The Natalie Crichlow Video

This video shared widely on social media raises doubt in the minds of some that the truth surrounding the death of 44 year old Natalie Crichlow is being suppressed by the authorities. The Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith confirmed in a press release no accelerant was detected from the post mortem process and  likely cause of death was as a result of a gas cylinder which exploded.

Further comment is therefore required from the police to clarify the matter.


  • @ Tron August 18, 2019 11:11 AM
    “We do not need conspiracy theories, we need serious information that leads to the arrest of the perpetrator or perpetrators.”

    So why not start with your easy targets?

    What about those involved in the ICBL ‘alleged’ bribery where there is ‘enuff’ superficial evidence to generate a major investigation instead of accepting trinkets in return for keeping your mouth shut similar to what the ancestral African tribal leaders did to sell off their underlings to the European traders to be enslaved on the plantations in the Americas?

    The ‘sell-out’ black politicians of today are the same as their own kith and kin who sold in exchange for whiskey, glass beads and mirrors to admire themselves and massage their power-infused egos.

    “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”


  • An individual said “he attacked me”
    What so hard to understand by those words
    Yet everyone havent seen a video of or police footage which carries the crime scene to include a scorched or burnt pot belives the authorities story.
    This same scenario by police authorties is what caused Barbados authorities to be placed in an embarrasing situation before the CCJ in the Myrie case a banning together of woven lies and untruths
    I mean even if the video was altered the woman words are sufficient and enough
    There is also a female voice in the video saying i know who “he” is which is remarkable as evidence that a male person could have been the attacker


  • Was this story created by mismanagement of the situation.

    The timing and delivery of the COP’s story after a competing story had already made the rounds and was burnt into the heads of people around the world was just too late. The explanation provided by the COP would have greater credibility, if it was given much earlier.

    The telling of a story that was completely different from the known story and not refuting/addressing/mentioning the known story was another mistake. Some will argue that addressing the “grassy knoll” story would have given it credibility, but not addressing it may have been the greater mistake as we are now in the realm of conspiracy theories, police cover-up, eye reading, body language …..

    The current administration was very skillful at using social media during the elections. However, I have questioned if they fully understand social media as their efforts often rely on the “old media” and is often inadequate to address the developing social media story..


  • Theo….and that is the crux of the matter…the police gave 2 stories…so readers are FREE to believe either…dependent on intelligence levels…all we can do is point out the accuracies AND inaccuracies in both versions…and right now, the police second version of events in this death…has more holes in it that an 18 wheeler gas tanker can drive through…without jack knifing…

    …. that might not have been the case for the 2nd story if a thorough investigation had been completed without them jumping out with a barrel of lies at the RUSHED press conference about the son and facetime and she was cooking food, which IT NOW APPEARS…was not true…..all a CROCK OF SHIT…but i await more comfirmation…since the family said the police refused to talk to them…and were rude and disrespectful when they called for information.., just like QEH staff they connected with…

    but they think they are so slick…instead of RELEASING the body to the family to be FLOWN OUT to UK…and END THIS NIGHTMARE THE FAMILY IS BEING DRAGGED THROUGH…by the Barbados authorities…they are trying tricks to cremate her in Barbados, against the family’s wishes and refuses to release the lady’s safe to her father despite saying it was an accidental death….in their second soap opera version…

    ….wuh they need the woman’s safe for, wuh they can’t even open it, they must think there are deeds to properties in there…….for more land thefts…


  • They don’t understand anything…or they would have NEVER created such a gi-normous mess for themselves… one with intelligence creates such a big cockup now being viewed everywhere..

    although they were warned that the video was out there from the day after…they ignored us and even cussed me…lol… as usual..

    now they want to cuss again, because the oh RHs are heavy..


  • No need to engage because I’m not as clever as you.

    Okay, Mr. Wise Guy, can you explain to me how I assuming that Legion sending his police chief to perform a specific task, is the SAME thing as ANTICIPATING your comments on a specific matter?

    If you understood what I wrote, you would know that if I meant YOU, I would have phrased to YOU personally and said “Then the chief of police would come in to…….”

    Instead I said “Then HE, (Legion) WOULD SEND HIS chief of police to…..”

    See the difference?

    All I said is that I assume Legion would instruct his MINION to do HIS bidding. If you can’t see that this IS NOT about the minion, it’s all about Legion and the assumption of what HE intends to do or not, then what the beck. Who cares any way.

    Peace out.


  • What is the British high commission doing about this incident? Has anyone raise the issue with her UK MP? Has anyone reported the matter to Scotland Yard, since she was a British citizen?


  • Oh Dear,
    It appears you do not respect my reading skills and do not understand what you write…
    As an example above… Is piece his own “MINION” or “chief of police”?
    I thought it was a third person, but I see now that I completely misunderstood.
    I will not read in the future as I am now afraid of understanding what you write.

    Have a Great Day


  • @ Hal Austin

    What is the British high commission doing about this incident? Has anyone raise the issue with her UK MP? Has anyone reported the matter to Scotland Yard, since she was a British citizen?



  • Hal…all of that is being done, more steps have to be taken cause the Barbados government thinks this is some joke or local Bajan person they are dragging through their terror tactics…this is a grieving family children, including a 10 year old and they all want their mother;s body back home…

    let’s see if the government cremates Barbados…against her children’s wishes,. they been pressuring her old father, a vulnerable man to sign this and that and that is only when they are not trying to EXTORT money from him, for what…is beyond me….and refusing to return her safe to him or her children, they are telling the children they will have to come to Barbados with a passport for her…

    ..and the children were told by those in UK who know these demons only too well…WARNED NOT TO ENTER THE ISLAND…THAT THE AUTHORITIES ARE DANGEROUS…..apparently that is the name they have created for themselves in UK….they can’t even blame anyone for that, although these scruff of the earth will try..


