Call to RECALL Canadian High Commission to Guyana

BROOKLYN: NOW that the government of Guyana has formally notified the government of the Commonwealth of Canada that an investigation has established that the Canadian High Commission in Guyana has been complicit in the attempted overthrow of the democratically elected APNU+AFC coalition government of Guyana, the Caribbean Guyana Institute of Democracy (CGID) believes that it would be consistent with established international norms for the High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Canada to the Republic of Guyana, H.E Lilian Chatterjee, to be recalled forthwith. CGID therefore calls on the government of Guyana to effectuate said recall.

Submitted by Guyana Institute for Democracy CGID
January 12, 2019

Canadian diplomat faces recall

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Richard Beliveau of Canadian High Commission

…high commissioner still conducting internal probe

THE government is seeking the recall of Canadian diplomat Richard Beliveau who allegedly facilitated the spiriting away of former Member of Parliament Charrandass Persaud with the help of Peter Ramsaroop, who is adviser to the Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo.
“This would be improper in any jurisdiction,” a senior Ministry of Foreign Affairs official told the Guyana Chronicle on Friday.

The men –Beliveau and Ramsaroop– breached security and diplomatic protocols on the morning of December 22, 2018 and uplifted passes at the Eugene F Correia International Airport which allowed them access to the restricted area of the airport to see off Persaud, who voted with the opposition in an attempt to topple the government.

Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge has made it clear that the airport does not have the authority to issue such passes without the authorisation of the ministry and that no request for the pass was made by the diplomat or the High Commission. It is not clear whether government is also seeking the recall of the High Commissioner Lilian Chatterjee, who reportedly was out of the jurisdiction at the time of the incident. She was summoned to a meeting with Greenidge on Wednesday to explain the action of the official.

This newspaper was told however that the high commissioner has denied any involvement in helping Persaud to flee the country. One source said that it is unclear as to whether a head of mission has ever been asked to leave the country before, but should this be the outcome, Guyana would not have to apply to anyone. “We are a sovereign state. We would just ask them to leave. We have done it in the past where staff of foreign missions have been asked to leave, and given 48 hours to do so.”

Canada’s High Commissioner to Guyana Lilian Chatterjee

The government made it clear to the High Commission, that the foreign body is aware of protocols to be followed when operating in a sovereign state and thus viewed its participation in the Charrandass Pesaud matter as a unilateral act in violation of the Geneva Convention and on diplomatic and consular relations.


Charrandass, a government MP, said “yes” in a shocking vote to oust the current government. He was on a plane to Canada, where he is a citizen, just hours later.

It was stated that Persaud was escorted to the Eugene F Correia International Airport by Beliveau, Ramsaroop and self-confessed death squad hit man Sean Hinds, as well as Jason Abdulla, a PPP member.

The Foreign Affairs office expressed concern that the High Commission official and Ramsaroop were able to acquire protocol passes that allowed them to access restricted areas of the airport. It was stated that while Ramsaroop pretended to be part of the diplomatic party to acquire the pass, the High Commission official was himself not authorised for the document, since the ministry said it was not aware of any function the foreign official was conducting at the time that would have allowed him to use his Foreign Affairs Ministry issued identification card to acquire the preferential document.

It has been alleged that Persaud may have accepted millions of US dollars to vote against the government. Allegations are he tried to buy US$1M in gold just days before voting against the government and attempted to transfer large sums of money out of the country. Persaud had been assured of security protection from Ramsaroop for his “yes” vote on the no-confidence motion.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the opposition leader’s news conference on Wednesday, Ramsaroop, said: “…I mean, Charrandass is my friend, I don’t even know if he was going to vote yes or not. He just said to me, ‘if I decide to vote yes’ –and he said that publicly—‘would you help me with security’ and I said ‘absolutely, yes’,” Ramsaroop told members of the media.

But still Ramsaroop later tried to deny that he knew beforehand which way Persaud’s vote would sway. He claims that while he knew of the likelihood of Persaud leaning on the side of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), he did not share this crucial information with his boss Jagdeo.

Canadian diplomat faces recall


44 thoughts on “Call to RECALL Canadian High Commission to Guyana

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  2. The Trudeau ‘government ‘ is an utter disgrace to Western civilisation with a stupid boy selling his country out to Soros and his globalist nightmare. Still, look at who spawned the stupid boy, a slapper for a mother and a loony for a father.
    His choice of HC seems racially based, whooda thunk it? Is this pandering, or simple patronising?

