The Natalie Crichlow Video

This video shared widely on social media raises doubt in the minds of some that the truth surrounding the death of 44 year old Natalie Crichlow is being suppressed by the authorities. The Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith confirmed in a press release no accelerant was detected from the post mortem process and  likely cause of death was as a result of a gas cylinder which exploded.

Further comment is therefore required from the police to clarify the matter.

465 thoughts on “The Natalie Crichlow Video

  1. @ WARU,

    This is deflection.

    The question that has been asked is a simple one.

    Is there any evidence to independently confirm that the body of Natalie Critchlow is to be cremated?

    Here is the thing about prosecuting this matter ON BEHALF OF THE DECEASED NATALIE CRITCHLOW

    We, the dissenters, know that the law courts, and the police, and people in Authority and the politicians ARE A BUNCH OF CORRUPT PEOPLE.

    The general public is for the most part supportive of our efforts to seek justice.

    However, when we insert the sensational IN AND AMONG THE TRUTH, and it is found to be sensational, what happens is that we get situations where, over a year after mentioning it, people like Hee Hee and Hee Haw can toss the Roderick Hinds story into the mix, as an affront to OUR CREDIBILITY!

    and I purposely use the word “our” WARU because we generally fight on the same side in these matters.

    For the 3 rd time in one week there has been a recurring decimal where people, while they believe the main topics, ARE GRAPPLING WITH THE ANCILLARY ELEMENTS to the story

    When I will state here is a fire bomb THE ONLY REASON I CANT SHOW THE *** is because de document got names in um!

    AND WHILE THERE IS MUCH SPECULATION AS TO WHO DE OLE MAN IS, not a fucker here has definite information as to who de ole man is.

    And de only man wid what is close to dat info is David King.

    And for he to disclose dat information it would mean 3 tings

    1.Destroying Barbados Underground

    2.Exposing himself AND

    3.Him, as a man wid family pun de Rock, exposing he family to the 30 to 0 people dat he helped crush on May 28th 2018.

    WARU you need to take stock of what Simple Simon President for Life and others are asking you ESPECIALLY IN THIS NATALIE CRITCHLOW DEATH.

    You cannot afford to discredit the rest of the dissidents.

    A Word to the Wise is enough!!!

  2. “Is there any evidence to independently confirm that the body of Natalie Critchlow is to be cremated?”


    what you have that the family is injecting sensationalism into this..

    ya can’t say one thing one day and change ya tune the next and still try to carry half a tune…what madness is that…as i said, the goal and hope for anyone seeking to end this NIGHTMARE for this lady’s children…is to see her BODY RETURNED TO UK… should not be STILL ON THE ISLAND…..20+ DAYS LATER…

    and some of you need to SHOW body is stil on the inland nearly 3 weeks later …and the excuse given to the family is that people at the hospital spelt her name with 2 ees…instead of ie..

    So ya may want to also direct ya QEH..and the geniuses who work there.

  3. And for those who will jump out to tell me…she died on the 6th, it is not 3 weeks yet…well, it will be 3 weeks for the amount of time it will take the funeral home to get 2 ees to be changed to an i and an e….

    ya may also want to ask the genuises at QEH about that..

    our island has SUNK INTO THE PATHETIC…

    and yall still want to aid in a cover up…my energies will only be expended on this one case here, when yall turn comes, and it will, find someone else.

  4. Lorenzo

    The pity relative to anything must be placed on you. Blind loyalty has made you what you are. There is no trying to frighten you here. You are not an independent thinker. and types such as yourself are easily placed into doing service without ever realising that they are engaging in a disservice to themselves, people and country. Did you not read what I wrote? You are that special breed of bajan whom a few dollars, a pack of biscuits, and the paying of two bills, does easily buy permanent loyalty. On the contrary my good follower, I want you to continue so that while the blog master is worried about who is reading this little exchange transpiring between us. They will get to what typifies the common yard fowl who cackles the cries of their masters upon receiving their sprinkling of scratch grains, sounds like. And for the record, ladylike is not in the interest of the SSS. I do not keep up appearances or wear masks. What you see, what you hear is what you get- All my black dresses are reserved for the occasions I must show respectability during business engagements. Even then, I am not interested in the compliments just the words that state: You have our business. You can kind of say that I am like you minus all the lies you tell on here that you are a BLP pooch licker and a receiver of grain to combat all those who oppose the Rogue Works types of two faces politricks.

  5. Lorenzo

    A few typing errors in there, not that you would realise anyway. See if you can get someone point them out to you that is if you can break from licking duties.

  6. Waru

    I normally am with you girl. However, there are certain claims like cremation that I find too farfetched to believe that would certainly fit right into your trail of thought relative to a government cover-up. That is if it true.

  7. Not interested what yall think is farfetched…yall are the same ones WHO ALWAYS CLAIM…that Mia and BLP are CAPABLE OF ANYTHING and HOW WELL YALL KNOW THEM……HOW EVIL THEY ARE….so i dont think this family have to care one way or another what any of you think…they just want their LOVED ONE HOME…

    Yall cannot have it BOTH WAYS…..they can’t be evil as hell…but ya still think there are somethings they got scruples about….and it is not my story for anything to fit into…it is what happened to a grieving family…who were bullshitted by those who have no scruples…and they KNEW they were being given the bajan version of run around…hence this injustice TOOK ON A LIFE IF ITS OWN..

