Dr. Lucas Accuses Mohammed Degia of Showing #islamophobia Colours

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas,PH.D. CFS,

The “Nation” newspaper of the 19th March 2019 published an article captioned “Upset but not shocked” under the by-line of Mohammed Iqbal Degia. Degia attributes the rise of Islamophobia in part to white supremacy. He attempts to juxtapose the Muslim experience with that of Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and immigrants (it is noticeable that he did not include gays). However, Blacks have not resorted to blowing up people and their experience is far worse then that of the Muslims. He seems to be particularly incensed by the year 1492 (when western civilization took off on an upward trajectory whereas the Islamic civilization went rapidly down hill). A psychologist could possibly attribute this reaction to under achievement by high fliers as envy (to use the vernacular). Since then, Muslims have not contributed much to the advancement of human kind apart from suicide bombs and even then, it was the Tamils of Sri Lanka who did so. According to Degia, Muslim terrorists are not really Muslim. He also complains about the western press demonizing Muslim. The Muslim press does the same to Jews and other Infidels

I have been assiduously following his weekly articles, knowing that sooner or later his true colours would emerge. The rabid dislike of western civilization oozes out of his article, so much so, that I am left nonplus by the fact that he still lives in the west. I will deal with a few points to illustrate how warp his thinking is. I have not written about Islam since 2002-2003 in the press

1.The Coptic Christians in Egypt and Christians in Pakistan are constantly being slaughtered in their Churches. I have not heard any Muslims locally condemning these actions. Given the Islamic concept of ummah I would not expect to hear from them. What about Asia Bibi and the baying crowd of Muslims in Pakistan who want to kill her?

The following links are provided for the interested reader to verify the above statement.

2.The uproar in Djakarta over that city’s Christian mayor. The Muslims in Indonesia were all hollering that Indonesia is a Muslim country and that a non-Muslim should never be Mayor. Meanwhile, London a bastion of White supremacy elects a Muslim mayor.

3.The Central African Republic is over eighty percent Christian and about sixteen percent Muslim. There was a coup by the Muslim minority aided and abetted by Chad. The Muslim razed Churches ,imposed sharia law and slaughtered hundreds of Christians. The Christians have fought back and have vowed to wipe out the Muslims and the country is in chaos now.

4.The treatment meted out to sub-Saharan migrants by Libya. The migrants are black and the Muslim treat them like dogs( even those who are also Muslim).

5. The grooming of young white girls in the UK by Asians particularly of Pakistani origin, went on for a long time because of political correctness. It is only now that the scum are being jailed after an outcry over political correctness.

6.Somali Muslims in Minnesota wanting to impose their values by not transporting passengers who had in their possession alcoholic drinks. That was one of the reasons Trump won in Minnesota.

7. Muslim in Barbados reporting Barbados for human rights violations in the USA over the use of the head covering. As far as I know,since 2002 local Muslims have been trying to get the politicians to change the law.

Infidels living in Muslim Majority have obey the law, no ifs or buts about that;it is therefore expected that the Muslim minority obey our laws.

Where ever they go they try to impose their will. The fact remains that non-Muslims are becoming fed up with Muslims; it is as simple as that.

Robert D. Lucas,PH.D. CFS,

Certified Food Scientist


  • Religious Intolerance Curtails the Spirit of Freedom and Free Agency. More often than not it is a Product of Narrow-Mindedness, Pre-Conception, Pre-Judgement, Partiality and Predisposition and the Mechanism of the Ideology of the Adversary to Rule over others. It is the Spirit of Control over others by not allowing them Freedom of Conscience as their guide that is the causes Religious Intolerance and Persecution.

    That said we must be able to judge the difference between Good and Evil as the Foundation for ALL Tyrannies Is the Removal of Free Agency.

    Radical Islam is Not a Belief system of Freedom but of what you see happening in the Middle East and Africa, IE… Convert to Islam or Die, no Free Agency here. Here Tyranny reigns, meaning destroy the infidel that means you and me, Israelis and Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and other who do not believe as they do.

    As in any Religion which Exercises Force over their followers and Compels them to do what their Leaders says or else, it is then fair to say that Ideology is against Freewill or Free Agency! 2 Corinthians 3:19: For Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty”

    Pure Religion invites one to do GOOD and to follow the tenants of that Religion, but it is an Invitation, one is entreated not compelled. And even after you have accepted the invitation one is not forced to continue if one does not want too. We must serve God Willingly as His goal is for us to become like Him, not His slaves. Else why in the first place would we have been given Free Agency, the Freedom to Choose?

    “The order of progress, is, first, barbarism; afterward, civilization. Barbarism represents physical force. Civilization represents spiritual power. The primary condition, that of barbarism, knows no other law than that of force; not right, but might.”

    Self-Made Men
    Frederick Douglass


  • Beautiful Beige

    Best article I have read on BU to date.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Robert Lucas “Where ever they go they try to impose their will.”

    I can also be said that the European people who forced our ancestors to come here imposed their will on us. And the European men imposed their penises on our ancestral female African women and girls, did they not?

    @Robert Lucas “The fact remains that non-Muslims are becoming fed up with Muslims.”

    I am a Christian, and I am not at all fed up with Muslims.

    @Robert Lucas “He seems to be particularly incensed by the year 1492 (when western civilization took off on an upward trajectory whereas the Islamic civilization went rapidly down hill).”

    So when in 1492 and afterwards “when western civilization took off on an upward trajectory” were your fore parents and mine included in that “upward trajectory?” Or were your foreparents and mine the “machinery” that caused the “take off” even while your ancestors and mine got none of the credit, none of the money, none of the upward mobility??

    @Robert Lucas “According to Degia, Muslim terrorists are not really Muslim.” So when in a Christian society someone engages in unChristian behaviour do we Christians not condemn that behaviour? Do we acknowledge our murderers as Christian? No we do not. So why should Muslims acknowledge their murderers as Muslim?

    Christians do not murder. To murder is to negate your Christian belief
    Muslims do not murder. To murder is to negate your Muslim belief.