  3. 45 thats Waru;s boyfriend your talking about lol. I can only hope the conservatives get their act together to oust this guy,

  4. If all this is true I cannot see how the judiciary will uphold the No Confidence vote.You mean there is not one good thing one can say about this PPP !

  5. Up there with being one of the worst prime minister of Canada – that Justin Trudeau.

    A lil boy wearing big man pants.

    Got there holding on to the name and legacy of his late Papa. Steupes.

    Saudia Arabia – angry with them for interfering.

    Barbados under the last Administration angry with the LBGT loving High Commisioner for interfering in a Sovereign Nation

    Now its Guyana who is angry

    Who is next huh?

  6. t innis china is mad over the detainment of woman , American has slapped us down on trade for thinking we are some kind of super like germany we are bringing in a million people because nobody here will vote for them again

  7. Politics make strange bedfellows; “T Inniss” a Saudi supporter joining forces with an avowed Muslim hater “45” to lobby against Trudeau. As for Trudeau’s antecedents his father was called an “Ahole” by no other than Nixon of “I am not a crook” fame and we know what happened to “Tricky Dick” but be careful how you throw those insults around there are photos of a nude First Lady all over the internet.

    As for “Lawson” he is hoping that his Party gets its act together so they can join forces with “The Manchurian candidate” yuh can’t make this stuff up. I’m voting against whomever “Lawson’ is voting for.

  8. lol…Lawson still can’t show me a better candidate although I have asked…who do you want as Canada’s next premier..why don’t you ask trump??

    I want to see you doing better, bring a better one. ya done know how they will be scrutinized already with all this going on..

    All Guyana has to do is ask Beliveau and Chatterjee to LEAVE Guyana….kick them out….it cannot be questioned..

    That is the reason why DUAL CITIZENS should NEVER be in anyone’s parliament unless they RENOUNCE citizenship..

    Charandass knew full well that as long as he reached out to the Canadian consulate as a Canadian citizen pretending he feared fo his safety…lying about what was really happening, they will mobilize, but it does sound very illegal what they ALL did….self confessed hitmen as security, bribetaking minister with dual Guyana and Canada citizenship…leading around a Canadian High Commissioner by the nose..

    Canadian popo…read…the Mounties…will sort that out, hope they all go to jail…lol

  9. “Politics make strange bedfellows”…isn’t that the truth.
    TI like he has LGBTQ fever. And not a soul has touched on Venezuela yet, a Freeland favourite.

  10. “the reason why DUAL CITIZENS should NEVER be in anyone’s parliament’
    is that what is holding ya back from running LOL…I forget you would have to renounce three.

  11. ah can’t wait for Jagdeo’s turn to come, he engineered and directed all this evil into motion….all because lowlife losers like himself think they are untouchable and above the law…BUT FIRST..he will destroy all his IMPS and PIMP’S lives.

    ……those like the Canadian diplomats who obviously did no due diligence and were very careless, if not stupid enough to get involved……..will be collateral damage…

  12. I could swear I said on here not even 2 weeks ago that Jagdeo is a THREAT to the Caribbean and it’s PEOPLE…and should be REMOVED from the Caribbean before he becomes a threat to those who see the Caribbean as their backyard…

    well…ah think the reality says it all…too late..shit has already hit the fan…this is real life serious here.

  13. lol…fun can’t done..

    is it called Karma when ya are going to be DONE IN by ya own minority mimicking racists ….in the Caribbean…ha, ha, ha..

    Lawson ..what do you think..

  14. Bushman…ah was right, those economics degrees should be criminalized, one would think it would be the lawyers, seeing that the islands parliaments are infested with them, whose dumb, wicked, reckless actions are so dangerous..and TOXIC, they have the potential to bring down MORE THAN 2 governments….but it’s early days yet..

  15. Don’t see in mentioned on this thread but with a name like Lillian Chatterjee,the Canadian High Commisssioner look like she’s Guyanese.This is a bigazz plot to get rid of the mild mannered Granger.You can’t be mild mannered with that scheming scoundrel Jagdeo..You have to be a Burnham type to deal with his azz.There is a magistrate there that scared the crap out of him when he failed to make a court appearance and she gave a deadline for him to show.He literally ran into the courthouse breathless and was reduced to having to go in to the dock and sign the bail book.
    Of course the chat 3 hindoo Anil got the case removed from the magistrate’s court and it is yet to be heard.His azz should be in prison for that offence of preaching racism and inciting violence during the last election campaign.

