Owen Arthur Slammed for Comments on Guyana Elections Results

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)


Former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur, Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Mission

On Thursday Mr. Clairmont Mingo, the Returning officer of Election District 4 – Demerara/Mahaica, declared the much anticipated election results for his District. The results established that incumbent APNU+AFC coalition won the March 2, 2020 general elections. Earlier in the day the opposition PPP released a document with purported results showing a PPP victory, bearing inflated votes for that party in  polling stations within Region/District 4. Upon closer examination, the document was dated February 29, 2020, an indication that it was generated in some form two days before the March 2, 2020 elections. When citizens began questioning the date of the document on social media, it was pulled and the date changed to March 5, 2020 and republished.  

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 17.50.12

The declaration had been previously disrupted multiple times by a mob of PPP executives and other known street thugs who, armed with guns, under the cover of dark night stormed the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) District 4 office demanding access to GECOM’s computer equipment. Later in the day said individuals kicked down the door to the Chairman of the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM), Justice Claudette Singh. The presence of violated the Laws of Guyana Chapter 1:03 (91). CGID is appalled that the Guyana Police Force allowed this invasion of GECOM’s office to occur. Overseas observers have failed to condemn this hooliganism and lawlessness from the PPP. Some observers, including James Carter III from the Carter Center, appear to be coordinating with the PPP.    

In response to the District 4 declaration, Mr. Owen Arthur, former Prime Minister of Barbados, who is Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Mission falsely stated that the “tabulation of the final election results has not yet been completed and verified according to the established procedures and relevant legal and statutory provisions.” Mr. Arthur is obviously uninformed of the laws of Guyana and the constitutional powers of GECOM. This statement is consistent with PPP talking point.  CGID questions Mr. Arthur’s objectivity. He is a longtime associate of Bharrat Jagdeo who should never have been accredited by the Commonwealth.

Mr. Arthur and his team cannot dictate to GECOM or interfere with its work. He and his team are departing from an observer mission to intruding and interfering in Guyana’s electoral process in favor of the PPP. Guyana’s elections laws mandate a specific procedure for challenging actions and declarations of GECOM. That process does not entail complaints to and coercive missives from observers. It requires the filing of an elections petition in the court.

CGID notes that in 1997 the PPP government used the exact process to declare the elections results. In that election, then PPP hacks at GECOM secretly declared and certified the PPP winner, and secretly swore in Mrs. Janet Jagan as President. When a marshal of the Supreme Court attempted to serve Mrs. Jagan with an injunction from then Chief Justice Desiree Bernard, Mrs. Jagan threw the court order to the ground and proceeded to be sworn in. PPP leaders, including Bharrat Jagdeo, argued then that the courts cannot interfere with GECOM and its processes.

CGID therefore asks, if GECOM in 1997 could have declared results in favor of the PPP without a specific public verification procedure, what prevents GECOM from doing so in 2020? If the courts had no power to interfere in GECOM processes in 1997, why the PPP is seeking the intervention of the court in GECOM’s processes in 2020.

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  1. Submitted by Dr Kumar Mahabir
    Anthropologist | Editor | Publisher

    Granger’s APNU hooligans patrolling the streets, threatening to stone, beat and chop Indians if he is not installed as the President of Guyana (see attachment).





    The Opposition Jagdeo’s PPP is expected to win the elections, but Granger’s APNU is in the process of staging a coup. The United Nations are ready to intervene to prevent Granger from installing himself as a dictator.

    He has already made a victory speech at a celebration in Georgetown. Observers from the Commonwealth and the European Union have been threatened to revoke their accreditation status by the foreign minister.

    The process of validating the votes in Region 4 has stopped. Top workers supporting Granger in GECOM Elections Commission have walked out the job or gone missing. There are reports of bomb threats, fire in the Parliament building and kidnapping of the Chairman of GECOM by Granger’s hooligans. Meanwhile, PPP has filed an injunction against GECOM.

    The Ambassadors for USA, Canada, England, etc. have issued statements expressing their alarm.

    [wpvideo IZJJa78A]

  2. Once again our Most Honourable Prime Minister Mia proves her great political talent and genius. She sent OSA to the wild south, knowing full well that his mission must fail. OSA alone was clueless, as always.

    OSA is now being dragged into the coming civil war. He should be happy if he returns to Barbados in one piece and not in a coffin.

  3. Tron u sure have a word with if what u said wasnt true
    It sure would make for good comedy
    Actually i did have a belly laugh reading your comments
    Come to think maybe just maybe his stint as chairman of liat is designed to fail
    Thanks to Mia



  5. Next, our beloved Mia will appoint the naive OSA as chairman of a national commission to improve work ethics. He will accept the office with great pleasure, under the false belief that Mia wants to please him. How mistaken. We all know that he will also fail in this task.

    Dear OSA, it is time for you to retire. Or Mia will soon appoint you as president of the Banana Republic, because you will be allowed to rubber-stamp her grand orders.

  6. “Dr.” Kumar Mahabir,
    Bajans should remember his name… Kumar was Kamla’s hand picked appointee to be head of the University Of Trinidad & Tobago, between 2010-2015. Subsequent to his posting there were mass firings of Africans from the University, and Hindus of dubious qualifications and ethics were hired instead.Interestingly, an Arab-Egyption national, who had been working at the UTT before kumar’s ‘reign’ ,reported that after UNC came into office, the UTT became a political clubhouse & anti-african racism became RAMPANT! ALSO, this is the very same “Dr”, who at UTT wrote an ahistorical fluff autobiography of Sat Maharaj, using the UTT officiality to give it credibility. Finally, but certainly not least, kumar mahabir is the same “Dr” who AFTER kamla’s entry into office, and his posting as head of UTT, started spreading the ahistorical nonsense,using pseudo anthropologuc reasoning, that Africans got the STEELPAN from INDIANS!! Yes… THAT is who THIS “Dr.” is!! The then Kamla, Hindu gov’t used diplomatic channels to tell the U.N. that indians ‘co’ ‘invented’ the steelpan!!!

    State Sponsored Ethnic Theft & Abuse!!!
    Bajans will FEEL if they don’t HEAR!

  7. So what if OSA puts his foot in his mouth
    This man of miniature stature doesnt have reach very far to do so
    Here is a guy who made ugly remarks about Mia but yet without shame or worry genuflects to mia every word for his call to duty
    A genius or a genuine -a.sss
    U be the judge

  8. @ Felicia 9.39

    Not surprisingly, the same racist idiot puts in an occasional appearance on BU, a black-focused blog. You could not make it up.