    This is not about one upping or having the best comment…this is about children having closure…as many if you seem to have LOST FOCUS..

  8. For all you TWO MOUTH bloggers….more and more people are coming out with victim stories from their Barbados experience……regarding what the criminals in both governments…that YOU CLAIM…you KNOW are evil…are KNOWN to do to VICTIMIZE their people……AND ANYONE ELSE..

    “I am my own person no one can tell me who I can have as a facebook friend. I THINK FOR MYSELF. The truth can kill some people when they get exposed for who they really are. The truth of the matter is they get scum and low life people on their side convinced them that their victims are the culprits doing wrong when in fact
    they are the nasty thieving bastards I THINK PEOPLE Have the right to post videos exposing the wrongdoing of others. We all have stories to tell, including myself, Most of the times victims are speaking the truth but are afraid to speak out because of their fear. WELL Let me say this you sons and daughters of bitchers. The NURSES FROM FAIRY VALLEY ROCK, YOU MIGHT BOAST TODAY ABOUT The thousands of £ you stole from the late CLARICE VEATLAND JONES BETTER KNOWN AS VEATLAND HOLMES. BUT YOU HAVE NOT GOT AWAY …HIDE AND SPEND for now. We her right heirs are coming to take back what is rightfully hers … VEATLAND DID NOT DIE A PAUPER.”

  9. The blogmaster just did a sweep of the #nataliecrithlow newsfeed and there is no mention of the government forcing cremation on the family. In fact if this were the case the family would be vocal in the public space to garner public support.

  10. To date..the family has REFUSED…any press representation and they have been APPROACHED in UK….ya will not see that in any news feed either…..they are working to remove Natalie…that is the goal…not squabbling about any evil intent..

    If the government refuses to release the body going forward from what it seems is FINALLY moving along…am sure that will change….but given the NEGATIVE publicity they already generated for themselves this government……me thinks they will do what needs to be done ASAP.

  11. And …ya should NEVER, EVER …identify yaself as a TWO FACED BLOGGER… one trusts two faced people..either stick with the victims…or stick with the KNOWN CRIMINALS……but ya cant have it both ways….and this has nothing to do with country or island or the patriotic horse shit that yall so LOVE to parrot and regurgitate…when ya are not even the ones who created that scam to begin with.

  12. The British Government the New Scotland Yard Et Ali , A real and true LAW Enforcement needs to get her “BODY of Evidence” home, so a real medical examiner can check for their own FINDINGS. Its a shame that much more people need to die under the wrong conditions, seen by others outside of Barbados to know what’s really going on inside of Barbados,

  13. @Pieces, realistically no one here should care who “de ole man is”… the only point should be ‘are your assertions valid and truthful’ and not merely scandalously prying behind bedroom curtains or bandwagoning on the long standing tales of government corruption.

    And as important can you swallow pride and admit a grievous error if you discover that one of your assertions – which you resolutely believed based on your data – was inaccurate.

    Your colleague non-Bajan falters badly on both counts and as much as we find many aspects of that distasteful one also has to say, so what’s new…

    You surely remember the Bomb newspaper in TnT back in the day…You recall surely the very scandalous (but often with a solid core of truth) stories that tabloid ran; you recall that the bombastic editor of the day (Choko was his abbreviated alias, as I recall) also cussed and lambasted the power elites in very much the same scurrilous way.

    So what if her facts are distorted; what if her credibility is suspect…she gets to bombast and get attention and every once in a blue moon tells us something we actually may not know…

    I enjoyed The Bomb for a time back then but then it became almost as “naked” as the elites whose underbelly it exposed…so has your partner …

    I pray you can maintain YOUR *validity of assertions” and not bomb out into a similar despair!


  14. @ Lorenzo Butthead

    You will not give up with your compromised mentality.

    Not everyone has chains on their brains like you do and taking advantage of locals is your norm not exception.

  15. @ De Pedantic Dribbler aka de Ingrunt Word

    My old friend, we have not seen each other for ages.

    The item is not FOR YOU! therefore when you read it, it will not make any sense.

    In fact if you read it, I’m afraid that you wont understand its subcutaneous content.

    You however made s salient point when you said and I quote

    “…And as important can you swallow [your] pride and admit a grievous error if you discover that one of your assertions – which you resolutely believed based on your data – was inaccurate…”

    There is none Perfect that incarnates save Jesus the Christ.

    We ALL MAKE MISTAKES but it is ghd bigger man or woman, who recognises that we’ve made them, apologizes, and where possible seeks to rectify them, AND MOVES ON!

    This IS NOT a Naked Departure nor the Bomb nor the National Enquirer site!

    And once you understand that, then you work to suit.


    Else you will end up in chaos.

    Consider the “Reasoned Controversy” that made the American newspaper The Post what it became post (pun intended) Watergate and what the Times became post the Pentagon Papers.

    This is how my quixotic vision sees Barbados Underground.

    “For the cause that lacks assistance…”

    So, this pseudonym cover serves a purpose AS YOU WELL KNOW because in your alter ego identity, IF THEY KNEW WHO YOU WERE, it would seriously impact your ability to support your family.

    Therefore, if you, or your family is threatened DpD, you go into feral defence mode. THAT IS NORMAL AND NATURAL.

    So if you will defend your offspring DpD WHY CANT I DEFEND MINE?


    Once you understand what is being said then WE COOL!

  16. @ WARU

    I posted this already but as usual…

    @ WARU

    What is being done here deals with VALIDITY AND CREDIBILITY even in a matter where most of what is being discussed is only available in the newspapers.

