An Invisible Mottley Cabinet

Austerity is defined as a set of economic policies a government implements to control public sector debt. Austerity measures are the response of a government whose public debt is so large that the risk of default, or the inability to service the required payments on its debt obligations, becomes a real possibility. Default risk can spiral out of control quickly; as an individual, company or country slips further into debt, lenders will charge a higher rate of return for future loans, making it more difficult for the borrower to raise capital.

Source: Investopedia


One of the outcomes from an austerity program is criticism from those impacted. This blogmaster addressed the climate at play in the local environment in which BERT is being aggressively implemented by the government – The Rhetoric of Austerity.

Until there is improvement in the economy which took a precipitous dive under the last DLP administration, it is the right of the people and other stakeholders in civil society to express concerns. As always, government’s mandate is to implement policies to breath and sustain life in the economy and supporting sectors.

So far the Barbados austerity program has been following the script. The blogmaster has added our dissenting voice to those criticizing the prime minister for allowing her father to be conferred a knighthood. Against the background of the imbroglio of waiver of tax penalties to Elliot Mottley. And of recent the significant hike in the bus fare, a measure that will impact the most vulnerable in the society. Government’s remit will never change, the vulnerable MUST be protected – Pay the $3.50 or Alternatively Drink the Poison.

Another enduring criticism of the Mia Mottley led administration since the unprecedented mandate from the people on May 24, 2018 has been the size of her Cabinet. It is easily the largest in the world per capita in the world. Mottley’s response at the time of the announcement was – “Given the dire state of our economy and the tremendous work that would be involved in rescuing and rebuilding this country, the salaries of a few extra ministers is relatively insignificant given that there will be tremendous savings from the containment of wastage and the curtailment of corruption in my Cabinet”.

An effective Opposition should file Mottley’s promise and use it to measure government’s performance of the country in the coming months.  In  summary, if the Prime Minister holds the view that many hands make light work, during a time of austerity the optics of decisions and the uninspiring and demotivating influence they may be having must be evaluated AND reassessed if the situation demands it. Does the political reward of employing an unprecedented number of ministers, supported by a bevy of consultants worth the risk of voter disaffection?

The point about the size of the Cabinet is important, it will continue to generate criticism for another reason. The Prime Minister to her credit has demonstrated a high work rate since assuming the office. This cannot be refuted by a simple measure if compared to  a slothful predecessor. She is leading the CSME project, meeting with IMF, World bank and other global players and the list is long. What is disturbing is that Prime Minister Mottley has had to insert her presence into many ministries to lead the narrative or resolve ‘disputes’. Why should she have a large Cabinet if she is always exerting the influence of being in primus inter pares mode?

One example that should give the Prime Minster pause is the meeting called recently with stakeholders in the transport sector. A meeting to deal with the public backlash to the $3.50 bus far hike. Another meeting she had to intervene.

Prime Minister Mottley continues to enjoy good public support informed by the fact John Citizen is aware tough measures have to be taken. And a discombobulated Opposition. Mottley will have to tread clearly to ensure her policies do not create so much opposition that it railroads what she is attempting to do. Perhaps a midterm reshuffle is in the offing.

A word to the Prime Minister should be enough.



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  1. As usual clueless. Jokes a plenty here. The government hard ears though, they should have hired the Salemite, the Conspiratoonist, the expert financial editor, EU MM and their team to go renegotiate the loan with Credit Suisse. Here’s how I know dem got some good liars here, I notice one castigating David BU about email address. The truth is that this blog does not even require a legitimate email address to sign in. Look I gine and do muh wuk do. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. We never borrowed a thing from Credit Suisse…was it not your bosom buddy Sinkler did the big borrowing……lol

  3. @Blogmaster
    not a Whatsapp playa, text messaging is free internationally here. But I was guessing you had some extra insight leading to your comments. The potentially corrupt addressing corruption?

    Thanks. Back to the prior days when a GoB related website is useless, even though they have a new communications guru. So many options to reach out, they just haven’t linked them all together yet.

  4. David,

    What I meant was that unless there are clear parameters this could be a rather arbitrary decision depending on who does the evaluation. For instance, I believe that it was an overzealous officer who told that lady that invalids can’t clip their own hedge.. This does not square with anything I have been told by the NIS during my inquiries. Personally, I would have challenged that but the lady got scared and gave in. These things should not be left to the whims of any person occupying a post. There should be written guidelines.

    • @Donna

      I agree that there should be guidelines but what we are discussing has to be arbitrary if we accept that an invalidity benefit holder should not work?

  5. David,

    And this is why a rethink is necessary. An invalid is someone who cannot work at all. Most of those who are on invalidity benefits are not total invalids. They may not be able to go out to work but they can do something at home at their own pace when they feel up to it. When faced with the choice between losing one’s home because of reduced pension due to this newly enforced policy and growing a few herbs in tyres or pots to supplement the income what should that person do? Also remember that the person on invalidity usually has some medical bills that can be costly. And these people can also have children to support. Should they then apply for welfare?

    These people and their dependents are made to suffer physically, mentally and financially.

  6. I went on brasstacks in Jan 2019 and shared my opinion that the chairman of TB did not have any experience in transportation. The moderator quickly dismissed me after defending his appointment and told me he did not have to have experience and all that was needed was management experience. Enough said.