  9. @ Hal

    Sat Maharaj is a noted racist. When I used to be in Trinidad, he had a watering hole at Curepe junction. He is notorious enough to have made either Amnesty or Human Rights Watch when Panday was in Charge. It was mentioned on the BBC that Panday’s government was funding Sat’s racist Hindu organization.

  10. Is Mia the head of Caricom going to speak on the ongoing political chaos in guyana
    I remember that during the little rock throwing debacle amidst the run up to the Dominican election Mia sent barbadian troops as a security measure
    Would be of most interest to hear her response on what is happening close at home in Guyana
    Also of great interest Caricom recently stating sending officials to Haiti to help seek resolution in that country ongoing political violence

  11. @ Robert

    Without that background information, from his posts on BU it was clear he was a racist. Yet, when I called for him to be removed, the chairman attacked me.
    Living in the UK for a long time one learns to realise that every ‘skinned teeth is not a laugh’. The nuances were all there. But I am familiar with Indian racism. But it is the Bajan Condition.

  12. Arthur should have been locked up when he bragged that he had illegal Guyanese working at his house in Wanstead or West Terrace. The BLPites were pleased with that becos it showed Arthur was a true Caricom citizen. what the BLP was doing and what it still wants to do is to suppress labour cost by allowing a free flow of non nationals into the Bim labour force.

    whilst i have no issues with free movement via Caricom if it is to be done, do it legitimately and not to the orchestrated detriment of Bim’s people. the union heads are oblivious to this, altho, i did hear one of them speaking out recently about it, but too little too late. they marched with MAM and deserve whatever she serves up.

    nevertheless, in this instance, i see nothing untoward with what Arthur has said as the Chairman of the Caricom Delegation observing the Guyana elections. Guyana is a hotbed of racial politics and the oil will make it worse. lots of people will be caught unawares in the crossfire.

  13. “Arthur should have been locked up when he bragged that he had illegal Guyanese working at his house in Wanstead or West Terrace.”

    @ Mr. Greene

    That is true, because employing undocumented immigrants is against the law.

    But, perhaps you may want to tell us why former PM David Thompson did not ask the then Attorney General, your favourite guy, Freundel Stuart or the police, to ‘lock up Arthur?’

    Or, is this a classic example of Mr. Skinner’s “the duopoly rules?”

  14. @Artax

    “locked up” is a well known expression which means to investigate and if there is a case, prosecute, bearing in mind the statute of limitation of the particular crime.

    even so I cant remember Thommo focusing much on this. and i believe this took place midway thru Arthur’s last term when he was at his most arrogant, so i dont know whether the statute of limitation would have expired

    saying that, elections in Bim are fought and won on which party is less corrupt than the other. the electorate feast on this but the politicians only use it to get into power.

    the BLP says they are going to do something about it this time around but that seems to be more of a PR distraction meme than anything substantive. lets wait and see

  15. @ Hal March 7, 2020 7:08 AM

    I laugh at the naïve attitude displayed by Barbadians. Sat’s watering-hole was called the Red-Spot. I went to watering-hole about four times. Once was a Saturday morning when I went to a Hindu wedding. The fellows And I got on pretty good. They know how to hold a wedding reception that is one thing I can say.. We were going down the Highway to Couva when the fellows pull off the highway and open the trunk of the car. Right by the roadside a case of Beer was consumed ( four of us). Then we started on the Gin and Whisky before we even got to the Husband’s dwelling. Food and the waters flowed like there was no tomorrow. We then proceeded to the Bride’s abode in Arima and repeated the debauchery. Then about eight that night returning from the wedding we stopped in Curepe at the Red-Spot ( Sat’s) place and knocked back some more beer. cannot be compared with the Muslim’s weddings . One Sunday I attended a Muslim wedding in the morning in Chaguanas and in the afternoon a Hindu wedding. I would vote for the Hindu wedding any day but I am still aware of the down side.

  16. @ Artax March 7, 2020 9:34 AM
    “Arthur should have been locked up when he bragged that he had illegal Guyanese working at his house in Wanstead or West Terrace.”
    @ Mr. Greene
    That is true, because employing undocumented immigrants is against the law.

    Now who would have been that ‘bold-enough’ complainant in such a matter of a blatant breach of the law just like the ICBL bribery case?

    Would it have been the same law-breaker Arthur or the same illegal Guyanese or even the then AG, DPP or even the CoP at the time?

    When one is led down a rabbit hole it’s rather difficult to extricate oneself, legally speaking, from the politically-compromised clutches of the warren keeper living somewhere is cold England.

    What’s good for the goose (The Don of Pornville and his villainous collaborators in the ICBL bribery scandal) is just as good for the gander parading as a politically-dead peacock.

  17. “even so I cant remember Thommo focusing much on this.”

    @ Mr Greene

    I’m aware of the context in which you used the word “lock up.”

    However, your above comment is rather interesting……… and surprising, especially when one takes into consideration why Arthur made the comments ‘in the first place.’

    At that time, anti-Guyanese sentiments were driven by the belief that Barbados was being overrun by Guyanese. And, Arthur, who was overseeing the implementation of CSME, became a focal point of the debate, because he was seen as encouraging them to come here. Guyanese migration became an election campaign issue. I’m sure you’ll remember one of Thompson’s election promises was the introduction of a new immigration policy.

    If Arthur made his comments sometime during 2006 and Thompson won the January 15, 2008, general elections….. about 1½ years after…….. I have to question your reference to “the statute of limitation of the particular crime.”

  18. “I would vote for the Hindu wedding any day but I am still aware of the down side.”

    they certainly know how to throw a party and the food…lawd..

  19. @ Tron March 6, 2020 8:42 PM

    Tron, there goes your well promoted and publicized prospectus for Bajans finding their share of the bonanza from the black gold expected to flow from the offshore oil wells of BG.

    But you are right in one aspect. The Hindus will reign supreme not only in the exploitation of the natural resources of that part of the South American mainland just like the Eur0peans did centuries ago but also in the ownership of those ex-colonies of the British like Barbados.

    Watch and see how fast the blacks and Amerindians will be marginalized (the real victims of European conquest and colonization) to be replaced by another invasion of new-age fortune seeking ‘Hindu’ immigrants from the Indian sub-continent.

    Guyanese Blacks- especially those of Bajan descent along with their relatives in poor Bim- ought to prepare their silly naïve stupid selves not in the continuing worship of the European-concocted gods like a white Jesus but to submit themselves in the new age of the economy-controlling gods of the East like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva along with their Chinese and south-east Asian counterparts.

  20. David Granger should not be sworn in as Guyana’s president until….

    Here is what the heads of mission of the US, UK, EU and Canada had to say about the election results of the March 2020 poll.