  • @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife(3.25 am)
    Let me explain some facts of life to you. My father was a Guyanese of Amerindian extraction. These lands in this part of the world were originally owned by Amerindians. Whenever a people with superior technology encounters one with inferior technology, the former imposes its ways on the latter (historical fact).I do not believe in constantly harping on the past. I look to the future.Until blacks start being serious about technology and innovation, they will always be at the bottom of the totem pole. You speak of yours and my fore parents not getting any of the money or credit for the upward trajectory of the white man. As I said previously, those with superior knowledge always end up with goods. The task is for blacks to educate themselves and for the political classes to stop selling out. As for Muslim terrorists not being Muslim: In Islam there is Taqiya or Taqiyya, the practice of lying to the unbeliever. There is also the ummah concept which basically means that a Muslim never sides with a non-Muslim against a Muslim even if the latter is in the wrong. Haven’t you notice how silent they are when their members slaughter non-Muslims? It is okay for you to display your Christian faith by turning the other cheek; I am not prepared to do so. I believe in treating people the same way they treat me


  • @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife (4.06 am).
    ” The fact remains that non-Muslims are becoming fed up with Muslims; it is as simple as that”
    Note my use of English. The operative word is “becoming.” What do you understand by the word becoming? I did no use the word all non-Muslims are fed up with Muslims. The word becoming connotes the fact that part of the non-Muslim population have not reached the stage of being fed-up ( I also did English, History and Geography at advanced level).

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  • Note: where it reads “I did no…..’ Should read “I did not.”

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  • So Dr. Lucas, you are saying that it is perfectly ok for the United States of America to impose its will on the Caribbean with no regard for right and wrong because it is more technologically advanced than the region of the Caribbean? Sir, from a moral standpoint that does not seem right to me?

    And how could kidnapping a people and forcing them to work sun up and sun down be ok … because in your view the people were incapable of defending themselves, because the invading force was more technologically advanced …

    But yet to this day the descendants of the Invaders, are enjoying the sweets of our ancestors labour while at the same time our ancestors are living in poverty, and you are asking the descendants of these enslaved people to focus on education?


  • Dr. Lucas, someone here has mentioned quite recently that the Jews were paid their reparation by Germany…

    President Clinton also paid the Japanese Americans their reparation for the internment camps of the 1940s …

    So how comes the descendants of the enslaved Black race have been paid their reparation as of yet?

    Obviously, the United States and Germany realized that the both of them did a moral evil…


  • @Lexicon

    What is the main point of the article posted by Dr. Lucas?


  • David

    I am not concerned with the main point of the article … I took affront to Dr. Lucas response to SSS comment regarding the Black enslavement by the European colonized … And his insensitivity to our plight…


  • The point Lexicon is that Dr. Lucas has issued a call for Blacks to empower themselves to be able to proudly occupy and compete in the world. It is this very point that negates what you are asking.

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  • David

    It is useless rhetoric to call for Black to empower themselves … when you are unable to present ways to show them how to …for years Black leaders have been calling on the Black population to empower themselves through academic and it has happened as of yet …

    And David, it is not just education that is needed to change the trajectory of the Black race ….but a change in mindset …. I have had two Chinese West Indian girls …one from Trinidad and other from Jamaica, as well as a Jamaican East Indian, and all of them thought about starting their own business …this mindset I did not find among the Black girlfriends I have had …


  • @ Dr Lucas,

    Your post at 3.42 is spot on. But you are preaching to the deaf. Bajans know everything and know nothing. The doctrine of Taqiya is key. Sometime ago I challenged the editor of Barbados Today about allowing an Iman to write a weekly column in her publication in which he avoided controversial issues, in particular terrorist atrocities, and (like BU and its white PhD cultural theorist) was roundly condemned.
    But I have seen it in the UK, growing from a very low base to the colonisation of huge areas of Britain; more important, it is the muzzling of comment. However, the post-1960s experiment in multi-culturalism has failed, but some people are refusing to accept this.
    I have said before, and say again, unless traditional white and black Barbadians come together (they will never be bosom pals) and rescue this little island, they are doomed.
    The modus operandi is familiar: they live in the country, but are not of the country; they have their own systems and institutions and alternative judicial system. They will demand and demand and demand until Islam is treated equally with Christianity or supercedes it. Note that while middle class blacks and whites move away from organised religion, Muslims never do. There has never been a reformation within Islam and very few Muslim atheists.
    @Dr Lucas, again you are right about Jihadists criticising fellow Jihadists. I have said on BU before, liberal democracy contains the seeds of its own destruction.


  • Muslims have not contributed anything to human civilization, but bombs …. what about algebra?


  • @Lexicon

    You do not see how this and other fora that promote alternate views despite what the BU Staler and Waldorf crew is spewing is part of the process? It will take many ways to disrupt, discussion fora is but one. Let ALL views contend they say and we search for a path. Contrary to what others posit, there is no right or wrong. With different races; ethnic groups compromise will always be the preferred position.

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  • Todsy is budget .Hats off to the Muslim community who singlehandedly owns a large portion of the barbados economy without ever throwing a bomb


  • @ Mariposa,

    No need for bombs if you can capture control of the economy through bribery. Think about it: in Barbadian political constituencies 200 votes can swing a seat; Muslims tend to live in the same constituencies and vote as one..


  • David

    It sounds as though you are putting forward atheistic worldview? Hitler, thought much the same …he believed that there was no such thing as Jewish morality and conscience… until he was met with a reality checked …


  • Hal Austin

    Why blame the Muslim Community when Barbadians have allowed the Muslims to bribed them …we have to learn how to take responsibility for our own choices … and stop blaming others for our own short-sightedness…

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  • Hal Austin

    Just yesterday day a young lady from Ghana told that Nigerians are buying up everything in Ghana because Ghanians refused to invest in their country … and the interesting about this young is the fact that she did not blame Nigerians for buying up Ghana, but her own country men and women for they short-sightedness…


  • My point being that the Muslims made great in roads in a country that is predominately owned by blacks
    Blacks intentions are solely built on gossip and innuendo
    In order for one to bribe they must have the financial piwer or political power to do so
    Muslims first intent was to gain financial power by having an econmic plan in mind
    Blacks as yet after fifty years of political power bring to table a financial plan worthy of discussion
    Say what u like of barbadian Muslims
    They economic plan was not entirely handed to them on a silver platter i remember as a child seeing them selling clothing and other house hold articles from the back of their cars while blacks financially supported them
    Go figure!