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Theo, you have raised the always MOST important element in any criminal investigation which may conclude before a jury: swaying public opinion!

    For all practical purposes I perceive this situation as “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” for the CoP and crew.

    They had to get their facts together before issuing public comment…

    Their margin for error is much more significant than these citizen journalist videos and commentaries tThus they have to carefully review and present the supposedly verifiable facts.

    Their predicament is rushing to the press either with just basic data or to refute any “grassy knoll” videos.

    Imagine that Kennedy episode in 2019….OMG!

    **CNN et al would have had MANY of that singular Zapruder video running 24/7 with pundits galore analysizing every frame; they would surely have had video too of the alleged assassin on a street corner some where etc etc…

    Can we even imagine a final result that anyone would have believed with that immediate publicity assault… people to this day still believe what they want to believe and the video and other electronic evidence is very, very sparse and was NOT broadcast with anywhere to the level of intensity it would have been today!

    My point simply, in this modern era its much harder to conduct ANY investigation to satisfy the public who are immediately persuaded by the supposedly accurate electronic evidence…

    …this Bajan case is a whopper of that type!

    And yes, there is also that added ingredient of “…mismanagement of the situation” by political and other influence….it has little to do with anyone “fully understand[ing] social media …” because no one (not the Russians, Cambridge Analytica, MAM’s expert, @Pieces or any other expert media manipulator) can corral or control the effects- viral or otherwise- of social media!

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  • @ Baje,

    I suggest the family get a UK-based lawyer? If not they should, along with any Bajan representative. Once the post-mortem is complete the body should be released to the family for burial/cremation. Why are they still holding the body?


  • It’s obvious that you are always looking for an unnecessary argument.

    Stop trying to make an ass of yourself and behave like a grown man instead of dropping your silly sarcastic remarks just like how some women behave when they and their neighbours are not “greeing.”

    Whether or not I don’t understand what I write, let it REST in the fact that my contribution TO Legion was NOT meant for YOU, nor was it ABOUT you, nor was it written in anticipation of your comments to this issue.

    I REPEAT, it ent bout you. Why not focus on the issue at hand rather than trying to be so damn petty all the time.

    Happy to know you won’t read in the future, you’ll have one less person to nitpick about.



  • Piece the Legend

    @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    Stand your ground and remember that poochlicker Boring Goerring and the 2 Rented Jackasses aka Beavis and Butthead are being paid to do this job.

    We already know that they are not the best minds for the job but… leave them to their task.

    Remember that they are assigned to a task that, since they can’t manage, Mugabe wont send anyone else to, AND EMBARASS THEM!

    You said and I quote

    “…Was this story created by mismanagement of the situation.

    The timing and delivery of the COP’s story after a competing story had already made the rounds and was burnt into the heads of people around the world was just too late…”

    Look, every time 1/3 of the Blogmaster has words with me he says something about de ole man’s ego.

    And he and his team in the famed polygon find themselves challenged to assess the raw brilliance of de ole man and they resort to this ego thing UNSUCCESSFULLY!

    But the fact of the matter is that, when you provided that statement above, YOUR RAW BRILLIANCE, or what they called ego, shone through.

    As I often hint here, the Commissioner of the Royal Baygon Police Force IS NO BRAINAIC!

    And he, (nor Teets Marshall nor Mugabe) did not comprehend how to preemptively manage this incident during Kadooment.

    I would have aired the incident proactively and preemptively SAYING ALOT WHILE SAYING NOTHING!!

    The fact is that thd Kadooment period was surprisingly major violence free!


    But it should have been proactively managed BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE REPRESENTS – A SERIOUS MATTER DURING KADOOMENT that led to hospitalization and subsequently death.

    This is a bad reflection on the Commissioner of Police regarding his public relations and the Attorney General AND ON MUGABE

    The managed it badly.

    Even now as it relates to getting the woman’s body back to the UK before the morgue’s storage devices breakdown AND THE BODY’S STARTS TO DECOMPOSE, to further complicate forensic examinations of the corpse IN THE UK, the matter continues to be mismanaged

    MUGABE should understand that the downside of this incident is going to be ALWAYS POLITICAL.

    That is what conspiracists are good at, conflating conspiracy

    An idiot would find the money and make sure the people get back the body pronto.

    But leave these fools to this matter and the social media meddling that is happening.

    It should be noted dat de grandson has not made any Cartoon about this yet because there is no evidence that confirms it to be murder by fire

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  • @ Hal Austin

    @ Baje,

    I suggest the family get a UK-based lawyer? If not they should, along with any Bajan representative. Once the post-mortem is complete the body should be released to the family for burial/cremation. Why are they still holding the body?


    When one is covering up you hold on to the evidence,

    Trust me when I say from personal experience the Barbados Police cannot be trusted.

    They have put a spin on this tragedy since it was exposed worldwide to try to head off bad publicity and a drop off of future tourist arrivals.

    Barbados is no longer a safe place to visit because there is too much deception and underhanded activity.


  • The blogmaster in all his ignorance want to know if a decision has been taken by the authorities NOT to release the body and if the passport has been withheld. Please enlighten the blog.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Mariposa August 18, 2019 7:07 AM “You should be doing your own investigation by reaching out to the family members of the deceased and getting firsthand infirmation as to what they know.”