    I quote; “We call on all to ensure proper procedures are in place to yield a credible election result. A fair and free process is vital for the maintenance and reinforcement of democracy in Guyana.
    “We call on President Granger to avoid a transition of government which we believe would be unconstitutional as it would be based on a vote tabulation process that lacked credibility and transparency.”
    I would suggest you read three words in the last line. I repeat them; “it would be based.” Those words had to be chosen carefully. Those words did not go like this, “it could be seen,” ”it may be seen.”
    “Could be seen” or “may be seen” lack the strength and definitiveness of “would be seen.” In explanatory terms, the ABC/EU diplomats are saying that if Mr. Granger becomes the next president based on the shape of the current election results, it would (note the word “would”) be an unconstitutional presidency since it would be based on a flawed tabulation process.

    Here is what the Resident UN representative said; “We encourage the relevant Guyanese authorities to finalise the process in a manner which leaves no doubts as to the credibility of the results that reflect the will of the Guyanese people.”
    The operative word here is “finalise.” If the UN Rep used that , it means she does not accept GECOM’s final declaration which was made on Thursday by Returning Officer Mingo because her statement came out on Friday.
    She could not have accepted Thursday’s GECOM’s declaration yet urged that the finalisation process come into reality.
    Here is what the US State Department wrote; “No candidate should declare victory or be sworn in while serious questions remain about credibility of March 2 elections and whether procedures were followed.”
    As in the position of the UN Rep, the US Government has not accepted Thursday’s GECOM declaration. Here is what a bi-partisan delegation of four US House of Representative lawmakers said; “We call on the Election Commission (GECOM) to return to the established procedure and not to declare a winner until a credible vote tabulation process has been completed.”

    Again, I repeat, the Thursday GECOM announcement has not been accepted by important international observers.
    Let’s do some logical thinking. Why would these international stakeholders embrace these positions if the APNU+AFC asserts victory and GECOM has made its final decision?
    If we put that question to the leadership of APNU+AFC what answer can we anticipate? It could only be one of two. These international stakeholders are biased in the direction of the PPP or they are not in possession of the facts?
    Let’s discuss number two first. From the time of the close of poll until confusion rained down on GECOM operation in the Ashmin’s building on Wednesday, the international and locally accredited observers have been actively involved in watching the different stages unfold.

    My question is, “What facts do APNU+AFC have in its possession that the observers are not aware of?”
    The first question is bias towards the PPP. The man who led the PPP government from 1999 and had a huge influence over the Ramotar presidency is Bharrat Jagdeo. But he never had a cozy relationship with western countries.
    What is the relationship between the PPP and the ABC/EU states that would make them reject a GECOM declaration of the results of the elections? I can only give my opinion. I don’t think there is anything special or has been anything special when Jagdeo was president.

    Here is my answer as to why the global community has not accepted GECOM’s final statistics. The observers, including all the ABC/EU diplomats, the Carter Center, former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, and former Barbados Prime Minister saw the tabulation process late Monday night and into the uncivilised hours of Tuesday morning. They have the results.

    Mr. Gerry Gouveia in his capacity as Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) issued a press release on Tuesday afternoon stating that the PSC went at length to witness the tabulation and the PSC and is puzzled why the GECOM Chair had not made the declaration as yet (meaning Tuesday morning).
    The ABC/EU diplomats did not get their information by second-hand means. They saw the tabulation of the statements of poll soon after the counting was done therefore they are in shock as to what took place on Wednesday.
    I end with my opinion that I have a right to. I do not believe the APNU+AFC won the election. My belief is that the PPP did.


  21. Miller,

    You shouldn’t be so pessimistic about the situation.

    So far, electoral fraud is a mere allegation, not a fact. The elections are now in court. The CCJ will decide in the end.

    What’s clear is that OSA is not doing a good job. Mia set a trap for him, and the old man didn’t even notice. Just like LIAT…

    By the way: The High Court of Guyana still resides in a colonial building made of wood that is ideally adapted to the tropics with its many vents and the big roof overhangs. The whole city centre of Georgetown is a historical museum. Such beautiful buildings are missing in Barbados. Instead, local wannabe politicians erect new buildings that are not at all suitable for the tropics. Then they discover, like small children, that mould is forming.

  22. Attempt to steal blank SOPs for further rigging thwarted

    General and Regional Elections

    An attempt to secure blank Statements of Poll (SOPs), which could have been used to further corrupt the ongoing APNU/AFC controversy over the Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) vote tabulation was on Friday morning thwarted by alert and experienced officials of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).
    Chief Elections Scrutineer of the PPP/C, Zulfikar Mustapha turned up at the Guyana Elections Commission’s (GECOM’s) Head Office in Kingston, Georgetown, after receiving a call that attempts were being made to open the container which has the excess election materials stored.

    Mustapha explained that he received a call from one of his agents that they were asked to go to GECOM to open the container to access blank SOPs and other elections materials that had been secured by locks from each of the 11 political parties contesting the March 2 General and Region Elections.
    It was noted that only the APNU/AFC agent opened their lock. However, the container cannot be opened unless all of the parties unlock their individual locks.
    The reason given for reopening the container, according to Mustapha, was that materials were needed to facilitate recounts in the regions where this was requested, something which he found suspicious.
    “We found this very strange that after an election, after they would have declared the Region Four results, now they are calling for blank SOPs. Now we are very concerned and we are very suspicious of the activity at GECOM here,” the PPP/C’s Chief Elections Scrutineer stated.

    In fact, Mustapha, an elections agent for several elections for the PPP/C, went on to note that he had participated in several recounts and none of them had ever needed unused, blank materials.
    This was confirmed by former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, who had accompanied Mustapha to the GECOM Head Office. He pointed out that recounts have nothing to do with those blank documents but is merely a review of a count that was already done.

    “A recount has nothing to do with [the container and its contents]. A recount, as it says, is a review of a count already made. The count was already made at the place of poll by the Presiding Officers and the polling agents at the close of polls. So, if you want to review that the law is very clear, and English language is very clear.
    A recount means a review of a count already done. It cannot involve and it does not contemplate the intrusion of alien material – something that was not counted before, and the law sets out how a recount or final count is done,” Nandlall explained.

    The former AG further pointed out that during that process, ballot boxes are reopened and the ballots recounted to get a final figure.

    “This request for something additional – a new Statement of Poll or a blank Statement of Poll – is sinister… We are deeply suspicious that there will be or there is an attempt to fabricate, duplicate and forge Statements of Poll because we know they are relying on Statements of Poll from Region Four that are inaccurate, that are a forgery,” he added.
    According to Nandlall, it is for this reason that the Region Four RO, Clairmont Mingo, on Thursday abandoned the verification process of the SOPs and went ahead to declare the regional results without completing that process.
    “That is why [the RO] can’t bring his real Statements of Poll and show it to the verification process and show it to the observers and show it to the parties. It’s obvious that they have different Statements of Poll from the ones that were actually use in the electoral process. They fabricated it and that is why they arrived at different numbers. This, I believe, was an attempt to get more Statements of Poll out so that they could insert the numbers and insert the people’s signatures for it to appear valid,” Nandlall asserted.

