The Apologist Mohammed Iqbal Degia

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas, PH.D and CFS.

30 April, 2019

The Editor

Barbados Underground

Barbados, W.I

Dear Sir/Madam

There were two articles under the by-line of Mohammed Iqbal Degia in the “Nation” newspaper of the 23rd. And 30th. of April; respectfully captioned as “Notre Dame Fire context” and “Presumption of Guilt”. In the former article, Degia is perturbed at the fact that there was widespread coverage in the western media about the fire (so much so that the coverage is likened by a friend of his as “almost like an international performance and if you do not join in you will be accused of not caring”). He again seems incensed by the year 1492 and the dominance of western civilization (he actually used the number 500 years). Finally he was upset by the French banning Muslim women from using the face covering and the satire of Charlie Hebdo which he deems as revolting. Degia seems to forget that Muslims are in the minority in the west in a culture that is Judaeo-Christian. Therefore, it is only right that extensive coverage be given to the fire. I wonder if he expected coverage should be given to Mohammed instead? He is further annoyed that in two days over a billion dollars were raised for the rebuilding effect; money which he attempts to suggest could be used for the poor. I wonder if he would come to same conclusion if the Kaabah in Saudi Arabia had suffered the same fate? For Degia information, the French are entitled to ban the face veil: the same way Muslim majority countries expect non-Muslims to adhere to their laws,it is expected Muslims in the west adhere to western laws or suffer the consequences. Islam is the only faith that reacts violently to satire because as a religion it cannot stand up to rigid analytical criticism.

In “Presumption of Guilt” he seeks to deflate the responsibility of Muslim terrorists, who he again claims are not Muslim. If one repeats a delusional assumption enough times, one eventually accepts it as being true. This is a common practice of Muslims when they claim Islam is a “religion of peace”. He seems incensed that Barbados’ Attorney General urged the populace to be on guard against Muslim terrorists. He again seeks to link white supremacist attacks in the west with those of Muslim terrorists: and to downplay Muslim terrorism by attempting to portray Muslims and Muslim terrorists as persecuted victims world wide. He wonders why this state of affairs exists. It exists for the following reasons:

  1. Muslim minorities are a de facto fifth column in their host countries. The Central African Republic(CAR) is an example of this,where a Muslim minority executed a coup. Similarly with Sri Lanka, the Muslim Terrorist leader Rilwan Hashim had this to say:“We will destroy these non-believers to protect this land and therefore we need to do jihad.We need to teach a proper lesson for these non-believers who have been destroying Muslims.’ (Sister of Sri Lanka terror ringleader says up to EIGHTEEN members of her family have died in the attacks and subsequent house raids. Tim Stickings For Mailonline (Daily Mail,UK. 29 April 2019). Muslims make up ten percent of Sri Lanka population.
  2. the coordinated bomb blasts aimed at Christian worshippers on Easter Sunday, which killed at least 290 people and injured hundreds more, demonstrates the kind of meticulous planning, funding, resources, and support that is still exclusively the domain of radical Islamic terrorism. The idea that a similar threat by white supremacists exists in the West is risible. There is not a single Western country that does not afford Muslim citizens the same rights it does all other citizens. No government on Earth supports white supremacy.There is no funding infrastructure for those who support white power. There is no Christian or Jewish denomination, or any notable political factions, in those nations that imbue white supremacy with any theological or ideological legitimacy. There is no white supremacist government trying to obtain nuclear weapons, and none sending its terrorists to other countries. In the world’s free nations, where any political party can participate in the process, the power of racist groups is minimal (Islamist Terrorism Remains the World’s Greatest Threat to Peace, David Harsanyi. Daily Signal,26th.April 2019). The same cannot be said for Muslim countries where Pakistan and Iran actively support terrorists and suppress the rights of non-Muslim minorities.
  3. Refusal to obey the laws of their host countries(attempting to have Sharia police patrolling).

He ends his article by stating he has nothing to apology for. For his information no one wants any apology from him. What we want from his ilk is respect for our laws nothing else. It is good that he has an article in the newspaper;one can easily see where he is coming from with his articles. One must bear in mind that the 9/11 and Sri Lanka bombers were well educated and seemed well adjusted to the west to the non-initiated. I am pretty sure his writings are being studied elsewhere.

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  1. Has anyone ever seen Duguid’s Convocation document (DDS)? He is listed as having attended (2 years) as a false teeth lab technician in Toronto, back in the days before 3D scanners were standard operation procedures. No official document that he ever graduated is available. Duguid is not registered to practice dentistry or diagnose preventative dentistry in Canada or U.S.A. M.Pharm.D     

  2. I have said here before that Barbados is sleep-walking in to a very dangerous future. We have Fiji, the Solomon Islands and others as examples, along with huge areas of the UK. Just do your background research on the column in Barbados Today by the Iman – unapologetic, uncompromising, unforgiving.
    As to the Notre Dame Cathedral, look at how the Jihadists destroyed the ancient library in Mali – this at a time when black people are being written out of the world history of mathematics and philosophy..
    But, this is Barbados, we know best. Even to raise the question is to invite contempt. I am surprised he has not been given a column on BU. My duty is to future generations that they will realise that someone raised the alarm before it was too late.

  3. @Hal Austin
    I have tried to get my previous article in reply to Degia published in the “Nation” and “Advocate” to no avail. One would figure that a newspaper would welcome a reply to one of its writers. All I can say is that this country is in a very bad way

  4. They are playing a very dangerous game. I was told a few years ago by a senior journalist on the Nation that s/he was inundated with press releases and telephone calls from Muslims activists. They put young reporters under enormous pressure.

  5. @Hal Austin
    149 Trinidadians are held captive in Syria. It was either in 2017 or 2018 when on a call-in program, a local Muslim was asked directly if any Barbadian Muslims had gone to Syria.The moderator could not get a straight answer out of him. Given the ummah concept and given that Trinidad is just around the corner(bearing in mind that one of the local Muslims spent two years in Saudi Arabia), it is highly inconceivable that some locals did not make the jihad to Syria ( knowing Barbados, where every one pretends that such cannot happen),, I would be amazed otherwise.

  6. @ Robert Lucas,

    With free movement of people it is clear. Also they have their own website on which they share information.

  7. to Whisperer
    the good gentleman attended the PM’s town hall in Toronto and spoke briefly. He said that he had traveled back and forth to Canada many many times, and if my recollection is correct, every 3 weeks for years, as his family was based here, while he practiced in Barbados.

  8. The Madrassas in Barbados are funded by the Saudis and the books used are printed in Saudi Arabia. Non Moslems are referred to in said books are infidels. Lots of money to buy land for housing, etc., for Moslems in Barbados comes from Saudi Arabia.

  9. If you go back in history beyond 1492 to a time when Europe was being invaded by the Moors through Spain.

    France was next in the invasion plans of the Moors.

    Key moment was in 732, the Battle of Tours where those plans were curtailed in modern day France.

    Key man was Charles Martel, “The Hammer of God”.

    His grand son, Charlemange became the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in AD 800.

    A statue of Chalemange stands outside Notre Dame where the fire in the picture occurred.

    It wasn’t till 1492 that the Islamic occupation of Spain was ended.

  10. I haven’t read either of the articles in the Nation so can’t comment on them. However there is one thing that is absolutely clear to me. As someone who has lived for a significant period of time in countries where a majority of the population profess to be Muslims and in countries where a majority profess to be Christians, my experience tells me that there is no real significant difference between how people conduct themselves in their daily lives.

    To speak about ‘Muslims’, of which there are about 2 billion in the world, as if they were a single group with the same ideas and approaches to life is gross stereotyping. It is not possible to categorise religious believers in this way and this approach simply fuels divisions amongst people and invites worse outcomes.

    It is a reality that powerful vested interests have weaponised religions (both Christianity and Islam) in various ways and use these weaponised versions to hide their pursuit of really evil political aims, such as colonial enslavement, racism and war.

    Decent people should have no truck with either division-sewing stereotyping of groups of ordinary people or the weaponisation of religions for the pusuit of inhuman political ends. We should demand respect for people’s right of conscience, to follow the religion of their liking or to be non-religious, and strive to unite people of all religions and none in order to solve the many problems the world is facing as a result the current global domination of powerful oppressive forces.

  11. I haven’t read the article either .. I was responding to the picture of Notre Dame burning.

    To be honest, I don’t really go in for all the statues and relics that the Roman Catholics love but I respect the history and understand what the picture is about.