    Since we have been told that the brother is in a nursing home [therefore not on the scene] and the rest of the family is i the U.K. [therefore not on the scene] why do you believe that the family can provide useful information?


  • What is also upsetting is the fool on here, can’t remember which one, i beleive it was Greene…, stating ya gotta find out why her child was in care, ya see when ya limited intellect, have a short ass memeory and a 15 second attention span this is what happens…, in the last 10 years…i would presume without assuming that is the 10 year period when she had 2 STROKES and 2 cancer scares…so how could she be EXPECTED TO CARE FOR A CHILD..

    now do you see the level of downright ignorance posing as awareness in some on BU…they put it out there just like the press conference about ONE POT on a stove…wuh when i am cooking for family is 5 and six pots and a WHOLE SPREAD…but one pot…is for a single person….that is why the family said plainly,..that the bullshit about facetime and talking with son and cooking for family to arrive…NEVER HAPPENED……it is all in the heads of the wicked people who put that info out there…thinking they can get away with yet another round of bullshit.

    plus, she worked as a BOUNCER…this was a tough lady…not some weakling..


  • @ Miller August 18, 2019 11:43 AM

    I can only agree with you here. A total failure of DPP and police.

    It is time to fill the top positions of DPP and police with more competent people. However, we must not promote the two people in question, for example as judge in the Supreme Court and as interior minister. We need evidence and, as a result, dismissals.


  • SSS with same rationale you have applied to the authorities not interviewing the lady
    you said that hospital rules take precedent
    therefore i say that a good journalist would take hold of ethical precedence in search of truth


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @WURA-War-on-U August 18, 2019 7:31 AM “as i said the FAMILY WERE NOT NOTIFIED ON August 6 that she had passed.”

    This is unlikely. I’ve had several relatives pass at the QEH, they were all older than 85 and ailing, so “no” the QEH did not kill them. The QEH notifies the next of kin IMMEDIATELY.

    Since that it appears that the foster parent for the lady’s 10 year old child, as well as the child were in Barbados the hospital would have no difficulty in contacting family. Also both the Immigration Department and the British High Commission would typically be able to provide assistance in these matters.


  • The answer to question is not another question, unless it is rhetorical or the person is not familiar with the English language.


  • YA HEAR despite calling and calling to get info the family were NEVER NOTIFIED by authorities that she had died…did they notify YOU…wuh they never even told the press…we only found out on the 15th…the family found out on the 8th…and not from authorities…ya have proof they were notified..


  • “Once the post-mortem is complete the body should be released to the family for burial/cremation. Why are they still holding the body?”

    she passed away on the August 6. they claimed the autopsy was performed the very same day August 6, so indeed…why are they still holding on to the body and REFUSE TO RELEASE it… is August 17 i believe…

    ah can’t wait for the next press conference….


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @WURA-War-on-U August 18, 2019 9:20 AM “And since the police saif the FIRE WAS CENTRED IN THE KITCHEN….no one keeps their passports in a damn kitchen…it is most often kept in a FIREPROOF SAFE in a bedroom or den area.”

    I put it to you that most poor Bajans do not own a fireproof safe. I certainly don’t own one. And it seems that this family was not wealthy. Safes cost hundreds of dollars. Most people cannot afford them. Why spend $800 on a safe to secure a $200 passport? Yes, that is how poor people make economic decisions. in addition the passport does not BELONG to the passport holder, but to the state which has issued it. If the passport is lost or stolen it is the responsibility of the issuing state to replace it. Once the citizen has reported the matter to the police and to the passport authorities.


  • Getting a replacement UK passport is easy if the applicant is legitimate. People lose passports every year. Again, the British high commission can sort this out within a day.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Mariposa August 18, 2019 10:23 AM “On another note of suspicious/ unnatural death
    Btw how does police conclude at the scene without forensic evidence that a death is deemed unnatural.”

    One: Any death resulting from a fire is considered unnatural, since it is not a death at 85= from heart failure, stroke, multiple organ failure etc.

    Two: The lady did not die at the scene. So the police did not conclude “at the scene”

    They drew their conclusions several days later after the lady had died.


  • There is no evidence to conclude that the cause if death was murder by fire


    Piece unless you are stoned death and blind as a bat
    The evidence of murder by fire came right our of the womans mouth
    Are all as sundry to assumed that her words were nit credible and just maybe the sighting of a man in her house dousing her with a liquid and set her on fire was a bad dream
    Well . well just throw you memory back when u said that your house was set ablaze and you had enough evidence to suspect who were the attackers
    Absence of recording video to. state your claim but only footage you stood firm
    Here in this case there the lady who was attacked telling the whole world what she saw and knew happened and you talk about evidence
    Boy guh long do

    But where is Bush Tea maybe he did it .just my observing cause he suddenly disappeared wuthout warning
    Or did he


  • SSS as far as i know unnatural death or conclusion of unnatural death are issued only after thorough investigation of the body or crime scene is completed
    Only in Barbados shite is accepted as a way of doing things


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Mariposa “unnatural death” is a commonsense or layperson’s way of saying things.

    Traffic accident/drowning/fire/hanging etc.