    Let me take off my mask for a short while to explain the reality of this matter.

    1.When you die at home, in normal circumstances, what happens?

    the police do not take away your body, the funeral home does!

    Before that happens what must happen? Do the police come to your home? Do they declare you dead?

    And, since thd police CANNOT DECLARE YOU DEAD, does a doctor come to your home and declare you dead?

    How long is that procedure?

    2.what happens if it is an unnatural death? What are the additional steps involved?

    How much longer does that take?

    3.Where is the body stored during this time? Is it stored at the Undertaker, Two Sons Funeral Home or at the Hospital morgue?

    What is the capacity of the QEH morgue? Was it up to capacity when Natalie died?

    4.Can we assume that Natalie Critchlow’s body was stored primarily at the always overcrowded QEH morgue?

    5.Who needs to negotiate the return of the body? Which funeral home? Which one has the competencies for embalming a body THAT MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO AN ACCELERANT?

    6.what type of autopsy will be performed? Can that autopsy interfere with the “evidence”? Will any requirements of thd autopsy impact on the embalming of the body AND BY EXTENSION, THE EVIDENCE?


    7.Is it not in the interest of a government that is under scrutiny TO MAKE SURE THAT NOTHING ADVERSE HAPPENS TO THIS BODY,?

    How much time does that administrative oversight involve?

    8.Who is paying for the storage expenses for Natalie’s body IF SHE IS NOT AT THE QEH MORGUE which has problems with their storage space?

    9.Just recently the family had to launch a GoFundMe campaign to collect money

    How long does it take to get $ from GoFundMe?

    Who is the money released to?

    Once the money is released who is the fee going to be paid to, for the charges, for the embalming, for the casket (what type of casket) for the flight, for the paperwork, FOR THE LOGISTICS…

    Do you understand what de ole man is saying?

    Yet you think that ghis is an issue WHICH APPENDING THE UNSUBSTANTIATED INFORMATION ABOUT A CREMATION is a thing to be done.

    And when I mention it to you, you become vitriolic about the matter.

    What I write here I can substantiate with FACT!!

    Not a fellow can tek Piece the Legend to court for libellous comments nor can they take WARU, if you delinked your login record that you might have purportedly used in previous posts!

    Dearest SSS and Commander Theophillus Gazerts, and SirSimpleSimonPresidentforLife have all said the same thing to you on 6 different occasions in thd past 2 weeks

    about credible and valid information AND INSTEAD OF OBSERVING WHAT IS BEING SAID you start calling us “two faced bloggers”

    Even in the face of what has been shown to be penned by ***.

    But that is okay WARU.

    You can continue to do your thing since none of us seem to be able to suggest to you another way.

  17. Piece…suggest to the FAMILY another way…i have no skin in the game…and anyone can reach out to them to make suggestions…..they are putting out there what they want out there… so i can give out bits and pieces until the lady is returned to Barbados..

    am sure if they do not get the body..they will HEAD TO THE BRITISH PRESS…

    AGAIN>…the story is not MINE….and the info out there was NOT CREATED BY ME….and there are CERTAIN THINGS…. i refuse to touch because it should be handled by the family attorney or UK law enforcement…

    and the FAMILY CAN SUBSTANTIATE AND VALIDATE EVERYTHING….it is not yall job…they have to take all of that to UK police or UK press…that is why i am just putting certain things out the not too distant future i will no longer comment on this anymore because others…have the requisite powers and laws…to do so….

  18. How do you know the family has not already SPOKEN to the funeral home?

    you are NOW… making unsubstantiated arguments..

  19. And the only thing yall are any good for is to THREATEN PEOPLE WITH LAWSUITS…even when it’s yall SCREWED UP…but ya see the day ya get a heavy lawsuit up ya ASSES…ya will become DEATHLY AFRAID…to mention the word lawsuit…and the way things are shaping up…that is going to be SOONER rather than LATER…….cause the amount of people now GUNNING for this government…..and not people who are AFRAID…or lack the tools either….and connections needed either…

  20. @ WARU

    You are “shifting the goal posts”

    But I will straighten them for you by ITEMIZING EVERY SINGLE THING YOU SAID that impacts on Validity and Credibility WHICH IS WHAT I SPOKE TO EARLIER


    “…Piece…suggest to the FAMILY another way…i have no skin in the game…”

    This entire blog is a “suggestion” to the family

    The “other way” comment is a “suggestion” specifically FOR YOU!



    You continue to say AND I DEFINITIVELY QUOTE

    “…they are putting out there what they want out there…”

    OUT THERE WHERE? YOU ARE SAYING THAT THE INFORMATION IS OUT THERE, People, including other sympathetic bloggers, who feel the pain of a relative who dies is suspicious circumstances, especially one who has 3 relatives who so died, PEOPLE ARE ASKING YOU TO POINT US TO THE DEFINITIVE SOURCES OF WHERE THIS INFORMATION IS “OUT THERE!!!”

    You then continue and I DEFINITIVELY QUOTE

    “…so i can give out bits and pieces until the lady is returned to Barbados [YOU MEAN UK? RIGHT]..”

    When you say “I can give out bits and pieces” you impute that you are privy to insider information FROM THE FAMILY that we do not have!


