Is Guy Hewitt the Way, Truth and Light for the DLP?

In the lead in to the 2018 general election there was a buzz about Guy Hewitt perceived in some quarters to be man with political aspirations to lead the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) after the period dubbed The Lost Decade. He has always had a voice in the Barbados non secular space- received by the general public as erudite and articulate with his social and political commentaries not unlike the Dean Harold Crichlow. It did not hurt the recognition gained from the leadership role he played in the infamous Windrush matter.

One should never say never – in this instance Reverend Hewitt being a future leader of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Of recent his articles are a must read for those following current affairs in similar vein to a Senator Caswell Franklyn. A high compliment for sure.

The Windrush debacle created the opportunity for Hewitt to add priceless elements to his brand and of late the Donville Inniss matter created a dicey window of opportunity for him to express loyalty for a friend, an endearing and respected human quality. Although Inniss was charged and convicted of money laundering in the USA- the first local high ranking former politician to achieve such ignominy- he continues to enjoy some support among Barbadians. In a macabre way Hewitt the priest may be seen as supporting a son of the soil who has stumbled, the words of country and western singer the late Glen Campbell:

If you see your brother standing by the road

With a heavy load from the seeds he sowed

…just stop and say, you are going the wrong way

You have got to try a little kindness …

If President Verla De Peiza could borrow from Hewitt’s resume and modus operandi what a formidable opponent she would be perceived to be. To have the ability to inhale some of the oxygen from the political space being sucked in by her counterpart Mia Mottley is required now more than ever with the failure of the third party political movement to gain political traction in the aftermath of an unprecedented 30 to 0 shellacking in the 2018 general election.

Guy Hewitt has the opportunity to play a significant role in the rebuild of the DLP. It is difficult to see him being accepted by the DLP establishment party apparatus for the highest office in the party. Unlike a few of the opportunists who have jumped ship or become disinterested in DLP politics, Hewitt continues to fight the good fight. For believers miracles have been known to happen and Reverend Hewitt may have heard a repeat of the message whispered in his ears from the one above “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with few things. I will put you in charge of many things”.

It may be wise for President De Peiza to find a way to hitch her wagon to Guy Hewitt’s rising star. He is one of those rare personalities who has crossover appeal in the land. She must find a way to overcome the negative perception caused by the delayed endorsement of her decision to run in St. Lucy by Denis Kellman. She will never be seen as a threat if unable to win a seat in parliament.

How can and will Reverend Guy assist a sister carrying a heavy load?


  • Milluh
    “Why not ask him if he is still the main man at the PR firm handling billion dollar contracts?”

    More lies! Who put you so?


  • Miller, up to now you ain’t expose Enuff or prove that he telling lies. In fact it all you doing is pretending you is Geoffrey Chaucer and writing The Miller’s Tales about the man.

    Look, Heere bigynneth the Millere his Tale – “Enuff is a big a hypocrite and double-faced liar. We are here to expose him for what he is worth. Why not ask him if he is still the main man at the PR firm handling billion dollar contracts?”

    Another thing, why is it that if anybody have to say something to you, you does automatically associate them with Mia Mottley?

    Why you don’t go and ask MAM bout the bag uh evidence yuhself or you frightened?

    How about asking your Verla DePeiza if Denis Kellman going to be her campaign manager? Why she drop Donville like a hot potato? When she going to pick the other 27 candidates? You is one?


  • No Salemite! I don’t have no international journalists on my WhatsApp. I know bout Bellairs though. 🤣🤣🤣


  • By the end of the year, all you fowl Slaves are going to lose your jobs…tiktok.

    only you know what ya talking about, i would prefer not know, it might get too yardfowly for me…

    but ya will soon know about all that is published, cause ya can at least read…,even if the comprehension skills are sketchy…but ya will figure it out eventually.


  • Miller…their days are numbered….the PEOPLE SAID SO..


  • You musse the Tik Tok app.🤣🤣🤣


  • @ Frank May 25, 2021 8:03 PM
    “How about asking your Verla DePeiza if Denis Kellman going to be her campaign manager? Why she drop Donville like a hot potato? When she going to pick the other 27 candidates? You is one?”

    My “Verla De Peiza”?? LOL!!! Clearly, you are not familiar with this ‘Miller’s Tale’.
    More like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

    How about William Skinner of the BDLP Duopoly tale(s)?

    You have just exposed yourself as nothing more than a low-down yard-fowl clearly branded with the iron of abject stupidity and not realizing that there is no difference between the two ‘cock’ masters fighting over the control of the Treasury with ‘black’ johnnies like you as mere pawns in the game.

    You have not yet responded to the challenge of the contents of the Big Red Bag.

    But don’t worry. Even your ‘jack’ in stupidity called “Enuff” is similarly afflicted.

    If fools like you have not learnt anything from the DBLP Maloney’s saga then you will never learn and will always be consigned to be mere flightless birds in the political yard game.


  • The Miller’s Tales again.