    Then the post mortem determines the EXACT cause of death


  • “I put it to you that most poor Bajans do not own a fireproof safe. I certainly don’t own one. And it seems that this family was not wealthy. Safes cost hundreds of dollars. ”

    me thinks ya missed the part where i posted…the lady HAD A SAFE…now in possession of the police…who REFUSE TO RELEASE IT…to her father or children….and that safe more likely than not…holds her passports…so the police asking her children in UK to produce a passport so her body can be transporte to UK is plain wicked, she had to have traveled from UK to Barbados on a passport right…and even worse if she like many people in UK and the Diaspora…. have DUAL BARBADOS CITIZENSHIP…she ALSO has a Barbados passport…

    how do you know what she had…i understand the area in Luton she lived is not exactly hand to mouth..


  • Something is wrong here. The police and family should be going through the British high commission.


  • Safes are not only for money, fire prooof safes are really to store IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS…against FLOODS AND FIRES…most people buy them for that purpose ONLY…and the 1200 or 800 dollars is will worth the aggravation of having to run up and down replacing those documents should ya get washed out or burned out…


  • Well they have no choice now, they probably thought they were dealing with humans…in positions of small island power, but they got the shock of their lives when met with these unfeeling devils…so their best bet is to let the high commission and Scotland Yard run intereference going forward to get their mother home, get their safe out of the police clutches…and get away from these vicious crabs…


  • The COP’s statement regarding why the lady’s death was not disclosed earlier was that there was a breakdown in communication. It is unthinkable that this breakdown could have lasted from the 6th to the 14th August. The reason or reasons for the breakdown in communication should have been given. Was the breakdown due to the QEH not reporting the matter to the police? Was it that the QEH passed the information to the police and that the Police did not notify the pubic via the Press who had been calling daily?

    It was painful to watch the COP under duress at that press conference. Clearly he was not in control so it made me wonder exactly what happened that was outside of his control that yet he was made to be responsible for.

    I hate to say this,but that was not the only white elephant in the room. There was the matter of transparency in government to the public, The PM asked the COP to give account to the people of Barbados yet we have we are still waiting for the Transparency Legislation; Governments response to news whether to acknowledge or not acknowledge, that the government only chose to address this matter because it was reported by the foreign press; that news or comments by Barbadians on the Internet do not merit a thorough response from government and I do mean that AG’s involvement in the case with the Stewarts; and that ultimately a scapegoat had to be found.

    What occurred in or as a result of the press conference did nothing to satisfy the curiosity of majority of Barbadians. We should all have come away with confidence and with out the shadows of doubt and cover up still lingering.


  • @ Waru

    .that is why the family said plainly,..that the bullshit about facetime and talking with son and cooking for family to arrive…NEVER HAPPENED……it is all in the heads of the wicked people who put that info out there…thinking they can get away with yet another round of bullshit.




  • Unfortunately the COP wil be thrown under the bus, when it is obvious some sort of systemtic failure in the chain of command occurred..people tend to do as they like in Barbados without regard for the other person or other people…negatively impacted……they just don’t care and that is why nothing is working as it should..

    that is why i am highlighting what these uppity lawyers and uppity QCs do to their paying clients especially in personal injury cases and believe they can always get away with it…..that is the blight spread right across the system, give them even a smidgen of power over each other and a title and these idiots are suddenly deciding who should have what and who should know what…real retards acting like they were bred only to be dumb and wicked.


  • SirSimpleSimon

    Why don’t you give up, you’re getting no where.

    As I mentioned in a previous contribution, the job of the scenes of crime techs is to GATHER physical evidence from the crime scene. It’s not their job to determine cause of death. That is a job for the forensic pathologist. A medical doctor, who is usually contracted by the police for these purposes, would visit the scene to officially pronounce the victim dead.

    Supposed a body was found, the police would usually issue an initial statement in which they may mention, for example, a body of a male was found lying unresponsive with what APPEARED to be gun shot wounds and they are TREATING the death as UNNATURAL. If the body was found hanging, the police may mention a SUSPECTED suicide and they are also treating the death as unnatural.

    Although a police officer may be familiar with what gunshot wounds look like, he is not qualified to determine if the victim died from that wound. Supposed the victim was shot after ingesting a poisonous substance? In the other example, although the hanging may look “legitimate,” the scene could have been staged to make it appear as though the victim committed suicide.

    Another example is, some years ago a man fell of one of the parking levels at City Center Mall. The police would treat his death as unnatural until their investigations determined if he jumped (suspected suicide); was pushed (suspected murder) or he accidently fell (suspected accident).

    Additionally, a “thorough investigation of the body” to determine cause of death CANNOT be conducted at the crime scene. The police doctor may make an “educated guess,” but “guess work” cannot be used in Court.

    The forensic pathologist has to examine factors such as a pre-existing conditions, illnesses or health complications that may or may not contribute to the cause of death, and which may be subsequently ruled-out to determine the actual cause of death.

    The process is not as simple as seen on those T.V crime series, such as CSI.


  • And the police need to find Natalie’s missing phone to prove that there was NO FACETIME CHAT…talking about cooking and people coming over.., the phone cannot be found..


  • @ Wura

    Barbados Underground Whistleblower blogger has been exposing the dishonesty in the Barbados Police Force for a very long long time including planting evidence and bribetaking..

    If this was a local Bajan this matter would have died a natural death quickly and this is what they had hope by having COP Griffith at the shoddy Press Conference.

    However because the lady was British this story took flight and is now exposing the underbelly in Barbados FOR ALL TO SEE..


  • Yep…just as it should, they have been doing shite like this for too damn long and terrorizing their own people while getting away with it, unfortunately it took this lady’s horrible death to expose the nastiness they practice on their own people and others…which is unnecessary and should never be happening.