    You need again to understand THAT IT IS YOU WHO FLOATED THE ISSUE ABOUT CREMATION and 6 people, de ole man is thd 7th, HAVE ASKED YOU IF THIS IS A VALID AND CREDIDIBLE ASSERTION that is originating FROM THE FAMILY?

    DO NOT SHIFT THE GOAL POST with all this PREVARICATION about “skin in the game” and “you’all” cause it is very easy for us to start tossing “you’all comment about blacks who’ve been in the UK for too long!

    Let us not go there please!

    Focus here on the facts WARU.

    We want Natalie Critchlow to be flown home to her 3 children BUT THE ISSUE HERE IS THAT SUDDENLY WE HAVE A COMMENT FROM YOU ABOUT CREMATION and a series of questions ensuing and you are being asked definitively for a source.

    Camaraderie in Reasoned Dissent is one thing but …

    I had copied you entire comment and was going to go through each like like Artaxerxes usually does BUT I WILL STOP BECAUSE I DISCERN THE TRUTH

    You may have the last word…

  21. Yes a long time @ Pieces… and too a long time for you to “… STOP BECAUSE I DISCERN THE TRUTH”.

    There is a vast difference between the person who seeks a reaction and shouts ‘fire’ in a crowded room and the person who frantically shouts ‘fire’ in an attempt to save a room full of potentials victims!

    It took you too long to recognize that your partner was most often just seeking a reaction with her shouts !


    I DON’T HAVE TO…and i NEVER..put INFO of certain nature out there…IF I HAVE NO PERMISSION..

    “OUT THERE WHERE? YOU ARE SAYING THAT THE INFORMATION IS OUT THERE, People, including other sympathetic bloggers, who feel the pain of a relative who dies is suspicious circumstances, especially one who has 3 relatives who so died, PEOPLE ARE ASKING YOU TO POINT US TO THE DEFINITIVE SOURCES OF WHERE THIS INFORMATION IS “OUT THERE!!!””

    I DO NOT HAVE TO…the BLOG is not about ME…and the Blogmster…is FREE to remove info..HE DEEMS..UNSUBSTANTIATED…

    wuh i don’t ask ANY OF YOU for your SOURCES…don’t give a shit either way where ya got ya info from or any claims ya made about being firebombed…ah saw some on here taking ya to task about certain claims….did you see me ask ya shit…….ya should try being like me and don’t want to know any sources

    ….AND YOU MAKE ALL TYPES OF ACCUSATIONS…only yardfowls are frighten enuff to answer you or try to make ya seem crazy with crediblity issues…again..i don’t care where ya get ya info…so after this…do not try to get any info from me about my sources, that is how people end up dead…and TRUST ME…certain do not want to know who they are…ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE…

    since when do i OWE any of you any explanation ANYWAY…


  23. As a matter of fact…I NEVER EVEN QUESTIONED…when ya said the government had ya gofund page shutdown…i just took it as ya said it …and moved on…WHILE MOST ON HERE NEVER EVEN BELEIVED YA especially about the murder attempts of or whatever it was ya said…..about threats on ya life or lawsuit or some such…

    so Piece…trust me…am not the one…

    stay in ya lane here.

  24. So ya see the knock on effect…those who have read ya blogs over time and now seeing this …whatever it is ya attempting…now would like ya to explian…not me..cause i don’t give a rat’s ass, never did, never will….THEY ALL WANT TO KNOW…why all the accusations ya made against both governments for LONGER…than i have been on BU..ah only been here 7 years… SOUND LIKE ALL LIES…

    that is the position in which ya put yaself..

    and i still don’t give a shit…

  25. Hahaha

    @Pieces you trying to reason with WARU? Boss I thought you knew better.

    You will never get a straight answer.

    The woman has mental issues.

    I hope you are well. Please remember to take your meds.

  26. I will still like someone to tell me why would the Govt want to cover up the death unless the person alleged in this forum to be responsible for the woman’s death has political connections at the highest level.

  27. What meds…ya hear i don’t have to take any…

    …..Piece gets told to take his meds too…..maybe he should…

  28. WARU.



    And once you honestly answer that question to yourself THEN YOU CAN SEE WHAT IS GOING ON!






    TIME SLOT, focus now, on “what you specifically have done”

    I knew then but it was NOT IMPORTANT, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT NOW.

    STOP, PAUSE AND REFLECT and leave it alone!

    Move on and do what is THE RIGHT THING, you need to recognise that in all of that WHICH YOU DID, de ole man HAS NOT ABANDONED YOU.

    YOU WERE GIVEN THE WORD OF A ****** and we do not go back on our Word!

    STOP, PAUSE AND REFLECT and in going forward dont do that again.

    A Word to the Wise is sufficient

  29. Heheheheh

    I going take your advice and take the medicines


    “…The more we get together
    Together, together
    The more we get together
    The happier we’ll be
    Cause your friends are my friends
    And my friends are your friends
    The more we get together
    The happier we’ll be…”

    These are the lyrics of a kids song.

    It can be found at

    It’s a limerick taught in Intelligence Gathering 101 to underscore the importance of “Interconnected Sources” and how allegiances in War will expose people.

    In Bajan parlance, “a dog that will bring a bone, WILL CARRY ONE!”

    Leave it alone and let us return to the substantive issue – NATALIE CRITCHLOW AND GETTING HER HOME.