    I know were it not for Charles Martel Europe would have been Muslim for more than a millennia.

    I learnt about Charlemange in first from with Chumley so my interest is more historical than religious.

    It is easy to understand why so many French Roman Catholic Churches are being vandalised.

    I reckon Notre Dame is just one more.

    The church in Sri Lanka was also Roman Catholic …. Muslims and Roman Catholics have a looooooong history!!

  12. @Tee White
    I am aware that there are about 1.5 billion of them. The point you seem to miss is this: the Islamic faith( if one can actually call it that) is about submission to Allah. .According to Muslims there is only one God and his name is Allah (ergo, by inference Allah is superior to all other Gods ,thereby making Islam in the eyes of Muslims superior to all other faiths). It is this idea that makes Islam a dangerous ideology since there is no separation of theology from politics in Islam. Fundamentally Islam is a way of life and as a result, it is almost impossible for Muslims to adhere to the rules expected of them in non-Muslim countries. Since their God is superior to those of all other faiths, by extension one would have expected the Muslim world to have shaped the modern world in science and technology. It has not done so and this failure is like a malignant cancer eating at the psyche, engendering envy. You do not hear of there being a lot of difficulties with Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’is. and the Ahmadi Muslims in the west( by the way the Baha’i and Ahmadis are persecuted by main stream Muslims)..You are being at best naïve if you believe what you have written(” fuels divisions amongst people and invites worse outcomes”).Try telling your ideas to Coptic Christians in Egypt or Christians in Pakistan and see what they have to say. Don’t you think an ordinary person like Asia Bibi in Pakistan would like to believe the sentiments you espoused? If you have not read about Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, I would like to suggest that you do so. From reading your posting, you come across in a mode similar to the one adopted by Neville Chamberlain when he was dealing with Hitler. I agree it is best to have harmonious relations with others( I am all for harmony),however, one should not bury one’s head in the sand. You should also try reading the original articles of the 19th. March, and 23rd. and 30th.April in the “Nation” under the by-line Mohammed Iqbal Degia. I also refer you to my reply of 19th. March under caption (Islamophobia ,by the way, the caption was the editor’s) in the Barbados Underground.

  13. @John
    It doesn’t matter being Catholic. The attacks are aimed at all non-Muslins with particular emphasis on western people who for the most part are Christians or secular.

  14. @ Dr.Robert Lucas…Part 2

    And too, just as the Old Testament was given (often peculiarly and sometimes bafflingly!) as a “preparatory measure” to make ready the minds and hearts of the Children of Isaac and Jacob (the Jews) for the coming of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so too was the Promise given to Abraham (peculiarly if not perplexingly!) to prepare the minds and hearts of all the Children of Ishmael for them to be blessed as well. Indeed, we learn that according to the promise the Children of Ishmael, they too would become a “great nation.” And thus presumably (through the direction given in the Koranic text or otherwise) Ishmael’s Children could obtain the same eternal promises of the Gospel of Christ, enabling Christ’s eternal promises to all of Abraham’s children — each in their own turn, each according to their own faithfulness. (See KJV Genesis 17:2-22; 21:9-21) 3

    Therefore, and with considerable irony, the secret in undermining the Jihadist lies not in attempting to falsify the Koran itself, nor in defaming the Islamic faith, but in re-illuminating and further magnifying its true purpose and priorities. In fact, stripped of Koranic priestcraft and misinformation, the Koran is even more specific and plain in directing its followers forward to the Messiah in the Name of Jesus Christ, and the needs to follow after Him (as conveyed by Muhammad) than is found within the Old Testament.

    Surprised? As is demonstrated below, the coming to light of this true directive and purpose of the Koranic passages, proven within the formal text itself, manages to effectively and directly challenge the tenets of the Jihadist so-called “faith” in their basic ideology. The real “Truth” of the Koran literally undermines most everything that has been taught by generations of self-serving, ego-maniacal, covetous and complicit Mullahs who wrongly wish to return to the 6th century and war with the civilized West, even with the People of the Book. 2

    Many, if not most, Judeo-Christians and other non-Muslims are unaware of the text and subject matter contained within the Koran (Qur’ân). Again, the words within the Koran itself repeatedly concede that its common purpose is to lead its followers to God. But not as the Jihadist wishes to believe. For the Koran is much more specific as to who “God” really is, and goes much, much further in declaring who He is than the Jihadist could ever reconcile or imagine. Surely they will be surprised to learn that much of the text emphasizes a deep abiding connection with the Old and New Testaments, mentioning by name many of the prophets known throughout Judeo-Christianity, most notably “Jesus Christ.”

    Yes, it is true. Remarkably, the text of the Koran actually names the character of “Jesus Christ” as the “Only Begotten of the Father,” declaring with no uncertainty that “He is the Word” who will “atone for the sins of the world” and bring about the “resurrection,” He being its “first fruit.” He is none other than the “God of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob.” As we will prove immediately below by just a few of many possible salient examples drawn from the text of the Koran itself, one really can’t get any plainer than that….

    Dr. Lucas Please let Freedom Know if you are interested to Learn more?

  15. robert lucas
    May 2, 2019 2:20 PM

    It doesn’t matter being Catholic. The attacks are aimed at all non-Muslins with particular emphasis on western people who for the most part are Christians or secular.


    I know.

    Just wanted to make the point that there are 2;2 billion Christians on earth and they are quite a diverse group.

    Some are Roman Catholic, some Anglican some Methodist, some Moravian etc etc …. there are even some who are Quakers.

    I don’t think it matters either … all are infidels.

  16. @ John,

    There are diverse Muslims too. From Sunni to Sufi and everything in between. Only one sect are mass murderers, the Wahhabis.

  17. @Hal Austin
    The Saudis are responsible for the Salafist/Wahhabis spreading their doctrine all over the world. Supporting the Muslims here in Barbados with funds..

    @Freedom Crier
    Thanks for your offer but I am not very religious and hard as you may find it,I have no hankering to become more familiar with Islam. I have only written about Islam because others would not do so. Long ago, Lawson Bailey wrote about the threat from Islam; since then the only people locally to do so have been Harry Russell and myself. It irritated me that a follower of a most intolerant ideology was using a democratic platform to make it appear that Muslims were suffering in the west. What really annoyed me most was his juxtaposing the black experience with that of Muslims. He was trying by sleight of hand to pull the blinkers over the eyes of the uninitiated. There is no comparison. Muslims have been enslaving blacks for eons

  18. @ robert lucas May 2, 2019 5:11 PM

    This Politicization and Cultural changes have Morphed into a Totalitarian System and you are quite right in your analysis that Muslims are freer in the west than in their own countries.

    The Article that Freedom recomended takes the view that people were people as they have good & bad people in all cultures and the Imams and the Mullahs who preach a Political Religion have hijacked the teachings that Islam and everything to them is to shape the culture and the politics of everybody including Muslims and they use Totalitarian means to achieve it.

    The Pakistani’s/any Muslim Country who run to the west for freedom create their own enclave and institute and follow the same cultural things that they escaped from and creating dissatisfaction within themselves and the society that embraced them to perpetuate the same Cultural Dogma that they ran away from and try to claim some type of Victim Status.

    Totalitarianism does not have a religion, it only has people that want to Rule others and this Philosophy is common to Communism/Fascism/Nazism/Socialism/liberalism, Environmentalism, and Corrupted Islamism.

    They are even Secret Societies that also have the same goals. The enemy of good people is not a black man, is not a white man, is not a yellow man it always has been a man that wants to rule over men by force.

    “Most agree with the Kings of Jordon, Saudi Arabia and the President of Egypt — all Muslims — all recently explaining that “Islam is at war with itself.” I believe that is true. And what I have come to conclude is that the only one sure way to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism is to legitimately separate Jihadism from the Koranic Text. To do so would show the world that the basic religious and spiritual ideology behind Radical Islamic Terrorism is patently false and irreparably flawed as demonstrated from within the Koran (Qur’ân) itself.

    Suddenly, as if struck by lightning, Jihadism’s alleged ideological roots would be torn asunder, no longer having any true supporting ideological basis in the Koran. Most importantly, such a feat can be accomplished without defaming nor diminishing the Koran or all of Islam by “casting stones” at it…. Rather, simply teach and magnify instead the True, underlying purpose of the Koran… a purpose which is exceptionally challenging, staggering and truly surprising once it’s unveiled… a purpose which has long evaded the world due to the unholy and egregious practice of misrepresentation and priestcraft by its teaching class of Imams and Mullahs.”

