What Possessed Barbados to Withhold Support for a UN Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons?

Submitted by Mohammed Iqbal Degia

Senator McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Yesterday, July 7th, a majority of the world’s nations voted at the United Nations to approve a treaty banning nuclear weapons. Officially called the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, it aims for the ultimate destruction of all nuclear weapons and the prohibition forever of their use. The treaty will open for signature in September and once fifty countries have signed on, it will enter into force. The negotiations on the treaty had been taking place for many months, culminating this week in New York. The nine nuclear armed countries and some of their allies had boycotted the talks arguing that nuclear weapons were a necessary deterrent required by international security concerns.

Disarmament issues were one of the areas under my portfolio when I represented Barbados at the United Nations and I still have former colleagues from around the world involved in disarmament matters. Some of them posted on social media today expressing their happiness at the successful conclusion of the negotiations and there were even some photos taken of the voting board. The vote had been passed with 122 countries voting in favour, 1 against and 1 abstention. Imagine my shock when I saw nothing next to the name of Barbados. Barbados had chosen not to vote! Yes Barbados had chosen not to join most of the world’s countries in an international effort to rid humanity of a weapon of mass destruction capable of destroying countless people in one strike.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom why Barbados chose not to support the treaty. First, as a small island developing nation we are more vulnerable than most countries to the threats facing the world, whether environmental, economic or security. Any use of a nuclear weapon in our region would devastate us and our neighbours with our small land masses and dependence on the sea around us. Nuclear weapons are an existential threat and as a country we have always opposed them. Why would we suddenly change our stance? Second, this recognition of the severity of the threat posed by nuclear weapons led to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean establishing the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (Treaty of Tlatelolco) in the 1960s. The Treaty resulted in the establishment of the world’s first nuclear weapons free zone (NWFZ). Barbados is a party to that Treaty and I fail to grasp how we can adopt an antagonistic position on a universal treaty with similar disarmament intent. Barbados, Dominica and Nicaragua were the only three countries from the 33 Latin American and Caribbean countries party to the Treaty of Tlatelolco to not vote. I am unaware why Dominica and Nicaragua did not vote but what interests me most is ascertaining why Barbados opted to act like it did.

Five years ago in 2012, Barbados also chose to vote in a contrary manner to most of the world. On that occasion it was the UN General Assembly vote on Palestinian statehood, a course of action that lacked in principle and betrayed all the comments successive Barbadian administrations have made about self-determination. While I remain fundamentally opposed to how Barbados voted then and the justification offered by the Prime Minister for its vote was nonsensical, I understood why it was done. The Zionist pressure on his government was not something he of his Foreign Minister could resist, especially when a prominent Christian Zionist holds much sway with their party. Political and economic expediency trumps principle every time when it comes to politicians. On this instance though, I am at a loss to comprehend why Barbados would have a problem with an international treaty banning nuclear weapons.

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  1. It’s also worth mentioning that surgeons never perform surgeries, no matter how noninvasive, unless they have the patient’s previous medical reports including medical history from the referring doctor….not to mention the 1000 questions an anesthesiologist, more often than not the one who will monitor the procedure…… asks you the patient prior to surgery.

    This appears to be a one off unfortunate incident,

  2. @ Simple Simon July 11, 2017 at 12:08 PM
    “So you felt at liberty to savage the man when he was living “that a number of his decisions, or decisions for which he was accountable, were unjust” and now that he is dead and others criticize him you call those others savage, and hold yourself up as civilized?
    What a joker.
    No wonder wunna Christian English people felt at ease praising God even while practising slavery.”

    Hal Austin, despite adopting his slave master’s name, could never be called a “Christian English” person.

    Not according to his line of reasoning for ascribing nationality or ethnicity.

    In the mirrored view of Hal, the Bajan-born British high-flying journalist, the recently departed “Guyanese-born” DPP (despite his Bajan ancestry and long length of residency) could never be seen as or qualified as a ‘Barbadian’.

    For that matter, neither could those “Muslim” Indians down Kensington New Road despite many of them are born Bajans but all potential jihadists.

    Hal Austin is a hypocrite and bogus make-believe intellectual who doesn’t know the difference between his Christian donkey and his English ass.

