Dr. Lucas Accuses Mohammed Degia of Showing #islamophobia Colours

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas,PH.D. CFS,

The “Nation” newspaper of the 19th March 2019 published an article captioned “Upset but not shocked” under the by-line of Mohammed Iqbal Degia. Degia attributes the rise of Islamophobia in part to white supremacy. He attempts to juxtapose the Muslim experience with that of Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and immigrants (it is noticeable that he did not include gays). However, Blacks have not resorted to blowing up people and their experience is far worse then that of the Muslims. He seems to be particularly incensed by the year 1492 (when western civilization took off on an upward trajectory whereas the Islamic civilization went rapidly down hill). A psychologist could possibly attribute this reaction to under achievement by high fliers as envy (to use the vernacular). Since then, Muslims have not contributed much to the advancement of human kind apart from suicide bombs and even then, it was the Tamils of Sri Lanka who did so. According to Degia, Muslim terrorists are not really Muslim. He also complains about the western press demonizing Muslim. The Muslim press does the same to Jews and other Infidels

I have been assiduously following his weekly articles, knowing that sooner or later his true colours would emerge. The rabid dislike of western civilization oozes out of his article, so much so, that I am left nonplus by the fact that he still lives in the west. I will deal with a few points to illustrate how warp his thinking is. I have not written about Islam since 2002-2003 in the press

1.The Coptic Christians in Egypt and Christians in Pakistan are constantly being slaughtered in their Churches. I have not heard any Muslims locally condemning these actions. Given the Islamic concept of ummah I would not expect to hear from them. What about Asia Bibi and the baying crowd of Muslims in Pakistan who want to kill her?

The following links are provided for the interested reader to verify the above statement.

2.The uproar in Djakarta over that city’s Christian mayor. The Muslims in Indonesia were all hollering that Indonesia is a Muslim country and that a non-Muslim should never be Mayor. Meanwhile, London a bastion of White supremacy elects a Muslim mayor.

3.The Central African Republic is over eighty percent Christian and about sixteen percent Muslim. There was a coup by the Muslim minority aided and abetted by Chad. The Muslim razed Churches ,imposed sharia law and slaughtered hundreds of Christians. The Christians have fought back and have vowed to wipe out the Muslims and the country is in chaos now.

4.The treatment meted out to sub-Saharan migrants by Libya. The migrants are black and the Muslim treat them like dogs( even those who are also Muslim).

5. The grooming of young white girls in the UK by Asians particularly of Pakistani origin, went on for a long time because of political correctness. It is only now that the scum are being jailed after an outcry over political correctness.

6.Somali Muslims in Minnesota wanting to impose their values by not transporting passengers who had in their possession alcoholic drinks. That was one of the reasons Trump won in Minnesota.

7. Muslim in Barbados reporting Barbados for human rights violations in the USA over the use of the head covering. As far as I know,since 2002 local Muslims have been trying to get the politicians to change the law.

Infidels living in Muslim Majority have obey the law, no ifs or buts about that;it is therefore expected that the Muslim minority obey our laws.

Where ever they go they try to impose their will. The fact remains that non-Muslims are becoming fed up with Muslims; it is as simple as that.

Robert D. Lucas,PH.D. CFS,

Certified Food Scientist


  • Remember when Obama Played Golf as Christians was Annihilated in the Middle East?

    Pres. Obama “I am Muslim, I’m Christian.


  • It is the Radical Imam Leaders that entice this Violent and Dictatorial way of Islam. Tolerance is a concept devised to let people be people without having to go to war every-time you disagree. If we allow under the Guise of Tolerance any Totalitarian ideology to Rule then Tolerance Disappear and the result is Slavery/Serfs etc Ruled by the Totalitarian movement. These are Socialist /Marxist/Fascist/Environmentalist/and Islamist, it is any Ideology that sets up one Class of people to Rule the Rest. They support Democracy until they gain power. Their main Goal is to take away the Agency of man. There is only one entity that seeks to take away the Agency of man and he is their Leader whether they know it or they don’t.

    Remember Obama had numerous Muslim Brotherhood members in the white house. This is yet another Stepping Stone for Radical Islamist….Radical Islamism and Socialism/Communism share a commonality of Authoritarianism!!

    These Radicals have an Agenda …Sharia Law and to usher in the Caliphate and that can only be done by invasion as we see what is happening in European Countries. And these Nations are curtailing speaking out about Radical Islam…They have their Minions in the highest echelons of Government like Khan.

    HERE GOES: This is how many Muslims serve in public office

    80 HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW????!!


  • @ Sir simple Simon, now I see why you want to castrate all the men in Barbados. ” sleep with all the women you want” This explains a lot including why you’re not coming to visit with me.