  7. Nicholls’s mistake is that he is an IDIOT and does not understand the Bajan adage

    “You can hide and buy land, BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE AND WUK IT!!!”

    Enough said

  8. The two men dead. Nicholls is a Bajan lawyer. He running a business from the dead men property. Who said he ‘bought’ any land. He would have to be a new breed bajan lawyer who does not tief clients property.

  9. @ my Dearest SSS

    I continue to call her Mugabe Amin as you continue to call her Rogue Works.

    We know her and we know she will not change

    Additionally what I have seen I have seen and unless that changes well like you I will continue to battle against Mugabe

    I have a phase 2 soon to launch and we will so hope that progresses

    Keep Hope Alive!!

  10. I may have been premature in praising Mr. Nicholls as his “I am not a crook” statement as he was going through the door lends one to believe that there is more in the mortar than the pestle, we need a whistleblower.

    Come out things

  11. “But the request for applications was made on Jan 2, 2019, closing on Jan 18,2019.”

    The most recent Transport Board’s General Manager vacancy ad was printed in the Sunday, April 28, 2019 edition of the “Sunday Sun,” and “the closing date for all applications will be May 6, 2019.”
    My friend just applied for a position of Associate Director. He was talking to my boss who told him that position was for him, apply quickly, and as soon as he apply they will close out the notice,

    Don’t be fooled into believing that the haste (04/28-05/06) mentioned above was because of a national crisis.

    When a position is opened and closed up quickly, it is often filled even before the notice is posted.

    Games people play 101

  12. The call has gone out for the blogmaster to ban some people.
    No FOI
    NO freedom of speech
    No integrity legislation
    No bananas and not a republic. Thank God.

  13. An interesting titbit:

    It’s private
    By Barbados Today on May 02, 2019 11:34 pm

    Government is set to introduce a law to protect personal information, especially data stored by the state on the Internet, the Prime Minister announced today.

    An information ombudsman is also to be appointed, should funds permit, who will be responsible for enabling access to Government Information.

    The Prime Minister also announced that the television airwaves, the sole preserve of the state since 1964, are to be opened up to competition.

    As she addressed the renaming of the Nation Publishing Company’s headquarters after two of the newspaper’s founders, the late Sir Fred Gollop and Harold Hoyte, Prime Minister Mottley said: “Cabinet has also discussed a Data Protection Act, and we hope to bring this to both Houses of Parliament before the end of June, because it is important that we respect people’s privacy in a world where information is shared by the minute, and every time we go on a website, we leave “digital footprints” which can be used to trace us.

    “We want to work with all economic interests to protect people’s privacy, because our Constitution does not address these matters since they were not an issue in 1966 when it was drawn up.”

    The Prime Minister added: “My Government is committed to allowing people to have a say in how this country should be run and the direction which its development should take, and as soon as our financial position permits it, we will be creating the post of Information Ombudsman, who will ensure that information will flow in an unbiased fashion.”

    Ahead of tomorrow’s commemoration of World Press Freedom Day, the Prime Minister commended the two media giants for ensuring fair and unbiased coverage of all political organisations in the country, suggesting that they pursued Errol Barrow’s policy of “Friends of all and Satellites of none” as they went about their work.

    Mottley revealed that Government was committed to giving Barbadians more choice in locally based television, but wanted to ensure these stations would truly represent all Barbadians and not be partisan in nature.

    Said the Prime Minister: “We have committed to removing the state-run monopoly of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, but we want any new television stations to be public companies in which Barbadians can purchase shares and thereby own a stake in them.

    The post It’s private appeared first on Barbados Today.

  14. WED 02 JAN 2019

    Career Opportunity – General Manager
    Posted in Inside Transport Board

    The Transport Board is seeking qualified, dynamic candidates for its top leadership position. The ideal candidate must be a results-oriented professional and will be required to transform the institution into one that is fit for purpose in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment.

    The General Manager is responsible for the management and direction of 500 employees and a fleet of over 150 buses operating on an island-wide network of routes. The General Manager is responsible to the Board of Directors for the overall management of the Board’s activities and operations. Specifically, the General Manager must demonstrate sound financial management expertise utilizing latest yield management, cost containment and revenue enhancement techniques. He/She will provide detailed comprehensive monthly reporting to the Board of Directors.

    The successful applicant will have responsibility for planning, organizing, directing and implementing the Board’s Business Plan with a view to overseeing the transition to a fully self-sustaining operation. He/She should possess strong interpersonal and communications skills and will be required to effectively and efficiently represent the Board’s interest in the Public Transport sector, while developing productive relationships with the private and public sectors.

    The successful General Manager will set direction and motivate employees through superb team leadership, development and partnering abilities and will be able to handle multiple tasks and deploy resources effectively.

    Job Requirements
    The successful candidate must possess:

    A minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree in business or related discipline.
    A minimum of five (5) years senior management experience, preferably in the transportation industry
    Outstanding communications skills, both oral and written.
    Strong relationship skills and competency in driving results.
    General Management Experience including oversight of financial and accounting functions.
    A competitive compensation package will be offered to the right candidate.

    Applications should be forwarded to:

    The Chairman
    Transport Board
    Roebuck Street

    The closing date for all applications will be January 18, 2019. Unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged.