    The former AG noted that this is another attempt to rig the election that has been uncovered by the PPP/C.
    He went on to say that when they objected to the reopening of the container, the GECOM Official contacted Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, via telephone and the CEO indicated that he was going to seek legal guidance and return at the Head Office at noon but never showed up – which Nandlall had predicted.


  23. David,

    are you saying that Arthur didnt say words to the effect that he had illegal (immigrants) guyanese working at his house? whether he hired them or not, he was aware. and by using of the word “illegal “he recognised their contra immigration law status, at least on the face of it.

  24. @David 😂 re “Was it Arthur who employed the illegal workers or the contractor.”

    You frame political expediency from OSA in rather cute phrasing … Oh lordie!

    Pray tell WHAT difference would that make!

    Surely he was around at some time while the folks worked around his property and saw/heard them but even if he didn’t … from the moment the issue hit the headlines WHAT and HOW he responded was the key test NOT who employed the illegal immigrants!

    We in the Caribbean can get away with those type of ‘conflicts’ real, real easy… As u know in other jurisdictions like UK or US that sort of ting would be very, very damaging causing resignation or in the case of a few potential judges in US their nomination being squashed.

    No problem fah we tho… All we is brothers and sisters after all… And he was leading the integration committee too… What cud de man do other than what he did is really the point! 😏

    I gone.

  25. @ David BU

    Surely you should agree, even if a contractor hired the undocumented Guyanese, Arthur was aware and could be seen as an accessory (i.e. he gave assistance to the perpetrator of a crime, without directly committing it).

    However, it reminds me of when Arthur said land should reach it’s highest economical value, which was interpreted by his political opponents to mean Barbados was open for sale. They subsequently accused him of selling land on the West Coast and across Barbados.

    • @Arthur and Greene

      Just setting the record straight. In Barbados the recruitment of illegal workers is a norm. Not saying that it is correct practice.

  26. Editorial

    Barefaced theft and lawlessness

    March 6, 2020

    The events currently unfolding in Guyana have left citizens, both here and abroad, in shock and lost for words, as they cannot believe that what is happening before their very eyes is actually real. Many young persons have expressed, via social media and other platforms, that they had only heard of such happenings taking place in the post-1960 era under the Forbes Burnham-led PNC, when he blatantly rigged elections to hold on to power.

    We have seen how the APNU/AFC Government used every trick possible, following the No-Confidence vote they faced in December 2018, to stay in power; and now we are witnessing their refusal to give up power after their obvious defeat at the elections on March 2. What we have noticed over the past few days are blatant and shameful acts by the APNU/AFC, working in collusion with others to steal the elections in front of the watchful eyes of international and local observers, the entire diplomatic community, and international and local media personnel.

    The main bone of contention in all of this fracas, which is being generated in the streets and elsewhere, are the elections’ results. What ought to have been a simple, straightforward process prescribed for in law has been turned into a national crisis and a major embarrassment for the country. The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) finally declared the results of Region 4, after a series of delaying tactics by various employees, but those results have not been verified by the prescribed statutory procedure, as was the case for the other regions. These unverified results are starkly different from those in possession of the political parties, observers and other stakeholders.

    GECOM, more particularly the Chairman and Chief Elections Officer, have failed the nation. They have lost all credibility as they presided over a process which was highly questionable and fraudulent. It is clear from the SOPs signed by all parties in the presence of observers who the winners of these elections are. The process of verification at the level of the Returning Officers, in this case Region 4, should not have had any significant difference, if any at all. GECOM officials deviated from a lawful process, and proceeded to use a spreadsheet document using figures that were at complete variance with the SOPs and which were designed to buttress APNU/AFC totals.

    When the dust is settled, a thorough investigation should be carried out into the workings of GECOM; more particularly, the counting, tabulation and declaration of results of the elections. What has happened on this occasion must never be allowed to happen again.

    Despite the obvious fiddling with the figures, the APNU/AFC are still insisting that their party has won. For a losing group to claim victory and stage celebratory parties is highly irresponsible and dangerous.
    It is not certain what the next steps would be, as the PPP has since secured an injunction to prevent the process from moving forward until the results are verified. However, the GECOM PRO violated the injunction by publicising the unverified Reg 4 figures. If David Granger is allowed to be sworn in as President, it means that Guyana would have an illegal government, and the country would face severe sanctions.

    That said, we wish to thank the various observers and the countries to which they belong for their service to Guyana at this critical moment. Our hope is that they would remain here until the process is completed, to ensure that, in the end, democracy prevails. All of the observers were able to do their work with a great deal of dedication, and even insults, as a government official was heard threatening to remove the accreditation of the observers yesterday because they stood strong on the side of Guyana’s democracy.

    The fight for the return of free and fair elections and to be ruled by a democratic government was not an easy one; it was long and hard. We are now in 2020, and we had thought that, by this time, the nation had matured politically and leaders would act responsibly to save their country from descending into chaos and confusion and going backwards. Unfortunately, this is not the case; we have leaders who would hold on to power at all cost, even at the expense of seeing their country being destroyed.

    In the interest of the nation, we ask the political parties, especially the APNU/AFC, to let their followers know the truth of the election results to prevent the country from descending into chaos. It is time that sanity returns to Guyanese society.


  27. Artax,

    in answer to your question about the statute of limitations re illegal immigrants, in that piece , i said this and i quote-

    “even so I cant remember Thommo focusing much on this. and i believe this took place midway thru Arthur’s last term when he was at his most arrogant, so i dont know whether the statute of limitation would have expired”

    i dont know the statute of limitations for immigration offences and i dont want to research it. and when i said i cant remember Thommo focusing much on this, i mean what Arthur said and not the immigration matter as a whole


    “Every vote must be counted in the presence of political parties, observers – Caricom Chair to GECOM

    See full statement:

    The Caribbean Community calls on the electoral officials in Guyana and the representative political parties to work together to achieve a peaceful and lawful completion of the electoral process in Guyana by ensuring the tabulation of the results in all Regions using the Statement of Polls in a transparent manner in the presence of the representatives of the political parties and the electoral observers.


  29. Baje-Singh,
    Why pretend that you care about any other laws, eexcept “The Laws Of Manu” (ManuDharma)???
    All you care about is RACIAL DOMINATION of Africans!! If granger does steal the election it would be better than being enlaved again by the racist PPP.