    This Video shows the Totalitarian Nature of Certain Leaders ….

    Shocked U.N. Delegates as PLO Abuses Exposed by Palestinian Hero

  19. @Freedom Crier
    What you have said is correct. You should be worried over the fact that the print media have refused to allow any one to reply to the ranting and ravings of Degia. The way I view things are as follows: Fear of Islamic retaliation or fear of an economic backlash, either way doesn’t say much for them (print media).

  20. @ David
    What would you call Degia’s articles? I don’t see my response as race baiting at all. What I will say is that Barbadians don’t like people to rock the boat: they like to pretend that everything okay even when it is not so. I have gotten discriminated against in this island for my stance on many topics. Even Peter Wickham and David Ellis have said that there is need for serious discussion about Islam in Barbados. That will never happen in this country.

  21. @David
    She is doing what all politicians do; being sycophants just to get votes .You should ask Hal Austin about the way the British politicians turn a blind eye to Muslim wrong doings in the UK..I troll the Daily Mail UK pretty often and I am amazed at what goes on there.

  22. @David
    Multiculturalism (MC) and political correctness are constructs of people who want to live in a world of make belief. Both are doomed to failure. For the former to work, cultures must have similar mores and the Muslim cultural mores prevents harmonious relations with other cultures. David Cameron and Angela Merkel have all admitted that MC has failed. The MC and PC are going in later years cause bloodshed the likes which the world has never seen before.

  23. David Please Allow Christians to speak…

    A Bajan’s Plea…“Please read this article it is truly frightening. Anyone who has been even slightly paying attention to what is happening knows this to be true. Let one Muslim be killed and the Main Stream Media is besides themselves… reports coming out your ears… but let hundreds of Christians be killed or churches vandalized and desecrated as in France on a daily basis, and it is hidden on the back page or not reported at all. It is time we Christians sat up and paid attention… stop with the Political Correctness and call a spade a spade…. so as I said please read this article and may God have mercy on us!!!!”

    Persecution of Christians ‘coming close to genocide’ in Middle East – report

    Millions uprooted from homes, says UK-commissioned report, with many jailed and killed

    Thu 2 May 2019 22.00 BST Last modified on Fri 3 May 2019 08.57 BST

    The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was mentioned in the report for denigrating Christians.

    Pervasive persecution of Christians, sometimes amounting to genocide, is ongoing in parts of the Middle East, and has prompted an exodus in the past two decades, according to a report commissioned by the British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

    Millions of Christians in the region have been uprooted from their homes, and many have been killed, kidnapped, imprisoned and discriminated against, the report finds. It also highlights discrimination across south-east Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and in east Asia – often driven by state authoritarianism.

    “The inconvenient truth,” the report finds, is “that the overwhelming majority (80%) of persecuted religious believers are Christians”.
    Some of the report’s findings will make difficult reading for leaders across the Middle East who are accused of either tolerating or instigating persecution. The Justice and Development (AK) party of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for instance, is highlighted for denigrating Christians.

    Hunt described the interim report – published on Thursday, based on a review led by the bishop of Truro, the Rt Rev Philip Mounstephen – as “truly sobering”, especially since it came as “the world was seeing religious hatred laid bare in the appalling attacks at Easter on churches across Sri Lanka, and the devastating attack on two mosques in Christchurch”.

    Read More @

    Palestinian Christians attend an Orthodox Easter service in Gaza.

  24. The people who are critical of the influence of Muslims, or A-rabs more specifically, should also know that the A-rabs are partly descendants of the Greeks, the Romans, who changed the face of what is now called the Middle East.

    Indeed, the influence of the Saudis, especially through their backward interpretation of Islam, could only have been possible today because of the British support for the Muslim Brotherhood, for centuries, and the American deployment of the Saudi Salafist Movement, for decades, as an instrument of a militarized foreign policy around the issue of the control of oil.

    That part of the world is really North Western Asia that was previously populated by African peoples before 640AD.

    The general area, projected by some, to be associated with the birth of Islam, other religions.

    So any condemnation of the A-rabs, or Muslims more generally, is properly linked to those who would see this as an opportune moment to have peoples of ‘colour’ infighting, again. Not that the A-rabs, who spit upon Black people, see themselves as such.

  25. @Pachamama
    I was under the impression from doing geography that the northwest part of Africa includes the area known as the Atlas mountains, which is the homeland of the indigenous people commonly called Berbers. The Berbers are distinct genetically from the Arabs and have their own distinct language. I must say that the level of discourse on this topic is pretty high.

  26. The world became multicultural because of invasions into the territory of others. When we live in homogeneous communities we go off looking for others to fight.

    This fear mongering is useless because there is no way to turn back the clock. The Muslims are already here. When we live together we run the risk of terrorism from disgruntled groups. When we live apart we seek out each other so we can fight wars.

    Either way we end up fighting and dying.

  27. Pachamama
    May 3, 2019 10:51 AM “Indeed, the influence of the Saudis, especially through their backward interpretation of Islam, could only have been possible today because of the British support for the Muslim Brotherhood, for centuries” … Hmmmm!

    Hal Austin
    May 3, 2019 11:38 AM @ Robert Lucas, “The Muslim Brotherhood is not yet 100 years old.”

    Thanks Hal

    We can understand Pmama has an agenda, as he always likes to blame Colonialism for the world’s ills.

    Muslim Brotherhood UK

    Muslim Brotherhood arrived in the UK after fanning across continental Europe during the 1960s and ’70s (see Spread of Islam and Sharia Law in UK).

    Since its arrival in the UK, the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded and led by Arab Muslims, spread to the UK’s predominantly non-Arab Muslims, many of whom immigrated from Pakistan and India.

    In the 1980s, the de facto headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s European operations moved from Munich, Germany (see Hitler & Islam and Muslims in Germany) to Leicestershire’s Markfield Conference Centre, which is owned by the Islamic Foundation, a group affiliated with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the main Muslim lobby in Britain.

    Since then, the Muslim Brotherhood spread quickly across Britain, launching groups and using them to take control of other Islamic organizations. Examples include the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), the main Muslim Brotherhood group in Britain that now dominates the MCB mentioned above (see Islamophobia).

    Muslims are killing non-Muslims indiscriminately around the world, including in USA (Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino), UK (London, Manchester), France (Paris, Nice), Belgium (Brussels), Spain (Madrid), Germany (Berlin), Russia (Beslan, Saint Petersburg), Indonesia (Bali).

    They are also killing Christians discriminately in the Middle East (e.g., Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey), Africa (e.g., Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Ivory Coast, Somalia) and Asia (e.g., The Philippines, Indonesia).

    Therefore, the fear or dislike of Islam is neither “irrational” nor “exaggerated” nor “unfounded,” but eminently rational and founded in light of the instructions in the Quran and the actions of Muslims today. It would in fact be irrational to not fear or dislike those who are trying to kill you. After all, would you accuse the Jews in Europe in 1942 of suffering from irrational “Naziphobia” (see Hitler and Islam)?

  28. Hitler & Islam

    Islam’s Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, a 22 year old Muslim who admired Hitler’s hatred of the Jews and persistently wrote to Hitler to express his admiration and his desire for Hitler’s Nazi Party to collaborate with Islam.

    When Hitler rose to power, his Nazis supported al-Banna, a school teacher, to grow the Muslim Brotherhood into its ally in the Middle East; by 1938, the membership of Muslim Brotherhood topped 200,000.

    During World War II, members of the Muslim Brotherhood spied for Hitler’s Nazis in the Middle East and fought for Hitler as Nazi troops in two specially formed Muslim Waffen-SS Handschar Divisions ‘Handschar’ is German for scimitar, the curved saber used by the Islamic troops of the Ottoman empire.

    Above is Hitler with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and a close ally of al-Banna, in Berlin, where he lived as Hitler’s VIP guest from 1941 to 1945 before joining al-Banna in Egypt in 1946. The Muslim Nazi troops of the Waffen-SS Handschar Divisions are being reviewed by Haj Amin al-Husseini (right) and by SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler (below).

    Due to their large number of volunteers, Handschar Divisions were the largest of Hitler’s 38 Waffen-SS Divisions.
    After World War II, Muslim Brotherhood continued to grow, supported this time by the West, which saw it as a counterweight to the threat of Soviet-backed Communism in the Middle East. By the late 1940s, Muslim Brotherhood numbered 500,000 members. While some of them built schools and medical clinics, other continued to engage in violence, including bombings, arsons and murders. In 1948, members of the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated the Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud Fahmi al-Nuqrashi and participated in the invasion of the newly re-created nation of Israel.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s violent conflict with the Egyptian government, which also included the government’s assassination of al-Banna and two failed Muslim Brotherhood assassination attempts on the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, eventually led to many of its leaders being jailed while others fled and established branches abroad, mostly in other Middle Eastern Arab nations but also in Europe, UK and USA.