  • Muslims and Hindus in the main arrive in Barbados with a suitcase. How have they acquired wealth? Instead of focusing on the negative why not learn something from them? Division and divisive talk will not help. We have Barbadians of Muslim origins read they have lived all their life in Barbados. We have to deal with the issue of how to seamlessly integrate different cultures. If some Blacks want to accept bribes do not blame the bribee, blame the briber.


  • @ David “do not blame the bribee, blame the briber. ”

    I disagree.

    They are both engaging in criminal activity and should share the blame equally.


  • @Hants

    This is the point.


  • No need to fear them…..yet !!!

    ” The number of non-Christians is small. 0.7% of the population are Muslims, most of whom are immigrants or descendants of Indian immigrants from the Indian state of Gujarat. There are three mosques and an Islamic centre.”


  • William Skinner

    It is extremely depressing to read nonsense about blacks doing nothing to improve themselves. Blacks have fought and continue to fight for every inch of progress we have achieved.Within the historically short period, we have come from slaves to be leaders of our people and the same people that spouting unbelievable crap in this thread are the main beneficiaries of this struggle. It is shameful to read this abundance of undiluted horse feces .
    We come from great grandparents who worked for pennies and we now work for thousands and we will now shamelessly deny their great struggle while promoting others.
    The struggle continues and we shall overcome.


  • Barbadians gave the Muslims the econmic power which in turn is being used politically to beat barbadians over the head
    Dont fool self these community are the ones to gain finacially from lower taxes
    This community knows how to wheel and deal locally as a financial network to gain influence economically and financially
    While barbadians continue to economically support their places of business
    Show me any one Muslim to be found buying from any small bajan business person
    That is the kind of financial networking they used for years to build their own Economic Empire
    Meanwhile bajans continue the downward economic spiral while cussing and cursing Muslims and never once collectively planning a day to boycott their businesses


  • Skinnner ……………… please!

    What could you otherwise expect from the miseducated elites who continue to impose themselves on us all.

    Anybody who has to make it be known that some western trinket of an ‘education’ is theirs starts off with the look of our jaundiced eye.

    More fundamentally, that such critiques cannot be properly anchored in a wider, deeper, body of knowledge is in and of itself located in shallow waters.


  • @ William,

    Ordinary working Barbadians have been betrayed, but by those who benefit most from the so-called Barrow dividend ie ‘free’ education. We should never been contemplating a take-over by New Barbadians (ignore the historical and political illiteracy of the chairman, he is juvenile).
    All of them, without exception, are two, three, four at the most, generations away from canecutters, long-term unemployed, drunks, farm labourers, domestic servants, nut and comfort sellers, now they turn their backs on the people. They have betrayed their class. There is no need for discussion. They are traitors.


  • What about Muslims who are Black? Can we ignore the Christians in Nigeria who were kidnapped and sometimes slaughtered at the hands of Muslims who are of the same ethnic origin?


  • ethnicity is not the same as race.


  • Fear not the Muslim overthrow of this country alone, but take note also of the global influence of China, the easy access to massive loans that it makes available for third world development, factor in the greed of politicians, take note of what is happening in many African countries as they forfeit important parts of their national assets when defaulting on loan repayments to the Chinese, think Silk Road, think Jamaica. Do we have anything to fear in Barbados?

    Dr Lucas has again been able to nail it for us.


  • David March 20, 2019 6:31 AM


    …Let ALL views contend they say and we search for a path. Contrary to what others posit, there is no right or wrong. With different races; ethnic group’s compromise will always be the preferred position.”

    A man who knows to play the Piano does not play one or two keys only, a man may compose a song so the Compromise Key may not be the desirable or the only Key to play. Let me give you an example: you have Two Parties with 100 points between them, the Conservative is at 0 and the Extremist is at 100. So the Compromise would be at the 50 mark so when we arrive at the 50 mark the people who were at the 100 now starts to make Noise and talk about Compromise. So soon enough when you Compromise you find yourself at the 75 mark. After a while you realise you have been played where you the Conservative have moved from 0 to 75 and the other people have not moved at all, they only pretend to move and if a Conservative says enough is enough that I will go no farther he is accused of being a Resist, a Bigot, Discriminatory, White Supremacist, Xenophobic and all the others Phobias you can imagine or invent.

    This is only one Strategy used by people that pretend they want the good for society and so we are led by people of Ill Will that Change the Fabric of Society who have ordinary people believing homosexuality is acceptable and desirable that you can even have families in same sex relations…That Transgenderism is advocated, that Gender Fluidity and Gender as a Choice, that Adultery is Acceptable you should expect it, that killing children is about women’s health and killing murderers is terrible etc. etc. etc.

    We have moved so far away from what is Correct and Wholesome Behaviour by the Playing of this one Key Compromise, Compromise, Compromise rather than playing the whole Keyboard that allows Individuality, Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Music, Enjoyment, Family, Love of Family, Love thy Neighbour.

    In every Religion they are those that seek to take away the Agency of man since we are responding under the Islamophobia Article a Devout Muslim learns to Prostrate himself before God and to be Humble and some of the Unrighteous Imams their leaders, insist that they raise their fists in Anger to Smite with it having never heard the word of God yet Proclaims he is speaking for God to the point of Denying the Agency of man even his ability to say what he wants as in Free Speech.