  30. Pollster Peter Wickham today urged Prime Minister, Mia Mottley to use her position as the current chair of CARICOM to speak out on what he described as a lack of transparency in the Guyana election.


    ” Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados, is calling on the electoral officials and political parties in Guyana to let good sense prevail as the country awaits the outcome of regional and general elections.”

  31. Baje-Singh,
    Why pretend that you care about any other laws, eexcept “The Laws Of Manu” (ManuDharma)???
    All you care about is RACIAL DOMINATION of Africans!! If granger does steal the election it would be better than being enlaved again by the racist PPP.









  32. @ Mr. Greene

    RE: “in answer to your question about the statute of limitations re illegal immigrants, in that piece , i said this and i quote-…….”

    For the record, I DID NOT ask you anything about “the statue of limitations re illegal immigrants,” I QUESTIONED your REFERENCE to it.

    RE: “and when i said i cant remember Thommo focusing much on this, i mean what Arthur said and not the immigration matter as a whole…..”

    I understand exactly what you meant. However, my point was, Thompson rode on the sentiments being expressed by Barbadians, at that time, relative to the growing numbers of Guyanese entering Barbados, and Guyanese immigration became one of the main focal issues in his 2008 election campaign.

    I’m sure Thompson heard his political opponent, Arthur, say he (Arthur) had undocumented Guyanese working at his property. And, knowing politicians, they would have capitalized on that during the election campaign, given the anti-Guyanese utterances during 2006 and leading up to the 2008 general elections.

  33. GECOM didn’t deny credible and transparent process- it was interrupted in completing same

    Evidently, GECOM did not seek to deny a credible and transparent process. It was violently interrupted in its effort to complete same. Guyana is a country governed by laws which empower GECOM to conduct electoral proceedings without interference by internal and /or external forces (invited or uninvited) disrupting the smooth flow and conclusion of this process.

    The Laws of Guyana, Representation of the People Act (Cap 1:03), Section 84 (1) ‘Counting of votes polled’ expressly states: “As soon as practicable after the receipt of all ballot boxes and the envelopes and packets delivered to him in presence of section 83(10), the Returning Officer shall, in the presence of such persons entailed under section 86(1) to be present as attend, ascertain the total votes cast in favour of each list in the district by adding up the votes recorded in favour of the list in accordance with the Statements of Poll, and thereupon publicly declare the votes recorded for each list of candidates.”

    86(1) ‘Attendance at count’ expressly states, “No person shall be present at the counting of the votes except-

    (a) The returning officer and such other election officers as he may appoint to assist him in the counting;

    (b) members of the Commission;

    (c) duly appointed candidates;

    (d) counting agents;

    (e) such other person as, in the opinion of the returning officer, have good reason to be present.”

    Claims by members of the Opposition that they want Statements of Poll (SoP) to be counted in their presence at the national tabulation process is not in keeping with the extant Act which has been in effect under the PPP government since 25th September 1964 and has had amendments over the years. They are asking the Returning Officer (RO) to do what the Act has not asked of him and are seemingly supported by an international observer group whom they have been able to convince that they have a just claim of attempts by GECOM to thwart the will of the people.

    What has transpired over the past days with an invasion of GECOM, acts of violence, physical attack on law enforcement, damage to property, a most heinous assault on school buses transporting young children to and from schools, and followed by erroneous statements made by sections of the international observer group is cause for serious concerns and deserving of widespread condemnation.

    When combined, these behaviours (responses and non-responses) overshadow the goodwill expected from the international community to not only be impartial and professional, but not to be suckered in by misinformation peddled by some disinterested in upholding the law as its stands. The result of this is a vengeful effort to sway public opinion to undermine the credibility of GECOM, sow public terror and confusion to effectively derail the process from reaching a credible conclusion and announcement of which party will form the next government of Guyana.

    It is clear an attack has been unleashed on our democratic process and our national sovereignty is being compromised by foreigners seeking to dictate our responses outside of the law even as attempts are made to confuse the electoral process for public consumption. This is a serious violation of our sovereignty supported by persons Guyana has invited here to observe and freely comment on the process at completion, not rewrite our law as part of the process. Any concern could be noted in the report as recommendation(s) to be best addressed through legal amendments of the Act for future elections.

    The intent to disrupt became evident after the Opposition condemned the spreadsheet tabulation of SoPs for Region 4, citing transcription irregularities. To ensure credibility GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield suggested an administrative mechanism where all can bring their statements and do the verification, and “If, at the end of the day, that doesn’t work, the CEO will be involved with his statement to have a resolution to the issue” (Demerara Waves, March 4, 2020- GECOM resolves vote padding concerns, resume verification on Region 4).

    The suggested corrective administrative process (i.e. counting of the SoPs) was however not allowed to be implemented due to an environment which was volatile deteriorated to the extent that GECOM could no longer continue the process of verification. It was in this environment the RO declared preliminary results consistent with Section 84(1) as per “votes recorded for each list of candidates.” The international community was present to observe but later failed to pronounce on the disruption as a threat to GECOM and the democratic process.

    Specific international observers and others, fully armed with Opposition ‘facts,’ chose to publicly pronounce on what GECOM’s/Guyana Government’s next move ought to be whilst remaining silent on the Opposition behavior which sought to stymie the process through intimidation and disruptions. That the pronouncements made by these observers was used to further the Opposition agenda has not gone unnoticed by Guyanese seeking clear and credible results of their voting efforts.

    All sections of Guyana, all groups are entitled to have this process conducted by GECOM and GECOM only without interference. Any dissatisfied party has the means of peaceful resolution using the judicial system which allows any and all parties to seek recourse to the highest Caribbean Court of Appeal.

    Notably, the Government has also requested a recount of Region 3 votes which that RO admitted denying, saying that the request did not come from the counting agent, a charge denied by the Government (Guyana Chronicle, March 7, 2020 ‘RO denies Coalition’s request for recount on Region 3’)

    Those who seek to derail this process through public opinion must know that democracy is not merely about the right to freedom of speech but the responsibility of speech; the right of all, that includes GECOM to carry out duties unhindered, and the right of all to due process in a court of law. The process must be continued consistent with the extant Act, regardless of who likes the law or not and let the chips fall where they may.

    We are witnessing the effect of a misinformation campaign on the nation’s political fabric. The international community must seek not to further reward such disruption but must instead encourage peaceful resolution guided by the Laws of Guyana. Regional and international law-abiding community are being called on to stand with Guyana at this point in time when our democracy is under threat and our sovereignty at risk as GECOM seeks to operate within the confine of the Representation of People Act. No more and no less is requested of you.