    Man look, you done expose yuhself as a DLP yard-fowl that does use a lot of fancy words of nuff shite. Enuff does got you pun the run making you look like the fool you are.

    Wuh I respond to the challenge by telling you you should ask MAM yuhself. You is the person that want to know, not me.

    If you know there ain’t no difference between the two cock masters, why the only person you does attack is Enuff? Why you don’t attack the DEMS?

    You is a stinking johnnie for associating me with the DLP or the BLP, when I don’t ever come here defending a party. I don’ care nothing bout MAM, Verla, Atherley, the red bag, Maloney, duopoly and certainly not uh idiot like you.

    Have the last word.


  • @ Enuff May 25, 2021 7:58 PM

    Then who are you, “Enuff”?

    But we are glad to see you have finally given into accepting that you are just a regular lowlife political pimp pretending to be just like the character in that French novel by Guy de Maupassant “Mon Oncle Jules”.


  • @Frank May 25, 2021 9:02 PM
    “Wuh I respond to the challenge by telling you you should ask MAM yuhself. You is the person that want to know, not me.”

    Not only the “miller” but tens of thousands of Bajans- who were duped in 2018- also want to know; including the dead Abijah’s mother and the DPP.

    So the Miller is a big time ‘Dems’ now?

    Why don’t you ask the said MAM about the duties and taxes owed on the Mercedes Benz luxury ride being driven around Barbados by a ghost called the Sales Director of an imaginary hotel called the Lighthouse?

    We will take your offer and say, finally:
    ‘De more de blue monkey climb the taxpayers’ money tree, de more he does show his’ red’ behind.


  • William Skinner

    @ et al
    It’s rather interesting that Ms. Depeiza has not won a seat , is no leader in waiting but we are already looking for her successor.
    Question: If through some misfortune and Ms. Mottley leaves office , who would we consider from the 28 remaining as good prime ministerial material to lead our country………..,,
    I know that Comrade Hal Austin was pretty hot on Ms. Bradshaw.
    So Rev. Hewitt got Depeiza
    Who will succeed Mottley.?


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    “You musse the Tik Tok app”

    don’t need to be, the above has much, much more POWER….watch muh nuh

    Miller…they outdid themselves

    they were going to FILL THEIR MONEY MAKING PRISON with Black people only over the marijuana that EVERYONE is legalizing,

    they were going to fill marijuana slave plantations sold to white Canadians and others with Black bodies ONLY for slave wages to enrich their slave master partners and themselves,

    they had it all planned out, then have the gall to turn up at the same demoralized and oppressed people to BEG FOR VOTES in 2023 still..

    they still gotta turn up in the DEPRESSED AREAS to the same Black people they pauperize and set up for drug distribution and the prison system TO BEG FOR VOTES, they CAN’T AVOID THEM….AND can’t stop 2023 from turning up, at least they got something to look forward to..

    and then there is crooked maloney…..the big red bad of evidence with DLP corruption with maloney….and all the other minority criminals committing CRIMES against the Black population with BLP refusing to lift a finger to stop them….

    2023 here they come…..and GO.

    don’t mind the SLOW THINKING yardfowl/Slaves…they ran out of steam long time.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    Wuhloss….Africa Day 2021 speech with no ancestral spirit seen or felt.

    total disconnect, too westernized, too powerful foolish, too anti-Black/African

    definitely need a bush bath

    and nuff, nuff teaching


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  • Milluh
    You are a specialist in false equivalency, verbosity and conflation. The reverend is of course free to call for Cummins’ resignation but when drunking Cowan scammed Lowe, you hear the reverend call for his or anyone’s resignation? Slogan Gate is $700,000 how much was/is the Cowan scam? If I am a hypocrite, what the RH is the good reverend? Added to this, you remember Dr.James that the said reverend hired? The one whose “contract for service with the QEH was renewed just days before the May 24, 2018, general elections for a further four years [even though] it had not been due for renewal for another 18 months and which included an annual salary of BB$257,129.64 and a vehicle”? You ever hear the reverend make a comment about that? The Gibbons fella right to gaslight wunna. But I left the reverend to his former Deputy HC. 🤣#thegreathoax


  • What happened on the road to Damascus? Cant we all experience an epiphany? Cut the guy some slack, he should be able to infuse the domain with a heavy dose of political morality.


  • lawd…the reveal makes for great theatre.


  • Enuff

    Easy up

    You should have held that ammo for later if/ when needed


  • John2
    I am not part of the government’s machinery, so I don’t know about holding back. But again, I leff the reverend to his former deputy HC. Too many blowhards pollute BU with hearsay and personal insults, much to my amusement.

    Wait you sounding like Bas Panday…”political morality”?🤣🤣


  • @Enuff

    Some of us must operate above the fray.


  • @ Enuff May 26, 2021 12:59 PM
    I am not part of the government’s machinery, so I don’t know about holding back. But again, I leff the reverend to his former deputy HC. Too many blowhards pollute BU with hearsay and personal insults, much to my amusement.