  16. @T.Inniss January 12, 2019 9:11 AM “Saudia Arabia – angry with them for interfering. Barbados under the last Administration angry with the LBGT loving High Commisioner for interfering in a Sovereign Nation.
    Now its Guyana who is angry. Who is next huh?”

    We should be ALL glad that Saudi Arabia is angry with Canada (Saudi Arabia is wrong, Canada is right) We should all be glad that the DLP Barbados was angry with Canada (Canada was right, the DLP Barbados was wrong). We should all be glad that Guyana is angry with Canada (Canada is right, Guyana is wrong)

    So often when you are on the right side people are angry with you.

    The political classes In the Caribbean the United Kingdom the United States, France Spain Portugal, yes even Canada were also angry with the abolitionists . The abolitionists were right, the political classes in the Caribbean, Europe, and the Americas were ALL wrong.

    I salute Canada.

    It is never easy to stand on the side of right.

  17. @Submitted by Guyana Institute for Democracy CGID “it would be consistent with established international norms for the High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Canada to the Republic of Guyana, H.E Lilian Chatterjee, to be recalled forthwith. CGID therefore calls on the government of Guyana to effectuate said recall.”

    Only Canada can recall its own diplomats. Guyana has no authority “to effectuate said recall”. If Guyana want to expel the Canadian diplomats, then Guyana can go ahead and do so.And then Canada can expel Guyana’s diplomats.

    But you want to bet that it won’t happen?


  18. A Guyana MP does not feel safe in the country of his birth. He leaves to move to his other country. Why is Guyana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guyana Institute for Democracy and the Guyana Chronicle all whining?

    Are we to believe that there has never been violence in Guyana’s politics?


  19. “This is a bigazz plot to get rid of the mild mannered Granger.You can’t be mild mannered with that scheming scoundrel Jagdeo.”

    mild mannered, but obviously no fool, me thinks he used to be a brigadier general…while Jagdeo on the other hand is just ya garden variety scum racist, mimicking his white masters…

  20. @Guyana Institute for Democracy “Charrandass, a government MP, said “yes” in a shocking vote to oust the current government…the spiriting away of former Member of Parliament Charrandass Persaud.”

    Are not MP’sin every Parliamentary democracy free to vote for or against their party? Is this not what democracy is? Would we want it if MP’s were compelled always to vote with their party, even if the matter is against the conscience of the particular MP? What is the point of having a conscience if an MP is never permitted by his party to use his?

  21. Sir appears the dude should not even be sitting in that parliament to begin with…what with his dual Canadian, Guyanese citizenship..sounds like he is all conflicted and would also jump from country to country…with no allegiance to anyone except who pays him the most millions in bribes….typical halfassed Caribbean politician..

    yep..apparently he admitted on Facebook…and had the nerve to ask…”so wuh happen because ah take a bribe”

  22. @WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog January 13, 2019 3:29 PM “Sir appears the dude should not even be sitting in that parliament to begin with…what with his dual Canadian, Guyanese citizenship.”

    Fair is fair.

    People with dual Guyanese/Canadian citizenships are also permitted to sit in the Canadian Parliament.

  23. Don’t believe everything that you read on Facebook.

    Some of it is fake news.

    You know that right?


  24. “People with dual Guyanese/Canadian citizenships are also permitted to sit in the Canadian Parliament.”

    That is Canada…the same does not apply to Guyana…A DIFFERENT COUNTRY..

    besides, a video circulated with the idiot popping crap in NYC…..and…I do not REPEAT THE idiot trump mantra like everyone else..check out the info yaself…ah think we are old enough to know what is real…

    • @Sargeant

      This issue is split down the middle based on race if your assess public opinion. It is Guyana, what else!


      Commentary by Rickford Burke

      PPP Member of Parliament, Harry Gill, published a seditious letter in the Guyana Times on December 31, 2018 titled “Government is now desperate and scared.” Therein, he accused PNCR executive member Aubrey Norton of clutching at straws when he “accused former AFC Parliamentarian Charrandas Persaud of taking a bribe from Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP.” He then accused me of being an “APNU letter writer” who started the lie about Charrandass being bribed.