    I do not Agree with Unrighteous behaviour and would be Steadfast in what I know to be true and Compromise be Dam in much the same way that I feel about Tolerance as we should never Tolerate what is evil. I much to prefer to add other notes to the Song played on the piano of life such as, Knowledge, Discussion, Patience, Understanding, Virtuousness, a Desire to do good, Freedom to Choose, Don’t kill, Don’t Steal, Don’t be Adulterous etc.

    A Note: I know many Virtuous people who are in all Religions and I’ve met many not so good people and they are in all Religions and I’ve seen the effects of bad men and their commonality of all things not good is taking away the Agency we were given.


  • @Fearplay

    You are aware the Constitution of Barbados addresses discrimination on the basis of race creed and religion?


  • Yes, I am. Point?


  • @ FearPlay

    That is the future battle, the Jihadists versus the Chinese. Look at how China deals with their Muslims in the north of the country. Trump’s nationalism has now opened his eyes to the Caribbean, and he has hand-picked five nations to talk to (note he has ignored CARICOM and Barbados. Is this for taking a neutral position on Venezuela?), however he is late. China has already neutralised US influence in the Caribbean.
    As we default on our Chinese debt they will take greater control.


  • @Fearplay

    Wanted to be sure. We are walking a dangerous road here.


  • Be assured of my abhorrence of any form of discrimination, including reverse discrimination.

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  • @ Simple Simon, it seems you and Lexicon spent the night together.


  • Hal Austin

    That is a good one Hal: some of them are two, three or four generations away from canecutters … I never heard it put in those terms before…


  • Whitehill

    Your ass must be pretty jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth Bossman?


  • Whitehill

    Are you jealous that you weren’t a fly on the wall?


  • millerthe anunnaki

    @ robert lucas March 20, 2019 3:42 AM
    “Until blacks start being serious about technology and innovation, they will always be at the bottom of the totem pole. You speak of yours and my fore parents not getting any of the money or credit for the upward trajectory of the white man. As I said previously, those with superior knowledge always end up with goods. The task is for blacks to educate themselves and for the political classes to stop selling out.”

    A most prescient comment there Doc!

    Blacks are- in the most ironic of biblical language- nothing but the world’s hewers of wood and drawers of water when it comes to economic power and control of resources.

    Science is the antidote to religious brainwashing and blacks have not yet received the serum needed to kick-start the process of salvation.

    But before any major transformation can take place blacks have to stop corrupting themselves to other people’s gods and acknowledge their creator the God of melanin.

    Whites have long dropped the dogma of religion as their ‘silent’ weapon in conquering other people’s lands and resources.

    Why haven’t black people been able to remove the shackles of mental slavery deliberately seared in their minds by conmen called propagating priests reading from a bogus book of stolen legends written in the Dark Ages by Jewish jesters to the court of Inquisition?

    Why have blacks so fervently taken over the ‘Onward Xtian Soldiers’ banner (especially on the mother continent)? When are they going to stop imbibing the opiate of religious mumbo-jumbo prescribed by quacks from the Middle Ages?

    It’s high time for blacks to step up to the plate and enter the Age of Enlightenment.

    Let Technology, especially ICT, be the Messiah for the black race instead of some blue-eyed blond hair pale skin baby called Jesus long retired by his European designer.

    The Sun of Righteousness is setting on the white man’s empire and its noontime black people leave its penumbra.


  • Miller

    When Science ministers to the needs of the human soul I will put Science before God …When Science teaches man universal morality I will put Science before God … And Science has yet to tell us where the first human gene came from … As well as What caused the Big Bang …


  • @ Mariposa March 20, 2019 8:54 AM
    “Barbadians gave the Muslims the econmic power which in turn is being used politically to beat barbadians over the head
    Dont fool self these community are the ones to gain finacially from lower taxes
    This community knows how to wheel and deal locally as a financial network to gain influence economically and financially
    While barbadians continue to economically support their places of business
    Show me any one Muslim to be found buying from any small bajan business person
    That is the kind of financial networking they used for years to build their own Economic Empire
    Meanwhile bajans continue the downward economic spiral while cussing and cursing Muslims and never once collectively planning a day to boycott their businesses..”

    If you think that the main source of money to build the local Islamic economic empire in Barbados is from the selling cloth and trinkets to black Bajans then you are really a DLP (dumb lying puppet).

    Don’t you know that the importing of drugs and guns in containers is the most profitable business in the underworld of business?

    How do you think some public servants are able to live large above their ‘official’ means, by winning the lottery over and over?

    Why do you think that the Bajan National Organization of Wo(e)men remains totally silent on the glaringly obvious abuse and the blatant discrimination meted out to Muslim females?
    Is it because of the excuse often proffered that “It’s their (Muslim) culture?

    Or is it because of the risks of turning up with placards protesting against this exploitation of women worshipping in separate wings of the mosque on Kensington New Road while these same ‘liberated’ black wo(e) men continue to bash and badger on the airwaves a dying species called black ‘Christian’ men?


  • The Muslims in Barbados wheel a political whacker that no black bajan could ever have
    Reason being barbadians too much like crabs in barrell quick to pull down each other
    The Muslims are sophisticated political animals knowning how the political game is played
    Wasnt one of them given high recognition by presrnt3 govt with a crowning of a knighthood


  • Ms Mariposa

    I’m curious…….who “was one of them given high recognition by present govt with a crowning of a knighthood?”


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    Two Knights amongst 2019 New Year Honours LOOP NEWS CREATED : 29 DECEMBER 2018 COMMUNITY (L-R) Sir Elliott and Sir Assad are the two newest knights in Barbados.
    (L-R) Sir Elliott and Sir Assad are the two newest knights in Barbados.

    The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve two knighthoods along with four other awards in the 2019 New Year Honours.


    Assad John HALOUTE

    The Owner and Founder of Chefette Restaurants Ltd. has been knighted for services to the hospitality industry and philanthropy


    Elliott Deighton MOTTLEY

    Attorney-at-law and father of Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Sir Elliott has been recognised for services to the legal profession, diplomatic service and the community



    Assad Haloute is the founder and is the visionary behind the growth of Chefette is a FALSEHOOD!!