    They are doing nothing more than what you did on the same BU prior to May 25th 2018. Are you going to deny your strident opposition to the previous DLP administration especially your insults aimed primarily at the then Leader of the country?

    But tell us Mr. Billion $ PR contract, man how come you have so much time on your hand to mire yourself in such small-island petty political matters?

    Don’t you have your wealthy clients to ‘service’ even if it is accordance with your ‘blow’ job description drawn-up by your American mate “BAJE”?

    You can try to ‘bury’ the Truth in the BU annals by alluding to the miller’s “verbosity” but you can Never kill it.

    When are the small-island Bajan people going to know the contents of that Big Red Bag promised since May 2018?

    Or was it nothing more than a Big Fat trick of a lie told by a magician of a witch dressed in white and holding a red rabbit in a black hat marked Fumble & Co?

    Now here is a load of ‘lying verbosity’ contained in that red book and straight from the RED horse’s mouth:

    Lawmakers cannot and must not be lawbreakers. Discipline and accountability must start at the top if Barbados is to reclaim its world-class reputation.
    • At the First Sitting of Parliament, laying the Integrity Commission Bill to fight corruption, protect whistleblowers and usher in a new period of transparency in the governance of our national affairs.
    • Immediately after the Election, require Ministers to declare their assets.
    • Implementing a policy of zero tolerance for corruption.
    • Introducing election campaign finance reform.
    • Establishing an Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate incidents of corruption and make recommendations for prosecution or other appropriate action.


  • William Skinner

    Are you sure guy got verla? He is not even in their leadership structure as far as I know
    I would think her first Vice President would be next in line until there next vote

    The same as would be determined by vote for a replacement for Mia – unless Santiago is the officially appointed deputy Pm

    Don’t for get OA was number 3 of the three blind mice and still went on to become PM


  • At the moment Guy has more national appeal and his messages are resonating more that 1st VP Ryan Walters or Verla. What does this say? They need to up their game.


  • Taking a page from TheO

    Enuff u like chi’s gale you blast he off he line and length so he trying to come friom around the wicket 😆


  • “protect whistleblowers.”

    i could swear Abrams just FIRED a whole GIS board to get rid of one whistleblower for EXPOSING the TORTURE OF CHILDREN where they still used an 1800s slave law……he did it on reflex and did not pause or REMEMBER their LYING MANIFESTO..

    “Integrity Commission Bill to fight corruption,
    • Establishing an Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate incidents of corruption and make recommendations for prosecution or other appropriate action.

    what got people on the island really angry, is that they are realizing that Mia knew if that she used the death of the Holder child to lure them into falsely believing she was going after maloney, she knew they wanted to see that beast pay..

    she used the fact that the people know he is corrupt, disrespectful of them and downright nasty and all she had to say that she would see him pay for his dirty ways and they would elect her…she knew and now the people know too, since she is so brazenly trying to change the narrative for the corrupt element at they and their family’s expense to benefit the same corrupt maloney..

    but she still gotta FACE THEM in 2023 to BEG FOR VOTES..


  • John2
    I get plenty entertainment from the Milluh, Abigail aka WURA de Salemite and 3-degree aka fake observing. Whether individually or collectively, they are no match because they play me and not the message. One retort they have $1B and PR, which I find hilarious.🤣🤣🤣


  • William Skinner
    “In the meantime a Black Barbadian, (Cherry) who already has a similar program going is out of business. This follows the same Mark Maloney script.”

    Meanwhile, “….Gooding-Edghill said in order to complete the rehabilitation; works within the prescribed timeframe, the Ministry will be engaging five contractors who have previously carried out trenching operations for utility companies. He announced that Ajax Construction, Arthur Construction, C.O. Williams Construction, Infra Incorporated; and Jose y Jose, are the proposed contractors.” Now the people put the recycling/garbage collection out to tender and I don’t know if Jose y Jose tendered; but had he got a contract via tendering or otherwise the BU story would be different but with the same objective.


  • Guy Hewitt was ambassador in London for many years and lived there in luxury like the whites. No wonder that he now wants to return to the feeding trough in the government palace … So that he, like all the other DLP ministers, can plunder the impoverished masses and take our riches abroad.

    No more term for any blue Prime Minister!


  • @ Enuff May 26, 2021 4:20 PM
    I get plenty entertainment from the Milluh, Abigail aka WURA de Salemite and 3-degree aka fake observing. Whether individually or collectively, they are no match because they play me and not the message. One retort they have $1B and PR, which I find hilariou

    But not as much “entertainment” as you used to get from Ms Sunny Sunshine (SSS) and the much-missed Brother Bush Tea prior to May 2018 when you used to refer to Mark Malmoney as that “shady businessman”.

    Oh, BTW, what ever became of that Blue Horizon hotel deal which you vehemently opposed regarding its ‘final’ ‘sale’ price for a song to the same shady business character?