    Just another Bajan-bred poor-great pompous jump-up of West Indian descent who just happens to be another nondescript black immigrant living among those whom Samuel Selvon described as the “Lonely Londoners”.

    What a bloody letdown to St. Giles, if not Combermere!

  3. @Hal Austin July 9, 2017 at 12:35 PM “We now have caste issues in the UK, which we did not have in the 1970s, for example, along with all the other problems.”

    Who is this “we” that we speak of?

    There have ALWAYS been caste issues in the U.K. The British may choose to call is class, or may choose not to speak of it in the presence of outsiders like Hal Austin, but the stratification by social class has always been there.

  4. Hal is truly frightening.

    That horrible brainwashed mentality has to be completely eradicated, but it will take at least 75 years of complete cleansing to be gone…it is generational..

  5. Just imagine, as a black man from the Caribbean in the UK, Hal would have suffered race hatred, discrimination, viciousness and all manner of terrorism by WHITE british people from 60s to present, but yet he can never bring himself to acknowledge that the UK have been terrorists for centuries, enslaving, stealing from, lying to and brutalizing his black brothers and sisters for centuries, that the brits created the terrorism in the middle east and are responsible for all that he is complaining about in UK, that the brits created that nasty Indian caste system….

    In true stockholm syndrome style, Hal now sees his tormentors, the true terrorists…., as his equals…..and he attacks muslims who learned the art of terrorism from the brits, much more refined from their own level of savagery centuries ago……..that is frightening.

    I wont even bother to mention to Hal who the countries are that sell the bombs, guns, planes ammunitions and chemical weapons that reaches the hands of his hated muslims.

    I was on facebook cussing some white Canadians recently, long story, they were cussing me back too, equality….however, I pointed out that….

    Racism also = terrorism…

    That ended the argument, because it appears that no one had the balls to tell UK, US and Canada that their 500 year old racist practices against Africans, their descendants and others is TERRORISM….they are the real terrorists.

    Only one dude was so pissed he came back with a big F U…lol

    Anyhow….the Hal generation have managed to turn the story upside down so as not to deal with reality and Hal is busy trying to rewrite Caribbean history to match his crazy shit.

  6. Hal has said in another blog a few week ago that the British “saved” him; [I am uncertain what he needed saving from, and why unlike millions of Barbadians he was unable to pull himself up by his own bootstraps] and hal has said on another blog recently that the British are “very kind”

    He seems unable to comprehend that that was not most people’s experience of British colonialism

  7. Ask the aboriginal peoples of the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Ask the people’s of the West African coasts, ask the people of India, ask the peoples of many, many other places how they feel about British salvation, how they feel about British salvation about British kindness?

    Ask my own brother who as a young migrant to England was beaten up for being black, for being Caribbean, for being an immigrant, for speaking English “funny”. My brother is not yet dead hal, he is not yet demented, he had to flee British racism, even though as he child he like Hal would have joyfully sung “Rule Brittania…” only to discover on arrival in England that he was not English, that he was a nigger, that he was a perceived threat to England and Englishness, a person whom immediately on seeing him felt that he had come to spill British blood.

  8. Stockholm Syndrome Simple….the Brits were so broke after world wars they would have opened their doors to any and all and did for cheap labor, particularly to Caribbean blacks, all of whom still had brit citizenship in the 40s, 50s and 60s,, but suffered horrible racism and violence in the UK….and as soon as the british economy started to thrive and Barbados became independent, those blacks like Hal had to reapply for british citizenship …more torment.

    After centuries of practice, the brits stillhave a knackfor making Hal`s generation believe that they saved black people from a fate worst than death, that they are the kindest most generous people whoever walked the earth and righteous and innocent to boot and many blacks still get sucked into that fraud.

  9. But my generation sees the brits exactly as what they are…. savages, brutal thieves, liars, murderers, racists, terrorists, opportunists and frauds who have haunted and terrorized the earth for centuries.

  10. Well well,

    I am sorry for all the hurt I have caused you; for depriving you of your civility, for making you a demented, transgender swine, plse forgive me. It was not intentional.
    It was not intended, but you are clearly still upset that my name easily flows off your ageing tongue; may you find peace and good fortune and your bitterness and mental imbalance are mended and that you have joy, if not in this life, then in a life to come.
    I fully accept blame for all the misfortunes in your sad life.