  30. lol…PSYCHOPATHS I tell ya…PSYCHOPATHS…..i was shocked to see the damn info the yardfowl put up about the gofundme and actually begging for money for the victims…and then in two seconds changed the story and started lying..all while pretending to be connected to UK…but connected to GIS Barbados…

    ..UK and US and Canada… now gotta watch their asses with bajan spies..because the government is toxic and have them everywhere……ya can’t make this up….lol

    me thinks the topic is exhausted until the family do their due diligence..

  31. WARU

    Girl, you really tripping, here. I wanted basically to find out if the cremation story is true because if it was, Mottley would have moved from a rogue who working to a complete deranged Madwoman, whose political career would have been destroyed instantly, if she was intending to burn this woman’s body without the relatives’ consent. Think about it, as the blogmaster indicated, the children and those family members that were close to her would have done the dog, the dappa, and several somersaults with their tongues on this administration. Mia Mottley might be a rogue, but she would have to be a mad ass rogue to take control of this woman’s body and cremate it without the consent of the decease’s children. Her entire political career and short stint as Prime Minister would end because the cover up conspiracy would have held true with this abominable act, which surely would give further reason to say that they are trying to rid themselves of the body that might provide further evidence to the true cause of death.. That is why it sounds so farfetched but the way you expressing yourself here sounds like you believing it to be true. Girl, we are fighting for the same outcomes, I hope, but do not let your displeasure towards the politics of the stinking Bees and Dems get the better of your judgement. Try and keep your knickers up and let commonsense prevail.

  32. @Piece the Legend August 21, 2019 10:30 PM “situations where, over a year after mentioning it, people like Hee Hee and Hee Haw can toss the Roderick Hinds story into the mix, as an affront to OUR CREDIBILITY!”

    Indeed. I challenged WARU on the Hinds story as well. Said that I walked pass there regularly. And WARU wherever he or she is situated, still insisted on an untruth, or maybe I should be charitable and call it a mistake.

    Same thing with the story about the ZR vans not picking up disabled people. Even though I can’t be every place at every time, I said to WARU that i have taken ZR vans daily for decades, for decades and i have never seen this mistreatment of the disabled, in fact I have witnessed many, many times the ZR conductors going out of their way to help the disabled. The young men who work the ZR’s are NOT monsters. Still WARU insisted on going with the story, including relating her experience from years ago where the driver was going to fast.

    And now this “unauthorised creamation” story. Even though I spoke truthfully that the Barbados authorities will sometimes hold a body for years until the family decides what they wish to do.

    But WARU who know everything about everything is saying otherwise.

  33. @WURA-WAR-on-U August 21, 2019 10:45 PM “So ya may want to also direct ya QEH..and the geniuses who work there.”

    Some of the geniuses who work there are my kinfolk. And they are true-true geniuses. Working hard and working well everyday to heal the sick.

    Don’t you dare disrespect my people.

  34. and i still do not have to tell you diddly….Simple..

    SSS…i really don’t care about your rogue works…again…it is NOT MY STORY…get that through your head…and FIND ANOTHER WAY TO ATTACK MIA…..unless you can CONTACT THE FAMILY and use that..

    and i will not tell YALL ANYTHING…

    AND SImple…you are indeed a liar..

  35. @WURA-WAR-on-U August 21, 2019 11:26 PM “when yall turn comes, and it will, find someone else.”

    I suspect that many of us, perhaps most of us will outlive you.

  36. And the bigger countries gotta watch ya evil asses…ya were BRED as yardfowls and the slave be goddamn TWO FACED TRAITORS…and many, too many YARDFOWLS….are in key positions in other countries…mind you i said YARDFOWLS….😜😜..

    ..that is why the island CANNOT SEE ANY LIGHT….even US ran a story about the evil shit that was created and designed to have yall how ya are generationally and ..was EXPORTED TO US…centuries ago…but yall naasty inbred wickedness…JUST GREW AND GREW…

    outlive me for how long…5 minutes….lol

  37. @WURA-War-on-U August 22, 2019 5:27 AM “Not interested what yall think is farfetched…yall are the same ones WHO ALWAYS CLAIM…that Mia and BLP are CAPABLE OF ANYTHING and HOW WELL YALL KNOW THEM.”

    I’ve never met Mia nor any of her Cabinet, except for my own MP who came campaigning. Since many of the Cabinet members are new to their duties we can’t yet know whether they are “capable of anything.”

    I am not sure where you are getting your information from.

  38. @BajanFeeParty 2023 or Sooner August 22, 2019 8:29 AM “The British Government the New Scotland Yard Et Ali , A real and true LAW Enforcement needs to get her “BODY of Evidence” home.”

    You know that there is a British High Commission don’t you? You know that the consular officers know their jobs don’t you? You know that in every country of the world people die every day, some unexpectedly, some accidentaly, some violently. You know that consular officers receive training on how to handle situations like this, don’t you? You know that very likely this is not the first unexpected death of a British subject abroad that the consular officials have handled, don’t you?

  39. Waru

    You tripping. Pity. You are champion for the cause that says we want change. But, tripping makes you look like you do not know what you are talking about. I am on your side but girl, I got to tell ya to your typing face, let commonsense rule.

  40. Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cleaned the whole house, including wiping down windows and changing beds. Did several loads of laundry.

    No I was not busy.


  41. SSS……just be glad i was able to do what i intended to do from morning…call it tripping if ya want…but ah know…yall MISSED THE WHOLE DAMN THING….lol

    BTW…i don’t like partners in anything i do, i might direct and point people in a certain direction…but I WORK ALONE…

    no one listens to my warnings…but that is just fine by moi..