    The “Milluh” is proud to say that he has the greatest honour to be in the company of the sage Bush Tea as we sing from the same hymn sheet in our shared assessment of the duplicitous nature of the red yard-fowl:

    Here is a blast from the past (prior to May 2018):

    From: Bush Tea January 14, 2018 8:49 AM

    Last word for you Enuff – because you are ‘special’…

    Can you not read and understand English…?

    SSS is not swearing for the ‘integrity of Solution’s candidates’….
    She is TESTIFYING to the crookedness, untrustworthiness, low-mindedness, deceitfulness and downright skullduggery of YOUR people ..and of your DLP nemesis – the gang of shiite hounds.

    There can be no WORSE position than the one she describes – where a country of ‘eddykated’ people (such as yourself) have to chose between the “Devil in white”, the “Demonic Lying Parasites” from the Garrison monument ……….and debutants – ‘Solutions Barbados’.
    If this does not signify our near-death status, then nothing can….

    Brass bowls don’t tend to read signs anyway…..
    Have fun.
    Bushie gone…

    Monsieur “Enuf”:
    C’est la même chose de moi, le Meunier (Milluh)


  • Milluh
    I got yuh digging up in the archives. When yuh find SSS cussin muh but admitting she likes muh, post it. Or when Bushie say “you bright as shite”. 🤣🤣🤣


  • “prior to May 2018 when you used to refer to Mark Malmoney as that “shady businessman”.

    no wonder the slow thinker did not want to visit the archives yesterday, the ghost of LIES were waiting…lol


  • Why do we treat Enuff and Mariposa differently?

    Aren’t they are both shameless party hacks?


  • “prior to May 2018 when you used to refer to Mark Malmoney as that “shady businessman”.

    And post-2018 the BU archives will show that I have repeatedly said I am no fan of Maloney. Try again!🤣🤣🤣🤣😭


  • The same fraud that now SUPPORTS a crooked scammy questionable venture between maloney and the people’s land and am sure treasury….but we won’t hear about all the money walking out the door until AFTER THE FACT…



  • Miller….the fowl lacks basic comprehension skills…..don’t like maloney but supports the corruption between him and the government, while knowing that he’s “a shady businessman”

    ya don’t get more brain damaged than that…..damaged goods….or just so low grade and low vibration that corruption sounds like the best idea..


  • I take it that one was a much better…”try again.”


  • Abigail aka WURA de Salemite
    Where is the corruption between the CURRENT government and Maloney? Ms.Ram inflict all manner of unfair treatment to black Barbadians for years and the ‘woke’ on BU still feel she should be paid 3 times the value of her land. You are a supposedly big opponent of corruption and an even bigger supporter of Ghana (yuh got connections and all) but you don’t talk about the US$3B lost in corruption annually or the recent resignation of the head of the anti-corruption agency due to political interference. No suh, you looking to set up shop.

    P.S: I do have enuff comprehension skills to differentiate between a political candidate and an MP tho.🤣


  • Should the incumbent Chair of the BTMI be aware of all that former Chair Chatrani shared in his interview?


  • Enuff

    Mrs. Ram was probable the only business in Barbados back in the day that gave back to the community, despite her unreasonable work rules.


  • Fowl Slave…where are the RESIGNATIONS for the corruption in Barbados….that Mia has in her big red bag, the same corruption between DLP and maloney that she talked about prosecuting, ya soft in the head……Ghana is taking care of their corrupt…who is doing something about the corrupt IN BARBADOS…??

    you are the Slave who have to differentiate between other colonial Slaves, i don’t…my mind is FREE…


  • yall salivating to know my connect on the continent…don’t worry, none of you including the honorable Slaves…..will EVER REACH THAT LEVEL…yall too notorious.

    the years yall spent SELLOUT OUT YA OWN PEOPLE…..would have been better spent CONNECTING to ya ancestral lands….but ya too anti-black and anti-African and hold too much disrespect for ya ancestors and each other….empty negros, empty shells.


  • “but you don’t talk about the US$3B lost in corruption annually or the recent resignation of the head of the anti-corruption agency due to political interference. No suh, you looking to set up shop.”

    so is that why Mia is setting up embassy there….the corruption…well she will be watched for sure…

    am set up already, always disliked politics and always distanced myself from politicians, so won’t even care what they do there…learned how nasty politicians can be from yall already….if ya don’t learn something from you crabs, ya head hard..


  • William Skinner

    @ Enuff
    I was specifically referring to the fact that Jose and Jose has a track record in what is now being contracted to The Innotech
    management company., Prosource. You have introduced a completely different topic.
    You should recall that I said a “ developmental loan” could have been organized for Jose and Jose to expand what they were doing rather than give a big contract , to a company that was broadly criticized , for the construction of the BWA headquarters , regarding what has been called shabby work.
    I was merely promoting economic enfranchisement. Nothing else.
    They can and will do whatever they (BLPDLP ) like.