  11. But dont expect Hal to understand any of that or sympathize with your brothers horrific experience of british terrorism, he is numb, he cant feel anything.

    had it not been for Jamaicans who migrated to UK, the hooligans called the Teddyboys would have murdered every West Indian in the UK….your brother would know of the violent, racist Teddyboys of London.

  12. lol……Hal what happen…did i hit a nerve,the truth hurts dont it…lol

  13. We too like to paint everything and everybody with the same brush,be it black,white,pink or purple……makes no difference.

    One shoe does not fit all in respect to the britishers of the 50s&60s,the Bimmers of today nor the muslims.Islamists/Hindus/etc….

  14. Well Well, you are so correct. My friend who went to England in the late fifties credits his life to the Jamaicans. He said they did not care if the person was African, Indian or other West Indian. If there were Teddyboys around, the Jamaicans would face them off. They would walk people home and eventually the teddyboys became afraid of Jamaicans who used to beat them to a pulp. He said when people asked him where he came from he told them JAMAICA and they would take two steps back, nobody messed with Jamaicans. My friend is Bajan.

    Hal lives in a fools paradise.

  15. Hal Austin may be a nasty piece of work in the eyes of many BU bloggers. But who is doing more damage to Barbados? Is it the aforementioned Hal Austin or is it Mr Stuart? Leave Hal on the waste heap and target those individuals who are in a position of leadership and who have failed miserably in the running of Barbados.

  16. Bajans…those like Hal now and then need a sharp, cold reminder of their reality and history so they dont successfully pass on their adopted lies, fantasy and propaganda to the next generation of gullible young people who are likely to believe all that british themed hogwash..

  17. During the post war decades, many Bajan men worked in other Caribbean islands, and fathered children all over the region.

    All of these children are Barbadian if they choose to claim citizenship, so to say someone is “born in Guyana” or whatever, is not to say much.

  18. …i keep telling Hal that, but him and many other bajans love to denigrate other Caribbean people`s citizenship or ancestry, despite ALL passports saying…CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY.

    i was on a plane flying out of Pearson and this bajan woman was loudly telling a citizen of Barbados with whom she attended school as a small child..but you den born in Grenada….like if that made any difference, both black, both born in the Caribbean…

    everyone who heard rolled their eyes….it was so backward, so repugnant, so chilling….lol

  19. Good start with the understanding of our fellow Caribbean islanders of whom I am descended from.

    ……now lets realise that every Britisher back in the 50’s and up to now in the 2000’s were not all racists as I,my Brother,my Uncle and my many cousins of all skintones and eye colours can attest to.

  20. Vincent…it`s the racist terrorists, their ancestors and descendants that matter…they are very much active and still as destructive today as they were centuries ago, even more dangerous in that their terrorists practices are more refined and hidden, only now and then they slip up.

    google the Tory MP who referred to niggas in the woodpile which had nothing to do with the topic in parliament re Brexit.

    she was suspended, but should have been fired, so dont fool yourself, racist terrorists are very real and in control, they must be exposed and weakened.

  21. @Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger July 11, 2017 at 4:05 PM “But my generation sees the brits exactly as what they are…. savages, brutal thieves, liars, murderers, racists, terrorists, opportunists and frauds who have haunted and terrorized the earth for centuries.”

    You forgot to add rapists.

  22. lol…Simple ya right…rapists/pedophiles…the british are decidedly brutish and brutal rapists of black people, none were safe, neither man, woman nor child.

    ..there was just an article on the former beast president of US Thomas Jefferson for his rape and impregnation of black underage slave girls in his time for breeding purposes, he was even aware that centuries later his and the US` vile actions against black people would be called to account, he wrote a book on it…

    …there is a movement ahead to stop celebrating the lives of these brutal, savage animals in the US. whites have helped by documenting and photographing for their own sick pleasure, every evil crime they committed against blacks.

  23. I see the head of Elegant Hotels is confirming what I have said about work permits – they are a scam. Out of 1100 workers he has two people on work permits, and they are providing specialist services.

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