Tobago Sandals Roles

Afra Raymond continues the advocacy struggle on behalf of the people – Blogmaster

This article will delve into the roles of the various officials and public Institutions who are responsible for this Tobago Sandals MoU.

Information Approach

This process followed the familiar pattern of information management, in which the ‘Underlying Commercial Arrangements’ are intentionally obscured, while other details are selectively provided.

That MoU also contains a confidentiality clause which only permits any disclosure with the agreement of the other party. The parties promised each other to keep those important secrets safe.

Read full article – Property Matters – Tobago Sandals Roles


  • Arthur Lok Jack,a name reverred in business circles in T’nT.Also known as the man who closed down Bwee at a cost of over US300 million and became known as the costliest name change in the history of T’nT. CAL and Bwee,same airline,same everything.Wasted taxpayers money.

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  • Very observant analysis..which ESCAPES most people..

    …….AGAIN…only backward societies and even more backward leaders will make a CAPITAL INVESTMENT…with taxpayer’s money, even if it is initial…and then like the truly CORRUPT..hand it over to the TIEFING PRIVATE SECTOR TO OPERATE….only truly illiterate, backward and WICKED government ministers and those who sniff under them would do something that evil.

    January 9, 2019 at 9:46 pm
    Mr Raymond

    On the face of it the list of advisors seems impressive but look at the real achievements of the individuals. They should all resign if the cabinet went against their professional recommendation. If not they are complicit in the betrayal of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. In the most successful economies of the world the government do not make any capital investment and then hand it over to private sector to operate. The private operator do not have the incentive to see the venture become successful since they do not have any “skin in the game”. Checkout the conditions of any bank or financial institution when they are lending money to develop a project. One of the first condition is, what is the contribution of the borrower.”


  • Vincent Codrington

    After sixty years of publicly financed secondary and tertiary education are these the best terms that our technocrats and politicians can negotiate?
    What do we mean when we state that we want to be in charge of our political and economic affairs?

    We ought to be doing much better. We are not ready.


  • @Vincent

    We lack creativity and imagination as a people. To attract business, to identity growth areas it is about discounting what little we have to offer.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU at 12 :55 PM

    No David. We do attract the businesses ,but we fail to extract growth and employment from them. In the capitalist system you get what you negotiate or fail to negotiate for.

    We need to take a more serious approach to our responsibilities. And at all levels. Pointing figures dos not cut it. The citizens of these countries deserve better.


  • @Vincent

    Is it that simple?

    The blogmaster has always held the pragmatic view that there is only one sector. It suits the political to battle private versus public sector.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David

    Believe it or not ,it is that simple. There is one society and one economy ;but several sectors . They all have their own responsibilities. The Public Sector’s responsibility is primarily regulatory. If the Public sector reneges from its responsibilities and lead the way in lawlessness, we are indeed a failed state.
    That too is obvious but must be done.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    Sandals is pulling out of Tobago.
    “Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister and Communications, Stuart Young said the decision was due to bad publicity by a “handful of people”.”


  • Afra has been receiving congratulations, see his FB:


  • Did someone turn on a light? Seems like roaches scurrying away..


  • Afra and the other citizen advocates in T&T have shown what citizen power can do. If the government was on strong footing it should have been in a position to ably defend the project.


  • Can Barbados afford another Sandals? It would appear not.


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