  • These cannot remove themselves from the trap they set for themselves, they are IN TOO DEEP….they cannot even see what is directly in front of them, only fools will remain stuck in the same SWAMP…

    watch them flail around, ain’t it a sight to behold…

    if the population is intelligent….THEY WOULD RUN…in the opposite direction..with what’s headed their way.

    and to think they were offered help, but ya know when ya try to save the drowning, they are liable to drown you too…lol…lawd…so it’s a good thing they refused any..


  • WS
    What is Jose y Jose track record? What is the programme that the government is seeking to implement? What is being contracted? Did Jose y Jose tender? Had he been awarded that contract I am telling you the same Abigail would be accusing the government of corruption because of Cherry’s association with the PM.


  • @ Enuff May 27, 2021 12:30 PM

    You are behaving like a genuine “fowl-slave”, indeed; bedecked in your blindingly-red plumage and clearly unable to see the forest for the trees.

    It seems the Covid-19 plague is eating way at your fast diminishing brain cells.

    Isn’t this same “Jose Y Jose” the pioneer in the ‘pink mobile’ waste management and recycling business? Doesn’t that contribute to his “track record’?

    Wasn’t Maloney branded a law breaker by the same MAM and given dirty track record but is now the blue-eyed boy in the economic salvation of your 2×3 island?

    Weren’t know drug dealers invited to the Parliament the highest court of the Land?

    Did any nepotism or close association prevent the award of a knighthood or was it done based on the recipient’s track record in the area of’ Law and service to the nation?

    Does the following extract from a Covenant of Hope ring a bell in your deaf and dumb ears:

    “A stable society that offers opportunity for all is created and sustained only when a country gets its economic fundamentals right. We have laid out our most urgent economic intervention strategies in our six-month agenda. We will stop the bleeding. We will stop the sale of the “family silver” at knock down prices.”


  • William Skinner

    @ Enuff cmon un
    You got to be kidding asking me questions that were in the press that prompted my initial response.
    Carry on smartly.


  • “Had he been awarded that contract I am telling you the same Abigail would be accusing the government ”

    i have always known about that association and never once commented on it, people know people some from school days or growing up, what’s there to accuse about, unless you know something we don’t..

    besides, Cherry is the wrong color persuasion to be inducted into the known halls of the corrupt…he won’t stand a chance, wuh i remember tiefing bizzy going after him some time he definitely aint part of the criminal syndicate stealing billions from the Black population…with the blessings of parliament sellouts..


  • William Skinnee

    Should be @Enuff
    Come on ……..


  • “Wasn’t Maloney branded a law breaker by the same MAM and given dirty track record but is now the blue-eyed boy in the economic salvation of your 2×3 island?”

    did they…the other half of DBLP not install maloney on LIAT’s board…the airline did not last much longer after that for sure, that’s all these clowns do, pick up the most, dishonest and corrupt and install them to do further damage.


  • William Skinner

    @ Miller @ WURA
    I think after this exchange, I would just completely ignore @ Enuff. He is hopeless. The man has zero credibility in my book now. Deliberately trying to pretend he does not know that Jose and Jose has been doing the exact service that the government has given a large contract to perform , by the same Innotech, they cussed over the BWA headquarters.
    @Enuff is nothing more than a pure bred apologist of this administration .
    He has nothing else to offer this blog or Barbados.


  • The fowl keeps reducing itself in everyone’s eyes, why? is the question..
    . The amount of time spent convincing us to accept corruption, thefts and human rights abuses in Black lives, am sure the boutique architectural firm already found a replacement for their billion dollar projects manager vacancy…

    it’s over, done, kaput and the fowl is still grabbing….all that’s left to present are the handcuffs or whatever it will take to end this shitshow.

    Innotech is the one that supposedly got the filing cabinet of EVIDENCE of DBLP corruption….much bigger than Mia’s red bag….there is no competition there.., they are all afraid, and OWNED by those who are just as corrupt as them. ..or it could never end like this, critically changes would have been made in the last 3 years, but they couldn’t, somebodies got them by the short hairs..

    The people gotta kick them all out, they are now A LIABILITY…let them and their partners sink into obscurity.


  • William …am sure you remember when they were cussing each other, with the bat ears one who was disrespectful to BWA workers calling those at Innotech thieves and they retaliated by saying she is the bigger tief because she got caught tiefing money out of Barry Gales office…that was a public cuss out…then we heard about the filing cabinet of evidence of government corruption very shortly after, especially when the dude from UK fell of the roof of the plantation building and died…

    …then everything went quiet…filing cabinet filled of evidence of government corruption got REAL POWER,,,especially with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS MISSING FROM THE ECONOMY…evidence is currency…

    then suddenly about 6 months later we heard,,,Innotech got a brand new contract,,,at BWA…so i went, wait, wait, wait….weren’t they all cussing and threatening each other just the other day…

    they have endangered the people and island….no mistake about that…


  • The Coven
    Answer the questions and stop cussing me. Attacking the messenger is a sign of defeat.🤭


  • Loop Barbados
    Barbados News

    Government to save $20 million on Innotech deal

    Loop News December 20, 2019 12:28 PM ET

    The financial savings to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) from the recent agreement made with Innotech Group of Companies will amount to a “conservative estimate” of BDS $20 million.

    Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Wilfred Abrahams, made this disclosure during a press briefing in the Ministry’s conference room, Country Road, St Michael.

    Abrahams stated: “From this particular deal over the life of the BERT programme, we are going to save a minimum of 20 million dollars…and if we actually factor in the other things that were calculated at cost, as oppose to a commercial rate, the actual savings are likely to be more.”

    The Water Resource Minister further explained that the $20 million in financial savings was also dependent upon the debt repayment arrangement between the Barbados Water Authority and Government.

    Pointing out government’s main objective for entering into negotiations with Innotech “was to end the one-sided, unfair arrangements/contracts awarded”, Minister Abrahams noted that the year plus negotiations reached a commercial settlement on 17 outstanding issues, 13 of which originated with contracts authorized under the former Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management.

    Detailing the previous arrangement between Innotech and the BWA, Minister Abrahams revealed that the new arrangements and benefits include the BWA having immediate and outright ownership of a variety of critical equipment such as portable desalination units, personal tanks, community tanks, water tanker trucks and functioning smart meters.

    Another agreement made was the end to the financing, leasing and maintenance arrangement for the BWA’s infrastructure. Instead, the BWA has purchased certain equipment outright or agreed to a transparent pay-as-you-go arrangement for works necessary to be performed by Innotech.

    Minister Abraham also said that there would be the waiver of punitive penalties for default and late interest, and the continuation of the Grandview Reservoir project. The BWA has also offered a right of first refusal on a renegotiated saltwater desalination project.

    Abrahams stressed that this position was taken because the contract was awarded at unsustainable rates and had not yet started.

    He added: “Neither I nor the Government made a decision to throw out the baby with the bathwater and write off desalination as an option to contribute to water security in Barbados…[but] we were not going to follow through with egregious contracts…. Our first duty as a government is to the people of Barbados, not to protect the profits of any company or companies.”

    Minister Abrahams indicated that the BWA was awaiting a report from the Auditor General about the Authority’s contracts, procedures, practices, and structures, and upon receipt of that report would decide on the way forward.


  • I am in over my head, but I will still try
    2:51 good.
    3:09.. how many firms did the GoB shortlisted?


  • @ Enuff May 28, 2021 3:09 PM

    Didn’t the previous DLP administration much maligned and vilified by you and others undertake a similar JV project with the Mal(m)oney Business Group with Valerie being the social hosing guinea pig and the Grotto being the showpiece of country living in an urban setting?

    Why don’t you tell us how many other joint venture housing projects the same corrupt deceitful lying party (DLP) jointly ventured with the said Mal(m)oney -who has metamorphosed from a poor Bajan white boy into a multi-millionaire with a duty-free Merc to boot- especially during the ministerial portfolio of the shark-mout fella when the going rate was $5,000 per unit and higher than the ZR permits?

    So what would be the current going rate under a kickback novice looking to feather his nest before he leaves for the political wilderness?

    Higher or lower or more than less?


  • Real Talk
    Why do they follow the money

    Penny wise
    Pound foolish
    Guy Hewitt

    Initially locating the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy at the Civil Aviation Building in Charnocks, Christ Church, symbolised a government not seeming to be able to differentiate air from sea, up from down.

    On the occasion of World Maritime Day in September 2020, Kirk Humphrey, Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy, raised the issue of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 – “Life Below Water” which addresses the need to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development”. But that seemed to be just words.

    In his message, he also spoke to “Understanding the interconnectedness of shipping to tourism; tourism to fisheries and agriculture; and the green to the blue economy is critical to our maritime awareness.” But that seemed to be just more words.

    In a previous article, I spoke of those who talk much but say little. While the Blue Economy Minister spoke of the need “to achieve a safer, cleaner environment” his focus seemed to be on the money not the science, which makes me blue vex not only as a Barbadian but as the former

    Permanent Representative for Barbados to the IMO (UN International Maritime Organisation).

    The Minister focused on “strengthening the domestic shipping market”, a “maritime single window …to facilitate ease in doing business”, “Sail Clear…to expedite domestic vessels on arrival to, and departure from, Barbados”, and a “Sub-Committee to examine the Performance and Efficiency of the Port of Bridgetown.”

    The Minister of the Blue Economy who is responsible for the Coastal Zone Management Unit said meaningfully little about protecting the natural marine environment. But actions speak even louder than words.

    Actions towards achieving “a safer, cleaner environment” were not reflected in the Government’s welcoming of the cruise ship industry with open arms to drop anchor off Barbados during the COVID-19 pandemic. This came at a catastrophic cost to our marine environment; not just for us but for our children and our children’s children. They were pennywise and pound-foolish.