    • A reasonable job vacancy ad, let us see who gets the job.

      On another note. Would Duguid have selected Gooding-Edghill as Chairman? It smells like the position was imposed?

  15. Enuff

    I suggest you read the Transport Board’s vacancy ad on page 2E of Sunday, April 28, 2019 edition of the “Sunday Sun.”

  16. “We want to work with all economic interests to protect people’s privacy, because our Constitution does not address these matters since they were not an issue in 1966 when it was drawn up.””


  17. Puff Enuff

    You bet your last dollar that the names you mentioned in your insult might just flipping well surprise you. You think that those same aliases on here are operating at 100 per cent brain capacity? I can assure you, my sweet piece and I are not. You seem to think that negotiating terms at the level that Barbados operates on the international market is far above and beyond anyone’s reach. Boy, you really need to wake to shite up, here.

  18. Artax – I have read the newspaper. What I am pointing out is that the current ad is a re-advertisement and may explain its short duration. Maybe they found transport planners and transport economists since the first one.🤣🤣🤣

    David – Why do you continue to respond to me as if I am an agent/insider of the BLP? It only fuels the Salemites and their coven.🤣🤣

  19. Ah think the Salemites got retired…ah can tell ya that is some real, real, real bad news…they made things much less complicated..

  20. MsEU MM
    Well surprise me. Detailed what experience you, the GP, the conspiratoonist, Abigail, the Editor and the deposit loser have in renegotiating loans with international lenders. I may surprise you too!🤣🤣

  21. @ My Dearest SSS

    The Nameless Ones #1 is clueless.

    I would show the dummy who directed Mugabe to renegotiate with Credit Suisse so many months before the GE bot dem is not at dat pay grade

    Here is the Mugabe Catch 22

    “…We have an anonymous blogger who is among many “anonymous bloggers” whose identity is known.

    Their identities are not suspect but they are known!

    The means by which they are known are by your 12 pieces of silver and by other direct means heheheh

    These are the options available to them.

    A…Defamation against Anonymous Bloggers FOR WHICH THE ARCHAIC LAWS HAVE TO BE UPDATED.

    However the issue with this is not only ghe complexity of getting the accused in court BUT WHAT TJE ACCUSED HAS.

    Let de old man explain.

    Suppose one of “the Accused” possesses “The Blueprint ” via which current activities are being orchestrated INCLUDING AND NOT LIMITED TO THE CREDIT SUISSE EXERCISE???

    You see what that means to Mugabe?

    It means that all her so called brilliance AMONG HER PEERS LOCALLY is shot to Pieces pun intended

    It means that among the international players who she is courting, her credibility is exposed to be a pattern of theft and intellectual plagiarism.


    OPTION B. KILL THE LEGEND PIECE cause dem cant bring him into any Bajan court and keep he quiet cause he liable to publish all he documents and show how personal the matters are (heheheheh that is for the conspiratoonist poochlicker) or

    OPTION C. Lef all the dissenters alone, WHILE ENACTING ALL THESE LAWS , HOPEFULLY TO FRIGHTEN THE DISSENTERS, and continue on with her economic recovery polices with a prayer that they work

    And keep her dictatorship DNA under check while ruling as a Crime Minister CAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU, AND WARU, AND SIR FUZZY, AND THEOPHILLUS, AND NORTHERN OBSERVER, AND HANTS AND EVEN DONNA, will still be loose and may just keep up the fight against MUGABE THD DICTATOR!!!

  22. Its pure Clown Prince time:

    Imagine people in public life , drawing big salaries from the public’s purse, some in excess of twenty years , suddenly discovered last week that the bus terminals were stink and needed proper maintenance ! Some of these same people were in government for many years and did not know that the public transportation system was in shambles.
    The Transport Board like every other SOE, was used as an employment filler , by the BLPDLP. Now we have have apologists and party sycophants shedding crocodile tears, pretending that Columbus discovered Barbados last week. Such brazen hypocrisy, is laughable. These political miscreants should be ashamed to even put pen to paper, advising who should and should not write or speak. They should be more concerned with who can eat rather than who should write or speak.
    While we must all wish Ms. Mottley well, in the interest of our country, we should not let these jokers get away with their nauseating pretense. Ms. Mottley must know that the mess she is trying to clean up was created by both administrations. I am quite certain , that should she be reading BU, she will be totally embarrassed by those who think she will be impressed by their howling in her defense. Its no different from those who are howling trying to defend the previous administration , for its blatant misdeeds and poor management.
    Ms. Mottley’s real political task, is to demonstrate , that she is making a clean break from what obtained before and for what she was an integral part of having been in the halls of power and leadership. It will be pure folly for her to act ignorant of the duopoly’s short comings.
    The people have given her a perfect wicket, all thirty seats, to implement this clean break and should she fail, she too will be condemned to the political garbage heap like Fruendel Stuart. Of course, she is too intelligent, to be guided by those , whose hypocrisy forces them to believe otherwise.

  23. @ The Nameless Ones 1#

    If you are a man, say SAY ONE MORE WORD…





  24. Truly a pity that the TAXPAYERS are paying MILLION DOLLAR CONSULTANTS to SHOW president Enuff…how to renegotiate loans that her TIEFING companeros set up on the international market…..