      Everyday Gill publishes rambling essays in the press to justify that his intellect qualifies him to be Bharrat Jagdeo’s letter boy. It is therefore ironic that a letter boy would attempt to denigrate my advocacy for democracy, human rights and equal justice under law. Harry Gill must however note that my advocacy is pursued with intellectual fortitude, expository thinking and analytical depth; attributes from which he is unenviably divorced. Harry Gill is an alleged criminal who is currently being prosecuted in criminal court for assaulting a woman and other crimes. He has no moral turpitude and should be judicious with his personal attacks. He is a dingy man with a sordid character who is plagued with animal foot and mouth disease. Such a Jack the Ripper should therefore know his place.

      Harry Gill posited in his letter that “If through some devious means government is able to pull off a judicial coup, this will not be accepted, and will set a dangerous precedent, one that may well lead to instability and civil unrest… “This time na like lang time.” His projection is inescapable. His party, which tried to overthrow the government, is telling the court that if that act is deemed unlawful by the court that will be a “judicial coup?” Contemptuous! Opposition leader, Bharrat Jagdeo made the exact remark two weeks ago. It is a direct threat to the Judiciary. This PPP threat of widespread violence is seditious. It violates the laws of Guyana, including the Cybercrimes Act Section18. 01. PPP sedition must not be tolerated. It was unacceptable to the PPP government and is unacceptable now.

      I hope National Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, has seen this letter and has contingency plans to protect the public; similar to the measures he offered to Charrandass Persaud after his attempted overthrow of the minister’s own government. I also hope the Honorable Chancellor of the Judiciary has given due regard to this threat. The Police Commissioner should direct that Harry Gill and Bharrat Jagdeo be interviewed about this threat within the context of the ongoing national security investigation. In light of the attempted overthrow of his government, I anticipate that His Excellency the President is taking this threat seriously and has engaged the National Security Committee and Defense Board regarding this PPP threat to national security. The Private Sector Commission and other civil society stakeholders, who pretend to be objective brokers, but tacitly support the PPP subversive agenda, must condemn this incitement of violence.

      Harry Gill’s effrontery that the potential criminal no confidence vote was an expression of the “will of the people” is an assault on democracy that suggests he needs substance abuse treatment. The will of the people is unequivocal. They democratically elected the APNU+AFC coalition government in 2015 for a five-year term. Barring a contradictory ruling from the court, the government will serve out its full constitutional, five-year term. And, contrary to the PPP’s thinking, the APNU+AFC coalition has hundreds of thousands of supporters standing ready to safeguard their will as expressed in 2015, and to vote to return it to power if an election is called. The no confidence vote was unconstitutional. It is being challenged in court. Until such time as the court rules, Article 106 (7) of the constitution states that notwithstanding the vote, the government shall remain in office until new election and a President sworn in. PPP claims that the coalition government is illegitimate is therefore misleading nonsense.

      Notwithstanding the PPP unconvincing denials, prima facie evidence establishes that Charrandass Persaud was allegedly bribed for his vote. He allegedly attempted to use US one million dollars to purchase gold for exportation to Canada where he fled. Persaud also committed felony perjury and participated in an alleged conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected government of Guyana. If Gill feels that Aubrey Norton and I made up the Charrandass bribery scandal, he should go expeditiously to the Police and give a statement to that effect under oath and penalty of perjury.

      Gill contended that the lawsuit challenging the validity of the December 21, 2018 no confidence vote cannot help the government because the Guyana Bar Association (GBA) has already issued a statement supporting the validity of the motion. This is crazy, “crackpot” nonsense. To borrow a phrase from Attorney Ryan Crawford, “Who is the “F-ing” (flipping) Bar Association?” I know Gill has foot in mouth disease, but did not realize that he was also a benighted buffoon who does not understand that the GBA is not a court of law. The court is the arbiter of justice and interpreter of the laws of Guyana, not the GBA

      Moreover, the Bar Council has been infiltrated by a nest of PPP puppets with a nefarious agenda. They have an incestuous, symbiotic relationship with the political opposition that is dangerous. I have consulted with a large number of lawyers in Guyana. They unanimously advised that no meeting of the Association was called to discuss a consensus position on the instant matter. Consequently, the purported statement from the Bar Association, to which Gill referred, appears to be the personal view of the Association’s President and is therefore nugatory.