    Lincoln Lewis

    General Secretary

    Guyana Trades Union Congress

  34. @MariposaMarch 7, 2020 6:54 AM

    Is Mia the head of Caricom going to speak on the ongoing political chaos in guyana

    Are you calling on the Caricom heads of government to go into Guyana and complete the counting of the votes.
    Common sense told us trouble was brewing when the PPP/Civic declared victory before the count was completed.
    I really don’t understand why it should take so long to count less than a 500,000 votes in this day and age. The delay in the announcement of the result bothered me, and nothing the observers say now will convince the losing party the election was fair, so we can brace ourselves for unrest in the Guyana. Let’s hope and pray it is not widespread and quickly abates.

    p.s. any idea what percentage of eligible voters voted…must be very high

  35. Foreign Minister accused of threatening to take away observers accreditation
    -Owen Arthur incensed, to report to Commonwealth Secretary General

    Arthur is then heard saying “What I heard was a threat”, as he held up his accreditation in the direction of the Minister and she responded “no I wouldn’t do that.”

    “It comes across as intimidation, you are trying to intimidate the observers when you speak about taking away accreditation,” one person, with a foreign accent was heard saying in the background.


  36. Our great leader of CARICOM, the eternal party and Prime Minister will solve the crisis. Just as she solved the financial crisis in Barbados. As the example of Barbados shows, a democracy does not need party plurality. All parties are therefore invited to unite in Guyana as well.

    One leader, one CARICOM, one party.

  37. Baje. Not calling on Mia to do anything wouldnt expect much of anything but the usual photo ops and long talk

    • There are observers in the country from commonwealth and other countries. What exactly should Mia say at this point? The Commonwealth observer mission is effectively representing Caricom.

  38. Moments ago, Prime Minister Mia Mottley issued the following statement her my capacity as Chairman of the Conference of Heads of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on the Guyana elections:

    The Caribbean Community calls on the electoral officials in Guyana and the representative political parties to work together to achieve a peaceful and lawful completion of the electoral process in Guyana by ensuring the tabulation of the results in all Regions using the Statement of Polls in a transparent manner in the presence of the representatives of the political parties and the electoral observers.

    Indeed, CARICOM issued a statement on Thursday night and one was also issued yesterday from the Chief of the independent Caricom Electoral observation team. Both statements called on GECOM to complete the electoral process.

    We are very clear, every vote must be made to count; and transparently so.

    We have noted that all sides have been making serious allegations against each other.

    It is critical that good sense prevails. The preservation of law and order is paramount and all parties must work hard to ensure that there is peace on the roads and in the communities across Guyana. There has already been one death reported overnight. That is one death too many.

  39. We have decided to withdraw all support for APNU+AFC


    We in OVP are first and foremost truth warriors. We pledged from our inception to tell the people the truth – whether it is popular or not.

    We have stated on many occasions that we would rather tell the truth and get 100 votes, than lie to the people to get 100,000 votes. We cannot join forces with any persons or organisations that spread deception and lies. We are leaders, not duped followers, no matter what the cost.
    While understanding the many flaws and contradictions in the electoral system, OVP decided to participate in what we were told would be free and fair elections, and to abide by the rules laid out by GECOM. We weathered the serious disadvantages experienced by small parties, and our members worked tirelessly to spread our message and campaign with very limited financial resources.

    Despite everything being stacked in favour of the two major players, PPP/C and APNU+AFC, and despite the fact that the system is clearly rigged long before we even get to the polls, we took part in good faith.
    Sadly, today our members and supporters are left feeling angry and disillusioned. It is obvious for all to see that while we abided by the rules of this game, we call ‘electoral democracy’; others did not.
    We witnessed, first hand, the rules of the game being flagrantly violated. Many of our members and supporters, especially young people who were voting for the first time, have informed us that they will never vote again, as it was a waste of time. They no longer see elections as a viable means of bringing about political change.
    This does not bode well for Guyana. We must remember the words of John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent change inevitable”.

    The 2020 elections were as usual reduced to an ‘ethnic contest’. Racial division was dangerously and deceptively utilised by the political elites of both major political formations. Conveniently, this once again distracted the electorate from the real contradictions which exist; oppressor and oppressed, exploiter and exploited, haves and have-nots.
    When we reflect on our increasingly tragic political culture, it becomes clear that the trajectory that led us to this moment of crisis was inevitable.

    Following the close of polls on March 2, OVP first appeared on the results table as having 155 votes in Region 1, a region we did not contest. This then quickly disappeared and was replaced with an allocation of 250 votes in the General Election, although we only contested at the regional level. Finally, we were allocated an absurd and most definitely inaccurate 117 votes.

    The count for Region 4 was halted in the presence of our observers, when only a tiny fraction of the region’s votes had been counted and verified. We join with all patriotic forces demanding that the count in Region 4 be resumed and completed using the verification process prescribed by law.
    In the 2015 and 2020 elections, OVP urged the electorate to give APNU+AFC their presidential vote, while giving us their regional vote. We pledged that an OVP-controlled regional council would act as a voice for the people, to keep Central Government in check.

    Despite serious political and ideological differences with the ruling Coalition, we offered them critical support to prevent the return of a Jagdeo-led PPP/C regime. Following the events of Thursday, our National Directorate has now taken a decision to withdraw forthwith all support for APNU+AFC.

    Gerald A. Perreira
    Organization for the Victory of the People


  40. Mia, the leader of the free world in the Caribbean, has spoken.

    She saved Barbados. Now she will save Guyana.

  41. Now that OSA has messed up the election observation, Mia has to take care of it herself. Solution guaranteed.

  42. Dont think Mia words would be seriously taken
    Just a few months ago as Chairman of Caricom while the Dominician opposition was asking for fair election in the face of proof as evidence to wrong doing by the present govt
    She joined with Caricom to send troops to protect the seating govt of Dominica who was accused of engaging in similar allegations as those which the Guyanese govt have practiced in Guyana election

  43. Criticizing our leader is treason, Mariposa. She is not only Prime Minister, but also, by virtue of 100% in Parliament, leader of the Barbadian people, supreme justice and executor of the will of the people.

    Compared to Mia, Barrow was just a cave frog. It is time to topple his statue, wipe his face from the bank notes and put our leader in his place. Barrow was just a colonial civil servant, psychologically manipulated by the British, with average talents, while Mia is a political genius.

  44. Tron i say u have a way with words
    Yuh wasting yuh talent on BU
    Maybe u can become a ghost writer for Mia

  45. @ Baje-Singh 4:09 p.m. ,
    The fact tha you said your ancestors ARRIVED AS slaves, rather than being ENSLAVED in barbados tells this blog who & what you are. Your continuous attack on the AFRICAN party in Guyana elections between a racist indian party also tells this blog your allegiance. From the time Doctah Kumar Mahabir saw the need to post on BU, i knew it would be riddled with racist, deceptive Indian wanna be white trolls. African guyanese, have been tortures NON-STOP in guyana from 2002-2015 by the racist indian community & SPEAR-Headed by the PPPc gov’t. ANYONE who sides with that party subversively on this blog, HATES AFRICANS!!