    …,.maybe it’s time IMF renegotiate that no more consultants are needed because president Enuff should have known what to do sin consultants…as she boasted and lied on the election platform just to be elected..

  25. piece of the rock Sir



  26. Puffy Enuff

    The way you talk, dear, sounds like what Barbados politicians do is no different from rocket science. How would you have me surprise you? I would like to see your surprises. All I get from you are defending. You have anything more to offer?

  27. William Skinner ————-””Ms. Mottley’s real political task, is to demonstrate, that she is making a clean break from what obtained before and for what she was an integral part of having been in the halls of power and leadership. It will be pure folly for her to act ignorant of the duopoly’s short comings.
    The people have given her a perfect wicket, all thirty seats, to implement this clean break and should she fail, she too will be condemned to the political garbage heap like Fruendel Stuart. Of course, she is too intelligent, to be guided by those, whose hypocrisy forces them to believe otherwise………….

    Intelligence ain’t got anything to do with ruthless arrogance. Mottley’s arrogance:
    …. first order of arrogancy was to bestow an exaltation on high
    …. second order of business was to provide a tax ease from tax accumulated interest burdens to assist the exalted one.
    …. third order of arrogance was taking transport businesses out of service to service the pleasure of the BLP picnic when the awareness concerning the lack of transport board buses was great.
    ….fourth order of arrogance is having to justify your bloated cabinet and then having to intervene in matters that your bloated cabinet seem incapable of handling
    ….fifth order of arrogance is telling bajans that where the evidence is overwhelming, investigations will be launched into DLP corruption when you know the intent was never to launch any investiations in spite of your words speaking directly and indirectly to DLP corruption.
    …. sixth order of arrogance is to no address to the issues of the auditor general’s reports or seeking to strengthen his two arms with legislation that would allow him to go much further than reporting.

    These actions are certainly not a clean break from what obtained before in spite the fact that she hit the ground running and orchestrated some quick actions that showed the DLP were barely sporting at the issues while they reap from the spoils of their inactions

    Her knighting her father at a time when bajans were feeling pain will not be so easily forgotten.

  28. “.fifth order of arrogance is telling bajans that where the evidence is overwhelming, investigations will be launched into DLP corruption when you know the intent was never to launch any investiations in spite of your words speaking directly and indirectly to DLP corruption.”


    They are FOREVER LINKED in a DEATH DANCE of corruption .

  29. @ the Honourable Blogmaster


    You are damn right to warn him to Shut the Fvuck Up CAUSE YOU SIR KNOW THAT IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH heheheheh

    It is the training AND IT WAS BRILLIANT

    Slowly but surely your warnings to the agents of the Mugabe Regime will start to establish a pattern.

    Then it will be evident where you stand…

    @ Dr. GP my fellow myope

    Taking time is not laziness

    Last week I travelled to ***.

    I have a system with Outlook with a timed release of *** which activates every week on ***

    I forgot the power supply and the *** died and ***because of the model of *** could get into the ***

    I has to get it fedexed to me otherwise it would all have been sent out.

    I am not ONLY as trigger finger as the Honourable Blogmaster is confirming but I am relentless in my objectives.

    I have no proxy as yet for that email action and while there are options frankly I have not given it much thought because…

    But suffice it to say that a 2 year without bail is not a wise decision heheheheh You understand what

    I am saying right?

  30. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    As I said and you quoted me accurately if she fails then she will suffer the same fate as Stuart. The ball is really in her court.

  31. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you 🙏

  32. Miss EUMM
    The discussion was about WhiteOak’s “expertise” not politicians. I ain’t no EU Marketing Manager, medical expert, renowned former editor or losing political candidate so I have nothing to offer. Google me.🤣🤣🤣

  33. stalinGulag

    “…The secretive author of a hugely popular Russian social media channel lampooning the Kremlin has revealed his identity, after years of speculation.

    Alexander Gorbunov, alias StalinGulag, has notched up 300,000 followers on the Telegram messaging app.

    He has over a million more on Twitter, his witty and acerbic posts deploring the current state of affairs in Russia.

    Now he has decided to speak out to prevent reprisals against his family, he has told BBC Russian.

    Police visited his elderly mother’s flat earlier this week.

    Who is StalinGulag?

    In 2017 Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin, called him “the most important political columnist in Russia…”


    Another article you should also read is

    “…The Russian blogger leading Russia’s vote-rigging protests has accused supporters of Vladimir Putin of seeking to smear him with a fake photo.

    Alexei Navalny proved that a picture in a newspaper distributed by Putin supporters was a forgery when he published the original on his blog.

    The faked photo shows Mr Navalny alongside fugitive Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who lives in London.

    Protesters fear the March presidential vote may be rigged to favour Mr Putin…”

    De ole man want wunna to read these two articles and while you are reading to take into consideration the following things

    (1) the real and present repercussions of blogging anonymously, AND HOW THE TARGETS OF ONES BLOGS ARE VERY GOOD AT USING STATE MACHINERY TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH YOU, AND YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS under the guise of National security matters.

    ask WARU

    (2) the lengths the targets of Blogs will go to, to discredit you – e.g. Piece the Legend, according to Grenville Phillips and Walter Blackman, the broadcasters , potentially the sources? of recent information, are suggesting that Piece is working for Joseph Atherley AND Lynette Eastmond AND the DLP


  34. Veiled threat ?

    Greater access to internet- ready devices has given rise to the phenomenon of “citizen journalists”, who are not constrained by journalistic ethics, or in some cases, even the truth. Indeed, the hard fought right to exercise journalistic freedom in a fair and democratic society is in some ways devalued by those who, because the internet and social media are still largely unregulated, escape controls pertaining to libel, decency and good order.