  • Waru why you don,t take a break.Are you now a forensic expert?Evey topic everyday you would the same warm over rubbish with the annoying english woman or is she really you?Time you form gour own blog so you could hog the show.Everyday all damn day you are becoming a nuisance on the blog.Do you work or have a family? Go look for something to do.

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  • Ah take it the new spin aint going so good either…ya will have to combine the old spin with the new spin…and it will still turn into shit….cause ya got 2 stories going across the world and people are asking WHAT THE HELL… glad yall don’t know what to do….lol

    ah waiting for the new press conference…when are we going to get it…

    if ya try to throw the COP under the bus, he should talk out everything..what yall did to that poor man was plain evil….and it is as clear as day, he did not know what some idiot in his chain of command did..but he paid the price.


  • @ Lorenzo

    Waru why you don,t take a break.Are you now a forensic expert?Evey topic everyday you would the same warm over rubbish with the annoying english woman or is she really you?




  • That is their comeuppance, retribution and karma all rolled into one for the evil shit they have been doing to people for decades. I have no clue why they are complaining, the shit has not even started to roll downhill ON TOP OF THEM YET..

    …let them cremate the lady’s body without the family’s permission and then they will really see what shit looks like.

    … don’t know why these uppity negros don’t know their place…acting like they have human property and can do as they like with people, goddamn vote beggars and parasites..


  • You are giving them hell. You are like a one man army. You are absorbing their attacks and holding your ground.

    Must be frustrating to see one Salemite holding the bridge against all comers.

    One barking, one obfuscating, one explaining and the latest addition just trying to spin his way out.

    Even the simple one has been deployed.

    Keep up the good work


  • Ah take it We Gathering 2020 is even more delusional now than it was when first conceptualized, only yardfowls will turn up and ah hope they do, THEY SHOULD ALL GET ROBBED…..even of their underwears…see yardfowl Enuff walking around without drawers….lol


  • Baje or should i call you the Dem lackey who claimed between 2008 and 2018 he was an onlooker well now i have heard everything.Why you don,t go to the USA and help defend one of your alledged bribetakers and not worry about the popularly democratically BLP.If the voters are dissatisfied they will know what to do capiche.As for Gazzerts the bandwagon hopper you and Waru in the same boat both annoying nuisances on the blog everyday. Go look for Piece for instructions and stop pimping about on the blog everyday with your pettiness you way out of your league .Let the police do their job.


  • If I wanted to discredit someone I can outright call thema liar. But this may be too abrasive and direct.
    And what if you knew the person and knew that the person was not a liar or what if that states of affairs requires an expression of sympathy and not an outright attack?

    Then I would us a soft approach. Instead of calling you a liar, I would imply that your words may be true or they may not be. The intention is to create an element of doubt. I would try to move you from believing in your friend to have second thought about what he/she say.


  • Annoying? Unpleasant truths can be annoying as hell.
    Go get yourself a cup of peaceful and relaxing kool-aid
    Have a great night.,


  • I just figured out a way to wake you…
    Ask yourself why the “bandwagon hopper” is not on your bandwagon?
    Is there something wrong with your bandwagon?
    What repulses Gazzerts…
    Think before you reply or sip the kool-aid.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @TheOGazerts August 18, 2019 8:18 PM “Even the simple one has been deployed.”

    Let me state again that I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of any political party in Barbados or elsewhere. I have never gone to their George Street nor to Roebuck Street headquarters. Each election I vote as my conscience guides me. I have never held a government job. i have never had a government contract. I have never met ANY of the current members of Parliament [except for my MP who came to my door campaigning] and in truth I have no desire to do so. Nobody, NOBODY in the whole wide world can “deploy” me. NOBODY, NOBODY has that power over me.

    I have always earned my own living by the sweat of my brain and by the sweat of my brow.


  • @ Lorenzo aka Butthead

    Baje or should i call you the Dem lackey who claimed between 2008 and 2018 he was an onlooker well now i have heard everything.Why you don,t go to the USA and help defend one of your alledged bribetakers and not worry about the popularly democratically BLP.If the voters are dissatisfied they will know what to do capiche.

    I have been called before by @Piece a BLP poochlicker and supporter for standing up for injustice.

    Now you want to lump me as a DLP because again I am standing up for an injustice to this woman Ms Crichlow.

    I have never voted for any Political Party in Barbados, so what does this say about you?

    You BUTTHEADS are too used to putting people in a box and labeling them to dismiss them and their opinions.

    What you want are puppets and everyone to toe the line as Master calls it.

    You and your type are a disgrace to Barbados, but the world has woken up to the shenanigans on the island.


  • @ Waru

    One thing we are overlooking is the name of the man who is being covered up for and whom British Natalie Crichlow alleged is her killer.

    We need to know who the Barbados Police is protecting.


  • British exports to the world:
    1) homosexuality.
    2) beastilality.


  • @ Baje

    Welcome to the cuntry Barbados!

    Now you have your baptism by fire at thd hands of the Mugabe regime THAT WAS SINGING YOUR PRAISES when you was cussing de ole man.

    Why dat?

    Nothing changed! You certainly did not change so what happened?

    What happened is that, through no fault of your own, you appeared to the Mugabe poochlickers to have joined the “Dissenting Salemites”

    Note how the ole man has embraced that name? but how the Poochlickers Hee Hee and Hee Haw and Boring Goerring hate theirs?

    All that one is saying here is that the anomalies in such quick succession are reason for citizens to be concerned

    The thing for you to note Baje is that this ef up reflects in the Attorney General Teets Marshall and the despot Mugabe

    Ensuingly, as long as you open your mouth to speak about it, YOU ARE MARKED.