    Surmising that it didn’t yet have the muscle to spread Islam by force, Muslim Brotherhood ‘officially’ renounced violence in the 1970s and adopted more cunning strategies detailed in its secret internal manifesto, “The Project.” In 1979, Western powers supported the Muslim Brotherhood to form the Mujahedeen army and fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan.

    In 1987, the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel created Hamas, whose members still use the Nazi salute (above) and read Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which the Muslim Brotherhood re-titled, My Jihad, and translated into Arabic in the 1930s (Mein Kampf remains the #6 best-seller in the Muslim world today and a favorite among members of the Muslim Brotherhood – see Muslims in Germany).

  29. @ Hal Austin
    Muslim Brotherhood was started by the Egyptian Hassan al-Banna in either 1925 or 1928.Multiculturalism is the construct of a group that wish to shape the future world. The group consists mainly of globalists and leftists. However ,there is just one problem, the real world isn’t keen on following. It is silly to think that religion ,culture and nationality are going to be thrown through the window. The BBC is source of globalism; it is rabid against nationalism. A people will not forget its religion and customs. So globalist like Soros and Obama are doomed to failure. Liberalism is an aberration as the BBC was forced to admit. It is a fundamental construct of nature that like groups coalesce to form an unit. Note the push back in Europe and America. Why did you think Trump was elected? Trump represents the silent majority that is fed up with the status quo. You cannot say merry Christmas in your own country, because you may upset a minority. In the UK Dave Lammy and Dianne Abbot keep a lot of noise and use the race card a lot: They maybe born in the UK but they are not British. To be British they have to inculcate an ubris and ethos of over a thousand years that made the British who they are: not to mention the genetics also. They keep a lot of noise about the number of minorities on tv and so on. The UK is a white country and it is expected that the majority of positions would go to whites: Hal Austin may have different views on the matter.

    @Freedom Crier
    You are correct. Notice how that idiot Ardern in New Zealand got on. I saw a YouTube clip with Hillary Clinton and the loud-mouth Alexandria Ocasio Cortez talking about Easter worshipers referring to Christians. Very little noise is kept about the persecution of Christians. Orban and others are changing the script.

  30. There are actually two churches with which Islam has a loooong history……

    …. one is the Roman Catholic Church,

    … the other is the one which predates the Roman Catholic Church by 300 plus years and which the Roman Catholic Church, like Islam has been fighting to destroy!!.

    If you think about it Islam and the Roman Catholic Church have a lot in common!!

  31. That other church was of course the early Christian Church.

    Google Roman Catholicism Islam Connection and you will be amazed at the result.

    There is an element of logic to the theory that Islam is a creation of the Roman Catholic Church!!!

    It could be another conspiracy theory … an attempt at a smear!!

  32. @ Robert Lucas,

    They maybe born in the UK but they are not British. To be British they have to inculcate an ubris and ethos of over a thousand years that made the British who they are: not to mention the genetics also.(Quote)

    Are you suggesting that although some new communities may be born in Barbados they are not Barbadian?

    By the way, although I understand the flow of your general argument, some of the reasoning is incorrect. Multiculturalism, as a social idea, only started in the 1960s: with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society in the US and with the 1965 Race Relations Act in the UK. But that is a small point. It is a social experiment that has failed.

  33. @ John May 4, 2019 3:12 AM
    “That other church was of course the early Christian Church.
    Google Roman Catholicism Islam Connection and you will be amazed at the result.
    There is an element of logic to the theory that Islam is a creation of the Roman Catholic Church!!!”

    Islam has more in common with Judaism than with the Pagan-based Christianity.

    What’s so new about the ongoing ‘raging’ conflict between Muslims and Xtians?

    Hasn’t this been waging since the time of Saladin and the defeat of the Templars at the siege of Jacob’s Ford?

    Poor Islam is just the youngest of the Abrahamic children (1440 years) and might just be going through the growing pains of what Judaism went through with the pagan Egyptians and Romans; and like what Judaism’s younger brother Christianity went through in the so-called Middle Ages with its Courts of Inquisition and all that burning at the stake which neither the followers of Galileo nor the few descendants of the Incas and Aztecs would ever forgive or forget.

    So when are you going to be a bit more ‘Catholic’ in your religious edicts and comment of the Holy word contained in the Book of Thoth and in the Bhagavad Gita?

  34. So…. what do we do? Do we return all people to the areas to which we believe they actually belong? Do we segregate?

    And will this bring peace to the world or shall we then return to routinely invading each other’s territories
    to continue the fighting? Shall we return to conquerors and conquered with one set of people legally dominating the other in foreign lands?

    The failed experiment may very well be the creation of the human race which is certainly not KIND.

    For we know that humans will always FIND SOMEONE TO CALL ENEMY.

  35. Donna

    No peace ….. until …!!

    Guess all we can do is observe events as they unfold until then!!

    Many, including perhaps ourselves, will die …. or be killed by then.

  36. Dr.Lucas, Freedom for one is very grateful for the Knowledge and Influence of your Voice here on BU…It is a real Injustice to Barbadians that the MSM outlets are not interested in allowing your Articles which doesn’t fit their narrative that they want to propagate by restricting Free Speech and the Free Sharing of different ideas…

    Here is a Video you may appreciate…

    The Islamic Doctrine of Migration

    Dr. Bill Warner discusses political Islam and the role that migration plays as a form of Islamic Jihad. Bill Warner, Ph.D. is a highly respected expert on political Islam. In 2006, he founded the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) to further the study of the politics of the ideology of Islam and its ramifications for Western Civilization. Warner defines political Islam as that part of Islamic doctrine, which concerns the non-Muslim. He is author of fifteen books, including the Amazon bestseller, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, which is published in 20 languages. He holds a Ph.D. in physics and applied mathematics. His website is

  37. @Hal Austin
    You got the general drift of my argument. Taken on face value it can easily be countered by taking the USA as an example. The power brokers of the UK will never ever accept them as British. Didn’t Margaret Thatcher enact some law that states how many generation new comers have to wait before becoming British? If I remember it is several generation.
    @Freedom Crier
    Thanks a lot for your sentiments. I have watched the video. There is little that Muslims do that I do not research and keep a watchful eye on. They have a penchant for denying facts.

  38. Since the 1980s, French governments have tried and failed to fully integrate French Muslims and, increasingly, to fight extremism and radicalization.
    Despite their best efforts, these goals have been impeded by multiple factors, including the legacy of French colonialism, the unique interpretation of the separation of church and state in France, various internal divisions within French Muslim communities, and the ongoing influence of various external actors including foreign governments.
    President Emmanuel Macron, too, struggles with these challenges. Early in his term, he declared his intention to “set down markers for the entire way in which Islam is organized in France.”
    In 2018, Macron began a consultative process toward this end, stressing the need to set up an interlocutor for French Muslims (similar to those of other religious groups), create a framework for financing places of worship and collecting donations, and a system to vet and train imams working in France.
    Macron’s initiative sought to amend of the Law of 1905 on the Separation of the Church and the State (Law of 1905) with the goals of intrusively reforming religious organizations and ending foreign funding pouring into Muslim communities, which Macron felt prevented “French Islam from entering into modernity.”
    But last Friday, he went a problematic step further, warning that he would make no concessions to a “political Islam…which wants to secede from our Republic” and appearing to say that he would cut off foreign funding for Islam in France.
    The French state, as protector of both religious freedom and secularism, is attempting to navigate the country’s balkanized Muslim community.
    Throughout French history, the management of religion has been closely linked to the assertion of state power, and the government developed a bad habit of relying on external parties to regulate Islam within France’s borders. But is the French state truly the best interlocutor to settle practical questions related to the organization of religion?