  35. @ Brother Hants

    Did you look at the picture of the Minister of Information?

    You see what 12 months is doing to ALL OF DEM?

    all of them look like big faced swine hogs!!

    What de dem eating?

    Certainly not the same thing as Fleur and Glynis

  36. @ my Dearest SSS

    Among the several salient point you made one bears mentioning again.

    Mugabe has 30 Ministers

    In each ministry she has on average 2 ministers and a consultant in each

    Besides paying an average salary of $12k a month for each of them OR $36K/month OR $1,080,000 across 30 ministries a month an $12 million a year BARRING TOURISM AS AN EARNER OF REVENUES (AND DE TAX PLACE) which of them has justified their respective salaries?

    Couple that with the point that you and another made about Mugabe having to make every single speech and decision in every single ministry WHAT USE ARE THEY SERVING?

  37. @ Hants

    What does the minister know about journalistic ethics? Is he engaging in the local game of making it up as you go along?

  38. “Why do you continue to respond to me as if I am an agent/insider of the BLP? “

    Have you no shame. You walk like a duck, you quack like a duck, you shit up the place like a duck. However, it is possible that like a duck, you lack a pair of testicles. Be a man and accept your role.

    Your denial is becoming sickening. Grow a pair.m and be yourself

  39. Many hands make light work.
    Perhaps the Crime Minister does not fully understand the saying. It means that many can share the tasks and lessen the load for each other. It does not mean as she seem to think “many people doing nothing”.

    Watch me summon those within the confines of the yard

  40. Theophillus Gazerts

    It is Saturday so dem going to races today.

    Tomorrow dem will be back.

    @ Mr Hal Austin

    While the Minister of Information may look like a man it’s a she

    Journalistic Ethics is another way oc saying

    “…all your comments must be better under the New Lese Majeste rules of Barbados

    Do you recall this incident in Thailand?

    “…Sending text messages critical of the monarchy to politicians

    In November 2011, 63-year-old Ampon Tangnoppakul was jailed for 20 years over text messages sent to the secretary of then Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, despite his poor health and insistence he had not sent the offending texts.

    He died the following year in prison…”

    You would be well advised to watch what you post here particularly like your calling Minister Lucille Moe a man.

    That is disrespectful of Mugabe’s right hand man/woman

    You now got de ole man confused

  41. Did the Ministers ever declare their assets ? It was in the manifesto that it would be required, “immediately after the Election”

  42. Some here have the philosophy that a mAnifesto is just a vote gathering instrument. Promises made to voters.

    It is not a document that should be adhered to.

  43. Why does the president accept every invitation to speak?

    The Moravian Church has been hailed for its contribution to the post-Emancipation West Indies, as church leaders meet here for the synod of the church’s province in the Eastern Caribbean.
    Addressing the opening service at Calvary Moravian Church last night, Prime Minister Mia Mottley pointed to the church’s efforts to secure education and employment opportunities for formerly enslaved people in the 1800s.
    “Your church rose to the challenge of the day to understand that emancipated slaves could only appreciate freedom if they were capable first and foremost, of being educated, and secondly of being able to earn for themselves in an environment that was bitterly, bitterly opposed to their living.”
    She noted the response of the church, particularly after the Located Labourers Act was passed after Emancipation in 1838. Under the law, workers remained bonded to the plantation and could only retain housing on estate lands by continued labour.
    “But what did you church do? Your church made it its own business to create not just schools but to also train craftsmen, giving people the option, recognising fundamentally that freedom is about choice, and if you don’t give people options they don’t have the ability to make choices for themselves and their families,” she told the 32nd Provincial Synod of the Moravian Church Eastern West Indies Province.
    On the issue of families, the Prime Minister said “we are losing the battle before our children reach 16 years old”, and appealed to the community to ensure that they instil in the youth a moral compass to guide them.
    Mottley returned to the theme of values and principles that she highlighted at the last week’s regional conference of Church of God of Prophecy.
    “We need to be able to create an army of young people across this Caribbean region that are rooted in principles.
    “And I don’t mean to be sanctimonious because that’s not what is needed but they need the basic principles and values to make decisions for themselves on a day to day basis in the schoolyard, in the playing fields, in the churches, in the school classrooms, in their homes, in the small things.
    “Because if we miss on the small things then they become large and they become incapable of being reined back in.
    “And at the very time that the world is caught in isms and schisms and incapable of accommodating how one can live next to each other, we have a duty to be faithful to those values that will show you how one another can live next to each other.
    “And if we can do that in this Caribbean region then we can hold to its being a zone of peace first and foremost, and then we can hold to each of us as a nation being able to punch above our weight.
    “Because more than ever the world needs voices that are rooted in values and principles that are designed to be able to make a better life for each and every one of us.”
    The chairman of the Barbados Christian Council, Major Darrell Wilkinson, highlighted the need for good governance in Christian churches as well as in Governmental and non-Governmental organisations.
    According to him, the current demand for improved governance arose out of “multiple failures by individuals and groups to protect the interests of stakeholders and the integrity of institutions”.
    He said: “We are living in a complex and constantly changing society that is looking for hope and meaning of life.
    “A world that is looking to see the reality of the risen and the ascended Christ in us who are called of God.
    “They are looking for integrity and accountability in the Churches and we need to deliver it.
    “With these rapid world changes, we as Christ’s disciples need to examine our commitment to the ministry we have accepted, ordained and appointed by God so to effectively demonstrate accountability bringing hope, healing and purpose to a lost and frustrated world.”(Quote)