  42. Oh lord the conspiracy theorists and know alls quarelling amongst themselves and long may it continue.As Bushtea used to say oh ma shirt!Look what this blog come to.Tbese jokers are experts in economics,garbge,sewerage engineering,politics,police investigations ,journalism, every topic They should have won the nobel prize by now for the amout of garbage they pollute the blog with everyday.By now someone should be locked up, although one might very well be.Give it a rest and let the trained police do their job.

  43. SSS…why do you insist on thinking i need you or Piece or anyone one my side…i never asked any of you to be on my side…why yall all of a sudden ya want to be on my side…i have been doing just fine without any of you for 7 long years…and i LIKE IT JUST SO…

    deal with the problems ya have with rogue works and Piece needs to deal with the problems he got with Mugabe…lol

    i do not need your help …things are going along just fine without any of you …thank you very much…

    i said the day i came on the blog…am not looking for FAME…GLORY OR FRIENDS…

    i had something to accomplish and guess what….all i needed was the platform, thanks to blogmaster he made it available…so what do i need any of you for….

  44. Ya should ask Lorenzo if the police are really investigating any further or if that is just yardfowl talk…

  45. The handcuffs and lock up i see in the future…has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BLOG…or the black people on the island ya legislating to keep in prison for trying to survive…

  46. Hi Lorenzo,
    Here is where we differ.
    Any comment that I make about the following matter should not be construed as an attack on the Bs.

    I see this abomination as both a B thing and a D thing. I would not circle the wagons and try to defend those who are currently in power. I would do the opposite and curse/attack the jokes/jokers from both parties that are responsible for these injustices.


    Here are his examples
    “The legal profession has scandals just like any other profession. We well remember the accounting scandals involving World Com, Arthur Anderson and other large accounting firm Yet these may not receive the attention which lawyers receive for transgressing the law they are sworn to uphold.”

    Forget accounting scandals. This is like leaving a beach and going to the heart of Bridgetown to find sand. There are quite a few local legal scandals that he could have cited.

  48. Lorenzo

    You would not know the difference between a fight, quarrel or dispute even if it came and bite you in the ass and declare engagement. You would do well to state the facts of this case since you are supposed to be an informed lapdog. So, I listening. What is the update on the position of the government concerning the decease? And, please, no rambling nonsense as is your usual shite talk.

  49. “I would do the opposite and curse/attack the jokes/jokers from both parties that are responsible for these injustices.”

    They have both been LIVING ABOMINATIONS…in the lives of the majority CONSISTENTLY for over 70 years..and that is only when they are not being PARASITES..tiefing everything…nothing they do is to EMPOWER the black population…nothing…

    And they both agree on one thing…KEEP THE SLAVE LAWS on the statute books..PERMANENTLY..

    …fill the prisons with Black people ONLY..

    ..and consistently legislate wicked laws to keep the black population disenfranchised and living a life of dependency and poverty generation after generation devoid of SELF EMPOWERMENT….while a tiny minority can fit SNUGLY into that vacuum and become wealthy because there are million dollar bribes and kickbacks to be gained for themselves in return…and that is all these evil minded negros in positions of small island power care about….

    Upward financial mobility for the majority ….NEVER enter their minds, nor become any part of that equation.

  50. SSS…the difference between us is, if i have info i believe is relevant…i put it out there right away, i never hold on to it to play any mind is counterproductive to what some of us are trying to do, that is why i dont bother with some people on the blog who want to one up just to elevate themselves…while achieving absolutely nothing…ah really dont have the time, never planned to be on the blog forever….and have no intentions of using it for self elevation.

  51. SSS what Waru has told you and Piece is that she ain,t interested in both your personal Mottley vendettas, particularly yours in attacking Ms Mottley and sheilding some of your Dem pals.In net effect she is telling both of you to piss off.Where the old man gone he get run off the blog?As for Gazzerts which bandwagon he will hop on now Waru or his idol Piece as a follower?

  52. Will it be too much to ask that the Barbados government (or a local business) pays for flying the body of this unfortunate woman back to the UK, thus bringing the matter to a close? What is the cost? A quick call to Virgin or BA should answer that question.

    • Why do you assume arrangements are not being made to fly the boy back to the UK? Are you privy to the status of the investigation?

  53. You continue to demonstrate your enormous ignorance. You are amazing. Where was there a suggestion that arrangements were not being made? It was a question, man, not a statement. Did you go to school? And no, I am not privy to anything. Are you?

    • It was a stupid statement. Why would the government not want to release the body especially in a scenario where international media is following the matter?

      A question from an ignorant blogmaster.

    • By the way, the use of question marks in any comment posted by you in the future will be ignored and taken for a typo.

    • By the way 2: you always have to be right but hear this, to err is to be human. Were you ignorant when the blogmaster pointed out there is no difference in meaning to High Commission and Embassy? What separates the two is whether commonwealth and non?

      You may have the last word.

  54. It was not a statement, but a question. I do not know if the government is holding on to the body, and if so, why. Do you know if they are? If so plse share it with the blog. I find it strange why you have assumed the position of chief apologist over this incident.
    I admit you know much more than I do about stupidity, including the English language, so feel free to remove the questions marks when I ask a question.
    Again I have never said I must be right. You are reading the wrong bloggers. But for you and other readers, Commonwealth countries have high commissions. It is not an embassy. The original issue was not one about difference responsibilities, but about description.