  • Thank you, TheO. Was kinda busy. Then kinda tired. Still lacking in brain power at present.


  • @David
    The culture in the west is different from Muslim culture. The only thing Muslims have is their religion. Having said that, brings me to a point Hal Austin alluded to, namely liberal democracies contain the seeds of their own destruction. By the way, according to the BBC sometime ago, liberalism is an aberration of recent vintage and will eventually be discarded. The liberal tenet takes the position of moral high road by saying see, those others are behaving badly we must show them our liberal ways. For example ,you have this stupid construct which states that the EU cannot deport terrorists to their home countries because they maybe persecuted. The thing is, the terrorists are trying their level best to kill the inhabitants of the liberal countries and these liberal idiots (that is what they are) are condoning the action of those who seek to destroy them. The reaction against this liberal self immolation is a swing to the right. and the main stream media are opposed to any deviation from the norm of the last forty-years. You will have noticed whenever there is a terrorist attack, there is the laying of flowers and words of unity. You can only have unity when the mores of the two parties are similar. In the case of Islam, the mores are diametrically opposite.. So what we have is pure grand standing, Conversely, when there is an attack on Muslims by non-Muslims you hear “this is not who we are.”Ardern in New Zealand is making a joke of herself. Winston Peters (Maori), the foreign minister is not particularly fond of Muslims. Sometime ago he said that they don’t integrate. So more and more you will see a swing to the right a self-correcting swing because the pendulum has gone too far left. I mean, you have people openly telling you that they want to destroy your way of life and you only shrug it off. You think Muslims can try that sort of stupidity with the Chinese, Burmese or Sri Lankans?


  • So-called Christians have done some “brutal butchery” and continue so to do today. So-called Muslims have done some “brutal butchery” and continue so to do today.. So-called Jews are currently doing some brutal butchery egged on by American so-called Christians.

    Who started this “brutal butchery”? Who is going to end it?

    Seems to me the only way to effect change is by setting an example of tolerance.

    Of course there are no guarantees and it could all blow up (pun intended) in our faces.

    But what are we to do?


  • 2019 Sees Dramatic Rise in Global Christian Persecution

    (Worthy News) – 2019 has seen a significant uptick in the persecution of Christians worldwide, according to Open Doors U.S.A.’s most recent World Watch List.

    Whereas 215 million Christians were persecuted in 2018 according to last year’s report, representing 1 in 12 Christians worldwide, in 2019 that figure saw a dramatic 14% increase, with now 1 in 9 Christians globally experiencing high levels of persecution.

    Among countries where Christians are persecuted, Islam remains the most frequent engine driving the oppression of believers, with 38 of the 50 countries on the list being Muslim-majority nations.

    “In seven of the top 10 World Watch List countries,” continues the report, “the primary cause of persecution is Islamic oppression.”

    India has entered the top 10 for the first time under the auspices of Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, as rising ethnic and religious nationalism in Southeast Asia see Christianity as a force that threatens to unify society’s lowest classes and most marginalized ethnicities.

    Laos, Burma, and Vietnam all made it in the list’s top 20, as the nationalistic regimes attempt to stamp out Christianity’s potential for tribal minority groups.

    The most exponential increase in persecution seems to have occurred in China, where Xi Jinping’s government has moved the communist nation forward 16 places on the list from 43rd to 27th.

    “The management of religious affairs lies with the communist party now,” notes the report.

    The additional 30 million Christians who were persecuted this year reflect a disturbing trend, especially in light of the fact that 2018 saw more persecution of Christians than any other year in the modern era.


  • Looney Tunes,

    Still traumatized by the fantastic fattening fast food legacy theft? Hahahahahaha! Hilariously hypocritical! Made somebody rich, did he?. And had his legacy stolen? Got his knighthood stolen too? And you’re still angry about it, are you?

    You don’t have any shame?

    Here’s some more fast food fun from the Looney files!

    Your favourite “Muslim”, no?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hal Austin March 22, 2019 3:15 PM “@ Simple Simon, Is Barbados in the Caribbean?”

    Well it depends on how Caribbean is defined.

    What is the Caribbean?

    Where is the Caribbean/


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @whiteHill March 22, 2019 7:18 PM

    Actually neither Dr. Lucas nor you can guess whether I sleep with man, woman our sheep.

    In fact I sleep with my favourite teddy bear.




  • Be aware that the acts of violence around the globe may not be random, but an organised attempt to disarm independent countries.

    This would be in preparation for troop landings by Russia and possibly China. While this may sound preposterous, consider that ‘large armament’ actions are virtually ruled out by current nuclear weapons etc.