    ENJOY THE RIDE IT WILL GET WORSE especially if they cremate her body.

    If de ole man was as wicked as they say I am I would have gotten a Stoopid Cartoon made that hinted THAT GIVEN THE SEXUAL ORIENTATION OF THE VICTIM AND THAT OF YOU KNOW WHO, that the cover up was a personal thing.

    I may even have added that as the video shows IT WAS NOT 75% BURNS but 10 % and then add a mysterious visitor in the hospital in the mix WHO ENSURED THAT NATALIE DID NOT LIVE.

    You get my drift?

    But thus is because de ole man is an expert at my craft AND NOT TO BE TOYED WITH!

    As it is, all that is being sought is a body that can be sent to the family in the UK adequately preserved so that a forensic examination can be done by experts AND NOT CLOWNS

    By the way you missed 2 COMMAS.

    You said and I quote

    “…I have been called before by @Piece a BLP poochlicker and supporter for standing up for injustice…”

    But you meant

    “…I have been called before, by @Piece, “a BLP poochlicker and supporter”, for standing up for (in)justice…”

    Unless you really meant to call de ole man, “a Mugabe loving poochlicker” which people know ent true heheheheh


  • “We need to know who the Barbados Police is protecting.”

    there is indeed a cover up going on and if they had not so hurriedly jumped out with a press conference peppered with lies, if they had just kept going along with the murder/arson and ALLOW THE COP to get the investigation done….we never would have known until the family in UK expose that they refused to release Natalie’s body and her safe…and are hellbent on cremating her in Barbados without her family’s permission….that alone there is evidence of a cover up.

    ah hope they know it’s over and to stop their evil shit and let the lady’s body go home to her children and family…unless they plan to brazen this out like they are doing with the corruption and the offshore accounts and all their other nastiness that they actually believe they will be allowed to continue.


  • Piece the Legend

    To get the Body.

    If my memory serves me correct in my ole age, one can make a request to have the body released to the Hospital

    Or one can direct one’s enquiries through a professional funeral home to make the representations on your behalf.

    The first thing they tell you they have to do is seek to obtain a Death Certificate which is a procedural thing.

    The issue is that the name and details on the death certificate CAN GIVE A PROBLEM because one has to be definitive as to who is dead.

    This is even more critical for Repatriation of Body issues to a foreign jurisdiction

    The UK authorities will need a valid authorized cause of death document to ensure that they are not importing the bubonic plague.

    It takes time to get the body back home EVRN WITH A PROFESSIONAL FUNERAL HOME.

    They have to be sure the body is not allowed to purposely decompose in the interim.

    Then they do their forensics in thd UK and publish the results here on BU one way of thd next!


  • Where are her friends and family? Do they have legal representation? Have they spoken to her UK MP? What is the British high commission doing about this case? How about the local press? Have they spoken to the UK press? Are they following up the story?
    This case raises a number of important issues, including the people versus the state. Those who make the mistake of backing the state will find out in time that what happens to an isolated foreign woman will also be applied to locals.
    Loyalty, patriotism, populism, nationalism, my country right or wrong, are all codes for fascism, a brutal state.


  • Whistleblower….they held their press conference peppered with lies about the events surrounding this lady’s death on August 15…and the VIDEO with Natalie’s statement was sent to attorney general Dale Whistleblower on Friday 16 August from UK, so they cannot say they did not know the video was out there..

    ….up to today Dale Whislteblower has not responded to those who sent the video…so they are indeed trying to brazen this out….but let that body be CREMATED against the family’s wishes and don’t REPATRIATE her body to UK and they will see.


  • Campaigners should compile a detailed record of the events, answering all the questions raised, and including sworn witness statements, and then send copies, with any accompanying documents to each of the 18 UK national newspapers and also to her local newspaper, MP, Scotland Yard and to Inquest, the organisation. They must also get on RECORD the position of the British high commission.


  • @Hal

    you are a thinking person.

    why would the Bim Police and Govt conspire to hide up this lady’s death? why would the fire department, medical examiner and independent witnesses all conspire to lie against this lady? to hide the number of murders in Bim? so that the tourism industry wouldnt be damaged?

    seriously Hal, give it some thought, man.


  • Hal…all of that is being worked on, they are not getting away with cremating Natialie’s body in Barbados when the family said THEY WANT HER BODY IN UK.. or with keeping her safe and belongings..

    scummy scuff of the earth….that they all are, they can fast track the process with the coroner to get the paperwork…her body has been on ice for 13 days, how are they gonna explain the hold up….they got the gofund amount of money they needed to bring her home, so what is the Barbados governemnt doing to EXPEDITE this matter so she can go her family..


  • @ Greene

    You have obviously lived outside of Barbados for a very long time and maybe a recent returner or still living abroad,

    Barbados is rife with corruption and collusion.



  • @ Greene,

    I have given it a lot of thought and, like you, am not saying there is, or is not, a conspiracy. All I am calling for is transparency. Accidents happen, it is when the state is reluctant to explain to the public the circumstances of the accident that people make assumptions. Transparency removes the mystery.
    There is a basic principle in criminology that the victim of a violent crime wants the perpetrator to be punished, not some imaginary enemy. If, as alleged, the dead woman named someone then that person should be the number one suspect. I am no detective and I know that.


  • @Hal

    i may be wrong but it appears to me that the CoP said that the person named as the suspect/perpetrator was identified, interviewed and released. why should he or she be named?