  46. Correction on the timeline Africans have been HUNTED & TORTURED as a community in Guyana, psychologically, economically & physically by the racist indian guyanese community, between 1992-2015.

  47. When the elections in Guyana are sorted out, Mia Mottley, leader of CARICOM and the seven seas, should take a look at the 2013 elections in Barbados.

  48. The politician of this country, Barbados are tricksters….. Sorry Arthur…. but tricks are for kids that jeep you lick up the other day; was you first warning… the second one you not gonna see coming!! You wanna play God… ok sir. You think this is a game… that you and your band of merry men are going to win in think again oh you Mighty man of Valor; For the Lord God YHWH doesn’t sleep and he works on behalf of those that love him and trust in him! and you sir, will cry bitter tears: For Your nation in days to come and the Lord God Yahweh the god of Israel; Have Mercy on you.

  49. The videos being posted on social media capturing the violence does not project Guyana in a positive light. Imagine this is a country poised for economic blast off and the racial card is being played once more.

  50. @ David March 8, 2020 9:05 AM

    Remember sometime ago on this Blog I predicted that Guyana would descend into civil war( actually ,a race war , like what happened in the early sixties.

  51. Imagine this is a country poised for economic blast off and the racial card is being played once more

    What does “economic blast off ” have to do with the deep seated racial issues in the country?

    If anything the new found oil bonanza will only magnify the problems.

  52. Peter Wickham has been making some noise about the issue. For a political scientist he seems to be remarkably naïve and unread ( he has admitted that he does not read). When it comes race and religion rightness and wrongness take back seats to the over arching position to ensure that one’s race is not subjugated by another. This is why multiculturalism is doomed to failure.. In Fiji, East Indian were introduced to cut canes in less than one-hundred years they threaten to form the government by dint of sheer numbers. There was coup. The point I am making that the outside can holler as much as they want the Guyanese will settle the matter one way or the other. There may be an element to the claims of outside bias. When there was the no confidence vote the Canadian government seemed to have been implicated in organizing the move

    • Wickham is a self declared regionalist, all of his views are fitted into this perspective. We have to manage how ethnic commingle with majority black populations. In the case of Guyana Indians and Blacks are not going anywhere. The commonsense position is that mindsets and behaviours have to be unfrozen to move the society forward.


  53. Oil or no oil, wealthy or poor, there will be racial issues in Guyana. Just like there are racial issues in Trinidad and Fiji. And to a lesser extent Mauritius, parts of East Africa, etc.

    The inferiority of the African (dark skinned) is baked into the Hindu world view. No amount of appealing to a “commonsense position … that mindsets and behaviours have to be unfrozen to move the society forward” will change that.

    What is so difficult to grasp about that?

  54. We are to give up trying. Allow one side or the other to be exterminated.

    That’s not what I said. Surely we must do whatever we can, whenever we can but we must be wary of false equivalence and incorrect narratives.

    Let’s say you are my neighbour. You want peace with me but I want war. There is little chance that you will ever enjoy peace unless one of us moves away or is destroyed. Any pseudo peace imposed from the outside will only last for so long.

    • Your point is understood. In the matter at hand the authorities are working to impose order with all things equal should be supported in law, without decisions anchored in the law there will be naked chaos. Of course this will not address the endemic racial tensions but the society must root decisions in the law, in all that it does.

  55. @ David March 8, 2020 9:45 AM

    Wickham’s out look seems in a large measure influenced by his sexual orientation. You might wonder why I have made such a claim. He has touted the EU open borders and human rights rules as the best in the world. He is all for the globalist approach . It means that for the most part he has nothing to be worried about under such conditions.( After he admitted that he had a husband he went on to state that he was happy about being accepted by the locals). However the citizens of the EU do not want their culture to be overwhelmed by alien ones. He wants acceptance: I have no problem with that, but should realize that religion and race are not going away.

  56. @ Greene March 8, 2020 10:48 AM

    Don’t you think it would be nice to hear an Amerindian perspective on the matter? After all, the land was theirs initially. Ideally, they should hire a mercenary group and expel both East Indians and Backs. Despite my age I would be among the first to volunteer.

  57. @ Robert

    I am not interested in Wickham’s sexual orientation, but in the exaggerated reputation he has as a ‘political scientist and pollster’. It is like his suggestion that the president should intervene in the Guyana general election as chairman of CARICOM.
    In a highly racialised society, one of the worst in the world, whatever a black woman says would be controversial.

  58. @Hal,

    MAM spoke as the current Chair of Caricom which has an observer delegation at the Guyana elections. as such she has a right to speak. and what she said was not controversial and i can see no reason why her despatch should cause any anxiety in Guyana

  59. @ robert lucas March 8, 2020 11:07 AM
    “Don’t you think it would be nice to hear an Amerindian perspective on the matter? After all, the land was theirs initially. Ideally, they should hire a mercenary group and expel both East Indians and Backs. Despite my age I would be among the first to volunteer.”

    Why only East Indians and Blacks?

    How about the Portuguese of Jewish descent, the Chinese and the remnants of the British colonialists?

    The blacks have no one else but themselves for their current predicament.

    Not only have they allowed themselves to be outnumbered but also facilitated the economic dominance of the ethnic East Indians through the buying of food and trinkets from the same untouchable Dalits transported from the Indian sub-continent to be the replacement of the blacks in the sugarcane and emerging paddy fields.

    The East Indians have in the main kept their culture(s) including their religions.

    What have the stupid blacks done for themselves other than turning into fanatics in the worship of the white man’s god and his cultural icons of make-believe and social stratification designed to control the same blacks and to keep them in a state of social and economic dependence?

    If Bajans and other blacks want to find a whipping boy other than the stupid blacks in Guyana then blame the colonial Brits for the present social nightmare in BG.

    Isn’t BG a classic case of the colonial principle of ‘divide and rule’ to keep Guyana -with its geographical size equivalent to that of the UK and vast resources- always ‘low down’ on the scale of third world classification and on the totem pole of economic and social development?

  60. @ Miller March 8, 2020 12:05 PM

    Thanks for reminding me of “Portuguese of Jewish descent, the Chinese and the remnants of the British colonialists.”

