiring a lawyer in order to ensure that a child is financially supported.

    I am no lawyer but this is how I have advised “clients” If you doubt that the child is yours, pay for and get a DNA test. If the child is yours go to the supermarket and find out how much food costs. Find out how much clothes cost. Find our how much medical and education costs. Find our how much housing cost, find out how much recreation cost, and every payday have your employer deposit 50% of that amount directly into the custodial parent’s bank account. If you are self employed deposit the 50% yourself once a week, or fortnight or month. Don’t be like an ignorant fellow I know who wanting to “punish” the mother, ended up punishing his own children because he waited deposited the amount on the last day of the year after the mother had struggled to meet 100% of the expenses all year. No wonder his children did not speak to him in his old age. Idiot.

    if we were reasonable people we would need very few lawyers, but alas…

    Lawyers become fat and rich because we like ‘um so.

  14. @MariposaOctober 13, 2019 6:29 AM “A country loaded with lawyers having no one to.pick up garbage. What am i missing here?

    So Mariposa how many of YOUR KIDS are willing and able to be garbage collectors?

    You t’ink it easy hopping on and off the back of a truck all day dealing with other people’s stinking garbage in 30 degree heat and 90% humidity?

  15. Ok so lets keep building a country inundated with a lawyer faternity and see how far it would take the country
    Our education systems need to be retooled towards a mindset of building a nation
    At present the country is bulit on selfinterest and gratification reason they are so many lawyers
    What does it say about a country who has to resort to the mentally challenged people to pick up the garbage
    It says that the mindset of this country is one which resort to quicke fixes instead of solutions that taxes the brain for preparedness

    • What does it say about a country whose former Speaker would have withheld the money of a 70 year old man tied to a wheelchair and allowed to continue in the role by a former Prime Minister? You have zero credibility on the blog.

  16. Let us agree that crooks populate both sides of the political divide.
    Let us agree that both parties have not brought solutions for any of the pressing problems confronting Barbados
    Let us agree that we do not have:
    FOI or sunshine laws
    integrity legislation
    judicial reform or control of lawyers
    systems that work as they should
    new systems that effectively/efficiently replace old broken systems
    an education system that gears us towards 2050
    fewer lawyers than are needed

    Let us agree that yard-fowls are blind in one eye and can only see what is happening on the far side of the yard.

  17. @ Robert Goren October 13, 2019 5:18 AM
    “It is country that forced those 61 people to be lawyers or did they make a personal decision to qualify for the profession?
    How does their personal choice equate with is this country serious about developing?”

    It was indeed a “personal” decision by those 61 baby-faced lawyers to go into a dead-end profession which has no bright future in an increasingly Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven world.

    But you ought to be aware of the larger point being made here about the law profession in Barbados.

    If, as you say, going into the profession is a personal decision and not based on any national development need why are the Bajan taxpayers being asked to help underwrite the cost of their academic tuition and the Cave Hill campus?

    Can you say with a measure of comfort that the citizens of Barbados are receiving good judicial value for the high cost of legal training they have been asked to finance over the years?

    The only good reason why so many lawyers are trained to add to the already overmanned and excessively dysfunctional legal system is justify the presence of the Law Faculty at the Cave Hill campus.

    For without that faculty the Bajan policymakers and authorities would find it exceedingly hard-pressed to justify the existence of the Cave Hill campus as a stand alone institution.

    Its future viability as a tertiary training institution could be secured only as a ‘school’ of higher learning under the umbrella of a restructured tertiary teaching and learning organism called the University of Barbados with the BCC, the Polytechnic and the morphing of all secondary schools sixth forms into one channel being its symbiotic relatives.

  18. What would it say about a country who continues to make same mistakes over and over again
    At present govt has a Minister namely George Payne whose name is drag all over social media having to do with illegal wrong doings
    Yet u David supports this govt
    So much hypocrisy

  19. @ Mariposa October 13, 2019 10:15 AM

    Instead of flying all over the place like a headless yard-fowl drinking from the pool of verbal sewage on George Street, why not debunk what David BU had to say @ David October 13, 2019 9:23 AM and repeated here for your eyes only?

    “What does it say about a country whose former Speaker would have withheld the money of a 70 year old man tied to a wheelchair and allowed to continue in the role by a former Prime Minister? You have zero credibility on the blog.”

  20. Ok lets and shame game
    Carrington complied as ordered by the court
    Carrington is no longer a minister in govt
    George Payne is a minister and a now known disgraced lawyer
    What has Mia done about George Payne disgraced status
    Why was George Payne positioned to beminister of land and and housing and sits on a govt integrity commision along with his side kick Dale Marshal

  21. Why was George Payne positioned to be minister of land and housing and sits on a govt integrity commission along with his sidekick Dale Marshal


  22. Reason why George Payne keeps mouth closed while allegations surround him
    He knows that by law his mouth might get him into bigger trouble
    There he lay awaits watching and praying that those who fights him on tooth and nail would simply go away
    Which is not going to happen
    His disgraced status would followed him into eternity
    What an eyesore

  23. Ah take it Simple has not met enuff lawyers…lol

    regurgitating what others have written for you to learn over a 3 or 4 year period, is not high intelligence, it can be classified has having a good memory, if ya did not pay for the degree to begin with.,.