    ‘If the truth be known, he was not the only founding father of Chefette.

    The company was founded by, Elias Haloute, Assad Haloute , Lawrence Nadur, John Naime , Norman Naime, and “Patsy” Springer who were also the Shareholders in the company.

    Elias Haloute approached the Naime Brothers who were running the successful restaurant Cocacabana in Fontabelle, to join them start a fast food restaurant to give KFC a run for their money.’

    Those humble beginnings were John Naime and his Brother Norman Naime’s place “Cococabana in Fontabelle” that was famous for their Roti’s and it was that Business Place which morphed into the First Chefette.

    Setting the Record Straight… It was Elias Haloute who approached JohnNaime with the idea to develop a fast food Concept after seeing Kentucky’s Success at the time. Assad Haloute was Not the founder of Chefette…his brother Elias Haloute brought him from Trinidad and put him to manage the Business as he was 15 years John’s senior.

    John Naime worked in Chefette for 31 years with his experience and vision on every level , building the Brand Chefette and after he had built the Proto type was rewarded Evil for the Good for what he had done by being pushed out of the Company by Ass.. H to make way for He and his to be in Control of the Company.

    When John Naime was removed from the Company Chefette was halfway through their 13th outlet. If John Naime was responsible for building the first 13 Outlet’s, would you then say that the Foundation of Chefette was Advantageously laid and a Prototype Developed that could be used as a Pattern to follow? John Naime always stated that there was not a Single Brain that contributed to Chefette’s success but Cumulative Brains some who worked from the Bottom to the Top of the Chain!

    You see there is a great difference between a “Strategists” and a “Schemer”. John’s focus was on building the Company on the other hand a “Schemer” was the one who did everything he could to undermine the other shareholders to get the company as evidenced by Ass.. H Blatant Nepotism Practices.

    John Naime was Responsible for Everything from Top to Bottom and managing 600 employees and Growing that business with Every System in Place to Ensure its Success. While on the other hand the other hand the Ass.. H contribution only extended in the Department of Advertising and Accounts and who would have had plenty of time on his hands to Conceive such a plan to Rob that man of his Livelihood and who seeks in addition to Rob him of his Legacy by erasing the History of that Company’s Founding and Growth while misrepresenting the TRUTH that he was the Founder and the Only One Responsible for its Success… Thing is only Ass.. H the Dictator and those like him suffer from this Delusion of the Big Chef Success while Dismissing the Honest Achievement by other Shareholders, Management & Employees. Let me say Quite Clearly to his Inheritors is that the only thing that they can Claim is a Stolen Inheritance Gotten by the Scheming ill Mechanisms of their Father.

    There is One Thing to TAKE the LIVELIHOOD of a Man who made another a VERY RICH man but to STEAL his LEGACY also is DEPLORABLE and a DISGRACE to the HUMAN RACE!

    Is this Character Honourable and Worthy of such an Accolade as the Title SIR? You Decide!!


    As for his Philanthropy Façade, he seeks to use minority share value in the Company wherever he sees fit, be it in Sports Sponsorship, Charitable Donations and whatever they Conjure up for the Glorification of him and his. I encourage you to simply do the math.


  • So you see what i mean. The Muslim community knows that politically money talks bull sh.it walks
    A man who sells fried chicken knew how to wrap his kunckles around barbados politics and politicians and eventually gains a knighthood
    But for him all was not lost because the talk heads of barbadians still would support his business
    Where was the outrage towards a man who sells fried chicken and was given a knighthood
    I know of many barbadians to whom that award could have been given for their selfish sacrifice in helping the Homeless
    But then again these people do not have the financial means to be of high influence
    God bless Bim..wuhloss


  • “Assad John HALOUTE: The Owner and Founder of Chefette Restaurants Ltd. has been knighted for services to the hospitality industry and philanthropy..”


    Are you implying Assad John Haloute and Elliott Deighton Mottley are Muslims?

    Where was it mentioned Assad John Haloute is a Muslim?

    Or are you assuming because he may be of Arab descent, he is a Muslim?

    My friend, because an individual is an Arab, Indian or Pakistani, that does not mean he/she is a Muslim. It’s similar to profiling. Or saying all Chinese know kung fu; or all Japanese know karate.

    What about Abdul Pandor (Indian) and Taan Abed (Syrian)?

    Pandor was a former DLP candidate for the City, who was a former chairman of the NHC board…… and was subsequently appointed in October 2008 as the director of the Drainage Unit. He was also contracted to re-design the plans for the ABC Highway.

    Abed was a former DLP candidate for Christ Church West. Is he a Muslim as well?

    If we were to follow the “logic” of your argument, then both these gentlemen are Muslims…….. and are sophisticated political animals knowing how the political game is played.”

    I’m sure if anyone else had written anything to suggest all Arab are Muslims, the president of your fan club would be quick to accuse that individual of appalling ignorance as a result of learning by rote.

    It’s NOT about what is written, it’s about WHO wrote it.


  • @ Mariposa March 20, 2019 1:04 PM

    Ass.H is Not a Muslim, but rules by the Same Spirit of Zealotry of Complete Control and Superiority as all Radicals do!

    As a Dictator People like him seek to take what rightfully belongs to others whether monetarily or otherwise and seeks to Rule over others at all cost. Those Traits are shared by Communist/Marxist/Socialist and even Radical Islamist…It’s all about Control by a few who think they are better and more deserving than the rest….


  • @ Mariposa March 20, 2019 12:13 PM

    Many pokeys, the ac, do you know the difference between a Muslim and a person with Middle-Eastern ancestry?

    How can you automatically conflate a man with Trini Syrian-Lebanese ancestry with being a follower of Islam from the land of Pak or Gujarat?

    Why don’t you consult Freedom Crier of the Naime Time & Dime store clan for a thorough analysis as to how a family of business (con) scious men could become multi-millionaires from selling addictively-spiked sweet-drinks and chemically-enhanced rotis made from dog-food grade meats to gluttonous black people?