    A brief history of Islam in France
    France’s attitude towards Islam since the 1960s can be broken down into three main periods.
    During the first phase (1960s-1990s), the management of religion was not a public issue with regard to Islam. Immigrant workers who arrived during these years of economic growth often lived in self-organized hostels, designed—in part—to facilitate the practice of religion.
    With a view to these workers one day returning home, the migrant-sending countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Turkey considered themselves to be legitimate interlocutors with the French state on issues of religion. They sent paid imams to France, funded prayer rooms, and organized national federations to serve as conduits for their influence. Algeria in particular considers itself the primary interlocutor, since the majority of French Muslims are of Algerian origin.
    French authorities accommodated these countries and their religious roles for several reasons. First and foremost, foreign states wanted to maintain a connection with their nationals, whom both they and France considered to be temporary migrants.
    As most of them had not intended to apply for French nationality, it therefore made sense for their countries of origin to represent them. Moreover, in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution of 1979, the assassination in Egypt of President Anwar el-Sadat in 1981, and the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, France came to realize that Islamist movements constituted a body of new political actors that were difficult to control—a task seen as better suited for Muslim-majority governments.
    After the 1973 oil crisis, the Maghreb labor import strategy was halted and immigrant workers, afraid of not being able to return to France if they traveled abroad, brought their families to France.
    In the 1980s, organizations supporting Muslim communities failed to keep up with the evolving needs of French Muslims, particularly those of their French-born and raised children.
    Despite being born and raised in France, French Muslim youth found it difficult to integrate into society, leading them to develop a different relationship with religion.
    On an international level, authoritarian countries in the Middle East and the Maghreb could no longer contain Islamism, which people used as way to express their anger towards authoritarian regimes.
    France understood, perhaps a little too late, that delegating the management of Islam to foreign powers was no longer sufficient and perhaps even creating new problems. The Saudi-based Muslim World League, which promotes Saudi-style Islamic beliefs and practices alien to Europe, funded the construction of a number of mosques in the 1980s and the 1990s, as well as transnational movements like the Tablighi Jamaat, the Salafists, and the Muslim Brotherhood that operated freely in some of France’s poorest neighborhoods, the banlieues.
    During the second phase (1990-2000), the state exerted its control over French Islam through a representative council. In the late 1990s, there was no satisfactory representation of Islam to interact with public authorities.
    Indeed, Sunni Islam (which is the main current of Islam in France) does not have a clerical hierarchy. There are therefore no religious authorities similar to those of the Catholic Church that would be natural interlocutors with the state. Also, after several decades of delegating the management of Islam to foreign powers, it became necessary to curtail their influence.
    But that was not an easy task: Algeria, for example, was reluctant to give up its role as a caretaker of the Great Mosque of Paris. Then Interior Ministers Pierre Joxe and Charles Pasqua tried to build an Islam of France based on the supposed influence of the Great Mosque of Paris throughout France. For example, in 1994 Pasqua granted the Great Mosque of Paris monopoly authority over the certification of halal meat.
    In the 2000s, France struggled to contain the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, which operated freely through the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF). This movement represented an Islam with no state affiliation and attracted an audience that was still searching for its identity.
    The birth of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) in 2003, meant to serve as an official umbrella organization that directly interacts with government, came at the urging of then-Minister of Interior and future president Nicolas Sarkozy for groups like UIOF to join a central body.
    Through its membership in the CFCM, the UOIF shifted from its previous “outsider” status to becoming part of an emerging institutionalized, official structure of French Islam. But the honeymoon did not last.
    The internal divisions within the UOIF, the incapacity of the CFCM to maintain cohesion, and Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to run for office on the back of an electorate prone to reject Islam and Muslims, led the UOIF to withdraw from the CFCM in 2011.
    The Federation of the Mosque of Paris had previously withdrawn in 2008 because it could not accept the rotating presidency negotiated several years prior. Deprived of these two important actors, the CFCM is today a hollow shell.

    The picture today
    Today, the institutionalization of Islam in France keeps facing the same barriers. Morocco, Algeria, and Turkey keep strengthening their grip on Islamic religious expression in France.
    Algeria intended to keep playing a central role in France. Morocco’s King Muhammed VI strongly asserts his status of “Commander of the Faithful” outside of Morocco, looking to unite a network of mosques in France under the guise of combating religious extremism by leading a theological reform of Islam.
    However, the creation of a French representative body of Islam has not ended the influence of those countries, partly because of the ineffectiveness of the CFCM, and with Algeria and Morocco fighting a proxy war for the allegiance of French Muslims.
    One of the few goals achieved in these efforts concerns the organization of chaplaincies. While Muslim chaplains are relatively well-organized in the army, they remain too weak in prisons and in hospitals and practically nonexistent in public education. Furthermore, foreign imams remain in France in high numbers.
    According to the ministry of interior, 151 imams have been sent by Turkey (which has undertaken a spate of religious outreach to Muslims across Europe over the past decade), 120 by Algeria, and 30 by Morocco.
    The official dialogue with these countries has made it possible to establish a rule requiring imams sent to France to follow civic and administrative training provided in French.
    The aim is to remind imams and chaplains of the rules they must follow, and to familiarize them with the history of laïcité, or France’s distinct conception of secularism.
    Regarding the construction of mosques, Algeria pays a global grant to the Great Mosque of Paris, which then redistributes funds to a series of projects for mosques affiliated to the National Federation of the Great Mosque of Paris.
    Morocco, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia also send funding. Since 2004, Morocco has been developing a training strategy for imams to establish its influence in French mosques via the ministry of religious affairs.
    Morocco has made a commitment to the French ministry of interior to provide civic and civil training courses. For instance, in 2015 then-President François Hollande signed a deal with the Moroccan monarchy to send French imams for training at the Mohammed VI Institute in Rabat.
    This training offer is part of a broader strategic approach, which also affects sub-Saharan Africa since Morocco also receives imams from Guinea, Mali, and Ivory Coast.
    Despite these efforts, there is still a shortage of French places of worship for Muslims. It is often assumed that there is not enough money to finance the construction of mosques, yet no one today is able to quantify the funding capacity coming from the French Muslim community itself.
    The French Senate’s report on the financing of Islam does not provide any figures on the budgets of the mosques. Many assume that French Muslims are too poor to fund their own places of worship and that they are dependent on foreign funding. In reality, only large projects require significant funding from foreign sources. It is difficult to give a precise estimate, but the Senate report notes that the total budget is already mostly financed by French Muslim communities.
    Since the 1960s, before the creation of a representative national authority, Islam in France was built on a local level around mosques. Any rethinking of the organization of Islam needs to take this into account.
    According to the ministry of interior, most mosques in France today are primarily independent of foreign control. But these unaffiliated mosques have never been represented in the CFCM system, which for political and diplomatic reasons gave more privileges to foreign-influenced federations.
    Attempts by the French state to centralize the organization of Islam have been counterproductive precisely because of the involvement of foreign states that continue to control organizations within the CFCM.

    Toward a better approach
    French Muslims will not come into their own without total financial autonomy. The Law of 1905 requires the state to be neutral towards religion and to guarantee equal treatment for different faith groups. France must take into account the diversity and decentralized nature of Islam and French Muslims.
    However, the reality is that all religions in France are not treated equally, and Islam in France does not enjoy all the resources and provisions granted to other religions.
    Constructive action would focus on ensuring complete equal treatment to respond to the specific challenges posed by Islam: to return to the spirit of the Law of 1905 not only by reinforcing religious freedom and avoiding interference with religious practises, but also by encouraging French Muslims to build religious organizations in accordance with the Law on non-profit organizations of 1901, as is common with other denominations.
    Finally, Macron’s proposed reforms have to be conducted in a transparent and realistic fashion and cannot be done without fully involving French Muslims in genuine dialogue.
    But such a project is doomed to fail if French Muslims do not organize themselves, take the lead, and step up rather than waiting for public authorities to choose their preferred Muslim interlocutors.

    Related Books

    Rethinking Political Islam
    By Shadi Hamid and William McCants

  39. Sorry….That article was a cut and paste from another publication. I wanted to share it with the blog.

  40. @ Robert Lucas,

    Sorry. Margaret Thatcher’s government did not enact any such law. I am sure she thought of it.

  41. Hal Austin
    May 4, 2019 12:00 PM

    RE…”Sorry….That article was a cut and paste from another publication. I wanted to share it with the blog.”

    Hal, may Freedom Recommend that in the Future with long Articles, that you Copy & Paste the first 500 words of the Article then Say… Read More @

    Then Copy the URL to the Article…Then if people want to learn more they can do so… that way you do not have to apologise for a two thousand-word post, when BU stipulates sticking to 500 words for such. Or Put it in more Parts than 1.