    The UWI Centre for Resource Management & Environmental Studies (CERMES) Technical Report No 101, “Assessing anchoring impacts of cruise ships in Barbados during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020” presents damning findings of the destruction to our coral reefs.

    In an excoriatingly honest manner, the report states, “Given the recognised value of coral reefs as indicated by the stated fines in the Coastal Zone Management Act for damaging reefs (USD$150 per m2), this equates to millions of dollars in actual damage and far exceeds any short-term financial gains from permitting visiting cruise ships to anchor for a nominal fee.” The research also “…highlights policy failures in the management of coral reefs in Barbados that allowed cruise ships to anchor in coral rich areas…” Policy failures is diplomatic speak for “them do bare foolishness.”

    For a cost benefit analysis CERMES highlighted: “Assuming that the fees were collected, this would have netted around BBD$275,000 (USD$137,500) for the 550 days of anchored time by the 28 ships.”

    They noted the “Intangible benefits” which included “the international media and social media coverage of Barbados” which they note “was quite extensive and very positive… although very hard to quantify.”

    However, they calculated costs based on the Coastal Zone Management Act (1998) which states that “any person who damages any coral reef, fish or other coastal resources ‘is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $300 for every square metre of coral reef damaged or to imprisonment for five years or to both’. They suggested coral damage valued at “BBD$2.1 million (USD$1.05 million) occurred from just three anchoring events.”

    They also highlighted that “these severely damaged reef sites are part of the bank reef system in Barbados, which is considered the most healthy of all Barbados’ reefs.”

    Do the math. Netting around BBD$275,000 for the 550 days of anchored time by the 28 ships at a cost of BBD$2.1million from just three anchoring events. The report concludes, “The damage caused to coral reef habitat in Barbados by the anchoring of cruise ships during the early stages of the COVID- 19 pandemic in 2020 is clearly extensive and yet could have been avoided.” Could have been avoided! Dare I say again: pennywise and pound-foolish. What a motley crew!

    Answer me this. Why after three years with a ‘blue economy’ focus, including a full ministerial infrastructure, are anchoring areas for cruise ships not assigned in such a manner that protects the environment? Why do they follow the money and not the science?

    Answer me this. Despite both the Port Authority which is in charge of berthing and the Coast Zone Management Unit which is in charge of our reefs and marine environment falling under the same Ministry, why didn’t the Port and the CZMU not collaborate effectively? Why do they follow the money and not the science?


  • Miller
    Oh laaawd. You have proved me right–Little reasoning, Big words i.e. verbosity. I am done.


  • lawd…look at the whole article….”TALK MUCH AND SAY LITTLE”…sums them and their fowl Slaves up perfectly.

    Miller they are DROWNING…hand them a BIG concrete block real QUICK….put them out of their self-created MISERY.


  • “Government to save $20 million on Innotech deal.”

    Miller…lok, after calling each other corrupt and thieves, shades of “maloney want locking up, he’s a crook, he and DLP scammed the country with the fake 1 billion dollars in contracts”….

    .now all the crooks are rolling around in bed together with their accusers SWEARING that they are saving the country millions…must be for themselves, because the Black population ALWAYS GET ROBBED by the billions of dollars.


    Donville needs company..


  • DLP leadership battle brewing

    Posted by Akeel Lovell | Jun 1, 2021 | Breaking News, Starcom Network News

    There could be a battle for the leadership of the Democratic Labour Party.

    There could be a battle for the leadership of the Democratic Labour Party.

    Our Tonisha Rock-Yaw tells us that a well-respected party stalwart appears to be lining up to challenge the current President.

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    Audio Player
    Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.


  • It is official!


  • The Reverend is a plain liar!🤣🤣😭


  • @enuff

    He should make an excellent politician then?


  • David
    Yuh need to be more than a good liar. Is he going yo St.John too?


  • Andre is the declared candidate not so?


  • A political party potentially led by a priest? Interesting times ahead.


  • @ David June 2, 2021 3:03 PM

    Then you don’t think too highly of the innocuous ‘Bishop’ Joe Atherley and his nondescript PPDD?

    The priesthood has always been a hotbed of political activism.
    EWB’s father was himself a ‘radical’ Anglican priest cum politician.

    Maybe the dead King David has told Guy Hewitt, in a dream like Joseph, about an upcoming vacancy in the lower House for which he must prepare himself to be the modern-day Moses to save Barbados from self-destruction.


  • @Miller

    Who knows, God knows.


  • @ David June 2, 2021 4:35 PM

    Can you envisage a constituency that would fit the personality of the priest turned politician?

    How about Ch Ch West?

    If the Reverend Denis Low(e)down could have been elected on more than one occasion to the HoA why not a ‘sweet’ brown-skin boy who is much closer to Jesus in appearance?


  • Lol


  • He made a name for himself back in the day at Christ Church Anglican didn’t he?