  61. @ Robert Lucas 11:07,
    First of all, there is no such thing as an Amer-Indian… There is only one nation called india, and it never existed in the Americas. Columbus the psuedo-discoverer, falsely called the NATIVE PEOPLES of the americas “Indians” to cover up his error from the queen of spain…She funded his excursion in search of INDIA! His head was ‘on the chopping block’ had ha admitted wasting her money & time. The native peoples in the americas have many sub-groups and names for themselves, and none of which are “Carib” or “Arawak”. Taino, Cherokee, etc. are legitimate names ofpeoples in the Americas.
    Now, with all of that said, how many of you are aware that the native peoples of guyana, worked as ENSLAVED CATCHERS for the colonizers??? They were never INDENTURED CATCHERS, THEY HUNTED & CAPTURED AFRICAN enslaved escapees for money!! Puts a different perspective on what they should & shouldn’t do about the impasse between Africans & Indians eh?? how could Robert Greene, suggest that africans, who are descended from former ENSLAVED,unwilling, human trafficked cargo be “Kicked out”, Along with descendents of immigrant free, paid labour, who emigrated to guyana, HUNDREDS OF YEARS AFTER AFRICANS??? How is that justice??? The Africans are the ONLY PEOPLES in the Americas, beside the native peoples,with legitimate claims to the land based on circumstances.Indian Caste Mentality is the problem. Hinduism SANCTIFIES ANTI-BLACK/ANTI-AFRICAN HATRED & MALICE!!! THEY WORSHIP WHITE SUPREMACY!! THEN EVEN WHEN THEY CONVERT TO ISLAM OR CHRISTIANITY, IT CARRIES OVER!!!

    Guyana’s colonial RACIAL three tier hierarchy is still in effect today:

    *Everybody else with Straight Hair + Mulattos/Visibly mixed Africans

    *Africans who appear unmixed

  62. @ Hal Austin March 8, 2020 11:13 AM

    ” but in the exaggerated reputation he has as a ‘political scientist and pollster.”

    You have a point. I remember Wickham hadn’t a clue about Zimbabwe’s political situation. For a professional he doesn’t seem to be up to scratch.

  63. Dalit Man from India passionately lectures to African Americans about the danger of Hinduism & explains how racist, devious and hateful the ideology is to black people. Born & raised in india, he QUOTES the racist, violent, hateful rhetoric in the “Hindu” scriptures against BLACK PEOPLE!! Let’s test the sincerity of this blog on understanding who is the problem in Guyana after viewing the lectue.The full clip is 2hrs. Look for the ‘Afrikan Liberation’ youtube channel for the full 2hr lecture to Africans.

    “Dr. Velu Annamalai-The Black Untouchables Of India” YOUTUBE

  64. Any Govt. sworn in with flawed tabulation would be illegitimate – US State Department

    The US State Department has come forward with a damning statement for the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC), following the declaration of unverified results of the region four general and regional elections.

    Acting Assistant Secretary for the US Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Michael Kozak, tweeted yesterday that “vote tabulation irregularities marred Guyana’s March 2 elections”.

    “Irrespective of today’s legal proceedings,” Kozak said, referring to the injunction proceedings in the High Court, “any Government sworn in on the basis of that result would not be legitimate.”

    This follows a report by APNU+AFC frontbencher Joseph Harmon that steps were already in motion to have David Granger sworn in, on the basis of the unverified, Region Four results.

    The US State Department’s comment adds to an already crowded field of condemnation by local and international observers, and several of Guyana’s diplomatic partners, of the declaration by Region Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo,.

    In another tweet, Kozak stated “The people of Guyana deserve a credible election and transfer of power that reflects their will.”


  65. @ Baje March 8, 2020 2:16 PM

    Using the US as an example for indicting any government sworn in ,makes one laugh. Is this the same US that has illegally promoted regime change when it is to its advantage? The same US that has f–ked up most countries in this part of the world and which f–ked British Guiana(my dad’s birth place) in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s? Its the country that is indirectly responsible for all the tensions in Guyana today( all the machinations of the CIA in the late 1950’s).. Pick another country to cite ( do not include the UK also). Might have to exclude Canada which seemed to have behind the vote of no-confidence.

  66. @ Baje March 8, 2020 2:16 PM

    Using the US as an example for indicting any government sworn in ,makes one laugh. Is this the same US that has illegally promoted regime change when it is to its advantage? The same US that has f–ked up most countries in this part of the world and which f–ked British Guiana(my dad’s birth place) in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s? Its the country that is indirectly responsible for all the tensions in Guyana today( all the machinations of the CIA in the late 1950’s).. Pick another country to cite ( do not include the UK also). Might have to exclude Canada which seemed to have behind the vote of no-confidence.





  67. I listened to the V.O.B call-in program today. It was admitted by all and sundry that region four is the bed-rock of Granger’s support. Claims were made that because there was a swing as projected by Wickham, Granger’s side could not poll the fifty odd thousand votes to win. One thing stood out : it was what Sankar Price said. He said that in speaking to people of region four there was the animus towards Jagdeo because of the death squads which were employed under his term that resulted in more than one-thousand ,five-hundred blacks being killed. If the hypothesis is correct(concerning the number of black killed) it is reasonable to expect the vote to favor Granger. People like Wickham must understand statistics and the mathematics under-pining the statistics. One is dealing with the probability that human behavior can be fathomed all the time. Wickham admits that he cannot handle mathematics. Remember he could not explain adequately the two-poll fiasco he did some time ago.

  68. @ Miller,

    Today we point the finger at the Hindu man; tomorrow it will be the China man. Why are blacks so collectively slow in the head to understand how these things play out. Why do we tolerate and allow the influx of these groups and others to dominate and control our economic future. Even a wild savage animal can smell danger. Yet the dumb Black man remains slow to recognise a predator even when it comes knocking on his door.


  69. Guyana was corrupt, is corrupt and will be corrupt.

    The oil will make multimillionaires out of a few, Indian, Black, mulatto people.

    Race is just a contrivance to keep the masses stupid. While they are arguing, the few are reaping the benefits.


  70. Take the party politics out of the equation. Let us discuss the issues from a level on honesty. Then maybe, we can avoid getting to the stage of Trinidad and Guyana.

  71. @ Miller March 8, 2020 12:05 PM

    You’re absolutely right: divide et impera. To the British, the coloureds were and are only cannon fodder. It’s a tragedy that the coloured folks tear each other to pieces while the white folks have fun.

  72. PPP are backed by drug dealers and these drug dealers hire black people and pay them 1000 us to take out drug rivals.These drug dealers are mainly Indian very big businessmen .The black small man that saw his fellow man gunned down in the bloodbaths during Jagdeo’s rule are tired of it, everyday we wake up to murders.INDIANS DO NOT CARE THEY WANT TO CONTINUE THE COCAINE TRADE.GOD WILL JUDGE THE COUNTRY WITH DISASTERS SOON.

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