  44. Who is the minister of education? Is minister Bradshaw back at work? Who is this Moe joker? Where did she come from?

    Days of uncertainty and anger over the situation at Sharon Primary School have forced education officials to close the school building indefinitely and relocate students.
    Acting Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Senator Lucille Moe, Permanent Secretary Senator Rommel Springer, Chief Education Officer Karen Best and Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George on Tuesday joined teachers of the sick school to discuss the way forward.
    Following an over two-hour ‘closed’ meeting at the Jackson Seventh Day Adventist Church which also included staff of the nearby Maria Holder Nursery, the acting education minister indicated the ministry’s decision followed close consultation on the matter.
    They determined that from tomorrow class four students would report to the SDA church for classes and class 3 students would follow later in the week and students of the Maria Holder Nursery would resume classes on Monday.
    However, the ministry is still looking for places to house the remaining students from Sharon Primary.
    “We are looking at two other venues and we are going to see what progress is going to be made in terms of being able to use those venues. If we can use them and there are fit for purpose by Thursday, then we will use them. If not we will do so certainly by the beginning of next week,” promised Senator Moe.
    “We will ensure that we find accommodations for them and we are trying to get that done as speedily as possible.”
    Today’s meetings follow days of agitation by both parents and teachers who have been demanding more clarity about the nature of the environmental issues, which led to the suspension of classes at the Sharon Primary School for the first three weeks of the school year.
    Teachers and students have been falling ill since last term and Barbados Union of Teachers’ President Sean Spencer has predicted Lester Vaughn School and Maria Holder Nursery, both in close proximity could be next.
    He linked environmental problems to nearby businesses and has asked for proof that Sharon’s issues are internal as stated by Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw.
    When pressed for more information on the issues, the acting education minister described them as “a mix of factors”.
    “It would be difficult for me to speak on environmental issues,” said Moe.
    “What we will do in [the Ministry of] Education is to be guided by the Ministry of Health as to how we should proceed. All of the staff was present from the two institutions and I think they are in agreement with the steps and the approach being taken to solve the problem,” Moe said.
    Teachers formed a large huddle outside the Jackson SDA Church but refused to comment on the matter. The BUT, which represents staff at Sharon Primary did not comment on the situation up to the time of publication.(Quote)

  45. Cabinet reshuffle as predicted. But the reasons is not clear. Is she suggesting that ministers have been underperforming? If she the most underperformed minister was the minister of finance and economic affairs. Getting rid of Symmonds was a good move.

  46. the more things change the more they remain the same- same amount of ministers, same amount of long talk that doesnt amount to a hill of beans

  47. The prime minister must explain why Dale Marshall is still in her Cabinet, and most of all, why is he still attorney general?

  48. @ Greene July 22, 2020 6:08 PM

    D’ accord!

    Six still remains half a dozen at the dawn of sunset.

    Barbados needs a Cabinet of 12 plus the Primus inter pares and to cease being an employment bureau for incompetent lawyers, friends and other pseudo-professionals.

    • @Miller

      Are you able to point to a time and motion study or any scientific basis to support your HR allocation to Cabinet?


  49. reduced by 3? wow!!!

    i would have had a cabinet of 10 -14 and no ministers in ministries, no czars, and very few consultants and advisors.

    in fact to put a number on it. 2 advisors and no czars. this government is way too bloated.

    if government thinks that they are no getting the best out of the civil service, sit down with unions and find a way for direct entry at the top level in the civil service.

    stop the consultant crap that appears as a mode to hire friends

    • @Greene

      Welcome to the world of politics. When or if your party retains office it will be par for the course as well.


  50. Can someone plse explain the long prorogation? It cannot be a cost-cut, since most members of parliament are ministers and they will not normally be prorogued.

  51. @ David July 22, 2020 6:24 PM


    The already ‘big’ size of the ‘central’ government service and its overstock of handmaidens in the SOEs whose top dogs are all university and professionally trained to look after the supply of goods and services to the public made up of less than 300,000 people on a 2 x3 island.

  52. Who is going to give an end-of-term assessment of the old Cabinet and predictions for the new? Start from May 25, 2018, to July 21, 2020.

  53. A wise move by our great leader, Mia Mottley. Once again, she has demonstrated the ability to act where others hesitate. The cabinet downsized, Corona defeated, LIAT shares sold, what more could you ask for? Now all that’s missing is halving the number of slackers in the civil service.

    But beware! If the latter happens, I start a “protest march” to Grand Admiral Nelson to demand his replacement by Mia Mottley’s monument. So some very different kind of “Nelson riots”.

  54. I have another question:

    Does our leader Mia Mottley also swap some posts of the so-called opposition? Is the red bishop allowed to stay?