    Islam, made in France? Debating the reform of Muslim organizations and foreign funding for religion

    Wednesday, May 1, 2019

  42. @Hal Austin
    Thanks for the history of Islam in France. You are no doubt aware that Italy does not recognize Islam as a religion. I can’t say that I fault Italy at all. I hold no brief for the Roman Catholics, but there are no Churches in Saudi Arabia(not that that is the reason for Italy’s action). It is noticeable that you made no mention of Marie Le Pen. When she is elected there will be a crack down on Islam. As a matter of fact some mayors are only serving pork in meals for school children; a practice that will undoubtedly spread under Le Pen. You don’t have to be a seer to realize that the whole thing is going to end in a bloody civil war, culminating in the expulsion of Muslims. It is going to be history repeating itself. I get the impression that the Europeans are hoping Muslims will mix harmoniously in their new surroundings ( hoping just like Neville Chamberlain hoped). It is not going to happen. I am sure plans have already been put in place to deal with all outcomes. There is no way Europeans are going to give up their history, culture and religious mores to placate Islam. Morocco has informed its citizens and their off spring living in the Netherlands to retain their passports, that the day will come when they will be forced out. that was on radio Netherlands some years ago.

  43. Why I am sharing this information is to demonstrate that the same mentality of that exist with Europeans Secularism exist with the Left in America…

    WATCH…David Horowitz argues that the political left is attacking Christianity in his book “Dark Agenda.”

  44. “You don’t have to be a seer to realize that the whole thing is going to end in a bloody civil war, culminating in the expulsion of Muslims. It is going to be history repeating itself. I get the impression that the Europeans are hoping Muslims will mix harmoniously in their new surroundings ( hoping just like Neville Chamberlain hoped). It is not going to happen. I am sure plans have already been put in place to deal with all outcomes. There is no way Europeans are going to give up their history, culture and religious mores to placate Islam.”

    This is wishful thinking on your part.

    Christianity is dying in Europe and the ‘European’ is not reproducing at a rate sufficient to ensure demographic dominance.

    Muslims are having babies at a rate guaranteed to easily outstrip the ‘native’ European population in less than 100 years resulting in the Islamization of Europe including the United Kingdom of Engindistan (English/Indian/Pakistani) formerly the UK.

    But what goes around must come around some time.

    Didn’t Xtian European did a similar thing to the Native Americans?

    Karma is a ‘religious’ bitch indeed!

  45. Dr. Lucas Here is the Video in its Entirety…Enjoy!

    March 8, 2019 – David Horowitz talked about his book, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, in which he argued that the political left is attacking Christianity.

  46. @Miller
    Do you think they are going to wait until Muslims out number them? You seem to be living in a make believe world. The white man is the most warlike of all human being. You seem to think that the liberals who control Europe right now, will be in charge all the time. You under estimate then at your own peril. How did you think Hitler started the war? He invented an excuse. All the signs are there. The move to the right etc.

  47. @Hal Austin
    There was a lot of talk about how many generations immigrants had to have going backward in the UK to be considered British. I was under the impression that it had been enacted into law. At the time, there was talk that it was a racist move to deprive immigrants of legal status and was a back-door measure to get rid of them

  48. @Miller
    A correction where it says “underestimate then” Should read “them”.
    What has religion got to do with the white man going to war? Hitler and Stalin did not have much time for religion. You assume that a secularist Europe will not fight to defend its secularism? Your rationale seem more predicated on emotion and what you would like to happen: “But what goes around must come around some time.Didn’t Xtian European did a similar thing to the Native Americans?” Do you think that the Europeans have not calculated all of the parameters? It amazes me that people continued to underestimate others because of perceived wrongs their have done in the past. I seem to detect a tinge of malice and envy in your compilation.

  49. @ robert lucas May 4, 2019 3:06 PM

    The Miller speaks from a position of firsthand observation.

    It’s a ‘numbers’ game and the whites are losing bigly in the reproductive (bloodline) race to ensure their dominance into the future.

    These Muslims in Europe are not like stupid blacks from the West Indies or Sub-Saharan Africa who believe in some white man’s god which would punish them for fighting against those made in Its white image.

    Just look next door to Barbados (Trinidad and Guyana) to see what has happened to the blacks who formerly made up the majority populations.

    According to Brook Benton, “It’s Just a Matter of Time”!

    BTW, the Vikings were once the most warlike ethnic groups in Europe.

  50. @ robert lucas May 4, 2019 3:31 PM
    “A tinge of malice and envy in your compilation.”

    Malice & Envy! LOL!

    How do you know that I don’t straddle both sides of the ethnic fence and can see what happens in both worlds?

    BTW, the miller is a committed Pagan hand has neither ‘coloured’ skin in the game or a Dalmatian dog in the race.

    Just a student of history and knows that there is nothing new under the cultural Sun of mankind.

    One day coming the Muslims will meet their own cultural Waterloo!

  51. @Miller
    As I have said you are assuming that the Europeans will wait until they are out numbered. They aren’t going to wait. You would like them to wait. To wait would be to make them ” like stupid blacks from the West Indies or Sub-Saharan Africa who believe in some white man’s god which would punish them for fighting against those made in Its white image” to use your own words. You incipient dislike of Europeans oozes out of your comments. I presume it is envy or jealousy on your part. As I have said one should not become emotional when measuring the capabilities of others..

  52. @ Robert Lucas,

    I know what you mean. Black people are referred to as first, second, third, etc generation immigrants. Other ethnic groups are called British as six months. But it is not in legislation, if in realty.
    The other thin is that the Brit’s favourite question is: where are you from? If you say London, for example, they usually reply, no, where are you really from?


    Dear David, I write this letter to ask you to employ editorial fiat and append a right-hand oval (cannot be a left-hand one) to the political writings of a selected group (I will forward those under confidential cover) as a warning to naive readers that they run the risk of twisting themselves into bumbling dizziness and injury if they embrace such self-incriminating balderdash!
    I hope you can ‘see your way’ to help me out here as I really like this blog and would not want to terminate you or get my peeps to investigate this site.
    Always your wing-man
    DPD Word


    Georgie Porgie May 4, 2019 3:58 PM



  54. @ robert lucas May 4, 2019 3:52 PM

    What “emotional” what????

    Christian Europe has been at war with Muslims (and Jews) for centuries. There nothing new about that. You need to brush up on your history.

    Maybe you can take a shortcut to this knowledge and watch the current series about the “Making of Jerusalem” on the National Geographic channel.

    Why don’t you ask Hal Austin who own some of the best real estate in London if the stinking rich Saudis and other ‘Muslim’ capitalists?

    The biggest threat to the world today is not Islam but the growing scarcity of potable water and global warming.

  55. While everyone else was having one or two children at most, the Moslems were having 6. My hairdresser, who is Somali told me, they are all encouraged to have at least 6. Some have 8, 9 and ten. She told me she was cut (FGM) and had to have all six of her children by C-section. She wanted more but the Dr. told her she shouldn’t. So, go figure.

    Another thing they do, is send the wives and 8 children here, while the men work in the oil fields or do other work in the Middle East, etc. They wives say they are widowed, husband died here or there, collect lots of money for the bairns, plus free housing, dental, medical, money for clothes, etc. When the husbands come to visit, he becomes their brother or cousin. ‘A’ also told me that they run a scam. She did not agree with it, but they would talk in the salon.

  56. @Miller
    Sorry to disappoint you ,I have advanced level in History among other things. There you go again under estimating people.

  57. @ robert lucas May 4, 2019 5:04 PM

    The Miller is NOT underestimating you. I too have read Advanced Level History (and still doing so).

    But were you exposed then to the role of the Knights Templars in their battles against the Muslims or only about Charlemagne?

    What about Alexander the Great or even Genghis Khan?

    Listen Robert, why not lay your xenophobic fears to rest and look at the bigger picture?

    Why not let the godless Chinese handle the Muslims?

    Maybe contact with your extraterrestrial masters (aka gods) might just allay your Islamophobia and you might just see Muhammad as a reincarnation of Akhenaten, Moses or even Jesus Christ.