    • There you go backtracking. Your statements are there for others to critique. Are you so arrogant to admit if wrong?

      The blogmaster is not an apologist for a boy or girl. What we will not do though is follow hair-brain conspiracies by some who want to promote all negative about the island.

      Up to last week the gofund established by the relatives had raised more than enough money to pay for the return of the body. The blogmaster is willing t bet the government as a gesture of goodwill will pay for the return of the body, if they don’t many will be disappointed given the circumstances.

      The blogmaster’s comment about the matter are there to reread. The CoP has some work to do to address weaknesses in the communication so far. This does not translate to cover-up.

  55. There you go backtracking. Your statements are there for others to critique. Are you so arrogant to admit if wrong?(Quote)

    I do not think you are that clever, if not I would have accused you of deliberately misleading people. Where and on what am I backtracking? Elaborate for the readers? Is it that the British diplomatic mission s called a high commission, this is an elementary fact.
    Otherwise all the other waffle has had nothing to do with me, unless you want to pin it on me. Re-read the blog. What am I wrong about. Tell me and I would apologise.
    You are an apologist because you believe, and want the blog to believe, that the statement by the commissioner of police is the truth and the whole truth.
    I am more sceptical that is why I posed a number of questions that relatives and friends of the dead lady, and the local press should pursue – and anyone interested in social justice. Where I come from that is called journalism.
    In the meantime, plse show the blog where I have been backtracking.

  56. @ Baje

    Thanks. There is a composite of behaviours which I call the Bajan Condition. Here are some: if someone poses an uncomfortable question you go on the attack; if they insist, you become foul-mouthed and abusive.
    Or, if they are discussing ideas and you find yourself in a corner you talk about your qualifications, that you have a PhD or are a lawyer; it is intellectual intimidation, meant to close down a discussion. Another one is to start an argument then walk away when things are not going your way.
    These are old Bajan discursive tricks, the old rum shop. You may recognise them as ‘shoo, man’; ‘you may have the last word’; ‘don’t mind he, I know he’. There are lots of them. There are all the refuge of the dishonest and fraudulent. Or, you make an accusation without details: like backtracking.

  57. We have to bear in mind that the lady’s children have to basically do this on their own, not easy while sick, vulnerable and trying to grieve. Don’t think the office or whomever handles such will continue to be uncooperative because everything is now in the spotlight, so some more time will be needed to see what process they had to endure.

    For those not aware a placard protest was mounted in front the Barbados consulate in UK last week in regard to this issue, photos were on FB.

    Let’s wait and see Hal.

  58. And am sure if family and friends of Natalie feel they have to do this again, whether the consulate is open or not…they will..

  59. @WURA-WAR-on-U August 23, 2019 2:03 PM “We have to bear in mind that the lady’s children have to basically do this on their own, not easy while sick, vulnerable and trying to grieve.”

    I have had a young relative die suddenly, and tragically. if you live long enough, the same may happen in your family. At that time you also will grieve, you may be vulnerable. But it did not in my case, and will not in your case relieve you of the responsibility of arranging the last rites for your beloved.

    I don’t know where the got the idea that lady’s children are sick. I trust not from the same place where you found the misinformation that the Barbados officials had tried to cremate the lady’s body without her family’s consent.

  60. @Hal Austin August 23, 2019 1:01 PM “Another one is to start an argument then walk away when things are not going your way.”

    He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

    I have noticed this walking away from conflicts among Bajans too, but I regard it as a good thing. In a very small, very close community decelerating conflicts is a good thing.

  61. Simple…ya really need to stop being an ass and half reading things and that is only when ya are not reading the posts at all..i posted a link from the lady’s daughter right here on this blog WHERE SHE STATED for everyone to READ…THAT SHE WAS UNWELL..

    ….that was just days ago…at least Piece and SSS had the GOOD SENSE…to take a day off…or just read what is posted and shut up like i do..

    and i still dont have to TELL YA A THING

  62. Waru

    It would be good if when you are responding to the peeps to leave the SSS out of your do. You made some indications earlier to which I said adios chica. Adios chica means that I have no more commentary to make regarding you or anything you write on here. As you stated, you do not need me or anyone, so the SSS moniker does not need you either. Over and definitely out. Are we clear on the matter of LET US IGNORE, Me you and You Me?

  63. Yall wanted to INSERT YASELVES in something that did not concern you and it was not out of any GENUINE CONCERN FOR THIS VICTIM…if it was…we would have known…so do not complain now.

  64. When I was young de ole man was not a child of privilege so clothes were a pass me down commodity

    Education was by proxy and exposure to those who knew therefore knowledge of the contents of a book came purely by exposure to the owners of the books.

    Third Party Contact to the Content

    And one such novel was To Kill a Mocking Bird

    De ole man is not at all literate nor can I tell wunna bout Atticus Finch or Scout, Dill and Jem but the name of the book elicited a feeling of similarity of how one, being under the influence of our own characteristics, can “kill” a subject of such value MUCH LIKE THE INNOCENT RAPE ACCUSED TOM ROBINSON was shot and killed while escaping the jailhouse after being sentenced.

    “…Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy.

    They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us.

    That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird…”

    De ole man is much wiser nowadays than in “times aforetimes”.

    One “sees” things long time before they happen but one prays that, with time, some enlightenment comes to the parties involved “so that they rise to the greater good”

    When that DOES NOT HAPPEN, like a sniper scope, one recalibrated one’s weapon, and you shoot again.