  24. The problem in Barbados is the average citizen who have to pay for the education of these lawyers, love to genuflect to them too much and should NEVER complain when they are robbed by these criminals in the making, now go cry me a river, see if i care.

  25. Mariposa

    How in the name of commonsense do you find the power to continue to support the likes of a crooked is ass DLP while wanting to condemn the BLP for the shame shite that the DLP did? How do the wrongdoings of one crook make another crook (doing similiar) a perfect justification for your type of condemnation you are bringing in this matter? Blind loyalty got you seeing through one eye, while you closing the next to all the shite that the DLP committed. You not realise yet that Mia has not got na problem at all with ”waywards,” controversial figures, and those accused of fleecing, lining her party. Jesus H Christ, when Glyne Murray made his intentions clear what his agenda will be by indicating that ministers should be paid more, you think she would have made a public example of him to appease John Public that she in playing with any minister who speaks out of context? Stuart approached those in his line up doing shite with silence. Even if he castigate them in private, by their actions and doings alone, the notion was held that he had no impact whatsoever on them, so the shite continued under his poor rakey leadership. How in tarnation can your shite loyalty be so strong for the worst leadership Barbados history? You do well to focus on Rogue Works and accept that the DLP was bare shite. Unless you got bittle.

  26. Mia said she was going to bring the crooks to justice
    One year later George Payne still is a minister and sits on an integrity board
    All the nameless DLP ministers she said theif from govt not one name has she mentioned or seen fit to have investigated
    But how can she after all her cabinet consist of the same wrong doings she accused past govt ministers
    Oh still waiting on the promise Mia made of releasing her ministers portfolios to the public by way of transparency

  27. @WURA-WAR-on-UOctober 13, 2019 6:04 PM “Ah take it Simple has not met enuff lawyers…lol”

    You are right. I met one 40 years ago for a mortgage matter. He did his job. I paid him. I haven’t seen him since.

    Met another last century about an estate matter. He did his job. I paid him. I haven’t seen him since.

    I met another for a minor family matter more than tw decades ago. She did her job pro bono. I haven’t seen her since.

    I’ve met my MP who is a lawyer maybe two or three times in the 15 or 20 years since he has been my representative. We had a major problem in our community. He solved the problem (with our tax money, lolll!!!). I rarely see him. I don’t need to see him. I don’t want to see him.

    I don’t socialise with lawyers. I socialise with people who work the land.

    Which is what I am out the door now to do. No lawyers required. A lawyer might be a hindrance, not a help to the real-real work that I do.

    Ah gone.

  28. Less lawyers are A MUST…

    ,..Simple, they are not even an 1/8 as important as they think they are and the lack of knowledge population believe them to be…get rid of 3/4 of them, stop allowing them into the parliament and watch the difference.

  29. I am puzzled by the dead silence of Archer’s remaining family and this lawyer. I know it is wrong to speculate but how could anyone be silent on 2.7 million payout to a family member now deceased? How a lawyer who is now in the public domain remain silent as well. Something is not adding up in this case.

  30. Someone who has access to the Court System Online had blogged every single one of Ernest Jackman’s legal matters of his theft of Client Funds.

    If someone could find them and repost them here, de grandson will do a little ting for a series of Stoopid Cartoons to help this matter along

  31. I don’t understand how the guy didnt get his money, but now it will turn into a mystery of who have his money, and why didnt he receive his money while he was alive so he could live a normal happy life. Lawyers have a board where you can make a complaint, but its dormant and maybe run by the same crooked lawyers.Mia said she’s getting to the bottom of this, this should’ve happen before the man died. All that money should’ve been accessible to him only, he should’ve got his settlement, and pay the lawyers and have the remaining monies for himself.

  32. Keep this issue alive and real, how on earth this lawyer or lawyers can sleep at night. The man was relying on his money for total care. Lawyers been crooking people in Barbados for ages. People need to always have copies of whatever you gave a lawyer, never gave them your original documents. This same thing happen with the woman that died and left a huge house worth in the high thousands, because she went senile with age, but when she was healthy she never demanded her documents. The lawyer tried to claim her property. I hope another lawyer help you out pro bono, and I wish this guy had lived to enjoy his money. He would’ve been still alive if he had more care and support.

  33. The issue will be kept lived. I am just bothered about the silence on the part of this man’s remaining family. Looka, if he was my relative I would be huffing and puffing to get to the bottom of where the 2.7 million hanging out.

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