  58. @Miller:”The biggest threat to the world today is not Islam but the growing scarcity of potable water and global warming”.
    The part about potable water is correct at the present time. Most of the potable water is used in agriculture. There is loss from evaporation and percolation below the root system when using sprinkler and canal irrigation. Water is also loss when fruits and vegetables are harvested. There is a need to reduce heat of respiration and what is known as field heat, field heat is the heat absorbed by crop from solar energy. Heat of respiration is a result of the fact that the fruit or vegetable is a living organism and continues to respire after harvest. If heat of respiration and field heat are not reduced and the products are packed, spoilage results. Actually happen with container of vegetable shipped to the Netherlands from Barbados. Was a case of square pegs in round holes: no account taken of what is known as the refrigeration load. The problem of a shortage of potable water can be handled. determining the soil types and the correct time to apply water. Can also be handled by using CISPR techniques to breed for tolerance to arid conditions. Also by using molecular sieves in conjunction with ozone to reuse contaminated cooling water in production of vegetables and fruits as well as the food industry.’
    As for global warming (have advanced level in geography also),the climate of the earth has changed over time. from the carboniferous era when carbon dioxide concentrations were very high to the ice ages and shifting of the poles. There is no doubt that the use of oil has increased the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The problem is that the number of variables needed to model scenarios are great and no one knows for sure if the upward increase in temperature is a glitch. Records of past climatic conditions taken from ice core samples from Antarctica have been obtained. They will come up with methods to solve the problem. In any event, the sun will use all of its nuclear fuel and that will be the end of things.

    • @Dr.Lucas

      The blogmaster appreciates the passionate yet dispassionate way you are putting and defending your points.

  59. @Miller
    My brother did Greek, Latin and Ancient History. I used to read his history books for the want of something to do .Xenophobic I am not xenophobic. I am willing to admit that I am intolerant of the intolerance shown by Muslims to the non-believers. I had friends who are Muslim and have even attended a Muslim wedding when I was living in Trinidad and I lived there for ten years. You can view me like John the Baptist ( I am not very religious, although I received lots of prizes as a Sunday boy), as one crying in the wilderness ,trying to open the eyes of the uninitiated ( As William Wordsworth said in his poem “From the Prelude” “the boy is father of the man):.

  60. robert lucas
    May 4, 2019 3:06 PM @Miller

    Do you think they are going to wait until Muslims out number them? You seem to be living in a make believe world. The white man is the most warlike of all human being. You seem to think that the liberals who control Europe right now, will be in charge all the time. You under estimate then at your own peril…”


    Marine Le Pen on the EU elections: “The Battle for Europe to remain European, with European values has begun”

    The leaders of several European nationalist parties campaigned in Prague, ahead of the European Parliament elections set for May 23-26.

    The rally was sponsored by the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF), a pan-European alliance of nine nationalist parties dedicated to stopping mass migration and recovering national sovereignty from the European Union.

    Following are some excerpts from leader of the National Rally party, Marine Le Pen’s speeches:

    “The battle for Europe has begun. In these elections, the supporters of globalism stand against supporters of the nation state. The globalists against the localists.”

    “European federalists support total deregulation, the complete abolition of borders, the free movement of migration across the planet and the weakening of nation states for the benefit of oligarchs, civil servants and experts. On the other hand, there are us patriots from all across Europe.”

    “We have chosen our nations, nations whose diversity is the richness of Europe. They must remain themselves and cooperate freely with each other…”

    “We do not want to seal the borders, but we want to put the doors back to our home…”

    “My country offers a sad example of migratory submersion. If you are not careful, it will be your future. Whole neighborhoods have become non-French areas!…

    “The democratic push of the patriots in all the countries of Europe will make it possible to recast the European framework…”

    “Today, the European Union does not have the capacity to send tanks on the streets or to fire on the crowd… Yet the goal is the same: to reduce our political, legal, and national identity – our capacities of resistance…”

    “We, the French and the Czechs, will be at the rendezvous of history on May 26! Long live the Czech people! Long live the French people! Long live the Europe of sovereign nations!”

    During a press conference, Le Pen added:

    “What we see here, before our eyes, is the emergence of a new European harmony that sees the national parties coming together to offer 500 million Europeans a new framework of cooperation, a new project and a new momentum for the future.”

    “Immigration must be stopped, and the Islamist ideology must be eradicated… Islamization and globalism are new totalitarianisms that threaten European countries.”

  61. @Freedom Crier
    Thanks for your posting. I don’t understand how people can assume that the Europeans aren’t going to do something about the situation. From all indications the right should do okay in the EU elections. There is no way that the globalist are going to win out. Nationalism and culture matters. The EU was meant to be an economic union only. You have non-elected people wanting to dictate to national governments, telling them who they must allow into their countries that can’t work. I have no real concern about Germany, they will solve the problems facing them. The EU as a political union is not viable. Decision making is problem; there are differences with languages, its like the Tower of Babel.

  62. Dear David:

    Why is there a picture of the Notre Dame fire which according to French investigators was likely accidental, perhaps caused by an electrical short on an article which discusses the writings of Mohammed Degia?

    What has one got to do with the other?

  63. @Robert Lucas “in two days over a billion dollars were raised for the rebuilding.”

    I wonder how much money could be raised by Europeans for the reparations due for the harm caused to African people if the Europeans put their hearts, minds, and pockets to it.

  64. Dear David thanks—– I heard there is a Mosque in St James. Jesus save Barbados from these people

  65. @robert lucas May 1, 2019 4:10 PM “one of the local Muslims spent two years in Saudi Arabia.”

    One of my close relatives spent more than 15 years in Saudi Arabia. Went there as an unbeliever. Came back as an unbeliever. Didn’t believe what the Saudi Muslims believed.

    Said relative spent 35 years in the United Kingdom. Went there an unbeliever, came back as an unbeliever. Didn’t believe what the English Christians believed.

    Doesn’t believe what Bajans believe either.


  66. Sad that my African people feel the need to believe fairy stories born in the Middle East.

    What did we do, what did we believe before before Judaism, before Christianity, before slam?

    Did not our God exist before these Middle Eastern religions?

    Did not our God not speak to our people long before humanity was dispersed out of Africa?

    Don’t we find it curious that God has spoken only to select “select” people–all Middle Easterners–and only in the last 3500 years?

    Don’t we ask ourselves why God was “silent” to the rest of his people for hundreds of thousands of years?

  67. @Donna May 3, 2019 11:45 AM “When we live together we run the risk of terrorism from disgruntled groups. When we live apart we seek out each other so we can fight wars.”

    Not “we” Donna, but “them”

    Them disgruntled MEN, them MEN who always looking for a war to fight.

    Not me.

    Not you.

    Not us.


  68. @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    There’s been a series of arson attacks against churches in France that are being investigated, The investigation into Notre Dame fire is on-going. Given the context of the situation in France, who is there to say that it wasn’t a terrorist attack? You would like the two-billion dollars be used for reparations for slavery. That isn’t going to happen. On the contrary, why shouldn’t the African countries which aided and abetted the white man in their slavery enterprise, also be made to pay reparations? I believe in equality.
    As for the part where your relative spent 15 years in the Middle East and did not convert good for him..I really don’t see the link between a devout Muslim spending two-years in Saudi Arabia and the tale about your relative.. You harp on the fact that blacks have been hoodwink into believing “fairy stories” from the Middle East. All cultures have fairy stories about the creation and God. Since we don’t know where we come from(on a cosmic level) and where we are going (apart from six feet deep or cremation) all of the explanations for God are basically figments of vivid imagination .

  69. @ Freedom Crier May 4, 2019 6:10 PM
    Marine Le Pen on the EU elections: “The Battle for Europe to remain European, with European values has begun””

    If you had done like “robert lucas” and studied modern history (European) you would realize that similar jingoistic rabble-rousing speeches were made by Hitler and his band of Nazis as the final solution to the Jewish problem in Europe.

    Please don’t fall for the Le Pen type or you might just find yourself justifying similar ‘ethnic cleansing’ proposals like the Enoch Powell “Rivers of Blood” speech to remove vis-et-armis from their “Mother” country the simple harmless black men with Christian and English/Scottish/Welsh surnames like Robert and Lucas.

    Stop admiring the language of the KKK brigade and the pro-slavery Calvary.

    BTW, FC, do you know that some of the biggest capitalists can be found right in the ME among some of the most fundamentalist Muslims in the world?

    Who do you think sell all the weapons and luxury goods to the Muslims if not the Judeo-Christian capitalist West?

    Stop seeing the world only through a ‘black or white’ lens and you will reach the mountaintop to see the rainbow of mankind all made in God’s image called Vitruvian Man.