  55. Who saw it coming? The PM keeping an eye on John King he already has two strikes, another strike and he is out. Lucille Moe? I think the PM has something in the bag for her, she seems to be an able performer. George was ready to retire anyway and Neil Rowe was always a liability, the PM really messed up on that one as for Trevor P always good for some histrionics but not much more… for Hinkson he was on death row for a long time…..

  56. @Hal Austin July 22, 2020 6:13 PM “The prime minister must explain why Dale Marshall is still in her Cabinet, and most of all, why is he still attorney general?”

    Explain to who? You? And why?

    Have you ever voted in a Barbados election?

    Do you pay taxes here?


  57. @ Greene

    The revolving door of mediocrity. Are we going to get a performance report on the various ministers and advisers? No ministry performed as badly as the ministry of finance and economic affairs, why no change?
    Second to that has been the attorney general’s office, yet he has supervised a ministry that has turned a blind eye to a serving police officer shooting dead his neighbour and wounding his son only be be given b ail by the previous government and to be still out of bail instead of facing the courts. The same attorney general who misunderstood the law in the appointment of a second deputy commissioner of police with vast experience to be an HR officer. Why is Marshall still in place.
    Have people been penalised for supporting Black Lives Matter? Why appoint new ministers for only two and a bit weeks, then prorogue parliament for over a month before a September re-launch? Plse explain the logic of such a move,, apart from blaming CoVid for putting the government off track?
    Are we to assume that the ministers who have been moved or sacked have underperformed their remits? Who marks the homework of the advisers and consultants?
    BERT, BEST and BOSS: explain. As part of her CoVid-19 economic strategy the president appointed an economic council, no members were named, but she subsequently appointed chairpersons of eight sub-committees and gave them four weeks in which to report. When are they going to report?
    Finally, the president has now added the remit of culture to her vast portfolio, why? Has the minister been sacked for his views on Nelson’s statue?
    When are we going to see the last of the so-called Social Partnership?

  58. @ Hal Austin July 22, 2020 7:41 PM

    The real question is why our leader has not reshuffled the so-called opposition.

    The real problem is not the ministers, but the outspoken senator who asks too many questions.I think the outspoken senator deserves a promotion as ambassador to New York City via never-come-back-airline.

  59. Explain to who? You? And why?

    Have you ever voted in a Barbados election?

    Do you pay taxes here?..(Quote)

    Explain to the good voters of Barbados why such an incompetent is still in post. You tell me if I have ever voted in Barbados. If and where I pay taxes is my business.

  60. @Greene July 22, 2020 6:28 PM “i would have had a cabinet of 10 -14 and no ministers in ministries, no czars, and very few consultants and advisors. in fact to put a number on it. 2 advisors and no czars. this government is way too bloated.”

    As soon as you party is elected, have it your way.

  61. Hal if you don’t vote here, and if you don’t pay taxes here, it is none of your business, and nobody owes you an explanation, and i am pretty certain that nobody will waste their time giving you an explanation.

    Is that clear?

  62. With Mr Gooding Edgehill transitioning, I “think” he had been the Chair of both the TB and NIS, it would seem the NIS needs a new Chair?
    Some of the discarded were strong supporters when MAM wrestled the leadership. Do any of them cross the floor?

  63. “Second to that has been the attorney general’s office, yet he has supervised a ministry that has turned a blind eye to a serving police officer shooting dead his neighbour and wounding his son only be be given b ail by the previous government and to be still out of bail instead of facing the courts.”

    Maybe this intellectual should use Google more. I give up!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. @NO
    Cross the floor to where? To serve under the Bishop? The summer heat like it got you bamboozled, Mia has the upper hand and it is the first term of her mandate. Payne is the only one with a following in his constituency the others are nonentities and can be replaced at the ballot box, the non MP can be moved out of the Senate.

    BTW Payne has an unenviable record of some sort as the only Minister fired by two different PM’s

  65. “Maybe this intellectual should use Google more. I give up!”

    @ Enuff

    Don’t give up as yet.

    Perhaps you could organize a consultancy ‘pick’ for the goodly gentleman, with the responsibility for providing Barbadians with “a performance report on the various ministers and advisers” and “an end-of-term assessment of the old Cabinet and predictions for the new, starting from May 25, 2018, to July 21, 2020.”

  66. @Sarge
    You don’t cross for any other reason than your progress has been stalled.
    It is like when the VP whose wings you are riding gets cut loose. You can stay like a puppy dog or seek pastures where you maybe welcomed.
    MAM may have spots for some. From the outset she has made it a priority to try and keep as many happy as possible.

  67. There are still too many ministers with ‘half day’ jobs. Some of the ministries should have been amalgamated to further reduce the size of Cabinet.

  68. Vacation and retirement ? “George Payne (Housing) will no longer hold a ministerial portfolio, nor will Edmund Hinkson (Home Affairs), Trevor Prescod (Environment) or Senator Lucille Moe (Broadcasting). Neil Rowe is also no longer a parliamentary secretary.”

  69. Will be interesting to see how those who justify the 24 support this reduction. They will support this new number until it is increased or decreased. Meanwhile those who were prophetic in seeing the need for this reduction will now see the ‘other team’ accommodate a position that allows for further reduction.