    We, not being Christ, must have a spirit of charity, to overlook much AND TRY, CONTRARY TO OUR CARNAL NATURE, TO FORGIVE MORE.

    The precision of topics like these DEMAND THAT ONE IS FOCUSED and that one does not lose sight of THE MOCKING BIRDS On our landscape of intervention.

    Natalie Critchlow is one of society’s most vulnerable WHO, NO LONGER HAVING A MOUTH TO SPEAK, needs an Atticus Finch to speak out for her.

    And when the crowds come to lynch the Tom Robinsons of our society, or when the Bob Ewell’s come to torment the poor and defenceless widows or when they come to beat the Jem and Scouts among the populace, then, like the Atticus ‘ s and Boo Radleys WE NEED TO STAND UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

    Few will understand the importance of Atticus Finch giving accurate information for Tom even though Tom is found guilty at the trial.

    Fewer still will understand that even in the face of such guilty verdict, Finch vows to seek a further trial for Tom.

    But what many understand is how noble the title of “ni**er-lover” is when you review Finch’s actions TO DO THE RIGHT THING in this ever repeating story of life at 2019.

  65. Gotta let the week progress some more, am sure the lawyer for the family has this under control.

    you can gaurantee that no one is forgetting this as they are hoping, not every one suffers from short memory syndrome.


  66. Hal…the government cannot put not one more LIE OR EXCUSE OUT THERE…on the Natalie murder….they certainly CANNOT use the COP to do it..and obviously they CANNOT SAY WHY ..they have still not released the body, when the family has had the money to repatriate the body…FOR WEEKS..

  67. Are we there yet? What are the local media saying? What about the family’s lawyers? The British high commission? Their UK MP?

  68. What is the latest on this issue? It is important that the family, friends and supporters of this woman keep the public informed of developments. It looks as if they are getting bad public relations advice from their legal and other advisers.
    Here is PR 101: you cannot rush to privacy when it suits you then call for public support when you feel like it. You are either in or out, it is a Faustian deal.
    If you want to take the matter private, then abandon any hope of public support. If you want public support then you have a moral obligation to keep them informed.

  69. Hal…as far as i was told, it is the UK end have to get moving, not the family, but other red tape, don’t think ya can blame the Barbados end anymore…unless i get information to the contrary..

  70. @ Hal Austin

    I like the way you have been highlighting, and the family can learn a lot from the information you have provided.

    This should not die quietly, I smell something rotten in Denmark about this matter.

    Keep up the focus.

    • If the family has issues with getting the body from Barbados or any other for that matter, they would have come public. They were quick to start a go fund to raise funds to claim the body. The family appears not to be as ignorant as some would make them out.


  71. @WURA-WAR-on-USeptember 5, 2019 10:20 AM “don’t think ya can blame the Barbados end anymore.”

    Perhaps the Barbados end was always blameless and both the British High Commission and the family ought reasonably to have know this?

    But some bloggers too love to blackguard the people, and the government of Barbados.

    • If the blogmaster was living in England he would have secured the address of the family, got on the tube and ask a few questions. It is called being productive and proactive.

  72. @ Theo

    Is that a pun? I am as curious as the other person. The family, advisers and supporters just cannot dip in and out of public support when they want it. They have a moral duty to keep people informed. The braindead would not understand.

  73. ???????????????

    Decomposed bodies of two women found in Christ Church

    The decomposed bodies believed to be those of an elderly woman and her daughter, in her 50s, were discovered in Christ Church on Saturday, police say.

    Investigators say that around 1:30 p.m., police accompanied a concerned family member, who was visiting from the UK, to a residence in Regency Park, where they found the bodies.

    Police are at the scene and investigations are continuing.

  74. @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal, your resilience in prosecuting this matter ALONE, is commendable!

    De ole man will provide my customary “other perspective” for your consideration.

    I copied this internet article to make my point about this purported Murder Case.

    “…Police’s role in criminal cases is investigation of the offence.

    The investigation includes
    1.seizure of articles/documents,
    2.questioning witnesses and
    3.recording their testimony,
    4.arrest of the accused (if necessary),
    5.protecting the Complainant etc…”

    The issue with this high profile suspected murder IS NOT SO MUCH HOW THE ROYAL BAYGON POLICE FORCE did their work, it is how the information related to the “non essential information ” has been mismanaged

    What do de ole man mean by non essential information?

    We the public dont need to know about the accelerant found in Natalie Critchlow’s clothing.


    However, in these circumstances where such controversy obtains one would thing that belligerence IS NOT THE MODUS OPERANDUM to be adopted by the powers that be

    The fact is that there is no one who is responsible for issuing a public statement when a black woman from the UK dies in suspect circumstances

    HAD THIS WOMAN BEEN WHITE de ole man respectfully puts it to you Hal that THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN A SPEED TO BOTH IDENTIFY A SPOKESPERSON as well as AN ONGOING CHAIN OF INFORMATION DISSEMINATION throughout the entire process.

    This is a “high profile case” with some disturbing images, evidence and mismanagement.

    By now, there should have been a comprehensive review and denouement that served to dispel ALL THE CONCERNS OF A PUBLIC THAT IS SCARED SHITLESS BY CLOSE TO 50 MURDERS!

    But then again, Barbados is a BANANA REPUBLIC AND ALL THESE THINGS WE ARE CANVASSING FOR will be A Bridge Too Far

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