    The local Muslims are really and truly the bugbears of the tag team of Hal the intellectual Autistic and Maripokey the asinine clown.

    Don’t you know the local Muslims from the Indian sub-continent have learnt well from their Trini-born Christian Syrian /Lebanese business predecessors in importing high-calibre goods whether in the form of the debased white-lady or the compressed mary jane along with their men in arms?

    At the end of the day, when there is a common call to pray, they all worship the same top dog of a god called “MONEY”.


  • Is that the defense you can bring in trying to dismiss that Assad is Muslim
    Well Ill be dam


  • Spot on! You are correct!

    Yes….. you’ll be damn……. a damn idiot……

    ……….thinking all Arabs are Muslims……..

    ………and then coming to BU with a weak argument about knighting Haloute, when you and your colleagues from George Street, (in the midst of where several Muslims reside) were going the length and breadth of Barbados begging Barbadians to vote for Pandor and Abed, men of similar ilk to those who you are now conveniently criticizing, because it suits your political agenda.

    You duz mek me laff…. fuh real!


    Liked by 1 person

  • Stupse..not wirth answering
    Come with a better defence to support your argument that the freid chicken man is not a Muslim


  • My friend, YOU are the one who mentioned Haloute is a Muslim……. NOT ME.

    Therefore, I DON’T have to PROVE or DEFEND anything.

    The ONUS is on YOU to PROVE it……. and by all indications, it’s “absolutely clear” you CAN’T.

    This is typical of you. You are always in a rush to comment on EVERY topic in an attempt score cheap political points and for reasons of political expediency, which often finds you delving into matters that you do not have any knowledge of, making yourself look like the “village idiot” in the process.

    But I’ll give you a hint. Halal (permissible) principles and Chefette.

    Once again you have proven to BU that…. thine ignorance is boundless.

    I’m done here.


  • For general information, the following article should clear up where the local Muslim money comes from,”Saudi Arabia ‘is chief funder of Islamic extremism in UK’ _ Daily Mail Online.html. A perusal of this article should settle the matter. Furthermore, Suleiman Bulbulia a local Muslim ,spent two years in Saudi Arabia. The interested reader is referred to my reply to Bulbulia in the ” Sunday Advocate” of the 26th. January 2003 entitled “Facts on Islam shouldn’t be ignored” and my reply to Sabir Nakhuda in the “Advocate” 1ist.December 2002 Entitled : “What did the writer expect the Americans to do?” Bulbulia had some serious hardline views then in keeping with Salafist doctrine projected by the Saudis. When I, some years ago sent a clip on the Central African Republic to( BU) I was accused of fomenting racism by a loud voiced blow-hard. I have done a lot of research on Islam jihad. To get the daily mail article just in put the above in the search engine..


  • Neither do i have to prove anything to u .However u were the one to launch the attack in defense of what i said Assad about the fried chicken man defense
    Being the yardfowl that you are .You were hastened to fly off the fence to dismiss my referencing Assad as a Muslim
    Therefore it is upon you to bring hardened evidence to support that Assad is not Muslim
    I stand by my comments as in reference to him being a Muslim.


  • Please move on, you are boring the blog with this false position. Final warning.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Dr Lucas, You appear to be very distrustful of our Muslim brothers and sisters; and you have presented some clear examples of their ruthlessness and cunning.

    Do you see a day when the Barbados majority population may call for the removal of this group of people from off this island?

    What of our friend Freedom Crier and her ilk?

    There exists precedents of such action where these people have been expelled from majority black populated countries and they bounced back stronger. Think of Kenya and Uganda.

    Sadly, Dr Lucas, the negro remains naively immature to their social, political and economic environment. I recently left the island and was dismayed with what I saw. The majority black population are sadly dispensable.

    They are too stupid and too dumb to discuss what you believe to be the truth.

    Recently, I passed a comment in the BU rum shop and was chastised. It is pointless arguing or raising your inner fears. Some idiot will always pull you down.

    Just for the record, I would like to know the experience of blacks who live in Muslim countries. I wonder if they are treated fairly and equally by the majority host population?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Freedom Crier aka Former Fried Chicken Fryer’s Family

    Mariposa aka *** sometime even the dumb have their purpose too

    You presented a non sequitur but in the process said something that set Freedom Crier on edge

    And, in the middle of her extensive personsl history, she says AND I quote

    “…There is One Thing to TAKE the LIVELIHOOD of a Man who made another a VERY RICH man but to STEAL his LEGACY also is DEPLORABLE and a DISGRACE to the HUMAN RACE!…”

    I am smiling broadly.

    Observe your righteous indignation occasioned by the theft of birthright by Brother from Brother, yet, when same happens to s black brother OR A BLACKman you are not so vehement in your solidarity

    Heheheheh you see shy I call you a selfish hypocrite??

    You would prosecute for rights and correctly ascribing ownership and acclaim to the author of an asset yet, you incredulously, campaign against Alden Blackman who seeks his own.

    But you are not alone in this hypocrisy and disgusting behaviour heheheh there are other poocklickers in you group.

    A question for you though

    Does he import drugs, does he import guns, does he bribe customs officials to let his drugs and guns through customs, does he lack his food with cocaine?

    Just a query? And would you tell us if this were so?


  • To Whom it ma Concern and you Know who you are…

    Matthew 12:34-37 (KJV)

    34 O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

    35 A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.

    36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

    37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.


  • Christians continued to be the most persecuted group across the globe according to a study.

    An Italian-based Center for Studies on New Religions, determined that 90,000 Christians were killed for their beliefs worldwide.
    The study also found that as many as 600 million Christians were prevented from practicing their faith in 2016.

    To Date…

    120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria – Media Silent

    Muslim Fulani militants killed 9 more Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt–adding to the death toll of 120 Christians massacred in central Nigeria since February…

    CBN News reported last year that hundreds of Christians were killed in clashes with the Muslim herdsman.