    The problem with a trial and error approach is that some errors will have a cost. It bears well to remember the adage “measure twice, cut once” especially when flawed legislation can be harmful to others.

  70. @NO
    I’ve watched from the sidelines as those situations played themselves out and normally I would agree with you but not with this group as Payne is too long in the tooth and the other two MP’s wouldn’t excite anyone but their families.

    BTW Payne and Hinkson are now free to resume their pre cabinet legal battles.

  71. @Sargeant July 22, 2020 10:32 PM “BTW Payne and Hinkson are now free to resume their pre cabinet legal battles.”

    The strife is o’er, the battle done

  72. Who referred to some of the admittedly portly ladies of the BLP as “one thousand pounds”

    Who was in the “wrong” camp when there was a battle royale between Owen and Mia for the leadership of the BLP?

    Have we forgotten the old Bajan saying “time longer than twine”

  73. @The Guardian :”The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has announced the closing of secret legal loophole that allowed Harry Dunn’s alleged killer Anne Sacoolas to claim diplomatic immunity. A lawyer for Dunn’s family welcomed the move as a “huge step” in securing the extradition to the UK of Sacoolas to stand trial. Sacoolas, the wife of a CIA agent who was working at the US intelligence base RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire, was allowed to return to the US days after allegedly driving her car on the wrong side of the road on 27 August and crashing into Dunn on his motorcycle.”

    Hal can you tell us who wrote the agreement with a loophole so big a British young man is dead, his family is bereaved and an American woman and her killer car escaped through a monster sized loophole. Was that incompetence? Should the head of that department still be in their position? Can you explain?

  74. If our leader reshuffles her cabinet in the same way every 2 years, we are down to 5 ministers in 15 years.

    What a great future!

  75. @ William
    The president has admitted that after two years of rambling, the government has lost its way. It now needs to return to the drawing board. Watch our for the victim-blaming and CoVid excuses.

    • Is it standard for governments to do the mid term line in the sand thing?

      Does it make sense in a world flipped upside down to recalibrate strategy?


  76. @ Hal
    Ian Gooding Edghill, a top flight tourism Executive , with proven management skills and an elected parliamentarian, chairman of two Boards, is passed over for the tourism ministry- the most important ministry at this time. And the ministry is given to a senator , Lisa Cummings, whose background remains a mystery .
    I am uncertain as to the situation with Comrade Prescod. When everybody was still calling for Arthur, Comrade Prescod was Mia’s biggest supporter. I am hoping that he “ asked” to be cut. To fire him would have been an act of almost gross cruelty by the PM.
    The major focus of any serious reshuffle , should have been a cabinet reduction by at least ten ministers and the outright firing of the current Attorney General.

  77. @ Mr William Skinner

    You noted the appending of the text to the old article too?

    You also said

    “…The major focus of any serious reshuffle , should have been a cabinet reduction by at least ten ministers and the outright firing of the current Attorney General.”

    She could not fire 10 yet.

    As de ole man prophesied dere is much infighting going on.

    De legal battle between Payne and Hinkson NEEDED TO BE SILENCED and she has silenced them FOR THE MOMENT heheheheh

    Mugabe Amin Mottley is killing both their respective voiced aspirations to be Prime Minister

    Unfortunately they have voiced the aspirations on calls dat she does *** as usual.

    Jes ask Darwin bout dat.

    More fallout is to come.

    Dem gine “cross de floor” as de ole man has stated.

  78. @ William

    The reshuffle is an act of surrender. The president has finally accepted for the the last two years she has been sailing without a compass and, as a result, was lost at sea.
    Everything about the changes are mystifying. Is this now to put in place her post-CoVid strategy? If so, what is it? So, what about BERT, BEST and BOSS, are they still her economic strategies?
    Are we to assume that those minister who have been removed have underperformed some benchmark? If so, what is that benchmark? Will it be made public? Has Dale Marshall passed that test, given the appointment of a second deputy commissioner of police and the embarrassing showdown with Caswell Franklyn; and the obvious policy of keeping aa police officer accused of murder on bail rather than bring him before the courts?
    Finally, @ William, whatever happened to the hysterical changes to the constitution to appoint two senators; where are they now? One with something called an MSc in political sociology from the LSE, with experience in the UK Treasury and a crypto-currency expert?
    The nation is in crisis, serious crisis, and this is not the time to play party politics. We need new leadership, not a PR addict with pumping hands and pointing, but someone who has an eye for details and can lead from the front.

  79. @Piece the Prophet July 23, 2020 7:37 AM “De legal battle between Payne and Hinkson NEEDED TO BE SILENCED and she has silenced them FOR THE MOMENT heheheheh”

    How do you know that it has not been permanently silenced?

  80. @Hal Austin July 23, 2020 4:33 AM “…CoVid excuses.”

    Covid is not an excuse. Only a completely partisan person would talk about “COVID excuses”.

    COVID is real, very, very real.

    COVID19, and COVID20 and almost certainly COVID21 and perhaps COVID22 as well has hurt/will continue to hurt the economy of every single country in the world, even those dozen or so countries with no COVID19 cases…yet.

    I wouldn’t call 15 million, 435 thousand 114 thousand infected people an excuse.

    i wouldn’t call 631 thousand, 811 DEAD, DEAD, DEAD people an excuse either.

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