      Harry Gill concluded his letter by stating “I suspect some in Government will want to use this opportunity to hustle as much as possible during the period leading up to new elections.” He’s definitely confused about the government. It was his party’s government ministers that proceeded on a rampage to snatch up government assets when they were kicked out of office in 2015. Consequently, three former high ranking PPP officials are currently before the courts charged with theft. One is charged with allegedly stealing close to one billion dollars. Their avarice is embarrassing to the nation. This is why the irony that emanates from Harry Gill is pathological. Maybe he should see a Vet for a cure of his foot in mouth disease.

  25. @David

    Race it is and Race it has been for at least two generations, see how the two sides line up where they are removed from the fray. I found Persaud’s argument about jobs to be specious but the country has been an economic basket case for many years.

  26. @David

    The promise of oil could be a game changer and that has increased the political stakes, but that will also give rise to Venezuelan action/interference.

  27. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fired Canada’s ambassador to China, John McCallum.
    It follows controversial comments Mr McCallum made about an extradition case involving a senior executive from the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei.
    Mr Trudeau said in a statement he had asked John McCallum to step down, but did not offer a reason.
    The detention of Meng Wanzhou, at the request of the US, angered China and soured Canada’s relations with Beijing.
    Ms Meng, Huawei’s chief financial officer, is accused by the US of evading sanctions on Iran. Both she and Huawei deny those allegations.
    Announcing Mr McCallum’s departure, Mr Trudeau said: “Last night I asked for and accepted John McCallum’s resignation as Canada’s Ambassador to China.”
    He said the veteran diplomat had served Canadians honourably and with distinction with many positions in cabinet, and thanked him and his family for their service.
    Mr McCallum caused controversy on Tuesday when he publicly argued that the US extradition request for Ms Meng was seriously flawed.
    He was later quoted as saying it would be “great for Canada” if the US dropped the request.
    Ms Meng’s case has led to rising diplomatic tensions between Canada and China(Quote)

  28. Wow, look at this article from 3 months ago and the characters involved. Indian caribbean expats in canada have leveraged their intermarriages & friendhships with white & other non-african canadians, against african guyanese. They have colluded to pervert the office of the canadian high commission, from a symbol of ethnic neutrality,to an Indian & PPP/c lobby group. This unfortunately is the reality that South Asians & Brahminists (“Hindus”) create wherever they settle on eart. Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa…and the list goes on and on.
    The complaints against South Asians (Indians), by Africans globally,are always the same and interchangeable.Racist scorn & abuse, narrow minded sectarian hording of wealth, & any positions of power for indians only & denied to africans as they are forcibly kept out. These are then predictably used as powerful tools of racist abuse. Subverting the armed forces, judiciary and othe areas of society as tools of racis anti-african abuse.These abuses are eerily identical to the peculiar abuses experienced by the Untouchable Brahminist (Hindu) slaves in india.In each society, south asians vehemently deny any culpability, and even claim victim stastus!Are africans around thd world crazy???…Or….

  29. Justin Trudea’s administration is proof of how canadian racism really works. Even though africans have been in canada at least hundreds of years before south asians (indians), Justin Trudeau’s cabinet has FIVE indians, but not a single african canadian. These five indian ministers are shown as ‘proof’ that canadian whites aren’t racist…against africans???? It shows that straight hair spremacy is a subset of white supremacy, which is why white canadians show ‘favouritism’ to indians over africans!! The african scorning/hating, indian loving canadian is no rare occurrence.The placing of an indian woman (chaterjee),imbued with state power,to represent canada in an indian/african divided guyana, is no mere oversight…It was deliberate.

  30. Unlike Africans in the caribbean, who pride themselves in proving that theyare educated, civilized, and ‘classy’,that they don’t notice their reflection in the mirror or the social issues that accompany ‘it’. Indians(South Asians) however,fotified religiously, psychologically, and socially by their Brahminist(“Hindu”) theology (Caste System/Aprtheid) are particularly, with respect to their mindst to africans…RACE-SOLDIERS!Which is precisely why indian caribbeans are shamelessly, overtly organizng in their regional(caribbean) & international (India, Africa, US,UK &Canada) diaspora, to fight for indian cum PPP/c ethno-political supremacy, by oustng president granger by whichever means necessary, while African caribbeans stay as the silent, cowaring giant.

  31. Most Canadians are proud of the work of the Canadian HC in Guyana. The current Guyana government did not won the elections. Everyone knows that they are trying to rig the elections. Shame …..

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