    According to the Global Terrorism Index, Fulani herdsmen have killed more than 60,000 people since 2001.



  • Why is Parliament Tv stalling


  • @Talking Loud Saying Nothing (5.53)
    I believe in tolerance but I am intolerant of intolerance as practiced by Muslims, The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928,Hassan al-Banna articulated the dreams of resurrecting the golden age of Muslim Empire: “It is the nature of Islam to dominate” he said, not to be dominated; to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” This vision has inspired all Muslims since then (“New York Times” January 20,2002).Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad. There is a you tube video on Jung’s view. You should watch it. I have in the past said that Barbadians should read, do their own research and arrive at independent conclusions. Sadly, Barbadians seem incapable of serious analytical thought.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Hal Austin March 20, 2019 5:52 AM “the colonisation of huge areas of Britain.”

    So what?

    Do fa do int na obeah.

    Didn’t Britain colonise huge areas of the WORLD?

    Well the chickens, the black people, the Muslims have come home to Britain to roost.

    You have to live with it, because the people colonised by the British are NEVER going to leave Britain.


    Rule Britainia has come home.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    4.4% of the population of the United Kingdom is Muslim.

    75.6% of Bajans are Christian. British/Anglican Christianity was imposed on the black people of Barbados, those black people who came mostly from non-Christian countries.

    What is the difference between the bloody European imposition of Christianity on a people, and the bloody Muslim imposition of Islam on a people?

    All religions born in the Middle East would wish to see the whole world convert to their way of thinking…don’t we see what a wonderful peaceful place the Middle East is?

    Shouldn’t the whole world be as peaceful as the super religious Middle East?


  • See the following video:


  • I support a secular Barbados fully endorsing and upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I am a practicing Christian but I support and defend my neighbour’s right to practice any other religion or not to practice any religion at all.


  • It is undeniable that the North Atlantic nations (otherwise known as the West) is guilty of inflicting (and continue to inflict) the horrible practices of slavery, colonialism, imperialism and environmental degradation on their own peoples and many other nations. However it is undeniable that it from the same Western world accelerating during the Age of Enlightenment that anti slavery, anti colonialist, anti imperialist and pro environmental protection ideals have been developed. I am not aware that in any other part of the world has the promotion of such ideals as those in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights be seen as the norm or goal of civilized society.


  • Well said, Sirsimplesimon. This article is just part of the ongoing white supremacist narrative to demonise Muslims as a cover to invade their countries and steal their resources. Lol. European civilisation ‘took off on an upward trajectory’ by invading countries, slaughtering millions, enslaving millions and are still actively blowing up people in a multitude of countries. But it’s the Muslims who are bad for ‘blowing up people’. Bwoy, you couldn’t make this nonsense up if you tried.


  • How many even raise a voice or a concern when massacres happens to blacks in Africa


  • @PingPong
    In fact, in many traditional societies outside of Europe, people had a far more developed concept of human rights, democratic governance and the correct relationship between human beings and nature than anything that has come out of Europe. See this article on traditional democratic governance in Africa for example.

    The white supremacists want to create a false narrative that Europe and Europeans are at the centre of human upliftment when the opposite is the case. I won’t say anything for now about the whole false narrative of European civilisation having its origins in Greece rather than in Africa, in KMT, the black country of Ancient Egypt. Nor is it true that wherever people with a superior technology meet people with less advanced technology, the former will immediately kill and enslave the latter and steal their country. Any descendant of the indigenous people of the Caribbean should know this. How did the indigenous people of North America treat the first European invaders who landed in their country when they were facing death as the harsh North American winter approached? They treated them with humanity and showed them how to survive. Of course, the invaders repaid this human kindness by killing their hosts and stealing their country. In Swahili, the word for foreigner ‘mgeni’ is the same word for guest. That shows you how civilised people view those who are far way from their homeland. Just compare that with the abuse that the white supremacists heap on people, calling them ‘immigrants’, ‘aliens’, ‘criminals’ and much worse and wanting to build a wall to ‘keep them out’.

    Those of us who are the descendants of the enslaved and the colonised have had our heads filled with Eurocentric and white supremacist lies. But like Bob Marley said, we need to free ourselves from mental slavery.


  • @Tee White
    “Sadly, Barbadians seem incapable of serious analytical thought.”


  • @ Ping Pong,

    We are told Barbados is in the North Atlantic.


  • “@ Ping Pong…. We are told Barbados is in the North Atlantic.”

    Ping Pong

    I don’t want to rehash old “arguments,” but the above comment is NOT true.

    WARU, who at the time was posting under the name “Well, Well Cut & Paste At Your Service,” posted and quoted from the following article in Barbados Today, which was written by Marlon Malden:


    “Added by Marlon Madden on December 21, 2017.
    Saved under Business, Local News

    Financial services giant Sagicor, which last year moved its holding company to BERMUDA after more than 170 years here, is preparing to establish a firmer footing in the British overseas territory LOCATED in the NORTH ATLANTIC, according to a recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report.”

    An “argument” ensued thereafter about the locations of BERMUDA and Barbados.

    Before I’m accused of “manufacturing evidence,” I’ll post the BU page, and if you care to, you’ll read for yourself.



  • @Tee White
    I am aware that many traditional societies, for example the Taino of the Caribbean, promoted many of the values that western philosophers only began to discuss during the Age of Enlightenment. I however do not romanticize traditional societies as I do NOT romanticize western society. That said, can you tell me which nation TODAY or even sect/tribe/clan is promoting the values of democracy, equity particularly gender equity, environmental sustainability, reason and scientific enquiry and skepticism over religious dogma? Egypt, Libya, Boka Haram, Shining Path, The Nation of Islam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Al Qaeda, Venezuela, North Korea, Trump ….?


  • @ Artax and Hal Austin

    Barbados is geographically located in the Tropical North Atlantic. Geologically it is not even a Caribbean Island. The polity “Barbados” is most definitely part of the North Atlantic zone sharing most of the social and political characteristics of the nations of North America and Western Europe. That people of African descent make up the overwhelming majority of Barbados does not negate this point.