  • Another good question is…the attorney general has had Natalie’s video since August 16 the day after their cockup press conference, and that is presuming he did not have a copy of that video before…SO WHY DID HE NOT COME OUT WITH A PRESS CONFERENCE CONCERNING THE VIDEO…with Natalie’s statement.

    a real good question ain’t it..


  • @ Greene,

    A key principle in criminology is that the victim of violence nearly always wants the perpetrator to be punished, not an innocent person. If you were attacked by someone as you walked down the street, would you just point at the first person you met and accused them of the attack?
    If the allegation that the victim named an attacker then rightly that person should immediately be arrested and interviewed under caution and held in custody. Did the suspect know the victim? Where was s/he at the time the alleged offence took place? Does s/he have any witnesses? Is there a mobile phone location finder? Has there been a forensic examination of his/her clothing?
    On some occasions victims may refuse to say who the perpetrator was, but we are moving in to the realms of gangland violence now.
    In any case, if the post-mortem is complete along with the police investigation, then we can expect the body to be handed over to the family any time now.
    By the way, if a suspect was indeed interviewed and denied the allegation, should that be the end of the investigation? Would you expect him/her to confess? The victim, the only eye witness, is dead. Transparency is very important.


  • And in the last few seconds it has been brought to our attention that INDEED..Mia and Dale Marshall the shite AG…KNEW ALL ALONG ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF NATALIE’S VIDEO…..and WILFULLY KEPT THE INFORMATION AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC….and attempted to cover it up…they knew all along these evil bitches.

    That is the confirmation we were waiting for..they knew. So who are they covering up for and what are they hiding.


  • These are REAL PEOPLE…this young lady is waiting for her mother Natalie’s body to be RETURNED TO UK.


  • The person ir the accused was interviewed and release
    That is not a hoid enough answer
    If the authorities had a suspect that person named should have been told to the public after all this case started out as a criminal and any one involved name should have been released to the public
    There were witnesss to what the lady said were these witnesses question
    The authorities in my opinion behaved and acted like the keystone cops limited to one side of the story and deaf to the other side


  • That is what happens when ya dealing with dummies with titles in positions of small island power . They could have covered themselves nicely if they had only held a press conference on August 16 when they received Natalie’s video from UK… and stating it was brought to their attention a video of the deceased making a statement regarding events and ALLOW THE COP…to finish his investigation instead of setting up that poor man, but they did not do that did they, they remained steadfast in their cover up..Now look, so what’s next.

    Is it better, or much, much worse now for them.


  • Who is the lawyer representing the family? Has s/he anything to say to the public? If the family and friends do not have a lawyer by now, why not? If the suspect was publicly named it might have solicited other victims of any such alleged behaviour to come forward, thereby establishing a modus operandi.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Greene, you have established a line of reasoned thinking above and then you allowed blinkers (I can only presume) to affect that solid reasoning.

    You asked: “why would the Bim Police and Govt conspire to hide up this lady’s death? why would the fire department, medical examiner and independent witnesses all conspire to lie against this lady?”

    We cannot answer that query but then again we couldn’t answer a similar question for the Mark Stokes/politicians’ alleged sexual high jinks murder case or the Pele/politicians’ drug allegations murder case.

    History has shown us that there was widespread cover up in both those instances so let’s not so glibly dismiss allegations of high officials’ interference…

    …who really knows the underbelly of this perplexing case!


  • I too was one suckered by barbados authorities when the Myrie story unfolded beliving every RH thing these authorities said to discredit Myrie
    But my eyes opened during the trial to the incompetence and wreckless deception these authorties are capable of pulling off
    Hence presently i am hesitant to belive one word of what these authorities say in a public forum


  • The case is not at all perplexing
    What is perplexing are the authorities handling of a case where the victim openly states publicly who attacked her and how
    Now the public is expected to belive rhat the woman was crazy left a pot boiling and went to sleep from whence a fire started
    The frustration around this issue is that authorities did not have a presence of mind on the same day to get a official statement from the lady
    However can give a keystone version of what happened all borne from the accused
    What a fuknig mess
    How would any one who are adamant had a family member caught up in a similar circumstance react to such ridiculous conclusion when the victim was not questioned when they were alive
    Not buying this ridiculous nonsense given about medical protocol
    As many victims before hospitalised and in conscience state speaks to police authorities
    It is obvious that the underbelly of this case lies in deceit and to cover-up barbados climbing murder rate which can be detrimental to our tourist industry
    Numbers dont lie but liars can figure


  • Here is the local paper for the dead woman:

    Willesden & Brent Chronicle
    Postcode/City: NW2 3HD London – Cricklewood
    County: Greater London England
    Phone: 44 (0) 208450 5272


  • Thanks Hal…info has been passed on.


  • I have heard no one in the video mention the smell of gas or any flammable liquid. Further the lady says she was sleeping and he climbed over the fence. But where is the disabled brother’s well-off homosexual lover that was mad due to being cut off from financial support according to Abigail? The Salemites, as usual, are on a full hunt.


  • lol…ya only talking cause ya still got drawers, but ah know not one of you can be happy at the way things blew right back on ya backsides….yall better don’t cremate Natalie’s body or keep her safe and cell phone…cause all the voice clips ya getting ya uneducated yardfowls who can’t even speak standard english to share on whatsapp parroting ya shite story from the press conference COCKUP….that has already been picked apart and found to be mostly LIES….will not be able to help ya..


  • @enuff

    Heard about that angle.