  70. @Miller
    You seem to want to give Freedom Crier a hard time. As you have previously stated, what goes around comes around. After the second world war, we have had Cambodia, Rwanda, the Serbs and ISIS (genocide against the Yazidis and Christians).Prior to Hitler, there was the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks. There is also the genocide of native Russians led by a Jewish cadre that hi-jacked the original revolution giving rise to what is known as the October revolution. Then there is the genocide as recorded in the Old Testament by the Jews against their perceived enemies ( the Jews keep a lot of noise about the holocaust ,but seemingly forget the fact that they were among the first people to inflict such on others).The point being made here is that there will be future holocausts. When fighting a war, the point is to win at any cost not to lose. What ever it takes to win you do. War is not about turning the other cheek or about moralistic mores. The winners write the history.

  71. @robert lucas May 4, 2019 11:47 PM “As for the part where your relative spent 15 years in the Middle East and did not convert good for him.”

    Spent 35 years in the U.K and did not convert to Christianity either. Why don’t you mention that.

    And why do you believe that my relative is a him?

    Of course my relative is not a him. The relative is a woman. The Saudis tried for about 15 years, without success. It is mostly MEN who get caught up in religious silliness, and who want to go to war for THEIR MALE God who seems to be a pretty helpless kinda fella who needs silly MEN to defend him. MEN who cannot even keep house and mind their own children for a week somehow believe that a God whom they have made in their own image needs help from them.

    If that belief was not so dangerous as well as being outright silly, I would lol!

    The world’s biggest problem is MALE arrogance, MALE hubris.

  72. Here we are in Barbados in 2019, and we know very little about our own foreparents who lived in West Africa just 212 years ago, and yet we want to engage in a foolish, dangerous and elaborate pretence that we have ABSOLUTELY CERTAINTY about people and events that may or may not have happened 800 to 2,000 years ago in a place that is 10,000 kilometers away from us.

    Let me give all ‘o wunna a little sociological exercise.

    Any day this week, ask the first ten people that you meet to name the their 4 grandparents and too give their dates of birth. The naming must include first name, middle name, last name at time of birth and place of birth. Most people cannot complete this exercise off the tops of their heads.

    Here we are. God’s people have also lived in Barbados for thousands of years, perhaps for tens of thousands of years. What do we know about those people? And lemme ask wunna a question. Just because those people did not write it down, does it mean that their lives did not happen? Does it mean that God did not speak to them. Does it mean then that God does not speak to alliterate people? That God hates his own creation’ just because that do not read and write it down? Does it mean than that God hates little children who have not yet learned to read and write? Did he hate our own great grandparents too, just because most of them did not write down anything? Does it mean that before Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed God did not communicate with humanity?

    Wunna really see that as REASONABLE?

  73. @Miller May 5, 20193:12 AM “Vitruvian Man.”

    Is there a Vitruvian Woman too?

    You know that the oldest example of humanity that we have so far found is an East African WOMAN, the scientists have nicknamed Lucy.

    But there must have been some sweet African man nearby, because here we all are.

    The Middle Easterners too, Abraham too, Jesus too, Mohammed too. All descendants of that loving African couple.


  74. And for Hal, the Chinese too.

    All children of our Mother Africa. Although I have heard that the Chinese are still desperately searching for a human origin that did not come out of Africa.

    It does not exist, so they will not find it.

  75. My relative often had to ask parents for the birth dates of their children. The women were often illiterate, or semi-literate, the men had so many wives and so many children that often times neither parent could give an accurate birth date for THEIR OWN MINOR CHILDREN, yet the believers were ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN about events and people from a thousand years ago.


  76. True SS. For the most part, we women hate war. We want our sons to outlive us. So you think God made a mistake with the testosterone level????

    It is possible to counteract the testosterone, it seems. My son loves war games and movies but thinks real war is stupid. It was amazing to me that though his environment was controlled to exclude negative influences he still gravitated towards war games and movies to the exclusion of all else once he reached puberty. But I kept pointing out and illustrating the stupidity of fighting and so he tries to explore all other options, leaving fighting as the last resort.

    PS. I always found it ridiculous that the same men who believe that God could strike any amount of people dead by his very words would need them to do his dirty work for them. Only the stupid puppets believe that though. The puppet masters have everything other than God on their minds. The god they make in their own image is just a tool for them to do as they like.

  77. RE My relative often had to ask parents for the birth dates of their children. The women were often illiterate, or semi-literate, the men had so many wives and so many children that often times neither parent could give an accurate birth date for THEIR OWN MINOR CHILDREN,


  78. @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife “meet to name the their 4 grandparents”
    There is some truth in the above statement. However, the way I approach things is as follows: I am not worried about the past. I view my present existence as part of an experiment in which there has been comingling of different ethnicities( some by force) resulting in me. I am and others like me in the West Indies are the beginning of a new race( you can call it what you like). A thousand years from now grandparents names will be known.

  79. Freedom thinks there is a Revival in the World by people, through their Experiences with Totalitarian Creeds, that have awoken to the Spirit of Freedom written in the Hearts of men by their Creator.

    After months of protests, people in Sudan are hoping to build a new country free of military rule and dictatorship. On April 11th, after a mass sit-in outside the country’s military headquarters, Sudan’s long-time leader Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power. But the protests have not stopped as tens of thousands of people continue to demand those remnants of Bashir’s regime completely be removed and all power handed over to a civilian government. “They are asking for all people in the country to be represented in this government,” Ryan Boyette, CEO, and founder of To Move Mountains Projects told CBN News. “They {protestor} want a civil rule made up of professionals: engineers, lawyers, doctors…and make sure they get to a democratic election.” Sudan’s Christians are also part of the protests, seeking greater space to practice their faith.

  80. RE The god they make in their own image is just a tool for them to do as they like.




  81. And we will notice that in religions born in the Middle East, that is Judaism, Christianity and Islam, God often makes provision for men to have as much sex as possible, while the HE God makes provision for women to have as little sex as possible.

    Why is that?

  82. Mr. Lucas if we don’t know the full names and dates of birth of our 4 grandparents, if we don’t even know what they look like it is highly unlikely that we know what happened 800 years ago, or 2000 years ago, or 3500 years ago.

    My father’s father died while my father was an infant, that is he died sometime before 1915. I have no idea what he looked like, so how can I know what Jesus looked like?

  83. @Robert Lucas “You harp on the fact that blacks have been hoodwink into believing “fairy stories” from the Middle East.”

    Not only blacks, but whites too and browns, and other colours. It is not a black nor white nor brown thing.

    If we can’t give our own mother’s full name and date of birth off the top of our heads, where does this religious certainty come from?

    If we can’t give our children’s full names, dates of birth, and birth order off the top of our heads, how is it that we are so certain about the deep, deep past?

    If we can’t look after our own children, including shampooing, conditioning, combing and plaiting their hair while holding down a full time job while our wives go away for 2 weeks, or 4, or 6, why is it that we are so arrogant as to feel that God needs help from us?

  84. @BimLady

    Nice to see you back on the blog. How are you doing. How are the daughters and grands.

  85. @SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    You are being emotional. As I said ,a thousand years from now, unless something untoward happens all will have surnames and know their ancestors, viz you and myself. As I said , I view the whole thing as an experiment in social engineering. The past is the past (I am not saying that one should forget the past).I look to the future and a new start.

  86. Here is how it worked in the past in Barbados.

    A surname was often added as a Christian name to a child’s name.

    In my case, I have one surname in my three Christian names.

    One uncle had two different surnames as Christian names and another uncle had one so I know without much effort that there are four families I need to trace if I want to find who my ancestors are.

    So, even if I had never been given my family’s oral history which I have, I know what other families I am descended from just by the naming of my generation and the generation before me.

    When I start to go back a couple of generations in the four family names I know, I find other family names used as Christian names.

    I therefore know where to look and for what.

    Today there does not seem to be any naming custom and often Bajan’s are named on a whim after film stars or athletes from over and away.

    I guess the parents believe the name will somehow make their child successful in life.

    Many parents today pick an African American name for their child and it has no relevance to their past ancestors.

    I am curious about these things but don’t bother much about who my ancestors were and what they might or might not have done.

    They are in God’s Hands just as we all are.

  87. @robert lucas May 5, 2019 6:57 PM “@SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife, You are being emotional.”

    Not all all emotional. Cool as a cucumber. Rational.

    @John May 5, 2019 9:41 PM “It wasn’t so much about names or the past, but the fact that many, maybe most can’t name 4 grandparents tell us that we know very little about our own recent past, and virtually nothing about the chronologic and geographic past.

  88. Georgie Porgie May 5, 2019 12:07 PM



    I would say that he sins just about as much as your perfect wife and your perfect mother.

  89. For his teacher who knows my blogging name,

    My son is a pain in the ass but not as much of a pain as most.

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