  • Yesterday i made mention of Assad being a Muslim
    One would have thought i called Assad the devil
    Which brought me to thinking that if one is a identified as a Muslim in Barbados the warth of God might heaped coals on fire on their head
    Therefore such an identity must be kept secret.
    Personally i have no problems with people having the religion of their choice whether it by culture or indoctrination
    However it behooves me to think that an aggressive launched attack on me by blp operatives suggesting is was lying (albeit they having no sustainable proof to say differently) was necessary as a defense of Assad religious belief.


  • robert lucas
    March 20, 2019 6:14 PM

    “I believe in tolerance but I am intolerant of intolerance as practiced by Muslims, The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928,Hassan al-Banna articulated the dreams of resurrecting the golden age of Muslim Empire: “It is the nature of Islam to dominate” he said, not to be dominated; to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” This vision has inspired all Muslims since then (“New York Times” January 20,2002)”.

    …Elected representatives DO NOTHING despite it being blatantly obvious that we’ve been infiltrated by a domestic enemy that seeks overthrow of U.S. from within. Awad IS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, which should be labeled a terrorist organization, along with all MB groups on US soil…


  • You always try to make every blog post about you. Get over it.


  • Congresswoman Ilhan Omar: Terrorist

    A closer — and profoundly disturbing — look at Representative Ilhan Omar.
    March 15, 2019

    In this new video below, takes a closer — and profoundly disturbing — look at Representative Ilhan Omar, the accusations made against her, and the relationship between CAIR and Hamas. The evidence he unveils begs the question: Is Congresswoman Ilhan Omar a Jew-hating, America-hating terrorist? Watch the video and decide for yourself.



  • If ibam being attacked i will respond accordingly
    Get over it
    You are a bold faced liar


  • @Ping Pong
    The issue isn’t one of romanticising anything or deciding which group is or isn’t practising these principles. The issue, as I see it, is how we apply these principles in modern conditions to make our society more humane and just.


  • @ Tee White

    Agreed. We must not however, in political correctness, fail to call out those who promote theocracy (whether Christian, Islamic, Jewish or whatever).


  • Iran human rights lawyer sentenced to 38 years in prison with 148 lashes: husband

    March 11, 2019 12:17:54 pm
    Xi Lucy Shi

    Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband Reza Khandan posted on Facebook Monday that his wife has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes as results of two open cases.

    Sotoudeh has been charged with spreading information against the state, insulting Iran’s Supreme Leader and spying. Last year Sotoudeh represented a number of women who have removed their headscarf, or hijab, in public to protest against Iran’s mandatory Islamic dress code for women, according to the Center for Human Rights in Iran, a New York-based advocacy group.

    Amnesty International criticized the Islamic Republic in an urgent letter on March 4 and called for the immediate release of the 55-year-old human rights lawyer. “The charges against her stem solely from her peaceful human rights work, including her defence of women protesting Iran’s abusive forced hijab (veiling) laws, and her outspoken opposition to the death penalty,” said the letter addressed to TO Ebrahim Raisi, the head of Iran’s judiciary.

    In 2012, while serving a previous prison sentence in Evin prison, Sotoudeh was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by the European Parliament without receiving a monetary reward.

    Notice how quiet they all are. Where is the out rage from Tlaib or Omar, Pelosi or Schumer. What about CAIR, no comment.

    All a Bunch of Political Hypocrites!

    Tlaib or Omar have a Sharia Agenda…Pelouzy and Schemer are Power Hogs!


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Ping Pong March 21, 2019 7:53 AM “can you tell me which nation TODAY or even sect/tribe/clan is promoting the values of democracy, equity particularly gender equity, environmental sustainability, reason and scientific enquiry and skepticism over religious dogma? Egypt, Libya, Boka Haram, Shining Path, The Nation of Islam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Al Qaeda, Venezuela, North Korea, Trump…?”

    Sadly. None.


  • Sir Simple Simon, P.C.

    @Hal Austin March 21, 2019 4:30 AM “We are told Barbados is in the North Atlantic.”

    Well it depends.

    Barbados is in the Atlantic 13.6 degrees north of the equator.

    So “yes” Barbados is in the Atlantic, north of the equator, so “no” it is not in the south Atlantic.

    But I don’t wish to argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Talking Loud Saying Nothing March 20, 2019 3:56 PM “The majority black population are sadly dispensable. They are too stupid and too dumb to discuss what you believe to be the truth.”

    Just because we do not share your views or those of Lucas, that does not make us dispensible, stupid, nor dumb.


  • A read of Lowdown hints at the fact he read this article.


  • Her Words Says It All…


  • @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    I do not want you to share my views at all. You have missed the gist of the article. Muslims in the west holler and keep a lot of noise about their human rights when they don’t get their way. What makes you think that if Barbados were under Muslim control you would be free to do what you want; drink all the liquor you want, live with all the women you want( I am not suggesting that you do these things, I am just using them since I know how Islam reacts to them), don’t go to the Mosque to on Fridays, and don’t pray five times a day. Under Muslim control try doing the above see what happens. The gist of the article was and is that there is no reciprocity extended by Muslims to non-Muslims when the former are in charge. If you don’t see it in this like ,the most that I can say for you is that you are naïve.


  • @ Simple Simon,

    Is Barbados in the Caribbean?


  • @Robert Lucas

    Do you accept that in the West we live our lives by a different set of rules? Is that not what differentiates us from them? If our culture is more tolerant then we live with the consequences?


  • Who the hell cares where Barbados is by geographical label? We know where to find it. We live here.

    The pilots find it. The ship captains find it. Pretty sure a missile launcher would find it too.

    What is the point of this never ending petty argument???????


  • 🙂 Pretty sure a missile launcher would find it too. What is the point of this never ending petty argument???????”

    It was getting boring. repetitive and silly; ‘Iceland’, ‘North Atlantic’, ‘Caribbean’ rolling from blog to blog.
    Welcome back


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