  • Keep it up…yall looking better and better..

    just you wait…..a week can make a great big difference…


  • @enuff

    That is another position the police should be investigating.


  • David
    I repeat, the lady said she was sleeping and the assailant jumped over the fence. 🤔


  • @enuff

    You point is taken.


  • And ya dialect speaking yardfowl claimed the police never said that it was a murder/arson investigation ….although it was a BIG AS DAY IN THE NEWS in Barbados and ….ACROSS THE WORLD…

    ……tell ya uneducated yardfowls who cannot put one intelligent sentence sit their useless asses down..let people who actually have some commonsense, are aware and not dumbed down and brainwashed like they are………handle this..


  • The lady said she was sleeping when the assailant jump the fence

    You fart holes not going tp getaway with refering to that statement
    That is a statement which van be interrupted two ways
    Also a bajan terminolgy which indicates that while sleeping they were awaken by a sound of noise
    So dont go jumping as to take the woman comment to make her look crazy
    I have heard simliar comments made across the bajan landscape with double meanings


  • @ Mariposa

    You fart holes not going tp getaway with refering to that statement
    That is a statement which van be interrupted two ways
    Also a bajan terminolgy which indicates that while sleeping they were awaken by a sound of noise
    So dont go jumping as to take the woman comment to make her look crazy






  • Leave them, we found out what is really happening here….and THEY ARE NOT GETTING AWAY WITH IT…you covetous, evil minded demons…..that is all yall will ever be…

    we will just watch it all unfold.


  • All bajans gotta do, DO NOT RETURN THE MIA GOVERNMENT TO THE PARLIAMENT…you will be doing so to your OWN DETRIMENT…

    don’t think for one moment that she and her fellow crooks care anything about BLACK BAJANS…they will rob you …AND DON’T BLINK…

    it will all come out in the WASH…..soon Enuff…

    we just want these kids to get their Mom home to UK….and then we can watch the SHIT REALLY HIT THE FAN..


  • And ya see the UGLY way yall SET UP the Commissioner of Police…victimizing the VERY person who is responsible for the SECURITY OF THE ISLAND….YALL DESERVE TO PAY FOR THAT …in SPADES..


  • Baje you are a johnny come lately.The fact that Piece called you a BLP poochlicker is supposed to impress me?Piece calls everyone who does not agree with his dialy diatribe that.Thing is i care nothing about Piece or you as nobody ain,t vote for either of you.My advice you have evidence of corruption take it to the DPP or shut to hell up.By the way i still beleive you are a Dem poochlicker.None of the so called experts on here are ttained in police invrstigations therefore let the police do their job and come to their own conclusions as none of you were there.


  • Yall better let the COP do his JOB THIS TIME AROUND… the Natalie case..

    anytime you low intellect swamp things want me off the blog…is because ya did something EVIL…and know it is just a matter of time before ya are found out, that is when yall get so SUDDENLY concerned about if i have family and a whole LOAD OF HORSE SHIT…

    but this time ya bit off…A LOAD…that ya can’t chew…

    and am not even going to warn ya demonic asses…cause ah want to see ya CHOKE….


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Baje

    See what de ole man tell you?

    You now have attracted the ire of Hee Haw whom Mugabe told get de ass out my pooch and go and do what I paid you and Hee Hee to do on Barbados Underground.

    Dem 7 people pun dead all day show me and TEETS MARSHALL to be liars.


    @ HEE HAW,

    “Go and throw some kicks in Piece EVEN THOUGH HE ENT REALLY PUN DE BLOG”

    Call he name every two submissions AND BLAME HE FOR DE DISSENT.

    you forget Abijah Holder Hee Haw?

    Dat is de young boy Mia pledged to get justice for against Martk Maloney and his illegal island in thd road



    Dat is a black boy in the Pine dat de Royal Baygon Police Force tried to kill and up to now the 8 RH officers who tried to kill him ent get discipline yet!!!

    So you see dis matter bout de rassh**e Smiley Face wide eyed Attorney General telling lies about this black UK lady’s murder, I WILL NEVAH BELIEVE HE SCVUNT!


    all she want is to get into the HoA and now she dey, she ent want to leave ever!!!

    But you dont get tired sucking pooch doah?

    Choose you battles wisely.

    Let me explain that tuh YOUR chvunt.

    This is a black woman who belonged to the LBGT community.

    Mugabe is a black woman who belongs to the LBGT community.

    This woman was killed under suspicious circumstances

    Mugabe is not showing any respect for (1) a fello gay (b) or a “woman” like her?

    And she is disrespecting a dead person whose video shows her in agony.

    Mugabe is purported to have bitten out a clitoris…do you understand where this is going?

    It is making Mugabe look like the heartless beatchhh she is!!!

    Remember that in 2022 when rumours start to surface that Mugabe was involved in this suspicious murder, YOUR RESPONSES AND THOSE OF HEE HEE, will be used to show the cover up!!

    So de ole man encourages you to keep on as you are!!!


  • Don’t mind them, the time they take to do such evil shit, they should take that same time and look after their own families…cause everyone got families and everyone knows who everyone’s families are….island small and surrounded by water…nowhere to run or hide.


  • This blog is close to being closed.


  • @David,
    You should let it flow.
    If you close it now, then one group will attack those opposed to it every time that “their part” starts to get some licks. They will be hoping for you close the blog.

    Keep it open, this hopper on the bandwagon, can read but do not understand, minion and sidekick can take my licks. Let them take theirs.


  • Fast becoming Naked Departure Redux.


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