    However, a troop landing offensive could change things very quickly and be virtually unstoppable. I am usually against civilian bearing arms, however, in this case, I am now very wary of the current trend to disarm.

    The world currently has one of the most cunning and ruthless leaders at the helm of a superpower and there is nothing that would fit in his previous history more than an attempt to capture a large portion of the globe.

    I admit, what has driven me to write this, is a dream I had, of a troop landing and the fear that it drove into me.

    I have had dreams before, which together with events then, pointed to things that actually then did happen.

    Therefore, please enact measures to prevent the success of troop landings. The spate of attacks and in previously quiet locations, could indicate that plans may be at an advanced stage.

    I posted this here because I know that it will be picked up by international agencies.


  • Further to the above note, Brexit was a deliberate move to destabilise Europe prior to any actions.

    The Gilets-Jaune movement may also be driven by external forces in an attempt to further destabilise France.

    It is easier to act on a destabilised country than a stable country and region. Knowing the individual, a master plan is not out of the question.


  • Dr Lucas has rightly pointed out all the potential problems we face from the Jihadists. However, at the micro level is where the damage is done in preparation: self-segregation from the dominant society; refusal to participate in the banking and financial systems (Mosques in the UK, raise about £1.5bn a year from within the Muslim community, so they can self-fund their small shops, restaurants and mortgages); separate schools in which the next generation (who will tell us how much they love Barbados) are taught that they are not only different, but superior; strategically targeting certain jobs and institutions (we have already sent a Muslim to the UN to represent us and one of his calls was for Barbados to support Palestine, you could not make it up); corrupting officers in key civil service departments; and favouring their own while disrespecting the nation’s institutions..
    This is not fantasy, but what has taken place in the UK over the last 50 years. UK jihadists are not imported (which contradicts the Brexit hardliners) but home-grown ie Shemima Begum in the UK. It is the home and Mosque culture that frames these jihadists. Note the number of Caribbean people going to Saudi on so-called scholarships; under Caricom’s free movement of people, these ‘graduates’ can move to Barbados ; they do not go to universities as we know them, but to training camps; the mission is to return and bring the ‘revolution’ to the Caribbean.


  • @Hal Austin
    It would be instructive for the Barbadian authorities to inform the Barbadian public how many local Barbadian Muslims have gone to Syria and have fought for ISIS. So far as has been reported in the media,there are 149 Trinidadians being held captive by the Kurdish forces in Syria. Barbados is a highly secretive place. As I have previously reported a Barbadian Muslim spent two years in Saudi Arabia. With all of the caliphate talk and ummah concept it seems incredible that to date we have not heard of Barbadian jihadist in Syria.


  • Dr. Lucas some here are so out of their Depth on this subject and instead of trying to understand this Ideology as you have so amply put across, they seek for attention by pointing fingers and detraction from the relevance of the discussion. Because of the lack of knowledge they simply do not have a Firm Foundation to stand on. Regretably they will be the ones to Perish in their Ignorance.

    “Is Islam a religion of peace? Is it compatible with Western liberalism? Or does Islam need a reformation, just as Christianity had the Protestant Reformation? Somali-born author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains.”


  • They’re not happy in Gaza… They’re not happy in Egypt… They’re not happy in Libya… They’re not happy in Morocco… They’re not happy in Iran… They’re not happy in Iraq… They’re not happy in Yemen … They’re not happy in Afghanistan … They’re not happy in Pakistan … They’re not happy in Syria … They’re not happy in Lebanon …


    They’re happy in Australia … They’re happy in Canada … They’re happy in England … They’re happy in France … They’re happy in Italy … They’re happy in Germany … They’re happy in Sweden … They’re happy in the USA … They’re happy in Norway … They’re happy in Holland … They’re happy in Denmark …

    Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!

    AND WHO DO THEY BLAME? Not Islam. Not their leadership. Not themselves. THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN! AND THEN- They want to change those countries to be like, THE COUNTRY THEY CAME FROM WHERE THEY WERE UNHAPPY!

    Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam – Brigitte Gabriel


  • Trump’s people aren’t happy either. And contrary to popular opinion it is not the fault of the immigrants but the greedy capitalists.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Freedom Crier March 23, 2019 7:17 AM “Or does Islam need a reformation, just as Christianity had the Protestant Reformation? ”

    The protestant or European Reformation, 1517+

    TransAtlantic Slavery, 1492+

    Just at the time of the so called Reformation, the European countries initiated the TransAtlantic slave trade in my ancestors.

    So what Reformation are you talking about?

    What happened in Christianity to make it better religion for all of God’s people?

    For people like my ancestors, there was no Reformation, no Christianity, no goodness and mercy, no love.


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