  • Hewitt: Time for new leadership
    A PRIEST HAS THROWN his hat into the ring in contention for the leadership of the Democratic Labour Party.
    In an apparent change of heart, Reverend Guy Hewitt, who a few weeks ago said he had no interest in that side of politics, is now saying that he will contest the post of presidency within the 66-year-old institution based at George Street, Belleville, St Michael.
    “Following the speculation that I may be contesting the presidency of the Democratic Labour Party, this is to confirm that fact,” the Anglican cleric said in a brief WhatsApp audio message yesterday.
    The 54-year-old Hewitt, a former High Commissioner to London, will come up against current president two-time winner Verla De Peiza during the party’s August annual conference.
    “I have made contact with the branches and I have advised them that I will be seeking their nomination for the position of president. As I said when I arrived in Barbados a couple of weeks go, I had no desire to contest the leadership of the DLP, but persons both inside and outside the party made it clear to me that the time has come for new leadership, not just to the Democratic Labour Party but also to Barbados,” he said.
    Hewitt said there was a need to not only renew confidence in the party of National Hero Errol Walton Barrow, one of its founding members, but to restore democracy, social cohesion and a sound economic footing at the national level.
    He plans to share more details on his plans next week when he returns to the island.
    Hewitt will have to get past De Peiza, who overcame a stiff challenge from colleague and longstanding DLP member and former candidate George Pilgrim last year.
    Soundly whipped
    The 49-year-old attorney at law first took the office in 2018, months after the DLP was soundly whipped in the May 2018 General Election when it did not secure any of the 30 seats. At that time, defeated Prime Minister Freundel Stuart indicated he was stepping aside from the position.
    De Peiza has unsuccessfully contested the Christ Church West constituency and is now pinning her hopes on the parish of her origin, St Lucy, for a seat in Parliament when the next election is called.
    She yesterday confirmed that she will be contesting the post for a fourth time and said of her latest challenger Hewitt that, as a member of the DLP he was entitled to run for any post.
    De Peiza did not disclose what her platform would focus on but said she was in no doubt about the constituency she has to approach having fought off a similar challenge last year. ( AC)

    Source: Nation


  • Challenge will hurt DLP, says political scientist
    THE MOVE by former Barbados High Commissioner to London, Reverend Guy Hewitt to challenge Verla De Peiza for the post of president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), has been slammed as a “futile endeavour,” which only hurts the party’s rebuilding prospects for the next general elections.
    So says veteran political scientist Dr George Belle, who said that by now the DLP should have already settled the leadership issue, adding the sole focus of the party should be consolidating around that individual. Belle said while he did not consider De Peiza a strong leader, a politically untested Hewitt was not going to be an improvement.
    “This would have only made sense if it is a challenge of depth and since it is not, it is a waste of time – in my view. It is a waste of energy on the part of the party and therefore it is a political miscalculation and therefore in that sense one would say that the timing is wrong as it gives the impression of desperation. It is not a good time in any sense,” said Belle.
    He pointed to Hewitt’s lack of a record in elective politics, noting that while De Peiza had never won a seat in multiple outings, the experience counted. He further noted that De Peiza had demonstrated once before that she could rally the base, having defeated former DLP general secretary and party stalwart George Pilgrim at the last annual conference.
    He added: “On the surface if you look at the two persons, Hewitt has nothing in terms of an advantage on De Peiza. So what she cannot do at this point I do not see him doing, where she is not able to perform I don’t see him performing.
    “Up to last year the party members said that De Peiza was doing a good job of rebuilding the party. Hewitt on the other hand has not demonstrated that he can contribute to rebuilding the party and one has to question the experience he would be drawing from to accomplish this task. He is not an old candidate, he has basically been a peripheral person, so on that exchange De Peiza is certainly ahead of him.”
    Hewitt ended weeks of speculation about his challenge yesterday, when he confirmed his decision in a WhatsApp audio message.
    Belle said he believed that factions within the DLP were pushing Hewitt forward in order to achieve their own ends.
    “He [Hewitt] is not a charismatic outstanding leader and has so far demonstrated little at a national level for people to see him as a leader. When I go through the list, he does not come out any stronger than De Peiza and in fact in my view, the party comes out weaker if they were to make a change like that. However, there may be important people in the party who want to put him forward for purposes that only they know about and De Peiza is not suited to their purposes,” he stressed.

    Source: Nation


  • First it was George Pilgrim now Hewitt. It is a democracy but these challenges will not help the party. Can the DLP settle the leadership issue once and for all?


  • DavidJune 3, 2021 7:05 AM Can the DLP settle the leadership issue once and for all?

    Wishful thinking. You doan think Esswick wanna piece a Ilaro Court? Yuh doan tink Lashley too? Or Inniss, after he done settle up and made recompense?

    Verla warming de people seat. Hahaha. And she ent no Mia.

    Them going pelt she oneside when the time come. Oneiest ting, who a dem will rule? Esswick? Watch da man.


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